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 Realm 3: Another Age RPS

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Lunar Retturns 2
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Sat May 28, 2011 9:57 pm

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

I won’t run, I surrender myself and accept my punishment for my wrong doings.

Emperor Susanoo looked into John’s eyes and read no deception. The human meant well with his actions and Amdis knew that. John promptly kneeled before Susanoo and waited for iron chains to be locked to his wrists. Susanoo walked towards John and the human closed his eyes and lowered his head in respect. To his surprise John’s wrist were grabbed by one of Amdis’s large hands and was forced to stand.

Do not be so humble for your actions. Were it not for you many of my men would have been lost this day. A hero to my people you are, and on that very same token I wish to apologize to you for my own actions. I make no excuses for the pain I caused to you and Lynn, as well as those that involved themselves in my foolishness. I bow before you as an act of contrition.

Many soldiers, including Haraldur and John, gasped in shock at the sight on their emperor, who mercilessly tears men in two and destroys kingdoms without a second thought, bowing before someone he once considered to be weak. None interrupted this moment as John scratched his head, confused.

Aww come on, stand. I don’t deserve any of this. My crimes are as plain as day.

True, your crimes are rather severe, but what I failed to recall was that Katsurou Takahiro, the owner of the sash and mask, always had something for controlling others through their desire. My anger was not towards you but to Takahiro for being released. You are hereby pardoned of any crimes that you have previously been tried on. I do hope you can forgive this foolish old demon for his arrogance…

Rohan placed both hands on Susanoo’s shoulders as he urged him to stand. Amdis complied and nodded his head. Everyone continued to watch.

Listen, all I wanted to do today is redeem myself in your eyes. Seeing as how you’ve bowed to me I take it that I have. And don’t worry; you only did what was right with your city and people. You’re a wise lord.

I thank you, Rohan, for your words. I also thank you for your actions this day. Were it not for you many more in my care would have been lost. Now, there is still something I must do.


I’m sorry John but Lynn is not here. After you were imprisoned I had her flown to Great Plains of Aragra where she was to remain hidden from you. I can take you there if you wish.

No…I have my ways. Thank you for telling me. Where is Great Plains anyway?

Up North of this land. When it begins to snow you’ll know. I would feel more comfortable if you would at least let Dielli take you. His sister is the ruler of Aragra and in turn the Kingdom of Light. It would be far easier for you instead of having to deal with security and such.

John Rohan smiled at Susanoo as he shook his head.

Don’t worry about me. Take care of your people and your wife.

The offer of joining the Royal Family is still open to invitation. Once you’re done with your journey you may come back anytime you wish. I recommend you first explore Nystoria before making a decision. Once you have you know where to find me.

Thank you. I’ll think about it. Take care, your highness.

Take care.

John soon disappeared in a blink of an eye. The soldiers were awed by this power of teleportation and began to break into conversation until Amdis turned to them.

All of you return to your stations! The palace cannot defend itself and neither can its citizens. I want a company to watch over the prisoners as you guide them to the prisons. If one even escapes you will be tried for treason. You have your places now go!

Dielli walked next to Susanoo and waited for his lord’s command.

I need you and several men to investigate the nearby villages and see if they are housing any rebels that fled the battle. I know some of them got through our blockade and I want them found. First, deal with this situation.

You heard the emperor! I want half of the army to board the drop ships along with the prisoners. You can make several trips back if necessary. The rest, I want you to come with me or stand guard in the woods. We’ll travel the lands for any escapees and report back in the next three days, understood? (Dielli)

Yes, commander!! (Zathran Army)

The Zathran army did as they were commanded. Many boarded the drop ships and took off towards the capital of Mesles with the rebel prisoners where they would return to their stations as guards, go to their homes or keep watch over the prisoners in the few prisons and dungeons in Mesles.

You’re very determined to seek them out aren’t you, m’lord? (Dielli)

Of course. None shall escape their judgment. We’ve played with them long enough. My son nearly became a piece lost in my dominion. I can’t lose anyone. Not again. Be sure to return in three days.

Understood, m’lord. (Dielli)

Emperor Susanoo walked away for several seconds as he made his way towards the city before stopping and turning around.

And Dielli?

Sir? (Dielli)

If you see anything strange, anything, you do not engage and immediately come back.

I understand, sir. You do not need to fear for the life of this meager warrior. I’m a veteran of the McGill War after all. My skill in combat has always been regarded as a battle God. You know that. (Dielli)

Of course.

The two soon parted ways. Dielli gathered volunteers of the army’s expedition together, which numbered around fifty the most, and road off on their horses towards the deepest parts of Zathra.

Meanwhile, back in the palace of Susanoo, Amdis found his wife standing next to an open window as the full moon lit up the city below along with the landscape. As he watched his wife Amdis could see that sadness filled her eyes and face. She turned her head to see him before he looked away. Regret was all that Amdsis felt whenever he looked at his wife. The events of the day before still affected them as they treated one another as strangers. Both wanted nothing more than to move on. Empress Luna closed her eyes before turning her attention back towards the moon. Susanoo then walked next to her as they said nothing.

For several minutes this is all they did before Amdis mustered the strength to speak. He turned to his wife and hugged her tenderly in his arms as she responded with the same gesture. Holding her while still keeping her in his embrace but at a lighter grip, Amdis looked down at her before giving her a kiss. She closed her eyes and stroked his face before they stopped.

I want to apologize for earlier…I was not myself. I should have never directed my anger at you. As my wife you are the most precious thing in my life. From the first moment I set eyes on you I knew that forever we would be one…

Amdis stroked Luna’s face with his massive hands as he held it and kissed them. Amdis’s eyes gave a sorrowful look as they met eyes. The moon soon shined its light upon them as a tear fell from Luna’s eye. Susanoo wiped it away with a gentle stroke before kneeling before her and lowered his head.

Forgiveness isn’t something that can be asked so naturally, but I am torn from my actions and I am truly, truly sorry for hurting you. I beg for your forgiveness my love…

As she looked down at her husband she stroked his graying hair and kissed his head. Amdis looked up at his wife as she in turn stroked his face.

I cannot forgive you… (Empress Luna)

Amdis nodded his head as he understood her decision. He sighed to himself and hung his head low before he felt her pick his head up by his chin and looked up in surprise. She soon kissed him and smiled as she helped him stand tall.

I cannot forgive you because there is nothing to forgive. (Empress Luna)

A bright smile appeared on Luna’s face as she threw herself onto Amdis, hugging his waist tightly as she pressed his head against his chest. He held her close and closed his eyes.

Three days later…

The sun rose slowly into the sky as its golden light lit up the land. Every crevice of darkness slinked back into the darkest corridors where the sun’s rays were forbidden. Many in the city of Mesles began to awaken from their slumber as they began their daily activities to keep the city alive and well. Engines soon fired up as power began to circulate across the entire city and power much of everything in sight. A cool breeze entered the city and blew away the smoke and smog that filled the air as the light of the sun illuminated the golden architecture of the city as it glowed and sparkled.

Many citizens stopped and enjoyed the scenery as the palace of Susanoo somehow warmed their hearts and made them confident that the day would be a good one.

Outside the gates of Mesles the men that were stationed there had difficulty staying awake as they continued to patrol the woods, making sure that none can lay a surprise like the two nights before. For days they have stayed awake and patrolled nonstop as part of their training regime. As one guard stood before the gap that John Rohan had made to block the Rebels from reaching the walls he scoffed as there was nothing but ash. A makeshift bridge was placed for the time being in order to cross Mesles.

As the guards were prepared to end their shift and let the other demons take their position they heard the hooves of a few galloping horses in the distance. They stopped in their tracks and quickly formed a line and pointed their halberds in the direction of the incoming horses but eased their tension upon seeing the Susanoo seal on the horses. Four horses stopped in front of the guards and they were surprised to see wounds on all five demons, with one of them unconscious.

H-hey! What happend..!? (Guard)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Sun May 29, 2011 5:19 pm

It only seemed like a few seconds that I have been talking to Susanoo, a conversation that still threw me through a loop. I sit in a tree just outside the capital city of Aragra, Aragrous. It is an amazing sight to see, just as impressive as Melse was for me. I look at myself and I realize I look like pure hell. I am in no condition to met Lynn or the Empress looking like this. I close my eyes and with in an instant my clothing is repaired, cleaned along with myself. I smile to myself then take a bit out of the apple I picked out of this tree.

Well, how the hell am I going to get passed security? Maybe I should have had Dielli come with me.

I size up the situation and it all most seems hopeless, just then the guards that were guarding the west gate run towards the center of the city, and not long after that there was a large explosion and a fireball. I jump out of the tree and into the city making my way to the point of impact. I sneak around the buildings of the great city to get closer. As I get closer I hear the Aragra Soldiers yelling and coordinating to counter attack whatever they are fight. I then hear a familiar but not friendly voice amongst the chaos.

Lunar you coward! Come and face me! Your soldiers are boring me!

I peer around the corner to see Katsurou Takahiro standing on top of the rubble of a building he destroyed, other nearby buildings are on fire as the soldier try to take the Demon Lord down with no avail.

We cannot allow him to reach the palace! Hold your ground men! (Palace Captain)

Sir! (Guards)
I knew they wouldn't last long against his powers so I reveal myself from behind the building, I shout out to get his attention.

Katsurou Takahiro you prick! You owe me a new hat!

The soldier stop and Katsurou Takahiro turns in the direction of the insult. To his displeasure he sees me, standing there just as defiant as the time we last were face to face. I ready myself as I do have the element of surprise, he is unaware that I have the same abilities he has now.

You again?! I thought I was rid of you?!

Yeah well I have a way of turning up unexpectedly. But I am here to put a stop to you.

Ha! You? Put a stop to me? You have no chance against me human, I have defeated over 10000 soldiers! You are but a mere average human, not even the pedigree of the human warriors that visited Nystoria from day of old!

The soldiers nearby are shocked to hear Katsurou Takahiro refer to me as being human, one of them heads off towards the palace. Meanwhile I point my right arm at Katsurou Takahiro and take aim for an attack, he grins at me due to the face he thinks I am powerless.

Oho! Look at this he thinks he can attack me?! You would make a fine Jester human!

Blah blah blah, you talk to much! I am going to shut you up once and for all!

I let a blast of lightning from my hand striking Katsurou Takahiro right in the chest. He flies off the rubble and slams into a large stone wall then falls to the ground. The soldiers are shocked that a mere human had knocked the powerful demon down with a simple attack.

Captain sir? How did he do that? (Soldier)

I am just as confused as you soldier. (Palace Captain)

Katsurou Takahiro starts to get up and glares back at me with pure rage in his eyes. To be knocked down by a human, someone considered weaker than he is pure embarrassment to the demon lord. He then dashes rapidly towards me with his katana drawn, this was my chance to weaken him so as he drew close to me I quickly side step him as he attempted to strike me with is sword. He slides to a stop some 10 feet away from me and I turn to face him, he looks at me with some shock as he sees me holding his Soul Sash.

Aww did you loose this Taka? Do you feel weak and slow?

He growls in anger as he knows I am correct, he then unleashes a fury of element attacks and I do the best to avoid them, they hit the surrounding buildings causing civilians to take cover. I then make a decision to end this fight quickly. I quickly close the distance between him and I hand unleash a barrage of fist and leg attacks. He counters with his own but we are both unable to connect with any attack, finally I tag him right under the chin unexpectedly. This attack knocked his mask off his face and it spirals in the air we both look at it and time almost stands still. I jump up just as he does to get the mask and when we both fall to the ground, the soldiers and now the Empress and her Elite Guards who just arrived on scene. They watch as this display of power and skill unfolds in front of them all.

So....that is the human? (Empress)

I then stand as Katsurou Takahiro gets to his feet and he looks at me in horror as I have the mask in my hand, this body starts to rot and fall apart as I start to wrap the mask in the sash. Katsurou Takahiro growls and curses my name as his body crumbles as his soul is trapped in the mask again. Then in a flash....Katsurou Takahiro's body turns to dust and blows away in the afternoon winds. I let out a sigh of relief as I finally finish wrapping the mask. I turn to see a woman dressed in royal wears, along with royal guards.

Guards! Take him into custody! (Empress)

Just then I hear my name shouted in a familiar lovely voice.

John! (Lynn)

Lynn runs past the guards and hugs me about the waists and then kisses me. She then turns to the lady to speak.

No Empress Hena! This is John Rohan, the human, my one true love.(Lynn)

The Empress halts the guards and stares at me in disbelief.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Mon May 30, 2011 12:01 pm

As the two men, Lacteus and Edáfous step towards the outskirts of Mesles, Edáfous turns to Lacteus and shakes his head.

Are you sure you don't wish me to come with you on this little adventure?

Yes because this is something I must do, and it would be more difficult to move around with two people and well your arm is quite...obvious.

I suppose you are correct in that matter I guess I'll just wait up on the cliff for the signal.

As Lacteus starts to walk into the city Edáfous turns his head to the skyline and starts to head toward a cliff. As he is half way climbing up the cliff side a sharp pain enters the left side of his arm.

Of course now this has to happen.

Edáfous jumps up to the top of the cliff and quickly sits down and grabs his left arm. It starts to glow purple and on the shoulder the arm starts to open up. An eye is settled into the should constantly shifting it's eye back and forth.

Fool! Let me take over I want to stretch my legs.

You don't have any legs at the moment no? least burn something destroy it all!

We're kind of in a mission right now...

And? I'm bored kill them all!

Even if it was not important to be stealthy there is still an army to think about no?

Does not matter when I possess you for...that short amount of time. We fuse our two powers together then we can kill and destroy so much!

Edáfous just sits there on the cliff with his eyes to city with the Old One yelling at him.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:48 pm

Tale of Lacteus of Baldor…

The morning sun was nearly upon Lacteus as he scaled the walls of Mesles. If he did not reach the top before then he will certainly be caught in his actions…or worse. Finding the weak-points in the walls was no easy matter. After all, the wall was erected in order to repel invasion. Leaving behind his Pendulum armor off in a secure location and buying a less restrictive set of clothing that brigands and the like wear, along with a dark cloak to blend in with the darkness Lacteus was ready to infiltrate the city of Mesles.

With a set of daggers he stabbed into small holes that would allow the daggers to form into steady points for his ascension. But the thought of his fellow Baldorians made his resolve more evident through his actions, for Lacteus dug deeper into the crevices and scaled at a much faster pace than a few moments prior to the thought. Every so often Lacteus would stop and lean his head against the wall, listening to footsteps above him for the positions of any guards on the wall. From what he gathered security had become much tighter than before.

Wasting no time on his thoughts Lacteus continued upwards towards the ledge several feet above him. He slowed his pace, not wanting to arouse suspicion of an invader. A row of light began to creep from the ground below and very slowly towards Lacteus. The sun was slowly rising and Lacteus made sure to move as quickly and quietly as possible. Doing so, however, took quite a long time for Lacteus due to the guards not moving from their positions, forcing Lacteus to shimmy towards another part of the wall with few sentries on their shifts.

Fortune shined brightly on Lacteus when a sudden disturbance caught the attention of the guards, giving Lacteus but a moment to climb over the wall, move behind their gazes towards the steps that lead to the garrison below and finally into the bustling markets on the third and lowest level of Mesles. Shop owners and consumers alike talked endlessly over the reasoning of prices and goods that were or weren’t worth their said price. Amazed by the size of the markets and the amount of people going about their daily lives brought a slight sharp pain to the lobe of Lacteus’s head. He repressed the thoughts as he continued onwards.


Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

What happened?

The two soldiers, Ballo and Uron, covered in bandages and wounds knelt before their emperor as Amdis and Luna watched them and lent their ear to what they had to say. The other three were too badly injured to be questioned with full answers, including Dielli.

We did as you ordered, sire. Search the area for any remnants of the rebellion and quell it in any way possible. We searched many villages and asked them if any rebels had come their way and some said yes while others said no. (Uron)

…And so we interrogated everyone there to find the culprit. When we confirmed that no one was a rebel we searched their houses, farms, anything that can be used to hide them. We then moved on to Dhvur and...We found it in total ruin. It was so silent…so devoid of life. (Ballo)

Ballo began to shake in fear as he stopped and could go no further. He began to mumble to himself and lowered his head, not wanting to be seen shedding tears. Uron looked towards his comrade and looked away as he too began to shake but spoke his turn.

I…it was simply…it was simply…madness. There was…so many bodies. Even the children were…they…were. (Uron)

Calm yourself. I only wish to know what happened, not what you saw.

But it was terrible! So many bodies of the dead hung against the trees with their bodies twisted in way I never dared dream with their innards completely gone! (Ballo)

A dark shadow covered the upper half of Amdis’s face as his red eyes shone brighter. The emperor of Zathra leaned forward to hear more about their findings as Luna felt an oppressive feeling in the air. All of this was caused by a dark force in Nystoria, and Susanoo may know what it is. The soldier continued to explain what had happened as Luna imagined the scene.

Hours earlier…

Upon finishing their duties with the last village with no evidence of any rebel presence, the second-to-last village of Dhvur would finally bring the fifty men strong group home. Many soldiers conversed with themselves as they made plans for when they returned home. Dielli was far too focused on his surroundings as two demons watched him as they rode their horses behind him at a considerable distance.

What do you know about our commander? (Ballo)

Nothing serious or anything you may not know. They say the commander was a veteran of the McGill War along with his sis, Hëna who’s the queen of the Kingdom of Light. (Maquote)

Uron rode next to them, curious of what they were discussing.

Kingdom of Light? Quite a sister he has. (Ballo)

Talking about commander Dielli are we? (Uron)

Yeah. We’ve been at this hunt for rebels for nearly three days now and we’re not getting anywhere. Better to discuss whatever while we can, right? (Maquote)

I guess you’re right. What else do you know? (Uron)

Well I’ve read somewhere that he can use swords that come out of nowhere and move on their own. Not only that but he can control fire! (Ballo)

I heard that too. (Maquote)

Lies. Swords that move on their own? Commander conjuring torrents of flames? Come on! Magic doesn’t exist and it never has. (Uron)

How can you be so sure? And have you forgotten that our enemy during that war was a wizard named McGill? (Maquote)

Simple. If magic existed why doesn’t it now? It couldn’t have just disappeared if it was an essence of pure power. That doesn’t sound like something that would disappear. That’s all the evidence I need. (Uron)

You’ve obviously never seen Empress Luna in action. (Ballo)

Neither have you! It’s the same thing with the commander. They see them do a few things and suddenly it’s magic. Give me a break lest I relieve myself through my mouth. (Uron)

You’re disgusting. (Maquote)

But the Royal Family would never lie. And as we all know that armor of Susanoo is some serious defense. No blade has ever pierced through it. On that note, I KNOW you saw our emperor in action. That strength is definitely magic. (Ballo)

Definitely not magic. Pure strength is all it is. (Uron)

Why are you here anyway? This conversation obviously has no interesting points for you. (Maquote)

I’m tired of listening to you air-headed magic believers. Unless I see some concrete proof then you’re all idiots as far as I can see. Easily manipulated and as gullible as next person. Historians are worse. (Uron)

You really are something else. All I know is that I believe and you’re thick-headedness will prevent you from being open-minded with things. It’s not that hard to even imagine. (Ballo)

Let it go, these types are extremely arrogant and will not back down. (Maquote)

Oh, now you’re regarding me as a sort of noble. (Uron)

Ballo and Maquote sighed in annoyance from Uron’s constant rambling. For hours they continued their debate on whether or not magic existed or not. Their age difference between themselves and the McGill War was a rather large one. Because of their young ages they knew not of what the past had held or of what sort of events occurred. Dielli and his bodyguard overheard the conversation behind them and chuckled to themselves in amusement.

It’s funny seeing young demons debate about such a silly things. Don’t you think so commander? (Bodyguard)

Indeed, my friend. Times have changed however. After nearly five years since McGill’s death along with MacKnight, magic has been hunted down and destroyed or hidden away in the dark corners of the world. This new technology we Nystorians have adopted has changed our environment. It’s been so long since I’ve used anything but my book. (Dielli)

Commander… (Bodyguard)

Hmm? It’s quite alright Balatior. Even when I am reduced to using a mere sword I am still above the rest. I only wish that I had the same fortune as Luna did…But enough of that. We are here to do what our lord has asked us to. (Dielli)

Yes, sir. May I ask something though? (Balatior)

Yes, you may. (Dielli)

What was it like? (Balatior)

Magic…? (Dielli

Yes. It must have been such an empowering feeling. To hold such powers in ones fingers. (Balatior)

Indeed it was…empowering. Unlike anything this world has to offer. Everything before and after magic is merely a bland evolution that will never replace what once was. Sometimes when I look into the flames of our camps or any in general, I feel a presence that will allow me to once again feel that empowerment. (Dielli)

But such dark thoughts- (Balatior)

I know. That is why I prefer not to talk about it. Amdis sealed them away for a reason after all. I just wish that he’d have done the same for her highne- (Dielli)

Sir! (Balatior)

…My apologies. I was babbling to myself again. (Dielli)

Balatior nodded his head in respect as both said nothing more on the topic. Magic is a sensitive subject in the current era of Nystoria. With everything slowly progressing to a Victorian Era sort of reality magic is slowly and inevitably dying in the wake of mass industries and steam-powered machines for fast travel. Humanity itself nearly entered this turn of the century once the train was invented, now it is time for the demons to take up their own history.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:52 pm

A few hours passed after I was reunited with Lynn, and we sit in the throne room of the Empress Hena. Hena looks at me with great interest as she was positive that she wouldn't see another human again after MacKnight sealed the portals for good. Even more so after I told her how I arrived in Nystoria along with the events that led up to this moment.

Well Master Rohan, you did have quite the adventure yet so far. (Empress Hena)

No disrespect Empress, but John will do.

The empress smiles as she remembers how MacKnight was just has humble when it came to such formalities. Lynn holds my hand tenderly as I we talk about my new life within Nystoria and my future with Lynn.

Suddenly a tall female kitsune walks into the throne room, her hair is white along with her 5 tails. She bows to the empress and Lynn stands up to greet her.

Mother so good of you to join us. (Lynn)

I quickly stand to greet her mother properly and she walks right up to me, looks me up and down then reaches out to touch my face with her right hand. I look at Lynn's mom then Lynn, Lynn smiles and then introduces her mom to me.

John, this is my mother, Avril. Mother this is John, the one I chose to be mine. (Lynn)

Avril looks at me some more then hugs me, I am shocked and confused. Lynn is puzzled too, she never seen her mother act like this.

Mother are you ok? (Lynn)

Avril releases the hug then looks at her daughter while she wipes a tear from her eye.

I am sorry John, Lynn but John here just reminded me of John MacKnight. Soon as I seen him I could, I could feel that same aura and spirit that he had. (Avril)

You knew him Avril?

We take a seat and we start to talk some more.

I did, he was the one I fell for. Sadly when he was called to war....we never got a chance to be more. When I got word he had performed this last heroic act, I was heart broken. It was 20 years until I started to love again, that's when I met Lynn's father, Rex. However it seemed that I was destine to be a widow, Rex died five years later when he was attacked by rebel forces. (Avril)

She starts to tear up again and Lynn goes to comfort her, me and the empress can only feel sorry for them both as they lost so much in their lives. Avril looks up at me with the look in her eyes as if she has to say something important.

Please John, do whatever you need to do to stay safe. Please don't go like MacKnight and leave my daughter to live the life I had lived. (Avril)

I go to her and look at her softly. I nod my head then kneel down to speak to them both.

Lynn, Avril. I promise to do everything in my power to live my life to the fullest for Lynn. She is the reason I haven't just given up.

They both stand and both of them hug me, Avril looks at me and smiles as she knows I am totally sincere in what I said.

Well you have my blessing John. I am honored to have you part of my family. As a gift I will give you this. (Avril)

She places her hand upon my chest, her hand glows white and my clothing changes. My pants are still blue but more durable, my shoes are the same yet lighter and stronger, all my clothing is more like armor, along with a new sleeveless jacket that is armored with a matching hood of white and blue. The gauntlets are dark blue made of some sort of metal, they have the ability to have claws on the tip of the fingers for climbing.

Both Lynn and Empress Hena are impressed on my new look and as I look at it I am more than thankful.

Thank you Avril this is excellent.

Your welcome John, now make sure to take care of yourself. Lynn, we should take rest as we have to tend to the wounded in the morning. (Avril)

Lynn nods but she and the others notice I look to be troubled. I am feeling something strange in the air, almost a pressure in my chest. I look at them all and I then hold Lynn's hands.

Lynn, I need to go back to Susanoo. I am sensing something dark in the air.

She doesn't wish me to go by the look on her face but she knows I must do so. She kisses me and then nods. Avril and Empress Hena nod as they know there is no stopping me.

Come back to me my love. (Lynn)

I nod to her and in a flash I warp back to Mesles. When I come out of warp I land in the Susanoo's Throne room, in front of them are demon soldiers with bandages on them. They turn to took at me, I look back at them with a look of urgency in my eyes.

My lord! Something dire is wrong!
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Tue Jun 07, 2011 8:51 pm

Tale of Lacteus of Baldor…

While sitting alone in an inn Lacteus looked into his cup as he watched the ripples move about. For every ripple that was caused by every sway of his hand he would only remember the darkest days of his life as Baldor was attacked by the armies of Zathra, the very city he sits in to drown his thoughts. A warrior clad in armor similar to the Pendulum Knights sat before him as Lacteus looked up in surprise. Knight of the First Pendulum Destin stared into Lacteus’s eyes as he spoke.

You are close to avenging us, Fourth. You are in the heart of where all our pain and misery began seven long years ago. (Destin)

From the shadows behind Destin were the rest of the five members of the Pendulum Order. They stood behind Destin as they watched the last survivor with envy but with hope as well. Lacteus quickly stood up in surprise as he looked around the inn as all was dark except the area they were in.

Our revenge is almost complete Lacteus. You must use your sword to undo all of our pain. (Jurenai)

Lacteus looked down as he held his head.

I’m…sorry…I’m so sorry for not fighting harder. My life would have been better off with the rest of you…

The emperor sits in his palace, believing that he had rid himself of the Pendulum. We must take his life in order to finally gain peace. (Telamith)

The Knight of the Fourth Pendulum slumped on his knees and covered his ears as their voices began to echo in his mind, louder and louder. He closed his eyes and laid his head on the ground. They continued to call to him and were begging him to avenge them and to finally bring them peace. They approached Lacteus slowly as he looked up at them and to his horror he saw their opens wounds and maggots crawling all over their decomposed body before suddenly waking up in the inn. Lacteus looked around in alarm and noticed he was back in the inn. It was only a nightmare.

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Emperor Susanoo became more and more concerned as the tale he was forced to listen to became more and more likely to confirm his suspicions. But as it went on, a new threat long thought forgotten began to make itself more noticeable.

Do not stop, continue with your tales.

But, m’lord- (Ballo)

I said continue! If what I believe you’re about to say is true then the kingdom is in grave danger. Do not delay your words any further!!

Ballo said nothing more and looked to Uron as he closed his eyes and continued.

For awhile we continued to ride towards the nearby village with no change in pace or atmosphere. Everyone was calm and rather confident that we would indeed find something, but not what we were expecting. No! They were not rebels!! (Uron)


The winged ones! I don’t know who they are or…what they were but…but… (Uron)

Hours earlier…

The march towards Dhvur was a strange one for the group. They encountered no one on their journey as they would normally do from their past travels and a dark cloud hung lowly over the horizon towards the West. Not far ahead of the regiment as Dielli sternly looked down the road they saw smoke rising high into the air. At first, they thought it was simply part of the dark clouds above but as they arrived near the border of the village they could see smoke coming from over the walls.

Make haste, the rebels may have attacked this village! (Dielli)

Balatior road close to Dielli as the rest of the army followed closely behind.

Sir, is it possible that the rebels may have gotten hold of a vessel? (Balatior)

Impossible. The only way our crafts can be manned is if they were granted permission through Emperor Susanoo himself. Why? (Dielli)

Balatior points at the gate. It was neither scratched nor broken down as a normal invasion would indicate. There no sign of a struggle either.

Perhaps they used trickery to enter this town. In itself it’s a fort for the local militia of independent villagers. While we don’t know for certain that they were even a part of the rebellion this does serve as enough evidence they were not allies in the least. I want to say that they make somehow convinced them that they were a local caravan of sorts that required a place to stay. (Dielli)

Perhaps…I don’t like this commander. (Balatior)

Neither do I. Let’s just get in and get out. (Dielli)

Moments later the small army arrives at the gates of the village and could only hear the torrents of wild flames on the other side. The smoke was rising even higher in the air. A few men climbed over the walls before finally opening the gates. They had looks of disturbance on their faces. Dielli took notice of this and began to question them.

What’s wrong? (Dielli)

It’s abandoned. The village is eerily quiet aside from the flames and ruins of the homes. We encountered no one at all. (Soldier)

Hmm. I want everyone to spread out and search for any survivors! (Dielli)

Everyone followed Dielli’s command as the small army investigated the entire village, which was rather small. Some time passed before everyone decided to regroup and set up camp, hoping to find out what happened in the morning. Dielli, Balatior and a few others remained awake as they watched over the village for anything strange. A sudden strange mist came over the village and the entire area. It wasn’t thick enough to hinder any of their sights but it proved difficult to scout ahead of the fields in the surroundings.

Back in the royal court…

Susanoo listened carefully and earnestly at what he was hearing before John suddenly appeared before everyone. Amdis stood up as he watched the urgency in his eyes.

My lord! Something dire is wrong!

Calm yourself John and speak sense. Be quick as well, these two men before me also bring news of urgency.

John nodded his head as he collected his thoughts on what he felt.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Wed Jun 08, 2011 10:14 pm

I look at Susanoo and the rest in the room, the two kneeling in front of the emperor and empress looked
like hell. I gather my thoughts quickly as it appears that the situation is much more than what I had sensed.

I sense something, well someone with dark intentions within these city walls.

Susanoo grips the end of the arms of his throne as he glares back at me, Empress Luna looks at me with some concern and curiosity.

That is impossible! No one would dare attack me here!

Well I sensed it. That and something else is creeping about your land.

Luna leans over to whisper to her husband to tell her something she senses from me.

-Whispers- My love I do believe not only the powers of the Kitsune Lord but that of the Great Ones from the time of humans within John now. (Empress Luna)

As they talk to themselves I remember that I had the mask and sash with me. I take it out from the pouch on my side. Susanoo turns to me and he notices me holding the mask and sash again. His eyes widen as I toss it to him, he holds it and looks at it very much amazed that I defeated his once friend.

You, defeated Katsurou Takahiro. Well John you astound me how you quickly adapted to your powers and your new home. However I do have another matter to attend to, please keep watch for what you sense and alert me at once.

I will do my best.

With that I warp out of the royal court and to the top of one of the tallest buildings, I pull my scarf up over my nose to cover my face. I look up at the sun which is almost at mid day height. I look towards the city below and start to run towards the edge of the roof and I jump off towards a smaller building. I continue this until I am closer to the source of what I sensed until I finally reach the market place.

Well what I am sensing is around here but...where?

I stay out of sight as it is still day time and there are many citizens about conducting their business. Hundreds of them walk about, talking, laughing, and going home with their purchases. I smile to myself and listen in some more of the conversations that are going on. From roof to roof I go, most conversations are boring but one caught my attention. Two merchants are talking about the decrease in magic and the a possible cause of it.

Yeah it's strange ever since MacKnight sealed the portals that the magic is dying off. (Merchant 1)

That and what about this new human? He got some strange powers where our kind is dwindling. He got to be the blame. (Merchant 2)

What makes you think that? (Merchant 1)

Well when I was at the loading docks, a traveler said that ever since humans came here the magic of his land was decreasing. I think he is very much right. (Merchant 2)

This conversation started to attract a crowd, now there were at least two dozen of them talking about it at one merchants stand. All I could hear is the crowd starting to blame humans for the problems that now plague the land. All this time I was lead to believe that humans were revered among the demon race, not a scapegoat. My heart sunk as I hear much of the citizens in the area bad mouthing my kind an me.

I jump off the building and to another until I get to higher ground. What I overheard and seen has distracted me from my true purpose of being down here in the first place. I start think about everything Lynn, Susanoo, Luna and the others told me...was it all a lie? Then again...demons in human mythology were evil....I never thought about that until now. The worst thing heart and feelings been toyed with. I clench my fists and I look down at them, unaware that if I truly wished to hurt them all I could do is shake my head in disbelief as I been used again as I had been in my former home.

Little did I know I was standing on the building that housed the very thing I was down hear searching for, Lacteus Baldor. He was starting to wake up from his sleep in the Inn he was staying in, planning his act of revenge.
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Tale of Lacteus of Baldor…

There was a commotion outside of the inn. Many folk began to enter to avoid the guard’s attention of any ill feelings towards the empire. Lacteus paid no mind to the conversation that four demons were having until they mentioned a certain human and the royal family. His eyes beamed in their direction to avoid others bringing him into the conversation.

It’s like I’ve always been saying, the Royal Family has a human with them. All over the past few years we’ve been losing our magic. Slowly but surely anyhow. (Demon #1)

That is true. Nothing but loss of power and we’re all reverting to such primitive methods of labor and warfare. Using actual weapon with no assistance of powers? What has our world come to!? (Demon #2)

Our world is changing just as we are. Not only has our technology progressed further than it ever has but perhaps as a consequence of our hubris and reliance on technology we are progressing backwards instead of forward. To blame it on humans is merely to put blame onto others. We’re being unfair about it aren’t we? (Demon #3)

Nonsense. It all started with that MacKnight fellow nearly fifty years ago. Once the portals had been sealed we’ve begun to lose magic. Coincidence? I think not. We can’t just say it’s our fault because it isn’t. Why would we, beings of great power want to rob ourselves of our gifts? (Demon #1)

We wouldn’t. No one would. It’s definitely MacKnight’s fault once the portals closed. On that note, maybe it’s humans after all. Rumor has it that this new human that came here had no abilities and soon after when my neighbor’s family lost their powers he was able to create fissures and command the flames! (Demon #2)

Still, the possibility of us relying on technology might be the source of it all. Sub-consciously we are losing the will to simply rely on our own strength. (Demon #3)

Listen to yourself! You sound like a maddened beggar trying to get attention. It’s not technology! Even regions without technology like Baldor, Siami, Chrenta, and Nolkis are losing their magic! It’s not technology; listen to what I’m saying. (Demon #1)

Lacteus turned from his seat as he stared at the demons conversing. “Baldor…what would they know of that place? What sort of things does the populace know of my former home?” Lacteus privately thought. His gaze was met by the fourth demon that had remained silent up to that point.

Stranger, you look rather interested in our conversation. Like to join in would you? (Demon #4)

The other three quickly silenced themselves as they looked to Lacteus. They obviously wanted another person to give their two cents on the conversation. As the Baldorian shook his head and began to leave the inn one of the demons shouted to him.

Wait, don’t you have anything to say? Your eyes show great malice for something. (Demon #2)

Yeah why don’t we talk it out? Don’t worry we won’t say anything to anyone. You can trust us. (Demon #1)

Lacteus looked over his shoulder at the demons sitting.

How would I be sure of that?

For one thing you carry a sword. (Demon #1)

You also were listening into our conversation so it is us that should be wary of you, stranger. How would we be sure that you yourself are not an agent of the palace? (Demon #3)

Seeing the logic behind their words Lacteus complied as he sat down in an empty seat of the table. All four trained their eyes on him. He returned the gesture and broke the silence.

Trust is a rather difficult thing to give out. How are we to confirm our suspicions of one another?

The four looked to one another, thinking of ways to prove their trust to someone they otherwise would not. It did not take long for them to find their answer.

We can always kill you. (Demon #2)

Lacteus grinned a bit.

That seems fair. The same to you four.

Hahaha! I like this one! Tell us, stranger, what be your name? (Demon # 4)

Lacteus closed his eyes for a moment and thought for a few seconds before opening them again.


Morun. (Demon #1)

Juon. (Demon # 2)

Abil. (Demon # 3)

Malchior. We’re a four man mercenary guild. I’m its leader. Pleasure to meet you. Be sure not to tell anyone or we’ll have to kill ya. (Demon # 4)

Rather small for a guild.

We’re experts in our trade. The four of us are more than enough to accomplish any mission necessary that the Zathran can pay us in. Problem is, most of the opinions people are giving out outside turn out to be true. We’re just agreeing with one another. (Morun)

A bit dangerous don’t you think? What if the city guardsmen catch you?

Hmm, you seem to know how things work around her in Zathra. Funny how I get this feeling that you may turn us in. You’re a citizen? (Juon)

I am. I’ve been living here for almost my entire life.

Almost? You’re saying you come from someplace else? (Abil)

My first home was another city but I came to live here. I’ve been living here ever since. I used to visit it sometimes since I had family there. We owned a small field for ourselves and now I’m just doing odd jobs to keep myself off the streets.

What happened, you didn’t like it? (Morun)

It was destroyed…during the rebellion. I don’t want to mention its name.

Ah…it’s alright we won’t push you any further with questions. But yeah, the rebellion brought a lot of folk over to Zathra. A shame really. (Malchior)


But enough of that, what are your opinions to this whole fiasco with the whole magic and human business? What about the Royal Family? Personally we don’t like the situation with either of them. (Juon)

First of all we need magic. That’s been a gift since forever. Demons have always had their use of their gifts and now that we’ve lost them we’re practically naked. Second, humans have been nothing but trouble, that’s all there is to it. Last but not least, the Royal Family is a bunch of fat-headed nobles. They swear they know everything. What’s your take on it? (Morun)

Lacteus eyed all four of the men and felt something off about them. He thought about everything that has happened thus far and how he’s in enemy territory. Along with the lie he has told he must check-out as a citizen or risk exposure.

For as long as we have lived, demons have been using magic to better themselves. It’s just as Morun said, we are naked without it. Magic is a part of our culture and because of its loss we are surely losing ourselves and our identity as demons. But perhaps that is for the best. Magic has always played a prominent role in war and perhaps this is a step forward towards peace. As for the human, I’m sure that there’s a reason that he’s here. Hasn’t their visits always brought peace during a crisis? Perhaps there is no crisis at the moment but inevitably it shall come. He will save us.

Wow…didn’t expect you to be so forward with it. Heheh, you’re clean. (Morun)

Lacteus’s eyes lit up in alert, confirming his thoughts about them.


Huh? Oh yeah, we’re searching for any suspicious activity. We’re not mercenaries, we’re assassins. Luckily for you everything you’ve said makes sense and obviously you’re not a rebel remnant or anything of the sort. Sorry for lying but we figured if we made you feel somewhat comfortable then maybe you would be the person we’re looking for. But once again, consider yourself lucky. (Malchior)

Death was hanging by a thread over Lacteus’s head. Had he said anything suspicious then it would have been all over for him. He was right to assume that something wasn’t right with them. These four men are out to hunt him down. The only thing saving Lacteus is his false identity and careful observation with the questions.

Malchior… (Abil)

We have to get moving. It’s almost time. (Juon)

Right then. Duty calls Banquo, it was nice meeting you though. (Malchior)

Same to you all. I do hope you enjoy the city.

Malchior smiled an innocent smile but it soon faded away as his eyes showed a terrible killing intent. Lacteus had seen these eyes before and was undaunted but gave a look of concern to throw Malchior off. As the assassins prepared to leave they suddenly stopped and turned to Lacteus. Slowly, Lacteus crept towards his blade and held the handle as Morun grinned.

You forgot to answer the question regarding the Royal Family. Don’t worry about it, it happens when under pressure. (Morun)

No it’s fine, I can still answer it and I honestly felt comfortable with you guys.

Nah, don’t worry about it. Say, next time we see you would you like to hang with us again, maybe have a drink? Sure our job is dirty but that won’t stop us from being friends, right? (Morun)

Yeah…sure. That’ll be great. Was kinda hoping you would ask. Thank you.

Lacteus gave a calm smile as Morun nodded his head and walked away. The Baldorian clenched his teeth tightly as he tasted iron and felt his gums go numb.

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Everyone leave this room immediately.

Those present in the Royal Throne room complied with their emperor’s wishes and left. The only one that remained was Okimai and Luna.

What is the matter, m’lord? (Shiroi Okimai)

I have an epiphany. Brustria might be the one behind this.

What?! But you’ve ensured that they would never be able to fight back ever again, you even threatened Falius’s family to ensure that. (Shiroi Okimai)

Apparently that is not enough. The House of Falius is a rather difficult one to bargain with, but seeing as how I was in control of the situation that should have kept Falius II in line, but it didn’t. He’s a stubborn one, even in his condition. So, I must call a meeting of the emperors to discuss this matter.

Both Shiroi and Luna made faces of great shock at Amdis’s words. It has been nearly a century since the last meeting of the emperor’s has been held. The last one involved Amdis, Lunar, Odine, Kratos and Falius the First during the Light-Shadow war. Amdis was neutral during the war by order of Lunar himself. To this day he still does not know why Lunar didn’t let him help.

Luna remained silent, remembering of Amdis’s rampage against the Brustian Empire.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:25 pm

I look out from my spot on top of the inn that I am crouched on. The unsettling words are still fresh in my mind, and the doubt is now there. However my logic tells me that I must trust Susanoo and the royal family as if they wished to harm me now they would have, nor would they have given me permission to travel about the world. Still it is unsettling that there is these rumors floating about the citizens of this city and possible the world. I will have to be careful not to anger anyone as it wouldn't take too much motivation for them to turn on me.

Hmm, I don't sense anything right now. Did it move? Maybe I was following the wrong thing?

I decide to keep looking for what I sensed so I go to even higher ground. I take up my post on the church steeple, from there I can see everything and at this point the sun is only a few hours from setting. I smile as I think about these new skills and powers I have, it almost like living in a comic or hell one of my favorite PS 3 games. My smile however was erased when I heard some screaming and yelling down below, I see two demon youths running from several merchants.

Shit that can't be good.

I start jumping my way down and follow from the shadows of the buildings waiting to see if the children will escape. I will help out only if they need it, I cannot risk conflict with the citizens after light of events. The chase seems to go on forever until the two youth run strait down an ally way that has a dead end. They stop and turn the mob that now has grown to a few dozen, they are wielding all sorts of tools and projectiles. This is going to get ugly quick, I cannot stand idly by and allow them to harm these children, no matter what the crime is.

We got you now you little street rats! You will not steal another thing from our shops again! (Mob 1)

We had no choice, we are on our own, our.....(Female youth)

Silence thief! I don't want to hear your sob stories! Your two are going to pay with your hands! (Mob 2)

The two youth huddle together as they know they are trapped and now are sure they are about to face the worst. Suddenly a blue and white flash lands in front of them, the mob stops their advance and are shocked to see me appear suddenly. They start to back up and I slowly stand to my full height, I look over my shoulder at the two youth and I can quickly tell they are of kitsune origin, and I think....what is with me and kitsune lately? Then I focus my attention to the mob, and close my fists and I glare at them.

So, you feel almighty today don't you?! First you slander me and blame me for the changes in your world, and now you are going to mob a couple of homeless kitsune for stealing a loaf of bread?!

The mob is silent as they look about themselves to see if they are going to continue to get there slice of justice. One big demon with a massive hammer steps forward and he taps it in his equally massive hand, he growls down at me, the fucker is well over 7 feet tall. Several others start to move forward towards me. I ready myself cause I know it is going to get nasty, I quickly glance back at the children.

Stay behind me. I wont let them touch a hair on your heads.

They nod as they are obviously terrified of the situation. I then notice a small hole in the wall as it must be hallow, that would give them a place to stay safe until I fend off the mob. I nod my head in the direction of the hole and they climb in, just as they are in the mob attacks. The big one with the hammer slams it down at me, I stop it with my hands and I start heating up my gauntlets. I grip the hammer head and my claws start to sink into it, the big demon is shocked and I then slam my right foot into his chest and drive him back into the crowd. I then throw the hammer over the city wall, I then back up to block the hole and I start charging up an electric attack.

You want some?! Come get some!

Wave after wave of demons attack me and I put them down, but careful not to kill them. Then it happen, I was hit by a rock off the side of my head. I staggered and fell back on the hole and I block it, I try to get my feet and I unleash random attacks, hitting buildings and demons. This activity got the attention of the palace guards, they quickly dispatch a team to find out what is going on. As they are leaving the palace gate they are greeted by a citizen who is out of breath.

Sirs! The human is in trouble! He is being mobbed by citizens cause he was trying to protect to beggar children! (Citizen)

And where is he now citizen? (Captain)

He is being beaten, he wont attack them now cause he is guarding the children from harm! Please help him! (Citizen)

The captain nod and sends a page to alert Susanoo, then makes his way swiftly to the site of the conflict. In mere minutes they arrive and the captain fires a shot over the mob's heads. They are alarmed and turn to see the guardsmen, they scatter like cockroaches when you turn on the light and when the dust settles they see me laying in the dirt, bloody, beaten and bruised. Lacerations about my face and arms, I am barely breathing and not conscious. The two children emerge from the hole where they were hidden and look at me lying there. They sit down beside me and look up at the guards who are now dismounting and coming to aide me and the children.

Please help him! He was hurt protecting us! (Male youth)

We will child, and we are going to make sure you two are safe. (Captain)

The captain motions to his troops to start on removing the three of us, soon new would reach Susanoo but the dark entity is still a foot.
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Tale of Amdis Susanoo...

But m’lord, you were banned from calling one after your attack against Brustria. The council will never hear from you! (Shiroi Okimai)

My dear Shiroi is correct. After what you did the council has refused to lift your banishment for seven years, surely you have not forgotten? (Empress Luna)

Of course not, I am no fool.

I said nothing of the sort and I am sure Shiroi as well. We are merely helping you. (Empress Luna)

Amdis leaned one arm on his chair and laid his head against it as if he were bored.

I still have connections with the separate kingdoms across the land. With Odine dead as well as Lunar and Falius the First, they have entrusted their capitals to those that would choose a worthy successor. The only kingdoms that would vouch for me would be either Calista or the Kingdom of Light. As you both know, the Air Kingdom is no longer in existence after McGill’s attack so whoever was the heir may have very well perished in the conflict. Lunar was killed during the Light-Shadow war…

Shiroi and Luna looked to one another as Amdis stared at the ceiling. His fist gripped tightly against his armrest until it shattered into powder. Emperor Susanoo took no notice of this before he came to and continued.

…And so because of that event Empress Nel now rules the Kingdom of Light while her advisor and protector is merely the face to detract the attention of assassin’s onto herself. Clever as this may be what makes this so much more is the fact that no one knows this besides us and anyone us that gains access within the council.

Luna and Shiroi nodded.

Falius the First’s death was caused by Kratos and so his son was given ownership of his father’s estates, wealth, and power. However, his son is nothing more than a spoiled child who required a strong hand to set him right. It’s a shame that that hasn’t happened yet. One would think, once again, that after what I did seven years ago he would learn. Brustria is doomed to fall if is still going about doing as he pleases.

And yet…his country is not is in total lockdown. No one may enter or leave without his rule. He controls Brustria and all that lies in its domain as his own. (Empress Luna)

As a sign of his hubris he has built an enourmous wall all around the border that can be seen even from here. The walls reach to the damn heavens! It’s impossible to see what goes on inside. He’s extremely power-hungry. (Shiroi Okimai)

As well as being paranoid and cowardly. His skill with a blade may have been one that rivaled even Kratos in his prime, no more. But no matter what has changed Kratos and I are the only emperor’s left from what once was. The so-called King of Nystoria...he truly thought we would bow before him. Only Nel has offered her allegiance to him.

You never will become an ally to him, will you Amdis? Even after saving us all from McGill while you alone fought off any forces from breaching the city. Had it not been for him then Dielli would have come to us and we would still face the danger of oppression. (Empress Luna)

His action begs for redemption, and that is weakness. He murdered his brother in cold blood and attempted to strikes against us all for power. Only weak beings hunger for power. With training and strength you can achieve anything. He chose the easy path, the path of the destroyer. He bears the marks even to this day. His wickedness will not be so soon forgiven and I refuse to see him as my superior!!

Empress Luna looked away as her husband’s rage became prominent. Okimai bowed in respect as to not earn his master’s wrath. Before long Amdis soon calmed down as he closed his eyes. Thoughts of the past and the many events he has lived through began to fumble within his mind. He saw the many times he has actually known happiness and those of the most terrible of battles, betrayals, and pain. One in particular began to fester within his mind and he soon began to sweat and mumble to himself and breathe heavily. Shiroi and Luna looked to Amdis as he continued to sweat even more and mumble even further and Luna touched his shoulder and he gasped in fright as he looked around. Luna’s face and concerned eyes soothed his soul and mind while Shiroi watched and lowered his head in respect. She put one hand on Amdis’s face and he held it there as he closed his eyes.

Do not let those memories surface…the past will only continue to haunt you as long as you continue to allow them to muster control on your mind. Be wary my love, for the past will not let you go so easily. (Empress Luna)

Shiroi lowered his head further as he remembered exactly what his lord does. There was a time during the civil-war after Lunar’s involvement where Amids suddenly disappeared. For two years a search from the Zathrans looked all over Nystoria for any hope of finding their emperor. It wasn’t until a year later that he was finally found…

I know that Luna, that is why I must continue before the time comes.

Susanoo sat up straight in his throne as his gaze lowered to Shiroi, who still had his head lowered.


The chief guard of the royal family looks up to Emperor Susanoo.

Yes, m’lord? (Shiroi Okimai)

How is Dielli’s condition? I have yet to speak to him. And where are Uron and Ballo?

Dielli is currently still recovering from what had happened two nights prior. I know not if you are aware of his wounds and so I shall continue on with your questions. (Shiroi Okimai)

You can answer those in a minute if need be, what is Dielli’s condition specifically.

Specifically…one arm is completely severed along with the multiple broken bones all over his body. He suffered heavy blow to the head and his armor was in shambles. If by chance he was to recover he may very well be able to come back into the battlefield but the chances are low. Only magic could repair him at this point… (Shiroi Okimai)

Empress Luna covered her mouth in horror as Amdis’s eyes widened in shock. He looked down at the ground as he realized it was his fault. The doors to the throne room suddenly flew open as a messenger came running in and bowed to his superiors and stood up.

What is the meaning of this?! Who told you that you could enter!!

I…I apologize m’lord b-but John has been attacked! (Messanger)

What?!! Where is he now?! Is he alright?!

Yes…some guards managed to quell the mob that had attacked him and brought two children that he was protecting. He is currently in the infirmary and is in bad condition. No visits are currently being allow- (Messenger)

The emperor of Zathra quickly jumped off from his throne and quickly made his way to the infirmary. “Do not die on me yet’re a strong man. Both you and Dielli are. I refuse to lose anyone again!” Amdis privately thought to himself as he stormed past many. It wasn’t long before he came into the infirmary and looked down at an unconscious John. Next to him where two children who watched their protector.

Tale of Lacteus of Baldor...

From what Lacteus had heard the human John Rohan was protecting two beggar children and allowed himself to be their shield as they beat him until he lost consciousness. A frown grew on Lacteus as he continued to listen in. The residents, possibly he mob responsible gloated over the weakness of John protecting a pair of simple beggars. They quickly followed up on their insults as they called him a fool for his selfless act. Lacteus, a strong believer in justice reached for his blade in his cloak but stopped upon seeing an apparition of his fallen comrades. They watched him and pointed towards the palace.

Time beckons for retribution. (Telamith)

The Pendulum swings over the essence of this nation’s cruelty. (Destin)

Emperor Susanoo’s malice, evil and injustice against us shall be purged by your blade. (Barthandulus)

All of the souls burned from this plane of existence have been trapped in the same state as we. We require rest and we will not know of it until the deed is done... (Jurenai)

…And neither will you. (Vior)

So go forth and bring eternal justice onto the emperor of this wicked country, let him be served as an example of the Pendulum’s power of justice! (Ocrid)

Burn his soul with our righteous fury of eternal impartiality!! (Pendulum Knights in unison)

Lacteus closed his eyes and placed his fist against his chest and said a prayer to his deity before looking up at the palace.

…We will have our reprisal.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Sat Jun 11, 2011 9:21 pm

I slowly open my eyes but I don't know where I am, the room is black, no floor, no walls but I feel contained. I am standing up and I am unhurt, I look around to see if there is anyone is here with me.

Hello? Is anyone here?

I get no reply so I start to walk around but it seems like I am going no where. I then stop and sigh to myself as I begin to think, did I die protecting the children?

Oh no! I promised Lynn I wouldn't leave, but what could I do? The children need me, I couldn't just walk away. What am I to do?!

Your to do as your destine to do John Rohan. (Mystery Voice)

I whip around to see a man about my height dressed in royal armor of the Light Kingdom. I thought for a second it was a demon but I got a sense that this person was human?

Your human but how? I was the only human in Nystoria now, and who are you?

Well that is true I was human, now a spirit and my name is John MacKnight. (MacKnight)

I look at him with disbelief and then make a revelation, have I died and went to hell?

I know what your thinking John, your not dead and your not in hell. You are in Susanoo's infirmary, your unconscious. Your bravery has saved those two children and confirmed to all of us in the Heaven realm that you are indeed the One. (MacKnight)

The One? What do you mean? I...

Yes John, we now how you came to Nystoria by the mask and sash, but nothing happens without a reason, even if it is not clear to us at the time. Your the one that will restore the balance and guide the Nystorian people into the new ages that are before them. (MacKnight)

But how can I do that with my short life span? I mean, I am near death right now...I.

MacKnight walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder. I feel a massive rush of power surge in my body, my mind feels clear and the pain of my past is gone. I look at him and he smiles as he starts to fade away.

John, you will have a long life with Lynn and your new friends, longer than any human ever had in Nystoria. The Grand council decrees it. Now wake up and get ready to recover, Susanoo and the others need you. (MacKnight)

As his spirit fades away, a bright light flashes and I then wake up to see Susanoo looking down at me. I am in a medical bed and I am bandages up. I then see the two kitsune children waiting there, they smile to see that I am awake. Susanoo gives me a rare smile, I smile back at him and start to sit up in the bed, the nurse tries to get me to sit down.

No no you must lay down now. (Nurse)

I lay back down as I still don't yet have the strength to argue with anyone. I return my eyes to Susanoo and start to chuckle.

First thing I see when I wake is your mug....almost thought I was in hell.

He laughs as he knows that I am starting to feel better, but I can tell he has a lot of things on his mind. Then the female kitsune child touches my hand and smiles at me as I start to look at her. They are safe and it gives me a great satisfaction that my pain wasn't for not.

What are your names children?

Kiyoko. (Female Kitsune)

Kiyoshi (Male Kitsune)

I smile some more as I know their names mean purity, fitting as both of them are sporting pure white hair and tails. They seem to be very comfortable around me, maybe cause I have had contact with others like them and my skills. Either way I feel that they need me and like MacKnight had told me, nothing happens with out a reason. I then start to feel that my injuries are healed and I start to unwrap the bandages, the nurse was going to stop me but notice I was healed, even with my kitsune skill of healing I shouldn't have recovered that fast from the injuries I had. I start searching my feelings and I realized that I been given something, something that would help me and everyone I care about.

My Lord.

Yes Rohan?

I believe that something wonderful has been given to me when I was out cold.

Is that so?

Yes, I had a vision, dream or whatever. MacKnight visited me and told me I am the One. Does that have any meaning to you?

Hmm not sure, but I am glad your alright Rohan. However I am still concerned about Dielli.

I spring from my bed and I quickly get dressed. The two children are right behind me and I turn to them.

Kiyoshi, Kiyoko. You need to let the nurses here help you out. Get something to eat and cleaned up. I will return for you both and we will figure out how to get you to your parents.

They lower their heads and hug each other, Kiyoshi looks up with a single tear in his right eye. That is the look of a child that has lost everything, they explain that their parents were killed during the wars that broke out in the countryside. I kneel down to them and hug them both, they are surprised that someone has given them affection. They both smile softly as they both almost forgot what a hug was like. I then stand and turn to Susanoo and start two walk out of the infirmary.

My lord where is Dielli?

He is in the intensive care room. Why?

I am going to heal him.

Even with your kitsune powers from the mask, you cannot heal him.

I then walk to a soldier who had been a victim of the rebel attacks, I place my hand on his chest and his breathing starts to get better, he wakes up and starts to move. The nurses check him over and they are astonished on what I have done, as the man is in A-1 condition. I then turn to Susanoo and smile back at him.

So, is that proof enough that I can do it?

Susanoo just shakes his head as he motions for me to follow him as he knows damn well I am one not to be told I cannot do what I set my mind on.
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Edáfous walks through the streets of the city with a cloak over his left arm but can still feel the vibrations from the spread of the Old One further into his body. He could feel a anger swelling in him since then and had decided to have as little contact with others as possible. Edáfous passes by a pub and faintly hears demons talking about a human in the city. He sighs and continues walking down the street. He jumps up onto the roof of an abandoned building and sits down staring at the palace which is not too far from him. He hides himself onto the darkness of the roof and looks around him. Suddenly his left arm changes again and the Old One speaks once again.

So are we finally going to be seeing a fight finally? I want to see their blood spill.

Silence Varýti̱ta I wish to think in silence.

I shall not be silent this time Edáfous I am too powerful for you to push me back so easily now...

Why of all of the Old Ones you had to be chosen...the one least like me. I fight to gain and show honor to my foes. You fight only because you love it.

And your point being? Well at least you are no coward...just a fool who does not know how to enjoy killing things.

Edáfous drops his head and just sits there for a bit looking down at the ground.

What do you even know about this man you are helping?

Lacteus of Baldor. A Knight of Pendulum, a strong warrior and one that I should respect for his skill.

You and your damn honor, why must you constantly spew nonsense about it.

I expect all warriors to have respect for other warriors, you as well.

Vráchos is silent for a bit and then melts back into Edáfous's left arm. He sits there on the roof non moving while he waits for Lacteus to show himself.

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Tale of Lacteus of Baldor…

As dusk began to cover the land and the winds of the Sourthern kingdom began to pick up and cool off the many working class citizens after a hard day’s work. Most of the soldiers that were stationed on the wall or around the perimeter of the outer layers changed shifts with their comrades in arms. Many decided to loiter around the local inns to continue discussing the events that transpired earlier that day. All the while, no one is aware of Lacteus’s infiltration of the royal palace. While maneuvering all about the enormous palace Lacteus studies the many architectural touches put into every square inch. It amazed him that such a beautiful structure could belong to the very family that attempted to kill him and all of his people. His soul burned with the need of vengeance.

Guards went about their daily routines of checking the corridors and rooms of the palace in case any trespassers made it in by some chance. Lacteus stuck to the shadows and turned off the valves of gas-powered lanterns that hung on the walls to camouflage his movements. For what seemed like an eternity the Baldorian at least reached the fourth floor which was the highest point in the entire palace. A sudden feeling of dread then suddenly came over him as Lacteus looked about but noticed nothing. He felt this sensation before and as his thoughts began to piece the puzzle he soon found himself regretting ever doing so.

Lacteus entered further into the palace as he moved further and further down the corridor and found an open balcony. As he stood on it he outstretched his hands as a light from a mountain not too far away began to shined at a certain point, which then quickly zoomed over to him as a ball of light floated on Lacteus’s outstretched hands. Upon touching the ball Lacteus was adorned in his Pendulum armor he had left behind not too long ago. He observed his shield as he grabbed onto the decorated sword that was placed on it and looked at the Baldorian runes etched onto it. His own sword forged in the fires of a well-renowned blacksmiths forge, the blade of the fourth Pendulum Hora Quarta.

Pulling off his cloak and moving slowly at the clanking of his grieves, Lacteus moved ever so swiftly at a door with Zathran writing all over it and knew from the size of the door that it belonged to the emperor and empress of Zathra. Wasting no time in preparation to carry out his deed Lacteus flew into a sprint and threw the doors open as he drew his blade and held his shield close. To his surprise, Empress Luna was the only one present in the room, she looked in fear at Lacteus as the killing intent in his eyes were still prevalent and it seemed as if he was prepared to kill her before running away as Luna summoned a lightning spell and attempted to incapacitate the Baldorian. The thundering roar of the lightning gained the attention of the guards as they began to swarm to Lacteus’s position. With his infiltration now known to the whole palace Lacteus was at a serious disadvantage. Upon reaching the end of the corridor he heard the sound of lightning charging and quickly threw his shield against his back and sheathed his sword as he made a mad dash. Just as he was nearing the corner his left arm was hit by Empress Luna and it fell limp.

At the same time, a large battalion of Zathran soldiers reached the floor and began charging towards Lacteus. He noticed that there was a passage that lead to the third floor and ran to the other side of the hall until he reached the door and closed it behind him as the guards began to beat against it and demanded that he turn himself in, lest they take serious action against his life. Refusing to give up after coming so far, Lacteus fled down the stairs that descended down to the third floor and stopped instantly as a few dozen soldiers stood in his path. With one arm out of commission Lacteus grunted in anger, grabbed his shield with his good arm and forced his way through, causing the guards to let him pass before giving chase. One of them stopped and fired an arrow but Lacteus quickly deflected the shot before seeing the entrance to the royal court wide open. With a dead end ahead of him he took this chance to barricade himself within the royal court as the guards pounded against this one as well. Lacteus sighed and turned to face what he had been fearing.

Hello there Banquo… (Juon)

Didn’t think we’d meet up this soon, Baldorian. (Morun)

It’s quite unfortunate that circumstances have made us enemies. We could have been a strong guild had you joined us. (Abil)

Again with the lies…

Lacteus drew his normal sword and held it with one hand with great difficulty. The feeling to his right arm was still numb.

Where’s your leader?

Down at the local pup, having a great time with the ladies tonight. Fortunately he doesn’t have to see you, it would have been so hard for him to see a new friend as an enemy. Can’t say I’m surprised myself. You are too damn smart to be a peasant or whatever you said you were. (Morun)

Your rag-tag of assassins sure do nothing but speak of false facts. Let’s be done with this then.

Something we agree on! (Juon)

Lacteus quickly slung his shield on his numb arm and made sure it was completely tied to it. He then pointed his blade at the assassins as his eyes turned grey.

Twenty two minutes later…

An object landed through an abandoned building as the entire structure collapsed on itself, bringing much dust in its wake. Edáfous jumped off in the nick of time and looked at the building with great indifference.

Random objects falling from the sky I see…

Emperor Susanoo then came crashing down several feet away from the destroyed building as his eyes were wild with great killing intent. Edáfous stood by and watched the enormous demon emperor as he towered over the wreckage. He stuck his hand in the rubble and pulled out a bloodied, bruised, broken and unconscious Lacteus by the hair, who still held on to his broken shield and Hora Quarta. Edáfous instantly lunged towards Susanoo and as his lance Farángi shined in the moon’s light and dug into the chest of Emperor Susanoo. The emperor attempted to slam his fist against Farángi but Edáfous quickly pulled his lance away. Upon regaining consciousness Lacteus yelled in anger as he stabbed his broken blade into Susanoo’s neck, promting the emperor of Zathra to toss the Baldorian against Edáfous sending them crashing through a wall, knocking out Lacteus once again as Edáfous quickly ran from the whole and stopped several inches from Amdis.

Despite having an obstacle in his way Amdis merely marched towards Lacteus while his steps shook the very ground they stood on. The earth demon scoffed in mild annoyance and attempted to run his lance through the emperor. However, Susanoo dashed in front of Edáfous and punched his square in the gut, causing the earth demon to cough and gasp from lack of air and fell to the ground as Amdis walked over him. A shadow came over the emperor’s face as he looked over Lacteus and lifted his fists into the air. Whistling came from behind Susanoo’s back as the emperor turned and grunted in annoyance at the sight of Edáfous holding his fingers in his mouth, apparently attempting to catch the emperor’s attention.

Do not be so impatient, knave. You too will soon know my wrath.

You…are an arrogant bastard.

Spare me your rubbish and bravado. Death shall embrace you, I’ll be sure let her enjoy this meanwhile.

Amdis then looked back towards Lacteus as his eyes were faded from the brutal battle he had endured earlier.

Perish, and be gone from this realm to eternal damnation! Take your mother’s taint with you!!

The emperor of Zathra’s fists came down over the defeated Baldorian…

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Upon displaying his miracle of healing, Amdis’s began to realize that perhaps Dielli could be healed. He quickly had John follow him as they came over to Dielli’s room and watched as many incubators kept him at a steady pace. His vital signs showed that he was calm and that he may very well be in a coma from the trauma of what happened.

Night before…

The cries of several men caught the attention of Dielli and some of the more hardened members of the small army. They grouped together and ran in the direction of the screams but found nothing. Traces of blood were found but no bodies as they investigated the surrounding areas. More screams began to echo all about them as they were being attacked by an unseen force. A sudden gust of wind pushed back Dielli and his men as they shield themselves, searching for the source all the while.

We’re being attacked out here…these aren’t rebels. (Dielli)

The demon soldiers, the most trusted in Dielli’s service and experienced members of the Knights of Lustitia Crimson (Crimson Justice) looked around themselves as they watch shadows move about in the mist. They would also spot large figures flying overhead which seems to be the cause of the powerful gusts. Many voiced their opinions on the matter.

Whatever these things are they must be air demons. (Balatior)

Impossible, they’re too large! Not even Emperor Susanoo measures in the sizes I’ve just witnessed! (Soldier #1)

I can attest to that… (Soldier #2)

As can I. (Soldier # 3)

Two officers within the corps looked to their soldiers and sighed.

I suggest you all calm yourselves before you lose your nerves. We’re men of valor and as such we should display it here tonight. Do not shame the Lustitia Crimson. (Grem)

Comrade Grem is correct. Steel your hearts and heat your blades for today we face an enemy we know not of. Continue to persevere or else you will falter, and I will not be there to protect you. (Loc)

The soldiers nodded as they prepared themselves when the screaming of their comrades had finished. They could see in the mist the giant figures that they had been discussing as they drew closer. One seemed to be hunched as chains rattled together. Its enormous size daunted Dielli and company as two soldiers ran away in fear. Dielli snarled in great disgust.

Cowards!! (Dielli)

Dielli turned his attention back to the massive figure as it stood nearly 10ft tall (while hunched) and its golden teeth dripped saliva in great amounts as it growled and opened its mouth widely and roared into the air. It looked back down and it began to sniff the air as it looked down at Dielli and his men as several spikes from its back stabbed into a five soldiers as they died instantly. Two more figures followed closely behind the terrible beast before them. They, however, were not monstrous in any way besides their height. Their size seemed to measure close to around 8ft as opposed to the massive one standing between them. One was dark skinned while the other was fully covered in armor.

Quite the small fry, aren’t they? (Cato Falkasius)

So it appears. Perhaps Clava would like to feast on these as well, if he weren’t so picky. (Ferrum Unguis)

Clava, the monstrous sized being that towers above all present growls as his white eyes look towards both Cato and Ferrum, they nod their heads as Clava stares down at Dielli and suddenly lunges towards him at great speed. Two folds of what appears to be wings suddenly sprout from his back and blows away all but Dielli, who held his ground by stabbing his sword into the earth. Clava grabs Dielli as his massive maw inches towards him but Dielli throws his blade into Clava’s eye as the beast cried in pain but began to crush Dielli in his hand. Grem and Balatior quickly regained their footing as they looked around for Loc.

Loc had begun battle with Ferrun but was slain soon after by the giant’s claws. Cato suddenly landed in front of both Grem and Balatior as he raised his mace in the air and crushed them both to death. Dielli was losing consciousness as he witnessed his soldier’s deaths and yelled in anger to no avail. Once Clava regained his senses and pulled out Dielli’s sword from his eye he slammed Dielli to the earth and then proceeded to swat him against a nearby barn.

That was far too easy. (Ferrun)

These are the beings that our ancestors lost against so long ago? I am greatly ashamed of our heritage. A bunch of old fools they were. Their avarice is what drove them, not strength of will or brawn. (Cato)

Dielli slowly came walking out of the barn he had been tossed into by the monster that was Clava. As he limped out and fell to the face-first into the earth while staring at the beings.

You are…t-the…Ch-Chaos race…? (Dielli)

Both Ferrum and Cato looked in surprise at Dielli. Mostly impressed by his sheer willpower they stood over him as Clava pinned Dielli on the ground and applied immense amounts of pressure as the beast before him began to salivate intensely. From the corner of Dielli’s eye he could see even more figures walking towards his direction and many more in the sky. Moments later dozens of the beings of the same height stood behind Ferrun, Cato and Clava as they watched.

This is interesting. Despite your wounds you still cling onto your life. How much more punishment can one such as you take before you die? (Cato)

Perhaps the loss of an arm? Clava. (Feerum)

Clava roared as if in a good mood and dug its fangs into Dielli’s arm while keeping him pinned and began to tug. It didn’t take long before Dielli’s arm snapped off and screamed at the top of his lungs…

And we are not the called the chaos race, we’re called the Nephilim. Be sure to tell that to your master if you live by any chance. (Cato)

Back in the infirmary…

Waking up from the nightmare and trauma of reliving the same event again, Dielli awakens as he screams in pain in terror before abruptly stopping as he felt no pain and noticed several black shapes looking down at him. He recognized one of the voices and it wasn’t long before his vision became clear as Amdis, John, Luna, Ballo and Uron looked over Dielli and he blinked several times as he stood up. Remarkably, he felt no pain at all. In fact, he felt as if he regained his powers. A sudden realization came over him as he looked to his arm that was severed and noticed that it was there. Dielli’s eyes darted towards those present as he was speechless.

…How? (Dielli)

Amdis placed his massive hand on John’s shoulder as Dielli’s eyes showed slight tears and closed his eyes as he smiled.

You should be able to fight again, Dielli. You’re a strong warrior according to your master and I doubt that much can be accomplished with you in bed simply lying there as you loathe the world. I have…in a way, given you a second chance.

As have I. The process of bringing you back in your prime required the removal of the seal, courtesy of your empress. Once that was done Rohan continued to heal you from your injuries. You will still need rest, however, so you cannot enter the battlefield just yet. Know this, despite the cowardice of their actions, were it for them your life would have been over.

Dielli’s eyes widened at the words given to him. Remembering how he insulted both Ballo and Uron over beings cowards he looked to them as they nodded, understanding his feelings.
We’re just glad you’re alright, commander. (Ballo)

Yeah…we’re the only ones that made it least we’re alive, right? (Uron)

A single tear dripped down Dielli’s cheeks and he looked into Luna’s eyes. He then looked down, ashamed of what he felt against her for taking away his powers but soon returning them. Luna placed her hand on Dielli’s and smiled warmly.

M’lady…I have a confession to make. Once my powers were taken I was…filled with great confusion and much malice against you. Knowing that this was not the correct form of emotions that I should have had against you the reasons were clear. I misused my powers in the presence of her majesty and so your actions were justified. B-but…I was too stubborn, too proud to accept that. I…I beg of you! (Dielli)

In an act of pure sorrow and gratefulness Dielli grabbed onto Luna’s hand as he began to beg for forgiveness for hating her. Luna merely watched Dielli and held him. Amdis, Ballo, Uron and John watched in silence until all was done. Dielli quickly wiped his eyes and cleared his voice as he turned to Emperor Susanoo.

M’lord…I also ask for your forgiveness. (Dielli)

Amdis’s eyes narrowed as he punched Dielli in the face. John and Luna gasped in shock at this as well as Balla and Uron.

Forgiven. But never display such weakness in your lord’s presence or else my forgiveness will be forfeited.

Dear! (Luna)

M-my lord! You can’t just hit Dielli after we just finished healin-

Dielli put a hand up as John stopped in mid-sentence. A smile grew on Dielli’s face while looking up at Susanoo.

Thank you… (Dielli)

Hmmph. Just don’t get used to it. Tomorrow I expect you to begin the training exercises once again with the new recruits. Their commander awaits them. Do you accept?

Oh course. (Dielli)

Good. Now I have important matter to discuss with you and John. Luna and you two, please leave the room.

Luna, Ballo and Uron nodded their heads as they respected their lord’s wishes. As soon as no one but the three men were alone Amdis looked to John.

John, you say that you felt a dark presence lurking about my kingdom. Can you tell me what it feels like, where it’s from, details of particular importance?

Yeah…it’s just this dark presence feels like intense hate. Almost as if this thing wants revenge. It is definitely full of darkness in its soul. I can’t be more specific than that I’m afraid, still getting used to this whole powers things.

Very well, that suits me just fine. Dielli, Ballo and Uron were telling me about these enormous beings of great strength. What can you tell me about them, seeing as how you were the one that was directly injured by them so your interaction no matter how vague would be of great importance to me.

Dielli’s eyes looked to his arm that was healed and sighed deeply as he began to explain what had happened on the night before. Both John and Amdis listened in closely and as Dielli explained more and more his eyes were completely wide in horror.

It…it can’t be!

Nephilim…? Where have I heard that before…

This can’t be! The possibility of them coming back…it just can’t be!!

I dare not lie, m'lord. It's the truth. (Dielli)

Coming back? What are you talking about?

Dielli and Amdis looked to one another. As they were prepared to explain what sort of danger this presents the alarms of the entire palace began to go off as an announcement of enemy infiltration was made.

What the…an enemy attack? Could it be? (Dielli)

No. If it was them I would surely know of it. John, close your eyes and focus for a few seconds. Is this the dark presence…?

John complied with Susanoo and did as he was told. He searched through all the energies from positive to negative. But as he went deeper he felt a menace closing in from afar and was scared back into reality.

What happened? Did you see who it was?

No…but I felt something else, something much more sinister.

Before Amdis could get a word in Haraldur and several guards walked into the room.

Father, an intruder has entered the palace. (Haraldur)

I’m well aware of that. Where is this intruder now?

Currently barricaded within the royal court. (Haraldur)

Ah, so everything should be fine then. With our assassins guarding the royal court in my absence, they will make quick work of him.

Actually father…we have not heard word from the assassins for some time now. I came here to see what we should do. This person is obviously skilled and we can’t risk the lives of our men. I volunteer to take this foe on! (Haraldur)

No. I shall face him. Those assassins were more skilled than you. I shall face him. If anything goes wrong flee with your mother.

Haraldur nodded his head with respect as he left with the soldiers to protect his mother. John and Dielli looked to Amdis as he quickly made his way to the royal court. Moments later he found many of the guards attempting to push the door open but to no avail. As soon as they saw their lord they began to cheer and cleared a path for him. He looked at the door and immediately forced it open as he entered. All was pitch black inside and the only source of light was the moon’s rays shining down from the glass ceiling that illuminated the center. In the center of the royal court there stood Lacteus with his silver armor that reflected the light of the moon. Susanoo took several steps towards Lacteus.

Who are you and why are you in my humble abode? Do you seek someone’s life or was there a misunderstanding? Speak now!

Indeed I have come for someone’s life. The one person that destroyed everything I held dear, the one person who slaughtered thousands, the one person that slandered and spat on my culture; that person is you, Emperor Susanoo! I, Lacteus of the Fourth Pendulum and the last of my kind am prepared to finish this once and for all!

Amdis’s fist and teeth clenched tightly at the realization of who this foe is. His eyes glowed brightly and the aura in the room became somewhat suffocating for Lacteus when suddenly Susanoo crossed his arms then fired a beam towards him. Lacteus dodged the attack as the wall behind him was utterly destroyed and allowed more light from the moon to flood in and reveal the corpses of Morun, Juon, and Abil on the ground. Lacteus quickly placed his sword over his shield, gaining some feeling in his left arm, as he took a defensive position and quickly approached Emperor Susanoo as the maddened sovereign charged towards him. The two clashed as Lacteus cut Susanoo’s stomach and turned to see a fist inching closer to his face. With little time to react Lacteus used his shield to block the attack but the enormous strength of the emperor crushed the shield and Lacteus’s arm while also being sent skittering upon the ground.

Lacteus quickly stood up and charged towards Susanoo once again and flew into frenzy with his swings and jabs, managing to cut several pieces of Amdis’s armor and skin. Emperor Susanoo retaliated by attempting to overwhelm the Pendulum Knight with his fists but was all dodged or blocked somewhat with Lacteus’s broken shield. Susanoo grabbed onto the shield as Lacteus was lifted from his feet and slammed onto the ground and kicked from him several feet away. The Baldorian did not stay down and stood up once again as he held his blade close and whispered to himself. His sword glowed brightly and slashed the air as blue energy soared towards Amdis and sent several more. The Emperor of Zathra took the hits and while at first they had no effect the small wounds he had substained began to ache his body. Lacteus quickly dashed towards Susanoo and spun as his blade came from under and cut a large portion of Amdis's face before then stabbing him in the shoulder. Amdis punched Lacteus in the gut and sent his skidding on the ground before standing up and crossing his arms and firing another beam. The Pendulum Knight blocked with his shield as the armor on his arms and many pieces of the shield shattered. Susanoo quickly closed the distance between the two and punched Lacteus in the face as he smacked face-first into the ground.

Emperor Susanoo stomped his foot over Lacteus’s body as the thud threw his body in the air, giving Susanoo enough time to punch Lacteus once again but this time into a wall. Lacteus coughed blood but stood up quickly which surprised Susanoo as he began walking towards the badly injured Pendulum Knight. The Baldorian laid his back against a wall as his vision became blurry. No normal demon could have survived the punishment Susanoo gave him.

Tell me Baldorian, do you know where you hail from?

Lacteus stared up as Amdis who stood over him and growled under his breath.

My mother was a demon lady…I know not of my father. But I come from a well-cultured people and all was lost thanks to you!!

Lacteus pierced Amdis’s chest with his blade, Hora Quarta and twisted it as he pushed it in further. Emperor Susanoo’s hand clasped around Lacteus’s neck and was hoisted into the air while also pulling out the blade that was stabbed into his chest and without much effort he shattered it in his hand. A face of pure horror and hopelessness came over Lacteus’s face as his blade was broken. John and Haraldur ran into the room and watched as Susanoo pulled his arm back and punched Lacteus directly in the chest and through a wall.

Father, are you alright?! (Haraldur)

Who was that?

The dark presence. Don’t follow me not matter what you two. I am going to erase his from the face of this world. That demon must not be allowed to live no matter what.

As Haraldur and John were prepared to question their lord Amdis jumped down towards the city as they heard his thud. While they stood near the hole and saw another person fighting Emperor Susanoo they watched as he beat the other rather quickly and was prepared to make the finishing blow. But a large figured covered in cloth stopped Susanoo’s fist, catching the emperor of Zathra by surprise as he was thrown back towards another abandoned building.

The being stood tall as its white eyes stared into the wreckage it had wrought. A red beam was unleashed upon it as it took the blow and ripped a large portion of its cloak off.

This opponent is above the to simply flee for now. (Nubibus Vagus)

Susanoo sprinted quickly and roared at the top of his lungs as he started towards Nubibus, the being that had attacked both Lacteus and Edáfous several nights before. It quickly grabbed the two as its massive wings sprouted from its back and soared into the sky within seconds and disappeared. Amdis’s worst fears had come true.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:52 pm

After I healed Susanoo and made sure things were okay with everyone in the palace including the two kistune youth I had rescued, I decided to take watch from the cathedral steeple in the center of the city. I look out at the star filled, full mooned sky, the wind has died down and the temperature has warmed up some. The thoughts of that name...Nephilim echoes through my mind. I desperately try to remember where I heard that name but to no avail. I slunk down beside one of the stone gargoyles that decorated the top of the cathedral and then I start to think back on my life.

-flash back-

It was August of 2007 when I was working with a technical company called Magnatech. I was a gaming software company and it was very content there. I had friends, I was part of the company hockey team, I felt included. It is also where I met my last girlfriend, Alexa. We were so in love, we done everything together, but 3 years 2010 she broke my heart. I returned to our apartment and I found her in bed with another man, our boss at Magnatech. The next day I was let go, I moved out of the apartment and got a new apartment on my own above a comic book store, the landlord Yoshi Ryuu, his previous employee had quit on him and he asked if I was seeking employment. I jumped at the chance to work there.

-end flash back-

I shake my head as I come out of my little trance I was in, and look down towards the citizens walking about the streets. I then look out towards the city walls and see that the guards are on high alert. I then scan the sky to see if I can see one of those beings flying about. I seen what these beings can do after healing Dielli, I seen what they done even to those that survived, if I could only remember what that name is... I could prepare myself for what is coming. I stand up and look towards the palace and I start jumping from roof top to roof top until I swung into the open hole that Susanoo had put in it during his fight. The work crew and guards are startled that I swung in but quickly realize that it's me.

Wow, you really don't like using the door do you? (Worker)

Meh. Doors are over rated.

They all laugh at what I said and go about their business. I start walking down the hall and I then see Susanoo entering the main hall, I follow after him he looks around at his throne room with his hands on his side. I stand a few feet behind him and just watch what he is doing, he looks up at the high ceiling that is adorned with magnificent murals that are of Nystorian history. As I look up and see this he starts to speak.

These painting have been hear for centuries, always updated from generation to generation. Even John MacKnight's deeds are portrayed here.

I look over to where Susanoo is pointing and I see the depiction of MacKnight's final stand. All I could hope is I wouldn't end up like him....a martyr. Susanoo's attention turned to me as I look over the mural, the look on my face is that of concern.

Rohan? Are you okay?

Yeah....I am just trying to remember somethings about the Nephilim so I can combat them with some more confidence.

You shouldn't concern yourself with them, I have enough soldiers that are skilled enough to handle them.

But, I don't understand? Why are you forbidding me to fight them? I am not your son, you can't order me about like him.

I gave you an order as a member of the House of Susanoo! You will comply or face the consequences!

Whoa, I just want to know why your so freaked out by these guys. I never seen you fear anything Susanoo. Listen, I am sorry for talking so out of term. I am grateful for all you and Luna have done for me...more than my own kind ever did for me....

I see. I now know why your not like most humans I have met, not just because you have these abilities, but your an outcast among your own.

I run my hand through my hair and rubbed the back of my neck as I now look at the marble floor then my look shies away from the Emperor. For the first time, the cocky smart-ass human is now looking out of place and vulnerable. I look up slowly at Susanoo who is normally annoyed with anyone displaying weakness, I see the look of a concern and understanding.

I will comply with your order Emperor.

I start to walk away and the Emperor was just watching me leave as I open the door I look back.

If I was to have the privilege of picking my father..I would want him to be like you.

I leave the room and retire to my room, meanwhile Susanoo tries to process what I had said to him in all the while is unaware of Luna who was looking down at use from the upper floor stairwell.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:59 pm

Tale of Lacteus of Baldor…

Beating his wings as speeds only wyverns can dream of Nubibus flew straight towards the Xantantian Mountains and flew low as he landed. Still holding both Lacteus and Edáfous in his massive hands, Nubibus lowered the two gently on the snowy ground. He looked down at the unconscious duo before turning his attention towards the enormous mountains.

Edáfous regained consciousness. As soon as he saw Nubibus standing over him he quickly twirled Farángi and stabbed it into the giant’s foot, prompting Nubibus to look down.

Merely pricking me will not serve you well. (Nubibus Vagus)

The green knight responded by whistling and then stabbing Farángi into the ground as columns of earth slammed into Nubibus’s chest. The giant responded by smashing the columns and gripping Edáfous in his hands. Edáfous struggled in vain and only stopped once Nubibus began to crush him.

Calm yourself, I am not your enemy. Your life was spared due to my intervention. Saving a life only to end it not after doing so makes little sense, does it not? (Nubibus Vagus)

Realizing that Nubibus’s words were true Edáfous calmed down, allowing Nubibus to release him.

I owe you my life…literally. Now, what about Lacteus?

The Emperor of Zathra placed this knight unto the brink of death. He wonders through the shadow now. I have no knowledge of when his slumber will end. It may be days, weeks, or much longer. For now, we simply will wait. (Nubibus Vagus)

I am not waiting.

I did not mean you. (Nubibus Vagus)

Then whom?

Do not worry about that. Take not that you are free to leave anytime you wish. I, on the other hand, must watch over this Lacteus. His destiny resembles a hymn. All life has a certain piece that represents its will. Yours isn’t loud enough for me to hear, however. (Nubibus Vagus)

Speak sense.

The note you play constantly offers no amusement, or rather, it is muffled by something else. Gargled and hidden deep within. (Nubibus Vagus)

You lost me. Do you mind speaking in a tone that I understand? From what I gathered you can ‘hear’ our destinies.

A roar suddenly broke the conversation as Edáfous’s wyvern descended upon Nubibus and slammed its talons into him. The giant threw the beast aside and unleashed a strange noise that suddenly felled the wyvern.

Edáfous began to make his way towards the giant but stopped upon being stared down on. Nubibus’s beady white eyes glowed in the darkness.

You have a rather interesting set to see with. I only hope you didn’t kill me pet.

Nubibus looked away and observed Lacteus. He then turned towards a cavern not too far away as he walked off, leaving both alone as he ventured.

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Several days has passed since the night Lacteus broke into the Zathran palace and the appearance of a great enemy of all demons in Nystoria. Amdis has soon personally taken it upon himself to seek an audience with Empress Nel of the Kingdom of Light to request that she begin a meeting of the emperors. Flying in his vessel at great speeds, he wondered how all of Nystoria would take the news of the Chaos race’s return. He could only hope that they would heed his words and join together to eradicate the coming threat looming over the horizon.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Tue Jun 21, 2011 11:28 am

It is hours since Susanoo had left for the Kingdom of Light to see Empress Light and I had been ordered to stay put within the Palace. I know I had given my word to him but I got this urge to seek out some answers to these new beings. Kiyoko and Kiyoshi are in the care of the palace nursing team, I am told they are bout 10 years old and I am amazed they survived for so long on their own. They often come to see me and are curious in the fact I am human, I am definitely becoming attached to those too.

I then hear Dielli enter my room and I turn from where I was seated to greet him.

Dielli, you look well.

I feel it as well, thanks to you John. (Dielli)

Just glad I could help. Anyways take a seat Dielli, your standing up is making me nervous.

As he sits he is puzzled on my words, I just laugh.

It's just a saying from where I come from, I am just being funny.

He smiles and I pour him a drink of tea. We look towards the window and I start to think about the Nephilim again and it struck me, Dielli seen them close up.

Dielli, you obviously had a good look at the Nephilim.

Yeah, too good of a look for my liking John. Why do you ask? (Dielli)

Well I had heard that name before, Nephilim. So I was wondering if you could tell me what they looked like?

Dielli looked very upset when thinking back but gutted out and gathered the will to tell me.

Well John, they are massive in size, bigger than demon or human and they have wings. Not like the rare demon type which have bat-like wings. They had.....bird-like ones. (Dielli)

You mean like angels?

Yes...why? But angels are of the Heaven realm. (Dielli)

I take out my i-Phone and I look it over, it took some damage. I then try something different to fix it, I hold the phone in my hand and the phone glows as I start to use my magic to repair it. Dielli looks on as he seen my phone be completely repaired, he is intrigued by it so much mainly cause he never seen MacKnight with any of these items. I use my index finger to scroll about then selected a file, it was a e-comic that was about the Nephilim, I stared at the comic and I shuddered as Dielli looked on.

You know of them don't you John? (Dielli)

All to well, not only from this comic, but from bible writings and other sources. In 2013 some scientists found a complete skeleton of one of them, the once thought myth had come to light. Actually the comic was based on the bible writings of them and this book of strange origin.

I show Dielli a picture of the cover of the book I had spoke of, it was written in ancient language that no one on Earth could decipher. Dielli on the other seen both the book and text somewhere before, it was the book of the Nephilim War of old.

We have a copy of this book John in our Royal Library. (Dielli)

That's all well and good but these new Nephilim seem stronger. If there was only away to get more information on them.

Dielli looked at me and I had the look on my face that I was going to do something crazy. He then got a serious look on his face as he leaned over the table and looked me in the eye.

John, whatever your thinking it is a bad idea. They are too strong even for you and your abilities, plus well you know they are part human, right? (Dielli)

Yeah I know they are, but what does that got to do with me?

How can I put this delicately? Yes they will stop at nothing to obtain you if they sense you here. They are obsessed with your kind and would love to twist your mind to their will. They will......use you for breeding purposes. That is one of the main reasons why the Emperor wishes you to stay hidden.(Dielli)

I look at him and he is hiding something from me, I can tell it. Something that is important to me.

Dielli, what is the other reason he doesn't want me to face them, hmm?

Dielli looks away and then back to me, this is not good as he seem reluctant to tell me but he yet again guts the answer out.

Emperor Susanoo has sensed your losing your powers. Even the powers you had gained to heal me are slowly dwindling. He fears that if you face them, your powers will fade and you will be captured. (Dielli)

I lean back in my chair and then look over at him, and I smile a smile that gives Dielli an unsettling feeling.

They will not kill me will they? That gives me an idea.

Oh no, your not going to do what I think your going to do. If it backfires and you end up dead the Emperor will have my head! Not to mention Lynn would die of grief. Plus they must already know of your existence, the rumors in this city spread quickly and would not be so difficult for the Nephilim to obtain this information. (Dielli)

Yes but I am the only one that may stand a chance of getting close to them and learning of any plans or weakness they might have, I...

John, I will not lose another friend. I was powerless to save MacKnight during the final battle, I will not sit idly by and see you taken from us. I can bare to go through this again. I know you wish to contribute in protecting the country but your putting yourself at too much of a risk. I beg you to forget about your plan and just do as the Emperor Susanoo requests, after all, you did promise. (Dielli)

Yes, I did promise Susanoo I would stay put. So I will Dielli.

With that answer Dielli left my room and went about is duties, however I had questions that required answers, so I step out on my balcony of my room and look out towards the south.

I think it is time I visit the crash site of MacKnight and see if there is anything I can learn to help me. I am nothing if I lose my powers, so I need to find out how he gained his perminate ones. I put on my black version of my armor that Lynn has given me and I grab my short sword, I quickly make my hand signs to warp out to the site. In an instant I land at the site and I feel a little sick from the travel, I feel drained and I quickly realize that what Dielli told me was fact and not a means of deterring me from taking action. I look around and I see the downed plane that MacKnight arrived in, it has some over growth over it and the residents had put up small memorial in his honor.

Wow, they really did appreciate what he done for them.

I walk over to get closer to the shrine and the craft and as I look it over I am unaware that I am being watched.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Fri Jun 24, 2011 2:43 pm

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

The dark clouds blotted out the sun’s rays and kept any light from entering the land. As a storm approaches from the horizon and rain begins to fall heavily. It was a blizzard in Aragra. Many farmers and soldiers alike continued to go about their lives for they were used to the rough weather that winter brought. A booming noise was heard several yards away as the Vigorous Deus zoomed past their heads and went straight towards the Kingdom of Light. Several crafts followed it. Once they saw the emblem of Susanoo, however, they quickly broke off and allowed the vessel to pass as they escorted Amdis to a nearby landing dock.

A large dome covered the ship and a tube from the palace latched onto it. Upon exiting his craft a woman with a armor resembling a valkyrie meets him halfway and great him.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Light, Emperor Susanoo. (Hëna)

Amdis’s eyes looked down to Hëna before continuing his stride towards the hangar bay. Hëna quickly followed closely as they entered the hangar bay and entered a crude version of the earthen elevator which proceeded to transport the two up towards the highest point and most secure area in the entire kingdom, the empress chambers.

We do apologize for using me as a liaison for so long but we were not sure if you, the aggressor you are, could be trusted with the safety of our empress. She is not like the rest of you. (Hëna)

Understand this peon, I respect your views of what you may perceive this world to be and your relations to Dielli, but do not test me further.

My apologies…I should know my place. (Hëna)

You’re just learning that now?

Amdis chuckled to himself and continued forward, leaving Hëna to look to Susanoo with much hate in her eyes. Guards standing next to the door leading to Empress Nel’s chamber looked up in surprise at Emperor Susanoo. For a moment they hesitated to speak but Hëna quickly calmed them down.

He’s our honored guest. It’s alright, I’ll be there to watch over her in case he tries anything. (Hëna)

You’d need more than yourself if you’d wish to even scratch me, do not overestimate yourselves. I will overcome any.

Both the guards and Hëna said nothing as he passed through the door and she followed closely. As the door closed the guards gripped tightly to their spears.

Cocky bastard… (Guard #1)

Always doing as he pleases. One day he’ll get his. (Guard #2)

Emperor Susanoo and Hëna entered Empress Nel’s chambers as a white-haired girl in her teenage years was sleeping in an awkward position in her chair. A book lay on the floor and suddenly she began to snore loudly, irritating Amdis and embarrassing Hëna as she quickly awoke Nel who sprung to life instantly as her ears stood up straight and her tail wagged several times before calming down. Upon seeing the emperor of Zathra staring at her she became extremely red as she shouted in embarrassment, further irritating him.


Nel quickly regained her composure with the help of Hëna, who began to fix her hair as Amdis continued.

Lady Nel, I apologize for my sudden arrival but this is urgent.

Umm, well, what exactly is the problem? (Empress Nel)

You are not entirely aware of the history of this continent but there is another out there with beings completely different from us. They are giants, with massive wings that can destroy forests with a single stroke. Their strength rarely rivals my own but it is close enough.

What kind of race is capable of this? Dankumen never mentioned anything about a race of giants with wings. Tell us more. (Hëna)

Long before either of you were born, when Nystoria was embroiled in a terrible war that engulfed the entirety of Nystoria. This very land was one of the many that were overrun with the horde of the chaos race.

Nel’s eyes lit up in a strange mix of curiosity and fear at the thought of such monsters. Hëna’s attention began to draw more to Amdis’s words than that of her lady’s hair.

The war was costly. Sparda, the first and last king of Nystoria was killed near the final stages of the war. Many of our greatest warriors were also killed. The 18 then rose to power and quickly dealt with the threat just as I was prepared to do the same. They were barred off from the continent by the 18’s barrier. Nothing would come in or out. However, my suspicions of some having been cut off and remaining behind have always troubled me. And Hëna…Dielli was attack and nearly killed by one.

The look on Hëna’s face showed desperation and anxiety slowly building up. But she soon calmed down once Susanoo explained that he was safe and unharmed after Rohan had healed him. She smiled to herself and thought about how she would repay yet another human for his good deeds. In fact, she was quite anxious to meet him once more.

Well…why don’t you talk to Fallius II? He has quite a powerful military. (Empress Nel)

Seven years ago I nearly killed him and brought his country under my control. I alone decimated his armies and crippled him. That demon would not forgive me for such an act and neither would I. It’s a shame that he is now reduced to a tainted being. Weak. Pathetic.

Then what of Calista? You still would refuse to see Kratos as the rightful ruler of Nystoria? He is the last living heir and the only one capable of uniting the people. If what you say is true then you must put aside your personal vendetta against him. He was always destined to be the one to lead us to a new age. His actions are the very reason we are free from McGill while you remained neutral for who knows how long. (Hëna)

My actions were of uncertainty and disinterest in the events surrounding Zathra. As I recall many of the other countries had actually allowed themselves to be absorbed into his collective, minus many of the emperor-owned territories. Only I remained as an emperor. We do not need Kratos. Indeed, he may be the heir but his actions echo nothing but absolute despair. I am not the only one who still mistrusts and finds him unworthy of the throne. I owe him nothing.

You are too stubborn and arrogant to even see the foolishness of those words. (Hëna)

Still your tongue, wench, lest I remove it myself along with your head. My strength is unrivaled in the entire known world and none has ever, ever matched me. My military currently stands as the only opposition of the invaders to come. They are growing in strength in the south and we need everything in our power to drive them off once more before a second Great War is had. This isn’t Kratos, this about Nystoria. Now, will you vouch for me or not?

Nel sighed silently she looked to Hëna as they both consulted with one another. They quickly reached a resolution, much to Amdis's delight.

I will. (Empress Nel)

Good. We depart now.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:21 am

While I am looking over the shrine I can get start to think about what could be here to help me. I then here something sneaking about in the forest, if my powers were not depleting I could sense what it is. I hear the quick flapping of wings and I quickly turn around but nothing is there.

Must have been a bat.

I then focus on why I came here in the first place, getting the answers I seek. I even though the crazy ass idea I had to get info on the Nephilim by infiltrating them, what was I thinking? I then here a snap of a branch and more flapping of wings, the sun is setting behind me then suddenly a large shadow goes over me. I quickly turn and look up to see a massive armored figure flying down with two claws pointing at me. I dive out of the way and roll to the side then quickly get back to my feet. I see this being as a Nephilim, dressed in black and gold armor, his face is covered. The giant sized being opens his metallic wings and they block out the setting sun.

Well aren't you the freak!

The Nephilim grows but his quickly silenced when a smaller female dressed in black and red armor carrying a shield with a sword on her back, she flicks her red and purple hair out of her face as she walks out form behind the bigger one.

Now now Elohim. The human is no longer a threat. I can sense his powers are fading as we speak. ( Angmar Patiens)

Yes commander. (Elohim)

The big one I know now as Elohim keeps a careful eye on me as the female approaches me, I put my hand on the hilt of my sword and ready myself for anything, if I am to die it is with a fight. The female looks at me then smirks as she pays no attention of my actions.

Oh you silly human. I am not hear to harm you. I am here to liberate you. (Amgmar Patiens)

Liberate me, man your on some nice shit aren't you? Does it appear that I am in need of liberation?

To the untrained mind human, or should I say John Rohan. The demons were aware that you would lose the powers you obtained and they planted the mask and sash in your world. (Amgmar Patiens)

How the fuck do you know my name?! How do you even know how I got here!?

Calm yourself John. I know this seems unreal but you are in good hands now. (Amgmar Patiens)

She extends her hand to me and I back away from her, the big one jumped behind me to cut me off, I whip out my sword but I am quickly disarmed by a third Nephilim that somehow appeared on site during the commotion. It is another female dressed in purple and gold armor, strangely she had one white wing and one black, she then tries to grab and restrained me but I quickly avoid her grasp. I make a mad dash for the woods as I know the density of the forest will prevent them from using their advantage of flight against me, I barely make it into the thicket.

Trisha we almost had him, why did you ruin our plans yet again? (Amgmar Patiens)

Don't speak to me in such tone Amgmar. You forget your place within the empire. (Trisha Belial)

Yes your ladyship, I was just very eager to obtain the human as your father ordered. (Amgmar Patiens)

Meanwhile I gain some distance from the Nephilim that tried to capture me, I sit down beside an apple tree and I try to think of how I can alert Susanoo of my situation. I haven't enough power to warp myself to the palace but I just maybe enough to warp my phone to him? I turn on my i-Phone and turn it to the video recorder application, I then start to record my message.

Susanoo, if your get this message I could have been possibly captured by the Nephilim. I am in the MacKnight crash sight. There are three of them I...

I had to cut it short as I see the Nephilim in the sky above, they are close to pin-pointing where I am. With my last bit of power I concentrate on Susanoo's aura and I warp the phone to him. In a flash it leaves my side and with hope that it gets to Susanoo. Suddenly I am tackled and pinned to the forest floor by the dual colored winged female, I struggle violently to get away but the 6 foot female is strong. I look at her as she smiles down at me believing she has the upper hand, I force my legs up towards my chest and plant them in her stomach, then flipping her off me.

Not today!

I make a dash further into the forest but to my displeasure I stumbled into a clearing and not only that the sun has set, darkness is falling I will be at an even greater disadvantage. I look back over my shoulder and the female that had me pinned wasn't far behind, then the other two surrounded me.

Elohim! Emgmar! Rough him up. Apparently this human is unappreciative of what we want to do for him. (Trisha Belial)

Trisha fixes her hair and is obviously piss off that I been more than a handful to deal with. The next thing I know the big male back hands me and I am fired some 10 feet away, I skid and tumble on the ground until I slide into some smaller trees. I start to slowly get to my feet and the other female punches me in the gut, I stumble backwards and fall to the ground on my knees. I hold my stomach in pain as the three surround me.

John you are clearly confused, we only wish to help you. (Trisha Belial)

Your lady ship, perhaps the demons tainted his judgment? (Elohim)

You maybe correct. Those dirty demons have always corrupted the minds of humankind. (Trisha Belial)

As they discuss things it starting to appear that I will have to stall them until help comes, if it ever comes. Either way it would help me survive, I then look up at them and then sit on the ground. The three Nephilim look down at me and prepare to restrain me but I put up my hand.

There will be no need for that, I surrender.

Trisha Belial, crouches down in front of me the other two keep guard.

Well John, you made a good choice. Elohim, Emgmar. Call in for an extraction team. We are taking him home. (Trisha Belial)

I sit quietly by as I can only hope that Susanoo will get my message, only time and luck will determine that now.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:14 am

Tale of Sonus the Many…

Darkness covered the land as hundreds of screeching bats littered the sky as they headed towards a nearby village west of Brustia. A storm of rain and thunder roared across the land and Sonus hovered over a village and spotted a figure hidden in the night. A hue of blue covered the figure and Sonus quickly flew down before the figure and configured himself. Now, standing as a fully structured young man he put his hands behind his back as his eyes glowed gently.

The figure in question removed her hood as she looked around.

Master, I have taken to items you requested earlier. I did not realize that you would need it so soon. Is something happening? Is that why the skies have been so dark and oppressive these days? (Talia)

Talia quickly handed Sonus an item covered in rags and held it close. He then turned his attention back to his ‘niece’, whom he saved several years ago from a band of ruffians and has since adopted her as his apprentice for something unknown.

Times are changing swiftly before us. A new light is about to be brought into this world and with this lost artifact we may be able to finally end the scourge that slowly rots us. This is an act of redemption. This is the time to finally end our suffering as we are.

Do you really believe that he will forgive you? (Talia)

Not he, but she. And whether she forgives us or not depends on our actions as of today. Not only that, but the other needs us as well. Her actions clearly were meant to rid us of our hate for all things that we did not see as equals. We now know that we were foolish. We must atone for our actions and perhaps finally find our place within this realm. Vampires were never part of any alliance, why not start now?

And what does Vandal say? He’s the only survivor of the blast, master. How exactly does he feel about your plan? (Talia)

It doesn’t matter.

That means he disapproves… (Talia)

As Talia lowered her head her adoptive uncle walked up to her and pulled her head up as he gave a smile to her. She gave a puzzled look but shook off her doubt of Sonus. He nodded his head before disappearing into the night.

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

De-depart?? So soon…?! (Empress Nel)

Yes. Is that a problem?

No…but it’s just so soon! (Empress Nel)

Then it is a problem. My lady, all I ask if that you initiate a meeting of the emperors. Of course the council will believe it is in fact you that will have a question when it is obvious that it is I. I will take care of the meeting as soon as we’re there. Send word out before we arrive so that it would appear urgent. The more quickly this is done the better we are prepared.

Give her ladyship some time to prepare. You can wait for us in the hangar-bay. This won’t take long. (Hëna)

Amdis nodded his head and did as instructed. Moments later the two came to the hangar to greet Amids. The emperor of Zathra then took a notice of Nel’s pure white dress and its many perfections, thanks to the nigh legendary tailoring abilities of Aragra’s best stylists.

You look sweet for such a young demon empress.

Kitsune. I’m a kitsune. But thank you anyway, my lord. (Empress Nel)

Emperor Susanoo nodded his head as Nel walked towards her ship along with Hëna and noticed at the corner of his eyes that Nel looked over her shoulder to Susanoo. His head turned towards her as she looked away quickly and scoffed to himself. Amdis was prepared to walk over to his ship when a small device landed before him and dropped to the ground. He eyed it carefully before recognizing it as John’s iPod and picked it up as he looked at it. Strange…why would this appear to me? Is something amiss? If only I could access this confounded machinery…

My lady, perhaps you’re right. Another time for this meeting can be had.

But I already sent a message to the council. (Empress Nel)

Ugh…well be sure to be late then. This is really important.

What is so important that you waste her ladyship’s time? (Hëna)

Hëna no…! (Empress Nel)

Nel’s voice grew low upon seeing Amdis’s glare towards Hëna, who was undeterred by the emperor’s gaze. Amdis started towards the two before stopping and showing the iPod to them.

This device is of John Rohan’s.

The human? What significance does it hold? (Hëna)

I do not know, but he is very private of his belongings that much I know and he would not simply give this item to me. I saw him use it before but have no idea how exactly it works. Sorcery of man no doubt!

Hëna looked to her empress and noticed her fidgeting a bit as she blushed.

Umm…maybe I ca-can help? (Empress Nel)

You know of this device?

Well no but- (Empress Nel)

Then you cannot. If I, a person that has been exposed to this item yet do not know how its functions go about then how would you?

Give her ladyship a chance, she can see things that no other can. (Hëna)

Amdis turned his attention back to Hëna.

You stay out of this. Tell me, Nel, what can you possibly do? And please, do not make an attempt to jest because at this moment I am prone to unnecessary actions for such things.

Nel’s face quickly became one filled with sorrow.

That’s enough! Empress Nel is a kitsune, meaning she is not like the rest of us demons. Just hand the device to her. She can help. (Hëna)

The emperor of Zathra’s eye narrowed slightly before giving the iPod to Nel. She observed it carefully but found it difficult to concentrate from Amdis’s oppressive aura staring down at her. Attempting to look him in the eyes failed temporarily but she soon mustered the strength to do so but found that she could not speak, much to Amdis’s chagrin. Nel soon turned to Hëna to explain her difficulty.

Lady Nel asks that you turn your back for a moment while she takes a look at this device for a moment. (Hëna)


You’re staring at her. You may know this as well as her but you are not exactly the ideal person to allow being stared at. Now, will you please comply with my lady’s wishes and turn? (Hëna)

You can’t be serious.

Pl-please? (Empress Nel)

A long sigh was released from Amdis whilst he turned his back and waited patiently. After many moments of waiting Nel suddenly screamed in fear as she fell to the floor and held her head while Hëna held her.

What’s wrong, Nel, what did you see?! (Hëna)

What did she do??

She looked at Rohan’s machine and seemed fine before suddenlu collapsing. She saw something…something terrible. My lady, please calm yourself! (Hëna)

Nel’s eyes were wide and pierced with a sight she was completely unfamiliar with. Amdis knew that whatever she had seen it was definitely something haunting. He remembers his first confrontation with the Nephilim very clearly and knows what she’s going through. As Amdis was prepared to embark on a search for John he could hear Nel’s weak voice speaking to Hëna.

She…she says that she say large beings…beings with wings and eyes as cold as steel. John was trying to run from them, he spoke to himself as if speaking to you, saying your name and that he has been captured near the MacKnight crash site… (Hëna)

Amdis stormed down the hall towards his vessel and quickly jumped in it and flew towards Zathra.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:35 pm

I wake up several hours later to the noise of water lapping against wood, I slowly gain my sight and see that I am in the hull of a sailing ship that must have run aground sometime ago. I am shackled to the wall and I am gagged, I look around wildly, pulling on the chains. This doesn't seem right, I believe they are planning something, a trap maybe. Just then the two females and two male Nephilim walk in the room, one of the males is dressed in ragged furs and carrying a staff, most likely a mage of some sort. He walks up to me grabs me by the face and pushes my head side to side then looks me in the eyes, then lets out a grunt followed by a hmm.

Jovo, is the human suited for the procedure? (Trista Belial)

No, we will have to take the extreme measures. (Jovo)

Alright, bring in the two prisoners. (Trista Belial)

I watch as two other Nephilim dressed like assassins drag in two women with cloth bags over their heads, I quickly recognize the dress of one and then I see the as all confirmed when the two prisoners where forced to their knees and the hoods were taken off. My eye widen, I start to thrash around my chains violently.

Lynn! Avril! Bastards let them go they have nothing to do with this, I will do what you want! J...ust let them go! I beg you, please.

Sorry human, but what I must do to you requires your heart to darken with sorrow, and over-boil with rage and hate. (Jovo)

Both Lynn and Avril look at me and cannot speak cause they are gagged. Tears will their eyes as Trista nods her head to the assassins and they raise their swords towards Lynn and Avril as they both close their eyes the grief of it all is too much to bear. Right before my eyes they are run through with the swords right through their hearts, the blood from them splatters on me and....I stare at the sight of this all in disbelief, my heart breaks and I fall to my knees with my head in my hands.

Jovo, now get on with your task. My father wishes this complete. (Trista Belial)

Elohim and Angmar Patiens lift me up to the wall and hold me there as Jovo places some sort of slime and plant matter over my eyes, he starts chanting some words, I struggle but to no avail. Tears fall from my eyes and weep out from the plant matter on my eyes.

I swear, once I get mother fuckers are all going to suffer! You hear me...! Suffer!

They ignore my words and keep chanting....then everything goes black. I start to wake up, things are blurry again, I see the bodies of Lynn and Avril over to my left laying dead...the memories rush back, 5 Nephilim troopers stand around us. I start to see things a litter clearer and I notice we are not in the ship but a clearing in the forest. I then keep my eyes shut as they didn't notice I had woke, all I could think about is how they killed the love of my life in cold blood. I then notice the other Nephilim that captured me are talking to the one called Jovo, suddenly I sneezed and the trooper knocked me out cold.


So Jovo, when the human hears Kratos say “I am the one true King of Nystoria” he will go into his trance and attack Kratos? (Trista)

That is correct my lady. He will temporarily have the strength to overwhelm him. Once the deed is done he will revert to normal. (Jovo)

And Susanoo will dispose of the human in turn. What a delicious plan. Alright you five trooper stay here and keep watch over the human. When Susanoo or any demon arrives on site, you put up a minor resistance and then retreat. We want the human to be rescued, understood.(Trista)

Yes your ladyship! (Troopers)

Trista and her team leave the troopers with their orders and are soon gone, the hum of engines are heard above and the troopers look up to see Susanoo's royal craft. Susanoo jumps from the craft and lands with an earth shattering thud. The troopers shake in their armor as this is no mere demon, this is the dreaded Amdis Susanoo, Emperor of Zanthra. He looks around to see Lynn and Avril dead and me out cold, this menacing glare then falls upon the troopers, she slams his fists together to make a massive concussive noise.

You pathetic fools are going to regret this day, if you live long enough to do so.

Susanoo rushes at the troops and only one really stood his ground the rest coward and started to fly away. Susanoo grabbed the last remaining one and didn't give him a chance to fight back, he picked him up length ways and held him high up then broke his back over his massive knee. The cracking of bones echoed the air, blood from the trooper's mouth splatters the ground and Susanoo tosses his weak adversary to the side. He quickly runs over and tries to wake me up, again I wake slowly and my vision is blurred, I cant make out who is holding me I try to take a swing but I hear Susanoo's voice.

Who-ah, John! It is me.

I lowered my head as he picked me up, some of his soldiers that arrived in a separate ship take Avril and Lynn's bodies to be buried in the Royal Cemetery. All I could do is stare into nothingness as Susanoo jump back to his ship, he quickly too me to a resting quarters where Nel and Hena are waiting to attend to my wounds, however, there is no meds, spell or remedy for my broken spirit and heart. The ship then makes haste to Mesles.
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Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Flying at speeds that it wasn’t designed for, the Vigorous Deus cuts a swath through the clouds while making its way towards Mesles.


Once again a display of Empress Luna’s face appeared from a crystal.

Yes Amdis? (Empress Luna)

I need you to guide the vessel towards the capital. John is not in good shape and I need to watch him.

Understood. Take care of him please, he needs someone who understands him... (Empress Luna)

I know.

Amdis stood up from his seat and felt the vessel taking a sort of autopilot-like state and continued onwards to the quarters of where John was being medicated. Susanoo looked down as John’s eyes were completely wide with trauma and a white line ran from the right side of his hair. Susanoo has seen this petrified look before. The torture the Nephilim inflicts upon their victims is great and terrible. The emperor of Zathra of all people would know what John’s going through.

John, can you hear me? If you can then groan.

Sure enough John let out a low groan before stopping. Nel and Hëna looked down at John with pity. Amdis noticed this and asked them to leave the room and make themselves as comfortable as possible elsewhere. Once the two had cleared the quarter Amdis turned his attention back to John.

You’re in great shock for the horror you have witnessed. The Nephilim are trying to break your mind and spirit, but not your body. In a way they succeeded. They want you to continue living, knowing that there was nothing you could do. Fortunately, you didn’t experience the greater part of it before I arrived.

In response, John’s eyes looked up to Amdis, unsure of what he is talking about. As far as he’s concerned he’s already been tortured to the extreme. But he wasn’t.

A very long time ago, there were people in villages around my kingdom disappearing day after day. For many months we’ve searched for them with no clue as to their whereabouts. We were completely puzzled by what was going on. At first, we assumed that a cult was going about killing people and sacrificing them to their pagan gods. The truth was much worse. One day, every single person that had disappeared was found deep underground not too far from where Baldor, a kingdom that I destroyed for its sins.

You…destroyed a kingdom for its sins…?

Amdis looked to John, a bit surprised that he still had the strength to speak, let alone comprehend the world around him.

You recover quite fast, Rohan. But yes, I destroyed a kingdom. That demon that attacked the palace nights before may very well be the last person from that country. The last Baldorian. If he lived, that is.

What…could a kingdom do that de-deserves to…be destroyed..!?

John was struggling to stand up but Amdis forced him to lie down. For awhile John struggled but eventually calmed down and merely said nothing. As Susanoo gathered his thoughts together on explaining his actions he thought back on the day that his kingdom was infiltrated by several thieves.

One hundred thirty-four years ago, everything started.

134 Years Prior…

What happened!? Where are the artifacts of the 18!?

Sire, we do not know! (Susanoo Guardsman)

Well look for them! Any suspicious agents found lurking about is to be brought to me immediately!!

Three guards soon turned up and threw two thieves, one male and female on the ground covered in black. They looked up to see Amdis with much rage in his eyes as his canines became more pronounced while baring them. He grabbed one of them by the head and slowly began to crush his head.

Who does your allegiance lie with?!

As Amdis applied more pressure onto the thief’s head yet received no answer he slowly began to become more and more impatient.

Answer me or your life is forfeit!!

I…answer to no one, Susanoo trash…! (Male Thief)

In an instant Susanoo crushed the thief’s head as his blood splattered over the female as she shrieked in horror, only for Amdis to grab her by her blonde hair and lift her from the ground. The look in Amdis’s eyes forced tears in the female thief as she quietly begged for mercy.

Plea-please don’t kill me!! We come from Baldor! J-just please…please… (Female Thief)

Amdis threw her to the side as the guards restrained her.

What shall we do wit- (Susanoo Guardsman)

The emperor of Zathra had already stormed out of the room, leaving the guards to decide her fate. Amdis made his way to the hangar bay but stopped for a moment as he heard something in the corner. He quickly pounced on the chance as he grabbed onto an arm and tugged forcefully as a small girl covered in black like the rest lied before him. She held one of the many artifacts of the 18 demons lords and she held it tight, preventing Amdis from getting it.

Young child, hand over that item you possess this instant.

At that moment several armed guards entered the hangar bay to inform Amdis on another thief they had caught while also bringing the last thief that Amdis was dealing with and were surprised to see a young girl before their emperor. Several surrounded her and pointed their halberds in her face as she stared defiantly at them all.

Child, I will grant you one last warning to give me the artifact NOW. Give it to me or so help me I will tear you limb from limb.

Sir, she’s just a- (Susanoo Guardsman)

Common thief is all she is, and a weak one at that. Any of you willing to lend her your sympathies will be judged accordingly. You either kill her on the spot for defying me, your lord sovereign or be locked for all time until your bones become the very foundation of the prison I will send you to!

The guards looked to one another and then back down to the young girl as she held on tightly to the artifact. They grit their teeth and closed their eyes as they lifted their weapons in the air and lowered it upon the girl. They opened their eyes and found an aura on their weapons and also found that they could not move them from their place as they were inches away from the girl’s head. Amids turned to find Luna with her arms crossed, looking defiantly at her husband.

When did you become such a monster…? (Empress Luna)

Upon seeing his wife with the eyes of disgust he immediately looked away as he started towards his vessel. Before doing so, he slammed his fist into a thief that the guards had brought to him, killing him instantly and grabbing the female from earlier and taking her with him. As Susanoo flew off towards the North-East to Baldor, Luna looked on in sadness as she felt a great change in Amdis’s attitude. It had only been seven weeks since his return from a year-long disappearance.

Watch over her and do whatever it takes to retrieve that item. Don’t kill her. (Empress Luna)

Yes, ma’am. (Susanoo Guardsmen)

While the guards escorted their prisoner away to a secluded location Luna watched the moon in full display and sighed.


Amdis had begun a grand uproar in Baldor as he beat down several civilians who attempted to help the woman he had prisoner. A large crowd gathered around him as his killing intent was becoming more and more prominent in his eyes. The crowd gave way to several demons who road on exotic mounts and were dressed in noble attire as they stood before Amdis, apparently leaders of the small nation.

Tell us, great one from the city of the South, why do you disturb our peaceful congregation? (Elder Noble)

The emperor of Zathra threw the woman before their feet as she looked up in great fear at them. One of the nobles jumped off his mount and held the woman close, comforting her.

So you know this wretch.

Do not misunderstand. We simply do not enjoy the sight of a commoner groveling before one’s feet. Why do you harm this woman so? (2nd Noble)

Explain this much, why was she in my palace earlier with a group making off with certain family heirlooms?

The nobles looked to one another and then down to the woman.

Child, is this true? (3rd Noble)

Yes, my lords… (Female Thief)

So she does hail from this village…

Amdis grabbed one of the nobles from his steed and slowly began to choke him in his grip, knowing that if one of their higher-ups is in danger then perhaps they will tell. The one he was currently holding was rather young, almost a young adult.

No more games, no more questions! You all know what I wish to know!! Tell me what I want and perhaps I’ll spare this pathetic waste of space.

Wait! Do not kill the heir, not my son! (Elder Noble)

Are you the steward of Baldor? If so, then give me what I wish to know and perhaps I shall spare him. Do not lie or test me further.

We do not know this woman and we know nothing of the theft in your country, by the Pendulum we swear! We merely showed pity! Please, not my son, anything but my son! (Elder Noble)

Amdis looked around himself and could tell that no one would answer him, or perhaps they really did not know. In an act of pure frustration he tossed the boy to his father and slammed his foot down on the woman’s leg as her leg was crushed from the weight. She screamed in pain and agony as the villagers watched in horror. Some took several steps forward but were stopped when the nobles blocked their path. Seeing this, he received his answer.

It seems that there really is nothing you lot can offer me. That means…

Without a thought in his actions Amdis crossed his arms and obliterated a nearby sanctum for the villagers as the flames destroyed the cathedral, burning it down to the ground. He then grabbed the woman by the hair and held her shoulders down as he began to pull. Everyone’s eyes widened at what they were witnessing and some shielded themselves from the sight as the woman’s head was torn off, leaving her lifeless body to fall to the ground. Tossing the head aside Amdis then left.

Present time…

John’s face retorted with disgust on the thought of Amdis committing such an act.

I understand the whole scaring the people thing but…was blowing up a building and…ripping a woman’s head off necessary?

For good reason. As it turned out, a spy of mine had spotted several of the black cloaked thieves carrying the items. My suspicions of Baldor being the ones behind the theft turned out to be true. However, with little evidence to back my claim I was left with forgetting about them or else I’d lose my sitting in the council. Having a say in such an organization was rather important to be at the time. What made things more difficult was the fact that out of 18 items my inside-man only counted 17. The last one was found by me a few nights later near the docks of Mesles.

Amdis looked at the ceiling for a moment and looked down. He then spoke lowly to himself without realizing that John was in earshot.

Why did she have to run…?

A face of sudden doom came over John’s face, knowing that the woman did not survive her encounter with Susanoo.

Oh no…a woman.

134 Years Prior…

A heavy fog and small blizzard came over the city of Mesles as immigrants from a nearby village snuck their way into the massive city in the cover of night and mist. As their boat landed near a dock and they disembarked the gondolier, a short demon with a lazy eye smiled at the three immigrants as he put a hand out asking for his fare. An arrow whizzed past his head as several soldiers of Mesles surrounded them and one of the immigrants pulled out a sword, ready for anything. They then heard the sound of hooves echoing towards them as the shadow of a large imposing demon came towards them, his red eyes glaring at them until he came into full view, much to their horror.

Lord Sovereign…Emperor Susanoo! (Armed Immigrant)

Amdis’s eyes shot at each and every one of them as he snarled at them and ordered the soldiers to apprehend them. One of the men, however, noticed that one of the immigrants was holding something covered in cloth.

You there, what are you hiding!? (Soldier)

Most likely one of the missing artifacts. Take them from her.

Before the guard could grab onto the cloth she bolted from the docks, heading into the city. The emperor of Zathra immediately gave chase after her. As she ducked under abandoned markets and swung into alleys, Susanoo was never far behind. She attempted to go through paths inaccessible to Amdis and his horse but he would always find another route to follow her closely behind. As she took a hard left near a rundown building she ran through the wreckage but became frightened at the sight of Amdis’s horse rise on its hind legs while expelling steam from its nostrils and neighing loudly as Susanoo chased after her once more. Desperate at this point she tried knocking down objects to obstruct his attempts to apprehend her. This worked for some time but Susanoo would not let up, each time always catching up, losing patience little by little.

When finally caught in a dead end she refused to be caught. She bobbed and weaved past Amdis and his horse while flying down several more districts until she took a break and hid behind a wall as the relentless emperor of Zathra continued to hound her. Fear began to overcome her as she began to shake from both the cold and fear. It wasn’t long before he found her and resumed the chase, this time he was determined to simply kill her.

Just as fatigue was ready to claim her while running as fast as she could down a linear path with Susanoo’s horse breathing down her neck she spotted a rail leading to a nearby sanctuary for the homeless and jumped over it as Amdis stopped and looked over in frustration, turning his steed around to go the other way. She banged against the door begging for someone to open it and gasped in terror as Susanoo road furiously towards her as he attempted to run once again.

However, due to the grand space provided to him he did not need to slow down for anything and soon caught up to her, grabbing the cloth and tugging against it, kicking her away when she refused to let go and hit her head against the steps below, killing her instantly. Susanoo looked down in disgust and examined the cloth only to find a small child hidden inside of it. The infant wailed for its mother as Amdis’s heart sunk and his mind began to suffer from guilt. He looked around as his eyes caught the sight of a well and strolled near it. He held the infant over the open well and in a moment of madness nearly let go before a sudden yell scared him back to his senses.


Amdis froze as the powerful continued to echo.

You seek to further your guilt? Killing this child will only bring more to your soul.

Lunar, the Emperor of Light road his white horse close to the child’s mother as he jumped off and held her body close, closing her eyes and laying her to peace.

There is much change in you…you wish to rid yourself of the nightmares?

What would you have me do…?

Care for the infant.

What!? But I…but I-

If you cannot then give the child to someone who can. The current times are dangerous this city will not serve as a good home. Perhaps one of the nearby villages…Clockwork village perhaps? The inhabitants are far from the influence that warfare provides and they are nothing short of good demons who only want peace. Take the child there.

Emperor Susanoo looks at the child in his arms and studies it and notices that the child has grey eyes like the Baldorians. His guilt slowly began to turn into anger. Noticing this, the child disappeared from Amdis’s hand and into Lunar’s. He stared at Susanoo as the emperor of Zathra road off to his palace.

Present Time…

He truly was a wise and powerful being…

John kept quiet, merely listening as he absorbed everything he heard.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:15 am

The horrors of what I had seen mere hours before is still fresh in my mind and every time I close my eye all I can see is Lynn's face as she was dying. She didn't have the strength to speak but I could read her paling red lips say “I love you” as she took her final breath, I turn my head away from Susanoo but he could tell I was starting to shed tears, he normally shunned any man for doing so but in my case he made an exception.

I...I..s...should have listened to you.

John you shouldn't stress yourself now. You need to heal.

They are gone cause of me!

Susanoo then had to restrain me cause I was getting agitated, my breathing is becoming labored, just then Luna had sent a message to her husband that they were about to land. Susanoo looked at me with concern as I passed out from the strain I put on myself.

Once the ship had safely docked, Susanoo quickly took me to the infirmary into an isolation room. The doctors and nurses look me over and are puzzled on what is wrong. Luna enters the room and looks at me and she had seen these symptoms before.

My love, John is suffering from Magic poisoning from absorbing the mask/sash's powers and his natural human magic is now being rejected by his body. That and what the Nephilim done to him, I am afraid there is no cure for this, he will have to fight it off on his own. (Luna)

Susanoo look to the ceiling and lets out a sigh and then back to me as I rest.

If I only put him under guard he wouldn't have gotten in this mess.

Amdis, he would have gotten away either way, you know this as well as I do. I really think what drove him to this is he wanted to live up to what MacKnight as accomplished. (Luna)

Aye, if and deed that is true, then we are all somewhat responsible. I see that they buried Lynn and her mother in their family tomb.

Luna nodded in acknowledgment of what her husband said, then held her husband's mighty arm. He looked down at her tenderly as they walked out of the room. Meanwhile the doctors and nurses keep watch over me as I sleep.

-Dream sequence-

I stand in a dark room with no knowledge if I am standing up or down almost like a state of limbo. Out of the darkness walks...MacKnight again, I am no surprised to see him again.

Well so we meet again.

Indeed John, and I wish it was on better terms. It seems that you lost all your powers. (MacKnight)

Yes but it has made me sick as well, but I cant understand why the Nephilim did what they did. They killed Lynn and Avril all because of me.

No John, they would have done that anyways, even if you did stay in the palace they would have found away to get at you and the others. They are hell bent on our destruction and for you to bend to their will, I sense they tried their methods to break you. (MacKnight)

But, but how can I break this hold that is slowly coming over me?

John my boy, you need to let go of all your hate form your past. Let go of all the things that you blame yourself for through out your life, then you will be free. (MacKnight)


Just trust me, the demons are just like us. Good ones, bad ones but the Nephilim are the exception. Yet God does believe there are ones that want peace. Just follow your heart and you will never be lost. Good bye, John. (MacKnight)

-End of Dream-

He fades to the darkness as quick as he came I then see a blue light and I am suddenly awake. I cough and clear my throat, then rub my eyes as they still sting from crying and the beating I took. I am sore but not broken physically so I sit up and slide my feet of the side of the bed. The doctor and nurses try to make me sit back, I sit up with great force and to their surprise I am standing steady on my feet.

You should rest John. (Doc)

I appreciate your concern, but I am feeling better.

Your wounds haven't fully healed, you could pop a stitch. (Doc)

Hey, I am going to see the Emperor, not fight a war. I will be fine.

The doctor smiled a half smile as he knew I was going to leave anyways. I then got dressed in my older clothing that had been brought down and I start walking down the hall, the nurse brings out a wheelchair and I just laugh.

Woman please, I am not crippled.

Just then Hena and Dielli turn the corner of the hall they rush over as I almost fall over, Hena catches me as I slowly go to one knee. Dielli sees this and smile, then cracks a joke.

Wow Hena, he is on one knee at the sight of you. (Dielli)

She blushes terribly then snaps at her brother.

Brother he just lost ….(Hena)

Dielli realized how his joke was bad timing got upset with himself. I raise my hand as Hena helps me up.

Hena don't get upset with him, he was trying to cheer me up. I am mourning Lynn's death but she would want me to be strong for me and my friends. I will not sour her memory buy sulking and drowning in sorrow. The short time I had with her were the greatest of my life.

I close my eyes as both Hena and Dielli place me in the wheelchair, they smile at each other known that even thought I was through hell and had my heart broken, I had the strength to go forward as well as mend my heart. They wheel me down towards the grand hall, I need to tell the emperor what I know, especially since things the Nephilim have done are now clear, the plot they tried to use me for is no secret to me.

You OK John? (Hena)

I touch her hand as we head down the hall, for the first time I feel the darkness and hate leave me, only purpose and determination are present now.

I will be.

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Tale of Lacteus of Baldor…

Edáfous and Lacteus remained outside where the blizzard was picking up at its height. Edáfous’s wyvern wrapped itself around them as its heat kept them from freezing. Nubibus then came out of nowhere as Edáfous pointed his blade then put it down.

The silver one must come with me. (Nubibus Vagus)

I’ll accompany you.

No need, I have found everything I need and I only require the Pendulum Knight. We will return shortly once he is reincarnated. (Nubibus Vagus)

Will he be the same? Will he be able to fight once again?

Once again Nubibus ignored Edáfous and proceeded to pick up Lacteus’s broken body and entered the cavern, this time leaving the green knight alone with his pet. As Nubibus entered deeper into the cavern he came upon the one thing that the Pendulum Knights had hidden before their final battle against the Zathrans weeks before. The sophisticated and royal runes written on the sarcophagus were prominent features of the Baldorians. Nubibus placed his hand on the top of the sarcophagus, attempting to sense something. In an instant he tore off the cover and looked down to find the fresh remains of the last king of Baldor, Ghestalt the Honorable. A lack of disrespect for the dead was displayed as Nubibus grabbed the body and threw it aside as his beady white eyes widened at the site of 18 items. The energy given off by them forced him to take a few steps back before adjusting to the aura.

As he picked up one of the items he could feel the memories of the previous owners residing inside of it. Nubibus then crushed the item in his hand as a sort of vapor came out of it. He then led the vapor near Lacteus’s body, and then allowed it to enter him. He did this seventeen more times with the other items and merely watched Lacteus’s body for a few moments before the silver knight suddenly sprouted enormous wings resembling not a Nephilim but something more sinister and was encased in it. A dark corrosive mist also covered Lacteus. Satisfied with the results Nubibus left the cavern only to find Edáfous standing near the exit of the cavern and took a stance that was obviously presented as a challenge.

I do not know what you are doing to Lacteus but the aura that he is giving off is not the same that belongs to him. You dare corrupt an honorable warrior to make him suit your needs, I shall slay you henceforth, prepare yourself…

You seek to further sully your esteem by challenging what is infinitely your greater. Flee while I still have room to overlook this trivial annoyance you are presenting to me. (Nubibus Vagus)


Even in the tight corridors of the cavern, Nubibus managed to sprout his wings and flew into Edáfous as he tackled him out of the cavern and into the snowy plain. The wyvern snapped its attention to Edáfous as he landed near it and the beast stood next to him, prepared to fight with its master. Out came Nubibus, hovering above them both whilst summoning a large mace in his hand and dive-bombed towards them. Edáfous then slammed his lance, Farángi and pillars of earth rose from the ground and towards Nubibus. The Nephilim responded by spreading his wings and unleashed a barrage of purple energy…

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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Hena and Dielli had wheeled me to the war room where Susanoo, Luna and his high command are meeting. They sit around the massive marble table that must have weighted a ton, Susanoo and Luna stand as they see us enter the room and they greet me as I am wheeled to the table and take my spot. I am puzzled why I am to have a spot at the table, but both Hena and Dielli are not far from my side.

Welcome John, we are all pleased to see you feeling better. Please join us.

Susanoo sits after greeting me and I look around at the panel of general, and other officials present. They look at me with great interest as does Susanoo, I am now starting to feel as if they expect me to speak.

Take your time John, we know you been through an unimaginable amount over the past few days. (Luna)

I gather my thoughts as I think back to the events and yet another visit in my dreams by MacKnight. I look around then clear my throat to begin speaking.

Well, I was captured by the Nephilim recently and I have the names of the one that captured me. Jovo, male, Trista Belial, female, Elohim, male and Angmar Patiens, female. They took me to a ship that had run aground sometime ago and that is where they killed......

I lower my head and clutch the arm rests of my wheelchair, Hena places her hand gently on my shoulders and rubs them, she looks down at me with a gentle look.

It's okay John, just take your time. (Hena)

Across the table Nel looks over at me, she had only seen MacKnight before meeting me, she never seen MacKnight suffer but only triumph.

John, I am sorry. If I had only been more diligent on my palace security Avril and Lynn would still be... (Nel)

Seriously Nel. It is not your fault or anyone's fault, the Nephilim are ruthless, however I really appreciate your concern.

Nel is surprised that I can still manage to find reason in these times of madness.

Now, this will sound crazy but when I passed out just hours before I had a dream, MacKnight told me how to break free of the Nephilim mind bending, also I am aware of their plans.

So, John what is the Nephilim planning?

Well Susanoo it is this, they put some sort of slimy plant matter on my eyes and chanted some language I never heard before. They implanted a phrase in my head and my target would be.....Emperor Kratos.

Susanoo leaned forward with his massive hands folded together, the thought that I would be able to even attack and kill Kratos with no powers where impossible to comprehend.

Not only that, my lord but the Nephilim are counting on you to kill me after I killed Kratos, mind you I would have powers temporarily.

As the panel contemplates what I told them I catch something out of the corner of my eye. They are hiding behind the long curtains that line the window, I know whom it is and I turn towards the direction of the disturbance.

Kiyoko, Kiyoshi you know it is rude to eavesdrop on people now don't you?

Kiyoko and Kiyoshi step out from behind the curtain, they put their arms behind them as the guards surround them.

So tell me you two, when were you going to tell me that you are not Kitsune?

They start to get nervous and suddenly they change in a flash almost like when a spell fails. Out of the flash stood two angel winged beings around 5 foot 8, one female and male, Susanoo gave the order for the guards to kill them but I raised my hand, Susanoo quickly stop his order and the two former Kitsune look around scared and drop to their knees. I slowly get out of my wheelchair and walk over towards them slowly, Hena and Dielli watch the two very carefully and Hena readies her sword.

Sister, I never seen you this protective on anyone in quiet sometime. (Dielli)

Hena just focuses on me and the two beings as I walk towards them. I finally reach them and I stand before them. The female looks up at me with her blue eyes and hands on her lap, her long blonde hair shines in the sunlight. The male's hair is the same color along with his eyes, they are related that much I can tell, both have pure white wings that are folded back on their backs.

Kiyoko? Kiyoshi? Why all the deception?

W...we didn't want to do this. They made us do this. Please have mercy.(Kiyoko)

And did you have in anyway been involved with the Nephilim taking Lynn and Avril? The two Kitsune, one of which I loved so dearly?

No, no, we...we where told my the Nephilim block your powers to make you temporarily powerless and to make it look like Magic Poisoning, that would also make it easier for them to capture you. But we had nothing to do with the two Kitsune, we are sorry please I beg you don't kill me and my sister. We only did this to protect our baby sister and brother back home. We are slaves to the Nephilim.(Kiyoshi)

Susanoo gets up out of his seat as he heard enough of this foolishness. He storms over and towers above the two, they hug each other and close their eyes as they start to weep. Susanoo lifts his two massive hands into the air above his head and prepares to slam them down on I somehow muster the strength to step in front of Susanoo before he delivers the hit, he stops and looks down at me with great surprise.

Are you mad John?! There kind as caused you much pain and countless others! How can you defend them now?!

My lord they are not Nephilim I believe, please let's here them out before we do something rash.

Susanoo who trusts my judgment finally lowers his fists and then steps back.

Now talk before I ignore John's words and be quick about it.

Yes lord Susanoo. John is correct, we are not Nephilim we are called the Phoshilim. (Kiyoko)

Phoshilim? I never heard of that name in all my centuries. Then again we could never get passed the massive wall around your country.

Yes, but we Phoshilim had descended from humans like John, not like the Nephilim who spawned by mating with the McGill clans and his supporters. (Kiyoko)

What do you mean like me?

Well, good kind but it is actually more than that....after we took some blood from John when he took that beating protecting us, we checked it against some DNA from the founder of our race, his name was Joesph MacIver, John you share his DNA yet your family name is Rohan. (Kiyoko)

Well, I took my mothers last name as my father had left me so long ago. His name was.....Randy MacIver....but no this isn't possible. MacIver is a popular have me mistaken for someone else.

The room goes silent as I stand there, Susanoo looks over at me as I am trying to wrestle with this new information, Kiyoko stands up and then places her hands on my chest, the others are very nervous and Hena watches and grits her teeth, Dielli grabs her harm and shakes his head.

Sister you must be steady, John is safe. (Dielli)

Suddenly I feel a great weight lift off me and I start feeling my powers returning. The sudden rush of power catches me by surprise and I fall to one knee, Hena and Susanoo help me back up as Kiyoko steps back.

Your powers are restored my lord. (Kiyoko)

I look around then at Kiyoko and her brother...some how they believe I am their lord. I am so fucking confused it isn't funny.
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Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

The revelation that John Rohan’s family may be the progenitor of this new species of the Nephilim AKA the Chaos race brought about great disturbance to the emperor of Zathra. A sudden thought of fear came to his mind as he turned his attention to the Phoshilim.

You two tell me this, is it possible for the Nephilim to breed with demons and conceive offspring…?

Kiyoko and Kiyoshi thought about this for a few moments as everyone looked to Amdis, whose face was completely serious and filled with dread at the possible answer.

Well…we have heard rumors of a type of Nephilim that is monstrous in size and looks completely different from the rest. His strength is exceedingly greater than the rest and his appearance would betray those who have no knowledge of his being. (Kiyoko)

But…I personally heard that this particular Nephilim is without wings. He cannot fly. So to compensate for that they- (Kiyoshi)

Implanted wings onto him, a mock copy of them. That sounds like…Clava. (Dielli)

Everyone looked to Dielli.

Indeed his appearance would make one question whether he is even a Nephilim or something much more dangerous, much darker and sinister. There was no sign of conscious in that beast’s mind. Nothing but pure raw fury. (Dielli)

Amdis placed his hand under his chin as he thought about this. As everyone continued to discuss about the Nephilim Susanoo left the room. When everyone noticed they exited the room as he was quickly moving down the hall. Suddenly Luna appeared in front of her husband and stopped him in his tracks as he began to sweat, looking away as he could not look her in the eyes.

Where are you off to again? You’ve been acting strange lately… ( Empress Luna)

John, Dielli, Kiyoko, Kiyoshi and Hëna walked up behind Amdis as he looked over his shoulders. He felt trapped, somewhat and threatened as his fists clenched and his mind began to become blank. A sudden touch on his cheek frightened Amdis, grabbing his wife’s hand and gripping it tightly. When he realized what was happening he let go and fell to his knees, distraught over almost crushing Luna’s hand. In response Luna kneeled in front of her husband. John turned as officials and military big shots stood outside and watched what was going on. His eyes twitched in annoyance.

Hey! Get your asses back into the room and don’t leave until we call ya! Give us some privacy dammit!!

Hëna looked in surprise at John’s outburst. Dielli smiled at his sister as it was becoming obvious of her feelings for the human. Kiyoko and Kiyoshi were somewhat surprised but expected much from a warrior with a heart of gold. They all turned their attention back to Amdis as he spoke to Luna.

My dear…you can tell me anything. If you want privacy then I shall ask for it. (Empress Luna)

No…no. They all must understand what I went through during those two years I was missing. Call Haraldur as well. Everyone must know. I cannot bear to keep my nightmares a secret anymore.

Minutes later…

As everyone assembled themselves in the war room, generals and all, they looked to the head seats where their lord and lady sat watching over them. A strange silence overcame them as Susanoo’s eyes were filled with fatigue, apparently haunted from remembering his past.

I have called you all here…to finally ease the nightmares I have been having for the past thousand years. Years ago, in the time when the Civil War was at its highest peak and Lunar, Falius the First, Odine and I were all allies against the 18 demon lords after humanity left.

Amdis then looked straight to Rohan.

You see John, long before you came we had humans visit us from your world and from that visit we have been able to learn certain things, things we still hold onto today. We regard humans as the original users of magic and they brought it to us. Thanks to that my dear wife has become the most powerful sorceress of all time. None have been able to match her in the art. And what other grand gift they gave us in the time they have congregated in our realm was one thing: peace.


Yes, peace. We were in constant warfare with each other, thank to the 18 demon lords acting as warlords. Those of us strong enough formed our own tribes to fight against one another. Many lost their lives as expected by we didn’t realize how close we were to forever dying out. All of the negative energy was affecting the land and manifested as a plague that wiped out nearly everyone. Those of us that survived were too thick in the heat of battle to stop fighting, too proud to see what was happening. But because of that, we were saved from death.

Many of the high officials, those who were alive during the era of disorder nodded their heads, remembering the hardships they had to deal with.

Then your kind came and soon showed us that peace was all that was necessary in order to end our madness. They ended the lawlessness of and showed us to live, not to murder one another and hate but to love and care. Peace was established as we learned from them and the demon lords actually stopped warring with each other and us just so we can finally learn from this. For a time they have stayed with us and helped us progress and re-develop our lost culture. We began to follow old traditions once again and teach our children culture and history, all that was lost before your kind helped us bring it all back. You were our saviors.

I see…never thought that we would contribute to so much. I may have entered a wasteland were it not for my ancestors. I wonder how many people’s ancestors came to this world.

As far as I am aware of possibly every human on earth now may in fact be related. But that is only speculation on my part, I know nothing of your world. From what Kratos told us after his return-

Wait, a demon…a demon emperor came to earth?

Nearly fifty years ago.

Incredible…and no one was none the wiser.

Hmmhmm. Where was I? Ah, Kratos spoke about despite how all humans were vastly different, much like we, he did say that a certain spark within all of you had the same sort of frequency. I am not entirely sure of what that means but humanity may well in fact be related to every one of each other.

John had a look of disgust at the thought.

However, for as long as peace lasted did not matter once the humans left. The demons felt abandoned along with some of the demon lords. One of them coordinated a massive attack against humans and even called up a revolution to kill any human on sight. Many lost their lives. I tried my best along with the emperors of old to protect the humans but they were stubborn, more stubborn than any kingdom, any tribe, any individual. They were proud of who they were and wanted to go about doing things peacefully. Then the demon lord mocked their creator…

Everyone waited for Susanoo to end his pause. John, wondering what he meant by ‘creator’ decided to ask.

Creator? You don’t mean God do you?

Such a name isn’t known to us. We have instead labeled this “God” as the creator of humanity. Either way, once your ancestor’s creator was being ridiculed they declared something they called a crusade.

I’m well aware of this. It is known as a holy war, where all humans that believe in the same religion band together to utterly destroy their enemy. I…read a lot of history.

In either case, that’s exactly what they did with the Rebellion. All demons under their command were either captured or killed. A great power within them manifested into what is now known as magic. We had never seen such power from the humans before and in our realm. They took the entire realm by surprise. The five demons lords in charge of the Rebellion were overwhelmed both in number and quality of the human race’s magical capacity. What was 18 then turned into 13, those of which were neutral lived. Once mankind defeated the demon horde they forgave them and let them resume their control over the land.

Just like that? After everything they did? Why didn’t they select a new body of government to control the land?

John, I still wasn’t prepared or as strong as I am now to have been an emperor. Lunar began that. And besides, they humans did not want to interfere with the demons and wanted them to select their leaders. Out of fear they choose the demon lords. And so, when your ancestors left for good, feeling the loss of connection with God, we were left to their mercy. For years things have been well, there was actually some years of peace and because of that we were softened, unprepared for what was to come. This time, Katsurou went insane and waged an all-out war against us.

That bastard…even in the past he was still a no good son of a bitch wasn’t he?

A foul being he was indeed. This war was more elaborate and relied on the most heinous and sinister of our kind to slaughter and massacre our own. It was dark times indeed. Without the help of our human allies we were slowly losing the Civil War as Freedom Fighters. Years of warfare began to affect us as we were reverting back to our days of tribes and warlords. And once again the plague returned with full force. I, along with several others who would become emperors assembled together to destroy the remaining demon lords once and for all. But things just weren’t that simple. Not only were the demons lords powerful, they had numbers on their side. They were prepared to crush us the day after and we were hard pressed to find a way to finally stop their advance right here in what is now known as Mesles, they pushed us from Aragra to here and we were on our last legs. Disease and old wounds took many of our own and we were on the verge of collapse.

And then the White Knight came. (Empress Luna)

Hëna looked up in surprise.

But enough of that, I called you all…because I too was a prisoner of the Nephilim. Their…pet…their slave. John…you were fortunate for not suffering more from them. The humiliation, the torture, the…loss of pride.

I…don’t understand?

Luna soon placed her hand on her husband’s, worried about what he was saying. Everyone in the room looked to one another in confusion.

Let me take you all back to the Civil War…how everything began.

Father, what is…I…this doesn’t make any sense. (Haraldur)

The emperor of Zathra looked to his son, not with the condescending look he would regularly give to not only him but his subjects as well. His eyes were filled with sorrow for the way he raised his son, for being so heartless and distant.

My son…all I require is your ears. The same to you all. My tale is not one filled with glory and heroism. No, this is my time in the hands of the enemy…

Everyone respected their lord’s wishes as they said nothing more. No interruptions, no interjections or declarations.

Two Thousand Years Ago…

Amdis, Falius the First and Odine looked in great frustration and hopelessness at the sight before them. Thousands upon thousands of demons of every kind under the control of Katsurou assembled before the armies of the future emperor’s Freedom Fighters were outnumbered 1 to 100 as it seemed a sea had come to meet them in battle. The few thousand assembled behind the future emperor’s began to shake in fear, many ready to desert for fear of death. Words of encouragement may have calmed them down somewhat but the three warriors were speechless and they too were frightened at the sight before them. Fleeing was not an option for the armies as they were the last defense before everyone’s freedom would be taken from them.

That accursed Lunar, he may have very well tipped the enemy about where we would be positioned and just how many of us are assembled. Just look at how many there are! (Falius the First)

This does not bode well for us at all. We fought long and hard against their tyranny…I’d say that if there is one thing I hope escapes from this battle is our forces bravery and valor, song as heroes for generations to come. At least then we can expect perhaps another, more successful, rebellion…I’m glad to have fought beside you both til now. Now, I just wish I had stayed neutral. (Odine)

Neutrality would only mean we given up. How dare you sit on your saddle and let such disgusting words escape that mouth of yours. Many have died for their freedom and much more would prefer to keep it than be subjugated by that maddened fool! What have the humans taught us that you have forgotten?!

Falius lowered his head.

Susanoo…we honestly should have waited. We weren’t prepared for this! We let our strength get to our heads and now not only are we about to die but so is everyone else that is found guilty of ‘treason’ against the demon lords. There is nothing we can do now. Lunar betrayed us. (Falius the First)

I refuse to accept that.

Then you are a fool. When will you grow up and quit being so naïve? Lunar was the only one who knows of our positions, plans, battle strategies and countries involved. He knows everything and guess who’s not here to fight with us?! Guess!!! (Falius the First)

Enough! Say no more of your poison, have faith in our ally!

Have faith in someone that isn’t here? Yes, let us believe that for one second Lunar is a warrior of grand design. He may as well be on the other side of the battlefield. Face it Amdis, we’ve been fooled. You can die believing what you want but the truth is so clear. (Odine)

Before Amdis could retort one of his soldiers pointed out the movements of the demon lord’s armies heading towards them. Dread began to overcome them as the horde was nearly upon them. The skies darkened and day slowly turned into night as the roars and march of the demon lord armies shook the very ground they stood on.

So this is it…we die without bringing peace to the land. What a life I’ve lived… (Falius the First)

Legendary swordsmen my hide…

Falius was prepapred to answer Amdis’s sly remark but instead said nothing as he drew his sword. Odine pulled his duel spears out and twirled them for a few moments before relaxing. Amdis merely looked over the horizon and grit his teeth, bellowing out loud and road his horse ahead of everyone as he charged head-on into the horde, his army soon following. Falius and Odine gave the word for their armies to follow them into battle, ready to fight to the death. Both sides met, with the bulk of the Freedom Fighters dying in the first few minutes, leaving their respective leaders to fight most of it.

Odine used his mastery over wind to blow blades of wind onto the horde as many few against the first few until Neutash, demon lord of the shadow demons and a powerful necromancer, appeared over the bodies of the fallen and raised them from the dead as he controlled them like a puppet-master.

Falius the First, with his own mastery of swordsmanship slaughtered countless demons of various types into ribbons while leaving many wounded and in serious condition. Yokai, the demon lord’s response to a swordsman is a master of the art of two swords. He charged against Falius after cutting a swath through his own men and clashed blades with Falius.

You demon lords never seem to lose time murdering your own do you…? (Falius the First)

Always relying on these weaklings will never get things done; your child will soon know that after I kill you, rebel trash. (Yokai)

Yokai smiled at Falius, angering the future emperor. As the two sized each other up in the fury of their strikes, they never took their eye off of each other. Their blades slammed into each other and their men fought around them, not wishing to have their life taken in their dangerous duel to the death.

The future emperor of Zathra himself was demolishing large numbers of the demon lord’s armies. None could stand against his strength, even at his young age, swords splintered in two, armor was crushed against their wearers, and bodies flew in multiple directions. Katsurou himself began to feel frustrated from the large amount of bodies that were piling up from Amdis’s berserker nature and decided to jump into the battle himself along with Fobos and Doojen. As Amdis was prepared to deliver his fist against a group of soldier Fobos threw his own fist into Amdis’s, creating a shockwave that blew those nearby away. Fobos jumped back a few feet and winced in pain as he held his hand.

My strength finally exceeds yours, Fobos. I am now stronger than you and will kill you this day.

Katsurou jumped into the air above Fobos’s head, releasing a large fireball that Amdis barely managed to dodge, burning his skin that was bare, and scarring him a bit. Doojen suddenly came from behind and bear-hugged Susanoo, hoisting him from his feet and prevented him from moving. The future emperor of Zathra struggled but could not break free and attempted to smash his head against Doojen’s face with no affect whatsoever. Katsurou and Fobos teamed up as both began to punch Amdis repeatedly and nonstop, hoping to either to kill him or at least knock him out. Many men under Susanoo’s command attempted to interfere but were reduced to ash under Katsurou’s fire spell.

Hahaha! Face it Amdis, you’re nothing against the 18! You truly thought that you were going to be a great candidate in our group? Foolish. Foolish beyond comprehension and hope, you’re nothing but a wannabe hero and for that you are weak and pathetic!

The demon lord spat on Amdis, angering him greatly but before he attempted to do anything Fobos and Katsurou began to beat down on him again. Katsurou, being a sadist, heated his hand to extreme levels and plunged his fist into Amdis’s chest, penetrating the armor and even Susanoo’s durable skin. Amdis yelled in pain, slowly becoming greatly enraged. The army of Susanoo watched in anger before they were attacked or killed by the never-ending numbers of the horde. Falius soon received a fatal wound on his abdomen from Yokai while Odine was beginning to feel exhausted as he struggled with Neutash’s undead minions. Hundreds lay dead from the Freedom Fighter’s armies and many more were falling, their hope slowly dwindling.

Then, the darkness from the sky began to lift, slowly being replaced with light. The demon lords and their armies looked up in surprise from this sudden turn of events, wondering what was happening. The same thoughts began to fill the mind of the Freedom Fighters. For a reason unknown to them they began to feel a new sense of strength that they had no knowledge of its origin.

On the far right was Falius kneeling before Yokai in pain. While distracted from the sudden light above the sky Falius summoned all of his strength together and stood up and closed his eyes. Yokai noticed this and smiled, drawing his blades close to his chest before separating them and dashing to Falius. The master swordsman held his ground and swung horizontally, cutting deeply into Yokai’s chest, forcing him to flee into his army. Falius pushed on, cutting down more and more until his men surrounded their tired lord, giving him space to recuperate.

Odine hovered in the air and gathered concentrated air into his hands as it become more unstable, crackling a bit almost as if lightning as was being conjured. As Neutash watched and had several of his archer minions fire at Odine, rebel leader unleashed his concentrated air fused with lightning and killed not only Neutash but a large number of the demon lord’s army. Having put all of his strength into that one attack Odine fell from the sky as he hit the ground, forcing his own army to cover him as they moved him to the to the back where his bodyguards watched over him.

Amdis broke free from Doojen’s restraints, punching him in the face as he broke through his natural defense, knocking him out, forcing Katsurou to retreat. Fobos pounced on the chance to do away with Amdis, putting all of his strength into his next blow as Susanoo did the same. Despite being renowned for his strength Amdis’s was greater, dislocating Fobos’s arm and breaking every bone into millions of pieces, shattering it like glass. While Fobos yelled in pain from this and fell to the ground, Amdis grabbed him by the back of his head and pulled back while kicking him in the spine, paralyzing him. Within a moment Susanoo then launched his fist into Fobos’s face, pounding it into the dirt, killing him instantly. When both Doojen and Fobos’s armies saw this they surrounded Susanoo, cautious to approach him but soon began to close the circle once the wound Katsurou dealt him began to burn intensely, forcing him on one knee.

It was then that just as all seemed lost, with the entire rebel army on the verge of collapse from the overwhelming numbers of the demon lord army, a light began to shine brightly from the horizon on a large hill behind the army of the demon lords. Everyone stopped the fighting as they turned from this large source of light and heard the sound of trumpets and drums beating loudly. Amdis, Falius and Odine’s attention were immediately grabbed as well as the remaining demon lords that had not entered battle yet. The Freedom Fighters army somehow felt a great passing of peace and strength for justice in their hearts and souls at the sight and sounds they were hearing. They were not sure why but they somehow gained the feeling of victory coming soon. The demon lords’ armies, on the other hand, felt demoralized and that defeat would soon come for them as well as death. Some threw their weapons on the ground and ran in towards the only exit that did not lead to the sea, the large hill with the light. As they reached the top they bore witness to an enormous army of white knights encircling the entire area, cutting off every area left to go and completely trapping everyone before them. Their horses neighed loudly as they rose from their hind legs, lifting their riders in the air as their war cry forced both the demon lords’ armies and the Freedom Fighters to cover their ears.

A lone horseman clothed in a sort of crusader armor that resembled sheets of platings stacked onto one another. A blue cloth was seen under the armor and a golden cloth resembling a mixture of a fleece and cape appeared outward. His boots and shin guards were of the same design as the upper armor except that it had silver and gold on it with a golden cross on each leg. There on the top of the horsemen's head was a golden helmet with an eagle shaped opening which was without a face, just a brilliant light coming from it. On the top of the helmet was a soft and gentle blue flame that seemed to be the source of the light as well as his shining bright armor. All looked to the hill in amazement as the knight and his rider’s road next to the edge of the hill and overlooked the entire battlefield. None said a word or moved, waiting to see what the knight will do.

As the armies previously locked in battle watched they saw just how enormous the army of the white knight was. It almost seemed as if all of Nystoria had gathered together to destroy them. Many panicked in fear and desperation, but this was solely the demon lords’ armies. The Freedom Fighters struck back with great ferocity and vigor as they cut down the numbers of the demon lords’ greatly. It was then that the army of white knights descended upon the battlefield in great waves, taking with them many of the hordes. With the joint assault from a newly-revived Freedom Fighters army and the white knights attacking them from the front in back the demon lords’ armies were losing their numbers in vast quantities. The future emperors of Nystoria smiled to themselves in triumph over such a miracle, for they knew that victory had been won that day, along with the freedom of the land.

Despite their best efforts to escape from the rebels and white knights there was nothing to be done, they were doomed from the start and had no way of knowing. They cursed their luck and their masters for abandoning them and decided to merely fight for themselves. But each time a comrade was slain the more selfish they became as they desired to live, even turning on each other to escape. Those that surrendered and were noticed by the white knight hovering above with strange glowing wings were captured into capsules and stored for imprisonment at a much later date. The rest were far too stubborn or evil to be spared and soon found themselves amongst the dead.

Seeing their army being torn apart forced the demon lords to yell to themselves in anger from their inevitable defeat that is soon to be dealt to them. All of their efforts of crushing the rebellion and all of their time wasted in gathering such a large force to finally end the struggle was about to come to an end in one faithful day by a newcomer. As the Freedom Fighters and white knights approached them they escaped by Katsurou’s use of teleportation into a plain nearby. They sighed in relief at their last minute escape.

The knight that lead the army there then suddenly appeared before Katsurou and the rest of the demon lords and took out his immense claymore, intimidating them with its size and frightening them even more as his voice seemed to give them the impression that his voice was all around them.

Demon Lords, your time in Nystoria will soon come to an end for your acts of vindictiveness and egoism. And yet, I present to you an act of redemption. Should you accept my offer, you will live but shall be sealed for several thousand years to pay for your crimes; should you refuse, then I subject you to eternal ruin and damnation in the underworld. You may run but I assure you that I WILL find you.

Yokai and another demon lord, Draquon lunged towards the white knight, readying their weapons for the kill. Unfortunately for them the white knight lifted his arm and blasted a concentration of pure light that utterly destroyed them both, due to the darkness that had taken hold of their souls. Katsurou and the last surviving demon lords did nothing as they were paralyzed in fear from the white knight killing their own in one blast. But despite this Katsurou and two others fled with their lives, leaving the remaining three to beg for their lives. The white knight approached them slowly and asked that they go on their knees, allowing him to place his hand on their heads draining their energy and transforming them into relics. The white knight picked up the relics and allowed them to disappear into his capsule. The knight then teleported near the battle and watched as both the Freedom Fighters and the army of knights cheered loudly as their freedom and victory was won.

After the demon lords’ were all imprisoned in the white knight’s capsule he turned his attention to the future emperor’s of Zathra approaching him. They looked at his form and were amazed by the power he presented during the battle.

We must thank you for giving us your assistance, stranger. The battle was certainly not in our favor this day but thanks to you, we are well and have finally brought an end to the tyranny of the 18. (Odine)

You’ve been a most helpful asset in this battle, tell us, who are you and where do you reign from to amass such an enormous army with abilities far above our own? (Falius the First)

It’s you isn’t? Lunar?

Odine and Falius the First looked to Amdis, thinking him a fool for bringing up Lunar again after allegedly abandoning them to their doom and for presumably giving away their positions.

Still believing that your imaginary hero was the cause of this? When will you learn, when will you understand and accept that- (Falius the First)

The white knight then transformed into a more familiar form, that of the demon they know as Lunar.

-this isn’t Lunar…? (Falius the First)

Susanoo looked at both Odine and Falius, giving them a smug look for being correct in placing his hope in their new friend. Lunar smiled at the three demons as they bowed in respect but allowed them to stand.

There is no need for that my friends, you’ve proven yourselves more than capable of ruling your own countries.

No disrespect for your kind words but how exactly will that come about? My people live near the highest mountain peaks in an on the Zin Islands. They are highly independent and fiercely protective of their own lands. How am I, a single warlord, able to unite my people into a single kingdom? (Odine)

Lunar nodded his head and explained to them how exactly they would be rulers of their respective lands, a system that would continue to exist til the present.

Listen to me you three, you are heroes. Rival clans and those under yours have banded together in your armies, correct?

They nodded their heads. The same was done with Lunar by gathering every tribe and rival clans together to finally end the tyranny of the 18. Grateful for Lunar banding enemies together once more for one final cause, and seeing their country’s representatives fighting for their lives alongside their family and friends would allow them to finally see that the three will lead them through peace and prosperity, something they’ve been fighting for.

Then allow me to tell you this, every single individual in the army I have brought here belongs to ever island and country in Nystoria. They have finally had enough of being oppressed and have abandoned their selfish way for the sake of their survival and freedom, they have chosen you as their leaders! Listen! CALL OUT YOUR LEADERS!!

The future emperor’s looked over to the hill where the white knights where and listened as they chanted slowly before becoming increasingly louder, yelling the names of Odine, Amdis and Falius as well as Lunar, who’s own people have chosen him as their leader. All three were amazed by this and before long the Freedom Fighters began to chant with the white knights. All of Nystoria was yelling their names and were proud of their heroes for risking their lives for them. The three looked to Lunar as he smiled to them. They were shocked on how everything has happened so quickly, expecting at least a few more weeks of warfare before everything would end. But no, the very next day after meeting Lunar he did everything in his power to make their dreams come true.

Weeks Later…

The many weeks that passed were slow for the emperor’s of Zathra. A hunt for Veina and Kyrie; demon lords that were allowed to escape by Lunar during the final battle, and the main hunter was Amdis. Katsurou turned himself in after being severely wounded by Lunar days before to avoid death. He was turned into a mask and transported in a vortex where even he had no knowledge of where it would go. That was also the only relic to be transported in such a way.

Amdis alone searched for Veina, the craftiest of the demon lords and possibly the one that instigated Katsurou’s rebellion. She was last spotted on a boat heading to the island of Xertra. Taking this lead to heart Susanoo acquired the help of local fishermen to sail him to the island. As he neared his destination he wondered about the island aloud.

Why is it that I have never heard of Xertra? What history does it contain?

The men sailing the ship ignored Amdis’s question, all but one. An older gentleman walked up to the newly crowned emperor of Zathra and smiled as the salty winds seemed to caress his face.

The winds blow high during the season. Curious, why is it that you seek to go to the island? (Old Fisherman)

I seek someone.

A lover? (Old Fisherman)

No. I already have someone back in Zathra. A wonderful woman.

Forgive me for my ignorance; we don’t get much news where I’m from. Heheh. So, who’s this woman that has stole our lord’s heart? (Old Fisherman)

Amdis remained silent, staring into the sky as the sun began to set.

Oh, I see… (Old Fisherman)

It’s fine. But know that this person must be found at all cost. The damage done left unchecked could cause serious repercussions.

Like an old hero tale that my own grandfather used to tell me. (Old Fisherman)

This is no tale. After all, I am the emperor of our lands. The lives of my people are an emperor’s duty.

Thank you for your kindess, my lord. Once again I ask that you forgive me. You wish to know of the island? (Old Fisherman)

I do. Would you mind? And please don’t tell me anything far-fetched.

As you wish, my lord. My memory is not as impressive as it once was. I used to recall even the tiniest of details with perfection! Why, there was this one time I had taken care of some refugees and the children were frightened out of their wits! So, the parents allowed me to- (Old Fisherman)

Be out with it!!

The entire crew of the ship looked to Amdis with surprise but soon went about their duties. The Old Fisherman held his head down, somewhat ashamed of his babbling.

Forgive me…I shall continue. Xertra, there are many tales of what it once was but no one is entirely certain. Back in the days of the Great War the island of Xertra was rumored to be a fortress for a clan of dark sorcerers who committed their population to building it into a fortress of black stone. Many perished in its creation and many more became the very foundation of its sinister master’s madness. A guild dedicated in hunting down these dark sorcerers traveled to the island where an epic battle was fought, the battle took the lives of everyone on the island, including the guild sent there. It is not known if the island remains there but many have claimed to see beings of enormous stature prowling the grounds. (Old Fisherman)

Beings of enormous stature…are you certain?

The Old Fisherman had a serious look on his face before shrugging.

Heck if I know, rumors are rumors, my lord. Can’t believe everything we hear, right? Just like that rumor that Emperor Lunar has a brother that escaped from the underworld. (Old Fisherman)

Now you’re just making things up.

Hey, I only say what I hear. Oh! We’re near the shallow waters! (Old Fisherman)

The ship’s crew began to buzz around as they prepared to anchor down and send their emperor to the shores of Xertra. While Susanoo was sailed along with three crew man he swore he spotted a silhouette and ordered them to progress faster to the island. Upon landing Amdis quickly took off into the rocky formations, failing to hear the crew yelling for him. They soon gave up and returned to the boat.

The emperor of Zathra looked around his environment, hoping to find something that would help in finding Veina. He searched for many hours on every inch in the outer circle of the center. Seeing that nothing would be found he dug deeper into the island and began to notice the black stone from the Old Fisherman’s tale. As his surroundings began to change somewhat, which he noticed, voices of the departed began to chant lowly. Thinking nothing of this he continued deeper into the inner circle of the island but began to notice that the further he went in the louder the voices became as well. Amdis then noticed that perhaps the black stones have something to do with it, seeing has how they became more numerous and larger in size. Before long he stumbled upon a large stump of a black building. This was the black tower that he heard from the Old Fisherman’s rumor. An eerie feeling crawled up from the back hairs of Amdis while imagining the horror that the slaves had endured. The voices did not help. Night soon came over the island, the only source of light being the grey moon in the sky.

Done with feeling watched Amdis turned to a new direction when Veina herself appeared before him. He reacted instantly and attempted to kill her in one blow. She side-stepped him and cackled, which annoyed the young emperor of Zathra.

I knew I’d find you hear, accursed wench!

Oh, I knew you’d come for me. You could not resist the temptation could you? (Veina)

Do not flatter yourself, you are no woman, simply a beast.

Veina swung her red hair in the moonlight and hissed at Amdis for his insults. But her hostile appearance soon changed into one of a smile as she blew a kiss to Amdis, further angering him.

Oh all men in Nystoria you were the only one to reject my advances. At first I was hurt of course but then…I realized that I had to have you. (Veina)

Ha! I belong to no one but my beloved!

Within an instant Amdis lunged towards the deluded demon lady and attempted to punch her lights out. As he felt her presence behind him Amdis swung his arm but missed the demon lady as she ducked and wrapped her arms around his neck and forced her lips on his, using her ability to bring him under her spell. Losing control of his body he could only frown as she smiled callously at her prize and looked to her left at the beating of wings. Two figures landed on a nearby platform, three more behind Veina and at last one more behind Amdis. Amdis could only watch as Veina turned to look up at three behind her and bowed.

My divine masters…I have brought the one you sought after for so long. (Veina)

As Amdis stood there, still under the spell Veina had put him under he saw the leader of the group walk from behind him and over Veina, turning his attention for a moment to Amdis and smiled. The emperor of Zathra growled under his breath and bared his canines while glaring his red eyes brightly.

You have done well in securing this demon, a fine specimen he is. Killing hundreds, if not thousands of our people during the war. He would make a fine candidate for our grand return as well as the father of a new species of Neph’alim.

Struggled as he might there was no way for the young emperor to break from the spell. The leader of the Nephilim bent down to Veina and held her head up as he could read her thoughts through her body language.

Does something trouble you, my dear?

Not at all lord Vath… (Veina)

You are certain? For your actions you have brought about a great fortune to my people, I will reward you with any request you desire.

Veina looked into her new master’s face and whispered to him, not allowing Amdis to hear. A large smile grew on the one called Vath as he chuckled and looked to Susanoo.

Why not! You have my permission; just make sure you do not kill him. I want him in perfect condition when we use him.

Thank you my lord! (Veina)

The demon lady Veina made her way to Susanoo and pressed herself against the emperor, forcing him to look away as the spell began to wear off and tried to move his hands against her neck to strangle her. She reacted much faster and grabbed his face, once again forcing her lips on his, bringing him once more under her control.

Now…you will bear a child with me! (Veina)

Present Time…

No one said anything as Amdis finished his tale and covered his face. Luna was devastated by everything she had been told.

And just when that…beast was finished with me the Nephilim…those monsters….they took me to their homeland and…made me their slave...tortured me day and night for two years and...and

Amdis was unable to finish his words.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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