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 Star Wars RPS II

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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:50 pm

Veo stood along with master Took as the lightsaber combat training was underway. Being that Veo already had lightsaber training and experience with stalkers, he need not go through it. He helped here and there however. He took the moment to speak to Master Took on the coming issue:

This is not at all going to work, Took... (Veo)

What makes you say that, my friend? (Took)

There is not enough time to train all these young ones to defeat the Stalkers. They are far too inexperienced and the stalkers are ruthless. We will suffer far too many casualties to the rebel forces. Do you forget that we must face Manias as well? (Veo)

Manias can wait... He is not causing havoc this moment. (Took)

This can only be a calm before the storm, Took. Manias is not at all one for breaks... He is no doubt planning something huge! Perhaps another artifact... What if he gets his hands on another one... (Veo)

Veo do not be foolish! Sith artifacts no longer exist! You must not live in the past my friend. (Veo)

You must come to reality Took! This is not a wise fight. It is not a fight I believe we can win, nor can we survive long after, even if we do win. Suppose we win this battle Took... What will become of Stryder?! (Veo)

That is for Ardasc to decide... (Took)

And if he is killed by a stalker? Even he is not powerful enough to take them all. There are not enough of us Took... (Veo)

You need not worry Veo, the people are to decide whether we fight this battle or not... (Took)

Veo turned his head from master Took. He was clearly concerned and it showed on his face. He decided not to mention the threat of the dark presence in the midst of the group. It was not the right time. Now was a time for preparation. Now was a time for action.

Baron! (Veo)

Baron jumped a bit as Veo called out to him, using the force to echo his voice. However he turned to him.

Do spar with me. Let us see how you are coming along. (Veo)

Veo grabbed a lightsaber and ignited it, as did Baron....

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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:26 am

Several hours after the training with himself, Ardasc meditates. He feels through the force, searching for someone. The images of Darth Stryder and Manias then stood before him, smiling to themselves as they plundered the galaxy for all it was worth.

While he does this, a lone figure clothed in a large robe dashes across the large forests of Kashyyyk. Avoiding attention to itself, moving about like in a lightning-like formation. Zig-zagging all about. It stopped several feet away from the rebel base, staring all about, trying to find what it had come for. As it sensed its surroundings it finally took off towards an open window. It watched as Ardasc meditated.

POV of Ardasc

As I looked into the yellow eyes of my former "partners" in what was the greatest Sith uprising in the history of the galaxy, I could not help but remember the time when we all finally "betrayed" one another. It was really not as if we were always in lead with one another, but in order to overcome an obstacle that neither of us individually could, we would combine our strengths and destroy that weakness. The bond has been shattered, and with that the destruction of the galaxy. I was so foolish to have fallen under them. But then again, I was beaten by them, so maybe I felt obligated to serve their cause under the shadow of my own, which was no different from theirs.

However, after the attack on the Jedi temple, I became aware of my ways. More aware than I originally have been. So much so that I began to remember my real reason for trying to usurp power through the ways of the Sith. Grandmaster Luke Skywalker opened my eyes to the truth. He showed me my destiny. He showed me what it would take to finally bring the peace that both I and the denizens of the galaxy had been longing for.

Stryder speaks first, smirking at me with his sickly yellow eyes and pale face. A large robe covered most of his body, preventing me from seeing the state of his build, and I noticed a sort of crown shaped helmet on his head. His voice was raspy and full of authority. Much has changed in him. He seems to have advanced in age despite the fact that he was not the age he appeared. I never really understood Stryder apart from the fact that he was indeed very, very powerful during my time with him. old friend. What have you to say to me after all of these years? I assumed that you had died, along with your friend, when I took over Coruscant and had you on the run. Of all places to hide, you hid from me on the very planet where we destroyed the Jedi? You're naive! (Darth Stryder)

Controlling my anger, I responded:

Do not take your frustration of not killing me on the galaxy, Stryder. Why are you doing this? Wasn't being the Emperor of several planets enough? Must you be the lord sovereign of all living things? Sentient or not? (Ardasc)

Why ask what you already know? All of these things you have said have been the driving force behind our broken alliance! You of all people, along with Manias, should know that! Oh...but that's right... (Darth Stryder)

I remained confused by Stryder's words. He knew something. Something I already did. Ever since I turned into a Jedi my lust for power and all that the galaxy has had to offer became distastful to me. I became happy with what I already had. Even though my official rank as a Jedi remains as Padawan, my true skills lied with Grandmaster.

How long will you continue this campaign? Until there is nothing left?? (Ardasc)

Until everything is mine! Again with these idiotic questions. Is this why you have contacted me?? Fool. (Darth Stryder)

This conversation has gone on long enough. (Ardasc)

Indeed. Fade away into oblivion. You will never be accepted for who you are. In the end, you are just another Sith. (Darth Stryder)

And with that, Stryder's image disappeared before me. Manias stood in Stryder's place. Unlike Stryder, Manias was not shy to show his build. He wore a sleeveless tight purple shirt and tight black pants with purple streaks on the sides. He was lean and still had his youthful appearance. It was almost as if it had been a day since I last saw him. While I could see his face, it was barely visisble with the darkness seeping out of him. I felt bloodlust and rage flowing from his being. He has become something I had not anticipated. A Sith that had fully embraced the dark side. However, his brilliance in combat was still there and I doubt that he has lost a single bit of his incredible agility. It was then that I noticed a strange talisman on his right hand, index finger. A ring?

I could not help but notice the lack of his Kiffar tatoos. Instead I found Sith markings of old. Had I still been a Sith would have been able to recognize them easilly. However, I was barely able to make out "deicide" on his upper left shoulder. He caught me off-guard when he spoke.

What do you want? (Darth Manias)

I merely wish to speak with you about your actions. The galaxy is tearing itself apart. If you do not stop what you are doing there is a risk of- (Ardasc)

I needn't be lectured by a Jedi! Begone!! (Darth Manias)

Manias lifted his right hand and let out a Sith cry. I snapped out of my meditation as I felt a pain unlike anything I had ever felt.

Just as I was prepared to dust myself off, a figure laid his hands on my shoulders. When I turned and smacked his hand from me, I felt a sensation I was beginning to recognize.

It's good to see you again, Eclipse. (Omega 9)

End of POV
In the mess hall

Sitting alone at a table in the mess hall with his head against it, the Gen'Dai bounty hunter Svante Gyyll became the subject of interest to the rebels. Especially to two known rebels. Lok and Sim.

See that big fella over there? I heard about how he took down a whole division of space pirates in the Outer Rim! (Sim)

Oh shut it. You always have these incredibly over-the-top stories about these individuals. I bet the next thing you'll tell me is that he destroyed a the blockade of the Hutts. Go ahead tell me that that is excatly what he did. (Lok)

Well, there is a rumor like that. Except it wasn't the Hutts, oh no that'll be crazy haha! (Sim)

Right. The only way I'll believe it is if it comes straight from that guy's mouth. If not then you owe me five-hundred credits. (Lok)

You owe me that amount anyway! Speaking of which, why haven't you paid me yet?? (Sim)

Shut up and go. I'll pay you back if it's true. (Lok)

Fine... (Sim)

Sim, a human from Corellia used to smuggle goods for the underworld, mainly Falleen and Hutts, which was the only way he could afford to make a living. This was caused by Sim enjoying living life dangerously. During one assignment, he was attacked by slave traders near the planet of Naboo. Lok, who arrived via hyperspace to his home, saved Sim from a terrible fate. Both saved each other's back and even shared a drink together when all was said and done. This cemented their friendship.

After years of smuggling, their business came to aa hault when Imperial troops searched and destroyed their employeers. Leaving them without work and on the run. They then found themselves where they are now. Working with the rebels as smugglers.

Bent on winning the bet, Sim marched straight towards Gyyll as he sat in front of him. For a few moments he remained silent as the Gen'Dai continued to sleep, but as he looked to Lok, who was waving a pile a credits within his hands, he became more impatient.


A growl was heard, followed by Gyyll slowly rising up and staring down at the Corellian. Sim's throat became dry as Lok began to regret making a bet.

Uhh...forgive me? Please?... (Sim)

Gyyll's growl became lower but much more sinister. Literally telling the young man to go away, which Sim did. Sweat dripped from Sim's face as he confronted Lok.

That guy looked like he wanted to kill me. Well, I couldn't see his face, what with his mask on, but you get the point! I...saw my life...flash before my eyes! (Sim)

Say what? (Lok)

You know! That feeling you get when you think you're gonna die! I know for a fact that he did all of the things he the rumors say! It just matches!. (Sim)

You owe me five-hundred credits. (Lok)

WHAT?! (Sim)

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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:05 pm

I walk into the mess hall to see Gyyll sitting back down in his seat, he seems to be annoyed with some of the troops, then again they annoy me with their over confidence in their ability to combat the Sith. I continue my way to where Gyyll is sitting and I stop at his table. He looks up at me and then growls, this don’t intimidate me one but as I am quiet capable of defeating a foe such as him, but he is an ally, I then politely address him.

Master Gyyll I understand your annoyed with the..
(looks around) surroundings so I was wondering if you could accompany me?

Why should I accompany you?

Well I would hope you would want to replace what you have lost.

You have my interest young Jedi, I will accompany you.

He smirks, stands up and we start to walk out of the mess hall, we then start to leave the base, Gyyll then asks me where we are going.

So tell me Jedi, where are we going?

Well with the Stalkers coming I think we need a backup plan.

A plan? What plan would that be?

Well Master Yeaser told me of a hidden Jedi star craft hidden on this planet.

A… craft? But how would you hide such a thing?

That my friend is what we are going to find out. ( Looks towards the sky then back to Gyyll) we better make haste, the Sith are near.

With that we head off into Wookie territory to find the fabled craft, lets hope it will help even more lets hope it isn’t just a fable.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:26 pm

Baron's POV

Master Veo had challenged me. He was an old man but I had learned not to underestimate my opponents. I had let my self be beaten by that fool of a jedi in trainig. If were to appear as if I had trained for years, my cover would be blown. With the old man however, I could show off a bit. I ignited my lightsaber, it's glow warmed my face. I saw Veo waiting for my to strike so I took him up on the offer. At the first clash of saber's I felt the urge to use the force. It was begining to have a hold over me. I remembered the breifing of the Stalkers. If I wasn't careful I would turn into a beast similar to them. The old man was much better then I previous expected, but we stayed fairly matched throughout the duel. Suddenly he pushed me to the ground. Angry I fired him to the sky doing the same. When he hit the ground I put my lightsaber to his neck.

Not all of us are as inexperienced as you think.

I sheathed my saber and walked away.

End of POV

Rage. Anger. Pain. These were the only things I have felt, these are the only things I was taught. After the Sith had seperated I had left Manias to discover my past. With my intelligence it was only a matter of when. I searched all the records until a mysterious disappearence of a soldier appeared. I began collecting all data on the soldier. I went to his home on Corusaunt, there inside was a family, a young women and her two children. I zoomed in closer with my optics at one of the kids. A young boy probably only five stood smiling and laughing. With a jolt of pain I fell to the ground. I saw the same boy and the soldier laughing and playing together. The soldier was me. I was the boy's father. But I couldn't go to him like this. Not after what I had done. My eyes, once red with rage were now blue. I had to correct what had been done. I had to end this reign of sith. It was the only logical conclusion. After weeks I finally had picked up a signal of Styder's stalkers talking about killing Eclipse on the planet of Kashykk. I began to head to the planet. Once I arrived I talked to a wookie asking if he knew where the rebellion base was. The wookie said that a few days ago they were attacked by someone who came from the northeast. I followed until I reached a small base. When I approached the guard's they were terrified but cocky.

Would you let me in please. I wish to find an old friend his name was Eclipse.

They were reluctant but they let me in. I opened a panel on my arm, a small blip came on screen. It came from a chip I had implanted on Eclipse's arm when I replaced it. He was here. I walked in on him to find he had just been ripped out of meditation. I placed my metallic hand on his shoulder.

It's good to see you again, Eclipse.

OMEGA! I sense you are different somehow. Did you find out about your past?

Yes I did old friend, but I cannot go back now, not after what I have done. Come now tell me what has become of you!

I sat down and we began to talk of events that had occured. I learned of a sith apprentice was being held. Of a young jedi, an old blind master, a Kel Dor, a bounty hunter, and a young jedi who was faster than anything Eclipse had seen. It was strange. I felt something I never had before. Like something in my mechanical body was overheating. I checked my vitals but as I did I realized what it was. Happiness.


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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:39 pm

The night was calm, there was a small breeze that flowed through the trees. Birds and animals made faint noises in the forest while the flowing waterfall near the base supplied a calming sound for those who wished to sleep. Carlyle sat on the roof of the control tower overlooking the base and forestry. He put his knees up and rested his arms on them, holding his left wrist. Something was troubling him. He could feel that something wasn't quite right about one of the Jedi who had joined them. The only problem was, he didn't know what to do. His thoughts were then interrupted when Veo appeared next to him.

It's a beautiful night. (Veo)

Indeed it is.

There was a moment of silence, Carlyle didn't appear to be in the talking mood yet Veo was determined to discuss certain matters.

So, how do you know so much about the Stalkers and the Sith? (Veo)

I didn't have quite the same "upbringing" as the rest of my fellow Rebels. I came from a broken home with two brothers who were training to be Jedi. According to them, the Jedi were witholding things they knew about the Force and so my brothers left the order just before the Sith Empires rose. They sought out a Dark Jedi who taught them things, very dangerous things. After a while they came back and found that I was Force Sensitive. So they removed me from our parents home and began teaching me how to wield the Force. We looked out for each other and eventually formed a gang of other Dark Jedi. Basically we were hired guns working for the highest bidder. One day Stryder approached us and offered us a position in his Empire as his "Personal Hunters". So we took the offer and did a few jobs at first, hunting down people who owed him alleigance or money. Then things got intense. He said he wanted us to be better, so he had us train and fight with the Stalkers.

Carlyle rolled up his sleeves to reveal dozens of scars from lightsabers, swords, blasters and even bite marks from his opponents. Veo looked in amazement at them.

Battle scars. All the training my brothers gave me, was useless against the Stalkers. Still.....I never lost a fight.

Wait, you were apart of Stryder's Empire? (Veo)

I was the youngest Dark Jedi at his disposal. He kept a close eye on me after training with his Stalkers. My speed and strength didn't manifest until I came up against them, and he was curious. No...he was intrigued. I excelled past my brothers and soon became hungry for more power. I should have known then, but I was none the wiser.

None the wiser to what? (Veo)

That I was becoming a Stalker....Just like Stryder wanted. He sent me out with the Stalkers on secret missions to assassinate targets or fight for territory in the outer rim, attempting to expand his reach. They were brutal battles, but he won them all. He was smart, careful and he had us. But then everything changed. I refused to work with the Stalkers and was sent back to work with my old crew, only to discover they were double crossing the Empire. It wasn't long before Stryder found out and sent his Stalkers out to dispose of us.

Veo could see he was only barely controlling his rage and listened on.

I wasn't there when they began the initial battle. But when I arrived it was already too late. My brothers were the last two remaining and were trying to hold their own against the eight Stalkers. Even with my help it wasn't enough. I managed to take down three of them but the others killed my brothers and turned to me. I knew I couldn't take them down, but I tried. Eventually they brought me down and left me for dead....

Carlyle got to his feet and stared out at the forest. Veo remained sitting.

Stryder manipulated all of us, we were his puppets and he was pulling the strings. I didn't know there was another way....until I met Heidi.

Suddenly all of his anger disappeared and he smiled for the first time that night. Veo noticed this and smiled as well.

Now she saw me coming of course---

"Well you kept me waiting long enough!" (Heidi)

Heidi appeared out of nowhere and stood beside Carlyle. Carlyle chuckled a little.

My apologies, ma'am.

Veo then got to his feet and stood on the same level as the couple.

I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't showed up, what I would have become.

"Shhh, you never have to be that again.." (Heidi)

The two then locked in a kiss. Veo decided that was his cue to leave and did so.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:09 am

Deep into the dark forests of Kashyyyk, Gyyll and Jovac-Ra speed pasts trees and such. Their mission: find the hidden space-craft. As they run through the forest, Jovac-Ra begins a conversation.

So as I watched you, I noticed that you show much hostility towards others. I know it partly has something to do with your crew but I sense much more than that.

It doesn't matter if there is or isn't. I prefer to keep things to myself if that is alright. I'm glad we had this talk.

Jovac frowned a bit but continued to probe Gyyll for answers.

Friend, it's not as simple as that. While something tells me not to I feel like I have to understand things. I don't want to remain ignorant. So far, you're the only one that I can actually trust.

Trust? Not a word I would use, "friend."

My point is...well, you know.

Alright, smart guy, I'll play your game.

Gyyll skidded to a halt as Jovac did the same. The bounty hunter proceeded to sit on a log that happend to be there. Even when sitting down he was still taller than the Jedi, who seemed to be confused.

What are you doing? We have to find that ship.

May as well open up a bit. Staying angry and growling at people sure as hell isn't gonna solve anything. Besides, I like you kid.

So, what are you going to tell me?

Back from where I'm from, we have this custom where we must remain a peaceful race since we rarely became angry over anything. We can't fight each other, we can't say anything that is even a bit aggressive, and we couldn't be angry in general. Anyway, my mother was an insane criminal out in the core worlds. Nearly killed anyone that came close to her. And-

Their conversation was cut short as a figure dressed in a robe and armor ignited its crimson lightsaber and jammed it into Gyyll's head. Jovac yelled as Gyyll's body fell onto the ground. The mysterious being then slashed Gyyll around the waist as his body became seperate. Showing no movements. Jovac-Ra activated both of his lightsabers as he clashed blades with the one that had appeared.

You shall pay for his death!

Jovac-Ra laid a barrage of attacks upon the enemy, hoping to avenge the death of Gyyll. He could only think about how such a sad individual became close to finally gaining back his happiness only to have it taken away in a flash. The enemy kicked Jovac in the gut as Jovac staggered back. He dashed toward the enemy who quickly deflected the attack and brought down its blade over Jovac's head, who stopped it with one hand and slashed with the other. The attack barely hit the enemy as it flipped back and sent a force push at Jovac. Jovac countered it with his own force push that cancelled the one fired at him.

The enemy stared Jovac down as it removed its hood. A Sith Stalker. Jovac grit his teeth and closed his eyes as he focused. He opened them again as his eyes glowed white and he pummeled the Sith Stalker's lightsaber with his quick strikes. Just as it seemed that he was close to finishing the fight, Jovac's eyes suddenly stopped glowing as his original strength returned. The Sith Stalker released a torrent of force lightning as Jovac tried to hold it back with his blade.

Barely holding on, Jovac yelled and used force repulse to deflect the force lightning. This worked as the Sith Stalker flew away hitting several trees while Jovac received several shocks of electricity, numbing his right arm, the offensive one.

As Jovac stood up, he looked at where he had sent the Sith Stalker flying. With it nowhere in sight, he looked around himself, searching for the missing enemy. Just then, the Sith Stalker burst through several trees as it fired an untold amount of force pushes, using force fury to amplify its power and rendering trees and boulders to cinders. Jovac held his hand behind his back as the Stalker was approaching him. Just as he was charging a force push with his left arm, the Sith Stalker dashed right into his face as it kneed him in the side. Jovac hit the ground and jumped just in time as the Sith Stalker blew away the ground where he had been only a moment ago, creating a massive crater.

Jovac stared at the Sith Stalker as it unleashed a massive force push and attempted to counter it with his own. However, the force of the fury amplified push was too great, even for his fully charged force push and smashed into a tree as he coughed blood. The Sith Stalker began to walk slowly as it pulled its lightsaber in its hand from out of the debris and ignited it. Jovac attempted to move but felt a seering pain on his right leg as he noticed a branch impaled on it. Before he knew it, the Stalker was standing before him.

Any last words, Jedi scum? (Sith Stalker)

With his left hand Jovac used the force to both turn on and ignite his lightsaber as it flew behind the Sith Stalker. But the Stalker merely smacked it away and turned its attention to Jovac. It then brought down its blade as Jovac closed his eyes. A blaster round went off and startled Jovac. He opened his eyes and saw the Sith Stalker's lightsaber only inches away from his head. He could feel the heat from it, which was enough to make him move out of its way. The Sith Stalker dropped it's lightsaber as it spoke:

So...yo-you weren't dead...a...acur...acursed bounty...hunter? (Sith Stalker)

Jovac looked behind the Stalker as Gyyll was standing up. Perfectly fine. The destroyed armor on his left arm exposed a cluster of nerves and muscle that pulsed with every second as it took the form of a needle-like object. As the Stalker turned to face Gyyll, the arm impaled the Sith Stalker and pinned it to a tree near Jovac. The Sith Stalker screamed under its helmet as Gyyll's arm began to absorb the Stalker's blood and nutrients for himself. Jovac-Ra shock his head in disgust as he watched. When he was done, Gyyll let the Stalker fall to the ground. The remaining pieces of armor left from the Stalker being the only thing left behind of its existence.

You alright?

Could me up...

Gyyll quickly helped Jovac up as he removed the branch from his leg. As Jovac was held up by Gyyll he performed a healing ability upon himself as his wound disappeared. He was then able to stand without aid.

Heheh...seems like you and I both have surprises up our sleeve!

Yeah well, at least you can survive getting stabbed in the head and being bifurcated. How are you still alive from all of that?

That's just how my species was built. We can regenerate our lost limbs or piece them back together. It seems to work on armor too since I can't find a single scratch on it. Besides, it will take a lot more than a Sith Stalker to take me down. At least four of them, maybe.

And that ability of controlling your nerves as well...along with that absorbing...

Yeah, big mistake on his part. Shouldn't have opened my armor up. You'll only unleash what I'm trying to keep in. As for the absorbing, I only use that when I am driven to the edge. That Stalker really pissed me off just now. Speaking of which, he was some sort of scout. From what I've read, Stalker usually operate in groups of five. This one was alone. And what about you? Using your Jedi magic to heal yourself. That is one useful power for you non-healing types. Anyway, we're still going for this ship, right? Just so you know, it will be mine for keeps.

Fine. Just follow me.

Jovac looked at the pieces of armor. Thoughts came into his head as he thought about the power of the Sith Stalkers. He was nearly overwhelmed by the abomination and nearly lost his life. Things were about to become difficult, now his search for the ship has become one for survival. Jovac looked to Gyyll and signalled for him to follow his lead as they continued their journey.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:38 pm

Me and Gyyll continued through on our journey, our first encounter with a Sith Stalker was most informative. As we walk Gyyll looks at me and how I shook off the effects of our near death experience almost I appear to have a new found confidence in myself.

So tell me Jovac, what other surprises do you have?

Well unlike normal humans and Jedi, I have an ability to adapt quickly and become stronger from near death experiences, that and....

Hmm, I see wait is there more?

Well there is, but I really don’t like to think about it much.

Hmm, I wont pry Jovac. When you need to get that off your chest let me know.

I simply nod to Gyyll and we keep on moving. Suddenly two large Wookies jump down from the trees in front of us, the are holding spears and start to growl at us. Gyyll growls back and starts to speak their language but they don’t seem to care what they have to say. Gyyll was ready to fight but I simply step forward and remove my black trench coat. I am wearing traditional Jedi Master clothing and I roll up my sleeve to expose my forearm, the two Wookies notice a mark of the Jedi High Council. The two Wookies step aside and let us pass by, I then offer the coat as gift to the Wookies and we continue on.

How did you? Why do you have....?

That my friend is another story. Come, what we seek isn’t much farther.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars RPS II   Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:10 pm

I had walked into Carlyle and his mate talking to one another

Where did Gyll and Jovoc go to?

They went out in the jungle to train or something.

Thank you.

The two were obviously up to something. I would have to keep my eye on them. Then a tremor in the force. It was a dark tremor. The Sith Stalkers had arrived on the planet. And whatever they were after, somehow Jovac and the bounty hunter were too.


I left my old friend for a while and walked along the hallways of the base. One of my sensor's was tripped. I could not use the force as my allies could, but a highly advanced midiclorian sensor allowed for a mechanical replacement for the force. It must be Stryder's sith stalkers. I continued down the hall to find the head of the base. As I was walking down I ran into a Kel Dor.

Excuse me. Do you know where a Carlyle's position is?

Yes he is down that way, now if you'll excuse me I'm busy.

Of course.

He hadn't noticed the small incision I made on his arm, a small sample was all I needed to find out who he was. His name was Baron Do Koon, Manias's and Stryder's files revealed that he was a jedi who was trained in the ways of the force on his planet. But that seemed to general. I began to search the Jedi Archives (I had downloaded them during the invasion of the temple just before they were destroyed). Baron Do Koon was a Sith over one hundred years old. Even before the 3 Sith came to rise in power, he had murdered his entire planet. He had thousands of connections in the galaxy's underground, virtually untracable he must have escaped the 3 sith's knowledge. But that never explains why he is here. He is a sith, why should he be helping the jedi? There must be something that he wants, that is a Sith's true nature. I must tell Eclipse, for surely his friendship with these new rebels can help them understand the evil that walks along them.


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Veo made his way back to his own hut, and layed down with his Vornskr. The time on this planet was running out... He felt the presence of a Stalker, but that presence died out. A scout... that means that the rest are soon to come. Veo thought about leaving... he could merely transport the matter of him and his Vornskr's body to the nearest planet. Tattooine was only a short trip away. It wouldn't take much meditation to leave... He looked at his vornskr, as it tilted its head at him.

(sigh) this won't end well, my Xersaia... This planet is not ready for the approaching threat. I've tried to warn them...what do I do? (Veo)

Xersaia focused deeply as her eyes met Veo's, almost as though she were telling him something... She rose up on her hind legs and met his eye level, and just stood there. Veo began to hear a voice in his head

(You must do what it right. You have always done what is right, why do you question yourself now? Do not let your fear get the best of you, or you shall fall and suffer utter defeat. Fear is the path to the darkside Veo, remember this at all times...)

Xersaia then fell back down to her front legs and walked toward the door of the hut, and looked at Veo. Just then, Master Took barged into the hut, fighting off another sith stalker.

Veo! Help me ward him off! It's a scout, we must destroy him!

Veo leaped from his position to meet the sith stalker, unarmed. The sith stalker force pushed master Took into the hut of the wall and quickly swung at Veo to eliminate him, quickly. Veo ducked under the swing and shoved his fist into the bottom of the Stalkers rib cage. Then, rising up, he caught another fist under the stalkers throat. The stalker sumbled backward, only to quickly recover and shoot a powerful blast of force lightning at Veo. Veo matched the force lightning with his hands. This was what he wanted. A fight using the force. He knew the Stalker could match him in combat, but not in a battle of wits. Veo began to close his hands on the force lightning, almost as if he were suppressing it. He then suddenly, flashed his hands back open, while thrusting his arms forward, repelling the blast of force lightning, and amplfying it to create the master attack...force storm. The stalker smashed through the window of the hut and hit the ground outside, onto the platforms.

Veo leaped through the window as well, keeping his distance from the stalker. It ignited its lightsaber once more, and ran toward Veo. Veo used a force wave, not only sending the Stalker back, but also sending all the items around it back, smashing into the stalker as they all hit a corner. Veo then focused as the stalker began to rise once more.... closing his eyes almost, snd taking in a deep breath, he raised his hands creating an odd form of energy between his hands. The energy then dissapeared as Veo ran toward the stalker at full speed, then halting to a stop as he spun and thrust his hand forward as the energy appeared once more, this time as a projectile. The stalker recieved the full force of the attack, (no pun intended) as he smashed through the corner he was already in, and fell into the shadowlands as a dead feast for the Wookies below.

Veo calmed himself as his body returned to its normal, old state. The force truly held him together, as nobody could have done such a feat without it. He then went back into the hut as Master Took was rising. Xersaia was helping him to his feet, with her tail. She then looked at Veo, almost as if to say "good job". He looked back at her with a keen interest, and nodded. He then took Master Took aside to speak with him on the upcoming matters, at hand. Once again...he failed to mention the dark presence among them.

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Baron's POV

I had followed Jovac and Gyll to an ancient temple they found the resting place of the sith artifact for me, perhaps they would live longer then the rest. As they entered I jumped down from a tree top and followed.

Guys wait up! The two were shocked to see me.

I felt the dark side in the force, and I assumed that the Sith Stalker scouts have arrived. I came to check you were alright.

That is kind of you Baron, we are alright, we encountered a Sith Stalker and we were victorious over him. But maybe you can help us. How did you get past the Wookies?

Just some mind tricks and a small gift.

Ah I see. Now what we have discovered is that here in this temple lies an ancient Sith Artifact. It is no doubt the reason Stryder is coming here. Killing off the rebellion is just a bonus to him.

Of course. It all makes sense now. These rebels had been causing so little trouble in comparison to other planets. But with the artifact here, Kashykk is the perfect target. No one, except the wookies, will notice that anything has changed.

Indeed, now let's go find this artifact and get out of here, the dark side is incredibly strong in this place.

I know. Let's move.

Jovac and Gyll faced away from Baron and began to head deeper into the temple. Jovac felt a surge in the force. He turned around to see two bolts of highly concentrated lightning hitting himself and Gyll. The electricity surged in the two. It wasn't a killing blow, it wasn't meant to be. Slowly the worlds of Jovac and Gyll got darker as they began to black out. Baron reacted quickly and ran through the temple. He would have long before the two would wake. He ran through a corridor using an extreme force vision that allowed him to see the artifact. Blasting through a few walls he lept up to the pedestel and grabbed the one thing he had been seeking. The artifact, once he touched it he felt it's power surge through him. The was no doubt he was know the strongest sith in the galaxy, comprable to both Manias and Stryder. He walked past the jedi and the bounty hunter as he left the temple.

Pathetic jedi.

Baron walked outside the temple. Just as Gyll woke up (due to his regenerative process) he saw a huge stone slab cover the only known exit to the temple.


His screaming woke Jovac.

Calm my friend we will find a way out of here.

Why don't you just use the force to move the block?

I would but the door is teeming with the dark side, I assume Baron changed it in such a way that it will be unaffected by the force.

Alright, well we aren't going to get out of here the way we came. What do you suggest we do?

the only thing we can do. Go deeper into the temple and hope there is a second route out. We must be quick. If we do not warn the others of Baron in time the galaxy is in danger of a new threat.

Omega 9 PoV

Another Sith Stalker came up on my radar, I programmed their signiture into it when I was with the 3 sith. I ran to the location where it's signiture disappeared. There were two jedi masters. Veo and Took were talking of important issues, sensing my presence they turned toward me.

Yes? (Veo)

I have grave news for yourself and Master Took.

Well what is it? Has the armada arrived? Is Stryder coming himself to destory us? What could possibly be more grave then what is about to come? (Took)

Baron Do Koon is a sith. Older then any of us by at least 3.29x. He has used to regenerative process of the force to heal his aging cells to regain his youth. He must be here for somthing important or else he wouldn't have gone through the trouble of this ruse. He needs something here and I pray he doesn't find it.

Pray? Does a droid like yourself even have a soul or mind that would lead you to do such a...human act?(Veo)

Anger surged through my circuitry. The pain of the years began to wear on me. Then in a flash I saw my family, the one that I vowed to protect. Anger subsided in me.

I am not a droid, but I am no longer human. I was once a man. And therefore I believe I have the requirment with which to do the act you question. But that is beside the point we need to stop Baron before he find what he needs.

Your too late.

The three turned around to Baron Do Koon. His vein glowed an evil red and lightning sparked from his fingertips. He hit the three with force lightning and they all fainted briefly. While they were out Baron stole a starship and headed out of the planet system to Corusaunt, he would be safe with the power of Stryder covering his presence.


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Going apart from everyone, I penetrate in the forest to where nobody could see me and once there I sat down in an enormous rock, then I open a little pendant heart, as I stare at Chris’s picture, I let tears fall down thinking about him…

-(Oh my love…I miss you so much, why you had to leave me?!…Are you dead or alive???…Oh God, please Chris, come back to me!!!)- After I said that in my mind, I clenched my fists as I stand up with a mad look, then I look up at the moon, cleans my tears away as I promise that I would find him, no matter if he’s dead or alive.

Then I overheard foot steps as I roll to one of my sides unfolding my gun and aiming to the strange figure that was approaching to me, then I hear a familiar voice calling my name, after the strange figure walks towards the moon light, I can see the familiar voice was my best friend, Heidi. I smile at her as I put my gun away:

Monique: Omg Heidi…don’t you ever do that again or you will kill me of a heart attack!…-smiling at her-

Heidi: Oh come on Moni, you should know me. I would never leave you, you’re not just my friend, you’re like a sister to me, so come on, let’s go with the others.

Monique: Yes….but first what if you help me train for a little bit?

Heidi: -nods with a friendly smile-

That’s how we spend most of our night, training hard to accomplish my promise, to find the love of my life, no matter if I would die looking for him.


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Carlyle entered the command centre with Jacob and joined the others. Veo, Master Took, Eclipse, Heidi, Monique and the Droid were discussing their next move when they were interruped by the two and their entrance.

Baron stole a star ship and took off. He's long gone now.

How did his Sith stench get past us? (Veo)

He's an infiltrator, that's he what he does. According to my files he was a Jedi but turned to the Dark Side when his Master tried to kill him

So why didn't he kill us when he had the chance? (Eclipse)

Because he doesn't want us dead...not yet anyway. He used us to find what he was looking for. Now that's he's gone, he obviously found whatever it was he longed for. (Master Took)

As everyone got deeper into the conversation, Heidi remained quiet. She lost focus and started seeing images. It wasn't long before the others noticed she wasn't right and looked at her. She saw Jovac and Svante lost in the jungle then there was a flash and they were trapped inside an old Jedi Temple built into a mountain. The next flash showed the two being buried alive by rubble and rock. Heidi soon came out of her trance and looked shocked.

What did you see?


Svante and Jovac were desperately looking for a way out but couldn't find one. To make matters worse, the place was unstable and Baron's display of the Force had weakened the stability of the structure.

Come on man! You're a Jedi, can't you use the Force or something to pry the front door open?!

I can't! It's too big!

Alright, I guess we're just gonna have to shoot our way out!

NO! If you do that that, then we risk the whole place coming down on our heads.

So what the hell do we do?!

Before they could come up with a solution, the Temple began to shake and the two fell to the ground. The ground around them cracked and they were forced to run to the main hall. Little did they know, help had arrived.

Eclipse began using the Force to open the main entrance to the Temple while Carlyle and Jacob waited for him to open it enough so they could fit inside. He managed to lift it open just enough so they could squeeze through. The two then used their speed to search the collapsing Temple for their companions. They located them in seconds just as the roof began to fall down toward them. Carlyle grabbed Svante and pulled him along while Jacob latched onto Jovac and pulled him behind. The Temple was falling apart behind them and they just managed to narrowly escape being buried alive as they exited the Temple and Eclipse dropped the door. Svante and Jovac lay on the ground catching their breath, there wasn't much oxygen in the Temple so they needed a few moments to recover.

How did you find us?

Heidi had a vision.

Thanks for the help.

Yeah, well unlike you I don't leave people behind.

BARON! He's a Sith!

We know. (Eclipse)

The traitor already left, he stole one of our ships.

I think it's time we talk to that Sith apprentice you've kept locked up. (Eclipse)

I agree.
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Trecking through the forest had been more difficult because of the lack of knowladge the Empire had on this planet and the fact that Riordian had never been on Kashyyk. He had been watching the events unfold completely hidden from anyone on the planet. He has been watching gathering data for his attack.

Damn this is different now one kill will do it this time: Riordian
Why do they have to be so goddamn dedicated to their "cause".

There have been a lot more enemys then first anticipated and much more powerful....though I'll do it my way this time. Command won't interfere with my fun this time. Who would have thought most of these people would be here too, I even know one too.:Riordian

As he walks up to a hole in a mesa hetakes of his cloaking device and scans the area with his multiple "visions". Heat, motion, and scent he notices nothing so continues forward and takes the cloaking off his ship and lowers the ramp. Four rebels jumps out of the caves but in one fluid motion he reaches over ot his blaster carbine blasts them all in the head expect one. He walks over to the last one alive.

You smell: Riordain
He grabs the last one alive and throws him into the ship.
A few moments he comes out and he walks off into the tunnel system disappearing just before he reaches the opening of the tunnel. He goes to stalk his prey.

Theres no one here but me and you hehehehe: Riordian says to himself
Yes no one but us....just about time to kill.....or should we not with such good enimes to fight......perhaps you are right after all I have yet to find anyone I've wanted to fight in a while

As he walks forward he comes across a shrine of some kind he eyes it up and down looks around the area but cannot find a reason for it to be here. He notices a trap door in the shrine. He opens it up and first he throws in poison gas and then he throws in a light but can't see anything besides for a room about 8 feet down with a ladder down to it. So he jumps down it and finds that it's actually a tunnel system made by the rebels based on the technology. He flips on the light and see's a passage way going down now completely lit up.

Hiding like rats in a hole huh........come up from below them and kill them all yes perfect, destroy one here though wait......

He walks down the tunnel and finds a side hall not illuminated by lights but by crystals. He decides to ignore it because it's obvious the rebels our not down there looks more Sith.

Hate all those goddamn force users anyway

He places charges down for later, much later. And he continues down the tunnel

This'll but me right in the goddamn middle of all of em by my data.....good I'd hate to make them await my arrival.

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A large disturbance in the force resonated all across Kashyyyk. The behavior in the Wookiees was noticed to have changed. All of the force-sensitive’s on the planet could feel it. Darth Stryder’s invasion force was closer than ever, and everyone knew, except the many Wookiee tribes. And now, with the scouts already on the planet, the time to act has finally come.

After hours of recuperation, the heroes find some time to gather together, discussing about the Sith Apprentice’s fate. A vote was soon casted as only the strongest willed of the group could approach the Sith Apprentice without any chances of slipping to the dark side. In the end Took, Veo, Ardasc, and Carlyle were chosen.

Once the vote has been finished, the four individuals began to talk amongst each other before confronting Baron’s agent.

Tell me, Eclipse- (Master Took)

Please. I denounced that name long ago. Call me Ardasc. (Ardasc)

Forgive me, Ardasc. As I was saying, what made you side with the Jedi? (Took)

Yeah. We’d all like to hear on in about it.

If that is alright with you, of course. (Veo)

Yes, we do not mean to prod at you, it’s just that some of us find your reasoning for joining us...questionable. (Master Took)

Ardasc sighed a bit, ashamed of his past. It was no use running from it. He knew that much. As he and his new allies walked side-by-side, he began to tell them of his part on the assault against the Jedi Order. How he killed countless security staff and Jedi, the death of Grandmaster Luke Skywalker, his new insight thanks to Skywalker, and the final betrayal of his former “comrades.”

So…you personally killed Grandmaster Luke Skywalker?...

I do not want to admit it, but yes. I will make no excuses for my crime. If you wish to take my life then so be it, from there I may finally accept the fact that I had indeed taken that man’s life. (Ardasc)

The four men stopped in the middle of the hallway. Veo, Carlyle, and Took stared at Ardasc for a few moments. The former Sith lord simply stares back at them. As they look in his eyes, they see a man trying his best to cope with the past. As they gestured one another, they turned their attention back to him.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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They looked at Ardasc and nodded, but Veo had to be truly sure. He would take no risk.

Ardasc... You are hereby under arrest under the jurisdiction of the galactic code for the murder of our beloved Jedi Grandmaster Luke Skywalker. You may surrender peacefully or we may take you by force, it is your decision. (Veo)

Veo drew his lightsaber n walked toward Ardasc ever so slowly. The others looked confused but said nothing.

What should be done, should be done then. I will comply. (Eclipse)

Veo suddenly stopped approaching...

Very well then... Shall we press on? (Veo)

Everyone looked confused as Veo began to walk away in the direction of where the apprentice was.

Wait! What the hell was that all about?! (Took)

I needed to be sure he was true. If he was sincere and truly repentant. If he retaliated, then he would not have truly been changed. (Veo)

....brilliant.... (Ardasc)

Now we should really press on to see about this apprentice. She may contain vital information. (Veo)


The 4 of them approached the dark apprentice. She looked worn out, clothes tattered, hair all over n sloppy, with a slight stench of Wookie excrement. She looked up at the four approaching Jedi.

Finally come to end this for me? I'm sick of being here. (Apprentice)

....who are you? What do you know about Baron Do Koon? (Carlyle)

Who? You mean the guy who let me out earlier? The gut who also got me placed back in here?! Confusing son of a... (Apprentice)

Relax... You know nothing about him, do you? (Veo)

Nothing... (Apprentice)

Veo took the others aside...

This girl is of no use to us. Baron used her to mask his own presence. I could feel it, but I ignored it, thinking it was her. (Veo)

Then what shall become of her? (Ardasc)

Master Took and Veo looked at Ardasc. They smiled a bit as if they had the same odd idea.

She will join us... (Took)

Pardon me?! (Carlyle)

Yes... And who better to guide her along the right path then he who has guided himself from such a path. (Veo)

Ardasc looked at Veo...

I do not think I can... (Ardasc)

You will try. You must. She could be useful in the end. (Veo)

Ardasc looked at the apprentice and sighed a bit. She glared back, rebellious and ignorant.

What is your name child? (Ardasc)

Devina Tar'shi'sh.

He then looked back at Veo and master Took.

....fine... It shall be done. (Ardasc)

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That was worthless and yet helpful: Rioridan

He stands in a very small canyon with only one, choke pointed, entrance with absuletly nothing in it. He flips through the programs stored in his helmet and selects the one that makes his ship bring in a selected supply.

Damn I really hate waiting....

Just randomly a supply crate comes out of nowhere and lands in the middle of the canyon.

Gotta love cloaking

He slowly walks over to crate and opens it up revealing a ton of explosives. He starts to setup all of the explovies in a special capsule. He arms the the capsule and sets up in a position with a look over the entrance he pulls out his rifle and then activates the bomb causing a tremendous expplosions causing a amazing shockwave.

And now........moths to a flame

He slowly disappears into the canyon using his cloaking device.

And may I add muhahaha
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I sit in my quarters after my close call with the cave in and the Stalker, and I can’t help to think about how I could have prevented all of this if I could only just let myself use the force to it’s fullest. I always could before the day me and my sister made our attempt to escape. That day we were stealthily making our way out of the lab facility but my sister’s haste she tripped a silent alarm in the water way. It didn’t take long for the troops to find us and try to take us down, but we dispatched them quickly. In all the commotion we got separated, I continued down the tunnel to get to the outer wall thinking my sister had made her way there.

I finally get to the wall and as I looked up out of the water gate only to see my sister taking on a Sith by the name of Rasta-Gra. She rushed head on as usual, not measuring the situation, he....took her head. After witnessing that I broke the Jedi code I let my emotions take control of me, but after that.....after I leaped up from the tunnel completely enraged.....everything went blank. The last thing I remember the lab was in ruins, the Sith was gone and I vowed not to let my emotions take me over again.

I just wish I could control my power.
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Following the short introduction to Ardasc's new apprentice, Carlyle, Took and Veo leave the room to give the former Sith lord some space and time to help mold Devina Tar'shi'sh into a Jedi. Ardasc knew it would be difficult, but he was willing to do what he could for what is right. He would begin his first step towards redemption.

As Ardasc sat in front of the Sith Apprentice, he used a calm and soothing voice to communicate with her. However, he was in for a surprise.

Devina, do you know who I am? (Ardasc)

I do not. Nor do I care. (Devina)

Then do you realize why I am here? (Ardasc)

Oh yes! I ever so do realize the reason. I was sitting right here when that old, decrepit, miraluka came in with you and those two other Jedi. How do you expect me to miss that? Hey, do you mind removing my hood? I wish to see who you are. (Devina)

Ardasc complied to the Sith Apprentice's wish. As the hood on her head was removed, Devina face was finally revealed to Ardasc, but was at a loss for words. Her violet eyes caught the blue of the Arkanian as they said nothing, simply staring at one another. Ardasc felt something within him become warm. He raised an eyebrow to himself as this happend, not familiar with the sensation he felt. Devina felt the same as her face became somewhat red. Before the situation could become more awkward, Ardasc cleared his throat and he began to slowly build up some trust with Devina.

Mess Hall

Sim and Lok laughed and clinked mugs as they were enjoying the evening. Not too long ago they both won their share of credits from a bet they had made with a few rebels.

Man, this is great! Who would have thought that a couple of low-lives like ourselves would have made so much? It's almost like a dream! (Sim)

Sure does. Sure does. So, what do you plan to do with your share? (Lok)

Hmm. You know, I didn't think about it until just now. Until I think of something, why don't you tell me? (Sim)

Alright. I plan on investing my credits for something like...I dunno, to pay my debt to the Hutts. (Lok)

Sim promptly spilled his drink as he drank it, nearly choking on it.

W-what are ya crazy!? They'll kill ya before you even have the chance to set foot on the planet! (Sim)

It was just a thought. Jeez. (Lok) had better been. Don't scare my like that. (Sim)

What I'm really after is my sista. I need to get her back, Sim. (Lok)

Lok...I know that. We'll find her. As soon as we win this war. (Sim)

And how long will that take, huh?? Two years? Three years? I can't wait that long! She's family! (Lok)

You're family to me, Lok! Think about this for a few seconds dammit! We can't just go cruising the galaxy like nothing's our business anymore. First of all, the Hutts want us dead. And secondly, this whole Galactic Civil War involves us all. We can't risk it! (Sim)

Lok shook his head as he took a sip from his drink. Eye-balling the counter in front of his and he stared at his reflection. Sim sighed to himself as he ordered another round. Just as the bartender passed the drinks over to Sim, two large men and a short fellow stood behind Sim as they smacked him in the back of the head, scaring him into dropping his drinks. The shattering of glass catching everyone's attention as the music stopped. The short fellow, a Stennes then began to speak.

Nice job, pal. You spilled your scud drink on my new shoes. How do you suppose that happend? Piff? (Short fellow)

A large man, Piff, with a scar running down his lip growled under his breath as the short fellow laughed a bit. Sim looked at the imposing man with a worried looked, while Lok remained knocked out on the counter.

Spoken truly my friend. What do you suppose we should do with him, eh, Lint? (Short fellow)

The second large man, Lint, a Echani chuckled to himself as he cracked his large knuckles. The short fellow shared his laughter as he clapped his hands.

Aah...aww come on, Shiv, there's no need for this! It was an accident. I can pay you! (Sim)

Shut your trap, boy. There are other ways to teach your kind some manners. Take him to the back! (Shiv/short fellow)

Both of the short fellow's cronies grabbed Sim as they proceeded to exit the mess hall and go around the back. A man stood up and attempted to stop them only to be told to do otherwise. The man retreated back to whence he came, for fear of what may happen to him. As Sim struggled and swore, no one did anything to stop them, only going back to their business as the music began to play again.

Lok woke up only moments after they left. He held his head as he felt dizzy and looked around for Sim.

Sim...? Sim...where are ya?... (Lok)

Outside of the Mess Hall

After his long and insane adventure with the Jovac-Ra, Svante Gyyll was prepared to rest for the night in his own hut, finally gaining the rest he requires. But a sudden noise caught his attention as he began to pass by the entrance of the mess hall, he heard sounds that were all too familiar to him. He let his curiousity guide him to the source of the sounds and found Sim held in a full nelson by the Echani Lint while Piff punched him repeatedly.

Gyyll made himself aware of the situation as he called out Shiv an his thugs.

Hey, bottomfeeders!

All three turned, wide-eyed and all. As they stared at the bounty hunter, Shiv pulls out a vibro blade as he swings it around in his hand threateningly.

Listen here, scumbag. We ain't got time for your hero nonsense. Waste someone else's time and get lost before ya get hurt. (Shiv)

Yeah! (Piff)

Gyyll suddenly luged forward as he closed in on Piff. The Gen'Dai punched the human square in his jaw as he knocked him off on his feet, sending him straight into the nearby wall. Shiv stood still, holding his vibro blade as he motioned his head to Lint. The Echani nodded his head as he released Sim and charged into Gyyll, slamming the bounty hunter into the ground, struggling for position.

As Lint himself pulled out a vibro-shiv, Gyyll quickly head-butted the man off of him where he proceeded to lift the Echani into the air with his powerful arms and throw him into a nearby lake. As soon as Lint surfaced a dart hit the man in between the eyes as his eyes rolled back. Gyyll let his arm drop as his machine gun gauntlet receeded into his wrist.

The Gen'Dai then turned its attention to the Stennes as it was cornered into a wall, with nowhere to go. Gyyll bent down to the Stennes level as it began to shake in fear. Steam came forth from Gyyll's nostril holes as he growled lowly at the Steenes who ran away in fear.

Hmmph. Serves them right. Now, to tend to this smuggler.

Gyyll lifted the passed-out Sim onto his back. Just as he was prepared to take him to the medical bays, Lok followed Gyyll as he yelled out to him.

Hey, hey! What are you doing with that guy!? (Lok)

The bounty hunter turned around, somewhat confused. When he saw Lok pull out a blaster, Gyyll quickly reacted by pulling out his own. Lok stopped directly in front of the blaster as he stared inside of it.

The hell do you want, vermin? This guy here your friend or something?

Yeah, now put him down or I'll contact the Jedi! I don't know who you think you are but you better watch yourself, tough guy. (Lok)

Gyyll's anger rose as he prepared to smack Lok over the head with his blaster. Suddenly, his blaster disappeared from his hand. Both looked confused as Carlye, accompanied by Jacob and Heidi, landed in between the two from above the trees.

What are you doing Gyyll?...

I could ask you the same thing, boy...

The two stared at one another. The intensity of their glares unsettled those present. Gyyll's anger was slowly spiking to extreme levels, and with the one person he loathes the most, it was only getting worse.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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Star Wars RPS II
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