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 District 10 RPS

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PostSubject: District 10 RPS   Fri May 14, 2010 9:54 pm

Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Time: 0827 Hours

Gunfire echoed around the capital city of Afghanistan. There always seemed to be shooting or explosions. It was annoying in the middle of the night, especially when it was right outside your window. Asham Jalel awoke to this every morning like it was his alarm clock. He crawled out of his bed and walked through his small apartment to the kitchen where he began to prepare breakfast for himself and his family. His small three year old son stood in the doorway behind him and clutched onto a tattered plush bear, Asham walked up to him with a smile on his face and picked the boy up. Asham spoke to him in his native tongue then placed him at the small table. His wife then joined them and kissed her husband who was slaving away in the kitchen. Asham looked out the window above the sink and saw three trucks, with custom mounted Machine Guns on the back, stop in the middle of the street. At least a dozen men armed with AK-47's poured into the street and began shouting. It seemed as if they were looking for something, or someone.

Asham's wife picked up their son and took him to the back room and waited for Asham to follow. As he turned off the stove and began to walk away, his front door flew open and two men wearing black military uniforms entered. One wore a black bandana on his head and the other had a baseball cap on. They both had protective vests on and black shirts on underneath. Their pants were black and white camouflage and their boots were muddy. Asham yelled something at them but the man with the cap simply grabbed him and pinned him down on the floor. His wife watched from the door at the back of the apartment and simply stood there. Asham could not speak English and had no idea what the man holding him down was saying. His accent was different from that of the other soldiers, that is one thing Asham did pick up. He heard the man with the bandana say something and then four other men entered the apartment. One man seemed to be injured and was being held up by his comrade next to him.

Sir. I counted thirteen Taliban Insurgents in the street. They must have tracked us from the market! (Corporal Cam)

Can we slip around them? (Porter)

Not with Michael's injury. We're gonna have to take them out to get to the extraction point. (Captain O'Neil)

That might be slightly difficult with those Machine Gunners.

Sergeant, give a threat assessment. (Captain)

If we take out those Gunners then we reveal our position to the foot soldiers. If we try to take them out then the Gunners will open fire on our position.

So we're f*cked either way? (Michael)

Not necessarily.

What do you have in mind Sergeant? (Captain)

Cam and I flank left, You and Tim flank right and Porter can assist Michael.

Alright, let's do it. (Captain)

Price and Cam slipped out of the apartment and walked through back alleys until they came across the back door of a Deli. They watched the Insurgents and picked their targets.

Team one, in position.

Team two, in position. (Captain)

They waited for the order to engage and watched their targets. Price would handle the Gunners while Cam dealt with the foot soldiers near them. Price peered down his scope at the first Gunner and placed his finger on the trigger.

Engage! (Captain)

Price fired then quickly switched targets and neutralised the second Gunner, he took aim at the final Gunner and quickly put him down while Cam and the others took care of the other troops. It was over in a few seconds, half the troops didn't have any idea what was happening until it was too late.

Alright, Porter get out here. We'll make a break for the EP. (Captain)


The New Zealand Special Air Service had been apart of the war against "Terror" for some time now and had earned a reputation for their conventional and unconventional tactics. They had a mission success rate of one hundred percent and were known for their methods. Now one of their teams were going to be sent to the most recent battle zone. District 9.

Captain O'Neil and his team sat on the airfield with their bags packed and waited for their Hercules plane to be refueled.

So where are we being sent exactly? (Porter)

Johannesburg. (Captain)

Right. And why are we going there? (Porter)

Because we need to, Porter. (Captain)

Hey Michael, you alright?

I'm good mate. Luckily, the son of a bitch who shot me got me on the left side. I don't have a kidney there. (Michael)

Lucky us. So what did they do, just close the wound and bandage you up?

Pretty much. (Michael)

Okay Captain we're already to go. You and your boys jump aboard and we'll be in the air in a few moments. (Pilot)

You heard him lads. Get on the plane..... (Captain)

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PostSubject: Re: District 10 RPS   Sat May 15, 2010 12:16 pm

Location: Somewhere over the South Atlantic

Time: 0845

I sit in the back of the military transport along with my gear. I been sent on assignment to help combat these aliens they call Prawns. I went from hunting down terrorist to battling over sized roaches this is degrading indeed, but hey, itís a pay check. One of the pilots come in back to tell me we will be landing in about 2 hours, which is fine with me...air travel make me nervous. The pilot goes back to the cockpit and I then look over my mission brief.

The 2 hours pass and we land in Johannesburg Airbase on schedule. The back bay doors open up and my equipment is being unloaded. I then walk out of the cargo bay to see a ton of activity. Soldiers marching, transports moving equipment and supplies. More and more transport aircraft are landing on other airstrips, I start to think to myself. These Prawns must be some serious trouble if the worldís military is being assembled as a collective. I then notice out of the corner of my eye a man dressed in full military gear signaling me over.

I walk over and the man salutes me, I salute back and introduce myself.

Captain Jack MacDonald, Canadian Special Ops. Reporting in.

Commander Nightstrom of the 345 US air bourn. I been ordered to show you around and then to your quarters. (Cmd Nightstrom)

So one question Commander.

Yes what is it? (Cmd Nightstrom)

When is the team I am assigned to arriving?

They will be arriving soon, so I will cut the tour and get you to your barracks. (Cmd Nightstrom)

I nod my head in response and we get aboard a truck then drive towards the barracks. Hopefully soon I will know our mission fully and we can start putting this Prawns on the run.
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PostSubject: Re: District 10 RPS   Sat May 15, 2010 1:03 pm

Near the coast South Africa a Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carrier, the USS Albert, sways in the early dawn as U.S. Marines line up on the deck. Lance Corporal Alphonse de Cervantes stood in line with his fellow marines as they boarded the new Sikorsky CH-53K's that were spread out upon the USS Albert.

Minutes later, the Sikorsky CH-53K's lifted off of the platform and headed towards the province of Gauteng, where the city of Johannesburg is located. Alphonse looked at his fellow marines as they had the same look of nervousness as he.

They just completed basic training seven hours earlier and were already sent into their first assignment. Everyone in the Sikorsky, besides their commanding officer, General Dupont, was a Lance Corporal. Alphonse dug into his vest and pulled out a cross. He rested his head gently on it and prayed.

Alphonse put away his cross moments later as he felt the Sikorsky land on the ground. Outside he found himself in the Johanessburg Airbase. General Dupont walked past him and his fellow marines as the General was met with Commander Nightstrom. Their conversation did not last long as Nightstrom escorted both General Dupont and the marines to the barracks.

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PostSubject: Re: District 10 RPS   Sun May 16, 2010 3:56 am

Maddi Handley, an aspiring new reporter from New Zealand, stood at the gates of District 9 and adjusted her hair. In front of her stood a Maori cameraman called Peta who held his camera on his shoulder. They were about to go "live" and so Peta gave her a countdown.

....3....2....1 (Peta)

We are reporting to you, live, from the entrance to "District 9", located in the slums of Johannesburg. In recent hours there has been a large increase in security around District 9. MNU has dispatched armoured vehicles and heavily armed personnel around the slums. We believe this is too ensure that the "Prawns" don't succeed in any kind of escape attempt.

Now Maddi, from what you have seen over there, do you believe that the "Prawns" have any idea what is about to happen? (Wendy Petri)

Wendy, there has been a lot of broadcasting around the city in the last twenty four hours so I believe that they do know something is about to happen. The last few hours have been quite exciting as we have seen dozens of large aircraft fly over the city and land at the OR Tambo International Airport. It has been confirmed that NATO forces have take control of the Airport and are using it as a base for their soldiers. Not long ago, a British reporter filmed American troops preparing large transport containers. It has not been confirmed whether or not these containers will be used to transport the Aliens yet.

Thank you Maddi. One final thing, has there been any news about our S.A.S? (Wendy Petri)

I am afraid not Wendy.

Thank you again. Maddi Handley reporting live from Johannesburg, South Africa. (Wendy Petri)

.....And we're out! (Peta)

How was it?

Great. Not bad for your first live broadcast. (Peta)



The C130 Hercules aircraft touched down at Tambo International Airport at 0957 hours. They were the last plane to touch down for the day and had been told to hurry it up by the Air Traffic Control. Price was nudged awake by Tim who also tossed him his weapon. Price examined his HK416 and smiled. The team collected their gear and awaited for the ramp to be lowered. Cam fiddled with the scope on his G36c and stood beside Price.

This should be fun. (Cam)

Twenty bucks says we get put on reserve while the Yanks take the first crack.

I'm in on that boys. (Tim)

Fifty says we don't see any combat at all. (Michael)

Harsh call. (Cam)

But it's a fair one.

Look alive men, the whole world's watching us. (Captain)

The ramp at the end of the aircraft lowered and the men stepped onto the tarmac. They were instantly greeted by Commander Nightstrom who shook Captain O'Neil's hand.

We're very glad that the New Zealand Military decided to be apart of this operation. We're even happier that it's the Special Air Service. (Nightstrom)

Happy to be here sir. (Captain)

Now that you're here, Major Charm will escort you and your team to a barracks. There will be a briefing at 1300. (Nightstrom)

Thank you sir. (Captain)

Here we go...
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PostSubject: Re: District 10 RPS   Mon May 17, 2010 12:41 am

It is lunch time in the mess hall and I see uniforms from every country imaginable. I sit at a table by myself as I seem to give off the aura that donít wish to be bothered. But one soldier didnít seem to get that signal, this U.S. soldier comes right over and sits across the table at me. I just give this man a odd look, I mean what the f@ck is with this guy?

Oh sorry how rude of me. May I sit here?

Well itís not like anyone is sittingí their ass there huh?

Well I just....

Just what, thought I needed a friend? Meh, listen son, I been on missions alone so I am use to it.

He looks around a bit confused and embarrassed as everyone in the mess hall gives him a strange look, I just laugh and reach over to slap him on the shoulder.

I am just kidding son, take a seat, join me. I just like to put a face on to see what people would react. Itís a real mind f@ck for people. So tell me whatís your name?

The man looks at me a bit frazzled then chuckles.

Lance Corporal Alphonse de Cervantes sir.

I laugh a bit and then give him a stern look as I take a bite of my bread roll.

No need for formalities Al, well my name is Jack as for my rank, f@ck that isnít important.

Al seemed a bit relieved he wasnít dealing with his typical military hard ass, I mean I believe in rules and crap but when it comes to R & R I leave the rank crap out. However on the battlefield I am all business. Dinner in the mess hall continues as usual and I get to know this man a bit more, never know, I might need him to save my arse someday.
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PostSubject: Re: District 10 RPS   Mon May 17, 2010 9:16 pm

Alphonse ate quietly as his new 'friend' sat opposite of him. A few moments ago Alphonse felt his stomach clench together as a small, harmless spectacle was made. Not knowing he was eating with a commanding officer, much to his ignorance. Jack then spoke to the day-dreaming Lance Corporal.

Hey, son? Mind if an old timer like myself can ask you something?

Y...yeah? But you're not that old.

Heheh...lighten up. I was just trying to ease the tension within you. What brings you to this place? Why are you here?

Well, um, I...uh...

Take it easy. It's just me.

The Lance Corporal looked up at this new person and gave a weak smile compared to the latter's. Alphonse took a deep breath and began to speak again.

My commanding officer, General Dupont began a program...for us.

What sort of program we talking 'bout?


Aah. I see. Classified.


No problem. No need to tell me.! I want to talk about it. You're the only one who has been kind to me thus far. It's just so hard for someone like me to be accepted.

The older gentlemen looked around as wandering eyes were looking at him and his new 'friend.' He pulled his hand out and made a motion with it to tell the Lance Corporal to quiet his voice. He inched closer to Alphonse as he whispered in his ear.

Kid, you'd best wise up. When it comes to classified information such as the one you're holding, it is best to just shut your ass up and keep it to yourself. I don't know about you, but there are some sketchy characters here in this place. You better watch your back and what you say.

Alphonse nodded his head and continued to eat as if nothing happend. Jack then stood up as he slung his pack on his shoulders.

Be seein' ya. I think that you and I will be sharing the same battlefield in the days to come.

The man paused. His scratched his chin and grunted to himself. He looked down at Alphonse as he swallowed down hard on his loaf of bread. Jack shock his head and waved his hand as he left the mess hall. Alphonse eyes darted all across the mess hall, memorizing every face he sees. He then spots a man with blonde hair, and a S.A.S. symbol on his shoulder, laughing with what was supposedly his pals. The Lance Corporal sighed as he layed his head on his fist, slowly closing his eyes.

Wake up, Corporal! (General Dupont)

Alphonse quickly sprung to life as he stood up, knocking over his chair as he saluted to his superior.


At ease. I need you to come with me. You're about to meet the 'dream team.' (General Dupont)

Dream team, sir?

Over Dupont's shoulders, Alphonse noticed that the blonde-haired man was being led out of the mess hall by another man in a red beret. It soon began to make sense as Alphonse quickly followed General Dupont out of the mess hall.

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PostSubject: Re: District 10 RPS   Wed May 19, 2010 3:59 am

Price was led to a secure briefing room somewhere within the Airport. The Airport was being used as a base of sorts for NATO during the operation. Inside the room were a few soldiers sitting at tables against the walls with computer screens in front of them and headsets attached to their ears. In the centre of the room were a few soldiers from different countries, Price counted thirteen of them. It soon became fourteen when a Marine was brought in. There was a few minutes of chatter amongst the soldiers. Price kept to himself at the back of the room and had a small chuckle when the Marine who recently entered continuously stared at him. Then there was silence as Commander Nightstrom entered. Each soldier stood up straight and saluted him except for Price. He didn't see the point, especially when he wasn't his "Commander".

At ease gentlemen. You are probably wondering why you have all been brought here. Well I personally hate being kept in suspense and don't like doing it to others so I'll just be out with it. You have been brought here because you all demonstrate certain skills that are required to complete difficult missions. You are all courageous, daring, outgoing, resourceful and determined. This makes you dangerous to our enemy. Take a good look around. These are the men you will be working with until we have completed our operation. (Nightstrom)

We won't be working with our Units anymore sir? (British Marine)

No son you won't be. This is your new unit. (Nightstrom)

And if we refuse?

No one is forcing you to be here, Sergeant. But I highly suggest you stay and be apart of this Unit. (Nightstrom)

No offense, Commander, but my team has a policy and we never abandon one another. I'm here to fight and get a job done. So I respectfully decline your offer.

Price then left the room and was escorted away from the area by and M.P.
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PostSubject: Re: District 10 RPS   Thu May 20, 2010 5:06 pm

I watch as the soldier is escorted out of the building I then get up and leave myself, Nightstrom gives me a dirty look. I glare back and he just goes back to his business, f*cking brass punk b*tch. I then catch up to them and I yell out to the M.P. and Price.

Sgt. Price.

He ignores me along with the M.P. I then take out my 9mm and fire it over there heads. They both hit the dirt. The M.P. then draws and points his side arm at me.

Make the shot count son cause if you donít I will be all over you like stink on a monkey. So I highly suggest you either A. Make the shot count or B. Holster you side arm.

Meanwhile Price is looking out form cover at me, guess he is sort of puzzled of what I am up too.

Soldier, Holster your weapon, I want to hear what he has to say.

The M.P. holsters his weapon and as do I. Price walks up to me and starts barking at me with bull about military protocol.

What is your deal, you fire a weapon within the grounds of a military base without clearance! I should report this and have you court marshaled!

Go for it Price, they tried that before...but thing is....I really donít give a shit. I am here to do a job, now I suggest you get the hair out your ass and start thinking about what you can do for the world and not yourself.

Price is obviously pissed and goes to strike me, I quickly grab his arm and fire him to the ground in a arm-bar. He grunts and struggles but I got it locked in tight.

Now, pretty boy itís like this...quit being a selfish b*tch and realize you are needed for something grander. Your team will be fine but this time the world needs you. Oh f@ck thatís sappy.

I let him up and he just looks around a bit, then walks away. I made my will he make the right choice.
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PostSubject: Re: District 10 RPS   Thu May 20, 2010 6:47 pm

Price dusts himself off and smirks at the soldier.

You've got balls mate. Not many people are able to take me down so I admire that. But my response is still the same, I don't work for other people. Especially Americans. My team and I are here for a reason and I don't need some Yank and a Canadian trying to recruit me into some covert team that will probably tear itself apart in one day.

We're all here for the same reason, Sergeant.

In a manner of speaking. But you of all people should know of hidden agendas, Jack MacDonald.

Jack simply stared at the Sergeant and pondered how he knew his name. Price turned around and left the building.

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PostSubject: Re: District 10 RPS   Mon May 24, 2010 1:13 pm

(Are we still doing this RPS or what?)
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PostSubject: Re: District 10 RPS   Mon May 24, 2010 11:45 pm

(I have no idea :l)
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PostSubject: Re: District 10 RPS   Tue May 25, 2010 1:15 pm

Nightstrom's patience was being tested. Everyone in the room knew that. Alphonse felt a bit of anger towards the two men. As a U.S. Marine, he felt it was a duty to follow protocol of foreign officer's. Personal affairs should not blind one's judgment. He thought. When you're asked to fight for your country, you fight. I had to do it...what makes them so different?

Just as he was making his way out of the building, Nightstrom walks out from the corner. The commander puts both hands together and grins as Alphonse quickly stops and salutes. Sweat rolls down Alphonse's face as he feels a strange aura around this man.

At ease. I need you to follow me, Corporal. (Nightstrom)

Yes, sir.

Alphonse followed Nightstrom into a private room. A table laid in the middle of the room. Files were littered on top of it, all stamped classified. A densely lit lightbulb hung on the ceiling, barely illuminating the room. Nightstrom sat down at one end of the table and invited Alphonse to sit at the other. Nightstrom clentched both hands together and laid his arms on the desk as he covered his mouth.

Corporal, as you have noticed two members of the unit I was trying to organize have left this building. Normally I would not fuss over something so trivial, but the fact is we need them. We may need every man able-bodied enough to fight for humanities sake. Those two may not know it or they do and just don't care but there's an invasion coming, son. (Nightstrom)

An...invasion? By who? The Chinese? The Kremlin?

None of them. To be more precise it's no one from this world... Were you debriefed about the Johanessburg incident? Are you even familiar with it? (Nightstrom)

Yes. It was the top story of the time. Even when those things first arrived, I knew about them. You're telling me that they are going to try to conquer Earth?

More or less. We don't excatly know what they want or why they coming back here. All we can do is mobilize and give them as much hell as we can should they try anything. (Nightstrom)

What does this have to do with me excatly?

Corporal, as I have already said, you were meant to be part of the team. The group handpicked by their respective military leaders to be the leading security force for the Prawns. You were all supposed to help to relocate them. But shortly before your arrival, vessels similar to the one that departed from Johanessburg have been spotted in the great abyss. (Nightstrom)

I still don't know why I, the person in front of you, was picked. I mean, my performance was said to be barely suitable for deployment or something like that. I'm just a normal marine!

Truth be told, I don't know the reason myself. Perhaps General Dupont can clear that up. Eh, general? (Nightstrom)

At that moment, General Dupont walked into the room with two U.S. Marines behind him. Alphonse stood up quickly as he saluted. Dupont eased the corporal.

Relax. You can drop the "sir" business. Starting today you the leader of the a small band of corporals assembled. (General Dupont)

Wha...what? Why me?

The two men said nothing as they gave him a file to review over. Alphonse looked down and began to read it to himself as Dupont and Nightstrom left him alone.

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PostSubject: Re: District 10 RPS   Thu May 27, 2010 2:48 am

Price made his way back to his team's barracks. When he arrived he was greeted by some friendly New Zealand Army soldiers but continued on his walk until he found his team sitting around a table.

Well, well, well. Look who finally decided to show up. (Tim)

Sorry to keep you waiting sweethearts. Some American just tried to enlist me into some covert unit.

What?! Our government told the U.N. that we weren't going to be apart of that secret team. (Captain O'Neil)

Well Cappy, it looks like they didn't get the memo.

How many soldiers were there? (Cam)

I counted at least fourteen of them. Mostly Yanks and Poms.

The operation will begin in two hours. Unfortunately we're not in the first wave. But right now boys, we have to go to a conference room. Our tech units have set up a secure feed to the Prime Minister. (Captain)


The team were escorted to a large conference room with a screen on the far wall. The screen was blank but the tech units were setting up a video feed while they waited. It wasn't long before two figures appeared on the large flat screen. John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, and Wayne Mapp, the New Zealand Minister of Defence, sat in an office with beverages and a file on front of each of them.

Good morning troops. (John Key)

Hello sir. (Captain)

Let's get right into it Captain. What's the situation over there? (John Key)

The operation is set to begin in just under two hours now. Our troops are not in the first wave, the Americans decided that they would lead the charge and begin phase one of the relocation. (Captain)

To be honest I agree with that decision. There is a lot of hostility in District 9 and I don't want you guys getting killed out there. We do have an assignment for you though. It has been decided that there needs to be extensive video logging of this event, people need to see what is going on inside District 9. So we have sent a reporter over there. If I'm not mistaken she should be arriving at your base now. It's your job to keep her alive and show her what's going on out there. Think you can handle that Captain? (John Key)

Certainly sir. (Captain)

Good. Now is there anything else? (John Key)

As a matter of fact there is sir. One of my troops was almost enlisted into a covert unit. The same unit you said we would not be involved with. (Captain)

When did this happen? (John Key)

Twenty minutes ago.

Thank you. We will be having words with Commander Nightstrom shortly. Be safe gentlemen. (John Key)
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PostSubject: Re: District 10 RPS   

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District 10 RPS
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