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 Realm 3: Another Age RPS

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PostSubject: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Mon May 02, 2011 11:13 pm

Place: Sydney Nova Scotia Canada, Date: March 7, 2016

As I sit behind my counter reading a book about the latest computer technology, I look up to see three regular customers sorting through the latest comics and they bicker about who is the best villain and other typical topics of their interests. For the past 6 years this same thing had gone on almost religiously, James the tall blonde headed boy who was too skinny for his height often started the heated arguments. Troy the short fat little bastard was so easily provoked was often next to chime in with his never needed opinion, then Andy has to play referee and brake the argument up.

I continue to watch them closely and just as I said, James started with his shit and Troy felt obligated to put his two cents in.

Oh Troy your full of shit. You know nothing about a good hero! Spidey would kill Daredevil in a flash! (James)

Oh give it a rest James, You are being a dick again and I really don't feel like being kick out again. (Troy)

Andy was about to do his usual ref job when I looked up and seen that it was almost 9 pm, which means closing time.

OK numbskulls! It is 5 minutes to close! Shut your fucking yaps and either buy something or get out!

The three stop and look at me, they know I don't fuck around and I never make a threat, I make promises. They make there purchases and then leave, after they leave I lock the door behind them and I take a quick stock of everything. As I was getting ready to leave I go to the office where there was a package waiting on my desk. I go over to see who it is for and I see that it was for me, and it was for me from Mr. Yoshi Ryuu, my boss who is in Japan on vacation to see his family. I open it up to see a note inside sitting on top of a red cloth.

John this is a gift for all your hard work. I know you like Japanese art and history so I found these two things for you. I hope you like and John, please have some fun.


Yoshi Ryuu

I give a slight smile as he always had watched out for me. I then take out the red cloth and I had noticed once I picked it up that there was something in it. I unwrap it and see a white and red kitsune mask, it looked old and actually not a reproduction. The cloth I stretched out and it was a sash of some sort. I look around and I know I am alone so I put the sash around my neck then I pick up the kitsune mask and look into it. I slowly place it on my face then suddenly everything goes black. Sometime later I wake up to the sound of birds chirping and the smell of the forest. I feel grass in my hands and on the side of my face, along with the mask hanging on the side of it. the hell am I?

I slowly get up and sit up, I take the mask of the side of my face and lay it on my lap. I look around to see I am in a meadow surrounded by a trees. This is not any place I ever been or seen, not only that it is warm out and it is March and in Canada it is cold out at this time of the year. I mean if this is some sort of joke it is a damn good one. I stand up and start looking around some more to get my bearings, I then pinch myself to see if I was dreaming but that only proved that I wasn't. A sick feeling came over me, somehow someway I ended up in this place. I then realized the mask might had been the source of this, I put it back on but nothing. I remain where I am, I take the mask off and place it on the side of my head and fix my hat.

What kind of mask gets you in this situation? I better find out where I am and find out how I can get home.

I stand in the meadow and look for a road or path, hopefully I will find help.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Wed May 04, 2011 1:18 am

Prologue Tale of Lacteus of Baldor…

Near the Xantantian mountains, the former cursed mountanious city-state, a battle for survival was fought. A last stand against tyranny and oppression. Once pure white with fresh snow and bright with the yellow winter sun, with fresh minty winds breezing against the slow falling snow on top of high hills was now a battlefield drenched with blood and weapons of death. The sky burned red and orange and dark clouds spread throughout the horizon as burnt trees filled the air with smoke and despair. The howling winds only purpose was to spread the suffocating fumes of the burnt trees and deafen those with acute hearing. The cold became unbearable as the area became a field of death. Vermin spread across the field as they made themselves a feast amongst the bodies of the dead. The final act of what as to be the end of the Baldorian War of Annihilation was here.

Among the hundreds of bodies that littered the battlefield, several of them were silver-armored bodies men and women were scattered about among the near endless piles of orange and red. There was one was who had been comepletely drenched in wounds that belonged to himself and of those he had slain the day before. His eyes were empty as no light was lit in them. No movement was made as his hand still gripped tightly against a sword he held in his hand. His other hand lying agaisnt the muddy ground where he was seen to be crawling towards a nearby shield, perhaps his own before he fell. This warrior, former Knight of the Fourth Pendulum, is Lacteus of Baldor.

Earlier Events…

Rain poured down heavily on the nation of Baldor. The war of extermination was beginning as the Fortress of Ghestalt burned to flames, the Knights of the Pendulum rode off on their horses while covered by the darkness of night; hiding them from their enemies. The battle had been lost and the Zanthrans have won the battle. The Baldorians last hope of holding off the Zathran armies had been crushed. The Knights looked back and watched as the flag of the Baldorians was burnt and replaced with the seal of Susanoo. They all gripped the reigns of their horses while they made their way to Castle Baldor. Upon arriving to their destination the Knights watched in as horror Castle Baldor was also burning. The Knights watched as the Zanthran army that had attacked and destroyed the castle marched off into the distance until they disappeared into the forests. Lacteus ran as fast as he could to the burning castle, the other Knights followed.

Moments later they came out and held a young man on their shoulders and laid him gently on the ground. A visible stab wound on his chest released much blood. The Knights attempted to stop the bleeding.

Sire, sire! (Knight of the First Pendulum)

My lord! Do not give into your wounds! Fight, fight, fight!!! (Lacteus)

The last king of Baldor watched his Knights as they yelled for him to continue living. He looked into the sky as rained poured on his face and gave a weak smile before he lay limb in their arms. A patrol of the Zanthran army spotted them as Lacteus laid his king’s body on the rear of the horse as they rode off.

Seven years later…

Seven armored figures walked towards the South as the blistering winds of winter covered everything in white. The sun had already set as the moon slowly rose in the air to illuminate the skies with an orange hue. Four of the seven armored figures carried a sophisticated sarcophagus as the other three remained vigilant. For days these seven figures marched from Aragra to Brustria and finally near the high mountains of Xantantia. They set up camp as they rested after hours of walking. A nearby cave presented a perfect area to stay warm for the armored figures. After setting everything down the armored figures removed their armor. Three women and four men made up the ranks. The Baldorian’s Elite soldiers and Royal Guard, the Knights of the Pendulum; protectors of the Baldorian kingdom’s greatest secrets and beholders of the Pride of Ghestalt, the last Heir of the Baldorain kingdom who has been slain in battle. Their mission; return to their homeland and bury their last King.

In the cave, the Knights of the Pendulum gathered together near a fire as they ignored the howling winds near the entrance of the cave. For awhile no one said anything. One of the Knights stood up suddenly as she walked to a wall and laid her hand on it. All of the other Knights watched her as vivid images of the past began to flash around them. They watched as a man with silver hair walked around them as he fought against another silver-haired individual moved in impossible speeds around them. It was the battle between the Emperor of Light Lunar and the Emperor of Shadow Kratos. This is where the Light-Shadow Wars ended. As quickly as the images came they were gone.

The Emperors of old were gods in their own right. It is no surprise that this area has become so popular. (Knight of the Seventh Pendulum)

Kratos is the only Emperor that is worth trusting. It’s unfortunate that no more emperors that would have stopped this genocide are dead or off making diplomatic contracts with other continents. The Great Five is no more. (Knight of the Fifth Pendulum)

Had they still been in power then these wars would not have happened. Alas, there is nothing to be done. The age of chaos is upon us. No nation is safe and neither are we. (Knight of the First Pendulum)

Brother Destin is right. There is no point in continuing this conversation. Hide the sarcophagus brother Vior and prepare yourself. The same goes for you all. (Knight of the Second Pendulum)

All of the Knights nodded as they stood up and gathered their things. They went on about putting their unique pieces of armor together and rallied together as they exited the cave. They looked up into the air and watched as the moon glowed in the sky, illuminating the entire snowy field as the silence of it all bore a great calm. No wind ever made a sound as snow floated gracefully and ever so gently on their armor. The seven Knights descended down the rocky slopes that led them to the cave as they walked to the middle of the empty field. Seeing a hill up ahead the seven Knights climb the sturdy foothold. They stared into the darkness before them and waited patiently for the inevitable.

The time had come as dawn approached. Lacteus and the rest of the Knights of the Pendulum look over the horizon as the army of Emperor Amdis Susanoo marched towards them. Nearly three thousand in total, the seven Knights of the Pendulum glare at their foes, ready for the inevitable. Years of hiding from the very foes who laid siege to their city and ran it to the ground. No mercy was given to their loved ones. No sympathy as the cries of the innocent echoed through the air. No remorse as their bodies hung for all to see. Not even a shred of respect was given as the Zathran army desecrated every monument, every temple, and every home that once belonged to the proud Baldorians.

The Knights of the Pendulum made their down the slope of the hill as the armies of Susanoo approached them. Barthandulus, the Knight of the Second Pendulum led Lacteus the Knight of the Fourth Pendulum, Jurenai the Knight of the Third Pendulum, and Vior the Knight of the Sixth Pendulum while Destin, Knight of the First Pendulum led Telamith the Knight of the Fifth Pendulum, Ocrid the Knight of the Seventh Pendulum. As they were prepared to mobilize the Knights pulled out their shield and weapons. The two teams watched each other’s backs just as the armies of Susanoo were upon them. The Knights were surrounded. A single messenger stepped towards the Knights before they aimed their respective weapons at the approaching messenger, who stopped short of his walk towards them. He cleared his throat in an uneasy fashion as he read a scroll.

On behalf of your treacherous existence to Emperor Susanoo, we, the Zathran Armed Forces will take you seven Baldorians into custody. Refusal will result in- (Zathran Messenger)

Jurenai the Knight of the Third Pendulum, the greatest archer in Baldorian history, shot an arrow directly into the messenger’s throat that died instantly as the Zathran Armed Forces stared at her. The Knights resumed their formation and prepared for the worst as the Zathran army converged on them.

All of the Knights stabbed their weapons on the ground as a large ray of light split from the earth and soared to the sky. The Zathran army stopped in their tracks as they looked up at the ray of light before the light suddenly exploded, sending the small army scrambling. The Knights charged as they cut down their rising foes. When all the Zathrans gained their footing they organized themselves to fight. Lacteus stabbed a Zathran soldier and bashed him in the face to get off his sword. He swung vertically as an approaching Zathran attempted to charge him, killing him in one hit. The other Knights cut down scores of the Zathran as they saw their enemy slowly retreat.

Twenty minutes passed as several hundred Zathrans lay dead on the field surrounding the Knights. Blood of the Zathrans covered the snow below the Knights feet. The Zathrans made clanking sounds in their ranks as they shook in their armor, finally tasting fear. Several of the high ranking officers barked at their men to continue fighting as the Knights stared coldly at them. Reluctantly they did. They came swiftly at the Knights but moments later they laid wounded on the ground. The Knights allowed them to crawl away in shame as the Knights themselves walked towards the Zathrans, who backed away in fright. The grey eyes that glowed through their helmets showed no mercy as the Knights of the Pendulum cut down countless Zathran soldiers, forcing them to trap them again in a circle to attack them from all sides once again. The commanders of the Zathran army grit his teeth in frustration as he watched his men being cut down one by one from a mobile pedestal from the distance.

Lacteus continued to pummel the Zathran forces back as he made sure to pierce through any weak points and help his fellow Knights in battle. Vior used his lance to attack several foes at once, decimating them as he tripped them and stabbed any that were defenseless. Jurenai used her archery to slay many in her path. Stepping on the heads of the Zathrans while simultaneously firing her arrows near her fellow Knights’ blind spots, saving them. Ocrid; massive as he was charged through the ranks of the Zathrans and crushed any under his feet while roaring triumphantly. With his hammer he smashed through the defenses of the enemy and slaughtered them without mercy. Telamith, with her three blades holstered she removed to katanas as she cut a swath through several Zathrans attempting to surround her. None could touch her as her blades tore many Zathrans to pieces. The ferocity displayed to them forced the Zathrans to give themselves room in order to effectively combat the nigh unstoppable Knights.

Destin and Barthandulus teamed up and they cut through the shields of their foes and stabbed their way to the general’s pedestal. They fell into a trap. The Zathrans pushed themselves between defenses of the Knights and split them apart. Lacteus, Vior, and Jurenai were left to fend for themselves. Destin and Barthandulus struggled to push through the waves of the Zanthran until they were overwhelmed as multiple swords pierced through their armor and stabbed them repeatedly as they fell to the snowy ground. But they soon raised themselves up again as they swung in a large arc, taking down several more dozen. The Zathrans became panicked as the two Knights continued to swing their weapons at them, killing more and more as the situation grew dire. The general stood up from his chair and shouted to a small platoon behind him. The platoon marched towards the mass of Zathrans that surrounds the Knights of the Pendulum.

The Knights Destin and Barthandulus finally decided to fall back and they ran back to the middle of the crowd and rejoining their fellow Knights. The wounds beginning to get to them, the two collapsed as they stabbed their blades into the ground to keep themselves up. Lacteus and the rest surrounded their superiors when he noticed the platoon approaching them. The platoon in the front row crouched while they aimed rifle-like weapons and began to shoot. Both the Zathrans and the Knights were hit by the shots. Nearly all of the Zathrans soldiers were killed instantly while many others were wounded but were still standing or lying on the ground writhing in pain.

Vior had been shot multiple times on the chest as he stared at his love-life, Jurenai. She stared back at him as she removed her helmet and held him in her arms. He became pale and struggled to whisper words to her but she laid her hands on his lips just as the light in his eyes dimmed. She struggled to hold back tears as she stood up and aimed her bow at the general in the distance but was gunned down by the arquebus platoon. Lacteus looked to both Destin and Barthandulus but they made no movements as they laid face down on the ground. Only Telamith and Ocrid remained as the three stood up slowly. They watched the arquebus platoon as they continued to aim their rifles and yelled out loud as they ran towards them. The Knights were gunned down.

The general smiled to himself as he directed the mobile pedestal he was on to leave the area. The arquebus platoon and any Zathran soldiers remaining left the battlefield.

Return to Present time…

As snow began to fall again on the area of the Xantantian mountains, almost as if covering the massacre, Lacteus suddenly gasped and coughed out blood from his lungs. He wheezed and gripped his chest as he rolled over on his back and continued to gasp as he looked at the red sky.


Prologue Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Miles away from the capital city of Mesles, after spending the Autumn months in the southern regions of Zathra searching for rebels that defy the Susanoo Principality, Haraldur Susanoo; eldest son of Emperor Susanoo and Grand Prince of Zathra is finally making his way home. With his army of a thousand men strong, Haraldur marches forth towards the north on his steed to meet with the rest of his father’s armies to report his findings. However, after marching for some time Haruldur receives a distressing message from one of his scouts.

M’lord, rebels have been sighted towards the east and make their way here! They number in the several thousand! My estimate would be roughly four thousand at most…and not only that but they have blocked the only way towards the royal garrison! (Zathran Messenger)

The eldest son of Susanoo looked towards the east and ponders on the thought. For months he has been searching for these rebels and just as he was prepared to leave he is suddenly being pressed into battle. He looks at his men and notices that they were fatigued and malnourished from lack of food and water. Haraldur looked back at his messenger.

What lies before the army and the road towards the end? (Haraldur)

What? Oh, a rice patty. It is barren though from last night’s sudden rain shower. We won’t be able to us it. (Zathran Messenger)

That is where you are wrong. Men, head towards the east with me! We’re engaging the enemy. (Haraldur)

But…but m’lord! The enemy vastly outnumber us. (Zathran Messenger)

Haraldur paid no mind to his subject as he and his army marched forth towards the east of the rice patty with haste. Haraldur looked at the rice patty and smiled to himself. He ordered his men to set up stakes into the ground near the end of the rice patty they had set themselves on. Once they were done the army began to set themselves up according to their Grand Prince’s commands. In the front lines on the left and right the archers and arquebus units lined up in single file behind the stakes and held a good vision to attack anything in a 90 degree angle for each unit. Straight in the middle three units of billmen held the front lines where the stakes were not placed due to shortage. Behind the archers and arquebus were the swordsman, billmen, pikemen and another group of archers behind the farthest units on the front lines of each side. The last row contained the only cavalry unit with Haraldur in command directly in the middle. Besides Haraldur’s unit where two more pike units were placed on both his left and right with another two more arquebus units to rotate with the first row.

The rebels soon came into view as a vast army began to approach Haraldur’s position. Leading the rebels are Abundancio and Abadio. Twins of the house of Lucrum, whose greed for power has caused great despair for those who were their competition and rivals. Their actions ignited Emperor Susanoo’s infamous rage and caused the brutal slaughter of the majority of their family and permanent exile at the hands of Emperor Susanoo, causing the only survivors of the family to usurp a rebellion to bring down the Susanoo family. Unfortunately, arrogance and mistrust between the two siblings makes their competence as military leaders highly questionable and the continued existence of the family unlikely. Haraldur knows this and prepares his army as the rebels began to approach the rice patty but soon stop and slowly make camp.

Those arrogant fools. They plan to watch us starve to death rather than fight us at our current strength. If my gamble is right I should be able to force them into coming after us. You! (Haraldur)

A single archer steps forth as he salutes to his commander. The Grand Prince nods his head as he allows the archer to speak.

Yes, m’lord? (Archer)

Haraldur points towards the camp of the rebels.

Show them the error of their ways. (Haraldur)

Aye, m’lord. (Archer)

The archer takes a single arrow from his quiver and fires it towards the camp. A few moments later the entire camp was in an uproar, apparently someone had been hit. The rebels formed a long row of soldiers and began to spit obscenities towards the Zathra army as one of the rebel leaders Abadio shouted at them, holding an arrow in his hand.

You filthy Susanoo! How dare you throw your junk on our territory?! You shall pay with your life for this insult!! (Abadio)

Haraldur sighed as he shook his head.

That’s what they’re worried about?... (Haraldur)

Hahaha! Those rebels got worked up because an arrow landed in their camp?! (Soldier #1)

Idiots are what they are. (Soldier #2)

No doubt about it! (Soldier #3)

Haraldur stared at the men as they turned to see him and quickly closed their mouths and resumed their position.

But today isn’t the day for us to strike you down. There are other things that will take care of you dogs. (Abdio)

Haraldur’s hunch was correct for assuming that the rebels were hoping for the Zathran army to be grinded down by disease and hunger. Now fully aware of their plans Haraldur orders his men to march towards the rebel camp, hoping to provoke the rebels into rash actions. Haraldur’s gamble is successful as the rebel army began to gather and push amongst themselves, eager to engage their Zathran counterparts and sent several waves of their unprepared to overly brash men towards the Zathran army. Haraldur barks another order as the men resume their position behind the stakes as the archers and arquebus units prepare to fire at will. The first wave was composed of a cavalry division that quickly rode their way towards the Zathrans. Many were cut down by the volley of arrows released upon them or were shot by the new powerful gun powder of the musket. Those that survived huddled together, thinking that it would provide better protection as they charged towards the billmen, perhaps thinking with their superior numbers and their cavalry they could smash through the defenses easily to allow the foot-soldiers behind them to force another path through the second row of Haraldur’s defense.

Unfortunately for the cavalry division the huddling made them easy targets for the archers. On top of that, the billmen were equipped with shields and long pikes meant for stabbing foes from a long distance. By the time they realized it was already too late as either they fell with their steeds or fell off and were cut down like dogs. The survivors attempted to flee but were shot in the back by the arquebus division. Another wave soon came as three large divisions of swordsmen came running straight towards the billmen to finish what the cavalry had started. Many were once again killed in the rush by the archers and arquebus divisions thanks to the mud inhibiting their movements but many more were still available for the charge as two more waves joined in the assault.

This time the many billmen were killed in the ensuing melee as the swordsmen division of the rebels cleverly used their shields to both block arrows and the polearms of the billmen to push their way through the ranks, forcing some of Zathran’s swordsmen to join the fray. Haraldur watched as the fighting continued and directed his several of his men to keep the rebels from forcing their way through the stakes and billmen. This proved to be difficult by a sudden volley from the rebels themselves as Haraldur was hit in the shoulder.

M’lord! Are you alright!? (Bodyguard Swordsman)

Haraldur pulled out the arrow and snapped it in two in his hands as he looked around the fields and noticed a rebel crossbow unit not too far away from the next way to come.

Archers! Direct your fire to the crossbow division in the north-west side of the field!! (Haraldur)

Two archer divisions did as instructed and opened fire on the crossbow division who quickly fled from the battlefield, possibly even deserting.

Cowards…wait? (Haraldun)

Haraldur then noticed that one of the dead crossbow division’s men was clad in the colors of the Lucrum family crest. Abadio was killed and they crossbow division he commanded began to retreat in confusion. That was when he noticed that so too did several hundred more swordsmen followed suit. With this new knowledge in mind, Haraldur searched the incoming wave for anyone that could be the other sibling of the Lucrum. When he found no one Haraldur grit his teeth as he watched the rebels decimate the two of the three billmen divisions in the first row and soon began to attack the archers and arquebus, which drew their hammers and any blunt weapon they had on themselves for defense. The second row of billmen and swordsmen then charged towards the rebels and began to push them back. Were it not for the first row tiring the rebels out they would have had a much more difficult time pushing them. It was then that yet another wave, the largest and final one began to charge. Without the archers or arquebus’s assistance it seemed as if the lines were about to be decimated.

Thinking quickly on his feet Haraldur and his cavalry unit, along with his bodyguard division made a charge towards the final wave as they clashed swords with them. The brutal fighting for every inch of their position became a fight for survival for the Zathrans as it seemed that the large numbers of the rebels would overwhelm them. Haraldur pulled out his blade and began his deadly fight with the rebels. Many fell to his blade as he slashed and stabbed one after another. A rebel suddenly slashed him in the back as Haraldur stabbed his blade into the ground and used it for support to stand. Before the rebel could strike again he was beheaded by one of the Grand Prince’s bodyguards. The guard helped to carry Haraldur through the horde as the Zathrans covered his subtle retreat from the fighting. Haraldur’s vision became weak as he neared his steed and was helped up on it by his guard.

Leave now your highness, we’ll hold them off while you flee! (Bodyguard)

Nonsense…I…I will remain with you to..fight…! (Haraldur)

Refusing to listen to his Grand Prince, the guard smacked the horse by its hide as it neighed and road off towards the rode to safety. As he looked back Haraldur could see in the distance as his men were attacked from behind by yet another wave, this time of the remaining cavalry division and could only turn away as he knew the battle was lost. Laying on the horse and almost blacking out completely, Haraldur dropped his sword and attempted to stand up straight as he looked back but felt dizzy from doing so and gripped his steed’s neck until it suddenly stopped. Haraldur attempted to look at what it was looking at but fell off and laid on his stomach.

Feeling the world go dark Haraldur tried his best to sit up and sat on his legs and looked towards the rode of where he came from. It was then that he realized he was in a wide space and there was only the forest that surrounded him. The sounds of approaching horses could only mean that his men were completely annihilated from the assault. As the sounds approached with every passing second Haraldur stood up as straight as possible on his legs but fell down as he could only lay there and watch the cavalry come closer and closer with every blink. Haraldur then closed his eyes and let the darkness take him.

Suddenly, Haraldur was awoken by the screams of both the rebels and of horses as arrows from the forest rained down on the rebels, killing them as they attempted to flee and killing any who stood and watched in fear as their comrades were killed one after the other. Haraldur felt immense pain from trying to stand up and so simply lay on the ground and heard loud footsteps approaching him. As he attempted to sit up to see who it was he was picked up from the ground by his head and met face to face with the last person he wanted to see.

Father… (Haraldur)

What a sight I am forced to see. My own son, in tatters from such a measly assault from a group of traitors.

Emperor Amdis Susanoo, lord sovereign of Zathran and commander in chief of the Zathran military, stares at his son with a stern look of disappointment but relief.

You lost many men today for your foolishness. The numbers were against you but not the terrain. If your men had been more encouraged and had you let them know the death of one of the commanders you would not be in this situation. On that very same token, for allowing yourself to be cut in the back and leaving your men you allowed them to lose hope and be destroyed. You are hereby stripped of your status as a general and will be hospitalized. I will not have you fight again.

You…you know nothing of strategy and chance. Had I not been…injured the odds of winning we..were still against me… (Haraldur)

Enough. There is no excuse for weakness!!

The powerful voice of the emperor knocked his son unconscious. Emperor Susanoo then made his way to his son’s steed and placed him there. Out from the woods came many archers from the royal army as the formed a line behind the emperor and prepared to march towards the camp. Emperor Susanoo's unique steed, a large bird-like creature called a Trico was presented to the emperor by one of his knights and given its reigns. They army and Susanoo then made their way to the camp.

Upon arriving at the camp, Emperor Susanoo looked on in annoyance at the sght of his men prancing around and dancing as they sang songs to pass the time. The Emperor looked on at the scene and sighed in frustration as he punched the ground and split it in two. His army roared in great surprise and fear as their Emperor scoffed and walked away from the scene. Noticing Haraldur in his injured state several soldiers picked up the Grand Prince and took him to the infirmary.

Emperor Susanoo walked into his a tent and was greeted by his four greatest generals.

How is your son, my lord? (General Eum)

The boy may as well be dead. He was never strong to begin with. Not too bright either.

Such a terrible thing to say, my emperor. (General Ghor)

It is the truth. This world has no need for weaklings and this world does not need young general such as he. He took an enormous risk today for his actions and cost the life of all of his men. If he is to prove himself to be my heir then his actions must reflect my own, lest he wind up dead, which he may if his will is not strong enough. Pathetic even.

If I may, my lord, his tactics were rather well-done. I believe that he should be given another chance. (General Vayor)

Nonsense, you saw the battle yourself from the pool! (General Nia)

The female general points to a table between all five individuals as it shows them the events occuring across the many campaigns in Nystoria undertaken by the Zathran Principality. Emperor Susanoo nods his head in agreement.

General Nia is absolutely right. No matter the effectiveness of the strategy the point is that he required my help to remain alive. His life was almost taken from him by scum and weaklings. He has also been infected with their taint! Those filth laced their blood onto his wounds and for all we know he may be a carrier.

Emperor Susanoo, a strong believe in the philosophy of survival of the fittest believe that being attacked or hit by a weaker foe shows weakness and 'infection.' This infection is the belief that once struck by someone vastly weaker than oneself that they themselves will become weak over time and are in turn infected. The emperor believes that a taint runs in the vains and weapons of the weak and so condemns any that he believes are weak as nothing but filth and trash that must be destroyed. Of course these are only beliefs and may not in fact be true at all. Many have followed his belief but not as many as he would like. This ignorant thought process may be what caused the genocide against the Baldorians seven years earlier.

My lord, lets not be rash. For the royal family to be infected by the taint is...unheard of. We must not allow this to be released or your son may very well be killed! (General Ghor)

It matters not! Whether I publically declare his weakness upfront or not, over the years as he begins to lose his strength he will be dealt with. Any who dare to oppose the law of nature shall be dealt with severely. Is that understood?

All of the generals present agree without hesitation and begin to discuss plans for the next campaign for domination. Emperor Susanoo merely watches as he listens but turns his head slightly as he feels a certain 'feeling' bothering him. For awhile this 'feeling' continued to pester him until he could not bear to ignore it any longer and ran out of the tent towards the source.

There he goes again. The Emperor definately enjoys making a scene. (General Vayor)

Quite. (General Nia)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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had been walking for an hour or so after I had found a cow path along the stream and I follow it down the direction it flows. Along the way all I could think is how this was one of the Numbskulls' little pranks that they like to play. But what I couldn't figure out is how they pulled it off. I look at the mask as I walk on and I start to sense it has something to do with it. I come to a larger part of the stream that now has become a river, and I just feel like I need to rest so I sit on a log.

Those fucking nimrods better run when I see them. I mean its a good prank but what the shit.

I sit and observe my surroundings and I notice something. The sun is traveling in the wrong direction. I take out my iphone and try to get a signal, nothing it is telling me no service. The GPS function is not working either. This just confused me some more, I shut my phone off to save power. I then go to the stream to get some water, it has been a warm day with a lot of walking so I am damn thirsty.

This water better not be spiked with something or I will fuck them three dip shits up big time.

I kneel down and cup some water in my hands and drink it, the water tastes like mountain spring water, so clean and fresh. This makes me question my location even more, as I had traveled the wilderness of my home province, from the many shorelines to the highlands this terrain is alien to me. I get up and start following the stream down, hoping that I will see civilization where I can ask for help.

As I walk I could sense that something or someone was watching me, I look over my shoulder at the treeline and I can't see anything, yet something in my gut tells me otherwise. I walk a short distance and I start to hear the roar of rapid water, and I was correct. The river had become a rapids, the sound was almost deafening, so I had to be very alert, not only with the feeling I am being followed but one slip on a rock and I am dead.

That would be an awful end if I was to fall in there.

I finally make it to a waterfall and look down over the edge, it is at least 70 feet down and I look to see if there is a pathway down. However I let down my guard and I hear something making it trampling it's way towards me, I turn to see a man dressed in armor riding a bird like thing rush at me. I raise my eyebrow in shock to see such a sight. The man brings the.. “Bird” to a stop and then glares at me angrily.

You are you and why do you trespass on my territory?! Answer me you dog!

I scoff at the sight of this guy and his goofy get up. I guess the guys hired one of their Cos-play friends to act like some sort of Anime character.

So tell me Tin Pants, how much did my piss ant friends pay you to pull off this prank? One hundred dollars? Cause that sad ass get up your wearing is shit. I mean you look like a god damn glitterboy.

I watch as the man, dress in the armor screws up his face in anger and gets off the thing he was riding. I can tell he is tall much taller than I, yet I am undaunted by his size.

Fool! Don't you know whom you are in the presence of?! Or the territory you trespass on?!

I chuckle and let out a laugh as I see this guy is really acting the role. I start to clap mockingly give him a sarcastic smile.

Brilliant! What a fucking performance! I mean they must have hire a professional, I mean that was some Broadway quality acting. Now if you don't mind Mr. Tin Trousers I need to find someone and get directions back to my home.

I start to walk away form him but I was suddenly lifted up by my hood of my hoodie. I struggle to get free and I swing around to see that the man had quiet easily lifted me up. He grins with malice and anger in his eyes, I suddenly get the idea this guy is real and I am not in Nova Scotia anymore.

You little fool I am going to show you directions to my dungeon or the inside of a coffin! Now answer my question!

Fuck you!

I then spit in his face and slip out of my hoodie, I fall to the ground then kick him in the nuts but he is heavily armored there, I wince in pain from kicking him and I roll back away from him. I then try to crawl away but I am grabbed by my right leg and being dragged towards him.

Fool you have no armor, no weapon and you dare attack the great Emperor Susanoo? I will crush you and end your pathetic weak attempt at trying to stand against me.

I push up with my hands then with my free leg I kick him in the face as he was bend down while dragging me. He falls back and loosens his grip on my leg and I pull away from him. I roll then stand up to face him, his head was too the side and he slowly turns to me to show a mark on his face, it starts to bleed. I watch has the blood runs down his face and he puts his hand to feel it then looks at the blood on his fingers. He smirks and laughs at the sight of it.

You got some balls boy! So I will grant you a present.

He moved so fast I couldn't see him and then next thing I know I felt pressure in my stomach and everything goes black. He then picks me up and puts me on his steed.

This fool got some courage, maybe I have some use for you. I wish my son showed the same amount of courage.

He then rides off holding the mask in this hand and examines it with some concern in his eyes.
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As the mist settles in around the mountains a lone figure is scaling the cliff side. He exhibits great ease jumping from one ledge to the next. The armored being jumps onto the top of the mountain and slams his lance into the ground. He sits down and studies his terrain how long has he being climbing this mountain range he wonders to himself. A month maybe more. The being takes a breath and closes his eyes as he relaxes for a bit. Behind him lay the Xantanian mountain range and below him lies the lowlands of the continent. He had successfully mapped out the entire mountain region. But now he asks himself, what else is there to do now. Nothing is worth fighting for at the moment expect for the need to satisfy his boredom.

"Nothing to do since the war....depressing isn't it." The being mutters to himself. "And now I am talking to my self, isn't that wonderful."

He closes his eyes again and remembers the war and how he felt like he had something important to do in his life.

[McGill War]

The armored being jumps down from a cliff and stabs a soldier with his sword, followed by ten other men who follow the mans lead in the slaughter of an enemy scout band.

"Captain Edáfous!" One soldier yells as he runs up to the armored being who looms over the soldier. "All members of the enemy scouting band eliminated."

"Good now continue forward to the enemy camp, we've got a lot more hostiles to kill." Edáfous booms in an arrogant tone.

The soldier runs back to the squad and they start moving through the rocky terrain staying on the high ground. They reach the enemy encampment, and from their perch can the main armies fighting in the distance. They were sent here to destroy the enemies supply route which comes through these hills. As the members of the squad get in place Edáfous kills one of the perimeter guards, followed by other members killing their one designated targets. Soon the base is surrounded by his squad. Though the members of his squad start moving early without Edáfous's permission. The alarm is tripped and the soldiers at the outpost get the jump on the squad and start slaughtering the squad until only Edáfous is left. In a fit of rage Edáfous easily kills all the men stationed at the base....

[Present time]

"Of course I remember that one failure huh..." Edáfous grumbles as he staggers to his feet. Suddenly a sharp cry rings from the mountain as a wyrven lands directly in front of Edáfous. "Didn't see this coming."

The wyrven moves in to kill Edáfous quickly with it's jaws but he jumps out of the way and slams a pillar of earth into the wyrven. It quickly regains it's balance but he has already smacked the winged beast with his lance sending it into even more of a stagger. Edáfous quickly jumps on the wyrven's back and grabs hold of it's neck with his legs. The wyrven starts bucking around but he stays steadfast on it's back. After a while the wyrven finally gets tired and slumps to the ground.

"Such a beautiful beast. Be a shame to kill it..." Edáfous says with a hint of admiration in his voice.

He starts jumping down the mountainside, but stops as he hears a rumbling above him. The wyrven is gliding down the mountainside and hovers in front of Edáfous.

"Well isn't this great I get a partner for myself." Edáfous giddily remarks. He quickly jumps onto the wyrven and begins flying back through the plains to his hovel on the mountainside.
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Tale of Lacteus of Baldor…

More snow fell on the battlefield as if hiding the terrible scene that the previous battle had left behind. Lacteus grit his teeth in pain as he slowly sat up while feeling every ounce of his body wracked in pain. With careful positioning and movement not too sudden Lacteus observed the field around him. His face was twisted in pain as he began to pant from lack of air coming into his lungs and he fell back against the snowy ground. Lacteus’s eyes darted left and right. I don’t feel the presence of the others…they’re…

Tears filled within the eyes of the Pendulum Knight. The death of his friends, family, and brothers and sisters in arms was too much for him to bear. The wounds on his body were nothing compared to the amount of sorrow and guilt felt within his soul. The realization of being the very last of his people forced him to sob to himself in silence as tears continued to roll down his face.

Over time the cold began to affect him as well as the pain of his wounds. He simply laid on the snowy field, wishing to join his comrades in the afterlife. But a noise caught his attention. The sounds of flapping of massive wings in the distance that began to draw closer. Lacteus eyes looked above him but knew the sounds were further back. The flapping became more prominent until eventually a loud thud rocked the ground and an ear-splitting cry was let loose by an apparently large beast. Footsteps echoed across the Xantantian mountain range and Lacteus, still recovering from the cry could not hear them.

A warrior, clad in armor of dark green looked down at Lacteus and was surprised to see the man alive. He quickly grabbed Lacteus by his shoulders and held him up. The Baldorian looked at the earth demon and could barely speak.

Take me…take me to Zathra…

“You’re injured. Your wounds are grave and I highly doubt that you will survive. My name is Edáfous, what is yours warrior?”

L… La…Lacteus of Baldor…

“Well met. I do not know what exactly happened here but I do sense no danger from you. As a fellow warrior I am to nurse you back to health until you are sufficiently prepared to embark on your own.”

…You do…do not understand…I must kill him…

Lacteus wheezed as his closed his eyes and lost consciousness. Edáfous looked down at the stranger In his arms and turned to his newly broken wyvern.

“Need to get him out of this cold…”


Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Emperor Susanoo examines the mask of John Rohan and gives a concerned look. He turns to look at the unconscious human and then back at the mask.

What in Sparta’s name is this doing here…?

The Zathran Emperor then grips his hand tightly on the mask as he attempts to crush it but finds that he cannot. In his anger he throws it several miles away with a flick of his wrist and rides off with his trico towards the camp. As he begins to go into deep though he hears a flute note go off and stops his mount as he looked around in alarm.

That noise…!

Susanoo turns and looks at John as the mask lies on his face. The Emperor angrily grows and grits his teeth, grabbing the mask once more and tossing it with a great pitch as it soars off into the distance. Content with his actions he clicks his tongue as the trico once again rides off towards the camp with haste.

First my son, then this intruder, and now that…mask! What more could there be to this accursed day?!

Once again a flute note fills the air as Susanoo screams at the top of his lungs in frustration. His eyes become blood red from pure rage upon seeing the mask once again on John’s face. The Zathran Emperor jumped off the trico and pulled John by the head as he slammed him against a nearby tree and held him there, waking him up.

Wh..what the? Aww fuck me this isn’t a dream.

Silence vermin!

Susanoo pulled the mask from John face and held it in his hand as he looked at it with great intent before turning his eyes back towards John.

Where did you get this?


Where did you get THIS?!

I…it was a gift, why!?

From whom?!

Like I’m telling you!

Susanoo pulled John from the tree and slammed him against it as his patience began to run thin.

Do you realize what you have done!? What this mask is?!

John gave a confused look as he looked at the mask.

You do not know of this mask? Where do you hail from??

From Nova Scotia…!

And where exactly is that!?

From Earth!

Emperor Susanoo raised an eyebrow as he looked away and thought to himself regarding the geography of Nystoria. Upon recognizing no such name in the continent he resumed the interrogation.

Earth? What is this…Earth you speak of? I know no such country by that name, tainted one.

Tainted one? Who the hell are you calling a tainted one you oversized asshole.

I am not familiar with that last title but I will assume it was an insult.

Oh yeah? Well kiss my a-

John was suddenly thrown against another tree as the wind was knocked out of him.

Your impudence and lack of a cordial conduct serves no purpose. You mock me and believe that I, Emperor Amdis Susanoo, the second ruler of Zathra and lord sovereign of all she holds in her territory will allow such a thing?! You are mistaken!!

The earth began to tremble lightly as Emperor Susanoo started towards John. His hand formed a fist as it cracked from the bones tightening so hard. John managed to get on his feet and jumped towards the bushes as a crater formed from the emperor’s punch.

Holy shit!

John, seeing what the enraged sovereign of Zathra was capable of made a dash for the forest and hid behind a tree. The Emperor of Zathra casually walked through the forest as he looked around.

Where are you, you diseased hound. Wherever you are won’t offer you much protection against my might or temper. Cowards such as yourself will not be accepted within my empire. Come out and face me! If you do not then death shall be assured.

Darting for another tree as the emperor quickly made his way to the one he previously was hiding against; John looked around himself for a way to safety. He didn’t know the area at all and was only beginning to grasp the thought of being in an entirely new world. The sound of a tree being uprooted and thrown about worried him greatly. Just as Susanoo was approaching John’s position the sound of screeching was heard. Emperor Susanoo looked around himself and then towards the sky as a large mass of bats began to blot out the setting sun.

Rats with wings.

Several groups of the bats swooped down and circled themselves around the emperor as he looked around himself and scoffed in annoyance. He swatted one bat as it died instantly from the impact. The mass of bats then all descended upon the emperor as they began to bite his armor and skin. Greatly enraged Susanoo bellowed as the bats were flung in every direction from the force.

You filth! You dare bite me!?

The mass of bats then gathered together in front of the emperor as they formed a crude comical face. The legion then spoke at once in a distant disembodied voice. John looked in curiosity but couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

So the rumors were true. The emperor himself has come to pay a visit to the Grey Forest.

Susanoo took a step forward as he looked directly into the swarm.

What is this?

We are the manifestation of the dead from times past. We’ve watched over this realm for many years and have seen the many actions you have committed. It seems that they will continue once more on this mortal you desire to capture, if that was even your first intention.

My business is not with you vermin. Out of my way.

Your commands does not affect us in any way, neither does your influence of this once free land. As the Many we ask that you remove yourself lest you be our first feast in some time. The choice lies with you.

Ignoring the words of the many bats speaking to him Susanoo began to make his way towards where he senses John’s mask.

I WILL get that man, and not even an entire nest of rats can stop me!

The swarm of bats quickly changed into a young man with slicked back hair and a stern look in his eyes. He placed his hands behind his back as he studied the large Zathran emperor and turned his attention to where John currently hides.

That man is under our protection.

In an instant the man appeared behind Susanoo and pierced through the armor as his hand struck through his back to his torso.

Our terms were simple, ‘tis a shame that the lord sovereign himself should fa-

A fist destroyed the bats that formed the ‘head’ of the young man as it reformed. The young man appeared several feet away from the emperor as Amdis turned towards him, his wound completely healed. The vampire dissolved into thousands of bats and launched themselves at the emperor as a vortex of blades shredded the trees surrounding the emperor and even lashed large cuts onto Susanoo himself. As the vampire appeared in front of the emperor Susanoo once again punched the vampire but this time the hit connected as the vampire was sent flying into a tree.

I have already warned you and yet you still defy me. No more games, this is the end for you!

Susanoo crossed his arms and the middle prong of his crown lit up and suddenly fired an enormous beam that destroyed nearly everything, reducing the forest to cinders with the young man nowhere in sight. Sensing something in the distance Susanoo looked behind him and watched as the Many carried of John as he struggled in the swarm. Once again the Zathran emperor crossed his arms and released yet another beam as it impacted with the swarm and destroyed another portion of the forest. As the smoke cleared Emperor Susanoo stood on the ruined ground as he saw nothing in the sky. He sighed to himself as he calmed down and clicked his tongue as his trico quickly ran to his side and mounted it. Just before departing a platoon of swordsmen arrived and looked around in awe at the destruction. One of the men, a fire demon in phoenix armor, road right next to Susanoo in his armored steed. The look on the emperor’s face was unnaturally calm.

Lord Susanoo, we saw the explosions in the distance. Is everything alright? Was it the rebels? (Fire Demon Bodyguard)

Susanoo looked to his bodyguard and then back towards the sky.

Dielli…tell the men to return to Mesles. We have a situation on our hands. Move with haste.

Hero of the McGill war and sibling to Hëna, the loyal bodyguard and strategist of Emperor Susanoo looked to his lord and nods his head.

As you wish, m’lord. What of the rebels still present? (Dielli)

Just return to the camp.

Aye… (Dielli)

Dielli and his men rode off and left their emperor to himself. The Zathran emperor pondered on the situation as he thought back on the past.

Could that man…could he have been human…?


Tale of Sonus the Many…

Flying faster and faster away from the carnage and near infinite wrath of the Zathran emperor, Sonus, a vampire made up from thousands upon thousands of bats keeps John safe from harm as he holds the human inside of him. Before long Sonus decides to land near the border that would lead to Xantantia as Sonus lets John go. He then transforms into his physical form but appears much, much younger. Instead of a man in his mid-20’s he now appeared to be nineteen years old.

How unfortunate for us, to have lost to many in the emperor’s madness. We are now less than what we were…

As Sonus turns to John and places both hands behind his back to show his gentlemen-like demeanor, he notices that the human was already far off, running desperately away.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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As I run the grim thought crosses my mind that its is all real. I have no idea how I got here, where the hell I am and how I will get home. I stop by a large tree and try to catch my breath, I pant and gasp for air as I haven't ran like that in a long while. Thankfully my coach puts us through tough drills three times a week. I look around to see if the one who brought me this far was following me and I then get the feeling someone was behind me. I turn to see the young looking man standing there with both hands behind his back.

Please forgive me sir but I didn't mean to startle you. I take it you don't see many like me where you come from?

Vampire right? Yeah I don't see many like you, well only in horror movies.

Hmm? Some sort of human form of entertainment and I assume my kind are not portrayed kindly?

I look at the man and I keep my guard up.

Well yes movies are a form of entertainment and yes your kind are not portrayed kindly. Your kind tend to suck the blood out of humans.

The man looks at me and notices I am nervous, he smiles and chuckles at what I had told him.

No dear boy I don't take blood of human, but however I am interested in your kind human. Oh where are my manners, my name is Sonus the Many and you are?

Now feeling that I had gotten a bad reception with his usual smart ass comments I decided to be polite.

My name is John Rohan. Anyways who was that big guy back there that wanted to pound me into paste?

Haha, oh yes that delightful fellow was Emperor Amdis Susanoo, he rules much of this area and he is never in a good mood, especially since the rebel uprising.

I see but what troubles me is he called me Tainted, and he seems to know something about this mask and sash.

Sonus looks at the mask and sash carefully but he steps back from it. The once confident man seemed to be weary of the human now. I can tell he knows something of these things and it can't be good.

You best weary of those things my friend as they contain great powers.

I roll my eyes as I seen this a million times in the comics. I look at him and dismiss his words.

Yeah yeah, and with great powers comes great responsibility. I heard that song and dance before.

Sonus raises and eyebrow in wonder where I heard that word of advice.

Did you hear that form one of your human movies?

Yes that and comic books another form of human entertainment. Anyways do you know anything more of these things?

Sonus looks at the artifacts and then places his hand on his chin.

Well, the origin of those items are a mystery to me, but I do sense something dark within. However your only hope of gaining any knowledge about them is.....Emperor Amdis Susanoo.

I let out a sigh and I look at the mask in my hands just before I put it on the side of my head. There is only one thing I knew I had to do.

Sonus can you take me close to where Emperor Susanoo is?

Well I can, but just be aware he maybe extremely hostile so you will have to swallow your pride and take his insults. That and I cannot stay with you.

I clench my fists and grit my teeth.

I never had bowed or submitted to anyone in my life, but if I ever want to get home I must.

With that Sonus guides me to the location where we last encountered Susanoo, he set me down and we said goodbye. I knew I would see him again, just a hunch but I believe he wouldn't be far. I start walking in the direction where Sonus said the camp is I also confirmed this by the tracks in the dirt.

So I continue on along the path and of to my right I see some movement in the forest. I take cover behind some bushes to see some armored demon warriors moving quickly through the forest. As they pass I quickly follow them silently hoping they would lead me to Susanoo's camp. I follow them until they come to a makeshift camp and they are all arguing and yelling. I cannot see if Susanoo is among them so I climb a large pine tree to get a better view and once I got high enough I can see that he is nowhere to be found.

Fuck, he isn't here. I wonder who these ass-clowns are?

Just as I was going to climb down, the branch I was standing on gave way and I fell through the branches and into the middle of the camp. I am quickly surrounded by 30 or more demon warriors all armed and ready to attack, I slowly get up to my feet and as I look around I know I am in deep shit.

A Zanthur spy! (Random Demon 1)

We could use him for ransom. (Random Demon 2)

Fuck that lets kill him and sent Susanoo his fucking head! (Random Demon 3)

As they argue what they plan to do with me I start hearing a voice from within.

“Place the mask upon your face and all your troubles will vanish.”

Who are you? Who said that?

“That is not important now, you must do as I ask to survive.”

I slowly place the mask on my face and I feel the rush of power like I never felt before. I am quickly surrounded by a blue and white flame like aura, nine fox like tails behind me and as the flame intensifies I let out a blood curdling roar. The ground quakes as I let out a massive shockwave and blast of white hot fire emits from me, the demons that once surrounded me are now piles of ash and empty armor. I look around in disbelief that I could have do such a thing, much of the forest around was still burning or smoldering ash.

The fuck my life! How the shit did I do this?!

“You need to rest human, I will let you regain your strength.”

The mask is suddenly on the side of my head and I fall to one knee, meanwhile the rush of power, the roar and shockwave reach the Susanoo but by then is mere wind. Susanoo looks in the direction it came from and snarls.

Dielli! Come with me! We are going to find out what made that.

Sir. (Dielli)

The two warriors take their mounts and head off to investigate the source of the power. However Susanoo felt that power once before.
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As the mist settles in around the mountains a spot in the cliff stands out. A two level house dug straight into the mountain side, along side it lay a freshly dugs out cavern in which a wryven lays. In the house a few rooms are lit as Edáfous stares out the cold stone window.

What the hells going on in the country, I know I've been out of civilization for a while but surely didn't think chaos would return so quickly.

Edáfous stands up and walks toward the kitchen as a kettle blows out steam. He lifts the kettle away and puts it on the table and pours some of it into a cup. He walks toward a room, when he opens the door a bandaged up Lacteus lays. Edáfous lays the cup on the end table and looks around the room.

Why do I have a guest room again? Wishful thinking maybe...

Lacteus stirs in the bed and starts to come too. He sits up and tries to get his bearings.

Oh look he isn't dead after all.

Edáfous gestures to the cup and Lacteus takes a sip from it. After a while of him sipping from the cup Lacteus puts it down and starts to get up.

No I don't know who you are really but no ones getting up after the amount of damage you took. But you really should get to a doctor, all I could do is patch you up.

Where am I?

Oh why my lovely little home in Xantanian mountains. Now you said something about needing to reach Zathra. Once your wounds heal I'll take you down to passage leading to the city...or was it town I don't even remember anymore.

Lacteus lays back in the bed as Edáfous stands up and starts heading to door. He takes a quick glance back before entering the hallway and heading down to the front door. He stands and looks out at the mountains and takes a deep breath. He shifts his head to the cavern he just dug and then over to graves of the soldiers he had just buried. In it laid the ones who wore the kind of armor as Lacteus. Edáfous picks up an ax and chops a few blocks of firewood.

I have been far too disconnected with the outside world for such events to happen on my very doorstep...

Edáfous carries the wood back inside and starts a fire in the fireplace. He stares at the fire for a little bit. Then turns his head toward the graves of the soldiers and then back to fire. He then again removed his stare from the fire over to his lance. Then dipped his head back to fire...
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Tale of Lacteus of Baldor…

As he laid in the darkness of the cavern, recalling all of the events that occurred in the battle, Lacteus could not hold his anger back as he stood up from his bed and grabbed his armor, shield and weapon. Still not recovered from his wounds he struggled to make his way towards the exit of the cave. As he neared the exit Edáfous walked out from the corner and blocked the exit.

You’re in no condition to be moving about.

Please move aside…my vengeance is not to be directed towards you.

I cannot do that. I said I would see you off on and I intend to do so. Be patient and return to your bed. Do not make me use force.

Edáfous heard slow breathes taken in and out by Lacteus. The knight was obviously tired and rapidly losing energy. Taking no chance with the injured knight, the earth demon urged for Lacteus to rest again.

Rest. Your fever won’t get any better if you keep moving around.

Lacteus refused to listen as I drew closer and closer towards Edáfous. He held his shield and sword in each hand as he pushed Edáfous aside and exited the cave. Without a word Edáfous tapped his spear once on the ground as the earth itself surrounded itself around Lacteus and held him in a firm grasp. The Pendulum Knight didn’t struggle nor make a complaint as he lowered his head to his chest, passing out from overexerting himself and from his fever.


Tale of Amdis Susanoo...

As night slowly fell on the lands things became still. An activity from the local villagers was scarce as they were either returning to their homes or quickly finishing their activities. The road leading to Mesles was clear as patrols continued on with their duties. As a single patrol of four men walked along the path Susanoo and Dielli quickly road passed them as they made haste towards the direction that they felt the disturbance in the area.

M’lord, do you know what caused this disturbance? I know it isn’t the rebels. (Dielli)

You would be right, it’s not the rebels.

Then what is it? A new threat? (Dielli)

A distant memory that should have stayed where we left it!

So you do know… (Dielli)

Susanoo yelled at the top of his voice as his Trico began to move at greater speeds than Dielli. The fire demon then covered himself in flames along with his steed, quickly matching his lord’s speed. The two noticed that the air was hot and lit up by the fires from afar. The smell of burnt trees and wildlife seemed to bother Susanoo. It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the scene as Susanoo leapt from his Trico and looked around the area.

Dielli, quickly put out this fire!

Sir! (Dielli)

The fire demon threw his arms to the side and made a motion as if he were gathering something. However, the flames were not bending to his will.

Something’s not right…these flames are unnatural. There’s a dark presence in them and they’re almost as if they’re alive… (Dielli)

The Zathran emperor scoffed in annoyance as lifted both arms in the arm and clapped loudly. The whole area was engulfed in a powerful gust of wind and blew the flames away. Dielli looked around in astonishment at the feat the emperor had pulled off but was quickly surprised by the sorrowful look on his face.

M’lord…? (Dielli)

Emperor Susanoo quickly changed his attitude as rage began to come over him.

Find out who did this! Trace the source of these flames immediately!

No need for that…

Both Susanoo and Diellie turned to hear a voice behind them. An exhausted John was kneeling on the ground and it seemed as if he would pass out at any moment. Susanoo snarled angrilly at the sight of the human.

You! I should have known that you were up to no good as soon as I lost your trace. You made a mistake for not running away when you had the chance, Tainted one.

The lord sovereign of Zathra closed the distance between him and John as he lifted the human by his neck from the ground and slowly applied pressure. But Diellie quickly ran towards Susanoo’s side and attempted to bring the emperor’s arm down but to no avail.

M’lord, shouldn’t we interrogate him?? (Dielli)

No need. It was this man that caused the destruction of my land! I demand blood and retribution!!

Dielli took a quick glance at John and looked back at his emperor. Then, a sudden feeling came over Dielli as he looked to John again. His eyes widened at the realization of who he was.

M’lord, he’s a human! (Dielli)

Susanoo’s face quickly softened as he lowered John and looked at him in great surprise. The emperor turned to his bodyguard.


I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Tue May 10, 2011 6:15 pm

I cough and slowly catch my breath from being choked by the one called Susanoo. I then notice someone new, a man dressed in red armor on a horse. He seems to be interested in who I am and well I am starting to take interest in them.

Yeah well, impossible or not I am human.

At this time I am finally catching my breath and regaining some of my strength. However I am banged up and sore as hell, and my cloths are dirty form the earlier events. Susanoo who usual hateful glare turned to a more approachable demeanor.

So tell me human, what is your name?

My name is John...John Rohan.

The knight that accompanied Susanoo raised an eyebrow and then moved forward in hearing my name.

Did you say your name was John? (Dielli)


The knight then turned to Susanoo and the both had a private talk while I took a seat on a large rock.

M'lord this human may be a reincarnation of John MacKnight. (Dielli)

Perhaps or he could be another entirely different human here by some accidental means. However we should keep him under observation just encase he is or isn't.

What troubles me M'lord is how did he get here due to the face the portals are sealed shut after MacKnight sacrificed himself. (Dielli)

Hmm, maybe he will have answers.

They both turn to me after their discussion and the knight introduced himself to me as Dielli. Then they both approached me on their rides.

We will have to take you into custody. Just until we sort these things out. (Dielli)

I look up and I agree to their terms as I figured that I wouldn't last too long on my own in this strange new world. Just as I agree to terms six of Susanoo's troops four of which are riding horses the other 2 were riding a stagecoach looking thing and I am shackled and placed in the coach and the backdoor is locked. As I sit in the coach I can only hope that I made the right choice, I then get some well deserved sleep.

Meanwhile, Dielli and Susanoo have a discussion on how John may have gotten to Nystoria more importantly how did he end up with the mask and sash. Hours later they met up with Susanoo's son's troops and the rest of Susanoo's elite team only one mile from Mesles. Susanoo stops with Dielli and he looks down form the hill at his beloved home.

Dielli my boy it is good to be home.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Wed May 11, 2011 10:39 pm

The fogs starts to roll out of the clearing in which Edáfous has made his home. Below the cliff the house is built in is a forest with a trail running through the middle. Edáfous walks out into the clearing and takes a look out over the forest. In the distance he sees a flock of birds fly out from a few of the trees. He puts on a disgusted look on his face as he looks back to his home. He then slams his lance into the ground.

Well that mans injuries are healed now comes the problem with getting him out of here...

After a while the fog rolls back in as a dozen Zathran soldiers stand before Edáfous some staring at him and shifting nervously. A few of the soldiers stand proudly as they move toward the veteran soldier.

I thought I told you fools to stay out of my land...or do have some actual business with me.

You should know why we came here this time you freak, you helped one of those guys who attacked us. (Zathran soldier)

With that three of the soldiers charge at Edáfous with their swords already in a swing. Without much care Edáfous easily moves out of the way so their attacks miss. With his demonic left he sends two flying landing with a loud grunt. The other he grabs with his right arm and throttles him. The other nine suddenly start charging, Edáfous throws the soldier he is holding and picks up his lance and with one arm swings it into the rookie soldiers sending them flying in random directions. The first two soldier he threw have gotten back up and have starting charging at the green knight. Edáfous swings his lance and disarms both soldiers with the force of his blow. He then grabs one with his left and squeezes. Blood flys everywhere and Edáfous himself and the other soldier. The other soldier stands there terrified as Edáfous's lance swings around impaling the man. He turns around to the see the last brave soldier rallying the other men in the party. They start to surround him and then all charge in hoping one could get a blow in. Suddenly the earth starts to move as a stone claymore flys out of the ground and is caught in Edáfous's left arm. In a sweeping motion with both massive weapons he hits all of the Zathran soldiers around him. The ones hit by the great sword have a gapping hole in their armor and blood is spewing out from their torn open chests. The ones hit by the lance have their armor crushed so far in that it punctured their organs. Edáfous walks around some of them and shakes his head.

This is what they are producing from the army these days..sad indeed.

He starts to walk toward his home and up to the room where Lacteus was staying.

Hey lucky you, your wounds are healed and every things alright with your body. Now we have to leave.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Thu May 12, 2011 9:32 pm

Tale of Lacteus of Baldor…

After resting for the night after his escape attempt, Lacteus sits up from his bed and begins to dawn on his Pendulum armor. As he did so he heard the footsteps of Edáfous coming closer until he arrived in his room.

Hey lucky you, your wounds are healed and every things alright with your body. Now we have to leave.

Upon realizing that the Pendulum Knight was preparing to leave anyhow Edáfous let out a sigh of relief.

Seems like you were prepared to leave anyway.

I am. I’ve overstayed my welcome and must leave now. I would would repay you if I could but…

Lacteus places his hand on one of the two swords on his belt. It was a well designed blade and seemed to be of great importance to the Baldorian.

My blade cries out for vengeance…

How poetic. I’ll be waiting for you outside. You may want to take this for your travels.

Edáfous tossed a bag of bread to Lacteus and a pouch of spring water. The Pendulum Knight stood up and place his fist on his heart and bowed in gratitude. Edáfous merely nodded his head in acknowledgement before leaving the room. Lacteus soon grabbed his shield and mounted his blade on top of it as he followed Edáfous outside.

As dawn approached the horizon, both men looked to one another and began their journey to Zathra. As they pushed through the frozen land they passed the graves of Lacteus’s comrades in arms. He stopped for a few seconds and stared in sorrow.

Can you fight?

More than I ever have.

Good. Because the journey ahead will not be easy. Assassins, bandits, ruffians, and bounty hunters will be after you.

Why are you helping me?

Edáfous merely shrugged. There was no answer needed. In a time where many are oppressed and wronged, allies are needed. Lacteus took several steps before being grabbed on the shoulder as Edáfous took the lead. The green knight whistled loudly as it echoed across the mountains. Flapping of wings drew closer until an enourmous wyvern landed in front of them and beaconed for them to jump on its back.

Let us go.
Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Admiring the view of his city from his palace, the lord sovereign of the Zathran nation breathes in deeply and exhales. The emperor removed his helmet and placed it on the balcony rails as his grey hair hanged against his face and several bangs covered his eyes. He pushed them aside and slicked his hair back before turning his attention back to the city below.

Despite the chaos wrought by this war in the outside, we continue to promote peace within these walls. But is peace really worth my effort, my dear?

A woman, several feet shorter than the massive emperor steps into the light and besides the man. Her dark brown hair blew into the wind. She was adorned in an elaborate red and gold dress, matching her counterparts colors She takes one of his arms and lays her head against it as she stares down at the city of Mesles. The emperor looks down with gentle eyes instead of those with a piercing glare of pure rage.

Of course, how else will the people respect the rule of Susanoo?(Empress Luna)

Through fear and power. That has always been the Susanoo way.

Time change my beloved. This should be a time of peace and prosperity. The McGill war has proved to us that we have no need to tyrants and overlords. We need a leader that shall protect and guide us. Your survival of the fittest philosophy will not work anymore. After what happened seven years ago… (Empress Luna)

Which was a necessity. I did what was necessary. I did what others feared to do. I am the only one who sacrificed everything for my crusade while all others attempted to stop me. I stormed Brustria and taught that fool Falius that his time was over! Not even Kratos would do anything against them. My actions has been justified.

Empress Luna clung to her husband and pressed her head against his chest. The emperor of Zathra stood still, not entirely sure of what to do with his wife’s constant affections. Despite the many years spent together, love and tender has always been a foreign set of emotions. With a man who only knows hatred, anger, and war, how does one change?

Holding me would be nice… (Empress Luna)

Amdis quickly held his wife in his arms and stroked her head as gently as he could. She smiled and tightened her hold on him. The emperor stiffened as his arms dropped and stared into the sky.

You let me go...something's bothering you, Amdis. (Empress Luna)

It's the human. We haven't seen any of their kinds in so long. Not since the McGill War.

A human...I've never seen one before. (Empress Luna)

Come. I shall introduce you to our guest.

Empress Luna smiled as her husband led her down the hall to a room where John was kept. Guarding the door was several of the palace guards stationed their by Susanoo's chief guard. At the same time Skiroi Okimai, chief guard of Mesles, walked towards his lord and lady as he bowed before being given permission to stand.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Fri May 13, 2011 4:06 pm

Five hours earlier

I was place in a room and too my amazement it was like a penthouse suite. I was in total awe of what I seen, I look out a large window to see the rest of the castle grounds and the surrounding town. The guard wearing blueish armor stood and watched me ever so closely then approached me.

I can't have you looking like that, all bruised and dirty. (Skiroi Okimai )

He then waved his and over me and my wounds heal and my clothing is cleaned, the rips and tears are fixed. I looked at this in amazement, the big demon just nodded to me then left the room as another one brought in a tray of food and set it on the table. They all left then the door is shut then locked, I noticed that the door is guarded by several guards and the big one was sitting in a chair.

I then walk to the table then take a seat, then I started to eat. Once I was finished I took a long sleep on the bed, a bed that was more then comfortable, with that I fell asleep quickly.

Current time-

I start to stir as I hear voices outside the door, I roll over trying to ignore the voices but then I hear the tumblers of the lock start to open and the door swings open. I roll back over and slowly open my eyes to see that big demon again and two other guards walk in, then I see Susanoo come in behind him along with a lady dressed in elaborate red and gold dress . I quickly sit up and the guard wanted to draw their swords but Susanoo raised his hand and they halted.

No need for that, he is not going to harm you. However I do believe we just woke up our guest.

I get up and swing my legs to the side of the bed then stand to greet them. I am still in my sock feet, my hat is hanging up and my hoodie is hanging on the chair. The sash and mask hang on the side of the bed.

I politely bow to them and I then stand in front of them, Susanoo is surprised I showed some manners after our previous encounters and the lady beside him smiled.

John this is my wife, Empress Luna. Luna this is John Rohan.

Nice to make your acquaintance. So your a human? (Empress Luna)

Yes indeed I am. I take it you have never seen my kind before?

No I haven't, but I have heard several stories of your kind here in Nystoria. (Empress Luna)

Nystoria? So that is where I am.

Yes my boy you are in kingdom of Zathran of the world of Nystoria. The real questions is, how did you get here and get that mask & sash?

I got these things as a gift from my boss, he acquired them in the country of Japan. I placed the sash upon my neck and the mask on my face a then everything went blank, when I woke in a forest.

So it was the mask and sash that brought you here.

Yes and when I tried to use it to return home it did nothing. Please, tell me. Is there any way for me to get back home?

I watch as the two look at each other then look back at me. The expressions on their face told the story even before they said anything. I take a seat on the bed and look at the mask with disgusted.

There is no way home is there?

Susanoo gives me a sad look as he began to speak as he put his massive hand on my shoulder.

I am sorry John, but after the McGill war where John MacKnight sacrificed himself to save our world and yours from being dragged into hell. As a result the portals were sealed forever, the mask however must had a clause in the binding spell that would return it home if anyone wears it.

I look at him then to Luna, then hang my head. My life on Earth wasn't great but it was mine, it was all I had. The shitty job, the lack of friends....the....what the fuck am I thinking? My life sucked, this could be a chance on starting over. I look up at both of them and give a smile, they are puzzled by this.

Don't worry, I think I'll be okay.

Your welcome to stay here and be part of the Susanoo empire.

I would be honored.

With that they both smiled at me then to each other as they left my room. I sit and look at the mask and sash and wonder why it wanted to get home so bad? What is the spirit's motive? The only way to find out is to keep wearing it and only hope things work out for the best.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Sat May 14, 2011 7:09 pm

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Emperor Susanoo and Empress Luna look to one another. Both were a bit enthralled at the thought of being the first to have a human in their palace. The last emperor known was Kratos, king of Nystoria.

Who was the first to come in contact with humans again?

The 18. (Empress Luna)

Susanoo stopped in his tracks as he looked down at his wife.

The 18? Are you certain?

You know I am. (Empress Luna)

I cannot argue with that. John does remind me of a man I once knew.

Do you mean Tsar, my dear? (Empress Luna)

Emperor Susanoo stops as he stares blankly at the end of the halls.

Tsar…how I have longed to talk to him again. I haven’t seen him…since that day.

His wife, Empress Luna sighs to herself and places her head on her husband’s arm as he drifts into the past, a frequent actions whenever the emperor reminisces about his long past.

Two thousand years ago…

Explosions rocked the earth and trees were uprooted from a force of extreme strength. That strength belonged to a younger and more spirited Emperor Susanoo. The young emperor chased after a figure that was quick and nimble. Susanoo pounded the ground from every position as the figure continued to dance around him. Winded from the constant running Susanoo fell to his knees as he began to pant in exhaustion.

A demon whose face was covered by a mask of the kitsune walked to the young Susanoo and offered his hand. Without a moment of hesitation Susanoo grabbed the hand of this demon and smiled as he was brought up from the ground.

Still a berserker as usual, eh? You’ll need more than that if you’re going to be the 14th Amdis.

I suppose you’re right, after losing five of your members in the war against the humans you will need my help. Then again, I’m just as strong as Fobos; as fast as Veina; as durable as Doojen; and almost as athletic as you so maybe I’ll replace you all.

Haha, almost is an overstatement. However, I won’t deny that you are getting to their level. Who knows, maybe you will be the 14th best one?

You talk big Katsurou. Really big. So much so that it makes me want to crush your tiny head and that stupid mask.

Katsurou Takahiro, one of the 13 remaining lords the govern Nystoria is a well known demon of the kitsune who is vain of his abilities and overly boastful, constantly letting everyone know of how powerful he is. If there is one thing that is similar between Katsurou and Susanoo is their short tempers.

Why shouldn’t I? The demon lords have control of Nystoria. This is our rightful place on the continent. Across the seas is the enemy as you already know. Without us the barrier won’t hold.

My father and I were prepared to meet the challenge until you and your gang came out of nowhere. Stole the glory from us and all.

It’s not my fault that you were not as effective as we. We only number in the few and you and your father’s ambition in the thousands. What is more convenient?

Why you…

As the two continue to converse two men walk towards them. Both were fairly tall and adorned in well-designed armor unlike any in the land. Their presence immediately caught the attention of the two demons as they bowed in respect.

Lord Tsar from the foreign realm, what brings you here??

We thought you had disappeared for good?!

One of the humans, the legendary sorcerer Tsar, waved his hand as the two stood up. Tsar had disappeared a month after two years of peace in the realm of demons. His sudden return is indeed a great surprise. The man next to him was Angus MacKnight. Both humans were heroes of the Human-Demon war that had ended only two nights before.

We have returned for now but very soon we will all leave this realm for our home. (Angus)

What do you mean? Your return is more than any of us could have hoped for! Why leave so soon?

We do not belong in this realm and times are changing from where we hail from. As much as this world fascinates us we cannot stay. While here we cannot feel the presence of God Almighty and must leave lest we forever sever binds with him. Both clans of the Tsar and MacKnight have agreed that we must leave. All of us. (Angus)

I do not understand…peace was finally had upon this world.

You were the original protectors of the people, demon lord. Be an example to those who require it and be the protectors of the people. We will stay here for a few more days before embarking back to our world. (Tsar)

Understood, lord Tsar. It will be…very difficult for us to accept your leave. We will not question your wisdom however.

May the grace of God be upon you, demons of this realm. Perhaps if you continue following our example then peace will be had. Susanoo. (Tsar)

The young Amdis Susanoo looked alarmed as he was called by Tsar. He stepped forward before bowing once again in respect to the powerful sorcerer.

Yes, lord Tsar?

Stand. (Tsar)

Doing as Tsar instructed, Susanoo stands as Tsar places his hand on the young demon’s head. Tsar closes his eyes as he glimpses deeply into Susanoo’s consciousness. Before long he opens his eyes and smiles up at the demon. Amdis gave a confused look but looked down as he wore the armor he would wear in the future.

This…this is for me?

Tsar smiled before beaconing for Katsurou to kneel before him. The demon lord complied before standing up as Tsar placed his hand on his head.

Present Time…

Dear? Are you alright? (Empress Luna)

Emperor Susanoo looked down to his wife and brought her closer to his side. She smiled as they continued to walk together.

Now that I think about it, how's our son? (Empress Luna)

He's been tainted.

Empress Luna quickly punched her husband on the arm. Susanoo looked down at his wife with a glare that would make weaker demons cower in fear, but she pressed herself against her husband to meet his gaze. Emperor Susanoo sighed and backed off.

Do not talk of our son like that. Your philosophy should not affect how you feel about him. He requires respect and a few pointers on how to run an empire. Don't push him away. (Empress Luna)

You have a strange way with words. However, in a world that devours weakness, I will not pamper him no longer. That is your job.

Emperor Susanoo attempted to walk away before being pulled by his hand. He looked over his shoulder as his wife began to shed a few tears.

Noli tradere nobis filio... (Empress Luna)

Why must you always shed tears whenever I try to make my own point...and speak daemonum! You know I don't speak ancient human...

Feeling a bit of guilt for making his wife cry, the usual stone-faced emperor of Zathra held his wife close to comfort her.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Mon May 16, 2011 11:31 am

I stand out on the balcony from my room which overlooked the courtyard below. I watch as demons go about their daily business, pushing carts, soldiers going about their rounds and the guards watching the many ramparts. I lean against the stone rail and watch contently, just then I hear my door open up and I turn to see who was coming in.

A female demon walks in the room who looked to be my height, her hair was greyish in color and she had a fox tail and fox ears. Dressed in a red and gold dress, carrying a staff, she looks at me and smiles. I then re-enter my room to greet her and by then she was already halfway to me. I stop as she stopped right in front of me then curtsied then stood again.

Hello, my name is Lynn Glyphan. I am ordered by his majesty to show you around the palace today. (Lynn)

Okay just let me get my sash and mask.

She agrees and I get them then we leave my room. We took a long tour of this massive palace, seeing everything from the great hall to the library, we ended the tour in the royal garden where we took a seat on the stone bench beside a massive fountain. She brushes her hair form her face and turns to me, she seems nervous and she tries to think of something to say.

Well, umm....So how did you end up in Nystoria? I mean your from Earth. (Lynn)

Oh, so you know of where my kind come from?

Yes, I study everything I can about your kind, and I even found out your name as soon as I heard you had arrived here. (Lynn)

Really? Wow no one back home ever made effort to know me. I am quiet ordinary where I come from, average job, average life and.....

So your married or have a girl friend? (Lynn)

No, not married or have a girl friend...had a bad breakup so it really set me back some. Really put me in a state of depression as my mom passed away 2 yrs ago from cancer and I had no brothers or sisters.

Not to pry but what about your father? (Lynn)

My dad, yeah I never knew him. He left my mother when I was very young. So that is why I am not too upset that I can't return to Earth.

I am so sorry for your lose. Yes I did hear Emperor Susanoo told you that. I am sorry that you got stuck here, but I am sure in time you will find a place here. (Lynn)

Yes but...umm how can I say this. I mean, how can I have a normal life here? I am human so I don't think any woman would want to be with me since I am human.

Well, your kind had been here many times before. Some even stayed and lived a long life here with their demon brides and children. (Lynn)

Really? I didn't think our DNA was compatible? So there is hope.

There is always hope. (Lynn)

She smiles at me so softly it sent a chill up my spine. I get nervous when I am around beautiful women, and even though she is a Kitsune, I am attracted to her, just my luck she could be married.

So, how about you Lynn? Are you married or have anyone special in your life?

She blushes a little and her tail wiggles around then her ears twitch.

No, I never found a proper mate. It is so hard to find a man that would allow a female to keep her career after marriage. (Lynn)

That's crazy, I mean if a woman wants to keep her career then all the power to her.

She looks at me and I look back at her, she smiles and she was about to say something but we were interrupted by the Chief Guard.

Sorry to disturb you two but Lynn your needed in Grand Hall, John you need to come with me. Emperor Susanoo as requested your presence, come I will take you to him. (Skiroi Okimai )

Well okay, but what is this about?

His majesty has just told me to get you, nothing more. (Skiroi Okimai )

I nood then stand up as Lynn does, I thank her for the tour and I start to walk away with Skiroi Okimai. I look back an as Lynn was walking away in the other direction she looks back at me too, we both smile and we were on our ways. I get the felling in my heart me and her will see each other soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Wed May 18, 2011 8:48 pm

Tale of Lacteus of Baldor…

Up above the clouds in the night as the cold air chills the ground below, Lacteus and Edáfous soar through the sky as the wyvern they have mounted themselves on makes its way towards the south. Lacteus looks below and is amazed by the sight. Edáfous merely looked straight ahead, making sure that the beast he has tamed attempts no ill acts against its master and guest.

We should be reaching our destination in three days time.

Understood. Where did you get such a beast from? I’ve only heard of these in legends and scriptures from local villagers. Hard to believe that they exist.

Believe what you will but if the fact that you are soaring in the air on top of said beast doesn’t prove its existence then I don’t know what will. And I couldn’t hear what you said at first, mind repeating it?

I asked where you found this creature.

Ah, now I heard you. Right before I found you and your comrades lying in the snow I was climbing the mountainside when I encountered this beautiful creature. Figured that I’d let it live and it accepted me as its greater.

So you won its respect. Perhaps even creatures know of honor.

You’re thinking too much into it. It’s simply animal instincts.

Perhaps you are right. Obey what is stronger than you or face death.

You seem to understand now.

As a Knight of the Pendulum it is not difficult to understand. The laws of time do not apply to me.

Tell me, friend. What is this Pendulum that you serve?

You would not understand. None can comprehend unless they experience what we Knights call the ‘Awakening.’ We peer into our future for several moments before it ends and find ourselves anew.

You speak nonsense.

You simply do not comprehend.

Edáfous merely shrugged, not entirely interested in the tale of the knight. Lacteus observed Edáfous’s arm as he became somewhat interested. It’s massive size differed from the other more natural looking one.

Some history must be had on this arm of yours.

Quite a bit. You wish to know?

Will you mind?

Edáfous held his head high as he debated on the thought.

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

M’lord…I ask that you let me return to battle. (Haraldur)

Request denied. You are to remain in the palace. Primo will take your place as general.

Haraldur looks up at his father as he sits on his throne along with his wife. Amdis looks down at his son with a deathly glare for his son wanting to fight again. Empress Luna looked to her husband and back to her son in sadness. The Grand Prince pounds his fist into the marble floor in frustration.

Why…why must you constantly neglect and belittle me?! (Haraldur)

My treatment towards you is no different from any man I have destroyed or spared. If you are to go back to the grounds of war then you either take it by force or earn back my respect and I highly doubt you can accomplish either.

Tsk…I will get back my place in the military, one way or another. (Haraldur)

Good, then be gone from my sight.

I will not. I still have other matters to speak about with you. (Haraldur)

A guest that will be arriving shortly. State your piece and be quick with it or spare me your weakness for another time.

It’s about the rebellion. My spies tell me that many can be found in Ghestalt… (Haraldur)

The Grand Prince bows his head as he grins to himself as his father stands from his throne in anger.

Ghestalt!? Are you certain of this??

More than certain. There have also been sightings of the ones you have told me of. (Haraldur)

Of what beings do you speak of…?

Baldorians. (Haraldur)

The emperor leapt from his position and landed with a quaking thud, damaging the marble floor and starling Haraldur to his feet as his father towered over him. Before given a chance to speak Haraldur was grabbed by the throat and lifted from his feet. Empress Luna stood up to intervene but sat back down when her husband turned his head over his shoulder and growled before looking at his son gripping his hand.

You speak too freely my son. That name belongs to a nation of refugees! They exist no more and they’re livelihood, along with their spirit has been shattered!!

L…Let me…go!!! (Haraldur)

Haraldur quickly went to grab his sword but stopped at the handle.

What’s wrong? If you wish to stab me do so! Show me your worth!

The Grand Prince did not listen as he continued to stare at his father. Not with hate, anger, but with pity. Seeing those eyes Amdis quickly threw his son towards the door. Haraldur laid there as Luna ran to her son and held him in her arms. Emperor Susanoo walked away from the scene as he entered the halls.

I…I couldn’t do it. (Haraldur)

Of course you couldn’t…no matter what sort of neglect or punishment he inflicts upon you the bottom line is that you love him. No one would hurt someone they love…your father…he has a difficult past. (Empress Luna)

How difficult could it be…he’s the strongest demon in all of Nystoria. His physical prowess is known throughout. No one can match his strength! So tell me, how could a man with so much strength could possibly be so angry and full of hate…?? (Haraldur)

It’s too difficult to explain…too much sorrow and hatred involved in his past… (Empress Luna)

I will never understand him… (Haraldur)

Sometimes we just have to accept those for who they are fili… (Empress Luna)

Haraldur stood up as he walked away from his mother. Luna simply sat there and sighed to herself. Elsewhere, Emperor Susanoo looked over a balcony towards the southern-most tip of his territory. He watched his army train and guards every area of Mesles. He turned his gaze to his navy near the sea and nodded as his blockade that stretches several miles keeps any strange ships from coming into his port. Once he was done enjoying the view and relaxing he entered the hall and walked around, touching the walls of his palace before accidently scrapping his gauntlets against them, taking a handful of marble. Angered at this he slams his fist into the wall as it collapses. Moments later the rubble cleared as John was behind it and looked in surprise at Susanoo.


I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Thu May 19, 2011 8:02 pm

I stand there in shock of having a wall almost fall on me and even more to see Emperor Susanoo looking back at me from the other side of the wall. I dust off my shoulders and smile back at him, then pointing at the mess as I walk to his side of the wall.

So you wanted a new door here?

The always serious emperor, smiles and lets out a small laugh at what I had just said. He dusts off his hands and starts to walk up the hall as his guards run down the hall to see what had happen. They look at the emperor then me, they see the wall and ask no questions in fear of meeting the same fate as the wall.

I start walking up the hall with him and he looks over at me out of the corner of his eye.

Yes, we had a meeting didn't we?

Yes we did you majesty. I am curious to what you wanted me for.

Well I was wondering how you would feel on being trained as a soldier?

Umm, I am not much of a fighter. Even back home when I played a sport called hockey I rarely got into a fights.

Hockey huh? Some sort of combat game?

No, its a game where we wear a special boots called skates. They have blades on the bottom and we skate on the ice. We use hockey sticks to hit a puck into a net. They are called a goal, and I was a goalie...actually I have a picture.

I pull out my iPhone and I realize I had a solar-case panel on the back so my phone would stay charged. We stop and the emperor looks at the phone with great interest, I power it up than start scrolling the screen with my finger. I then find the picture of me and my team and I select it. He looks over the picture and smiles then looks at me.

So your the one with all the armor on?

I chuckle and smile then look at the picture.

That is called goalie gear. We use it to stop the puck by covering the net, plus it protects us from harm.

You were like a paladin, guarding the net like one would guard the gates of a castle.

I guess that's one way of looking at it.

I shut off the phone and put it in my pocket, we start walking down the hall where we finally made it to a large area where several hallways converged into this massive room. Up above you can see the upper levels of the castle, and the upper hallways are visible through the marble rails that run the length of the halls and stairs.

I stop to admire the craftsmanship of this area when I am suddenly addressed by a hostile voice form my right. I turn to see Susanoo's son Haraldur walking into the main room, his look on his face is one of anger and disgust.

So father you treat the human better than your own flesh and blood! What next granting him a seat in the house of Susanoo?! (Haraldur )

Boy you shouldn't rant and rave on such matters! John is a guest in our kingdom and you should learn some manners! Or have you failed in that teaching also?!

At this time Susanoo and Haraldur are mere inches from me and arguing. It would only be a matter of time before they came to blows. I get between the two massive demons and push them apart, this display of strength not only surprised them both but me as well. I look at both of them quickly and I let out a large breath of air. At this time Empress Luna and Lynn are in the upper level looking down, some others were looking on too from other levels.

You two are family. I know you have your differences but that is no excuse to be at each others throats!

You know nothing of these matters! Father constantly belittles me, he never lets me prove myself! (Haraldur )

You had your chances to prove yourself! Days ago you were all most dead and your army in ruins! Near defeated by rebel mutts!

Human do you not see what he has done!? Even still he belittles me! (Haraldur )

His methods are harsh, but the only reason he is not sending you back to the front is cause he don't want to lose you. Especially since he sees that your not ready!

Haraldur pushes me and I stumble back, Susanoo steps back and watches what is to happen but ready to intervene if necessary. I glare back at him and ready myself for any attack.

I am more than ready, especially against a mere human! (Haraldur)

He dashes right at me with his right fist leading the way, my normal instinct would be too dodge the pending attack, but the spirit urged me to stand my ground and let him guide my movements. I raise my left hand and put my hand up as his fist reaches the palm of my left hand. The result was I stop his attack cold, he looks at me with confusion, but the the words I spoke next were given to me by the spirit.

Haraldur, your body may be ready, however your emotions hinder your judgment. A warrior must maintain control at all times.

Haraldur slowly pulled his hand away and started to think about that was said to him. He looked around at everyone then realized what had transpired.

Please forgive me all, I acted rash, I apologize. (Haraldur)

He then excused himself and walked off, Susanoo and the remaining demons looked on some however left. Empress Luna and Lynn make their way down the stairs to see if everything was ok.

John your not harmed are you? (Lynn)

My son didn't hurt you did he? (Empress Luna)

No, I am fine he is just trying to hard to please everyone. He got some big shoes to fill however.

Emperor Susanoo looks at me as he thinks about what I had said, the words he had heard many years ago by an old friend. Words that were said to him in his youth, he stares off at his son leaving but by then he turned a corner down the hall. Empress Luna goes to Susanoo's side and hugs his arm, I go to walk away but Lynn grabs my arm. I stop and look at her, she smiles at and I smile back.

You had a busy day, so your coming to my home for supper. Well my room I mean. (Lynn)

Well I....

I wont take a no for an answer, now come with me. (Lynn)

She takes me by the arm and I had no choice to go with her, not that I mind. I look back at Susanoo and Luna as I go and they smile at me.

Luna leans her head on Susanoo's arm and smiles as she sees me and Lynn leave.

Husband I believe Lynn finally made her choice for her life mate. (Empress Luna)

Perhaps, but time will tell.

The two retire royals leave the room and go about their business.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Fri May 20, 2011 9:47 pm

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Watching John and Lynn leave together brought a sense of nostalgia to the royal couple. It reminded them of when they were younger. Empress Luna was a rather timid young woman but for the man she loved she was forceful and fierce. Amdis remained very much the same for as long as he lived.

I still remember how young we were. Such a cute couple we were, Amdis. I wonder where that cute side of you has gone. (Empress Luna)

Do not jest about the past, Luna.

The smile from her husband’s face disappeared as it was replaced with a glare of comtempt. Susanoo’s fist gripped tightly against his gauntlets as it creaked slightly from the pressure. Luna places her hand on Amdis’s face and pulled him down to meet her eye to eye.

My dear, you’re thinking about him again aren’t you? (Empress Luna)

Two thousand years ago…

The skies burned red and black as the fires of war raged throughout the entire continent of Nystoria. Everywhere and anywhere was a battlefield. A civil-war had been unleashed between the guardians, future emperors of Nystoria and the remaining 18 demon lords, overseers and absolute rulers of the entire continent. Conflict arose when the humans left the realm back to their homeland. Feeling as if they were abandoned in their pursuit of power the remaining 18 demon lords began to further oppress the populace of Nystoria, even resorting to killing for simply showing defiance. Many are hunted down and taken from their homes by the private army of the 18 as more and more disappear from their homelands and never seen again.

Amdis, Falius, and Odine, leaders of the Nystorian Freedom Fighters and future emperors of their respective countries, formed an alliance amongst each other. Tired of the ways of the 18 the three undergo a meeting in Aragra, invited by a mysterious benefactor who promises to change things in Nystoria.

The three at first waged war with one another in the past before the 18 became a serious threat to not only them but all of Nystoria. Due to this, there are not on good terms with one another, especially because of certain generation gaps.

…And our divisions are currently locked in combat with the 28th Division of the Dark Crusaders. Where are the demon lords getting the funds for these mercenaries?! (Falius)

What makes you think that they are even using funds? The 18 are more than likely using fear and promises of power to fuel their war machines.

That doesn’t explain why they’re even participating in the fight. (Odine)

What part of fear do you not understand? With fear a being can accomplish anything against the weak. Whoever you control with fear requires no reward.

What then? We’re to bow to their will and surrender our freedom? Absolutely not! (Falius)

Obviously that’s not what we’re going to do.

I was making a point you degenerate punk. (Falius)

Amdis stood up from his seat as he leaned towards the future emperor of Brustria.

Give me a reason why I shouldn’t destroy you utterly…

As Falius stared at Amdis Odine merely watched the two.

Young one, you have spirit, yet Odine and I can agree that because of that spirit you are inexperienced in the art of war. The mere reason you are here is because, well, your strength is utterly insane. No demon in history or even today shows the same amount of raw power that you do. But even with that gift running through you the fact remains that you still have much to learn. Let us handle this. (Falius)

Don’t flatter yourself, Falius and I am merely a spectator at the moment. I will only lend my voice for when the time for war has come. This is just a ridiculous display of two generations prepared to silence one another instead of focusing on the task at hand. (Odine)

Even if you do not agree with me the fact remains that he is, this demon, not yet ready to call himself a leader. His father was- (Falius)

The table laid out between the three was split in two as Amdis angrily slammed his fist upon the wooden table. The other three demons stared at the young Amdis as his red eyes let off a steady stream of red mist before finally calming down. Amdis grabbed a crescent bracelet around his neck and remembered what the love of his life has told him regarding his anger.

All I have heard for the past two years was how I would never measure up to my father. I know that. You know that. We all know that. That doesn’t excuse the fact that I am lending my aid to the cause. Not because I am seeking a chance to make a name for myself; not because I understand little of what is going on; and certainly not because I want to prove myself to anyone. This is my own choice and I expected two senior demons of the great war to respect that.

Falius and Odine looked to themselves.

I can now understand why you doubt his abilities. (Odine)

Just as I have always said! (Falius)

Finally done with using diplomacy, the young Amdis slams his fists together as he approaches the senior demons. Upon seeing this mad-dog approaching them the two braced for combat until a demon clothed in a brown hood and robes entered the tent.

Who are you and how dare you enter this tent without announcing yourself? (Falius)

Leave this tent at once. Perhaps we will call you back once you learn your place, peon.

My, my, you two are certainly the most likely duo I have yet to see. (Odine)

With glares of pure annoyance the two future emperors looked to Odine before turning their attention to the intruder.

Anyway, what brings you here stranger? Lost your way perhaps? (Odine)

No…but perhaps it is you three that have lost your way, along with the entire realm.

The three future emperors looked at the person who hid his profile as his voice soothed them somehow. He pulled the hood from his head as the demons were surprised by the wool-colored hair of this man. His eyes were different from each other as one was the natural red and the other green. His appearance was more human-like and his aura brought a sense of peace to them. The Emperor of Light had come.

Present time…

Dear?? Amdis are you alright?? (Empress Luna)

Without realizing it Susanoo had slipped off into the reels of the past before coming back to his senses. Emperor Susanoo looked down at his wife as he stroked her face and smiled to himself. Luna took his hand and kissed it as she held it to her face. Holding his hand tenderly Luna looked up at Susanoo.

I know you didn’t hear me earlier but were you thinking about him? (Empress Luna)

Who? Lunar?

You were thinking about Lunar? I thought- (Empress Luna)

No…not this time. Only him. The white knight.

The white knight…I haven’t heard that title in such a long time. He was such a good person. So kind, gentle, and very handsome. (Empress Luna)

Perhaps that should have stayed solely to you, my dear wife. But you’re right, he was a good person. Were it not for him I…

Emperor Susanoo paused for several moments as he put his arm around his wife and gripped her tightly. Her eyes lowered themselves as she sighed and held his arm tightly. They walked off methodically, as if trying to forget a distant memory.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Fri May 20, 2011 11:50 pm

As the two men fly over the mountains on Edáfous's wyrven the green knight looks at his arm and in his eyes a hint of remorse swells.

It is an old that in some regards should have never happened. A ritual brought this arm to me. My family was one who prided their warrior before all else. My father wanted a son that would bring him honor with his contributions on the battlefield. So he organized a ritual to be taken place that would fuse my strength with that of an old one.

Old one?

A previous member of my clan that had great power and was honored in his day.

200 years ago

The sun is falling behind a structure that is carved straight into the wall. Outside the structure stands two statues each has a warrior on it. One holding a sword the other a large shield. Two cloaked men walk toward a man in impressive armor who is holding a baby in his arms.

The preparations are complete you may bring the boy down to chamber. But do it quickly we do not have much time. (Cloaked figure one)

As the cloaked figures motion toward the structure the man in armor steps forward and heads down the staircase into the catacombs. The walls show pictures of warriors all in a commanding pose with their armor and equipment on. As the mans footsteps ring the floor the baby in his arms squirms about being uncomfortable carried in steel gauntlets. The man enters a large chamber with torches lining the walls and beside the torches lay other cloaked men standing staring straight ahead. One cloaked figure steps forward on his cloak is complex designs though. He motions to baby and the armored man hands the baby over. The cloaked man rubs blood one the baby's head and places him on an alter in the middle of the room. All of the cloaked figures turn toward both the alter and the grand structure of a coffin. It is adorned with gold and weapons. The cloaked figures start chanting and all of the torches are put out one after the other. After a while of this the chanting changes to different tone and words. As the room starts to gain a purplish mist around it and consumes the entire room. A hand thrusts out of the coffin, a hand made of pure energy. The rest of the energy being slowly stumbles out of the coffin. It is a being of made out of blackness with a purple outline and it's arm, the same as Edáfous's left arm. It starts to walk toward the middle alter and the baby. The being starts shift it's body randomly displacing a body part here and there. The being distorts itself above the baby and all of it's mass heads straight into the baby's forehead where the blood was placed. The chanting slows to a stop and the torches are slowly reignited one by one. The cloaked figure with the designs on it steps toward the baby and gets a puzzled look on his face.

The baby's will is strong it is repressing the Old One's own will. The process will now be a long one for the Old One's influence to integrate itself with the boy. (Head ritualist)

Present day

I don't know how but every time I look at my arm I remember that event like it just happened.

The two men sit in silence as the sun sets down and the wyrven lands in a clearing. They start making making camp and as they sit at the fireplace Edáfous stares into the fire and doesn't divert his gaze until he goes to sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Sun May 22, 2011 7:29 pm

Several hours had passed and after an excellent supper with Lynn we sit out on her balcony admiring the night sky. We talk about our past and start to get to know each other more, I can feel myself becoming more and more comfortable around her. She looks over at me then taps her two index fingers together, then smiles at me.

So John, tell me how long to humans live? (Lynn)

Well on average we live about 85 years but there have been some that lived over 100 yrs.

Wow, a short life span. I mean I am only 27 then again We can live over 5000 years. (Lynn)

Wow, but how did the humans in the past manage to live a normal life if they chose to be with a demon?

Well I have no record of it but there is an item that the ancients knew about that would grant a human immortality. Where it is and what it is are a total mystery. But mortality aside....well there is something I want to ask you John. (Lynn)

Okay, sure you can ask me anything Lynn.

Well I was hoping you would be mine? (Lynn)

You would still want me even knowing that my life span is so short?

She pulls me closer with her tail and holds me with her arms too and kisses me deeply. The kiss seemed to last forever but it wasn't like anything I had ever experienced in my life. We stop kissing and she pulls back just slightly and smiles.

Well does that answer your question John? (Lynn)

I smile back at her and held her close.

That and then some, I would be more than happy to be yours.

A few hours pass and we both had to retire to our respective rooms. I sit on the foot of my bed and think about my night. Suddenly the spirit of the mask appeared in front of me, I jump back a bit as this totally caught me off guard.

Well I guess your that voice in my head that saved my ass a few days ago?

Indeed, my name is Katsurou Takahiro one of the 13 Demon Lords of the past. I couldn't help to notice that you are now the partner with a Kitsune female.

Yes....are you here to talk me out of it? Cause if you are I will not hurt her by backing out now.

No my dear boy I am here to help you.

Help me? But how can you help me?

Well I know how to grant you immortality, but you will have to do something for me.

So what is this one thing I need to do for you?

Well I wish to return to my body. It is located in the Northeastern tip of Aragra in the snowy highland region. All you have to do is place the mask and sash on my body and I will take it from there.

So if I take you there, you will make me immortal?

Indeed now shall we get this started?

Okay, but it will take us sometime to get there.

The spirit disappears and the mask flashes on my face, suddenly there is a flash of light and we are transported to a location we talked about. The winds blow and the snow swirls around me, out of the blowing snow appears a massive doorway made out of stone and sealed in ice. I walk towards the door and place both hands on the door, my body then is enveloped in a aura of blue fire and the ice melts from the door and I pry it open.

I then walk down the long hallway until I reach a big chamber at the end. In the chamber is a large stone alter and a coffin made of stone and encased red ice. I walk up the alter steps and place my hands on it to melt the ice with my flame aura, I then push open the coffin lid to reveal Katsurou Takahiro's remains. The fire aura stops and I place the sash and mask upon the body, I watch as the body reconfigures it self, bone as covered by flesh and skin, air turns back to normal. Katsurou Takahiro sits up and looks as if he was never dead one day. He then jumps up and does a reverse back flip and lands behind me then turns to look at me.

Well your looking well.

Indeed human, I haven't felt this good in centuries. But don't worry, I haven't forgotten our agreement.

Suddenly I am grabbed by my throat and lifted into the air, I grab his hands and I glare back at him and struggle for air.

F...ucker, you played me for a fool! I....'ll put you back where you came from!

Not likely human, and now for your reward.

He then stabs me in the right shoulder and tosses me off the wall and I fall on the alter. I lay there with blood running out of my shoulder, Katsurou Takahiro walks up to me and as I am struggling to get up he kicks me in the stomach and I am forced to the the wall again. I yell out in pain and my own blood spatters in my face. I look up at him as he stands over me with a sinister smile on his face, my breathing has become labored and the pain is really becoming intense.

I would take your soul, but your so pathetic and weak it would tarnish my reputation. Enjoy your slow death John and goodbye.

He warps away and I struggle to keep awake the room goes dark as I start to fade off. Strangely I started to feel warm and I start to come to. I look around and I am in a warm bed in a strange room, I try to sit up and I feel pain in my shoulder is bandaged. Just then I hear a familiar voice of to my right.

Well human you seem to find trouble where ever you go.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Mon May 23, 2011 2:55 pm

Tale of Lacteus of Baldor…

Even as he attempted to sleep Lacteus would suddenly awake moments later as the horrors of the Baldorian War of Extermination haunts him, along with the deaths of his fellow Pendulum Knights. A sense of guilt overcomes him as he feels the longing of joining them.

A sudden movement at the corner of his eyes catches his attention as he draws one of his blades. He looks at it and notices it’s the decorated one and puts it back in it’s sheathe and pulls the other. Now prepared, Lacteus holds his shield in front of him as he places his blade over it and moves slowly towards the source of his attention. The bushes began to rustle as white eyes open and stare down at him. The massive size of the being surprises Lacteus. The being, well over nine feet, steps out of the darkness and reveals himself to be a massive being covered in rags and armor.

Lacteus lunges forward as he plunges his blade into the torso of the massive being but soon finds his sword stuck and cannot remove it. The being reveals his hand holding the blade from his cloak and pushes Lacteus back a few steps. Edáfous, awakened from all the noise, stands up from his position as he slams his fist into the ground and several spikes from the earth pierce the massive being several times.

Think I got him.

He’s not moving.

As a response from their confidence the being lifts both hands into the air and drops them to the earth as the area quakes and destroys the spikes in the process as well as knocking down both Lacteus and Edáfous to the ground. Both demons quickly stood up as they charge towards the massive being. Suddenly, two enormous wings spread out from behind the being's back and slam into the ground, blowing away the fire, knocking several trees down, and sent both Lacteus and Edáfous into the hide of the wyvern. After recovering from the massive gust that was unleashed they searched the area for the being, but could not find it, mostly because of how dark it was without fire.

It was at that point when they heard a whistling noise coming from above and both demons were slammed into the ground as they were pinned by the massive being. The white eyes glared at them both as it spoke.

You, the silver-eyed knight from Baldor. Your journey will only cause a long forgotten strife to stir inside of you. With this knowledge in mind do you still plan to kill the emperor? (Massive Being)

Lacteus paid no attention to the being as he struggled for his sword but could not retrieve it due to the being applying pressure every time he attempted to do so. The being then turned to Edáfous but before he could speak the wyvern roared an ear-splitting cry as it ran towards him. Seeing no point in continuing his interrogation, the being’s wings shot out from his back as he beat them so hard that the gust from the wind felt like a giant had punched both demons as they coughed up blood. The being has disappeared, the force from his wings making him seem as if he vanished in a split second.


Tale of Sonus the Many…


The Many bowed in respect.

Yes, dear friend of ours. We’ve been watching you and knew that perhaps the evil we felt was in the mask may attempt to harm you. How fortunate that you are safe.

That sounded rather cynical…

We mean no sarcasm; perhaps we simply cannot convey the proper…emotions necessary for others to understand us. No matter. All is well is you are safe. However, this new being that you have brought out is a very dangerous one. I recognize it slightly as the demon lord known as-

Katsurou Takahiro. One of the 13 demon lords or whatever. I know who the asshole is. Nearly killed me were it not for you. Thank you, Sonus. Where am I anyway?

A secure location in our home. We are in the Xantantian Mountain and we are not the only ones who inhabit this place. This enormous cave that was made long ago by a coven of vampires holds valuable history for us. We would be disheartened if anyone would attempt to destroy this place. There is only one of those vampires left.

You? That makes sense but…since you’re made up of so many bats and you say ‘we’ or ‘our’ or even ‘us’, does that mean that you are more than one?

True, we are more than one vampire but what is false is the assumption that you have made regarding us as that one vampire that still exists. But you are correct, we are the Many.

Well, I didn’t mean any offense but alright…

We are not offended, we simply corrected. No ill feelings towards you, friend.

So who’s this vampire anyway?

Stomping was heard from a deeper portion of the cavern. Sonus and John looked towards the only two sections of the cavern they were in as an middle-aged man appeared and looked at the two. The Last Vampire grinned as his dulled fangs made John a bit nervous. John also noticed that the Last Vampire was missing an arm.

You’ve brought a friend I see. (Last Vampire)

Yes, lord Vandal. I found him a few nights before, earning the wrath of the emperor of Zathra. It seems that they are in good tiddings for the moment. That was until he released something dark upon the land.

No matter. As long as no one bothers me I shall be fine. (Vandal)

Very good, lord Vandal.

By the looks of how his blood flows he’s human. What is your name? (Vandal)

John Rohan. Yours?

Vandal. Just Vandal. (Vandal)



I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Tue May 24, 2011 1:12 pm

I look up at the one armed vampire who declared himself Vandal, he seems to be familiar with humans so I assumed he had contact with ones before. I sit up with my back against the headboard of the bed and look at both vampires who are not what I would expect from my knowledge of their kind.

So, Vandal is it? You must have met humans before have you?

Vandal nods in acknowledgment as he takes a seat near my bed side.

Indeed I have John, but that was some 50 years I do recall. In a strange coincidence, his name was John also, John MacKnight. (Vandal)

Him again? All I know is his sacrifice made it impossible for me to return home.

So you know of his great deeds?

Yeah.... But I am not like him. I have no magic or any special abilities, I am just a normal human.

Funny, because I am sensing great strength and power within you my boy. Much like that of that Demon Lord. You must sense it too Sonus? (Vandal)

We do indeed lord Vandal, We believe he has a hidden gift. Somehow his body and soul copied the same powers and strengths of the Demon Lord.

Apparently so. (Vandal)

So your telling me I got that assholes powers too?!


Well isn't this a turn of events.

I looked over at my should which felt as if it never was stabbed, I take off the bandages off my arm. To my and the two vampire's surprise I am totally healed and the wound is none existent. I get out of bed and put my shoes on then my shirt and hoodie which still has blood on it. I feel no more pain, I feel stronger and my body has even toned up a lot.

Well guys I need to get back to Susanoo, I need to tell him what I have done.

Are you sure your going to be okay facing him, knowing what trouble you have caused?

Well I have no choice, I need to own up for my mistakes. Thanks for your help once again.

But you will not be back in time. (Vandal)

I place my hands together and I warp out of the cavern, shortly after I warp back to the grand hall just as Emperor Susanoo was rallying troops. I fall on my ass due to the dizziness from the warp, Susanoo turns to see me sitting down on the floor.

Okay troops the search party is was a false alarm.

Susanoo looks at me with my clothing bloody and tattered, most of all the mask and sash are missing. His massive fist clench together and his face shows displeasure, so this what it is like to have a pissed off father figure.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Tue May 24, 2011 3:05 pm

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Within moments the Emperor of Zathra looked down at John as he thought about the presence of a ancient evil he felt not too long ago. Worried that something may have happened to his new friend, Amdis assembled a search party for John but quickly cancelled the order once he had returned to the palace. Knowing full well that John had no powers to begin with, he knew that John had done something terrible.

What…did you do?

Amdis’s fist clenched tightly as he waited for John’s answer that may put the entire continent in danger.

Takahiro…he manipulated me. Promised me immortality and that I wouldn’t need to leave Lynn alone in the shadows of my death…

Susanoo suddenly grabbed John by the throat as Empress Luna came into the room and gasped in shock at what her husband was doing.

Amdis, put him down! (Empress Luna)

Be silent, woman! This man has betrayed us all and I was right to find him guilty of being a tainted one!! Takahiro has once more come to try and destroy this land, and it is all because of this human’s greed for immortality. Your selfish dealing with a demon lord is high treason to the Royal Throne of the Susanoo. You’ve betrayed me, my country, this land and all of Nystoria along with Lynn. I will make sure that you will remain in the darkest parts of my dungeon where you will rot!!

Everyone present; Empress Luna, the royal guardsmen, Haraldur, and several other nobles watched in fear as Susanoo’s rage spiked to levels not seen in so long. Empress Luna attempted to use her sorcery to calm her husband down to no avail. John struggled in Susanoo’s grip before casting a fire spell that hit the lord sovereign in the chest, letting go of John in the process.

You don’t have to do this, hear me out! I know what I did might have put your family in jeopardy but I can help you reverse this.

You’ve done quite enough. If you wish to help then do not move from where you stand and allow your crimes to be judged!

I can’t let you do that! Lynn needs me, I NEED her.

John darted towards the door as he fled to the lower corridors of the main hall. Amdis looked towards his wife and son as they looked away in anger. Ignoring them, Emperor Susanoo then looks towards the marble floor below him.

As John neared the entrance of the palace the ceiling collapsed as Susanoo came down from above and landed directly in front of John as he threw a punch towards Rohan. John side-stepped the blow and placed his palm against Susanoo’s side and immediately thrust forward as Susanoo took a few steps back and held his side, kneeling as if in pain. The enraged emperor looked up with eyes of a madman as he stood up and walked towards John who released another fire spell that slammed against the emperor with no apparent affect. Seeing no point in fighting the emperor John attempted to teleport but was suddenly grabbed the arm as Susanoo threw yet another punch as John ducked and flipped as he kicked Amdis in the face, angering him as he grabbed John’s leg and slammed him to the floor before grabbing his head.

Susanoo looked up at the ceiling and watched as his wife descended down and looked at him, greatly disapproving of his methods.

Place the seal on him. I do not want him teleporting about.

No. (Empress Luna)

Do it!!!

Empress Luna looked down at the ground but obeyed her husband as the seal of Susanoo was placed on John’s chest. Regaining consciousness shortly after the seal was placed John yelled in anger as he delivered a point-blank attack with his fire spell. This time, however, Susanoo did not let go. As the smoked covered Susanoo’s face his red eyes gleamed brightly through it and threw John against several pillars.

You are weak, you are tainted, you are either going to die or be imprisoned. Either way, you will NEVER see her again!!

Yes…I WILL!!

Susanoo once again made his way towards John as Luna ran in front of him and stretched out her arms as she blocked her husband from coming any further to John.

Let me pass!

No! You’re blinded by rage, you’re going to kill him! (Empress Luna)

Out of my way!!!

Pushing his wife to the ground and advancing further towards John. Seeing the maddened colossus of a man coming towards him, John stood up on his feet and put both hands in front of his as he concentrated on gathering every ounce of magical power he has within him to at least knock out Susanoo. Not frightened or even aware of what John is doing Susanoo continue towards John until the human unleashes a massive fireball that engulfs Susanoo whole. Empress Luna looked in horror as her eyes homed in on John.

Oh…shit! Shit, shit, shit! I didn’t mean to kill him! Oh…oh no what have I done-

RUN!!! (Empress Luna)

Luna’s scream frightens John as Susanoo leaps from the fireball and lands before John, breaking the ground below them and lifting John several inches off the ground before flying backwards into a wall. Finally fed up with trying to capture John alive the Zathran emperor stood before the unconscious body of John as he lifts his fist in the air. A sudden bolt of lightning struck Amdis in the back as he turned to see his wife’s eyes in tears. He heard Lynn’s voice as she came running to John’s side and held him in her arms as she too cried. Memories of a similar scene froze Susanoo in place for several seconds before he shook it off.

He has betrayed us all. I decree that John Rohan is to be imprisoned for high treason against the Royal Family of Susanoo...

You can’t! You just can’t…he…he… (Lynn)

Without a moment to spare Susanoo grabbed John from Lynn’s arms as he dragged him towards the dungeon. Lynn attempted to strike Susanoo with her staff over the head by was stopped by Luna who held the staff in place with her own strength. At that moment Lynn slapped Luna but watched in fear of what she had done as Luna looked to Lynn with a serious glare. Lynn fell on her knees as she sobbed, forcing Luna to comfort her as they watched Amdis take John away…

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Tue May 24, 2011 9:26 pm

I start to come to and I feel the cold floor on my face. As I start to move around I hear chains scrapping around on stone, that feeling is accompanied by the feeling of shackles upon my wrists and ankles. As I push up on the floor I open my eyes to see a dingy room, no windows, no light and only one door with a small slide window on it. There is no bed, no chairs or even a bench. Only a basic toilet that is in the far corner, which when I stood up I realized the chains allowed me to reach it.

Hello? Is there anyone there?

I get no response, not even someone to acknowledge that I spoke. Just the faint sound of water dripping and the odd rat walking about. I slide my back down on the wall until I hit the floor, I lower my head into my hands.

Why did I do such a stupid thing like wanting immortality? I was so selfish and rash, I put this world in danger look where it got me.

I start to think about kitsune powers and abilities from reading anime and other Japanese folk stories about them. I then recall they could counter binding spells and other spells cast on them. I stand up and start to concentrate on breaking the binding spell, then it is complete. I then flick my wrists and the shackles bust off both my wrists and ankles. I rub my wrists as the shackles where tight on them, with that I put my hands together and I make an attempt to warp and boom I am free.

I land in a coastal area not inhabited by anyone which was a plus for me. To keep myself hidden, I take refuge in a wooded area where I find a large tree to sit under. I look up at the sunlight that is coming down through the tree branches, a soft warm breeze goes through my hair and I close my eyes. My thoughts are on Lynn and how I can redeem myself to the Susanoo family.

If only I knew how I could make things all right.

I then hear a noise off in the distance, I dart up the tree I was sitting under and conceal myself in the dense branches. I peer out slightly to see what is making the noise and as it gets closer I can see an army of horses, soldiers and other large horse drawn weapons. I can tell from the armor as they get closer they belong to the Rebel forces that Susanoo was battling. They get closer and I can hear some of them talk.

Keep marching you dogs! We are to be at Mesles's gates by night fall, then on to victory! (Large Demon)

A great roar from the rest of the soldiers echos through the forest and I am careful to keep hidden. I start to think how I can help slow them down, if not everyone in Mesles will be in danger, including Lynn. As they move down the roadway that leads through the forest I shadow them by going tree top to tree top. Having kitsune's ability of stealth and speed is a definite plus. From my vantage point I can see their path that lays ahead of them, and the setting sun just behind Mesles off in the distance ahead. I dart ahead of them and then stand in front of the path they need to cross to get to Mesles. I can see the great city walls just behind me, I glare forward as the Rebel forces draw near. They then come to a full halt.

Sir there is someone blocking the path! (random rebel)

Just one? Then run it over and move forward! One mere soldier can stand in our way now (Large Demon)

They start to advance towards me and I grin, I raise my hands outward and to the side and they start to glow a brilliant white and then a large blast comes from both of them and into the sky causing a massive flash. The advancing army shields their eyes from the brilliant light and as a result they are confused and they stop dead, some bump into each other causing more confusion. This massive flash also lit up the battle field where the guards around the Mesles's walls seen the approaching army and one being blocking their advance.

Sir! We have a situation here! Alert the Emperor! (Guard)

Back on the battle field I prepare yet another surprise for the Rebels. I get in the prone position and lay my right hand on the ground and it starts to turn red as do my eyes. Meanwhile the Emperor arrives on the wall to see what is happening and to his disbelief he sees the Rebels and their massive army and the man whom he imprisoned just a day prior. Then to his shock he witnesses something more than impressive from someone he deemed weak. The ground cracked open right in front of the advancing army, the ground trembled and quaked as large mountains push up from the ground, jagged rocks and a lava river now blocks the Rebels advance. This mass is miles long and a good 400 feet wide, I stay in my prone position as Susanoo looks down at this.

This is impossible.....
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Thu May 26, 2011 11:31 am

Tale of Amdis Susanoo…

Seeing the massive army before his walls, the emperor of Zathra angrily storms towards the palace. Upon arriving he searches for Luna as she stares at him in anger. This quickly changed when the sound of gunfire rang in the air.

What’s happening? (Empress Luna)

It’s the rebel army. They came from the shadows of darkness and have already reached the walls. What I don’t understand is why they’ve reached this far.

I think I know why. (Empress Luna)

I do too. Many members of the border guardsmen were part of the house of Lucrum. They’ve betrayed us all for wealth no doubt. Luna!

Yes…? (Empress Luna)

John has also escaped. Not only that but…he’s defending the city.

A sly smile appeared on Luna’s face as she giggled to herself for John’s tenacity and bravery. Amdis grunted in annoyance. Diellie then came running from down the hall as he bowed before his superiors and voiced his opinion on the matter.

My lieges, I come before you both to present an idea that I have to offer you both. (Dielli)

You may speak.

My spies within the rebel army tell me that they have enough supplies to lay siege for several seasons. Our armies are spread out across the land but I can exit from the back of the palace and gather them to push the rebellion back. The enemy counted to seven-thousand in total. Our city defenders and reserves merely number near five-thousand at best.

Is that all?

Dear… (Empress Luna)

Susanoo looked to Luna and nodded his head.

What do you have to report regarding John Rohan?

Well, from what I know he’s pushing them back, preventing them from crossing the chasm he’s created and buying us time to prepare. I doubt that the rebels will wait for that to happen. The element of surprise has been taken from them. They’ll most likely regroup or slink away in silence, waiting for another chance to strike. (Dielli)

I won’t allow them a chance to come at my city again. Tonight is when we will destroy the rebels. Make sure to use the dropships to deploy our reserves. Dielli, I’m counting on you.

Dielli bowed in respect before running off to attend to his duties. As Amdis lead his wife away to a secure part of the palace he heard footsteps approaching him. Susanoo turned to see his son approaching him. The two looked at one another for a few moments. Susanoo knew what his son wanted.


Haraldur was taken aback by his father’s answer. Ever since his blunder during his first battle Susanoo has continued to den his son to regain his honor. Now is the time to do so.

…Thank you. (Haraldur)

Several guardsmen accompanied Haraldur as they left to go to battle. Amdis then ordered several more to keep an eye on Luna as he left. His wife grabbed his arm like always and kissed him. Her eyes showed signs of fear for his life but he merely stroked her face as he left her chamber.

Outside hundreds of Zathran soldiers mobilized and evacuated the citizens to the underground bunkers to prevent any deaths on their side. As Susanoo made his way to the hangar bay as he looked over from the palace. The rebels were confused and were not sure on whether or not they should retreat or continue their advance. Susanoo wasn’t going to give them a chance to think it over.

Susanoo boarded his vessel the Vigorous Deus as he took flight into the skies with his armada. These sorts of ships aren’t found anywhere else in Nystoria besides Calista. Countless battles have been won thanks to the air superiority that the vessels provide, along with the thick armor that is found in Zathra to protect these small crafts. These ships use steam and propellers to take flight along with some form of magical energy through the use of reverse-propulsion funnels to keep it in the air while the propellers allow it to strafe or advance forward, making it extremely fast.

High in the sky Susanoo flew before he descended down upon the rebel army. The gun ports on the Vigorous Deus opened before releasing several shots of cannon fire built inside, taking down groups of them as they began to panic when more followed Susanoo’s lead. John was surrounded by the rebels but none attempted to come at him for fear of his ability. Amdis watched from above as his craft stopped in mid-air, directly over John’s position.


A display of Luna’s face appeared on the control panel through a certain crystal.

Yes? (Empress Luna)

Make sure the ship comes back to the palace, I’m going to join the battle.

Understood my love. (Empress Luna)

Susanoo opened the cockpit of the craft as he jumped out and plummeted towards the ground. The force of his landing either crushed those that were under him or blew them away. The Vigorous Deus shortly returned the palace.

What the hell was that?! Did the Zathran fire a new weapon? (Rebel Soldier #1)

Maybe it was that lone soldier over there? He did create that fissure not too long ago. We have to kill him before he does anymore damage! (Rebel Soldier #2)

The survivor of Haraldur’s first campaign, and the last of the House of Lucrum, Abudancio stops his steed, a feline-like creature covered in armor, and looks over the smoke left behind. His attention then went to the skies as dropships of the Zathran military went over the rebel army and landed in a formation as if to block their escape. Noticing this he scoffed in arrogance but awoke from his hubris when his men shouted in fear. His eyes widened and he began to sweat as he saw Emperor Susanoo stand from the crater he had formed and began looking around.

So this is the rebellion? For nearly two years my army has been constantly battling these weaklings while I never had the chance to engage them? This is a poor excuse for an insurrection! I will end your misery and your plight here and now!!

It’s Susanoo! The red emperor is here to kill us all! (Rebel Soldier #3)

Don’t panic, if you panic we’ll all be killed! (Abudancio)

The general is right… (Rebel Soldier #2)

Let’s show the Susanoo that the nobles will never be taken from power! (Rebel Soldier #4)

Rebel soldiers shook in their armor as they began to back away slowly from the enraged emperor of Zathra. Far too late in both time and forgiveness, Susanoo raised both arms in the air and slammed the ground as the earth split apart and sent the rebels flying in the air or crushed from the falling debris. Many retaliated but were decimated as Amdis’s fists began flying. Each punch he threw he puncture through armor and flesh with ease as blades, spears, axes, arrows, and anything of the sort had no effect on the monster that was Susanoo.

A balls of fire engulfed a large number of rebels that were advancing on Emperor Susanoo. John then appeared and beat down several men with careful precision and with the blunt side of his weapons. Amdis turned to see John as they both looked to one another.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 3: Another Age RPS   Thu May 26, 2011 10:01 pm

I stand in this battlefield staring at the demon who accused me of high treason, the demon that nearly killed me if it wasn't for his wife Empress Luna. We glance at each other then the approaching rebel soldiers, we say nothing and dash at the enemy. Susanoo smashed through the enemy with brutal force, bodies flying and crumbling under his might. I grab another small sword and I start swinging both my blades wildly as I run through the group of rebels, cutting them down swiftly and with permission. The general Abudancio growls as he sees much of his army defeated by a handful of soldiers.

I shall not be defeated this way! (Abudancio)

Abudancio cracked the reins of his mount and start to storm towards Susanoo whom is busy dispatching the enemy. He raises his rapier and lining up the unsuspecting emperor, he grins like a man possessed. Suddenly Abudancio is thrown from his ride as he is struck by the flat side of Haraldur's bastard sword, Abudancio tumbles and rolls kicking up dirt and his sword lands beside him when he finally stops rolling.

Abudancio! We have a score to settle! (Haraldur)

That we do indeed! (Abudancio)

The cat-like steed tries to defend it's master, Susanoo sees this unfold and he rushes to intervene. He tackles the mighty beast to the ground and snaps it's neck. Meanwhile Haraldur and Abudancio are locked in mortal combat, they smash their swords against each other and the noise echos through the battlefield. They rage for what seems like forever and suddenly they stop, for the first time in hours everyone is silent, all the combatants stand still. Both Haraldur and Abudancio stand facing each other but mere inches separate them. The sword in Abudancio's hand falls and Haraldur pushes him away from him, slowly Haraldur's sword that impaled Abudancio's heart slides out of his body as he falls as Haraldur stands victorious.

It's done....(Haraldur)

The remaining rebel soldiers drop their weapons as the will to fight is gone. With there general vanquished and the odds now against them due to the might of Susanoo's forces. A great roar come over the battlefield as Susanoo celebrates he and his son's victory. He then remembers me and scans the battlefield for me.

Where did he get off to?

He turns around to see me not far from him. I stand there with my clothing dirty and bloody, my hair face and hands stained in blood. I pant and try to catch my breath, I drop my two swords and I then notice Susanoo staring at me, so is Haraldur and the other soldiers. Meanwhile the rebel forces raise a white flag of surrender. To Susanoo's surprise I walk towards them, Haraldur readies his sword and his guards do the same. I stop not far from Susanoo and look him in the eye, he looks back not quite sure of what I am doing.

I wont run, I surrender myself and accept my punishment for my wrong doings.

As the rebels are being taken into custody, Susanoo is perplexed on what has just happened.
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Realm 3: Another Age RPS
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