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 Star Wars RPS II

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PostSubject: Star Wars RPS II   Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:53 am

This is a dark time for all of us sentient beings within this galaxy. Those fortunate enough to have anything, still scavenge for nothing. And those unfortunate to have nothing at all, must claw and fight to survive. Over the past few years there's been nothing but violence, bloodshed, and war. Brother against brother. Sister against sister. Father against mother... The war has torn everyone apart. We never thought we'd see a civil war amongst such great evils...but now that it's hit us....we regret not thinking about it before. Perhaps, a plan could have been made...anything to help end this. But nothing could truly have prepared us for this. Darth Manias has taken the entire outter rim. He's takin many near lifeless planets, such as Tattooine and Hoth, and sent his slaves to create a new civilization, with no food, no water, no shelter...nothing. He's basically sent them to their graves. He's taken a bold approach, conquering many Mandalorian lands, and destroying echani worlds. He's grown extremely powerful over the years, and continues to grow, for...he is still very young. The iridorians are ruthless.... They show no regard for life. They destroy everything in their path, and those lucky enough to stay out of their way, are shot on sight. They bathe in the blood of their victims, and rain it amongst their enemies. They bask in the glory of battle, and leave no trace of life. The Transdoshans and Gammoreans are sick! They rip apart limbs, decapatate foes, and utterly destroy the entire anatomy of their victims. There must truly be a reason why these are the type of company that Manias attracts. He must have truly embraced the darkside...

Stryder now has control of thousands of bustling city planets, such as Bespin and Courasaunt. His numbers seem to increase with every passing minute, too. The Mandalorians have supported him since day one, and the Echani believe in his ability to truly lead! Only a leader such as he could have brought together two races that hate each other so much, and make them fight for one cause. Darth Stryder boast about bringing peace to our galaxy, but yet he takes prisoners, and believes in PDH.... public deadly humilation! He even owns a guilotine just for those who especially make his job hard, and has a special one in place just for Eclipse and Manias... The Stalkers dont seem to make things any better either. Whereas they used to only carry out their executions on those of whom they were told before, now...they destroy anyone that gets in their way. The entire squad has seemed to develop a sort of personality, somehow, and the Melina unit, now have their own special armor, for more..."special" assignments.

Eclipse seems to fighting for a better cause however, unlike the other power hungry fools. He is a self-proclaimed sith lord, but doesn't seem to be fit to even be a sith apprentice. He's become, merciful in his passing years, and is interested in human life. He obviously does not want to fight, thus his conquer of only a few planets....those of which excepted him. I think he truly does want peace, and the he may just be...our key to a better future. All he the proper guidance......this is where I come in. I am Veo Maskais, and I have vowed to lead the self proclaimed "Darth Eclipse", onto the path of light. Only through him can we once again acheive peace within this darkened universe.

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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:32 am

Flying down to the planet Bespin was a AEG-77 Vigo. The ship was guided by two Sith Fighters as they were entering the planet's atmosphere, approacing the location of the famed Cloud City. As the three ships landed on seperate platforms, with the Vigo landing on the far left, a cloaked figure watched from the platform as the ramp of the Vigo opened. Moments later, Svante Gyyll, a Gen'Dai of many occupations, walked down the ramp with five other close to him, towering over all and appearing the most daunting. Two humans, one Wookiee, and a Kaleesh were what his crew comprised of. Never leaving the Gen'Dai's said for any reason.

As Gyyll continued down the path of the platform, the cloaked figure spoke.

Welcome, bounty hunter. Your arrival tells me that you have agreed to work for me. (Cloaked figure)

Before we get into that I would first like to discuss the business I am about to become a part of. Your message spoke of a reward of five million credits. Who are you excatly to be able to cough up so much?

Very well. I shall answer your questions. But before that I'll need you, and only you, to come with me. Since you are the one that leads this group I believe it shall be fine if you were to come. Is that all right? (Cloaked figure)

Gyyll turned to his crew. They nodded their heads and stood near their ship and waited. From there the cloaked figure allowed Gyyll to follow him. As they travelled all of Cloud City's levels, they had finally made it into the infamous area, or town, known as Port Town.

The area was known to be lawless and plagued with illegal traffiking of every kind. It was nearly impossible to put down the many crimes rings that infested in this area for many reasons. Mostly because of the wide dispersion of cantinas and gambling halls throughout the industrial compounds and because of the lack of a proper security force to enforce law and order. But now it was mostly desolate and quiet.

At first this did not seem to bother Gyyll, but as he followed the cloaked figure deeper into the area he began to realize the massive decline of crime. In fact, it was almost as if this level of Cloud City had been closed off for years. Just as Gyyll was beginning to start his questioning, the cloaked figure beat him to it.

No need to worry. The rumors of this place were true. A system of crime ruled this area like a plaque infesting a body. Damaging all that it touched. (Cloaked figure)

Excatly, what did you mean by "were"?

Oh, nothing of particular importance. A bounty hunter such as yourself would not be interested. (Cloaked figure)

Humor me.

Very well... This area is ruled under my jurisdiction. It did not take long before they came to understand the reason for my being here. (Cloaked figure)

The Gen'Dai took another glance around the area. He noticed a few startled civilians peering from their homes and alleys as the two continued their conversation.

So you used fear in order to control this community. Sounds a lot like a Sith lord.

Oh, child. Perish the thought. I am not one of them. My views border along the lines of, dare I say, a Jedi if you will. (Cloaked figure)

A Jedi?

Yes. A Jedi. (Cloaked figure)

For a few moments Gyyll stared down at his contractor. Immediatly he roared in hysteria at the response he was given. He pounded his enourmous fist into the ground as the ground beneath caved in. The cloaked figure watched on in silence until the Gen'Dai was finished, which was soon. Gyyll stood up urruptly as he began to walk away.

Where are you going? Are you not interested in your pay? (Cloaked figure)

I do not take jobs from people who don't know what they are talking about. What you're doing is Sith-like, but you claim that you're a Jedi? What a riot! Jedi do not exist you idiot!

As Gyyll felt the urge to laugh again, he turned around to say one other thing to his cloaked friend but was surprised to see him there no more. The confused Gen'Dai looked both left and right before turning around once again. The cloaked figure then appeared standing between Gyyll and the exit, much to Gyyll's displeasure.

All right. I see. You refuse to move so that I may hear you out. Well I'm not. Now move asi...huh?

Gyyll looked down at the figure. Just as he was prepared to finish his sentence, Gyyll proceeded to push the figure out of his way, but found that he could not. What surprised Gyyll the most was the lack of movement from the figure. He did not budge. With his attempt at forcing the cloaked figure out of his way seeming to have failed him, Gyyll tried applying more of his strength. Again he could not.

We are not done talking. At least listen to what it is I have to say. (Cloaked figure)

Sorry. I'm not interested!

The Gen'Dai pulled back his arm as he threw his fist into the figure. Gyyll felt the impact but was once again surprised to find the figure holding his fist back with its left arm. Before given time to react, the figure suddenly dispersed an invisible force that pushed back Gyyll. Not one to turn down a fight, the Gen'Dai pulled out both of his Brayar pistols as he aimed them at the figure. The cloaked figure quickly put up its left hand in front of it as it shouted:

Stop! I do not wish to go to battle with you. I simply wish to hire you for a task I want you to undertake! (Cloaked figure)

You know, you are beginning to become a burden as it is! The hell could you possibly want from me?!

Please just listen! (Cloaked figure)

The commotion between the two attracted the attention of the less desirable group that remained in Port Town. They slowly crept from the alleys and rooftops as they peered down at the two standing in the center of the town. One of them fired off a round of its blaster in the air to gain their attention.

Hey! What you you two doin' here in these parts? Don't you know who rules in this district?? (Thug #1)

Yeah, don'tcha? (Thug #2)

Both the cloaked figure and the Gen'Dai said nothing as they looked all around the town. Searching for the source of the echoing voices. As the voices became louder, more and more began to pour in from all around.

This is the Fin's Gang territory and your right in the middle of it. (Random thug)

You know what that means, huh boys? (Thug #1)

The crowd roared in approval as they edged closer to the two. Gyyll growling under his armor as he was prepared for anything. Suddenly a powerful voice of dread escaped from the cloaked figure.

GO BACK TO YOUR UNDERWORLD!!! (Cloaked figure)

It's Ardasc, run! He'll kill us all! (Thug #3)

This was enough to spite fear in the crowd, for as quickly as they came they left. Gyyll covered his ears from the sudden shouting. He then directed his attention to the figure.

Just who are you and how did you do that? That was incredible.

The figure removed its hood at long last. White shoulder-length hair flowed down. Pure white skin and blue eyes were the dominant features that was typical of an Arkanian. The self-proclaimed "Dark Lord of the Sith", Darth Eclipse.

Prepared to listen now? (Cloaked figure)

I am the master of my fate:
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:11 pm

A large transport craft docks on one of the supply docks on Bespin. The cargo doors open up and the workers start unloading the cargo, meanwhile some passengers start leaving out the same doors. I am the last passenger to leave the ship as I am still weary of crowds pulse I rather not draw any attention to myself.

It has been 5 months since I escaped the Lab where Dr. Zark created me for his own ambitions. He tried to treat me like his own son, but 90 percent of the time he treated me like a dog. That really plays havoc on ones mind, even worst when you are never told your purpose or why you must perform these tedious training sessions. Over time I become bitter and resentful, but I played along. I trained and trained to become the soldier they wanted but what they didn’t realize until it was too late is that I become far more powerful than they could imagine. It was that day that the training stopped, the lab that was my home…no prison was devastated by my shear rage.

I just wish I could have a purpose outside of what Dr. Zark had intended for me. So that is why I am roaming the universe, answers are the treasure I am digging for, that and a meaning to my life.

As I walk away the questions run around in my mind…Who are the Jedi? Who’s DNA was used to create me? I take one look over my right shoulder and then disappear into the city.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Sat Jul 17, 2010 2:10 am

On the remote Dagobah system, Veo wanders the forest on his own. Only about 40 yards from the hut, for, he's old and doesn't wish to run into too much conflict. He'd much rather not exert himself unnecessarily. He's always been a very patient fighter, but has never had any desire to fight in the first place. 'Things can be solved in less gory manners' is something he always says, and how the Miraluka race was taught. They were a peaceful people....a long time ago. His home world was slaughtered by Darth Nihilius long ago. The only thing that keeps Veo alive is the force, after all these years. Over 80 centuries to be precise. He's suffered a lot through the years, big he's been blessed to see the wonderful workings of the force prevail through all the hard times. Needless to say, through all these years, he's become very powerful in the force, but as said before, he is not quick to violence. He'd much rather play with his vornskr.

While wandering around the woods, he noticed an odd tremor in the force, much closer then usual. He felt tremors all the time, due to the unnaturally horrible state of things ATM, but this one was different. This one was more of a cry for help. He could feel the force calling to him, asking that he help this one being. Veo decided to rest on it, perhaps something will come to him and explain through the night. Sure enough, as Veo slept, he had a dream, a vision of a fight between 3 sith lords. Darth Manias, Darth Eclipse, and Darth Stryder. Everyone knew of this battle. It was the clash of lightsabers heard throughout the universe!! Yet, something was different. Darth Manias and Darth Stryder had gray cracked skin, dark grey robes and red lightsabers. Everyone knew that Stryder carried one red lightsaber and one blue lightsaber as a sign of neutrality, but in this vision, both sabers were red. Yet, Darth Eclipse seemed to have his natural Arkanian youthful appearance, as well as a green glowing lightsaber. But why? Eclipse did not wield a green lightsaber, he had a purple one. Eclipse was a sith, bit was portayed as a Jedi in this dream. When Veo awoke, he knew just what to do. He grabbed a few things, called out to his vornskr and hit the road. He would follow this tremor and track it down. The force was calling on him once again to help bring balance, but this time, he had a feeling he wouldn't be behind the scenes very much...

Next stop... Bespin.


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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:49 am

Kashyyyk. It was a lush green planet, full of life. The forests and jungles were incredible and a great place to lose yourself in. The beaches were superb. White sand and clear blue water. The planet was devine. It was a planet that the Sith Lords did not dare venture to, they were afraid of the Wookies and their brutality. But honestly, who can blame them? The Wookies were known for their strength and anger throughout the Galaxy, it was why the Jedi chose to reside here. On Kashyyyk they could regroup and prepare for the coming storm. It's only a matter of time before the storm hits them....

In a stronghold deep within the jungles of Kashyyyk stood a group of Jedi Knights and a single Jedi Master, they were all battle hardened veterans of previous conflicts and were not too be triffled with. Master Took, supposedly the only Master left, was being briefed by his fellow Jedi.

"Some of the targets we are watching have made their way to Bespin. Something has drawn them there." (Jedi Knight)

"Or something..." (Master Took)

"What do you want us to do, Master?" (Master Took)

Master Took ran his hand through his short beard and contemplated his next move. He looked to his friend, Brouk Chon who was a Nautolan, and nodded.

"Brouk and I will travel to Bespin and find those who we have been looking for. If we are to have any chance of liberating our Galaxy then we will need this group." (Master Took)

"Master, with all due respect, we aren't even certain that these targets are valuable. We are following a dream that Heidi had five years ago!" (Jedi Knight)

"You're right. It may have been a dream, but when hasn't one of her dreams come true?" (Master Took)

The Jedi who spoke out, named Jacob, soon hung his head and fell silent. Master Took placed his hand on the man's shoulder and looked at him.

"Have faith, Jacob." (Master Took)

Master Took then removed his hand and walked away with Brouk, the two were close friends and were both exceptionally powerful in the Force. The two began walking toward the Hangar and had a rather difficult conversation.

"Do you really believe that this group can help us?" (Brouk Chon)

"I'm not sure my friend. But I guess we'll find out once we get to Bespin." (Master Took)

"Indeed. And what of Heidi's visions? Do you trust them?" (Brouk Chon)

"I do. The only thing I don't trust are the limitations of what she can see. These visions can be manipulated by forces stronger than us, forces like Stryder. My only fear is if he comes across these visions and tries to use them to fool us." (Master Took)

"Or if he tracks the visions here and finds us..." (Brouk Chon)

"That won't happen my friend. Now come on, we need to get to Bespin and bring the group back here." (Master Took)


About four kilometres from the stronghold was a waterfall with a small pool at the bottom of it. On the edge of the pool was a girl in her early twenties lying down next to a basket full of food. Near her were a Human couple, the couple were friends of hers and had trained to be Jedi Knights with her. The male was a very tall and strong looking guy, he was built like a truck. The girl was only up to his chin and had long blonde hair, she was slim and very fit. The girl on her own had short brown hair and bright brown eyes. She looked to the pool and saw a man in his mid twenties emerge from the water. He had a charming smile on his face and walked through the water and approached her. He got down on his knees and kissed her with passion. The two slowly pulled their lips apart and looked into each others eyes.


"....Hi." (Heidi)

The man's name was Carlyle Silver and the girl's name was Heidi. They were madly in love yet only a select few knew about it. Where they were now was a place they could get away and be together. Well that's what they thought, until Jacob turned up.

"Hey, lovebirds! There's a meeting in fifteen minutes!" (Jacob)

Carlyle glared at Jacob and turned his attention back to Heidi. Jacob had feelings for Heidi and had done for some time now, even before she had saved Carlyle. Their friends got up and began to pack up their stuff, Carlyle got too his feet and helped Heidi up. She put her arm around him and they walked back to the base together.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:06 pm

Prepared to listen now? (Cloaked figure)

Gyyll remained silent for a few moments. Perhaps he was wondering why the former Sith lord wants a brute such as himself in his service. Of course, he knew he was no simple brute. He would feigne ignorance to fool his enemy’s and prove to them that he was no fool. Eclipse finally broke the silence.

I have called you here because I need your help. Port Town is only the beginning of the inssurection I am trying to orchestrate. I plan on liberating all of Cloud City from Darth Stryder’s rule. I have the credits to reward you for your efforts, all I need is you as an ally to free these people. (Eclipse)

Well, Eclipse-

I apologize for interrupting you but I no longer wish to be remembered by that name. I have denounced the ways of the dark side and have taken up the light side’s teachings. A testament to that fact is the loss of my right arm for which I refuse to repair or replace. (Eclipse)

Eclipse removed the right side of his robe to reveal an empty space from where his arm should have been. Gyyll looked on and made no sign of aknowlegement for the scene. Eclipse then quickly covered the arm and listened as Gyyll finally spoke.

What am I to call you then? I could have sworn that I heard one of the groundlings you scared off with that booming voice of yours call you Ardasc.

Yes. I would prefer that. Ardasc Qel Zala, and yours? (Ardasc)

Out of here.

What? But I need your help. What of the credits? I said I could pay you! (Ardasc)

The pay is not the problem. It’s you!

Me? (Ardasc)

Yes, you. You’re a former Sith lord. Even if you are a Jedi now that still doesn’t change the fact that you might stab me in the back. What also troubles me is the war going on for the Galaxy. You and Stryder were allies when you destroyed the Jedi and now you want to be a Jedi? For all I know you two are actually working together. I will not have my reputation, even though I don’t have one, be trashed on. War and inssurections are not what a bounty hunter such as myself should do. I’m going back to my ship. Find someone else.

Ardasc could do nothing as his only possible ally walked away from him. He leaned against a wall, sighing in despair. That was until he heard a sound and saw a man running away.

Oh no… (Ardasc)
Svante Gyyll’s POV

I was not about to waste my time with a former Sith lord. This war going on is none of my business and should not involve either me or my crew. As I left the Port Town and made my way to the levels between one and fifty, I decided to have a drink at a nearby cantina before departing. I grolwed through my mask as I felt a hand lay itself and my shoulder and tug at me. As I looked over my shoulder I saw Eclipse looking around and with a worried look. He even had his hood on.

You’re in danger! (Ardasc)


We must leave. (Ardasc)


If we don’t then you will be captured along with your crew! One of Stryder’s spies tracked me up in Port Town and informed him of my presence. His troopers are currently tailing us let’s go! (Ardasc)

Looking around, I found Eclipse’s proof of the danger. At first I regretted following him but as I looked behind me I watched Stryder’s troopers pushed past civilians as they ordered us to hold our stance. By this time we began to hasten our pace. We entered a transport elevator and made it to the platforms.

As we made it to the platform levels, Ardasc and I ran outside but stopped in our tracks. My ship was gone. Only the scars of the battle that had occurred earlier was left along with scraps of what I presumed was my ship. Many bodies lied around. Mostly Imperials of Stryder.

I continued to walk down the platform as I saw figures lying down near the edge. The bodies of my crew.

End of POV
Ardasc watched as Gyyll knelt down near his crew members and fellow bounty hunters. Two humans, Crix and Nia; a wookiee, Saab; and finally the Kaleesh Banstaden were lying among the bodies of Imperial troopers. Gyyll remained silent as Ardasc walked up behind him.

…I…I’m sorry for you los-ugh! (Ardasc)

Don’t you dare say another word! Don’t’!

I…please…yo…you must…listen to… (Ardasc)

Gyyll gripped Ardasc’s neck and applied pressure as he began to choke him. The loss of his crew, the only friends he had has helped surface a long dormant anger towards Jedi and Sith alike. He was unwilling to listen to Ardasc. But, he quickly let the Arkanian fall on his knees as he gasped for air.

Did Stryder do this?...

As Ardasc regained his lost oxygen, he looked up at the Gen’Dai and nodded his head. Just then, dozens of Imperial troopers enter the platform and aim their blasters at the two.

Stay where you are! Do not make any sudden movements! (Imperial Officer)

Several gunships flew over Gyyll and Ardasc, hovering above them as gunners had their sights on them. They were surrounded. Ardasc looked around as he tried to find a way out for the two of them. He could not find a way out. Gyyll was growling in anger at the Imperials. Barking at them as he felt the urge to pull out his brayars. Ardasc then called out through the force:

To anyone out there that can hear me, please help!! (Ardasc)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:41 pm

I hear something in my head, a voice calling out to me and it isn’t that far from me. Should I help this being out? Our is it a trap? No matter, my gut is telling me to help this being out. I quickly head towards the source of the call, I stealthily move into the area to take stock of the situation. Dozens of troops dressed in funny looking amour surround some beings, one of them is the source of the call and then I see one troop that must be the leader.

Drop your weapons and .... and..... (Imperial Officer)

The sounds of blaster fire rings out through the grounds, the two beings shield their eyes and themselves expecting to be hit by the fire. Then they heard several explosions off in the distance, they slowly uncovered their eyes to see the troops fall over, the gunships had crashed. They then look towards the Imperial Officer and to their surprise his head falls off, then his body drops to the ground, behind him was a human male holding a green lightsaber.

I...ummm, who are you? (Ardasc)

I look back at him with my green eyes focused on the two, I put away my lightsaber and start to look around the grounds at the fallen troopers. I used my mind control on the troopers and made them believe that one another where enemies. Now I place my focus back on the two, I wonder if these two could help me?
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:36 am

A meeting was taking place in the base on Kashyyyk. Jedi and Rebel soldiers were pouring into the meeting place and taking seats where they could. Carlyle, Heidi and their two friends, Christian and Monique, stood against the far wall and watched everyone that came in. All the Jedi on the planet were cautious of Carlyle and Christian due to the fact that they were both former Dark Jedi. Both of the boys had been tainted by the Dark Side but weren't completely converted. Carlyle started to change after working for Darth Stryder, while Christian was "infected" whilst being used for entertainment by Darth Manias. Both of them had managed to get away from the Sith Lords before being converted which was fortunate for the Jedi. Little did the Jedi know, they would need the boys' insight and knowledge to fight the Sith and their warriors.

Since the two boys were affected by the Dark Side but not turned, they retained self control and discipline but were also discovered new abilities. Their senses and reflexes were heightened beyond belief, along with their strength and speed. Although Christian was physically bigger than Carlyle, he was not stronger. This is mainly because Carlyle uses Martial Arts when fighting and a variety of swift strikes to put down his enemies. Carlyle was also superior in his speed, it's suggested that he can run as fast as a Speeder but hasn't proved that to be fact or fiction yet. But one thing the two are both equal in is their disgust for Lightsabers. They consider them a bad reminder of their pasts and prefer not to use them, only if they have no other choice.

The meeting soon began and everyone fell quiet. Carlyle looked at Heidi then turned his gaze to one of the Generals that commanded the Rebel soldiers.

"Listen up guys. According to our intel, there is a large shipment of supplies heading to Corusant, Stryder's new home planet. We know his forces are gearing up for an assault but we don't know where! What we do know is that the ships carrying the supplies need to be destroyed. We need to cut off his supplies and keep his forces weak!" (General Ducate)

"If we strike then we risk exposing ourselves. His Sith could track us here and wipe out our entire colony. Then they could track down our other colonies and eradicate them while they're at it!" (Disgruntled Jedi)

"I agree, it's a big risk. But if we don't strike now then we risk them taking another planet and killing more innocent people." (General Ducate)

Carlyle saw Christian smirk out of the corner of his eye then saw him nodding. Both of them were cold young men but Carlyle couldn't figure out whether not his friend was amused by the battle in front of them, or the fact that innocent people were going to be killed.

"I am asking a lot of you right now, but think about the hope we will be giving the Galaxy once they see us standing against Stryder! More will join us. But for now, I need to know who is with me." (General Ducate)

Everyone looked around the room and eventually over half of the attending Rebels and Jedi stood up. They were with the General. Ducate was pleased with this and called an end to the meeting. There was a large rush for the exits so Carlyle and the others decided to wait behind. Carlyle felt Heidi's hand slip into his, he turned and smiled at her then both of them turned their attention to Christian and Monique. Something wasn't right, Monique looked upset and worried.

What's up with you two?

"I'm going with them." (Christian)


"You can't be serious?" (Heidi)

"He's serious....." (Monique)

"Look guys. I am tired of sitting on the sidelines and pretending that I can't help turn the tide out there. You should come with me, Carlyle." (Christian)

No. I'll only ever fight for one reason, and it's not General Ducate.

"Suit yourself then." (Christian)

As Christian began to walk away to join the others who were about to ship out to the fight, he was stopped by Carlyle.

Good luck, my friend...

Carlyle held out his hand and Christian shook it. They both knew that there was no chance that they would ever see each other again, yet they both acted like he was only leaving for a few hours.

"See you in another life brother." (Christian)

He then winked at Monique and and walked off leaving Carlyle standing alone with the two girls at his back. Carlyle turned around and saw Heidi comforting Monique. They both looked at each other and could feel something was heading their way...
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:35 pm

A faint whisper in the force.

Anyone out there please help!

I was too far away for conventional methods of transportation, but someone needed my help against Imperial forces. I tracked the single whisper.


I concentrated a huge amount of force and thrust my starship toward bespin. Along with the ship's hyperspeed program I was there in a matter of seconds. I landed the ship in front of three life forms a bounty hunter, a human, and if my senses were correct, the self proclaimed Sith Darth Eclipse.

What's going on here? Who needed help? And why are YOU here?

Eclipse knew I was pointing at him. Which means he knew that I knew who he was. That only meant that he knew I was able to harness the power of the force.

Who killed these troopers?

The human with green eyes raised his arm claiming that he did the deed. I smiled at him.

Very good job them. Nothing better than to destroy some Imperial scum...except maybe getting rid of some sith scum.

I glared at Eclipse waiting for a response.


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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:26 am

Eclipse began to answer but was cut off by a blinding light. A long powerful white flash of light hovered in between the 4 beings, while they stood in silence, ready for anything. Moments later, the light finally began to dim as a large Vornskr crawled out of it. It growled at the drawn weapons, but would not attack. Almost as a precaution, or a defense. Then out came a long cane....then a boot. The boot was then followed by tattered, ripped, saggy pants and a long robe covering most of it. The chest was visible, as it flashed a bright red vest, obviously custom mesh material. Soon the rest of the mans figure came out, revealing a tall and old Miraluka. His right eye was covered by a patch, as the left eye lacked a pupil. He almost seemed to be blind, but he could see with no problem. Miralukas are blessed with the gift of force vision. They can see things, the naked eye cannot.

Veo looked upon the four figures with a slight old grin. The hostility in their faces, dimmed as they realized it was just an old man. Veo loved to teach though.... He then lifted them all, using the force, and smiled at them all.

Please, never let your gaurd down.

He then lowered them slowly and dropped them gently on their feet. He looked upon them once more, and once again spoke.

I have been spoken to, through the force. A vision has come to me, including a cry for help. This was 6 days ago... The force is telling me that I must guide one of you. That one is.... (Veo)

He moved his finger along the 4 of them very slowly, passing Gyll, Eclipse, Baron Do Koon and the young Jedi. From left to right and then back. His eyes squinted as he came back to Eclipse once more and then widen as though he'd had a revelation

You! (Veo) The one formally known as Darth Eclipse. It seems the force has read your heart, and you have changed... Now it must be you to bring balance once more...

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"Well if that is what the Force is demanding, than that is what it shall recieve!" (Master Took)

The group of five turned around to see Jedi Master Took standing behind them with a large Nautolan next to him. They all reached for their weapons but didn't draw them as Veo held out his hand to stop them.

It's alright. Master Took is a friend. (Veo)

"Hello Veo. It's been too long old friend." (Master Took)

Indeed it has. I heard rumours that most of the Order had been eradicated. I guess this proves those rumours to be wrong. (Veo)

"Yes but not for much longer. The Sith are here and know of your presence. Stryder has seen a vision that you will all meet here and has tightened security on the planet. We need to leave now." (Master Took)

The group seemed anxious but were soon urged to follow by Veo. They were escorted by Master Took to an elevator and took it down to the lower levels of the platform, then took a transport to another district where they quietly made their way to a Cantina. Master Took led them to a booth at the back of the Cantina where three men already sat. They were Rebels and wore cloth over their lower faces to hide their identity. The group sat down with them and continued their conversation.

I wasn't aware that Stryder could see visions of the future. (Veo)

"There are a lot of things he can do now. His powers are growing at an exceptional rate, stopping him will be difficult now." (Master Took)

Wait, this is what this is about?! Fighting the Sith?

"Yes. We come from a base on a secure system that the Empire won't dare travel to. Our numbers are small but we have many experienced Jedi and hundreds of soldiers willing to fight." (Master Took)

You're only missing those who are strong enough to defeat Stryder. (Veo)

"Indeed. Which is why I need YOUR help in training these four in front of us." (Master Took)

Aslong as we get to kill some Imperials and Sith, I don't care. Just point me in the right direction!

"Okay that's one." (Master Took)

I am willing to learn the ways of the Jedi. All I need is a good teacher. I'm with you. (Ardasc)

Well I've got nothing to lose, count me in. (Jedi with green Lightsaber)

Even though my mind is telling me not to go with you, the fact the Empire killed my crew is driving me toward the path of revenge. I guess that path is heading in the same direction as you guys. So yeah.......I'm in.

"Good, it's settled then. We shall travel to our base tomorrow morning. This Cantina is owned by a friend of mine so you are welcome to go upstairs and rest until then." (Master Took)

They all stood up and realised that the Cantina had suddenly cleared out. Eclipse and Veo were the only ones who stayed behind and sat with Master Took and his companions.

I am glad that you have decided to join us and right your wrongs, Ardasc. (Veo)

Mmm. I realised what was going on was not right. Now Stryder and Manias have gone insane with power! (Ardasc)

"Which is why we need to fight them! For too long they have gone unpunished and unchallenged while they invade our planets and attack the innocent." (Master Took)

We would need to deal with Stryder first. His reach has spread too far and his armies grow everyday. (Ardasc)

Indeed. But, if he knows about us meeting and that we have some role to play in bringing him to justice, he will send his Mandalorian soldiers and Sith Stalkers to try and eliminate us. (Veo)

If he sends his Sith then we will be in trouble. (Ardasc)

"We have someone at our base who has experience with fighting Stalkers. He can teach us a few things and train us for battle." (Master Took)

Good. Now may I ask, how did you know that we would all be there at that single point in time? Better yet, how did you know who they all were? (Veo)

"You're not the only one who can see the future, Veo. There is a young Jedi at our base who has these visions as well." (Master Took)

Interesting. I look forward to meeting our new allies. (Veo)

As do I. (Ardasc)

"Good. Unfortunately we have to make a small stop on the way there. Some of our soldiers apprehended a Sith apprentice while he was intoxicated on Tattoine." (Master Took)

Haha, excuse my outburst there but that is rather humourous. (Veo)

"Indeed it is. We are to take him back to our base for questioning." (Master Took)

Very good. Well I am rather tired. So I shall see you all in the morning. (Veo)


Carlyle found himself sitting on some crates in the hangar bay looking at the back of his hand. A single scar had caught his eye and caused him to remember how he got it. He clenched his fist and looked around him. There was only a few people in the hangar working on a ship. He was practically alone until Heidi appeared beside him. She sat next to him and leaned on his shoulder.

"You okay?" (Heidi)

I guess.

"He might be okay. The way he left is different to my vision, so he might have a different future." (Heidi)

I doubt it. You saw Christian die in that attack so even if things have changed then he'll still die in the very near future...

"You don't know that, Car." (Heidi)

But YOU do...

There was nothing Heidi could say so she simply put her arms around Carlyle and comforted him. Carlyle clenched both of his fists and gritted his teeth but relaxed when he felt something. There was some sort of "alarm" going off in his head. He looked to Heidi and saw her staring at him. She had just had another vision.

What did you see?

"You..............with five others. All of you fighting the Empire.............(Heidi)
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A shivering breeze of loneliness brushed off of Svante Gyyll as he stood on the very platform where his crew had taken their final stand. He said nothing for many hours as day slowly turned into night. Gyyll pulled out a holodisk as he played a recording of his crew.

Hey Gyyll! (Crix)

What is it?

We have a new assignment from the boss. Ya might wanna get ready. (Crix)

Aww come on. Gyyll just came back from a mission on Utapau. Maybe Banstaden, Saab, and you should go instead? I’ll stay and comfort Gyyll. (Nia)

Gyyll watched as Nia giggled while he himself scoffed in annoyance.

The only comfort I need is my brayars and this suit of armor. You really need to calm yourself Nia. Besides, you’re not my type.

Perhaps you’d like Banstaden or the walking carpet. (Crix)

Saab let out a roar of disapproval while Banstaden ignored Crix’s remark. Nia could not help but laugh and make a face of disgust. Gyyll sighed as he chuckled a bit. Then the recording ended. A strange feeling overcame Gyyll as he pulled out his brayar blaster and let a round fire at the person standing behind him. A green lightsaber lit up as it deflected the blast into the ground. The man then quickly turned it off and put it back in his robe.

You lost something dear to you?... (Jovac-Ra)

Gyyll relaxed as he put the blaster back into his holster and turned his back on Jovac-Ra. The curious “Jedi” walked a few steps toward the Gen’Dai, but stopped as he began to speak.

Here on this very platform we stand on where the Imperial scum treaded over my crew’s pride, including my own; in the form of my Vigo, and slaughtered them. They never stood a chance… And here I stand, wishing that I had been able to at least die with them…

Jovac-Ra looked confused, not knowing much about bonding and relationships between individuals.

I seek something. Something that will give me a purpose. (Jovac-Ra)

You’re a Jedi. You’re purpose is to restore peace to the galaxy.

Actually, I do not even know what I am. (Jovac-Ra.)

Huhph, well, aren’t we all a mystery? What’s your story?

I escaped from a lab. I don’t know what I was doing there. No one would tell me why I was there or… Honetsly I don’t know. (Jovac-Ra)

Gyyll nods his head, somewhat interested. He then notices a second lightsaber as the wind picks up and blows Jovac-Ra’s robes about. Just as he was prepared to a question regarding the lightsaber, Veo walked in through their conversation.

I’m sorry but we are prepared to leave soon. Please come with me. (Veo)

Where are we headed? (Jovac-Ra)

You will see. (Veo)

Gyyll and Jovac-Ra followed Veo as they made their way to the hangar bay. Minutes later, two starships were flying into space as they jumped to hyperspace. They were on their way to Kashyyyk.

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The new group had taken two ships and travelled very close together. Master Took's ship was in front but Svante's ship was suspended in space above Tattoine while the other was on the planet's surface. They had been waiting for a few hours now and finally recieved word that the other ship was on its way now. Master Took contacted them and requested they follow him once again. The next jump through Hyperspace was a short one and they soon arrived at Kashyyyk.

"This is Master Took requesting permission to land." (Master Took)

Copy that Master. You are clear to land at Sector Nine-Tango. (Rebel Soldier)

"Roger, we're coming in." (Master Took)


Jacob had scoured the base looking for Carlyle and eventually found him with Heidi in the recreation room. Apparently he was needed in the control room so the three of them made their way there and consulted with General Ducate.

Oh good. He finally found you! (General Ducate)

What do you need?

Master Took has returned with his new found friends. Unfortunately I don't trust some of them. He's got two Jedi who have barely been seen over the past few years, a genetically altered Human and a Mercenary. Not to mention a fifth person who he won't tell me about! (General Ducate)

What do you want to me to do exactly?

We've had them land at Sector Nine-Tango. I want you to go there and make sure everything goes okay. (General Ducate)


Carlyle left the room and walked out a large concealed door that led him outside into the forest. He waited for a moment and turned back when he heard Heidi emerge from the hidden door. She kissed him then hugged him tightly, while she did this she whispered something into his ear and he pulled away. Carlyle moved with lightning speed and ran through the forest toward the base. It was located 50km from the main base but that didn't stop him from reaching it in a few minutes. As he was approaching the undergroung hangar he could see a shadow descend upon him and looked up to see two ships flying down toward the hangar. He watched as the ground opened up before him and the ships lowered themselves down. Carlyle stood on the very edge and looked into the cockpit to see a few figures watching him. As the ships landed he jumped down into the hangar and surprised the Rebels who were approaching.

Carlyle? What are you doing here? (Rebel Soldier)


The ships opened up and the group all stepped into the hangar, they looked around and took in their surroundings. Master Took greeted some of the soldiers and was surprised when he saw Carlyle walking up to him with his hands behind his back.

How was your trip?

"Eventful. We acquired the targets and picked up a Sith apprentice that our troops took down on Tattoine." (Master Took)

Where is it?

"It's still inside the ship. Feel free to go and get her if you want." (Master Took)

Will do.

Carlyle started walking toward the ship but stopped when he saw Svante Gyyll standing before him. The Mercenary reached for one of his blasters and glared at Carlyle. Master Took saw the tension between the two and began to walk towards them but was too late. Carlyle moved fast as Svante pulled out his blaster and fired a shot, Svante then groaned as Carlyle appeared in front of him and knocked the blaster from his hand and landed his palm against Svante's chest. The Mercenary was forced to the ground and found Carlyle kneeling over him with his palm pressed hard against his armour. Carlyle truly was strong.

What the hell are you doing here, Svante?!

I could ask the same thing, Carlyle!

Well you're not exactly in the position to be asking questions. So how about you answer mine!

"Enough, Carlyle! Let him up." (Master Took)

Carlyle removed his hand and stepped away from Svante. The large Bounty Hunter got to his feet and brushed himself off.

"I take it you two have some history?" (Master Took)

In a manner of speaking yes...

"Well whatever fued you had, it's gone now." (Master Took)

Carlyle and Svante simply stared at each other until Master Took urged them along. Svante went with the group while Carlyle collected the prisoner.
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I watch as the big bounty hunter and the human glare at each other. So this is what hate is? That is what the Sith that took over the lab wished me to harness? To me it seems like a weakness, not power as they say it was. I start to think about the years when the scientists working for the Jedi order created me, those were the happiest days of my life, then again I am only a little older than 5 years old yet I am full adult.

The day the Sith came and took over, well those days were not so happy. When the Sith came I was in genetic chamber I could only watch as the jedi and the scientists were killed, that day is the day I learned sorrow. I shake my head and snap out of the trance I was in, I look out a window at the surroundings, it is so peaceful here. As I was looking I hear a voice behind me, I turn to see a Jedi.

So tell me mystery man, who are you? (Master Took)

My name is Jovac-Ra and my I ask whom you are?

Well someone with manners, you must have had great parents? (Master Took)

I lower my head then look back at him confused, then approached me and placed his hand on my shoulder then looks at me.

No need to explain to me now. Please come with me and we will get you settled. (Master Took)

I follow him from the landing point an on to the base. Maybe this is where I belong.
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While getting settled in, Veo decides to have a few words with Syvante Gyll. He approaches Gyll as he stands alone on a platform, 2 kinrath lie dead beside him.

Did these attack you? (Veo)

The first one was already dead... The second one must've thought I killed the first..... I know exactly how it felt at that point. Even with no hopes of winning, he just wanted to avenge his partner.

Gyll looked over the platform edge, closer toward the ground levels of the Shadowlands. He had become quite the troubled soul. Veo knew he had to console him.

Do you know how old I am? (Veo)

Why the hell would I know that? (Gyll)

Well I'll tell you. I am 7,063 years old. (Veo)

Gyll stopped for a bit n then looked over his shoulder. He then chuckled a bit in disbelief.

Young Gen'Dai warrior, you will soon come to know that there are things in this universe far beyond your understanding. You're lack of faith in these things causes overconfidence in yourself, and it will be your downfall. (Veo)

Look! I don't need your lectures right now... Do you have any idea what happened to me back on Bespin?! (Gyll)

Do you have any idea of what happened to me over the passed thousands of years? (Veo)

I'm sure a lot, but what the hell does that have to do with now?! (Gyll)

Poor boy, you cannot see passed your own fleshly vision. I really do know how you feel, and I must tell you, that you must let it go. Fight for right...not vengeance. (Veo)

And how exactly would you know that?! Can you "sense" my emotions too?! (Gyll)

Veo frowned a bit. Gyll had let the circumstances darken his heart. He obviously needed some sort of enlightenment.

I can see you are very bothered, young Gen'Dai. Think on these last words of mine however... Over thousands of years, do you think anyone else lasted as long as me? ..... You don't see any other Miraluka's around anymore, do you...?

With that, Veo quietly slipped into the shadows of the platform and walked away, leaving Gyll to his thoughts.

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Gyyll was not sure what to think. He felt much anger and hatred in his heart. He never liked feeling the rage he feels, but at the same time he enjoys it. In some way or another he just wants to be angry with the world. Hating everything and lashing at whatever tries to make him forget. He was not ready to just let it all go. No, it was far too soon. What the Empire has done is unforgivable, and Gyyll was a man who rarely held grudges.

As he looked down into the jungles of Kashyyyk he could hear the sounds of a ritual. Gyyll thought of something to ease his mind, taking Veo’s advice; even though he may have not said it directly. He jumped off from the platform he sat on and landed with a thud as he hit the ground. As he looked around he watched as a Wookiee just came back from a hrrtayyk ceremony as three elders and another served as witnesses. As they spoke to the young, they failed to notice Gyyll as he continued to watch. Thank to his time with Saab; his deceased Wookiee friend, he understood their language of Shyriiwook.
It all seemed familiar to Gyyll. He remembered how he and Saab watched as his son finshed coming back from a hrrtayyk ceremony. That was seven years ago. He looked at the Wookiee besides the elders a bit closer and felt something. Not sadness, not anger, and most certainly not hatred. More on the lines of relief. The Wookiee was Saab’s brother.

Gyll stood up and walked up to the five Wookiees. At that moment a large albino Wookiee jumped in front of Gyyll, towering him and growling under its breath. It then spoke in the native language.

Elder! Run from this place. I shall handle the tresspasser! (Albino Wookiee)

Before Gyyll could speak, the elders and Saab’s brother and son ran away. The Gen’Dai grunted in frustration as he began to size up the Wookiee, but it smacked him away from it as it began to chuckle.

Long have I waited for a tresspasser to come after the elders. With this opportunity given to me, I shall finally be seen as a hero, and rid myself of my family’s name! (Albino Wookiee)

Stop you walking carpet! I am not the enemy. If you just wait and listen I can explain myself.

The albino Wookiee stopped for a moment, obviously surprised at Gyyll’s ability to speak in Shyriiwook.

Where have you learned the language of our people? (Albino Wookiee)

Doesn’t matter. Now end this or else.

Is that a threat? Because I will not back down from a challenge if it is. (Albino Wookiee)

Oh, it’s more than that, my friend.

Gyyll began to crack the knuckles of his hands as he cracked his neck. The albino Wookiee grinned to itself as its claws began to shine in the darkness. A madclaw. This surprised Gyyll somewhat as he was told by Saab about Wookiees using their claws, which was illegal. It then roared and charged at Gyyll as it attempted to grab him.

The Gen’Dai slammed his hands into the Wookiees as they both used pure strength to try and force the other to submit. Neither was really getting anywhere as they stood against each other for several minutes. As they stood like this for quite some time, the albino Wookiee tried to apply its weight on top of Gyyll to crush him. But the Gen’Dai anticipated this and twisted his arm in eighty degrees as he lifted the Wookiee’s arms up. It groaned in pain as it let of of Svante’s hands and tried to claw him but only striked open air. Gyyll was clawed on the face finally. The Gen’Dai grolwed under his mask as he landed a straight punch into the albino Wookiee’s gut, sending it flying several feet away from Gyyll.

As it began to stand up, Gyyll put his foot on its back.

Give up. You’ll only end up getting more grievous injuries.

At first, it looked as if the albino would give up, but it quickly rolled on it back as it grabbed Gyyll’s leg and put him in a locked position.

How’s about you give up? If you give up now I won’t have to snap your leg in half! Now don’t try anything and leave! (Albino Wookiee)

As if taking no notice to what it had said, Gyyll tried to wrestle out of its grasped. The albino Wookiee gave a rare sigh as it quickly pulled the Gen’Dai’s leg in the opposite direction. It then let his leg go when Gyyll made no more sudden movements.

Strange. He isn’t making any sounds… (Albino Wookiee)

The albino Wookiee’s red eyes grew as it was surprised to find Gyyll’s leg snapping into place and watched as he stood up. It took a few steps back and readied itself. Gyyll chuckled to himself as he charged into the albino Wookiee, tackling it into a tree and hammering it with jabs and hooks. The Wookiee pushed him away and clawed his armor several times before putting both hands together and slamming Gyyll face-first into the floor. It’s nervousness grew as Gyyll stood up again.

I will only warn you one more time. Give up or else.

Never! You’re the tresspasser and you must either leave or die with honor at least! (Albino Wookiee)

I’ve been trying to tell you that I’m not a tresspasser. Ask Master Took!

So you’re here to assassinate him?! I will not be tricked by you’re sorcery, Sith! (Albino Wookiee)

Sith!? Don’t you dare compare me to-ugh!

The albino Wookiee clawed and kicked Gyyll away. It roared in anger as its eyes began to glow faintly. Gyyll was becoming annoyed and looked behind himself. He had an idea.

Hey, ugly! I bet you can’t even protect a child, let alone Master Took! Try and beat me and prove your worth, madclaw!

Don’t you dare address me in that fashion! I will tear your innards for threatening the peace of this world! (Albino Wookiee)
It charged at Gyyll. The Gen’Dai stood still for a moment and finally sidestepped out of the way and watched as the Wookiee fell into a trap. Gyyll looked into the hole and to his surprise found the Wookiee holding onto a branch. Below the Wookiee was rows of spikes. If it fell, it would surely die.

Having fun hanging for your life?

Shut up! (Albino Wookiee)

Listen, I’ll pull you back up. You just need to listen.

I’d rather die than be saved and forever serve a Sith! (Albino Wookiee)

For the last time I am not a Sith! Now take my hand! What will it take for me to prove I am on your side?!

Only if Master Took himself declares your innocence. (Albino Wookiee)

Almost as if fate had decided to intervene, Took’s voice was heard over Gyyll’s head. He looked up as he saw both Took and another Wookiee jumped down in front of him.

Svante Gyyll! What in the name of the force is going on here? (Master Took)

Trying to save the life of this hard-headed walking carpet.

Alright, alright! I believe you! Now get me out! (Albino Wookiee)

Gyyll gave his hand to the albino Wookiee and quickly lifted it out, saving its life. It panted and laid on its back in relief. Took stood near it as he laid he hands on it's shoulder, helping it try to stand. The other Wookiee just kept its eyes on Gyyll.

You were tough…I’ll give you that. You know, I was tihs close to pulling out one of my brayars and just end it.

You fight like one of us, and you saved my life…I am indebted to you. (Albino Wookiee)

It’s the least I can do. You don’t have to do this.

The albino Wookiee stood up quickly and bowed before Gyyll.

Please accept my honorable request! If I do not honor this part of a warrior’s pride accepted then I wll forever be shamed. My name is Haar’Kuntii and I wish to follow you wherever you may go. (Haar’Kuntii)

Gyyll sighed and thought of Saab. He didn't want to replace his friend, but he was without friends. He was not sure of what to do. After some time of thinking, Gyyll looked at Haar'Kuntii and decided to accept his life debt.

Alright. I'll accept your wish. My name is Svante Gyyll, by the way. Good to have you...

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Carlyle and Heidi were sitting the mess hall eating some dinner when Gyyll and a Wookie walked in. The couple were sitting on the far left side of the room in front of a window. Heidi kept Carlyle distracted from the Gen'Dai, she could sense the anger they both shared for one another. Fortunately the rest of the group that had arrived earlier entered the mess hall and joined Gyyll and the Wookie. Carlyle glared at him from across the room.

"Hey. What is up with you? Ever since the others arrived you've been acting strange." (Heidi)

Sorry, I'm just.........

"Angry? Yeah I picked up on that. How do you know that guy?" (Heidi)

..........He double crossed us back in the day. Before we worked for Stryder, we worked for the highest bidder and unfortunately had to run an OP with him. We should have known things weren't going to go down well. The whole thing was a set up and he got away.......leaving us behind to pay for his mistake....

Gyyll turned his attention away from the group and looked at Carlyle. He knew he was talking about him. Carlyle had been watching him the whole time he spoke about him and now the two were looked in a stare.

Because of him.........some of us were thrown into prison on Ord Cestus.........

Ord Cestus was a dangerous Prison Planet that the most dangerous individuals were sent to. Heidi stared at Carlyle and rubbed his back.


In the lower levels of the base is where the Rebels kept their prisoner. The Sith Apprentice they apprehended on Tattoine sat in a chair with her hands bound behind her. Her cells was large but dark. There was one light that was very dim and looked like it was going to go out any second. The Sith herself looked tired and cold. She looked up and saw the door to her cell was being opened.

Oh yay......... (Sith)
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Baron: Hey I'm going to turn the night in early guys perhaps work on my meditation.

The group said goodnight and I headed towards the barracks. I took a quick left and began going down flights of stairs. As I was reaching the lower levels of the building it took a more ominous tone. More to my liking. I heading down further until I reached the lowest level.

Guard 1: Hey you can't be down here sir, I'm afraid you'll have to go back upstairs.

Guard 2: Yeah! Back upstair...........

The two guards lay motionless on the ground. I had killed them both with but a thought. Ah the wonders of the dark side. I stepped over the bodies and headed down the hallway. There at the hall lie my goal. A young girl, most likely in her twenties was in the cell. Her eyes yellowed by the ferocity of the dark side. I sent a small jolt of lightning through the lock creating the slightest light. When it went out the cell door began to open.

Who are you? (Sith Apprentice)

That is of little importance now. You will take this lightsaber and cut the heads of the dead guards in the hall. You will be chased so I advise you run quickly. Now! (Baron)

The girl began to run as I teleported myself back to my room. As I had appeared the alarms began to go off, just as I had rigged them. I ran to the mess hall.

It's the apprentice! She must have escaped!

Come on let's get her! (Baron)


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As the alarms went off, Veo's heart hurt. He could not tell what was going on, but he knew the pain of betrayal. It was only a matter of finding whom it was. He then felt the pain of death. 2 dead guards... More dying as these alarms ring. The apprentice had to be stopped. Either that or remove those in her path. Veo quickly moved to he platforms and spoke over a loud speaker,

All natives, please stay inside your huts. We have a deadly breach.

The sound of grunts, roars and growls echoed through the air, but it no doubt meant that they understood. The feeling of death numbed a bit, this meaning less killing from the apprentice. Veo then teleported to the docks. He met Jovac Ra there, waiting. He seemed to have the same idea as Veo. Soon, as was expected, the apprentice came dashing around the corner toward Gyll's ship. She was looking to take off. Jovac dashed toward her to stop her in place, but she flipped over him, and kept moving. She was amazingly fast. Veo was not carrying a libraaber at the time, but pulled Jovac Ra's from his belt, and ignited it nth apprentice ignited hers, and Jovac ignited his 2nd lightsaber. The two of them now were on both sides of her. She was smart, but underestimated Veo. She perceived an old man.... But Veo used the force as his only aid. She began to flip over veo, but he flipped to meet her. Mid-air, they clashed. Veo was able to knock her back just enough for Jovac Ra to confront her with his own lightsaber. She defended against a sharp upward swing from Jovac, and countered win he own sweep. Jovac jumped over it, force pushin her toward Veo. This caught him by surprise however so he pushed her back. Thus allowing her to gain an edge. Once reaching the midpoint between the two Jedi, she let or a massive force pulse, blowing them both away. Jovac Ra nearly fell off the platform edge, but instead hung on for dear life. Veo had to help him, so he rushed over to pull him up a the apprentice made her way to Gyll's ship and began to take off.

At this point, Gyll was approaching the docks screaming! Veo them turned his attention to the ship and grabbed it win the force...then pulling it straight down and into the shadowlands. He hen looked to Gyll...


He then jumped off the docks with Jovac Ra following close behind. Gyll later joined as well, once getting over the shock of seeing his ship crash.

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Carlyle zipped up his leather jacket and cracked his neck. He was at the crash site with the new arrivals waiting for Heidi, Monique, Jacob and two other Human Jedi to arrive. When they did, the "newbies" weren't that thrilled about them taking over.

Seeing though you did SUCH a great job of taking her down guys, I think we should take it from here.

How are you gonna catch up to her without vehicles? (Veo)

We have our ways...

Let's go get her then!

Sorry big boy, but this requires speed not brawn.

The six Humans left the crash site and the others to return to the base. Carlyle's ability to increase the speed and strength of Humans would make it easy to take down the apprentice with those around him. They sprinted at high speeds and followed her trail. Back at the base, Gyyll, Baron, Jovac and Master Took were watching monitors that were displaying the live video feed from the cameras around the forest. They were having trouble tracking Carlyle and the others due to their speed. Svante chuckled a little and watched the others look surprised at their speed.

It wasn't long before they caught up to her, in fact Carlyle was surprised at himself. She was tearing through the forest ahead of them and knew they were hot on her trail. Her speed was remarkable for an apprentice, because of her title though, the other five chasers underestimated her. Jacob broke off from the group and made his way up her left flank, she sensed he was closing in and slowed down. The others picked up the pace and closed in as Jacob jumped from the high ground and attempted to pull her down. As he latched onto her, she grabbed his arm and tossed him to the right causing him to crash into a tree. The others couldn't afford to stop and help him so they continued their pursuit and followed her as she jumped across a river and ran parallel to it. They continued to run on one side while she went the other. She was smart. The Rebels were forbidden from entering the area that she crossed into due to it belonging to a dangerous Wookie tribe. Carlyle could see the Wookies following her and quickened his pace. She heard shots behind her and decided to jump back to the other side and be pursued by those without weapons. Unfortunately her leap gave her some distance between the others.

"She's gonna get away!" (Heidi)


Carlyle increased his speed and closed in on the Sith. She tried to out manuever him but everything she tried failed. The apprentice then jumped from the side of a tree and started kicking off the one's around her to gain some speed. Carlyle copied her and launched himself toward her. She flipped in mid-air and smirked as Carlyle went right past her, he then landed on the ground and saw the Sith head back toward the river with the rest of the group behind her. He rejoined the chase and found himself behind Jacob who had also caught up and was now making another hot headed mistake. The Sith found herself back at the river and launched herself from one side to the other, Jacob was going to do the same thing.

JACOB, NO! (Monique)

Jacob jumped from the edge and as he was about to land he was tackled by a large Wookie who had swung out on a rope and stopped him from crossing into their territory. The two crashed into the shallow river and recovered from the crash. The Sith smirked and began to walk into the forest but heard a crack beneath her foot and then yelled in surprise as a large net was pulled up from under her and left her dangling from a tree. She reached for her lightsaber but couldn't find it. Instead she found herself surrounded by large angry Wookies. Jacob pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it as the Wookie in front of him pulled out two long blades. Carlyle and the others stayed on their side of the river and watched the ordeal.

Jacob, pull back you idiot! She's in their territory now!

The Jedi backed off and returned to dry land, the Wookie simply staring at him in disgust. Carlyle watched as the Wookies dragged the Sith off and shook his head.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:37 am

After seeing the Sith slip through our grasp I left the base to meet up with Carlyle and Jacob. I see them both slowly walking back to the base and Jacob is soaked, Carlyle was giving him a lecture about his hot-headed tactics, then Carlyle noticed me walking up the path. He smiles as I approached me and then as we got closer to meeting I noticed he was holding my second saber, my eyes lit up as he handed it to me.

I believe this is yours?

I take it back smile back at him.

Yes it is. Thank you for finding it.

He noticed how attached I am to this saber, even for a Jedi. I then place it back on my belt.

Your really attached to that lightsaber aren’t you?

Yes it has sentimental value to me. It belonged to my younger sister, Almaya-Re.

I see and where is she now?

I turn away and start walking away from them with my fists clenched. Carlyle with Jacob follow close behind me as we return to base.

The Sith killed her as we escaped from the lab facility, she was hot-headed and often rushed head on. She never tried to take stock of the situation, it.....was her undoing.

Is that why you hate the Sith?

I turn my head slightly when he said that and I just shake my head.

I don’t hate the Sith, that’s their ways....not the Jedi’s.

We then continue on to the base.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:57 am

Carlyle and the others had returned from the chase, empty handed. This wasn't of my plan. I needed that apprentice near me at all times or else Veo would surely detect the dark side within me. I grabbed my lightsaber and walked out the base.

Yo, Baron what are you doing?

I'm gonna go out and work on my speed, seeing that chase made me realize how much I need to faster.

Alright but be careful, don't stumble into wookie territory they are mighty angry this time of year.

I patted my lightsaber on my belt. It was a guardian lightsaber. It was my master's when I was on the planet Kel Dor. My master could feel the dark side within me, but instead of trying to reason with me he tried to kill me. Foolish old man. I snap back to reality.

Don't worry I'll be careful.

I walk out of the base and start running and first it is a nice easy jogging pace, then I begin to use the force. The dark side allows for an incredible boost in all force powers. I'm just barely slower then Carlyle. I pick up something in the force. The Sith Apprentice, she is barely alive. I begin to run faster and I end up just outside wookie territory. There are no guards at the "border" because they are all too concentrated with their mating season. I step through the border and keep walking, about a mile through the deep forest and I see the Sith hanging above a fire, as if they are cooking her. I lift her up and untangle her restraints with the force and turn around to a group of angry, hungry wookies.

You will let me and my friend pass through without any hassle.

The wookies jump into a trance like state. I grab the girl and begin slicing through the defenseless wookie-zombies. Once we get outside of the territory I set the Apprentice down.

Take your lightsaber and cut my arm with it.

The Apprentice did what see was told out of fear for what I had just done to the wookies. The pain of a lightsaber didn't effect me anymore. My skin was just as callous as my heart. I hit the girl knocking her out. Then I began my journey to the base. Once I arrived I saw Gyll and Veo "discussing" matter of repayment for a ship. Carlyle enters behind me.

What the hell? How did you catch her? She was in the wookie's territory!

It was terrible, I felt a huge amount of pain and suffering in the force and I headed that direction to see what was wrong. In front of me, there were at thirty wookies all dead from the Sith's lightsaber. A few feet outside of wookie territory I see her nearly lifeless on the ground. A wookie must have hit her before she fully escaped. Ha she did have enough energy to give me this though. I show him the lightsaber scar. My suggestion is that we keep her with us at all times. She is much to cunning to be held captive by those who don't know the ways of the force.

I agree, she will stay with us until we can find her a proper jail that will contain her.


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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:55 pm

On the planet of Geonosis a rebel insurrection is being built by one lone man. He is the only one keeping this rebellion afloat, so he must be eliminated. One bullet, one kill, one secret and the end of another rebellion. After days and days of motionless cold caculating waiting for the perferct moment and then pull the trigger and it ends.

Riordian: Mission accomplished...

As he enters his ship he gets a transmission comes in from the Imperial hierarchy for his new assingment.

Operator: Your next mission is to flush out a rebellion on Kashyyyk, we are sneding you the coordinates for the area we know they are in. The rest is up to you, success is required on this one.

Riordian closes the trasnmission and puts in the coordinates and brings up a map of the area's geography.

Riordian: How many of these damn rebellions are there? Ever single damn day theres a new one.

He sits back and plans out his strategy for his next kill.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:17 pm

After the failure of capturing the Sith apprentice, Carlyle and his group quickly made their way to the base. All the while being watched by Gyyll, who was watching from his hut. Haar’Kuntii, who was present, stood next to Gyyll as he looked down at the group as well.

I sense much animosity between you and that human. Why is that? (Haar’Kuntii)

Nothing important. He’s the last thing on my mind.

Is that so? (Haar’Kuntii)

The Gen’Dai remained quiet. Haar’Kuntii gave up on the conversation and simply enjoyed the scenery of his home. Gyyll then spoke once again, catching Haar’Kuntii’s attention.

Lovely planet you have.

Thank you. (Haar’Kuntii)

As quickly as the conversation started it ended. The two said nothing more.


Master Took stared into the stars that laid out above him from under his open hut. Something had been troubling him for quite some time, not sure of what it was but having a good idea. Not taking any chances, the Zabrak Jedi closed his eyes and concentrated as he communicated with everyone around the base through the force.

Everyone, a meeting will begin soon. This is urgent and will require your outmost attention for this meeting. I believe that an invasion force is approaching this planet. Please make haste and come. (Master Took)

A knocking came to Took’s door. When asked who it was the person identified itself as Veo. Took then let the Miraluka inside of his hut as they began to discuss the approaching Sith threat. It did not take much convincing for Veo to understand that it was Darth Stryder’s Sith Stalkers.

Are you certain of this? (Master Took)

I recognize their scent in the force. I had of vision of Kashyyyk being burned to the ground by the forces of Stryder and killing many. We must retaliate before all is lost. (Veo)

I agree. Which is why I have called this meeting. I will reveal the Stalker’s presence. After that we will need to fortify our defenses if we are to stand a chance. They’ll be coming in greater numbers than we have ever fought before. (Master Took)

No. I suggest that we flee and use another base of operations. Surely there are many other rebels out there that would assist us. (Veo)

We shall come to a decision during the meeting. We’ll even cast a vote. (Master Took)

Very well my friend. (Veo)

Let us go. (Master Took)

Veo nodded his head as the two left Took’s hut and made their way to the meeting area. On their way, Ardasc and Baron joined them and were the first to arrive.


Hundreds of rebels, Wookiees, a few dozen Jedi, and the iconic members of the rebellion; including those that had just recently joined sat in the seats of the enormous stadium that could house thousands. Once everyone had been accounted for, the meeting began. Took walked in the middle of the ring as he looked around. Using the voice as a megaphone, to prevent anyone from missing a single piece of information, he spoke to everyone.

Thank you everyone for coming. As you may already know, the Empire is never far behind our trail. As I looked up into the stars, I felt the presence that I was all too familiar with. The Sith are coming, and they plan to wipe us out in one fell swoop. (Master Took)

A lone rebel soldier stood up. He wore a confident look on his face as he spoke. Not realizing that the enemy is more than what the Zabrak was telling them all.

I mean no disrespect, Master Took but haven’t we defeated the Sith invasion force before? That was only two months ago. Surely we can repel them once again! (Rebel)

The crowd cheered after the rebel’s words were done. Their morale had risen to levels that frightened many enemy’s of the rebellion. Even Sith began to become cautious with their attacks.

When the chance was given another rebel stood up. The same look of confidence was on his face as well. Gyyll began to feel annoyed, as did the rest of the new recruits of the rebellion.

He’s right! We can stand up to the Sith. Perhaps instead of hit-and-run tactics we should take the fight to the Empire. Show ‘em what we’re made of! We’ll blow them out of the sky!! (Rebel pilot)

Another round of cheers filled up the stadium as the morale increased another tenfold. The rebels were truly confident in their strength. It was safe to say that perhaps they were a bit overconfident. Carlyle, Heidi, and Jacob shock their heads at the foolishness being displayed. They knew Took had more to say. However, they did not want attention drawn to themselves.
Just as Took was about to speak again to calm the crowd down, Veo intervened as he raised his voice. But even when he did another rebel began to stand up. Gyyll, sitting behind the rebel, pulled at the rebel’s hair and forced him to sit back down. Rubbing his head, the rebel was about to prepared to brawl with whoever had grabbed his hair but stopped at the sight at the enormous Gen’Dai staring down at him as he stood up as well. The rebel’s face became pale as he sat back down without a word.

With the stadium steadily growing quiet, Veo finally had his chance to say his piece.

These are no ordinary Sith my friends. Stryder’s Sith Stalkers are the ones coming for us. I suggest that we relocate to a new base in order to strengthen our numbers. At this moment we are not prepared for a full-on assault by such skilled warriors. We are open to suggestions, but I strongly advise that we not face them. (Veo)

The air grew quiet in the stadium. Everyone began to murmur to themselves about what Veo has just informed them of. Fear was beginning to take over the atmosphere. This is what the Sith would hope from their enemy. Gyyll scoffed to himself while Carlyle merely had an emotionless expression. Veo had a look of concern over the situation, hoping for the rebels to vote for re-location. Took crossed his arms and sighed. The Jedi Master than spoke out through all of the fear, doubt, and hopelessness.

Carlyle! (Master Took)

The commotion died down as Carlyle stood up and listened to what the Nautolan had to say.

I am leaving you in charge of training the new recruits. You needn’t do so for Ardasc, of course. The rest however will need it for the upcoming conflict with the Sith Stalkers. (Master Took)

Carlyle nodded his head and sat back down.

We will now begin the vote. Either we fight or we re-locate. Choose wisely and may the force be with you. (Veo)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:50 pm

Svante, Baron, Jovac and Veo were brought out to an open field beneath a large waterfall. The area was surrounded by trees and wilderness, the perfect place to train. Carlyle, Heidi, Jacob, Monique and a few other rebels were already there and had been waiting for a while now. As soon as the Newbies were greeted by Carlyle's group, Master Took appeared from the treeline and greeted everyone.

Welcome. In light of our discovery that Stryder is sending his most dangerous fighters, we decided it would be best to give you all some training. (Master Took)

These "Stalkers", how do they differ from normal Sith?

The Stalkers are driven by rage, regret, power and bloodlust. They know only how to kill, track and destroy. This is why Stryder has enlisted their aid. A Sith Stalker goes through three stages of his life. Stage one is when they first discover they are Force sensitive and use the Force to cause mayhem. Stage two is when the addiction of the Force reveals itself, they can not go a day without using the Force in anyway. Eventually the addiction will corrupt their mind. Stage three is when their bodies begin to change. Their skin will become gray and their eyes will change into either a yellow and golden colour, or they will simply become black. Their emotions make them extremely dangerous and their ability to follow orders without question is menacing. Now, Carlyle has experience in dealing with Stalkers. He can teach us how to defeat them. (Master Took)

Master Took stepped aside and allowed Carlyle to take over. He kept his hands behind his back and stood with his back as straight as an arrow. He stood in front of the group and began.

Master Took is right, that's why they were created and enlisted by Stryder. Not only are they extremely powerful in the Force but they are faster and stronger than any other being in this Galaxy. Possibly more so than myself. Now there are two very important things you must know when fighting Stalkers. One, never let them grab you or get their arms around you. They will crush you instantly. The second.....Never go for the obvious kill. They'll be expecting that.....and you will lose. Gyyll!

They got straight into it. Carlyle and Svante broke off from the group and stood on opposite ends of the field. The others watched as it began.

Don't hold back.

Not in my nature.

Svante smirked under his helmet and then sprinted toward Carlyle. The Human spread his feet out and kept his arms at his sides. The Gen'Dai smashed into Carlyle and grabbed onto him, Carlyle placed his hands on his opponents biceps and shifted his weight to stop him. His feet were skidding through the ground and eventually he stopped Svante but was thrown in the air and landed hard behind the Gen'Dai. Carlyle quickly got to his feet and sprinted from his opponent who took chase and caught up. The others were surprised he could keep up and realised that Carlyle wasn't using his speed. Svante swung a punch as Carlyle stopped but missed as Silver sidestepped behind him. Carlyle grabbed Svante by the shoulder and pushed him to the ground where he lay injured.

Never lose focus.

Carlyle walked back to the group and let Svante recover, he then continued to educate the others.

Lightsaber combat is but ONE way that the Stalkers fight. They use a variety of styles but will honour a challenge to fight in hand to hand combat. You two. You're up next.

Baron and Jovac stood where Svante and Carlyle stood moments ago and ignited their lightsabers. They were then surprised when Carlyle stood between them and handed them metal poles.

I can't exactly having you cuting one another up now, can I?

Carlyle stood back and watched them begin. Jovac nodded to Baron and they began their sparring session. The two charged at each other and swung their weapons around. Baron dropped down and skidded on the ground in an attempt to knock Jovac over but was surprised when the Human jumped over him and turned on his heel when he landed. Baron got back up and dodged Jovac's swipe then blocked a second attack. Jovac had the upperhand with two weapons but that didn't stop Baron. Baron blocked every attack and kicked Jovac back to gain some room. The Human ran toward Baron and leaped over him swinging his weapons in an attempt to strike him but missed. Baron caught him out when he landed by kicking his feet out from under him, causing him to fall. Jovac lay on the ground with Baron standing over him aiming his metal weapons at his neck. Carlyle then walked up them and spoke.

One more thing...

While Baron looked at Carlyle, Jovac leaped up and tackled Baron to the ground.

Never turn your back on your enemy. *Rolls his eyes*

During the training it was decided that Carlyle would handle the hand to hand combat while Master Took would handle the lightsaber combat. Carlyle didn't like the idea of picking up a saber again so this would work perfectly. After a small break they continued with the training. Carlyle was taking on Monique. They were going to demonstrate how to fight when the Stalkers surprise you.

They won't always wait for you to see them before they make a move and in most cases they will appear behind you or right in front of you. If this happens you need to be quick because it means that they plan to kill you as soon as possible.

Monique walked up to Carlyle and smirked, he motioned with his fingers for her to "bring it". She swung a fist to the left so Carlyle went right, she then swung right so he went left and hit her in the chest with his open hand. Monique spun in the air and landed on her feet. She blew some hair out of her face and nodded to Carlyle. Things were heating up.

The group watched in anticipation as Heidi walked onto the field and smiled at Carlyle. He nodded at her and swung out to grab her, she dodged and dodged again as he repeated the same thing in the other direction. Carlyle moved toward her but she flipped past him and chuckled. He pushed some hair away from his eyes and smirked. She stepped toward him and spun around sending her foot out to kick him, he pushed her foot away and appeared in front of her. He held onto her arms and moved in for a kiss but she jumped over him, he had loosened his grip when he went in for the kiss and now found himself standing alone in confusion. Heidi was nowhere to be seen. Carlyle looked up as she dropped down from a tree and wrapped her legs and arms around his waist. This time, she moved in for the kiss and recieved it. The two smiled at each other and Heidi dropped off him.

Alright. We're done for the day.

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Star Wars RPS II
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