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 Realm 3: Another Age RPS

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:56 pm

I look over at the might Susanoo who has finally come to grips with his past. I can totally relate to him now as I do been tortured by the Nephilim scourge. I watch as the rest of the group in the room are shocked, so shocked that it seems like no-one wanted to take charge of the situation. I let out a sigh and then stood beside Susanoo and put my hand on his shoulder.

Alright listen up cause I am only going to say it once! You officials and military big shots, I need you to gather as much in-tel on these bastards as possible. I don't care where or how just get it. Shiroi Okimai, you take Kiyoko & Kiyoshi somewhere safe. Haraldur as for you take care of your mother and father.

They all nodded and did as I asked, Dielli and Hena just watched as the once brash, trash talking, non-conferment human is now taking command of a direly complicated situation. Everyone had left the room and I walk to one of the windows and watch the sun set over the graveyard where Lynn is buried, I was totally unaware of Hena standing at the door watching me.

Cruel is my fate to find love and lose it all again. Never to return to the home that was barely that. So numb is my heart to all that I am feeling. Thus I battle on in a new world, yet the cruel fate has found me again, tearing at my hopes and dreams. Will I find happiness?

Well that is something beautiful. (Hena)

I quickly turn to see Hena standing not far behind me, I am sort of embarrassed as I rarely speak out poetry in public. Hena giggles a bit as she sees me blushing as I was caught in a moment of what some would call weakness.


No need to explain John, you are indeed a man of many talents. (Hena)

She walks closer to me and we are now standing very close to each other. I start to think to myself that I should morn Lynn some more but Hena as stirred something deep within me. I try not to feel guilty but when I look at her it is hard to resist.

Well you seem surprised that humans would be so talented? Wasn't MacKnight?

Well, he was but he was not a warrior. He always stead in the background of things and really only had to fight McGill, and in the beginning he was only concerned with leaving us again. He really had no intentions of staying with Avril. Well that is my opinion.(Hena)

Well I am no warrior either I just....

I was suddenly pushed up against the wall as Hena pressed herself into me, I was shocked and I could tell she was stronger than her feminine frame let on. She looks me in the eye and moves closer, tracing my jawline with her fingers, her golden hair waving past my eyes and all I can feel is her intensity, her passion. My heart beats faster and faster as I am a tad nervous yet so turned on by this.

You are a leader, warrior and I bet a passionate lover....hmm? (Hena)

I blush as she says that, her I am a grown man and she as me squirming like this. Oh my god I never felt like this before in my life.

Well I don't like to brag but....

Then don't (Hena)

Hena moved me along the wall and pushed me into a chair, then proceed to straddle me. As strong as I am I am powerless to stop her, and part of me doesn't want to, Hena leaned in to kiss me and we are interrupted by a voice.

Ahem, Hena. (Dielli)

Hena turns to her brother and is quiet annoyed being interrupted, she fixes her hair and gets off me.

Yes brother what is it? (Hena)

Dielli tries to wipe the sheepish grin off his face on what he walked in on and seeing his sister red in the face.

Empress Luna requests your presence and sister, do straiten up your hair. (Dielli)

Hena looks at me and smiles, then leaves the room, and once she is gone Dielli looks over at me...I start to think...oh no, he is going to kick my ass. Dielli just sat in the other seat and looks over at me with a smile.

Yeah my suspicions are true, Hena is in love with you. (Dielli)

All I could do is turn away from Dielli as my face turns red.

John don't worry about it, I do approve of you two. (Dielli)

Well I am not sure if she even asked me out, she just kind of well....jumped me.

Dielli starts to laugh, yeah well your the first she done that too, she must really like you. Just glad she gave up on the scum that she usually ends up with. (Dielli)

So she is....not?

Oh she is still pure if that is what you mean, but I see your not in the mood talking about this. How about we come up with a plan? (Dielli)

A plan for what? Striking back?

Yes, hmm, can you remember where the Nephilim took you? (Dielli)

Actually I do, just south of here. Why?

Well, I think we should get some pay back. (Dielli)

Dielli you read my mind.

I quickly get my new armor which is black and red, I then put my sword on my back and I then look to Dielli.

Alright put your hand on my shoulder and hold on.

Dielli nodded and we then warped to the area where the Nephilim tortured me. We quickly took cover in the thicket and we watched the wreaked ship for activity. I then see the two females and the large male walk out of the ship, then the one I know as Jovo steps out and then speaks something to the others then flies off. After he is gone out of sight I speak quietly to Dielli.

Dielli the big guy there as razor sharp wings and claws, but he is dumb as fuck. The two females are just as quick but the one in the purple and gold is more of royal blood I figure. I think if you clip his wings he will be less of a problem, as for the two females I will deal with them.

Dielli nodded and he went right and I went left through the thicket. The Nephilim were still outside of the wreaked ship and we get into position. We both instinctively knew what to do and we both rushed out of our cover and attacked. Dielli with his sword drawn attacks the big male Nephilim named Elohim, Dielli dodges the two attempts by Elohim to strike him by jumping over him and then counter attacking with his sword by slicing through is right wing. Elohim roared in pain and anger as blood of the brute spills everywhere. Meanwhile I dash at the two females as they were watching Dielli attack Elohim, they were about to defend him until they turned and seen me coming in full speed at them with my hands fully charged with an energy attack.

Ladyship! It's the human! (Amgmar Patiens)

It was too late I slam my fist off both their chest and send Amgmar to the field and Trisha into the wreckage of the ship. She tried to get back up to fight but she got tangled in the ropes hanging around the ship. As I see this and that one is temporary out of my way, I turn my attention to Amgmar.

Yo bitch! Try fighting me when I am at my best!

I crack my knuckles and start walking towards Amgmar who is struggling to get up. Across the field Elohim tries to take flight but his wing is damage well enough to ground him, Dielli puts his sword away and then attacks with his invisible blade attacks, these attacks catch Elohim of guard as after several blows landed by the demon the Nephilim is now suffering from battered armor and now sporting some wounds.

You mutt you, I will not be defeated by a mere demon mutt....I am....aaaaaaaaaaaack! (Elohim)

Dielli had ran both of is invisible blades up under Elohim's chin and right through the top of his skull, as Dielli retracted his blades the big Nephilim fell to the ground. Dielli turned to see that I was doing OK then notice Trisha struggling to get away and then started to make his way to her.

Meanwhile I stop a mere 5 feet from Amgmar and readied myself for the fight.

Get up bitch!

You don't use that tone with me human, when I defeat you I am going to do what Emohim did to your kitsune slut that we killed. (Amgmar)

I grit my teeth and clench my fists in anger, I start to grow and bare my teeth at her.

Oh human, your no monster but Emohim did make sure to rape the shit out those to before we killed them so we did you a favor by killing them. You wouldn't want sloppy seconds now would you? So lets stop this shit and come to me and I will make a man out of you. (Amgmar)

It was those words, those actions that cause the awakening of my inner powers, something tainted and foul. I can only feel rage and hate in my heart and mind, I clench my fists harder as they start to bleed and my gauntlets crack from my power. Amgmar now realizes she had woken something foul, sinister and powerful within this human, she wants to escape but she is paralyzed with fear. My armor starts to crack as my body expands beyond the armor, the armor starts to integrate itself to my body, sharp edges line my forearms, legs and the armor starts to fuse closed. My helmet look that of a dark knight and I lash my arms out and a dark sword.

Come here lil pigeon I got a present for you! Raaaaaaaaaaaawh!

Amgmar fires her shield at me as I roar across the field at her in my new form, she tries to take flight and I jump on her back forcing her to the ground. I slash off her wings and listen to her cry in pain...Dielli who was done chaining up Trisha looks on in horror of John's new form and abilities, he then noticed black dragon wings sprout of John's back and a tail to match and dragon horns off his helm.

In the name of Nystoria what as John tapped into? (Dielli)

I have Amgmar pinned down on her face and I clutch her head in my hand as I dig my sharp blades into her.

Please...don't don't I beg you! (Amgmar)

I then get up with her head in my hand and she is now hanging by the top of her head in my hand. I then let out a massive grow and then grab her legs and then rip her in two, blood and guts fly around the field a over the ground. I flare out my wings and let out a massive roar. At this time Dielli is now almost beside me and looking at me with some fear and concern, he is dragging Trisha who is chained up.

John? It's over now please snap out of it. The fight is over, they are all taken care of. (Dielli)

Dielli's voice snaps me out of this rage fest and I then fall to one knee as I turn to normal. I look around and see the carnage that I caused.

Did this?

Yes, and not sure what or how you did that. But are you okay now? (Dielli)

Yes but I am not sure how I did that. I see you have a prisoner, good, I believe Susanoo will want to talk to her.

Dielli agrees and we warp her and ourselves to the palace and right to the throne room where Susanoo and his family are sitting. Susanoo lifts his head up slowly as Dielli and I toss her at the steps of this alter.

My Lord, I believe this will help you relieve some of your pain. (Dielli)

Trisha face said it all....she was in for some pain and just deserved at that.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Thu Jul 07, 2011 10:18 pm

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

The sight of a Nephilim before them disturbed the higher-ups. Many drew their weapons and others stood back for safety. John and Dielli looked up to Susanoo who merely looked down at Trisha. She held onto a bit of fear as far as he could see.

You’ve captured one I see. Is she part of the group that caused those two’s deaths?

John nodded lowly. Dielli placed his hand on the human’s shoulders to reassure him that Amdis would show no mercy. Trisha sighed to herself, feeling pathetic for being captured by a mere human in her eyes as well as the bodyguard of Susanoo. What her thoughts contained was only known to her. She knew her death would not come swiftly for she faced one of the emperor’s of Zathra, the last survivor of the Great War, a natural enemy of the Nephilim. But to everyone’s surprise it was not Amdis that stood up but Empress Luna. Her husband merely watched as Luna stood before the Nephilim female and forced her to look her in the eyes, much to the discomfort of Trisha.

What is your name? (Empress Luna)

…Trisha Omidtar, daughter of Praefectus Omidtar, one of the greatest commanders in our lifetime. Should he find that you have me here he will surely bring the entire army of my people against you!! (Trisha Omdidtar)

He won’t.

Trisha glared up at Amdis but soon looked away as his eyes seemed to blind her like the sun.

Why are you attacking us, what do you want from us and are there more of you? (Empress Luna)

Trisha looked away and said nothing, defiance being part of her training. Luna raised her hand and enveloped it in magical energy but at the least minute she decided to use her own hand and slapped Trisha’s face, the blow echoing all across the palace. The impact sent Trisha flying down the steps as she groaned from the pain. John could see as well as everyone else that Luna’s gentle hands were completely red and a bit swollen. Despite this the pain did not deter Luna for once moment. Using her powers to stand Trisha straight she once again asked her to speak.

I will not repeat myself again. Answer my questions. (Empress Luna)

Defiant to the end Trisha refused to answer Luna. Amdis, having seen enough and extremely angry over the Nephilim female attempting to make his wife look foolish descended down the stairs and stood before her. Within a moment he backhanded her series of thirty times, each being stronger than the last. Once Susanoo was done Trisha was on the floor in tears from the pain and humiliation. Those present made no attempt to try and stop their emperor and empress; they knew that she deserved every punishment she received and more.

Amdis grabbed her by the neck and made her stand on her knees and left her to his wife. Luna had enough as she closed her eyes and grabbed Trisha’s head then opened her eyes as they were completely white. Dielli, not aware of this ability of his ladyship stepped forward but was stopped by John, who had a good idea of what was happening. Luna was entering Trisha’s mind to access any important information that a high value individual would have. While everyone waited for Luna’s return she frowned and spoke to her husband.

Dear…break her focus. (Empress Luna)

Taking this to heart, the emperor of Zathra stood behind Trisha as everyone watched. Those who had a good feeling covered their ears or looked away. Amdis grabbed Trisha’s wings and bent them enough to cause her pain. But her defiance was admirable which even Susanoo had to admit.

More… (Empress Luna)

Wait…isn’t this far too cruel even for us? We’re descending to their level. (Haraldur)

John walked to the table in which Haraldur was seated and bent low to his ear.

Karma is all this is Haraldur. That’s all this is. They would have done worse to us. Remember what happened to your father.

I…I understand but I just…I abhor these methods! (Haraldur)

Everyone in the room except Amdis and Luna were frightened by the screams of Trisha as Amdis bent her wings in the opposite direction, threatening to tear them off.

Continue to struggle further and soon you will be clipped!

Empress Nel, who was present during the interrogation, who could not take the display anymore was in tears as she ran out of the room, Hëna followed closely. Despite not saying anything to anybody or even hinting it, John could sense that the young Susanoo fancied the empress.

Go get her.

Haraldur looked to John in surprise. The latter gave a sly smile.

What are you talking about? (Haraldur)

Even if no one noticed and you’ve kept quiet about it I know you like her. So don’t just stand there go catch her!

Having already accepted his feeling for Nel and knowing that this may be his only chance to possibly woo her, Haraldur stormed out of the room after Nel. John smiled to himself for playing matchmaker but once again jumped in surprise as Trisha’s screams became louder.

Her training as a soldier must have hardened her greatly. Even at the cost of her precious wings she is willing to die for her people. Admirable, yet foolish. (General Nia)

John took a seat next to one of the emperor of Zathra’s top five generals. She studied Trisha’s state, recognizing some of the tactics used to create a soldier that will not break.

You seem to know a lot of about how a person’s mental abilities work.

True I do know a great deal of the mind but what I know best if how to break said person’s will. Judging from the report I received regarding your situation with the Chaos race, they use rather crude methods in not only to break wills but presumably to make them somewhat unbreakable. Their soldiers are obedient if not also strong-willed, making them difficult to actually force to flee in battle. They’d rather die for their cause than show fear. (General Nia)

Not the one’s I faced. They were ready to run away while Dielli and I were duking it out with them.

I’m sorry, “duking it out”? (General Nia)

John chuckled to himself but slowly stopped at the cold glare of the general.

Sorry, it’s a term we use where I’m from meaning something like fighting or a duel.

Ah, now I understand. Regarding what you have said to me earlier you may have encountered nobles or even indentured servants. These receive very little if any training and more than likely picked them from shanty towns and simply put them through scouting duties. Expendable. (General Nia)

You have to be shitting me. They seemed sorta battle-capable! Now you’re telling me that we’re not going up against the real deal?!

To be honest I do not know myself. Perhaps the actual members of the military are spread around and collecting battle-data. (General Nia)

But…the grunts, they were so dedicated?

Yes, well, what does one do under the threat of death? These grunts do not get to go home as heroes or receive asylum simply because the enemy was too strong. They are killed on the spot. Treason and desertion is greatly frowned upon by the Chaos race. (General Nia)

Awestruck by how ridiculously brutal the world he is stuck in John throws his arms up in disbelief.

What the fuck! Just how damn evil are these things?!

Morality is not something the chaos race can be concerned about. (General Nia)

Why do you call them ‘chaos race’ instead of Nephilim?

For one thing they aren’t advocates of peace, are they? (General Nia)

I see your point. Tell me, how do you know so much about the Nephilim?

My great-grandfather used to be a general under Sparda; first and last king of Nystoria. I learned everything from him. Thank to that I am in the position I am in now. Made a few personal touches to it, which would be appropriate for the changing times. Seems as if the interrogation is nearly complete. While it would be nice if this member of the chaos race would simply tell us what she knows the more reliable information will come to Empress Luna. Since she’s the daughter of a general, that’s the closest translation I have think on the top of my head for praefectus. (General Nia)

John nodded his head and looked on to the interrogation. Almost immediately he caught on to the sight of Susanoo ripping off Trisha’s wings as her screams rang in everyone’s ears, destroyed every glass in the entire palace and carried on into the forests surrounding the palace. Rohan felt a bit sick in his stomach but held onto his hate for the race that killed two people close to his heart. The Nephilim fell to the ground as her blood seeped onto the marble floor, desecrating its perfect white sheen. Amdis stepped into her pool of blood and forced her to stand; strangling her if she refused or felt weak in the legs.

I’m surprised that despite everything you can still remain conscious. At least your people can still take punishment, which will prevent my men from holding back. Take her to the dungeon!!

The emperor of Zathra threw the near-dead Trisha to the ground as she moaned in pain and held back her screams with all of her strength. Several guards entered the room and dragged her off where she would be tortured for any more information she may be holding and possibly more.

Did you get anything from her…?

Yes. (Empress Luna)

Good, good. Everyone! The meeting of the emperor’s begins tomorrow and so I will need everything secured as I am gone. John, are you well enough to accompany Dielli and I or will you stay?

Everyone present looked to John, awaiting his answer.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:50 pm

I looked around as I sit back in my seat and everyone present is waiting for my answer to Susanoo's question.

Well if you would wish me to attend Susanoo I would gladly be there, however there is a matter I wish to talk to you and Dielli alone about.


Susanoo nodded his head and all the officials left but Luna was asked to stay. Luna then took a seat along with the rest of us.

Ok John we are alone now, so what is wrong?

Well, Dielli could you explain what I mean? The battle just before we got back. kind of changed into a humanoid dark dragon knight you toward above the Nephilim female you killed then when you defeated her I though you were going to attack me. However I spoke to you and you reverted to your normal self as if nothing happened. (Dielli)

Susanoo looked at Dielli and then me an wondered what abilities of the mask and sash ad imprinted on me, he just let out a hmm and then sat up. Luna sat up also and then walked over to me kneeling in front of me as Susanoo swung the chair way form the table. Dielli is feeling nervous but dares not interfere with the Susanoos, still, he is weary of what they might do.

Umm, did I do something wrong?

Luna places her hands on the side of my head and her eyes turn white. I now know what she is doing so I let her help me. She started to search through my mind and suddenly she releases her hand and I wake up.

Oh...! (Luna)

She pulls away quickly, her eyes are filled with fear of what horrors she seen within the depths of my mind. Susanoo clutches my shoulders in case something was wrong.

Luna my love what is it? What did you see?

I seen the lost legion of Ormr, the dragon demon tribe. So that is what happened to them, Katsurou absorbed their spirits after he defeated them centuries ago during the great war. (Luna)

I just look and listen as they talk about what Luna had seen, I then notice Luna's hand still sore so gently take her hand an heal it. The Susanoos both smile at me knowing even though I have great dark powers within, my heart still is full of light.

So, I am not in trouble? I am not going to be sent to prison?

Susanoo laughed and then he, Luna and Dielli start to leave the room.

No John, its fine. Just make sure to keep your temper in check an you will not have any out burst like that, however I wish either Dielli or Hena to stay with you at all times. Plus I am sure from what I hear Hena will not mind, hmm?

Well I....

They smile then leave as do I, I return to my room to get changed out of my armor which had taken a thrashing during my battle. I open up my closet to get my clothing, I smile to myself as I think of Hena and then hear a voice behind me.

Do you always smile when your standing in your room in your underwear. (Hena)

I turn to see Hena looking at me but I am still in my, well underwear. She looks me up and down to see my body that is in prime condition from training, she bites her lip at the sight of me. I blush and as does she, she then closes the door then sits with me on my sofa after I got dressed quickly.

Well this is a surprised Hena. I thought I wouldn't see you until tomorrow?

Well, I am heading to bed soon, I just wanted to come see you and make sure your okay. (Hena)

Yeah I am okay. But there is one thing I wanted to ask you.

That is?? (Hena)

Well, I was wondering if you would be...

Hena slides over to my side and snuggles into me and rests her head on my shoulder then slides her legs up on the sofa proceeded by putting her arms around me, then looks up at me sweetly.

Well just tell me what you wish to tell me. You know you can tell me anything. (Hena)

Okay, well I was wondering once all this business with the Nephilim is over, will you go on a date with me?

She smiles at me and closes her eyes then snuggles in to me more.

Well you know my answer John. (Hena)

She then gets up and I get up with her, she looks at her watch then back at me.

Oh my, it is late and I need to be up early. So do you if your going with Dielli and his lordship. (Hena)

With that she kissed me on the cheek and then left my room. I am still wired from all that happened today, beating some Nephilim, seeing Susanoo and Luna show no mercy to that Nephilim we caught. However I know she was responsible for Lynn's death...I still pity the poor thing. I lay down in my bed starring up at the ceiling wondering if I am not losing my mind and my humanity.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:58 pm

I am still bothered by what I seen and even I know it was in Susanoo's right to do what he done to the prisoner, I still feel bad. Yes I did kill many a soldier when I defended the city, but they were not defenseless. I know I am going to regret this but I get out of bed and get dressed, I then leave my room and head to the dungeon by warping down to Trisha's cell. I turn to see her still bleeding from where her wings used to be, the guards are just looking at me and wondering why I am there but the lead guard that is on duty just tells the guards men to allow me in the cell.

I walk in the cell and the the guards lock the door, Trisha looks up at me with her blood stained face which as traces of tears down her cheeks.

So, you come to beat on me some? Go ahead you got our answers, just kill me why don't you. (Trisha)

I kneel down beside her and place my hands upon her, she close her eyes and prepares herself for what I am about to do. But instead of death, she feels the bleeding stop. The wounds heal over but the wings didn't grow back. I open my hand and a damp warm cloth comes in it and I clean her face. She is paralyzed in shock of what she is witnessing. I then summon up some food and water for her and lay it before her.

W...why are you doing this? Why are you being kind to your enemies? (Trisha)

If your comrades would have just given up I would have spared them too. Yes I want revenge but that wouldn't have brought them back to me. Your plan to turn me against the Demons has failed and as for me killing Kratos.....well its all not happening. You see, Humans are more complicated than you think we are, and me well I know every dirty trick in the book. Trust me hun, I am not like the MacKnights or any other humans you ever seen.

She is silent as she drinks her water and looks over her food. I then start to stand up and she touches my hand then looks up at me with tears in her eyes.

I am sorry, I am sorry I had to do that....I just wanted to make them proud. (Trisha)

No need to explain, what is done is done. I made peace with it, as you should do so too. Rest easy and well may Susanoo have mercy on your soul.

I stand fully up then turn to see Susanoo at the door of the cell as I am leaving. The guards lock the door once I am out and he looks pissed.

Explain to me again why you healed the prisoner, our enemy, the ones that killed Lynn and Avril! I swear your nothing but trouble at time your nothing like....MacKnight or any human I ever met!

I am not like you all, yes I am an asshole....and I seen violence in my world! But after all the fighting I have done since being here it, is too much. Will I ever get used to it? I don't know, but I will not lose myself in this madness.

I ask too much of you at times John. Your world is much different then ours, that and your still young and inexperienced in these matters. Forgive me for being so harsh, maybe over the years my heart has been hardened from my many battles. Come John, it is a long day and we have much to do tomorrow.

With that I leave with Susanoo, all unaware that Trisha heard my talk with Susanoo.

He...but why??? (Trisha)
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:03 pm

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Emperor Susanoo escorted John to his room and bid him goodnight. His mind felt somewhat clear as his past was finally revealed, giving him some peace of mind for what has troubled him for so long. While making his way to his chambers he noticed in the corner of his eye a young woman staring up at the moonlight. He turned to face her as she was completely oblivious of his presence. When Hëna finally noticed Susanoo standing next to her she lowered her head before look back up at the moon.

In the night I see a man, a man with wool-like hair and a handsome smile. His presence eases the tension in my body and allows me to see things in ways I could not under normal circumstance. His voice soothes me and I feel the urge to rest in his arms; his eyes tell me that all shall be well; his heart shines brightly for his love for everything living or dead. Armor as bright as the moon’s light, aura that brings peace, and a soul so beautiful that I feel tears run down my cheeks as if in pure bliss. From the distance is where I see him, yet, I feel so close to him. Who…is this person? (Hëna)

The emperor of Zathra nods hid his head, understanding the description given. He turns to Hëna and holds her shoulders tightly as he stares into her eyes. She looks back, feeling a bit uncomfortable yet unable to do anything before this demon’s might. It was then that several clouds blocked the moon’s rays.

I know what you’re experiencing…or rather what you’re becoming.

Hëna’s face showed confusion and some fear, not entirely understand what it is that is happening to her.

Tell me this, how long has these dreams been with you?

Almost fifty years… (Hëna)

And do you feel something after these dreams?

No…but I do hear a voice and every day I feel as if I am not myself. This body does not feel like it is mine and that someone else is prepared to take over. (Hëna)

Hëna closed her eyes and felt a bit lightheaded. Amids merely watched as she stroked her hair, which was bright blonde, almost white.

My hair was not always this color. My hair used to be the darkest shade of purple. Ever since I began to dream about that man I’ve been slowly changing. Am I dying…? (Hëna)

No, no. I do not understand it myself but, I believe that man is handing his mantle onto you.

An expression of great confusion fell upon Hëna’s face. She looked at her hands and wondered what sort of mantle Amdis spoke of. As if in response Susanoo pointed towards the sky. She looked up for some time before giving her attention back to the emperor, who continued to point at the sky. As her complete attention was once more directed to the sky the clouds made way for the moon as its generous light shined upon the entire land. For a moment she was unsure of what Amdis was telling her, but as she studied the moon the spectral body of the previous emperor of light stood before both Amdis and Hëna, which the former could see nothing.

You’re…you’re Lunar, aren’t you? (Hëna)

Amdis raised his eyebrow at Nel’s bodyguard, not fully understanding what she is seeing at first. He merely wanted to give her a hint that it was Lunar he was making a mention of. It did not take long for him to realize that perhaps the white knight himself made himself present before the young demoness. Lunar smiled at Hëna as he nodded.

For over fifty years I have dwelled within your body, slowly gaining back my conscious as a being before realizing I was inside of you, a rather unlikely vessel for male soul, nonetheless effective. Your master Dankumen deserves great rewards for helping Arina and I continue our existences. However, it is time that we move on. In doing so, I leave you, the body that has nurtured me for so long, my mantle of protecting this realm and to rule over my kingdom until you pass on the mantle to another. I also leave the power I was given so that you may continue to protect your loved ones as well as those who also have loved ones. Protect the innocent, overcome your struggles, and fight back the tide of darkness.

Hëna played with her hair and looked up to Lunar, a bit nerved by the method of his return and nervous because of the legends of his life. But there was more. She knew that she could not rule over the kingdom of light, that place belonged to Nel, her ladyship. She would always be Nel’s best friend and loyal servant. The thought of ruling a kingdom has never crossed her mind.

I...I am greatly honored by both your presence and gift, lord Lunar. But I must decline your offer. Her ladyship, your successor, Empress Nel is in rule. I could not possibly take her place. I lack the necessary qualities of a leader or even a protector of the land. I’m sorry, lord Lunar but I cannot accept your generous gift. (Hëna)

The former emperor of light smiled at Hëna as he bent forward and kissed her forehead. She blushed a bit as she was somewhat against his going against her own wishes of not holding onto his mantle. Hëna then felt a surge of power slowly creeping through her being.

Lord Lunar…forgive me but I cannot accept this power. (Hëna)

You passed my test.

What…? (Hëna)

Only a being of pure heart and soul may take on my power and mantle. You refusing to take it and admitting your flaws, while rightfully claimed, you have shown that you can mature into a fine woman in a short span of time. Continue on and you shall be a worthy protector whom all shall look upon. The struggles you will face shall be great and your enemies will be fierce and terrible, wanting nothing more than to bring you harm and to destroy all that you love. You must strong both in mind and in soul if you are to protect everyone and defeat your foes. Remember to always love those around you, especially one in particular.

Hëna’s face turned red from his words. Meanwhile, Amdis continued to listen to Hëna speak to Lunar when suddenly her armor became cleaner and seemed to shine with the same brightness as the moon. Her eyes took on the same colors of Lunar’s but in opposite ends. Her blonde hair turned silver in an instant and her soul felt relieved of doubt and fear. Hëna studied herself in amazement but soon understood her duty as the next Lunar. She bowed before the apparition of the white knight, who looked to Amdis, allowing himself to be seen at last. Susanoo’s eyes widened with both fear and awe, his old friend alive and well. Without a moment of hesitation the emperor of Zathra bowed in respect, prompting the former emperor to lay his hand on Amdis’s back to stand up.

No need for that, old friend. We are equals after all.

It's good to see you alive once more my friend, I always knew that someway, somehow you'd come back

Alive in a spiritual sense. This is all the power I have left, from all of the years of slowly regaining myself while inhabiting Hëna's body. You know this because my brother told you of Dankumen's alchemy. Amids, I have left everything to her; make sure she grows to be greater than I.

Lunar smiled gently. His attention then turned towards the moon as he stared at it. At the same time Dielli happened to walk by and stopped in place at the sight of his sister and lord standing beside each other. He suddenly felt something inside that forced him to shed tears when suddenly the wife of Lunar appeared before him. He was left in awe at her beauty and sudden appearance.

Thank you, for protecting him. (Arina)

A sudden feeling of happiness overcame Dielli, feeling as if a long lost friend ready to depart in the unknown. He unknowingly harbored the soul of Arina and in a way the two were deeply connected, Dielli himself gaining some of her mannerisms and attitude during her early years as a tomboy. Knowing that in some way he would be saying to a part of himself he willingly allowed Arina to embrace him in her arms as she planted her lips on his cheek. She smiled gently before standing appearing behind Lunar as he smiled, offering his hand as she took his.

The light shall always guide you, even when darkness itself seems to have won the day. Allow the candles that light your souls to grow until no shadow can ever overpower it.

It was at that moment that even Luna herself wondered in the halls, searching for her husband when she came across the trio watching the moon. For a moment she was unsure of what was happening when the sight of Lunar and Arina embracing each other appeared before her. Amdis took Luna in his arms, catching her by surprise at first but closed her eyes as she felt secure and happy to see her husband back to his normal self. As the four demons looked to the moon, Lunar and Arina disappeared in the rays of the moon.

Next Morning…

Early morning struck the land as the entire kingdom was fixed on making sure things were going well in the preparations of the city’s defense. This is standard procedure in the city as the emperor leaves for any business or event, whether it is war or diplomatic reasons. All knew that when the emperor left the city would be on the move. Empress Luna and Emperor Susanoo shared a kiss as Dielli, John, Nel, Hëna (who hid herself under a cloak to avoid suspicion; which would not fool John for long), and he boarded the Vigorous Deus and took off.

We will settle this once an for all. Until we return please remain safe.

Luna watched the vessel speed off into the horizon and sighed to herself, feeling a bit strange, almost as if something was about to happen. Convincing herself that all was well she left the hangar to delegate with her advisors.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:40 pm

As I stand at one of the side window of the Vigorous Deus I watch as the ground speeds below us. It has been only the 3rd time for me being airborne in my life time and it never gets old for me. I look at my sleeve of my hoodie that has been one of my only few comfort from home and I remember that my armor was totaled after I went insane. Ever since I put that mask on it has been crazy for me, I don't know who I am anymore, and I feel something inside me, dark and sinister waiting to take over. Just then Susanoo stood beside me then looked down at me, I turned my head away slightly and I can tell he knows there is something bothering me.

John are you okay?

You want the comforting answer or the real one?

Out with it John, you know I have no patience with such things.

I let out a sigh and run my right hand down the side of the window, I then place my forehead on the glass and close my eyes.

I don't trust myself anymore. The powers of the mask are stirring within, when I get agitated, angry or takes everything to keep it in. I know the demon lord is sealed in the mask and wrapped in the sash, but...I think the spirits of that sash never imprinted but actually are now within me.

Are you sure of this John? I mean it could be your having conflict with the human powers your now developing, so please be patient with yourself.

He then places his hand on my shoulder, and I give him a half smile then continue to watch the ground pass by.

You know your very lucky. I mean it was tragic that we lost Lynn and Avril, but Hena will take good care of you. She is a fierce warrior and loyal to a fault, you have my blessing.



If I loose control, I want you to put me down.

Susanoo lets my shoulder and then shakes his head.

No John don't ask me something like that. You got to believe that you have the resolve to defeat any foe, even if it attacks from within. I seen you fight that day outside kingdom and I must say, you reacted with the instincts of a natural warrior.

I look up at him with disgust.

That was the mask powers not me.

Perhaps but you had the courage to return to the palace to defend us even though we imprisoned you. That alone made me see you had light within your heart, it will be that light that will become your greatest power, no the powers of the spirits or mask. Just don't be so hard on yourself.
I lower my head and I start feeling uneasy.

Anyways, where exactly are we heading?

Susanoo knows I am changing the subject but to avoid a conflict he goes along with it.

The island of Zin and the Zinthoria Ruins.

What kind of friggin place is that for a emperor meeting?!

You will see.

Fine be a douche, I will be taking my leave.

I just walk away from him and he stands there puzzled, I just go to my quarters and lock the door. Meanwhile Susanoo enters the bridge and he sits in his chair, he is troubled by our conversation. Hena and Dielli look on concerned and try to pick who to speak to Susanoo about what is troubling him.

Your majesty? Are you okay? (Nel)

Both Hena and Dielli are relieved that they didn't have to ask. Nel looks at the Emperor and is very concerned.

Yes I am just worried about John.

Why?! (Hena)

All eyes were on Hena at the moment and the blushed under her cloak.

We all need to take care of John. The after effects of that mask and sash, the Nephilim attack and now the rise of his human powers are really taxing his spirit. That and I think he misses home and this place is really hard for him to adjust. All the things he as been through might have scared his mind and emotions, we forget his time is much different than ours.

You think 50 years had passed in his world? (Dielli)

Hard to say Dielli, after the portals closed some believed the time stream had changed. I never had asked John about the time frame, or even if he heard of John MacKnight when he was living in his world.

It would seem that he hasn't but maybe his device I have here could give him some answers. I did forget to return it. (Nel)

Hmm well we shall to that but right now we are about to land, Dielli take us in.

Yes my lord. (Dielli)

With that Dielli guided the massive ship down towards the ruins and the floor of the ruins open up to a underground hanger and after the ship enters the floor covers up again. We finally doc and the hatch opens up to allow us to leave. Susanoo comes to my door to and gives it a knock.

John we landed it is time to meet the others.

Okay just give me a moment.

I grab my hoodie and put it on, I then looked in the mirror to make sure I am presentable to meet emperors and etc.

I walk out the door and there is Susanoo all dressed in his armor, he looks down at me and grunts.

What, no armor or royal best? Oy did you retrieve your armor from the armory after it was repaired?

No or I would be wearing it? Why?

Come with me John I think I got a spare set that will fit you in the ship's armory. The other emperor's may get insulted that a commoner is among the group.

Fine I will dress like what I am not so none of the hard-asses get a hair up their arse about a technicality.

I follow Susanoo to the armory, meanwhile the others are leaving the ship and are greeted by the guardsmen and their captain a fire demon with tatooes over his body. His eyes light up as he sees Hena step out of the ship and he runs to her.

Hena it's been along time since I seen your lovely face. (Demon)

Nesta, I am on official business. I am not in the mood for your mindless flirtations. (Hena)

Oh calm down woman, even if your a royal guard your still just a woman. (Nesta)

Dielli bites his tongue as he is becoming upset yet he has to keep his peace cause of the reasons they are there. Nel just keeps close to Dielli and watches what is going on hoping that this don't get out of hand.

Meanwhile I am suited up in black armor much like what I had before and it fits like a glove. Susanoo nods in approvement and we head to the exit of the ship. The closer we go we could hear some noise of arguing outside the ship, Susanoo storms towards the source. I lag back and Susanoo stops at the door and it got quiet, I then push my way past him to see......what I seen broke my heart in heart sunk as I never let it heal after Lynn. Hena was kissing some demon, then Dielli spoke my name and she broke the kiss and turned to where I am.


No need to explain, I.....

She is a whore....slut...tram....she is being told to court you by Susanoo. (Voices in John's Mind)

I can't hear anything at this time, my sense blocked everything out at this point I can only hear the thousands of voices within telling me things.

They will only use you until they get what you want. Ha ha, stupid you human. You would think they would mud their blood with a common human? You can't even use your powers and the demon lord is not here anymore....just us.(Voices)

Unheard by the others- Why would they do this to me?

Cause they do what they want. We Ormr have been slaves to them until the McGill clan freed use, yet the MacKnight's and the demon lord that killed us off. Called us traitor....we know your ancestors are of that clan but you can be saved. (Voices)

Unheard by others- How, and why would you?

Just let us give you our power, let your anger take control.....punish them. They fooled us to fight the Nephilim, but it is the Nephilim that are your only family kill these demons and free yourself. Bring them their heads and the Nephilim emperor will treat you as a hero. So let us in and f ind your destiny that you know is true, think John....demons are evil in your religion not your friends. Angels like the Nephilim will welcome you with open us in. Remember they are using you, make them pay! (Voices)

I feel the darkness taking over me, I feel the anger and hate flow through me as the voices continue to echo in my mind.....kill, hate, revenge....punish...all I know is that I hate them...wish them gone. I just am tired of the bullshit and disrespect.

John? (Hena)

You fucking tramp! I am not gone but a second and you are fucking around on me with this tattooed goon.

Everyone is silent as I start to step forward, my eyes are darker and my armor is emitting a dark purplish mist. Susanoo can sense that the darkness I spoke of is now in full control, this darkness is very sinister.

John please, why are you saying this to me. Nesta means nothing to me he forced his kiss on me. Please don't be like this. (Hena)

Then dark armor manifested over my body, it is black and full of sharp ridges and spikes. I slip way as the spirits within take over. Nel shudders in fear of the darkness and Dielli grips his sword Susanoo steps forward as he is ready to stop me if I make a sudden move.

John isn't here woman, only we are here now. We shall be taking control of this vessel named John now. We will use this vessel to avenge our defeat at the hands of the 18 Demon Lords, but first....we shall feast on your flesh demon scum. (Dark Rohan)

Enough of this, who ever you are, just let John go or face the consequences.

Fuck this Susanoo, just let me kill this wretch! (Nesta)

Nesta charged at the John full force with his fists glowing with fire, my darker self just scoffed at this feeble attempt at an attack and the dark being just flung his arm out to the side and a large buster blade like sword appears in hand. In a mere flash the dark being controlling my body attacks Nesta and slashes him in two pieces, separating his legs from his upper body, spilling his guts on the floor. It stands in the middle of the hanger floor where the blood has pooled on the floor, the armored figure is dripping with blood and gore form his kill.

Nel shrieked in horror, Hena is totally in shock, Susanoo and Dielli jump in front of the females as the fortress guards converge on what hey call Dark Rohan.

So this is what they call a challenge for us? We are bored now, be gone lesser demons. So how about you Susanoo, are you up for the task of taking us on...oh yes, we think you are fond of the human. Then we shall devour your soul with no challenge. (Dark Rohan)

Susanoo watched as the being once known as John now hacked his way through the fortress guardsmen and decimated them one by one. The carnage was to much to bare for Nel and Hena took her away form the scene, yet wanted to stay to free her beloved John, still her duty is clear, make sure Empress Nel is safe. Susanoo and Dielli nod to each other an knew what they had to do, now that Nel and Hena are out of the way they could deal with this Dark Rohan. To their horror all the fortress's soldier are laying about the grounds and the numbers are in the hundreds.

My lord the other Emperors will be here shortly we need to stop John without killing him. How can we do such a thing. (Dielli)

Indeed Dielli, this will be a challenge.

The thoughts of what John said to him mere hours before echoed his mind and he dreads to have to do such an act. Dark Rohan stands across the room at them both and holds his massive sword in one arm just glaring at them both with his red eyes.

Have you lost your nerve Susanoo or has the love of that Nephilim wench weakened your resolve? Now come face us and may your death be glorious! (Dark Rohan)

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Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Have you lost your nerve Susanoo or has the love of that Nephilim wench weakened your resolve? Now come face us and may your death be glorious! (Dark Rohan)

Your arrogance will be a factor in your defeat, deity of shadow!! (Dielli)

Easy Dielli, do not let this abomination taunt you into suicide. Its abilities coupled with John’s own may pose a problem to us.

What do you propose m’lord? (Dielli)

Amdis slammed his fists together several times, the pounding of his gauntlets hurting the ears of those in earshot. Dielli understood his lord’s gesture while lighting his fists on fire, prepared for a battle of pure destruction. Dark Rohan took the challenge when he teleported behind both Amdis and Dielli, swinging his massive sword as he aimed for their heads. While Dielli disappeared Emperor Susanoo blocked the blades blow with his hand and pushed back Dark Rohan, who merely smiled and cackled madly. Dielli took his chance to strike, assembling several blades over him while throwing both fists back, took a lunge near Dark Rohan and slammed both of his fists into the dark entity. But to Dielli’s surprise Dark Rohan held his stance and had not even moved a single step from the blows. Immediately he lowered his sword onto Dielli but did not hit his intended target.

Taking a chance at striking the distracted Dark Rohan Susanoo punched the dark entity with a brutal blow to the side, sending him several feet into a wall but soon jumped out, dashing left to right and leaping off walls. Dielli appeared over Dark Rohan’s head, as he prepared to land a blow in the dark entity’s blindspot, but Dielli received a wound on his chest from Dark Rohan’s sword and fell to the ground. Dark Rohan then turned its attention to Amdis as it launched itself off the wall and swung its blade with much strength, forcing the emperor to side-step at the last moment, receiving a gash on his leg. The dark entity was not done with its assaults, flipping around and zigzagging nonstop before jumping into the air and spinning like a saw while holding the sword outward as it fell towards Amdis. The emperor of Zathra crossed his arms and unleashed an enormous beam that collided with Dark Rohan’s sword, crashing him through several walls.

Amdis turned his attention to Dielli as his bodyguard stood up perfectly despite the wound on his chest bleeding slowly.

You should relax Dielli, I’ll take care of the rest.

No need… (Dielli)

Dielli pulled one hand over his chest and seared the wound shut with his flame. Amdis nodded in approval at Dielli’s will and turned to face Dark Rohan, who still lay in the hole he had created. A flicker of green flames began to illuminate the darkened hole that Dark Rohan resided in. Suddenly the flames changed from green to a dark purple shade. The flames took the shape of a enormous beast as it exited out of the hole and rose into the air, swirling about before slamming into Amdis, taking him to the ceiling and crashing him into the rubble of the dense ore that covered the entire fortress. Dielli responded quickly, appearing before Dark Rohan as a set of blades surrounded them and Dielli prepared another duel punch stance.

The dark entity smiled as it surrounded itself in flames, forcing Dielli to retreat momentarily before taking a long sword from one of his many weapons and stabs it into Dark Rohan’s arm, hoping to at least disable him. The entity laughed before suddenly standing before Dielli with his sword in the latter’s abdomen. Dielli gripped tightly to John as he looked into Dark Rohan’s eyes, searching for the human before falling to the ground in a puddle of his own blood.

Sorry…Rohan…tried my best… (Dielli)

The sounds of the ceiling collapsing drew Dark Rohan’s attention as Amdis landed with a crushing thud and stood up slowly. As his eyes caught the sight of Dielli Emperor Susanoo’s fists clenched tightly as he walked towards the dark entity.

Ha! This useless piece of shit can’t even handle a piece of my power! He was not even worthy of fighting me on even grounds, the trash. Know you’re place! (Dark Rohan)

Dark Rohan kicked Dielli several times before he was tackled to the ground and pummeled brutally by the enraged emperor. Dark Rohan laughed all the while as he attempted to swing his blade over Amdis’s neck. However, Emperor Susanoo backhanded the attempt and gripped Dark Rohan by the neck before raising him in the air and slamming him to the ground. Dark purple flames surrounded Dark Rohan and several fireballs slammed into the emperor, burning his hair, face, and pieces of his armor. Having had enough and at the peak of his rage the emperor slammed both fists together, causing a shockwave that blew much away, including Dielli’s body.

Emperor Susanoo leapt high into the air and landed before Dark Rohan, who disappeared and proceeded to attack the emperor from side to side with his sword, cutting deeper into his side before disabling him, forcing the emperor on his knees. The dark entity then stood over Amdis, laying his foot on the exhausted emperor’s back before slamming his blade into it, twisting it several degrees while Amdis would not scream.

My, oh my, how the mighty have fallen before my feet. I must say, you two did not put up much of a fight. You two disappoint me. Oh well, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!! (Dark Rohan)

Dark Rohan pulled out his blade from Emperor Susanoo’s back and was prepared for the killing blow, yet the emperor remained strong, surprising Rohan as his fist slammed into Dark Rohan’s stomach, causing him to cough blood and pin him to the ground once again but with his fist. Despite the gaping wound in his chest the emperor of Zathra remained standing yet a large stream of blood escaped his lips.

Do not underestimate the power of Zathra!!!!

Amdis lifted both fists into the air and before he could utterly destroy Dark Rohan he hesitated. The dark entity took advantage of this, blasting another hole into Amdis, this time through his heart. Emperor Susanoo’s eyes became white from losing consciousness and feel to the ground. Dark Rohan cackled insanely as he grabbed the emperor by the hair and spat in his face, stepping his boots over the unconscious emperor and rubbed dirt into his face.

Enjoy the taste of that Amdis!? Now do you remember how it feels to be weak?! Grovel before me and wish you were never born!! (Dark Rohan)

A suddenly blast of light slammed into Dark Rohan, who screamed in agony from the burns of pure light as he looked at his being, which was slowly disappearing. He turned to the direction that the blast had come from as Hëna held a determined look in her eyes before clapping both hands together and separating them to reveal a pure white falchion. The Sword of Heaven’s Light was reborn.

Yo-you…BITCH!! (Dark Rohan)

Instantly, Hëna zoomed past Dark Rohan, faster than anything alive, and closed her eyes as the dark entity screamed while revealing hundreds of trails of light from all the cuts he had received in one motion from the new empress of Light. She turned to face Dark Rohan, who grunted as he began to peel away from John, leaving the human standing there before falling over into a coma.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:45 pm

Instantly, Hëna zoomed past Dark Rohan, faster than anything alive, and closed her eyes as the dark entity screamed while revealing hundreds of trails of light from all the cuts he had received in one motion from the new empress of Light. She turned to face Dark Rohan, who grunted as he began to peel away from John, leaving the human standing there before falling over into a coma.

Hëna ran to John as he feel to the ground, she held his head up trying to see any sign of life.

John? ( Hëna)

John doesn't respond to her call, she starts to shake John's lifeless body. Dielli puts his hand on is sisters shoulder, she looks up with tear filled eyes as he shakes his head.

I am sorry sister we couldn't stop him any other way. You done what you must. (Dielli)! This is not real! He is alive I just know it. ( Hëna)

Susanoo at this time is regaining his consciousness and sees what had transpired. His heart is filled with grief as he tried so hard no to harm is friend but knew it was the only way, but puzzled on whom stopped the Dark forces within John. He gets to his feet and approaches both Dielli and Hëna, seeing her unharmed and the sword. The emperor quickly figured out what had happened and knelled down beside them.

It was the only way Hëna, if that being possessing John had gotten passed here it could have killed thousands. I am gravely sorry Hëna.

Susanoo put his hand on John's chest to try to see if there was a heart beat but felt nothing, he looks skyward as he tries to find the strength he needs to do his next task.

We must give him a proper burial. It is only right.

Hëna lowers her head and then nods, she realizes that John is indeed gone and he must be given a proper send off before they continue on with their mission at hand. Both Dielli and Susanoo constructed a stone chamber, the then placed John;s body in the chamber and placed a stone over it to seal it. They all said their goodbyes then returned to the airship, Hëna looks down on the chamber as the ship lifts off.

Goodbye my love. ( Hëna)


I start to wake, I feel something cold on my back and I roll over to my chest and push up. I stand and I open my eyes. I am in a dark forest filled with mist and shadows. I start to look around for the others and I am puzzled to how I got here, the last I remembered I was ….. yes yelling at Hëna for her betrayal.

Oh shit! What have I done?!

That is simple, you let the darkness within take over. (Unknown voice)

I turn around and see nothing, I am starting to get frightened so I reach for a sword but there is none. I am in my normal clothing, so I am becoming more and more fearful of what is coming. Suddenly a ball of light appears and then forms into a being and stands before me.

Who...who are you?

My name is Emperor Lunar and I have been watching you for sometime now.

Wait! Your dead but does that mean...?

No dear boy, your alive just in a magical coma. The dark ones within you woke when you got jealous, thus taken over your body. Hëna merely used the powers I had given her to banish them from your body, but the shock of it all put you in this coma.

Would she had known that it would have done that? That I am in a coma?

No, unfortunately your in a make-shift tomb right at this moment. They think you have died.

Well then how do I wake up? What do I need to do?

Lunar places his hand upon my shoulder and looked at me softly.

You need to let go of your hate and accept your gifts. Trust that the ones that say they care and love you do so. When you truly do so you will waken, but now you must meditate with me and recover you strength.

I can't sit around here in a coma! They need my help! The winged freaks will be hear soon!

Then, just do as I do so we wont waste time.

I watch as Lunar sits down and starts to meditate, I mimic him and sit down and close my eyes. I can only hope this works and that my friends are safe.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:46 am

As I meditate I can feel a strange power growing within me, almost as if some power that laid dormant within me was now awakening. I suddenly snap out of my coma and find myself in a dark small area and I start feeling around and I feel a stone lip over me. With a mere minor push I pushed the heavy lid right off the casket and I hear it smash across the room. I sit up from out of the casket and I see that I am in a large room, I then climb out to see if Susanoo and the others are still there.

Susanoo?! Hena!? Anyone!?

There is no answer and I get out of the casket to take a long look around. As I walk around the old fortress I can feel myself becoming stronger and whatever Lunar got me to do when I was meditating as really wakened something. I take off my hoodie and feel my arms and abs and they look like I have been working out for all my life.

Sure beats the gym. But now I have to figure out what to do next.

I get to the top tower and look out towards the sea, and I grip the stone barrier with my hand and it starts to crush. I look at what is happening with pure astonishment and as I stand there I can feel myself becoming aware of what I can do and judging on how I am feeling this is only the beginning of things to come.

Now to find the others, but where would they go if the main meeting place was compromised? Man if I only had a map of Nystoria I could figure it out.

As soon as I said it a map appeared in my hand, I look at it in pure shock.

How in the hell did I do that?

I unroll the map and start looking it over and I see a word that sparks my memory Calista. That is the land where Kratos rules.

Maybe they went there. But how am I going to get there?

I pause and think for a second, what if I can still warp? So I look at the map and the area of Calista and concentrate and sure enough I am warped to the outskirts of Calista's capital. I look around and I then see some tall buildings and structures, one of which must be Kratos's palace.

Well I better start walking and with any hope, they will be there.

I start walking down the country road leading to the capital of Calista, the city of Thresta.
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Realm 3: Another Age RPS
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