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 Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sat Feb 26, 2011 10:33 pm

Frost peered through his cover and looked around the buildings from across the street. Even if he couldn’t see them Frost could still sense the presence of the assassins. He looked to his son who was gripping his head in pain.

Son, you’re alright? (Frost)

I’m fine.

JT looked at the two.

You two are actually related or is that just friendly talk between you guys?

You tell us.

Frost took out a stick as he lit it while Samael dug into his pockets and smiled as he found a toothpick and placed it in his mouth.

Um, yeah, you’re definitely related.

A single sniper let out a shot as JT accidently exposed a partial piece of his head but was pulled down at the last minute by Frost.

Damn you boy! I can’t be watching over you two for long. (Frost)

Thanks but I can handle myself.

Don’t even bother with me.

Frost gave a stern looked to his son as Samael returned a fierce glare at his father. They maintained their staring contest for a few moments before JT spotted several dark figures moving towards them.

We’ve got company!

Samael’s eyes became red as he jumped out of cover and ran straight at the armed men.

Blaine no! (Frost)

What the hell are you doing man!?

The men in black suit jumped in surprise at Samael as they fired their weapons at him, which were deflected by an unseen force.

Wait…he has vectors?

JT looked to Frost who continued to smoke his cigarette in peace.

Now’s not the time for questins, we gotta give him cover fire. On my mark we bold to that van across the street. Are you ready? (Frost)


Alright….1….2…3…! (Frost)

The two men followed a different pattern of Samael’s. Rather than run straight into enemy fire like the latter did the two instead hid behind every possible cover until they hugged their back to a van which is the only obstacle from the building that hold the snipers. They heard more gunshots in the air along with the sound of flesh being torn apart. They looked to Samael’s location as he continues to run straight towards another group. Bullets spark and fly in different directions as Samael’s vectors do away with them as the two men watch.

Seeing him deflect bullets and with that look in his eye…reminds me why I used to exterminate those things. (Frost)

Used to? You’re with INGNE aren’t you?

No point in hiding it now. Lieutenant Colonel Frost’s the name. Yours? (Frost)


That’s right, what of it? (Frost)

I’m afraid that I am not at liberty to-

Several deflected rounds bounce off of the van as the two crouch to the ground. Frost pulls out his signature Tokarev’s and loads it as he pulls out yet another, much to the surprise of JT.

Why are you carrying two of those things?? They’re outdated.

They do more damage than the bitch-ass weapons of today I assure you that! And what were you saying about yourself? Something about liberty or some shit? (Frost)

One of the armed men unknowingly passing both the van and the men as he took aim at a weak spot of Samael’s vectors. Frost unloaded many rounds into the man until he was satisfied that he was dead. He ended up reloading.

A bit excessive don’t you think?

Excessive my asshole. You want excessive? (Frost)

Before JT could speak Frost drew his Tokarev’s at him and fired four swift shots as JT covered his face. When he opened his eyes he realized he was still alive and looked behind himself as two men lied dead on the ground.

There’s excessive. (Frost)

You couldve warned me...prick.

Instead of complaining make yourself useful and find those damn snipers will ya?! I saw what you did earlier and and I know you can do more. Hussle up! (Frost)

JT walked over to Frost and made it clear that he was not one to be ordered around. Unfortunately, the insanity whelled up inside of Frost is one of the last things to be prodded.

Listen here old man, I take orders from no one!

And you listen here you dumbass, we're gonna be trapped here if you don't just do as I say! I've been in worse stuations than this, believe me. You stick with me and you live. (Frost)

Funny, because as I recall I saved you and your son's asses earlier.

Just as I did right before we got into this stupid bitching contest. I'm just returning the favor. Get your act together or I'll blow a new hole for you to let that steam out of! (Frost)

The hell with you, I'll take care of this.

JT made a brake for it and exhibited his enhanced strength as he surprised two men and punched them both in the face as they were knocked cold. Frost smiled to himself as he called out:

Don't let those dickless assholes get the jump on you, ya hear?? (Frost)

[Samael’s Point of View]

Could’ve sworn I decimated at least three dozen men in this area. All the civilians are gone and it seems as it this done from the beginning. I wonder if my father and JT are alright. I hear the shots echo in the distance and I know for sure that it’s definitely my father doing most of them. Suddenly, the air grows still as I stand in the middle of the street. I look towards my right and few the presence of thousands heading in my direction. I know this feeling…it’s them.

I quickly begin to call to JT and my father. If they find those two then I don’t know if I can stop them…

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Fri Mar 04, 2011 8:29 pm

-Posting as JT-

Me and Frost finally catchup with Samael after the carnage of the attack, but as we approach him I can tell he is troubled. Then I sense it, thousands of Diclonii coming so I motion them to follow me and we make our way about 2 blocks away and I spot an abandoned car with the keys in it. We take the car and make our way to the countryside and about another hour or so we end up at the old temple and I stop the car behind some thick bushes, then we exit the car.

So, this will be a good place to hide out until we take stock of the situation.

Frost looks around then lights a cigarette then blows smoke as he grunts in frustration. Samael simply takes a toothpick out and puts it in his mouth and observes the area.

Come on guys, this way.

They follow me to the temple and we make our way to the back of the temple where a large broken statue is. I pull down the right arm then push up the left and it slides aside to reveal a elevator we then take it down to the bottom level.

I take it this isn’t part of the original design. (Sarcastically) -Frost-

I chuckle a bit and we finally hit the bottom level and the room is much like the one that was below my safe house accept Tundra isn’t aware of this one. We walk into the room and I activate the power and the place comes alive.

Jeeez man! You got enough hardware here to start a war! -Frost-

Well I am hoping to prevent one actually. Well I really haven’t introduced myself. My name is J.T. MacIssac, I am a member of an elite team dedicated on preventing a war between Mankind and the Diclonious. However my former leader Captain Jonathan Tundra had his plans on starting the war and is even funding criminal activities to cause friction between the two factions.

Wait what? -Frost-

It is simple, I played along for two years on the orders from my Commander to infiltrate Tundra’s army and to gather intel on him. Yates was my partner in this mission but was killed in action he made sure that I was never hindered by Tundra’s enhancements he ordered on me.

What do you mean...enhancements?

It is simple really. I am a Meda human, I was born with natural abilities. These abilities were sometimes altered by genetic means so that they could be easier managed.

So are they more like you? -Frost-

I stop and turn to the main computer and place my hands on the console. Samael and Frost take a seat and then I turn to them the look on my face says it all.

I will put it to you this way. We better arm ourselves for a war, cause if I know Tundra he will call t hem in and there is no way we can stop them one on one.

The three agree on the situation and then start to formulate a plan of action. Meanwhile back at Fenrir’s hideaway he hears the sound of Helicopters in the distance, he hides as more than two dozen large choppers fly over head, there direction...the city.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:15 am

[INGEN Medical facility, Jung's room]

As he sat against his bed reading some articles on the world's current events a man knocks on the door as he enters. Jung quickly salutes.

General Connors, sir, what a surprise.

At ease. You look terrible, Major. (General Connors)

A couple of broken ribs and fractured fingers is all. Nothing to it.

General Connors pulled up a chair next to the resting man as he spoke:

We have reason to believe that Frost has been captured by enemy forces along with his…son. When can you get back in the field? (General Connors)

Captured? By whom??

I'll explain in a few moments, when can you get back into the field? (General Connors)

...Not anytime soon General. Still recovering from the attack by the cyborg.

That won’t do. (General Connors)

I suppose not. As much as I would like to help I am no condition to be doing anything strenuous. If I could make a suggestion as to who you can ask for this assignment then I’d suggest-

There’s no time for replacements. You’re the only one who knows Frost. (General Connors)

You make it sound as if he went AWOL...

General Connors stared down at Jung.

Major Jung, how would you like to be faster, stronger, and more durable than you are now? (General Connors)

Huh? Oh, it sounds great and all but I don’t want to go through anything that involves removal of limbs, brain lobbing or needles. Especially needles…what excatly does that have to do with Frost? It's rather irrelevant don't you think, sir?

Jung chuckeled to himself a bit while Connors maintained his stoic expression.

Is that so? What if I were to tell you that Hyperion is on the loose? Would you find my previous statement relevant then? (General Connors)

Jung’s eyes narrowed as he looked to the general. For the past few days Jung has been wanting to get back at the metal giant for killing his last team. This would be his opportunity.

Hyperion you say…where can I find the bastard?

His whereabouts are unknown to us but that is why I am here. You will be outfitted with the best technology the company has to offer. In return for your services we expect you to find and bring back Frost. Should the enemy gather any information from him then you are free to use any means necessary to silence the witnesses, including Frost himself. (General Connors)

What?! You must be out of your mind. Frost would never give in to the enemy! I've known Frost for years and he is not that sort of person. No man has enough strength of will to break his spirit! Hyperion is a target I would gladly go after but Frost is out of the question, sir.

I realize that you share a close relationship with Frost but INGEN’s secrets must be kept as is; a secret. Should the public or any sort of organization hidden in the shadows know about this then all we have strived to work towards would be for naught. This isn’t a moral question or even a trick one. You will do what is necessary regardless of your opinion. (General Connors)

Yes, sir.

Very well. The procedure will begin as soon as possible. Be prepared for anything, you will be the first to undergo this transformation. (General Connors)

With all due respect, I do not recall ever accepting such a kind invitation.

General Connors sighed to himself just as he was prepared to walk out of the door. He rustled through his clothing and turned as he aimed a weapon at Jung and shot a dart at the latter’s neck, knocking him out.

No objections I presume? (General Connors)

Jung made no sound.

Good. (General Connors)

Several men walked into the men as one man in a white suit grinned at the unconscious Major. Connors handed the tranquilizer weapon to the man and was given a briefcase full of unknown contents.

It was a pleasure doing business with you General. What will you do with ‘those?’ (Man in White Suit)

The United States Army will be enthralled by these. In a matter of months, America shall be recognized as the absolute most powerful country in the entire world. (General Connors)

What a lovely scene it would be. (Man in White Suit)

Rememer, I need him to go after Hyperion first then Frost. Do not tamper with his mind...we'll need everything that he was if he is to respond positively to the procedure. (General Connors)

The man in a white suit wiped his shoulders as if cleaning himself.

You truly believe that after what he'll become that he will worry about his retained thoughts and personality? Should he gain concious over this then I'm afraid he may become a bit testy. (Man in White Suit)

Those are the only qualities a soldier would need. (General Connors)

The man in a white suit smiled as he ordered several men to take Jung away to be experimented upon. General Connors left in the room as three men followed him. One of the men, presumably the man in the white suit’s bodyguard walked up to his superior.

Everything is set, sir. Once the operation for Moon Jung is complete then the total will go up to four. (Bodyguard)

Excellent. Hopefully now Tundra will see the true capabilities of the TENGU program. (Man in White Suit)

Yes, sir. Shall I inform him of our- (Bodyguard)

No…let it be a surprise. (Man in White Suit)

As you wish. (Bodyguard)

The man in a white suit and the rest left room, leaving Major Jung's fate unknown.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:32 am

As I sit at my control panel I start monitoring the area for any activity via a spy satellite. I am startled to notice that there are several unknown aircraft in the area an that ground forces are moving in also. Just then Frost looks over my shoulder to see what is going to unfold.

Well it looks like you old friend Tundra is making his move. (Frost)

Yes it seems so. I think the best plan of action is for you and your son to go back to INGEN and warn them. As for me I will try to track down Fenrir and warn them also.

Are you sure that Fenrir will comply? I mean I met the guy and he is not fond of humans.

Well that is the risk I have to take. Anyways take the Humvee it has equipment inside if you into trouble.

Frost and is son take the vehicle and leave via the sub-terrain tunnel that heads to the surface. Meanwhile I equip myself with my upgrades to my armor. Dual forearm blades and my headgear is state of the art with all the tech I need to both track, sense any enemies. I grab my 50 cal desert eagle and my AA-12 automatic shotgun and head out towards the forest area, just maybe I can track him down before Tundra’s goons find him.

What seemed like hours I came across a tunnel entrance but just as I was to enter it I feel the presence of vectors closing in on me. I jump out of the way and turn to see who attacked me, and there in the shadows appears a male Diclonious.

Human you got some balls coming here by yourself.

Fen? Is that you?

As I spoke his name I see his guard goes up as he steps back he seemed confused.

Who the hell are you?! How the hell do you know my name?! You better answer me human!

Just before I answer he attacks again. I dodge the attacks and as I am avoiding his onslaught I try to reason with him.

Fenrir I know you are from Canada and you were born from human parents. I know you had a hard life trust me I know what your going through.

You know nothing! I don’t know you at all, your just another human who is out to exploit my kind!

I make my headgear fold into my armor to show my face and he stops cold as he was about to attack.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:19 pm

As the two men make their way to the INGEN facility, father and son awkwardly begin conversation. Frost frowned as he looked in the corner of his eye as he son had his head tilted against the seat in obvious boredome.

So…how’s life as a hitman? (Frost)

It pays the bills…

Uh-huh. (Frost)


Minutes passed as the silence between the two men become more noticeable as even the roar of the humvee’s engine became muffled and then no more. Frost glanced at his son who was observing a glock he had picked up from the back of the vehicle.

What is with you and those things? (Frost)

What? Nothing’s wrong with the glocks aside from the noise it emits, that’s why I use silencers.

Eh, you should use something like this! (Frost)

Frost dug into his combat vest and pulled out a Tokarev, his signature firearm as Samael rolled his eyes.

Still stuck with piece-o-shit weaponry as usual, old man.

Yeah well this piece-of-art saved countless asses out there. I don’t give a damn what anyone says but the Tokarev is a masterpiece. (Frost)

Then I don’t give a damn about what you think about my weapon. If you value your opinion I may as well do the same.

With a grunt Frost holstered his weapon as he began to search for a stick, letting go of the wheel in the process and earning Samael’s tension as the former hitman watches his father light his cigarette.

You really are a crazy bastard, aren’t you?

My boy, everyone’s got a bit of craziness in ‘em, I just embrace it. (Frost)

That explains many things.

Frost shrugged.

You really don't like me do you? (Frost)


Sounds like a yes to me. Hmm, do you know the reason why Diclonious are becoming more bold in their actions? (Frost)


A long pause was held as Samael looked to his father and raised an eyebrow as he waited for a follow-up to his father’s previous statement.


Oh, I just couldn’t understand the reason and figured you’d know. (Frost)

Samael shook his head in frustration as he stared out of the window and looked up into the dark sky. Thoughts came into his head as he thought of the fate of the Tendou-kai.

Thinking of your former boss aren’t you? (Frost)

Blaine looked at his father in annoyance.

I am no longer associated with that group.

Yep, doubt they’ll ever forgive you for taking so many of their men. It’s that nakama (friend) code they abide to. (Frost)

Precisely. Oyabun-dono…was my nakama as well.

Is that so…? (Frost)

A beeping noise alerted both men as a screen came up on the humvee’s windshield as the car automatically went into cruise control. Samael and Frost watched as they watched, from a satellite view, several helis flying towards a specific point.

That must be where all of the Diclonious are hiding…Tundra plans on flushing them out. (Frost)

What good will that do?

If INGEN or the U.S. military gets involved it could get ugly. More than likely it seems that Tundra plans on destroying any military power in the vicinity in order to plant his own. That’s just my theory anyway. (Frost)

So he wants the Diclonious to feel threatened by humans weapons so that they can retaliate…

Like I said it’s just my theory. I hope I’m wrong… (Frost)

Frost stepped on the pedal as the vehicle sped off further into area as they made their way to INGEN HQ.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Tue Mar 29, 2011 11:40 am

As I look back at Fenrir I can tell he know who I am now. It has been so long since I seen him, he was about 6 years old at the time and was in a foster care home. After that I lost track of him, yet I am surprised he still recalls me.

So you do remember me Fen?

I do indeed J.T. Thing is...are you here to take revenge on me for killing your aunt and uncle?

I don’t believe in revenge Fen, but I didn’t come here to catch up. A man named Tundra is hell bent on removing all Diclonious from the face of the Earth. You need to gather you colony and clear out of here before he finds you all.

Why should I even trust you?

Cause time is running out and you got too much to loose.

I watch as Fenrir processes the information and quickly leaves via the tunnels, as he leaves I watch as the old blast doors slowly close shut and then I hear the locks click shut. With that I start to walk towards the city through the forest but something was troubling me. I could sense I was being stalked, so I quickly activate my headgear and then grab my AA-12 and ready myself for a fight.

Then I see it walking out of the darkness a massive mechanical human like machine. He stops about 25 feet away form me and starts looking at me, I quickly scan him and I realize what it is a Hyperion a USA abomination.

Observation: Human..some strange energy emitting from him....possible threat.

I look at this massive machine then sense that it is somewhat confused.

Tell me, did Tundra send you after me? Or are you here to attack the Diclonious?

Response: Negative on first count. Mission is to terminate all Diclonious or hostile threats.

Wrong answer tin can.

I open fire with my AA-12 striking him several times in the chest with no effect. To my surprise it targeted me with vectors and I barely avoided them when it attacked. I quickly too cover behind some trees where I then activate my blades...I will just slash this monster to oblivion. I dash form behind my cover and rush at the Hyperion, it tried to attack me with the vectors again but I dodged them and then strike him with a double dashing uppercut knocking it through several trees, it then recovers quickly to counter with a strait right punch to my chest, luckily the armor absorbed the strike. I however land several meters away form the point of contact on my back.

Observation: Threat nullified.

The Hyperion then walks away form the combat zone and turns his back to me and had not noticed I had gotten back up. I charged my blades with telekinetic energy then run at top speed and strike the Hyperion several times, disabling this hydrolics and rendering it immobile. I then start to walk away.

Response: What manner of creature are you?

I stop and look back at the creature and just walk away, leaving it defenseless. Next stop...Tundra.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:24 pm

Frost stood with his son as several other men looked on the monitors as the carnage wrought by Tundra becomes exceedingly uncontrollable. Diclonious room the streets and dozens are killed outright by the rage of the unstoppable race. Security forces are scattered as society crumbles slowly.

This country is going to hell and we’re just standing here. Deploy the troops and evacuate any survivors. Dammit another incident is the last thing this country needs... (Frost)

A single man made his voice clear.

And why should we do that, Mr. Frost? (???)

Everyone turned their attention to this man as Frost grit his teeth.

General Connors… (Frost)

I understand that this is the doing of a madman called Tundra am I right? We will wait this out and then take the appropriate measures for this situation. (General Connors)

What, you’d rather we let all those men and women get killed out there by the dicloni?? We have to do something or else this organization will be for naught! (Frost)

Relax, we won’t lose our image. This is just something we can use to our advantage. (General Connors)

How will this be beneficial for INGEN?

I wouldn’t expect two grunts to understand the bigger picture. (General Connors)

What the hell are you talking about? (Frost)

America’s military top brass are slowly gaining control over of the United States. The President doesn’t have any idea on how to combat this threat, but we do. INGEN’s the answer! I have gone out of my way to conduct experiments on the best soldiers we have in order to create the perfect soldier. One that does not disobey orders; one that will carry out the mission with absolute focus; and one that will change military warfare forever. (General Connors)

Oh great, another idealist.

Say what you may about my methods but when America is looked onto by the world as the defender of peace and justice you all will know who is responsible. (General Connors)

This is absolute horseshit. I didn’t come here to warn you about the damn dicloni and Tundra’s army just so we can stand idly by as the country is plundered into devastation. (Frost)

Frost draws one of his tokarevs at General Connors as Samael does the same with his glock. Surprised by this General Connors puts his hands up.

Game’s over. Now deploy the troops! (Frost)

Absolutely not. (General Connors)

This is not time to be difficult, general. Innocent lives are at stake and so is yours if you don’t do as Frost says.

Frost gives an annoyed look at his son for the lack of respect.

You’re in no position to be making that decision anyway, general asshole. Now call the order now or else we’ll kill you right here, right now. Make your choice general! (Frost)

I already have. (General Connors)

The general lowers his hands as he places them behind his back. Both father and son observe the general as they prepare for anything. Two men walk into the room as they are followed by a third person. Frost’s eyes squint until his eyes notice that the person is June.

June, what are you doing here? (Frost)

She does not answer. Frost shoots a glare at the general as Connors smiles.

Don’t worry old friend, she’s unharmed but she isn’t exactly herself today. (General Connors)

Just then, a figure descends behind both me and disarms them of their weapons as the figure delivers a blow to the back of Frost’s neck, knocking him out. Samael quickly reacts by throwing a swift punch that is instantly swept aside and is punched several dozen times in quick succession before the figure jumps in the air and kicks Samael in the face which dizzies Samael. The black ops soldier dashes towards Samael to finish him off but the latter’s vectors activate and smash into the soldier’s arm and knocks him back several meters away. Samael continues the assault but the soldier dashes side to side before he flips and delivers a severe kick to Samael’s jaw, knocking him out. General Connors makes his way to both men and looks down at them. The other men in the room watch in horror as several soldiers walk in and aim their weapons at them.

You would have made a good candidate, colonel, your son too. (General Connors)

The figure, dressed in all black and in a strange mix of a shinobi and a black ops commando walks behind the general as his broken arm begins to reshape itself.

What’s the situation, Jung? (General Connors)

The targets are currently in the city. Shall I dispatch them, sir?

Yes, I believe that the Tendou-kai, Tundra and the Diclonious will find our sudden move rather surprising. It’s time for the others to awaken Jung. (General Connors)

What of these two, sir?

I’ll take it from here. Do your part for the world, Jung. (General Connors)

Yes, sir.

And remember, this is just another incident. I want this to drag out for as long as it needs to. Today, begins the beginning of the Diclonious extermination cascade. (General Connors)

Jung nods in respect as he leaves the room and prepares to enact a deadly game of power. General Connors takes a seat as the many monitors switch over the Tendou-kai headquarters.

And you'll be the ones to enact it... (General Connors)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:17 pm

As I approached the city the I can hear the sounds of combat and the screams of the civilians that are under attack from the Diclonii. Knowing full well that I would only fan the flames if I just go down there and dispatch the attacking Diclonii, I started to scan the area for a reason for their out right attacks. Not long after roaming the perimeter of the city I noticed on the top of the 3 highest buildings, three transmitting towers.

Hmm, now I see what Tundra is up to. He is using some sort of frequency to drive the Diclonii into attacking the locals.

I also notice that the three sites are guarded by several of Tundra’s men but what really troubles me is why Frost and his son haven’t informed INGEN. Then again maybe they ran into trouble? I really can’t worry about right now, I need to shutdown those transmitters and hopefully that will halt their attack, but how? I started to think about how I could and then it hit me, I opened up a communication line with my actual commander back in Canada.

General Grey this is MacIssac reporting in, things are getting out of hand here.

Gray here, we had been ready to deploy our forces along with the U.S.A to combat Tundra and the Diclonii onslaught. (Grey)

Keep the forces on hand, but what I really need is this. I need a orbital strike on these three coordinates.

I give send him the three coordinates to Grey and just wait for the fire works. I watch as suddenly 3 beams of light roar down form the night sky and strike each of the targets. I watch as the buildings, transmitters and soldiers a vaporized.

Grey, the strike was dead on. I will report in with more details when they arise. Over and out.

I start walking into town and I watch as the Diclonii seem to regain there minds. They scatter and run from the town in droves. I then start to look for signs of survivors but anyone that was still alive had escaped. I walk trough the blood soaked streets, littered with the carnage of the attack from the Diclonii. I finally reach the center of the town and I hear the familiar sound of Blackhawks approaching, then the roar of diesel engines of APCs from all directions. Then the blinding lights form the Blackhawks and APCs are set on me.

I dim the my helmet optics to prevent blindness then I hear a familiar voice along with the clatter of boots on the asphalt and the safeties coming off weapons.

Well how do you plan to get out of this one JT? (Tundra)

I grit my teeth and ready my weapons and think to myself as the forces move in... “I could really use some backup right about now.”
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:02 am

Jung stands several meters with seven men behind him as they watch J.T. and Tundra size each other up. From the distance Jung could see three giant smoke clouds from the wreckage brought by the satellite above. The Korean's left eye glowed a bright blue as it scanned the area. Several dozen tactical options were overelayed across the now desolate battlefield and the major could see more Tundra troops mobilizing across the city, hunting down the Dicloni, or so it seemed.

Major, what happend to the Diclonious invasion? (General Connors)

Unsure. My scanner was picking up strange frequencies earlier during the attack but once that explosion occured the Diclonious themselves disappeared. Tundra's men have entered the city.

Hold on one moment. I'm receiving a message from the U.N. (General Connors)

Understood, sir. Standing by.

Several more blackhawks made their way to the city as gunfire began to echoe from the distance. The cries of civilians also filled the air as it began to rain. The squad held their positon while still keeping tabs on Tundra and J.T. as Connors resumed communications.

Things have just become much more difficult. They're ready to deploy the troops. I don't want them to be suspicious so you need to finish this quick, major. (General Connors)

Understood, sir.

What do you have for me? (General Connors)

General, I have Tundra in my sights as well as an unknown middle-aged man in some sort of suit. It looks rather advanced and I can' find any insignias of its origin. Transfering video feed.

Very well, I'm opening the feed. (General Connors)

As General Connors views the feed he stroke his beard, trying to understand the situation. Jung and the seven other men inched closer towards the group as the discussion between Tundra and J.T. was ready to blow out of proportion.

I don't know who this man is but he seems to be a valuable asset to Tundra. Do whatever it takes to take him in alive. He might be of use to us. (General Connors)

Has our priority changed to eliminating Tundra, sir?

Yes it has, major. (General Connors)

Very good.

Jung turns to the other seven men as they stop and unsheathe their tantos (Japanese straightsword) and leap towards Tundra and his men.


Meanwhile in INGEN HQ...

Bloodied an bruised from constant torture at the hands of Connor's men, both father and son stare at their captors with much fire in their eyes. Frost was suspended in the air while water was doused on him and immediatly electricuted. Samael received several punishing blows from three men as he remained strapped to a chair. Both men have been drugged and are unable to concentrate from th extreme pain as they slowly prepare to black out, only to be awoken by more pain. A man in a white suit then walked in as he smiled at the two. interesting to see you looking at the world in such an odd angle, monsieur Frost. (White Suit)

While still dazed and bleeding all over, Frost manages to muster the strength to speak.

I recognize that bitch-ass, pompous, dumbass, stupid and fuckin' retarded accent anywhere...Gautier. (Frost)

Hoho, recognized me so quickly je vois? (Gautier)

I just said- (Frost)

Yes, yes I am well aware of what you just stated about me, voyou. You Americans have no class nor romance. It is a tragedy that we meet under such circumstances. Donc, désolé... (Gautier)

Jus...just tell us why the hell you're here you ass-hat.

Gautier turned his attention to Samael and slowly walked towards him.

Ah, I remember you. The Diclonious-huma hybrid if I am not mistaken. Vous avez grandi très bien. (Gautier)

Alright, now you're just doing it to piss me off. (Frost)

Vous faire chier? Ohoho...silly American, I am only here because I have a proposition for you. (Gautier)

We're not interested.

Samael spat a moutful of blood and saliva at the Frenchmen's suit and left a large stain. Frost chuckled to himself, even as Gautier removed his gloves and delivered a slap across Samael's face. Both men ignored this and continued to laugh.

Hmmph! Pièces américaines de merde!! (Gautier)

Gautier left the room as father and son shared a hearty laugh, even as their captors moved in to continue the torture procedure.

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I am the captain of my soul.

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I quickly assess the situation further and as much as I hate to do this but I must reveal who I really am. Not since the Gulf War had I assumed this identity but unleashing my hidden strengths is the only way out of this situation and prevent further casualties to the innocent.

My forearm blades retracted, my armor starts to reconfigure then change color to white and red markings. The insignia of a red leaf with a black x in the middle of it. I raise my head up and glare that the chopper where I sense Tundra. I then scan the area and mark the positions of each soldier and unit.

-Tundra’s POV-

He stares down at me as if he seen a ghost, this chopper pilot looks over at his commander wondering what is with the usual calm and cocky Tundra.

We leave right now! (Tundra)

But sir?! We have the advantage! (Pilot)

There is no advantage against him now. We will retreat and rethink this invasion. Oh and make sure the current forces slow him down, we don’t need to be followed. (Tundra)

The Pilot issued the orders viva morse code by a light form the chopper.

-End of Tundra’s POV-

I grab my AA-12 and start firing on any trooper I see, dropping them one by one as I advance towards the chopper. Suddenly I watch as Tundra’s command chopper starts to turn away form the combat zone.

Oh no you don’t. You wont run form me this time.

I grab a piece of steel rod and fire it like a javelin and strike the engine of Tundra’s helicopter. The pilot wrestles with the controls but they crash in the outskirts of the town. I know for a fact that crash didn’t kill Tundra, the shock of what I done made the troopers stop cold. I then hear one yell out - “He downed the Commander’s chopper, advance and terminate the target!”

I quickly turn my attention to the troopers attacks, I toss my AA-12 now empty away and activate my forearm weapons then start running top speed at them.

I leap into the air just before I attack the first wave of attackers and I charge up my fist with psychic energy and then as I come down to the ground I slam my fist into it causing a massive shockwave. The pavement is crack and tossed everywhere like stone shrapnel cutting down soldiers all around, those that it missed are scattered and out of position and disorinated. I take this chance to grab some fallen weapons and start opening fire. Once I ran out of ammo I stopped dead in the city square and yelled out.

You had enough of take orders and dieing for a man that wont offer you the same?

The survivors look at me then each other. One spoke up, “Fuck this shit”

They start to vacate the area, I then start to walk the other way but I see an oriental looking my way. He is carrying a sword and it is stained with blood, but of who’s it is? I ready my duel blades and prepare for a fight...not sure if this is friend or foe.
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Guess you didn't hear me...don't waste your life for that scum, he ain't worth it.

Jung twisted his blade to the side as the blade began to buzz. He then reached to his shoulders and pulled out a knuckle knife and twirled it between his fingers and held it in an unorthodox manner. The mask on J.T.'s suit pulled over his face as he was prepared for anything. Jung continued to observe J.T. and looked behind himself at the crash site of Tundra. Several shadows leapt to the site and began searching. Jung quickly turned back to J.T. as he lunged towards him. J.T. powered his fists with psychic energy and collided with Jung's blade which snapped in two. The impact also affected Jung as he skid across the pavement but quickly leapt to his feet as J.T. drew closer. Two of Jung's men jumped into the fray but backed away when Jung raised his hand.

J.T. threw his fist towards Jung's head but the latter dodged the blow and delivered a swift kick to J.T.'s torso followed by an uppercut that flipped J.T. into the air but J.T. used his leg to kick Jung's jaw, just ass he did earlier to Samael. Jung jumped back several meters and twirled his knife several times as he dashed side to side and made a motion to stab J.T. who grabbed Jung's arm and flipped him over his back but Jung used this to stab his blade into J.T.'s shoulders. J.T. turned and slammed both fists into Jung's chest as he flew several meters away and slammed through a wall. After taking a deep breath J.T. turned his attention to the crash site and saw several figures unearthing a heavilly damaged Tundra and turned their attention towards J.T.

J.T turned as Jung suddenly jumped over his head and burst into full speed towards his men, holding a shard of his broken blade.

They intend to kill him!...

Focusing his psychic energy to a specific target J.T. grabbed Tundra from his position and slammed the uncontious terrorist next to him. J.T. bent over in fatique from the strain of such a distance but stood back up as the suit gave some of it's energy to him. He looked over his shoulder as Tundra was nothing but a mess. He then watched as six men assembled in front of him and held their blades, ready to strike.

I don't know who you guys belong to or what your plans are but if killing Tundra helps to further them then I won't allow it!

Jung and his men drew closer with their blades, J.T. charged his fists together but then noticed that two of the eight men were not present. Suddenly two blade drew around J.T's neck as their buzzing became more prominent.

High frequency blades...low production models.

Jung walked towards J.T. and pulled the mask over his head and smiled.

Now if you don't mind, we'll take care of it from here. Tundra is too dangerous for the world and he must be eliminated.

I don't think so.

J.T. covered his body in pure psychic energy as Jung jumped out of the way. First he fired a pushed Tundra out of the way and let the energy blow the men behind him into cinders and the rest away.

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I quickly take up guard over the near death Tundra and guard against this obvious INGEN operative. To get a better sense of this guy I start to read his thoughts and memories and I see form his recent memories that they had detained Frost and his son. This gives me an idea so I maintain my guard then start to address him.

So tell me. Why do you want Tundra out of the way so bad? I mean besides the obvious?

I am not at liberty to speak of that. (Jung)

Don’t give me the good soldier shit....Jung!

How the hell do you know my name!? (Jung)

I smirk at him as I see the look on this face.

Yeah well as you can tell I am a man of many skills and gifts.

He keeps his guard up and lets out a chuckle.

Indeed you are, so what are we to do about this situation now then? Any suggestions? (Jung)

Well I know you have Frost and is boy detained, so how about a trade?

Hmm a trade huh? What is Frost an his boy to you? (Jung)

Well that’s for me to know, I mean I won’t ask any further questions about your want of Tundra here.

Fair enough, I will present this to my commander. (Jung)

Well don’t take long. I don’t think sleeping beauty here is going to last much longer. Oh and due east of the city you might want to send a recovery team, your Hyperion friend is up there. Don't worry, he wont give you trouble

I give Tundra a slight kick and he grunts. I watch as the one called Jung make his call, all the time I am keeping my guard up for anything...the ball is in his court.
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Jung places his hand on his ear as he attempts to get in contact with General Connors. Meanwhile he continues to watch J.T., making sure he doesn’t do anything that would compromise the mission. Tundra remained unconscious but it wouldn’t be long before he wakes up again. Jung sighs in light annoyance of bartering with a stranger but was now more inclined at the mention of Hyperion, the killer of his old team.

Well done Jung, proceed to return to base with the mystery soldier. (General Connors)

Apologies, sir but I am not yet done with this mission. Tundra still lives and the mystery soldier doesn’t seem to want him dead. Not entirely sure what he is up to but he has bargained for Tundra’s life in return for the release of both Frost and Samael. I wanted to see how you would go about this.

A trade? (General Connors)

Yes, sir. It appears that he has powerful mental abilities. They are beyond my capabilities but he used an enormous amount of energy earlier and I believe that if I tire him out he will surely fall. I can take him.

Now, now don’t be hasty. This is interesting. Very well, we shall release our two prisoners in exchange for Tundra. Let the soldier know this. Oh, and major? (General Connors)

…Yes, sir?

Make sure that the task is done. The right way. Connors out. (General Connors)

J.T. kept his guard up as Jung nodded his head.

My commander has agreed to your terms. They should be releasing those two and you needn’t worry, Frost and Samael are my friends. I wouldn’t have them killed.

Then why were they imprisoned?

They would’ve disrupted important plans we have in store. I’m pretty sure Frost is going to be pretty pissed for what I did. Anyway you can step away from the terrorist, I’ll take it from here.

While it is against my better judgment…I will.

Jung walked towards Tundra as J.T. watched. Without warning Jung snapped Tundra’s neck twice and proceeded to walk away as J.T. calls for him.

Hey, Jung?


What will you do now?

Something I should have finished a long time ago. You’d best get going. My commander may be doing this for the right reasons under the wrong conditions but those two won’t have it. Not sure what you’ll do but I doubt it’ll settle well with my commander.

You sound almost as if you’re defying him. You were supposed to capture me weren’t you? Stupid question of course you were.

Being someone’s puppet’s no fun. Besides, I want Frost to give the commander a lesson he won’t soon forget. I’m done with this. He's going to want me to kill Frost and his son and I never agreed to that. I refuse to work for that man anymore. Best of luck to you, you won't be seeing me again.

And with that Jung disappears as a cloaking device renders him invisible to the naked eye. The sounds of foot steps leaping over shrapnel and dirt was heard, followed by silence.

[INGEN facility, holding cell]

Frost, gritting his teeth to keep them straight after his beating grins to himself as he looks to his son who held his head down as he breathed heavily. The doors to their room opened as three men entered and brought the two to their feet. Suddenly Frost and Samael struck at the three men and knocked them out cold. They equipped their weapons onto themselves and noticed their attire sitting on a desk near a checkpoint. Frost lit a cig as Samael placed a pick in his mouth.

Despite the massive pain they felt from the torture the two made their made through the cell blocks and stopped as Samael looked in each and every one of them. They could see countless Diclonious locked away and many of them obviously traumatized by the treatment given to them. There was nothing they could do. Their minds were forever shattered from the horrors of INGEN’s experiments from the higher ups.

The further down they went the more Samael began to show signs of being somewhat disturbed. As they neared a cell they heard the cry of a female that was in obvious duress. Frost and Samael quickly ran towards the cell and spotted seven men cornering a woman they couldn’t see. Knowing their intentions the two pulled out their weapons as they gunned down all seven men. Samael slowly approached the woman and noticed that it was his mother. Her eyes had circles under them and tears were rolling down her eyes. Frost quickly ran to June and held her in his arms.

…They…they tried to…they tried to make me- (June)

Shhh….it’s okay, we’re getting out of here. (Frost)

Samael pulled his coat off and placed it over his mother’s shoulders as he watched the two. Frost looked at his wife and searched for any wounds or anything that would indicate any sort of abuse. The love and affection shown before him gave a warm feeling for Samael.

We should get moving, the security would have no doubt heard us.

We have more things to worry about… (June)

Both men followed June’s finger as they looked up and noticed a camera pointed directly at them.

Sick fucks…should’ve known they would do this to Diclonii. That explains the many infants that have been ‘coming’ in. Come on you two, we’re getting out of here… (Frost)

Frost pulled out two pistols in each hand and took a long whiff of his cig as he eyes gleamed with fire.

…One way or another. (Frost)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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I listen to the footsteps slowly disappear into the night, the man that I fought turned out to be another troubled soul and a victim of man’s greedy ambition. I was born with the majority of my skills but chose to have myself enhanced, that man had no choice. I am briefly saddened by this thought but just then my commander contacted me via my comlink.

MacIssac, are you there? (Cmd)

Yes sure I am here, and everything is fine as it can be.

Very good, what about Tundra? (Cmd)

Dead sir, and the INGEN agent has vanished.

I see, well maybe it is for the best then. I do have an update on Operation Falling Sun. Dark Water team captured the Leaders of the Yakuza and he will see trial. However there are five henchmen that had escaped capture. (Cmd)

So you need me to capture them?

Actually things are getting hot after we had forces in the area. We can’t risk an international incident. You are required to terminate them and you are also free to use any means necessary. (Cmd)

Understood. Oh what is the situation with Frost, Fenrir and Frost’s son?

Fenrir and the diclonii are safe and under protection from a far. Frost and his son are still at the INGEN facility, however there is a situation there. You may want to check on that but after you eliminate your targets. (Cmd)

I terminate my communications with command and then switch my armor back to the Nightstalker function of its battle array. My armor switches back to black and I then jump to a nearby building and scale the wall with my claws. Once to the roof tops I jump from roof top to roof top landing with little or no sound, my sensors and night vision is picking up five humans moving due west of my position. I track them until they stop in a nearby park, where I take up my position in a large tree.

God damn it! The boss has been captured! What the fuck do we do now! (Yakuza 1)

Calm down man! We got away, besides....fucking with diclonii was to risky. I think we could just go back to running blow and pimping out whores. (Yakuza 3)

Who made you the leader? (Yakuza 5)

Oh quit the arguing! Meh, I need to take a piss. (Yakuza 2)

The man walks over to a large grouping of bushes to relieve himself, I quickly jump from the tree into the shadows and I wait for the man to finish up then I reached from behind him, covering his mouth then snap his neck. I drop him behind the bushes then disappear and wait for my next chance to strike. Meanwhile the others are wondering what is taking him so long.

Oh come on Jin. If you shake it more than three times your playing with it! (Yakuza 4)

They all laugh and one of them go to check on him, I see this and I decide to cut in behind the ones that stayed behind. The one that went to check on Jin was horrified to discover Jin’s neck was snapped and nearly ripped off. He quickly runs from behind the bushes.

Guys we....are............ (Yakuza 4)

He sees me standing over three mutilated bodies of his comrades . My blades dripping of blood and a my total attention focused on him.

Yeah I believe they know what happened to your friend behind the bushes.

He stands there frozen in fear, the terrified look of a man knowing damn well he has breathed his last breath. Then in a flash I attacked, taking his head clean off with one swipe of my claws. I stand several feet behind the man as he falls headless to the ground, I heat up my claws with my abilities to clean them off then retract them.

Hold on guys I am on my way.

I jump to the shadows and start heading towards INGEN. The final battle is now, the outcome is uncertain.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:01 pm

I finally reached the INGEN facility and right away I could tell they were in high alert. Guard around the perimeter of the complex were running about heavily armored vehicles everywhere and searchlights were scanning the area, yeah not going to be easy to get in quietly. Then again, I am not interested in being quiet tonight. I start walking towards the main gate with my armor fully charged and my weapons fully engaged.

The guards notice me and they didn’t hesitate to open fire upon me. But I still advance through the gunfire, Telekinetic abilities defecting event the .50 cal fire away. I slow raise both my hands out to my side as I walk and I focus on everything in my path. I quickly flick my hands out and I watch as the powerful shockwave obliterates everything in its path including the main gate.

I stop just before I enter the grounds and I notice snipers up on the catwalk. They take aim at me but to their surprise I vanish.

Where the hell did he go? (Sniper 2)

Right here.

I then quickly slit his throat with my blade and vanish into the shadows again, one by one I take down any sniper or soldier in my path. I then finally find an air vent I could get into and use it to access the building. Once in I start to make my way around the halls dispatching anyone in my way. I finally get to a control center of some sort, and as I see the monitors they are tracking Frost and his son. I also see that there are a few soldier closing in on them.

Fuck that isn’t good.

I look over the control panel and notice I could close and open doors. I started to close doors to hinder the soldiers advance but that wouldn’t kept them for long. So I decided to make things very interesting for them. I unlocked all the diclonii cells within the facility then destroy the control panel. I watch the monitors as the now free diclonii leave the cells.

Isn’t pay back a bitch?

Just as I was ready to leave the room two soldiers enter and open fire, I deflect their fire and then rush at them. I use a dragon palm strike to one soldier’s chest and then slash the other ones throat. I then run down the hall in the direction Frost and his son are. Just hope they use the diversion I made to their advantage.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sun May 01, 2011 2:40 pm

Gunshots rang in the halls of the INGEN facility as two soldiers nervously looked at one another. The room they were in separated them from the outer halls as they held one the last of the checkpoints necessary in order to go about the surface. They were accompanied by six squads of DEADALUS unit, the best of the best. They were nervous as well upon hearing the gunshots approaching closer and closer as the howlers if the dying guards echoed through the now empty halls.

Without a moment of pause the doors blew open as June walked in with Blaine and Frost standing behind her. The soldiers opened fire upon the escapees but the bullets simply bounced off of June’s vectors. Frost grinned to himself as he systematically began to gun down any foe that caught his attention. Samael followed the same guideline but used some of his Diclonious powers to crush and decimate the many soldiers that guarded the checkpoint.

How are we able to shoot through mother’s vectors?

Simple, that’s one of your mom’s traits. Anything that tries to come in uninvited will not be able to pierce through it but the same doesn’t apply the when doing so from within. We have the advantage! (Frost)

Frost fired several more shots as they tore through the ranks. The soldiers began to fall back as the group drew closer. Suddenly the Diclonious released by J.T. began to pour into the room and finished off the last of the opposing forces. J.T. himself then ran into the room and was surprised by the amount of carnage dealt. He quickly ran to the group.

Hey, long time no see. Was beginning to think that we were done with our reunion. (Frost)

Well, met a friend of yours and finally did away with Tundra. Figured you guys needed help.

We appreciate the help.

Yes, thank you. (June)

June smiled at J.T. as he nodded and looked around the room as he heard whimpering. He came upon the two nervous soldiers as they looked up at him in fear. J.T. shrugged as he reunited with the group as they took the elevator to the first floor. Frost dropped several weapons he had taken from the soldier as he checked every magazine. He made sure that those that were nearly empty would be replaced with a full stock, but if that wasn’t possible he would keep the half-empty magazines anyway. Blaine did the same but only focused on some of the weapons with specific rounds.

This is it. One floor left before we reveal Connor’s treachery. Seems like everyone’s into that sort of thing. How annoying… (Frost)

It’s only natural.

Suppose it is. Reminds me of a man I once knew. McKenzie. Bastard and I went way back until he done and gone corrupt. Was a good drinking partner, now his ass is rotting for his crimes. (Frost)

Samael looked at his father and noticed a rare moment of sadness come into his eyes before the fire of rage came back as he stood up and reloaded his weapons. As they neared they surface J.T. flexed his arms and pounded his fists together as he pulled out a single rectangular stick and watched as the nano-technology of its design formed an extremely sharp blade. Several needles of his suit injected him with a boost in his system as the rush from his earlier battles became their activation. He was the first to exit from the elevator and soon began a deadly bloodbath.

As he exited from the elevator he darted through several empty chambers until he found himself against an entire platoon. They noticed him several seconds after he did first and struck the first blow. As they attempted to gun J.T. down he merely leapt against the walls and shot himself from wall to wall and dashed side to side to shake off their accuracy. When they began to reload it was already too late. Using the blade as his guide. J.T. cut down many that attempted to draw their pistols when their automatics failed them but met a gruesome end at his blade. It wasn’t long before they were all dead and he continued to push forward.

Frost’s group pressed forward and heard sirens blare loudly across the facility. The evacuation was beginning. Several of the country's brightest minds ran from their private labs and quickly pushed and shoved their way towards the surface.

Look at ‘em. Literally the most fucked up people in the world and they’re afraid of a little infiltration. (Frost)

For good reason, old man.

Blaine! (June)

My point is that these genetic bastards have no qualms with tampering with other’s lives, showing no remorse and enjoying the fear in their victims eyes and yet look at them. Look at ‘em! (Frost)

We’re not blind like you.

Blaine… (June)

Can you two settle this some other time? We have some angry looking hosts.

June stepped in front of the men and used her vectors to protect them from gunfire as several men clad in black uniforms came towards them.

You have got to be…nevermind. (Frost)

Frost threw his cigarette away and dug into his vest as he pulled out a frag grenade and cocked it. The group watched Frost as he casually held it in his hand and seemed to have forgotten about it. Just as Samael was prepared to inform his father Frost suddenly threw the grenade with a strong pitch that smacked into one of the men’s forehead and knocked him on the ground. The grenade soon exploded and engulfed the men clad in black as the group proceeded to enter the final area before making it to the exit. As they made it outside they managed to catch General Connors boarding a heli as it began to take off. Samale responded immediately and launched himself with his vectors towards the chopper and punched it with his fist into a nearby cliff where it exploded into a fiery wreck. It was over.

With a long sigh of relief Frost threw himself on the grass below him and closed his eyes. His wife sat next to him and watched her husband take in a long breath of fresh air. She smiled to herself.

We did it… (June)

…Yep. (Frost)

Frost sat up and looked behind himself as the many Diclonious prisoners wandered about as they took in their surroundings. For the first time in a long time they were free. Samael walked up to them as they gathered around him.

He really is something else. (Frost)

Besides the fact that he’s a cross-bred man? Yes, he truly is special. (June)

The aging soldier scratched the back of his head and looked straight up into the air.

There’s a lot of words that describe our boy. But one thing’s for certain, he will be a key component to helping our two species to finally have true peace. For now, I fear that the war will still continue. (Frost)

An arm wrapped itself around Frost’s neck as June placed her head on his right shoulder and kissed him on the cheek.

You won’t be alone… (June)

Frost scoffed as June smiled to herself and looked around.

Where’s your friend? (June)

Taking notice of this Frost smiles and looks towards the seas.

Who knows…but I’m willing to bet that that won’t be the last we’ll seeing each other. Jung too. Wherever he is. (Frost)

Miles away J.T. stood on a hill and watched the facility from afar. He watched as Samael was danced around by the girls as they laughed and giggled.

Operation: Falling Sun is a success. Phew, best get back to HQ and file in my report…

As he turned and walked away towards a nearby city he stopped. J.T. turned and smiled to himself as the sun began to rise and let its warmth onto his face. He sighed and sat down as he enjoyed the view. Taking a break from all the hell that transpired.

…And yet the sun still rises.


I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS
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