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 Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS

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Lunar Retturns 2
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PostSubject: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:01 am

Seven years. Seven years has passed since the Diclonious war has ended. Millions upon millions of humans have fallen victim the wrath of the evolved Homo sapiens. All seemed lost even as the United Nations stepped up their attempts to halt the advances of the mutant threat. Only when the world’s best were assigned to hunt down and kill the Diclonous under INGEN directives was hope momentarily restored. The government owned pharmaceutical company; INGEN played a vital role to the war’s end. By conducting a vaccine that would counter-act the affects of the Diclonious virus, INGEN ensured a one-sided victory against the Diclonious threat.

But even as the number of the fearsome Diclonious dwindled, they have begun to adapt to the cure as many sterile females suddenly became fertile, increasing the number to a startling near five-hundred million. INGEN, prepared for such a rise in numbers once again began conducting even more furious experiments on the Diclonious to undermine the mystery behind the adaptation.

What was found was the highly unpredictable Diclonious DNA constantly accelerating at a varied pace, changing patterns in the genome cells which allowed the Diclonious to suddenly adapt and mutate even further in their evolution. After this discovery another launch of the second cure lowered the numbers yet again. However, male Diclonious, who are immune to every known disease that would cripple the human civilization and twice as powerful as the average Diclonious female waged a brutal campaign against the “non-horned ones.”

Many countries crumble and at the mercy of these crippling strikes but once again humanity prevails. Having no choice but to retreat deep underground, the Diclonious struggle to find stability within their new homes. But as the past has shown, the Diclonious will eventually adapt. The threat was far from over.

August 12, 2012
11:34 PM
Kanagawa, Japan
Kamakura District

A black Toyota Century drives several blocks into the suburb of the Kamakura District as two men, both Japanese, sit in the front while a man covered by the darkness of night sits alone in the back. One of the men in the front, a young Yakuza enforcer turns to the man in the back as the man pulls a briefcase from under his legs and opens it. In it lie pieces of an unknown object. The man covered in darkness begins to methodically piece the objects together while the young enforcer looks on. A conversation in Japanese then took place.

What’s with the case? (Young Enforcer)

The driver then takes a quick peek at the man in the back who continued to tinker with the small objects as the shape became apparent as to what it was. He turns his attention to the young enforcer as his gruff voice caught his attention.

You’d do well to leave the man be. This is the boss’s sword. (Driver)

The boss’s sword? Ah, now I remember. Never mind, continue what you were doing. (Young enforcer)

The man covered in darkness was not actually paying any attention to the short conversation they began to have. He wasn’t even listening to the young enforcer’s question.

So, where are we supposed to take him? (Young Enforcer)

The driver gave a skeptical look on his face as the curious young enforcer looked at the driver. The driver gave a long sigh.

You know that the boss’s isn’t too happy with his trafficking operation right? (Driver)

Yeah. (Young Enforcer)

Well? What do you think he’s here for? (Driver)

The driver gave a stern look at the young enforcer who was still struggling to piece two-and-two together. When he finally got the answer the annoyed driver sarcastically congratulated him.

My, the next generation sure are gonna do a great job taking the place of us old men. I might even consider talking to the boss and making you a wakagashira (first lieutenant). You’re definitely the type to make it big. (Driver)

You really think so? (Young enforcer)

The hell with that! You’re only a shatei (little brother) and you think you can be promoted that easily?? Grow the hell up, dumbass. I had to bust my balls just to get where I’m at, you understand baka?! (Driver)

The Young Enforcer sucked his teeth as he turned to his side of the car. He watched as they passed the last decent looking house and moved on to a neighborhood populated by condos and apartments. The area was a dump. Several rough looking men eye-balled the Toyota as it passed by. It wasn’t often that the Yakuza would have to fix a problem themselves, especially in this area. Something big was about to happen, that much they knew.

Upon arriving at their destination the driver turned to face the man covered in darkness. The final piece of the object had finally been placed. Using the light from a lamppost nearby the man observed what was revealed to be a suppressed Glock 26. The driver and the young enforcer chose their words carefully.

Samael-dono, we’ve arrived at our destination. We will wait here once you are done. (Driver)

Yes…what he said. (Young Enforcer)

Very well.

The hitman and loyal bodyguard of crime boss Hashimoto Tetsuga, Samael. The hitman peered outside the car window as he looked at a building from across the street. He dug into his coat as he pulled out a toothpick and placed it into his mouth. He opened the door and crossed the street as he made his way to the building. Both the driver and the young enforcer watched in curiosity as Samael hid his Glock in his coat and entered the building. Everything was quiet.

For some time the two men in the remained silent as they waited. For five minutes nothing had happened after Samael’s entering of the building before they heard noises. The noises grew louder as the restless yells of the occupants inside began to curse and screams when gunshots began to fill the air. The two Yakuza men exited the car and were prepared to go in the building when a man suddenly fell out of one of the windows and hit the curb from thirty feet, face-first. The two took several steps back and watched as lights flickered on and shadows moved about. Noise of tables and other objects being flipped on their sides only to be penetrated by a silent weapon continued to echo. They covered their ears as the gunshots became more evident. This went on for about three minutes before all the gunshots and yelling had ended.

All they heard was the echoes of footsteps descending a hollowed out building. They froze in fear from what may happen. Was it the enemy? Did Samael get killed? These were the thoughts running through their minds until Samael opened the door and came walking calmly towards them. They remained frozen as Samael walked passed them and entered the Toyota and sat there patiently. After hearing the clicks of Samael’s Glock being pulled apart the two quickly ran into the Toyota and immediately drove away as civilians began to flock around the scene. The two Yakuza men said nothing throughout the entire trip back.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:05 pm

It’s been an odd few days in this small town. I have stayed out of it and watched much of the goings on from the forest. The humans are fighting among themselves again. I snicker to myself in thought of this. These humans are so destructive, they kill there own, they abuse and use each other for their own petty goals.

Over the years I seen them rape, murder, torture, steal and blackmail. They are blood thirsty monsters, yet some of there kind have called me a monster. Even my own parents treated me like a monster.

I make my way through the roof tops of the small town and keep myself hidden. Suddenly I hear gunshots from the slums area. No doubt the brutish fools are at it again. I quietly make my way towards the source of the disturbance and when I arrive I notice the police scrambling around, the medics are wheeling a stretcher with body bags on it. The smell of blood fills the air and I silently get down to ground level, mind you keeping myself hidden. I over hear some police talking.

Was it a Diclonious? (Cop 1)

Nope, this was a by a human. Guns involved. (Cop 2)

The first cop rubs his neck and looks around nervously.

Yeah well this place gives me the creeps. That Diclone is around here at times....I mean this is where INGEN sent it’s last S.A.T. Team. (Cop 1)

Yeah....that didn’t go well. Shit we better get moving, the area is clear so we better get to HQ. (Cop 2)

I watch as the two police walk away, it is good that they fear my handy work. I then leave my spot and make a visit to my favorite place to ...acquire some food. I quickly gather it up and vanish from the area. I finally make it back to my lair and start to eat. It will be day soon and I rather stay out of sight.

Soon I will put my plan into action and then they will know my suffering.
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Lunar Retturns 2
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Lunar Retturns 2

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:49 pm

August 13, 2012
2:14 AM
Kanagawa, Japan
Several miles away from Kamakura District

A Toyota Century pulled up to a building that was strangely smaller than the rest. The two Yakuza members and Samael exited the vehicle as they stood in front of the door. A slot at the top revealed a peep-hole for the person on the other side to look through.

Password. (Doorman)

Samael took a step to the side and allowed the elderly Driver to take his place.

Rai-ryuu (Thunder-Dragon)… (Driver)

Come on in. (Doorman)

As the man opened the door all three entered and found themselves in a vast chamber. Everything was decorated in everything Japanese, literally a museum in its own right. The young enforcer was taken aback by the scenery. This would be the first time the young enforcer has ever been inside of the Yakuza headquarters. But both the Driver and Samael have had their experiences and so calmly walked to their destination.

There before them stood sliding doors as the silhouette of several men turned their attention to Samael’s group. One of them stood up and held rage in his voice.

How dare you come back here after what you’ve done to Yoki’s group!? I should have Boss Tetsuga cut your fingers off for your insolence! (High Ranking Yakuza)

The two Yakuza members walked away for fear of being punished along with Samael. The hitman however merely twiddled with the toothpick in his mouth as he stuck his hands into his coat and opened the slide door. The seated high ranking officers of the Yakuza on a small table jumped up in surprise as Samael looked around and found no sign of the Yakuza boss, but instead noticed a TV near the edge of the table.

As Samael’s gaze met with the other officer’s their heads fell low, except for one. Ruthless and cunning, the ever so power-hungry Tsubasa has never showed trust towards Samael, due to his non-Japanese heritage. Second in command only to Tetsuga, Tsubasa rules with an iron fist over the Yakuza and has been trying for many years to win Tetsuga’s approval for the possible seat as Boss. However, Samael’s recent development with the Boss has caused great friction between the two, mostly because Samael has immunity to the orders given to him. Only Tetsuga would be Samael’s master and Samael takes orders from no one else. It is for this reason that Tsubasa is so hostile to the hitman along with his belief that Samael may end up taking the seat as Boss. Samael has no interest in such.

Where is Oyabun-dono (family boss)…?

No one gave you permission to speak. You only speak when you are granted permission! Learn your place gaijin (outsider)!! (Tsubasa)

Gentlemen, where is oyabun?

What did I just say?! Are you deaf, are you stupid, do I need to put a bullet in your head before you finally learn, baka?! (Tsubasa)

The TV at the edge of the table came to life as a young man appeared on the screen. He wore glasses and had wild hair hanging over his face and head. His hands were clamped together as everyone present, including Samael, sat down and awaited for the man on the television to speak. He sighed and looked at everyone in the room as he spoke.

Gentlemen, what is the meaning of this? (Oyabun)

Everyone bowed immediately in respect.

Rise. (Oyabun)

That was when he noticed Tsubasa’s red face and Samael sitting only a few rows away from him.

Ah, I understand now. Tsubasa, do you mind explaining what this argument is all about? (Oyabun)

Oyabun-dono, this gaijin has attacked Yoki’s men not two hours ago! He has ruined the stability that you have brought to this clan. He should be punished for his insolence! (Tsubasa)

Samael-kun, come forward if you will.

Everyone watched as the hitman made his way towards the front row seats. He sat on his knees as he looked into the TV screen and bowed while the Boss watched him.

Is it done? Have you got the proof? (Oyabun)

All that were present, including Tsubasa gasped in shock.

O...oyabun-dono, what do you mean? Was this a mission from you? (Tsubasa)

Indeed. Yoki still hasn’t delivered his supplies that I have paid much for. I sent in Samael to resolve the issue either diplomatically or by force. Apparently he had to use force. (Oyabun)

Yoki was not present but the documents he left behind indicates that he is indeed withholding the supplies he is meant to give to you. What he is doing instead is receiving money from not only you but from Takeguro’s Group. He is giving the supplies he owes you to Takeguro instead.

Samael then pulled out a document with the recent activities being done by both parties and allowed it to be scanned so that it could be sent to the Boss. After reading everything the Boss sighed and looked to his men.

He’s not lying. Gentlemen, this is serious. Yoki and Takeguro seemed to have formed an alliance of sorts. They’re working together and using our funds to power themselves. They’re ready for war. (Oyabun)

Another wave of disbelief filled the room.

Oyabun-dono this has to be a mistake! You’re married to Takeguro’s daughter the peace has been settled! (Tsubasa)

There’s no denying the truth. Your people will go to war.

You stay out of this gaijin, I have no doubt that perhaps you yourself are trying to make both clans fight one another and hopefully destroy each other! (Tsuabasa)

Enough! (Oyabun)

The Boss covered his face as he began to think to himself. Samael remained patient as he watched the Boss contemplate over the situation. Tsubasa grit his teeth at the possibility of war and many others began arguing amongst themselves. The two Yakuza men that accompanied Samael peered through the open slide door as the situation was about to get out of hand. The Boss broke through the noise.

Urusai (shut up)! (Oyabun)

Everyone did as the Boss had asked. They sat down slowly in their place and continued to watch their leader as he sighed and cleared his voice. A man in the background bowed before He looked over the documents once more as he spoke:

Gentlemen, this is something that cannot be ignored. Samael’s evidence is sound, no doubt about that. But before we go to drastic steps and lose more than we would obtain, I will have Samael investigate an operation that is being undertaken by Yoki’s men. (Oyabun)

Tsubasa scoffed in annoyance as he stared at the table in front of him as everyone in the room murmured in agreement. The Boss noticed this.

Tsubasa-kun, is something troubling you? (Oyabun)

All eyes, minus Samael, were directed at Tsubasa who continued to stare at the table. He looked up moments later and messed with his suit as he stood up and spoke.

Oyabun-dono, I will be honest with you. I do not, for once second, trust that man that sits before you. I just can’t. (Tsubasa)

It’s his gaijin status isn’t it? (Oyabun)

Tsusbasa looked down but quickly raised his head up high and spoke confidently.

Well then, I have one way to resolve this. Tsubasa, you and your men will investigate Yoki’s operation. (Oyabun)

For a brief moment everyone noticed a smile grow on Tsubasa’s face. It quickly disappeared.

Yes Oyabun-dono. It will be done right away. (Tsubasa)

Just as Tsubasa was prepared to leave, the Boss stopped him short before leaving the room.

Ah, Tsubasa-kun. Before you go, take Samael-kun with you. This won’t be a problem will there? (Oyabun)

Tsubasa gave a bewildered look as he stared at his ‘rival.’ His fists clenched tightly as he stared at Samael, who merely continued to look at the TV before him. He fixed his tie and cleared his throat.

No. No there will not, Oyabun-dono. (Tsubasa)

Good. Now go see to it that this task is done. I want to make sure we’re on the right track with this. Samael, go and assist Tsubasa. I can count on you can I? (Oyabun)

Yes, Oyabun-dono.

Then see to it that it is done. Go! (Oyabun)

Both men bowed as Samael followed Tsubasa. Their fragile alliance will be tested in their upcoming encounter.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:38 pm

It’s been sometime since I seen another Diclonious. Several of my kind had been disappearing over the past few weeks. So I am taking it upon myself to investigate this situation once night falls.

Six hours later it is finally night and I take to the roof tops in search of any leads I can find to the strange disappearances. I take my position on top of the tallest building in the city, the CTR Bank building. I start watching the streets below for any strange activity and so far nothing out of the ordinary.

God damn, no sign of anything yet. Well INGEN hasn’t risen it’s ugly head yet, that I can be thankful for.

I pull the cloth down from my face and sit back and relax as I watch the streets. Suddenly I spot a familiar looking vehicle. Yes coming down the street below is a INGEN armored car. It stops by at a building about one block away and five men emerge from it. They are dressed in swat gear and they are holding assault rifles. I jump to the next building and get closer to the building where the INGEN troops are, then another INGEN armored car shows up and more troops come out of it. Now 10 troops are present in the area and things could get dicey if they spot me. I make sure to keep to the shadows.

From the building they two men take out a pod like container and they load it into the truck. They get into their vehicles and start to drive off. I quickly make my way down to street level and just my luck they had to stop for a red light. I jump on the top of a transfer truck that is behind them, his indicator is going the same way they are and I hope for the best.

Where are you going you INGEN slime?

About 20 minutes later the truck and the INGEN vehicles end up down in the slum area where I was last night. The truck I am on is going to turn the opposite direction they are going and I leap from the truck and to the roof of the near by building. I follow the INGEN convoy from the roof tops until they stop in front of a large house. Four of the troops get out and secure the area while one of the others goes to the gate. I take watch from the shadows of the building roof top and watch patiently. I didn’t have to wait long when I see a black car coming towards them.

Seems like things are going to get interesting.
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Lunar Retturns 2
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Lunar Retturns 2

Number of posts : 6070
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:07 pm

August 13, 2012
3:22 AM
Kanagawa, Japan

Just so you know, gaijin, this mission is top priority from Oyabun. I don’t want you or your idiots in the front screwing this up. Is that understood?! (Tsubasa)

The two Yakuza men in the front gave annoyed faces (especially at Tsubasa’s lack of respect for dropping “dono” to Oyabun) on their way to their destination. The Driver privately thought, “This stupid punk thinks he can rule the family? We’re in bigger trouble than I thought. Damn…wish I had listened to my old man and become a cop.” While the Young Enforcer thought, “The hell with Tsubasa.”

Samael merely had his arms crossed as his cap covered his eyes. He was asleep. It took several minutes for Tsubasa to notice this as he had been too busy ranting and screaming obscenities. He became even more flustered as they neared their destination.

Now the gaijin is asleep! Useless mutt. I appreciate Oyabun-dono giving me this mission but why did he have this idiot come with me!? (Tsubasa)

The Young Enforcer gave a sarcastic sigh from Tsubasa’s ranting. Tsubasa, however, threw his over arm the chair and tightened his hold over the Young Enforcer’s neck. Had Tsubasa been someone of his rank the Young Enforcer would have gladly fought back, so he was forced to endure the punishment as Tsubasa punched the Young Enforcer several times at his side and continued to grip even harder. The Driver lowered his head in helplessness.

You think you’re funny don’t you, you little shit!? I’ll show you how to give me proper respect then we’ll see what’s funny. (Tsubasa)

Oi, you don’t need to- (Driver)

Kutabure! (Fuck off) (Tsubasa)

Tsubasa then drew his firearm as he put the weapon against the Driver’s head. The Driver began to sweat but continued to drive. Tsubasa was becoming unstable. Samael then woke up as he instantly pressed his own gun to Tsubasa’s head.

Calm down.

Calm down? Calm down!? Don’t you dare give me an order gainjin! (Tsubasa)

You’re losing your edge. Killing these men would serve no purpose to either you or Oyabun-dono. Besides, if you kill the driver then what do you might happen? Let the boy go and calm down.

Seeing how the consequences would play out Tsubasa pulled his gun away and placed it in his holster. He then released his grip on the Young Enforcer as the latter gasped for air and coughed. Samael put his Glock away as the car began to slow down. The car was shut off as the four men got out and made their way to the front gate. Tsubasa then noticed that Samael was not with them. A lone guard stood before them as gate separated them.

Sorry guys but the area is off limits. Leave the premises immediately. This is private property. (Gate Guard)

According to whom? (Tsubasa)

The guard stared at Tsubasa for a few seconds.

Sir, I suggest you walk away. (Gate Guard)

It’s a simple question, just answer it. (Young Enforcer)

If you guys don’t get out of my face then I’ll be forced to use lethal force. Now get out. (Gate Guard)

Out of the shadow came Samael. He gripped the guards chin and punched him in the spine as he tugged upwards against the guards chin. He was dead instantly as the three men froze. Samael opened the gate for them as they entered. Samael hid the body.

They used the shadows to their advantage as they followed the hitman as he creeped quietly to containers and past guards, giving signals to them as they did as he said. After some tricky navigation they found themselves inside of a warehouse that was filled with the police.

Police? (Driver)

The police? What the hell are they doing there? (Tsubasa)

Samael looked around for anything that might be useful. Noticing a man that looked exactly like Yoki, Samael began to formulate a plan while he also noticed four police officers inside of an office taking a break. He pondered on situation until he noticed both of them leaving the office. The hitman instructed Tsubasa and the two Yakuza men to hold their position as he went after the lone cops. Samael made sure that no one noticed him as he made his way to the hall that the cops had left to. While walking towards them he lowered his hat over his eyes and caught their attention.


Both men turned to face him.

Yoki asked me to tell you guys that he needs you back now.

You sure? (1st Cop)

Samael nodded his head as he played with his toothpick.

Well, alright. (2nd Cop)

Honestly all of this just to deliver the weapons? He needs to pay us more or I’m done with this. (1st Cop)

As they passed Samael he snapped the neck of the first guard and threw his fist into the second, stunning him. As the cop wobbled on his feet Samael grabbed the cop and threw him on the ground as he hit his head. Samael looked around and made sure no one noticed his actions. He then stripped both men of their gear, tied and gagged them, and locked them in a nearby room. The hitman then continued on his way towards the office of where the remaining police were when he was suddenly grabbed around the shoulders and turned. One of workers had noticed Samael’s.

Excuse me but do know where- (Warehouse worker)

Samael reacted quickly as he swung his arm upwards and broke the man’s arm and covered his mouth. The screams of the man was muffled while Samael dragged him to a room and tightened his hold until the man was knocked out. He lowered the man’s body gently on the floor and closed the door. When finally arriving at the office Samael pulled out his Glock 26 and pistol-whipped one cop in the head as he was conversing with the other. He aimed his Glock at the other cop when he noticed how young he was.

Stand up.

The cop did as he was told as Samael approached him. The cop’s face was pale as he suddenly fainted before Samael could get close enough.

Hmm, that went well.

Just as Tsubasa was about to get impatient he was startled by the sight of a police officer that tapped his shoulder.


Tsubasa and the other two got over their fear as Samael handed them the uniforms.

What are these for? (Young Enforcer)

Yoki’s here but this entire warehouse is crawling with the police. We’re going to use these disguises to see what exactly is going on here. Besides, your suit stands out.

There only one problem gaijin. (Tsubasa)

Samael looked to Tsubasa as the uniform he had given him and another was covered with drips of blood. He may have hit the officer on the head harder than he thought and the blood may have seeped onto the other. Samael thought pondered upon the sudden change of plans as he stared at Tsubasa and the two. They watched, nervous of what he had planned.

[Several minutes later]

In a private office overlooking the entire warehouse two men share a drink. A short, thin but young looking man had an annoyed look on his face as he took a drink from his glass. The other man, much bigger in both height and width, was on the phone as he was rearranging some deals with another person. These men were Yoki Taishi and Takeguro Koshinuke and are the reason behind Samael and Tsubasa’s mission.

Yes, yes I know. Just place the order for another day because more are coming tomorrow and it’s going to be busy. Yes, yes of course. What’s that? Don’t worry about him there’s no way he could possibly find out. (Takeguro)

He already knows. My men were attacked by some boogeyman and the documents are gone. It can only be ‘him.’ (Yoki)

Hold on. (Takeguro)

Takeguro put the phone against his hand as he prevented the person on the other line from hearing the conversation.

What the hell are you saying? That our operation could be at risk?? (Takeguro)

I wouldn’t go that far. Just know that we’re going to have to be careful as we go on about our business. It’s bad enough that I screwed over the Boss of the Tendou-Kai. Right now he should be sending ‘him’ after us. (Yoki)

Yoki took a nervous drink from his glass as he looked at Takeguro, who was also somewhat nervous.

By ‘him’ you mean Samael don’t you? (Takeguro)

Right…that same one. I can’t tell you how many have disappeared because of him. A myth they say. Well, if only they knew the truth. I know nothing about who he is and what he is capable of, but this is a risk I’m willing to take. I need this money and you need the influence. (Yoki)

Takeguro cleared his throat as he continued his conversation on the phone. Yoki sighed deeply as he sat up and stared down at the operation. A phone near him blinked in the corner of his eye just as he pressed the blinking icon.

What it is… (Yoki)

Yoki-dono, we’ve captured a man snooping around who calls himself Tsubasa Ikari. Should we send him up? (Bodyguard)

No. Just kill him. (Yoki)

There was only silence. Yoki expected a response sooner or later but heard nothing. Takeguro noticed this as the person on the other line of his phone was still talking. A cryptic voice then spoke on the phone of Yoki’s.

I don’t think so.

Both men looked at each other as they heard the line on the phone disconnect and then nothing. The phone had been cut off. Loud static rang in Takeguro’s ear as he dropped his phone on the ground and watched as smoke covered it.

What the hell is going on here?! (Takeguro)

They then heard footsteps approaching their corridor as muffled screams and thuds were heard. Yoki attempted to press an icon on his phone but it was dead. The doors flew open as Tsubasa and two police officers walked in and aimed their firearms at them.

So it is true. Yoki I am displeased. We are all displeased. (Tsubasa)

Blow it up your ass Ikari. (Yoki)

You remain quiet! As for you, Takeguro… (Tsubasa)

Tsubasa pulled out his firearm and promptly shot Takeguro in the head. Yoki began to sweat as he backed up to the glass that observes the warehouse. Yoki was trapped.

What are going to do, huh? Shoot me? I’m the only reliable source you got! I can pay your Boss back…look in fact I can pay all over you double!! (Yoki)

No. I’m not going to shoot you. (Tsubasa)

Ah, I’m glad you listen to reas- (Yoki)

We don’t have time for this. What were you selling to Takeguro? Obviously weapons but what kind weapons? (Tsubasa)

Diclonious… (Yoki)

Both police officers (who were the two Yakuza men in disguise) and Tsubasa were shocked.

[Samael’s situation]

As he observed the containers carefully, Samael made sure no one had spotted him. Many of the police that were stationed at the section he was were either dead or subjugated. As Samael pried open a container he watched as it opened and found many young, teenage, and adult women sitting while remaining silent. He looked at them with suspicion when he noticed the horns on their heads and strange metallic devices. Samael turned from them as he looked up at the obvervatory when he felt a tug at his coat. He quickly pulled out his Glock 26 but stopped when he noticed the teenage girl looking curiously up at him. Her purple eyes looking into his steel grey eyes.

He then felt something in the air, something he know was dangerous. Samael grabbed the girl and hid in the shadows as she continued to look at him and touched him while taking his toopick away, which he grabbed back immediatly and placed in his mouth. He had no idea why but he felt the need to protect her when she looked into his eyes. Samael looked at her in confusion before he smacked her fingers away as he waited for whoever it was that was coming.

For a few seconds he kept still and covered the girl's mouth. But he gave a somewhat uncomfortable face as she began lickng his hand. She was like a child but had the body of a teenager. Samael began to look at the device on her head when suddenly a man with horns walked to the container.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:15 am

I as I approached the container I notice it is still open and several Diclonious females inside with strange metallic headgear. I get so annoyed with this and I use my 8 vectors to disable them. Once they are freed from the headgear they sit up and look at me and they notice my horns they smile and start to leave the container but suddenly I hear some humans approaching.

Hey you there! Get the fuck away form that cargo! (Cop 1)

I turn to the men running in my direction, I ready my vectors to cover the escaping Females.

Cargo? You call my kind...CARGO?! OH YOUR SO FUCKING DEAD!

I flick my arms down and my two sais slide out of my sleeves to my hands, I grip the handles and bring them up to the ready position. The 6 humans just laugh at me and one steps forward with his P-90 machine gun raised and they all open fire at me. I just grin as the bullets are deflected away from me and the female Diclonious. However the deflected bullets hit some of the equipment in the warehouse and they burst into flames.

With this distraction I jump into the air with the help of my vectors and land in the middle of group of Cops I quickly unleash hell on them with my vectors shredding them to pieces.

Weak pathetic fools.

I watch as the rest of the humans leave the building due to the fire and I see the other Diclinous escape viva the sewers. I jump from the noise behind me, a man’s voice grunts and I also hear the voice of a young girl scream.

I turn to see a man laying down on his stomach a crate fell on him and pinned him down. The young girl is a Diclonious and I run over.

Girl just come on, that human is involved in this crazy place now come one and leave him!

No he is not one of the bad men, he well I donno why he is here. Please help him!(young Diclonious girl)

I look at the girl and then the man, he doesn’t seem to be part of this but why is he here? Fuck it I will take him out of here and maybe get some answers. So with that I use my vectors to remove the crate off of him and I pick him up over my shoulder and escape through the sewers.

–3 hours later at my hideout–

I sit and watch the little female sleep quietly and I then turn my attention to the man. A strange one, a foreigner like me. My parents were humans from Canada he well I guess I will find out when he wakes up. I check to see if the tea is finished and I turn to watch him some more. I must be getting soft if I am allowing this human to be here. Finally the tea is finished, it’s a special brew of herbs and green tea it speeds up the healing process.

Now you just have to wake up Human. Cause I have questions for you.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:53 pm

August 13, 2012
5:11 AM
Kanagawa, Japan
Unknown location

[Minutes before the fire]

I’m telling you, I know nothing about Samael! (Yoki)

Bullshit! I know you have records of that damn gaijin. Make this easier on both of us and just give up the documents. You have nothing to lose anyway, you’re finished. (Tsubasa)

The two Yakuza men behind Tsubasa looked at one another as they watched the spectacle nervously. Tsubasa was planning something. Yoki stared defiantly at Tsubasa until the hammer of his firearm clicked, only then did Yoki walk to his desk and then pull out a document. Tsubasa shot Yoki in the head as he ordered the Driver to retrieve the document and handed it to him.

Tsubasa grinned to himself as he read it to himself. His eyes widened upon reaching a certain section. He dropped the document and muttered to himself in confusion as he turned his attention to the two Yakuza men.

You two! I will pay you to do as I say. There’s really no way I can trust the gaijin now that I know who he is! You will aid me in killing him. (Tsubasa)

Both Yakuza men looked at one another and shook their heads in disagreement. Tsubasa angrily raised his arm as he shot the Driver near the heart and was prepared to aim his weapon at the Young Enforcer but was instead shot on the shoulder. The Young Enforcer quickly picked up the Driver as they escaped from Tsubasa, who cursed their names as he picked up the document and soon heard the alarms go off as fire began to spread across the warehouse.

[Samael’s situation]

The hitman woke up quickly and went to grab his Glock 26 but soon realized he had it stripped from him. From the corner of his eyes he saw the Diclonious girl and the older Diclonious male staring at him. Samael stared at the horns on their heads. The girl then ran to him and hugged his neck tightly as he gave a puzzled look. Samael looked around himself as he noticed he was in a sophisticated cave system. The walls were cut into deeply as several wires were hung into them. It also appeared to him that the cave supported light as several light bulbs filled the room.

Hey, you. Human.

Samael shot his glare at the Diclonious male.

Who are you and where do you come from? You’re obviously not Japanese and your features give evidence of a Hispanic background. I assume you speak English so why are you here?

The hitman kept his lips tight as the Diclonious girl continued to giggle and hug Samael. The Diclonious male was obviously not going to get his answer the easy way, especially with the girl present. Samael looked down at the girl hugging him tightly.

What is her name….?

The Diclonious male sighed as he grabbed a cup of tea and handed one to Samael. The hitman was prepared to bow his head but was stopped by the Diclonious male.

Her name’s Mel. I don’t know much else about her. Name’s Fenrir by the way. Yours?

Samael said nothing and merely held the cup of tea in his hand while continuing to stare at Fenrir.

Whatever, if you’re able to stand them leave now. Your weapon is with the rest of your gear over there. If you’re smart then you’d best not use it.

Fenrir looked at the hitman and felt him agree with him somehow. Samael stroked the head of the girl as he looked down at her. The light brown hair she had brought a sort of nostalgic feeling to him. He continued to stroke her hair until he noticed the Diclonious male staring at him.

You’ve over-stayed your welcome, human.

Aww, can’t he stay a little longer? (Teenage Diclonious)

Forgive me for being a burden to you both.

Samael quickly gathered his things and was prepared to depart but turned and bowed to them both, giving his respect before finally departing. Right before he did, however, his world suddenly went dark as he woke up in the middle of an abandoned wasteland very late in the afternoon.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:25 pm

As Mel takes a rest I start to think of the first day I met here. She had escaped from INGEN along with several other Diclonious, they were not experienced in dealing with the INGEN troopers and they were all being hemmed into a trap.

–Fenrir’s Flashback–

Six Diclonious females are running in the ally ways of the town and the troopers are closing in from all sides.

Commander we got them going to the right way. Beta team is closing in too. (Trooper 1)

Good, keep up the pressure and make sure to use the stun blasters. (Commander)

Mel had noticed no one behind her but the other two Diclonious that were following her. The other three were ahead of here but they had stopped. Mel and the others realized they were trapped and the Diclonious gathered themselves back to back to defend themselves.

So Mel. Any ideas of how we can escape? (Meera)

Mel looks at her and the others then at the mass amount of troopers around them.

I have no idea....I mean... (Mel)

About 20 troopers surround the frightened Diclonious females, they barely can use there vectors with any accuracy. They are lambs to the slaughter. Five snipers line the roof while the other 15 keeping the Diclonious hemmed in.

Sniper one do you have then in sight? (Commander)

The Commander’s words were on deaf ears. The Sniper didn’t responded, the Commander’s bodyguard looked for the sniper with his range finder but the sniper was gone. Then he looked for the other snipers. They were gone, the bodyguard’s face turns white and he gasps for air...the Commander looks at him as blood seeps out of the bodyguard’s mouth. The Commander looks about as one by one his troops disappear into the dark.

And then in all the commotion the female Diclonious attack the bewildered troopers. The tide has turned in favor of the escapees. The Commander fires wildly with his 9mm handgun but it is ineffective against them. Suddenly they stop approaching the Commander who is now alone against the enemy, this troopers were slaughtered in front of him. The look on the female’s face was one of shock as the Commander was ripped into 6 pieces right in front of their face and behind the chaos was a dark figure that of a male Diclonious, the females are in awe of the raw power and Mel starts to speak.

Umm...thank you...we are grateful..(Mel)

Fucking move right now! They have called back up now move!

The girls quickly follow the male that they now call Fenrir away form the carnage to the safety of what is now called Haven’s Loft.

–End of Flashback-

I slip on my tea and watch Mel rest. Suddenly I get a premonition....Trouble brews as a dark familiar force comes back to Japan.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Tue Feb 01, 2011 1:03 am

August 13, 2011
9:26 PM
Kanagawa, Japan
Military outpost, SVER

Not even a day has passed since the shipyard accident and the Yakuza has become greatly distressed by it. The death of Takeguro has caused a major power gap in the criminal underworld and many are vying for control in Takeguro’s place. His sons are already targets and many more seek to plunder his wealth. Two of the largest organizations in the Yakuza the Tendou-kai, which Samael serves, and their rivals the Ozunna Zaibatsu, also known as INGEN’s highest contributor. None were as distressed as INGEN, however. The releases of several hundred Diclonious that have escaped into the countryside have been relentlessly hunted down by INGEN and the S.A.T. forces. Among them, a senior officer who excels in these sorts of missions supervises a squad he has personally handpicked.

With several streaks of grey hair, wrinkles of stress, scars of victories, and a cigarette for company, this man was none other than the former commanding officer of INGEN’s Cerberus unit; Lieutenant Colonel Frost. The grizzled man took a few whiffs from his burning cancer stick and released several clouds of smoke into the air. He got up from his seat and exited from the barrack he had been occupying and watched as a row of the men he had picked personally stood in front of him.

The group snickered to themselves at the sight of Frost until they met his gaze. His icy eyes darted from one person to the other as their snickering began to die down. Frost cleared his voice as he threw his stick on the ground and crushed it under his boot. He then proceeded to pull out another and light it, much to the annoyance of the men before him.

Alright. I’m not gonna get into the “yes, sir”, “no, sir” bullshit with you guys. You only need to know this. You do what I say, when I say. Anyone want to challenge my orders or pretend that they didn’t hear me will mostly likely get their ass beat. Are we clear? (Frost)

The men looked to themselves in confusion. They weren’t sure whether to say “yes, sir!” after being told not to worry about it. At least, that’s how they interpreted Frost’s words as. Frost pulled out his one of his Tokarev’s and shot the helmet off of one of the men, who jumped in surprise and nearly lost his balance.

What did I say about ignoring me?! This will be the only time you assholes will get away with your kiddy bullshit! From now on, you will all refer to me to me as Frost. Any of you decide to get cute and call me anything else but the name I have given, including Grandad, I’ll kill ya. Are we clear?? (Frost)

Yes, Frost! (All men present)

Good, now meet me back here in 1600 hours. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happens if you aren’t here but since you’re all morons as far as I’m concerned I will simply kill you. Nice and slow. From now on this platoon will be known as FUBAR unit. Welcome to hell. (Frost)

[Tendou-Kai HQ]

Tsubasa slammed a the document he had retrieved from the warehouse and looked at the TV at the far end of te table. He and the Boss have been going back and forth over the validity of the documents that had been in Yoki's hands. At the same time a medic was taking care of the gunshot wound that the Young Enforcer had inflicted upon him.

Oyabun-dono we cannot risk letting him run loose! You and I both know the danger he presents and now we must be more diligent because of what I have uncovered he's a- (Tsubasa)

Tsubasa-kun I realize that the relationship you and Samael-kun share is not mutual but to go as far as this? How could you be so ready as to betray the man that has saved your life many times and mine? (Oyabun)

Forgive me but I simply cannot trust him Oyabun-dono, not after what I have shown you. We must take immediate action. (Tsubasa)

The Boss looked at the documents again and was obviously disturbed from what he was reading. He then realized something as he looked at Tsubasa.

Where are the two men that accompanied you and Samael? (Oyabun)

He killed them. I barely got away with my life. (Tsubasa)

I can't help but find that hard to believe. You should be dead if Samael were to come for your life. If he intends to kill then he kills. These documents you have given me guarentee your death but do not convince me of...this nonsense! (Oyabun)

Oyabun-dono, I'm not sure what else I can say to convince you. I have served you for nearly your entire reign. I have helped you from so many plots against your life and I served your father before going out of retirement to serve under you. Please! Do not let this chance slide away and soon regret it! (Tsubasa)

Feeling left with no other choice with the evidence given to him the Boss spoke to a man near him. Tsubasa looked down at his knees as a smile grew on his face. His plan was beginning to come to fruition.

[Baku District of Kanagawa]

Drenched in the freezing air Samael walks calmly through the neighborhood as gentle sprays of rain hit the concrete below his feet and his head. The sky was darkened by the clouds, letting little light shine through the impenetrable darkness. Few dared to walk in the rain so it didn’t surprise Samael when he passed by at least two or three people for every corner he took.

Nearing his home, Samael stopped in his steps, looking around to find any suspicious characters before continuing his stride. He stopped before a small apartment building and observed it. Nothing seemed out of place as he walked up the steps and held onto the rails but quickly retracted his hand from the touch of cold metal. The hitman opened the door and walked in just as he wiped his shoes on the floor mat before placing his shoes to the side and walking into his home. The space was small and would drive anyone with claustrophobia mad, but Samael enjoyed the closed space.

He hung his coat onto a rack and replaced the rest of his clothing with dry ones before proceeding to the living room and sitting on his couch. Samael began to close his eyes when his phone suddenly rang and startled him. He quickly reached for it and picked it up.

Moshi moshi (hello)?

Ugh…uh, yes… (Unknown caller)

Samael remained silent until the man on the other line spoke again.

He-hello? Is…is Samael there? Th-this is..this is Haro. I was with you the night before. Listen, ojiisan (old man) and I nearly lost our lives out there. Tsubasa shot us and he plans on…something. He found a document about you… (Haro)

What else do you know? Did he read it all, what of you two?

No, we read nothing of it. Pl-please, we need your help. Tsubasa must’ve said something because rumor has it that Oyabun is coming after us and you! (Haro)

Samael quickly hung up the phone and ignored the next call made. He raced towards his wet clothing pulled out his Glock 26 and peered outside his window as several men in suits began circling around his home.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:58 pm

Posting as J.T. MacIssac

It has been three days since I arrived in Japan in search of my long lost cousin. He and his parents moved here when he was about 3 years old and I only ever had old photos of him and some home movies. My mother told me he had a rare disorder that gave him horn like bumps on the side of his head and were going to Japan in hopes of a cure. I was 4 years old it really didn’t matter and in fact it still don’t matter. He is family to me and that is all that counts.

Today I have been driving around on my motorcycle and all I can think about is...I hope he is here, I hope is ok and that he remembers me. I know what he is now...Diclonious...and I done my research...he killed his parent by accident....extreme stress and emotional spikes had caused him to awaken his vectors....he at the time must have witnessed his father and mother arguing..from what my mother told me they argued a lot.

The day is almost done and I am dead tired. I return to the house I am renting and I park my motorcycle in the garage and lock up the door. I then enter my home and sit down in the living room to watch some TV.

Sometime has passed and I fell asleep on the sofa only to awake to the news being on...they were talking about a fire and shootout in some slum area. What caught my attention is they said a Diclonious was involved and they showed a picture that was taken from a security camera from a nearby light post.

I was shock to see it and I rushed to my computer and pulled up the age composite drawing I had saved on it. I rewind the program using the TIVO program and I pause it on the picture of the Diclonious.

I look at the picture and then the composite.

Fenrir, I finally found you.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sat Feb 05, 2011 7:35 am

August 14, 2011
1:11 AM
Kanagawa, Japan
Baku District

So this is the bastard’s place huh? Not much of a place but it’s a home. (Yakuza officer)

Yes sir. (Yakuza rookie)

Haha! That moron should’ve known better than to mess with the Boss. Now his ass is gonna get handed to him. (Yakuza Veteran)

The three watched as several men slowly surrounded the apartment and looked through the windows. The rain continued to fall and it showed no sign of stopping. Darkness was all that filled the apartment along with silence. The men felt an uneasy aura from the residence and couldn’t shake off the goose bumps. Two men that covered the left side of the apartment felt especially nervous as the silence began to get to them.

God…this place give me the creeps. This whole area is like some sort of abandoned district. (Yakuza #1)

I know, I know. Every time I look into those windows I swear that that guy is watching me. I’ve heard stories and many of them end the same way. (Yakuza #2)

Urusai (shut up)…I don’t want to hear any of that. It’s bad enough that we’re up against ‘him.’ (Yakuza #1)

You heard about what happened in Kamakura? (Yakuza #2)

Who hasn’t? Ginrei and Haro were involved on that mission. Haro couldn’t tell me much since he wasn’t directly involved. All he could tell me was that he was there, ‘he’ went in and all he heard was guns blazing for almost seven minutes before ‘he’ came out like nothing. (Yakuza #1)

Yeah. I don’t know what’s up with that guy but he’s definitely on an entire different level. Like a boogeyman… (Yakuza #2)

He ain’t called shi no sakibure (Harbinger of Death) for nothing. And boogeyman is actually one of his other names. No one likes to use it though… (Yakuza #1)

Yeah. Makes you wonder how he does it all. (Yakuza #2)

Not really. He’s a freak and he apparently can’t be killed. Can’t believe that Matsume assigned us to this bullcrap mission. (Yakuza #1)

Don’t let that guy hear you say that… (Yakuza #2)

And how exactly is he gonna hear me? He’s in the front of this damn building! (Yakuza #1)

The two remained silent as the rain began to die down a bit and continued to observe through the windows. Samael stared directly at them.

[Front of Samael’s apartment]

Matsune, one of the six commanders under the Boss, exits from his car and looks on from across the street as nothing happens. His assistant holds an umbrella over his head as three others stand guard. He strokes his grey beard with his left hand and takes out a bottle of water from his jacket and takes a large drink from it. After quenching his thirst his sighs in satisfaction. He then sneezes suddenly and groans in annoyance.

You caught a cold, sir? (Assistant)

No…someone was talking about me. (Matsune)

Surely you don’t believe in that, sir. (Assistant)

It’s the only explanation. Hey, one of you guys give me a chair, I’m tired of standing! (Matsune)

Yes, Matsune-dono! (Random bodyguard)

Doing as he was instructed, the bodyguard pops open the trunk of the car and pulls out a folding chair. Once he set it on the ground Matsune planted his rear right on it and crossed his legs while continuing to watch his men surround the apartment. Matsune smiled to himself but stood up suddenly as he grabbed the collar of the man who brought the chair to him and slapped him.

Dumbass, this chair is wet! Now my pants are ruined and I can’t enjoy myself! (Matsune)

I-I…I apologize Matsune-dono! I did-di-didn’t realize that the cha- (Random bodyguard)

Matsune delivered a crushing blow to the man’s ribs as he bent over and began coughing on all fours. Matsune stroked his beard as he asked his assistant for his jacket and placed it inside out and put it on the bodyguard’s back and sat down.

Ah…much better. (Matsume)

A smile grew on Matsune’s face as he placed his hand under his chin and watched several of his men enter the apartment front door.

[Inside the apartment]

The small group of five entered the building and were met with darkness. Conveniently one of them just so happen to have a flashlight with him as he took the lead. They wandered through the dark corridors and wondered why a building with so many inhabitants was nearly abandoned. Though they would not get their answer they did continue to press forward and went up two floors. One man in the group was paranoid as he swore he saw something in the shadows, which in turn made the others more nervous than he even as they stuck together. Upon reaching the door of the apartment they were told to breach they kicked the door in.

Suddenly, the door adjacent of the one they had kicked in was suddenly opened. Samael came out as he quickly eliminated all five men and walked down the hall. Unlike the others he wore night vision goggles. He heard footsteps behind him and saw lights moving about. He aimed his Glock 26 at the light and fired a round as the man holding it fell dead. Samael quickened the pace of his walking when he heard even more noises coming up from ahead of him and set his Glock 26 to automatic.

As two men came into view he unloaded many rounds into them. Time seemed to have slowed down as his adrenaline kicked in. He ran to the stair’s edge and found one man who fired a round at him but missed by mere inches, only to be shot directly in the throat and lungs. Samael grabbed the man’s body as he continued to descend down the stairs. Two more men were making their way up the stairs and because of the heat of the fighting they fired their weapons as soon as Samael and his meat-shield came into view. However all the hit was the already dead man and not Samael as he shot both men in the head and reloaded. The hitman dropped his meat-shield when he reached the ground floor.

He opened a door to one of the lower apartments and hugged a wall several feet away from it. He waited a couple of minutes and watched three men pass by only to stop and observe it. Two of the men went inside of the room as one was left to guard it. Out of the shadows came Samael as he elbowed the man in the throat, kicked his knee in and stabbed him in the liver with his pocket knife. The two men came rushing towards the exit but one of the men’s nose was broken when Samael slammed the door in his face and unleashed hell upon it. He opened the door but stayed against the wall. He peered through the crack and noticed both men in a pool of blood. The hitman continued on to the back of the apartment.

The fight wasn’t over yet as a man hidden behind a wall attacked Samael. The man went for the gone but then proceeded to throw Samael on the ground. Just as the man was about to kick him Samael kicked the man’s foot and forced him to lose his balance and fall. The hitman quickly jumped back to his feet and pulled out his Chokutō from under his coat and pinned the man to the wall through the shoulder. Samael then recognized the man as one of the Yakuza’s from earlier.

Answer my question and you may live. Under who’s order’s are you under?

I ain’t telling you nothing, outsider… (Yakuza #1)

Samael pushed the blade further through the man’s shoulder as he yelled in pain. Footsteps approached their position but Samael quickly released four shots as four thuds echoed through the halls. Samael clenched his fist and punched the man in the face until he pleaded for mercy. After the beating the man’s face was clearly in bad shape as his front teeth were missing and was bruised beyond recognition.

Okay, okay…yo-you win just pl-plea-please don’t hurt me anymore! M-Matsune…Matsune is the one we’re under orders from. He in turn is taking order from…taking orders from… (Yakuza #1)

Just as the man was prepared to faint Samael clicked a slide on his Chokutō as an electric current ran through the blade. The man screamed in agony until Samael had stopped the current. Samael removed the blade and allowed the man to sit on the ground and lay against the wall.

Tsub-Tsu…Tsubasa. (Yakuza #1)

The man succumbed to his wounds as he laid there lifeless. The hitman said a silent prayer as he put his blade into its sheathe and moved on. Samael then stopped in his tracks as he felt something. He did not recognize the feeling and thought to himself, “What’s going on here. I feel like something has happened yet-“, but was interrupted in thought by the sounds of screaming and gunfire. He then heard the sound of burning rubber as a car raced down the street and the noise died. The yelling became more frantic as Samael ran to the front entrance of the apartment and watched from inside.

What he witnessed was nothing more than a massacre. Even as it rained blood filled the streets along with gore as the bodies of several men littered everywhere. Before he could wonder to himself of what happened he felt the cold steel of a firearm press against the back of his neck.

You’re dead foreigner! That was my friend back there! (Yakuza #2)

Samael ducked as the Yakuza pulled the trigger and pulled out his balisong as he thrust it through the Yakuza’s chin and felt the impact. He quickly pulled it out as the man fell dead on the ground. A figure in the corner of his eye caught Samael’s attention as he aimed his weapon. To his surprise it was a Diclonious, but this one was drenched in blood. She kneeled on the ground along with several more that he noticed at the last minute. He looked to his left and noticed more walking down the street. When he looked to his right he noticed many more approaching.

The hitman watched as a surviving Yakuza fired several rounds frantically at the Diclonious only for his bullets to be deflected. Samael watched in astonishment as he was suddenly surrounded and ripped apart by an unseen force as the women watched. Unknown to Samael these were the infamous vectors of the Diclonii. Samael checked his last magazine and found only seven more rounds left. Just as he was prepared to move on and begin to navigate around the Diclonii his weapon was snatched out of his hand and thrown about. He stepped back in surprise as he watched a little girl with bloodshot eyes staring up at him. After seeing the outcome of the Yakuza he was not about to stand still and be ripped apart.

He sped off to the street and watched as many more of the Diclonii began to notice him. It also dawned on Samael that there were these women and little girls wandering the streets and murdering men that were after him. None of it mattered as he noticed a blockade before him and attempted to turn back, only to notice another blockade before he realized he was boxed into a square. Analyzing the area he noticed an alley that was not a dead-end and took his chance.

Diclonii walked methodically towards him as their numbers increased with every second. The rain picked up once again as Samael ran past several buildings until he reached a dead end. He sighed to himself and waited for the inevitable. Slowly, the Diclonii made their way to his location until several dozen had him cornered. Just as he pulled out his Chokutō it flew into the air until it stuck itself into the ground. Samael’s back was to the wall as he felt the air vibrate from the vectors of the Diclonii nearing him. He closed his eyes as the rain poured on his head. Nothing happened. Samael slowly opened his eyes and watched as the Diclonii gave him warm smiles of endearment.

Oh…he’s not bad like the others! (Random Diclonious)

He’s pure! (Random Diclonious)

He’s the one who saved us. (Random Diclonious)

Samael watched as the large mob that once seemed ready to take his life giggled to themselves like school girls. Their eyes were not filled with malice, despair, contempt, or any other sort of raw emotion typical of the Diclonii but were instead with eyes of love, compassion, and happiness. Many huddled close to Samael as he stood up as straight as he could. He scratched the back of his head as he pulled out a toothpick and placed it in his mouth.

My, my…

[Military outpost, SVER]

Lieutenant Colonel Frost held one of his many cigarettes in his hand as he sat in his private office with an acquaintance of his. A dear friend of his from South Korea, Major Moon Jung, reads a report over a certain individual. His thick glasses gleamed in the darkness as a lap accompanied him.

Quite a dangerous man you’re after. I doubt he’ll comply with much hubris.

You’re quite the charmer yourself, but no he’s not dangerous. Not yet anyway. (Frost)

And do you think the Japanese government will allow you to go on about doing as you wish? Can they even be relied upon to do what is necessary?

Of course they can, we aren’t here to baby the Japanese. They can handle themselves. They proved that many times over. (Frost)

Indeed. The Land of the Rising Sun is not to be underestimated. Still, overestimating it is also a dangerous assumption to take.

Any assumption is dangerous to take, that’s why people need to be more careful when going about doing so. (Frost)

And yet you believe that this man you’re after might lead you to the next Root? What evidence supports this?

Frost slams his hands on the table in slight annoyance. He gives a cold look to Major Moon Jung but the latter is neither intimidated nor impressed. Frost gives a grin to Jung’s smirk as the Korean's left eye glowed a blue hue in the darkness that partially covered his face.

They’re related. That’s all the evidence I need. Once we find out where the Root is we’ll finally get to the bottom of this. (Frost)

I see. So, what is it that you need me to do?

Before we go on about finding the Root we first need to deal with some problem that the brass back home can’t even get off their asses to deal with. We have a high-tech weapon on the loose somewhere in Kanagawa and I need you to find it before it begins it can do any harm. (Frost)

Yes, I am quite familiar with Project Hyperion. Created for the sole purpose of hunting down and eliminating the Diclonii. My sources explained that several Diclonii have disappeared and that he may be responsible.

No, it’s not them. That’s why I need you here. (Frost)

If it is not him then whom?

The Yakuza. We know who they are and what they’re doing. Their operations are what’s causing the disappearance of so many Diclonii. (Frost)

For what purpose?

What else? Trafficking and money. It’s all business to them. The average man that is asked about a Diclonious will simply answer that they are monsters with enormous horns. Contrary to popular belief they’re not as we both know. I have dealt with many Diclonious in my younger years and not all are vicious. What’s more interesting to you Jung, a human or a Diclonious? (Frost)

That’s an obvious answer. Humans.

Agreed. See, that’s where men such as you and I depart from the norm. Humans are curious of new things. Take a child for example. Say he plays with a toy but eventually gets tired of it. His parents give take him to a toy store and he sees the same old toys in his collection but then sees that new one that everyone his age wants. Obviously he wants it. As history has shown, what humans want they get. (Frost)

Quite true. Humans really are avaricious beings and the Earth's bane, aren't we Frost?

We sure are. We know what the Yakuza do with women, imagine what they do with new women such as Diclonious women? Mind you, these women are under control via a control device that only the owner can control. They can fulfill any desire a man wishes. (Frost)

Dear God you don’t mean-

Yes. I do. (Frost)

Major Moon Jung stroked his head as he lowered it to his chest. Realizing the the severity of the situation he felt compelled do this. He then sat up straight as he fixed his collar and pushed his glasses up to position them.

The things we do without regrets.

No, that’s heaven you’re talking about. This is hell. (Frost)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:15 am

–Posting as J.T. MacIssac–

It has been raining all night and I am in the Slum area. I hear the screams of people and slight gunshots. I was in the area searching for leads on my cousins where about but many just ignore me. I pull the peak of my had down to keep the rain out of my face and put my hands in my jacket pockets and stroll towards the Slum area. I see the police driving through but they are doing nothing. I notice some dead bodies on the sidewalk and the streets so I keep out of sight. Something big went down here and I pull out my Para-Ordnance P14-45 pistol. I grip it tight and I walk with my back along the wall and each corner I peer around it to see that I am clear.

I see a man standing up with a bunch of girls around him..they have horns like Fenrir. Maybe they can help me find him? As soon as I tried to move I notice 4 men with some sort of gear with them, they are dressed in some Riot armor and I hide. I watch as one of them takes out a long tube like weapon and he aims it at the group and he pull the trigger. The noise that came out of it was loud and it hurt the crowds ears. The man and the girls hit the ground holding there heads in pain.....I can barely hear it cause I got my headphones in when I was walking...but it is starting to effect me some so I up the volume.

-to himself-

Fucking thing is hurting them.
I use my spotting scope to zoom in on the men and I notice an all to familiar crest....INGEN. That’s all I need to see. I take out my silencer and add it to my Para-Ordnance P14-45 pistol and then take aim at the sound device. I fire a quick shot off and hit the device and it shorts out.

What the fuck was that?! (INGEN Trooper1)

The shot came form over there. (INGEN Trooper 3)

That’s not our only issue. (INGEN Trooper 2)

They notice the Diclonious getting up and the instantly attack the troopers. They were tore limb from limb. I stay hidden until the crates I was hiding behind were destroyed by Diclonious and I just stay still as they look down on me. I slowly put my gun away and they watch me carefully.

Hmm seems like we got a helper here. (Random Diclonious)

Agreed, he is pure too. -smiling- (Random Diclonious)

Then the man approached me and bowed politely.

Thank you for your timely assist there.

No Problem, but it seems that these girls cleared it up for you. They are Diclonious right?

I guess that’s what people call them. Why do you ask?

Well I am tacking down a family member who may be just one of them. His name is John Fenrir.

From behind me a young Diclonious female speaks up.

Your looking for my big brother. ( Mel)

I turn to see the girl and she reaches out to touch my face, she looks at me then smiles.

Oh my, you look like him. Are you his brother? By the way my name is Mel. (Mel)

I go to answer her and then I hear the sound of the sirens blaring in the night air. The rain is letting up and I look to the man and Mel.

We better get out of here, I really don’t feel like answering questions.

The man and Mel follow me through the allies and then to a car waiting by. They get into my car a black Nissan Maxima. I drive away and I tell them both to stay down. About 45 minutes later we arrive at my house, we weren’t followed and I park my car in my garage. I got first into the house and draw all the blinds shut and then Mel and the man who finally introduced himself as Samael settle in, I put the fireplace on for them to dry off.

So Mel is it, were can I find Fenrir?

Well...I am not sure if I should tell you. I mean..he tells me never to take people there unless he approves it. (Mel)

OK, well just rest up it’s almost dawn just rest.

Samael just looks at the fire warming his hands, I sit beside him and hand him some tea he looks at it suspiciously.

Don’t worry I didn’t put anything in it.

He chuckles, yeah I had a bad batch of tea once...the hangover was a killer.

With that the ice was broke, I am so close to finding my cousin. Lets hope he is ok.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:14 pm

As the two men stared at the crackling flames of the fireplace, Mel suddenly threw her arms around Samael’s neck as he let do have her fun. J.T. watched as he gave a soft smile and stood up as he took the finished tea from Samael. J.T. also noticed the blade that Samael held on his lap but made no mention of as he exited the room. The hitman watched the man and stared back into the flames.

Why did you follow me?...

Because I felt that you were near and you’re a very nice person Mr. Sal. (Mel)

Mel smiled as she tightened her hold on Samael, who patted her arm to ease up which she did. He thought silently, “This situation has deteriorated immensely. Tsubasa has finally gained the trust of Oyabun-dono and now commands the six commanders. I wonder who he sent after me earlier. Strategy was extremely poor and the men were not disciplined correctly. The commander fled…must’ve been Matsune. And what exactly are these Diclonious and why such fascination over me? Why do I feel compelled to protect them?”

J.T. then came into the room. He sat down on a chair and looked to Mel but noticed that she had dosed off. The man notified Samael who placed the girl gently on a chair nearby as she smiled in her sleep. Samael turned to J.T.

I hate to be a bother but…I’m going to need your help.

The hitman nodded his head to listen.

In what do I inquire?

Remember when I mentioned a family member of mine? John Fenrir? I need help in finding him.

This young girl knows where he is. She can help you.

Please just-

I don’t have time for th-

If you ju-

I said-

I understand but-

What don’t you get about what I’m trying to say, I can’t hel-


Samael stared at J.T. and looked back towards Mel who did not seem disturbed by the sudden shout. The hitman directed his attention to J.T. who covered his face and sighed.

Look…I know we just met and everything but I just…I just need someone to help me. I don’t have much leads and I doubt I will get far with the girl. If she refuses to tell me then I won’t force her but maybe you can convince her. You seem to have a sort of father-and-daughter relationship with her. I’ve been searching for John for years now. Please, he’s family.

Sir, I am a man that does the work that no man like yourself would even stick their nose into. I hurt people and I make them disappear, but I don’t find or search for missing relatives. I have overstayed my welcome and I must be going now.

J.T. clenched his fists together in frustration but allowed Samael to leave. The hitman bowed to J.T. and watched Mel as she giggled in her sleep and left. This would not be the last time these three would meet.

[Several miles away, Major Moon Jung searches for leads]

A black SUV drives near the wooden areas of Kanagawa where Major Jung and four members of his Dragoon unit are briefed about the situation by a man simply named Joseph.

We’re approaching a nearby base owned by the Japanese government but funded and run by the Americans. We lost contact with it several hours ago and we are to assume that either Diclonious or Hyperion himself has attacked it and rendered it silent. Whatever it was it made sure that no form of communication would be made. Either the Diclonii are becoming more aware of humanity’s technology or Hyperion is in fact there. (Joseph)

That monstrosity Hyperion needs to be put down. If I find any Diclonii then my men and I will bring them in. We don’t want any casualties for them.

Very well. We’re approaching our destination. (Joseph)

Major Jung and his men geared up for the coming tussle.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:53 pm

–Posting as Fenrir–

After spending the afternoon gathering herbs in the forest I was told by Mia one of the Female Diclonious that there was a major disturbance in the city today. She told me that Mel had left with two human males, one of which was the hitman that was here before. This angers me greatly as I hoped she would have had avoided him, but who is this new human?

After being given directions to where they headed I started to search in that direction, only hoping I could sense Mel’s presence, but it is difficult right now, so many different Diclonious are here now. I continue to search the area this will take time to home in on the right one.

Meanwhile back at J.T.’s Home. -now posting as JT.--

With Mel safely asleep I arm the outer alarm system then lock the doors and windows. I walk to the fireplace and pull one of the middle candle stick down then left. A hidden door opens and I walk into it. The door closes behind me and the floor descends me to the secret level. In this level is a massive control center where I can monitor everything in my house and I can access any security camera in the city.

I then flick a switch and the sofa lowers to the lower level and is replace with another. Mel is safe within my control center, she is still sleeping silently and I then log into my computer and access a program and then a vid window opens up with a man in military uniform sitting down with his hands folded. I sit down and then start talking.

Well good day sir. I trust your well?

Indeed MacIssac, I see you have a guest. She would be a problem will she? (Man)

No Captain Tundra, she is very easy going sir. Not a threat at all.

Good, but my point there any word on Fenrir? (Cpt. Tundra)

Well the girl does have information on his were abouts but as for that, nothing else. I do not want to pressure her into giving me this information.

Very well MacIssac, I will trust your judgement. I will have a task force on hand when you need it. Just be aware that there are several other matters at hand. I will give you more information when I have it for you. Tundra out. (Capt. Tundra)

With that I raise the sofa to the main level and go up there myself. I sit in my chair looking at the fire in the fireplace as Mel woke up. She looks at me, then looks around.

Where is...? (Mel)

Oh he had to leave, don’t worry, you didn’t miss much.

Meanwhile -Posting as Fenrir-

I stand outside of a house and I sense Mel in there...why is she there and why do I feel the presence of someone familiar...? Inside the house JT stands up and looks towards the window as if he can sense something...Mel looks on curiously.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:18 pm

It is quiet and dark night with only a few cars going back forth, and a few people walking around the district. One building still has a few lights on late at night and shapes hustling around through the windows.
Down in the lower floor where all these men are running to one would find the area to be a lot less quiet and calm.

As the men stack up against the door and check their weapons they hear several thuds on the otherside of the door and one solitary scream. They breach the door and rapidly look in the rooms that are close to their entry. Finding nothing in the first rooms they gather in the hallway and start to head down it. At the end there is a flickering light illuminating what appears to be blood. As they near the end of the hall way they hear a sharp and loud thud and immediatly stop. Then out of nowhere a body comes flying down the hallway infront of them embeding itself in the wall. The body is dripping with blood and many bones are jutting out of the body. Some of the security team gag at the sight. Then they hear the thud again coming from down the hallway. One of the security officers slightly looks out from the corner. He sees a large figure at the end of the hall way staring directly at him. The man quickly pulls back around the corner and motions for the security team to get ready. When they turn the corner they are staring at the large figure directly in front of them.

Mocking observation: Oh good more flesh bags to destroy.

And with that the huge being swings his arm slamming several of the men in the face sending them realing backwards. Then several spiked balls fly out of his torso tearing into the rest of the security officers.

Query: What am I to do now?

He turns around and starts heading down the hallway and begins staring at the carnage that is before him. All around the hall are the bodys of the scientist that created him.
They though they could control me ha! After what they put me through did they not think that I would retaliate. Fools and now they lie dead.
He enters a room with multiple computers in it and accesses the files stored there to figure out what he should do next, should I say kill next for why should the world be slpotted with these imperfections.
He scans the files looking for something, anything to tell him where to go next.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:26 pm

Staring at an entry point made by a giant, Major Moon Jung observed the large hole that was made on the American facility while his men covered his six. Jung bent down and placed his palm on the dirt while the data was transferred to his headset.

No bio scans, trace of origin impossible to find, lack of hair follicles…this is him. Hyperion was here.

Jung then puts his hand near his ear.

I’ll send in my team ASAP. (Frost)

What will you do?

What I came to this country for. (Frost)

Which is?

When no reply was made Jung decided to give up on his search for Frost’s mystery mission. He stood up and signaled his men to follow him as they walked into the building. Light flickered on and off as glimpses of mauled corpses and marks of blood littered the hallways. They switched their headsets to night vision and maneuvered through the stuffed corridors. Jung stopped upon coming to a corpse riddled with iron balls that were dug in deeply into the body. He recognized them instantly as one of Hyperion’s weapons. Major Jung quickly stood up as his men followed him down several turns of the building until they came upon a door that was smashed in as they heard the sound of hydraulics and pistons banging together.

Jung peered through the door and watched as an eight-foot tall giant machine walk towards him and his men. Before he could deliver the order for an ambush the wall he leaned against was smashed as he was suddenly grabbed by an invisible force and held in mid-air. One of Jung’s men ran towards Hyperion but had his skull smashed inside-out. The other four opened fire with their silenced TDI Vectors as the hulking figure stumbled back from the high explosive rounds. The being then suddenly lunged towards one of Jung’s men as it pinned the man to the wall behind him. The pistons on Hyperion’s arms then activated and punched a hole through him, killing the man instantly. Jung watched as he still held in mid-air and was slowly being crushed as he felt his ribs beginning to give way.

Seeing their commanding officer in danger the remaining three men unloaded an entire clip from their weapons onto Hyperion. The giant retaliated as they were all slaughtered by the same invisible force that had taken a hold of Jung. Hyperion laughed to himself at the sight before him.

Observation: It seems that the company sent their lackeys against me. However, against me they could do nothing but die before me.

Jung grunted as he took out a small device from his vest but with great effort. Hyperion noticed the still alive man and laughed again.

Mockery: Ah, of course I would save the best for last. The fool who has brought his very own to face me only to watch in horror. Now I will end his life and leave him with regret.

Hyperion was prepared to finish off Jung but the Dragoon captain threw the small device at Hyperion head as the device sapped Hyperion of any energy reserves. The giant was shut down but not dead. Jung fell to the ground and vomited as he gasped for air. Once he regained his composure he looked to his dead comrades and sent a call to Frost.

Frost…Hyperion requires extraction immediately. I lost my entire squad…

…We’ll be there ASAP. (Frost)

Major Jung leaned against a nearby wall and wiped the sweat from his face the gore from his teammates disgusted him and he had to look away as he felt the need to vomit again. He then heard the mechanical laughter of Hyperion. Jung aimed his TDI at the laying giant and began to pant as the pain from his ribs becomes more prominent.

Statement: Your wounds are beginning to get to you meatbag. Don’t think that just because I’m disabled doesn’t mean that I am weak to your will.

Shut up…

Understanding: I see. In my apparent weakness you feel empowered and now feel the need to silence me.

Zeta, Zulu, X-Ray, Alpha, Delta, Delta, Zeta, Whiskey. Now maybe you'll really shut up. Glad there's a password for you abominations...

Hyperion merely stared at he wounded Major as an extraction team made their way to the base.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:20 pm

I look at Mel, I can tell by the look on her face see is sensing something. I know Diclonious can sense and even identify each other. It’s part of their wonderful abilities that sill fascinates me even now. Just as I got to talk to her the alarm on my watch goes off, 8754. That fucking code is bad, it means a hostile situation has taken place.

Well Mel, Fenrir must be worried about you so you should head home.

She looked at me somewhat puzzled but she agreed with me and headed off into the night. I lock up quickly hand headed down to the command center. As I descend to the command center I think about what I had felt. I know it was him, he was close...damn it this frigging alarm. I jump into my chair and turn on my master computer.

MacIssac! We have a code 8754. There has been a Hyperion sighting. I need you to investigate immediately! (Capt. Tundra)

I log off my computer and go to the hanger. I put my jacket on and jump into my Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 and I start it up and drive off into the tunnels. I surface near a isolated part of the town and I use my G.P.S. nav system in the car to home in on the coordinates given to me from HQ.

I finally reach the area and I see that there is a hulking mass laying down with a man barely alive around him. I cloak my car and then uplink to a satellite to get a better visual.

Now all I do is sit and wait.

Meanwhile not far form JT’s home, Mel and Fenrir are heading home. Fenrir is all edgy cause he can sense the Hyperion, he looks back then to Mel and then they vanish into the dark forest.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sun Feb 13, 2011 6:35 pm

August 16, 2011
12:16 AM
Kanagawa, Japan
Various locations

Lieutenant Colonel Frost observes Jung as he is lifted from a stretcher and brought into a van where INGEN’s Medic Corps await to treat him. With a newly lit cigarette in the night air Frost sighs in regret. He turns to watch Hyperion being loaded a large container. The giant’s eyes gleamed through the darkness its prison provided and disappeared as it was closed. A helicopter then hovered above the container as a latch came down to hoist it up in the air and flew away.

Sayōnara (goodbye) Hyperion. Crazy asshole. (Frost)

Frost watched as the van that held Jung drove off into the distance. A hand set itself on his shoulders as a familiar face made itself known.

It’s not your fault you know. He’ll be alright. (Joseph)

I hope so. What’s the situation on ‘that’ man…? (Frost)

He’s somewhere in Rosutopasu Province. Apparently just wondering around but we lost sight of him shortly after. We’re assuming that he knows we’re after him. Also, your wife has arrived an hour ago and she waits to see you, sir. (Joseph)

The Lieutenant Colonel dropped his cigarette from his mouth and attempted to grab it but stopped as he simply searched for a new one. Joseph watched in patience as Frost began walking over to a nearby SUV.

We’ll retrieve her at once. (Frost)

And what of the man? (Joseph)

Soon as we pick up my wife we’ll go after him. Won’t get far without her. (Frost)

Yes sir. (Joseph)

Frost glares towards somewhere in the woods as something seems to be eating at him. He grunted lowly to himself and tapped his tokarev but decided to ignore this issue as he got into the SUV with Joseph and drove off.

[Meanwhile in Rosutopasu Province, nearby convenience store]

Samael, dressed in heavy clothing with a large cap on his head walks slowly through a convenience store looking at the many products available. He plays with his toothpick as a fellow customer looks at him in suspicion and the store clerk pays him no attention as he dances to himself while listening to his iPod. Samael picks out a few soft drinks and snacks before finally deciding to go for a pack of toothpicks, which he is running low on. As he takes one he notices a black vehicle pull up in front of the store in the corner of his eye.

Four men exit the vehicle and start conversing with each other. Samael notices the men and takes cover behind the shelves as the clerk continues to dance obliviously. As the men draw closer and finally enter the store the men laugh and yell to the clerk. When the clerk fails to notice them because of his dancing one of the men smacks the clerk from across the desk as the young man gasps in shock.

Matsune-dono, Kaien-dono! I-I meant no disrespect! (Clerk)

Shut yer mouth moron we’re just hear to let you know that since you failed to pay Oyabun-dono we’re gonna be taking a few things from this place. That isn’t going to be a problem is it? (Matsune)

N-no sir! Please, take whatever you want! (Clerk)

Gladly. You better erase those tapes and not tell a thing to anyone. You wouldn't want something to happen to your dear mother do ya? (Kaien)

No, of course not. I'll do as you say just...please... (Clerk)

Shaddup and just do what we said you idiot! (Kaien)

Easy, easy. Come on now, surely we can have a little fun before we leave, huh? (Matsune)

Suppose not. What do you say kid? (Kaien)

I...I... (Clerk)

Ah, ah, ah, we didn't give you permission to speak! (Matsune)

Matsune grabs the young clerk by the collar as he drags him from his post and before their feet. Both commanders look down at the clerk as he cover his face and whimpers in fear. Matsune draws his firearm and laughs as he purposely misses the shots but inches closer to the clerk's face. Kaien laughed loudly as he kicked the young man several times in the torso.

Samael sighs in displeasure as he recognizes the man known as Kaien. Along with Matsune, Kaien is the third commander under the Boss of the Tendou-Kai and is best friends with Matsune the fifth commander. The bodyguards of each man looked around the place and began taking things for their commanders. The other customer besides Samael attempted to run out the store but was shot dead by the bodyguards as the commanders laughed to themselves. Samael sprung into action as he snuck up on one of the men and strangled him to unconsciousness.

When the other bodyguard went to investigate Samael made his way to another end of the isle and returned just in time to silence the last bodyguard before he could yell. As the commanders terrorized the clerk Samael grabbed a weapon from one of the bodyguards and aimed it at both commanders. Before he could approach them three sleeping gas canisters pierced through the glass of the store and landed in several key locations of the store. The commanders promptly dropped to the ground as Samael covered his face and stormed out of the convenience store. He coughed a bit and stared at the concrete floor below him as he gasped for air. He grunted a bit as he pulled out his last toothpick and placed it in his mouth after dropping the last one.

Before he could recuperate floods of light shined in his face as he closed his eyes. Several men in tactical gear aimed their weapons at the hitman and covered every escape route. With armored vehicles and cars serving as their cover it was clear that the advantage was towards them. Samael shot a glance at a SUV with three silhouettes staring at him. He recognizes one of them as his muscles tense but also fails to notice a single soldier sneak up behind him. As the man grabs Samael’s arm and attempts to twist it the hitman elbows the man in the face, breaking his helmet and stunning him. As the soldier gains his ground he throws a punch at Samael but his fist in caught and slowly crushed as he groans in pain. Samael delivers a powerful kick with inhuman strength against the man’s chest as he flies several feet away from him. The soldiers switch off the safeties off their weapons as three of them go over and drag the injured man to safety. Seeing no point of escape Samael closed his eyes as his eyes slowly turned red and the air began to vibrate.

A woman exits the SUV as she yells at the hitman.

Blaine that’s enough! (Wife of Frost)

Samael freezes in place as his red eyes slowly fade to the original steel blue. Lieutenant Colonel Frost himself exits the vehicle along with Joseph as they face the hitman.

June get back in the car! He's unstable right now. (Frost)

Frost attempts to persuade his wife to keep her distance but she proves to be more stubborn than the former captain of Cerberus unit.

He's my son, I won't leave his side! (June) what you want. (Frost)

June, a Diclonious that Lieutenant Colonel Frost despised and mistreated in his younger years as a captain had grown close after the London incident with Kyle McKenzie, former captain of the now disbanded Hellfighter unit. A union between both June and Frost was not easy on either of them. June, who had grown to fear humans had an even greater fear of her former commanding officer as his hatred of Diclonii were directed at her for every action she took had managed to thaw the tough exterior of the hardered man and managed to overcome her fear to confess her love to him, much to the surprise of the former captain. From there, a relationship between Diclonious and human had been made.

It’s over son…give up. (Frost)

Do as your father says Blaine…we don’t want to hurt you. (June)

Wh-what are you two doing here!? Why!

Calm down Blaine we just want to bring you back. This place isn’t what we want for you now end this nonsense or so help me I will stop you myself! (Frost)

Blaine…please. (June)

Samael, now revealed to be Blaine; son of June and Miguel Frost, watches in great confusion as his father approaches him. The hitman flintches a bit as the Lieutenant Colonel's distance between his son is closed.

Easy...Listen to me, the Tendou-kai were using you, you must come with us. We can help you. (Frost)

The sudden turn of events begin to greatly affect Samael as his panting become more intense and he feels great conflict within himself. "What is going on...?", Samael thinks to himself. Frost pulls out a syringe as he stabs his son on the neck and holds him as he slowly collapses. Joseph and several INGEN soldiers rush over to the unconcious hitman as they slowly mend him. Frost and June stand side by side as they watch their son fall into a deep sleep.

I promise we'll fix this...we'll get those bastards back. (Frost)

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:21 am

–Posting as J.T. MacIssac–

I sit back and watch my monitor in my car, I can’t believe he is one of them. To my surprise Frost is his father. Everything I see is being uploaded and recorded to HQ. Suddenly my monitor switched over to a conversation window and Captain Tundra was on it.

Good job MacIssac, excellent Intel as always. I would also like to mention that the hair clip tracking device you put on the Diclonious female known as Mel is working properly. (Cpt. Tundra)

I nod in agreement as he gives me the update but something in his voice and the way he looked troubled me.

Is there a problem sir?

Well you cannot return to the base it has been cleaned out by our OPS team and the command chamber is now sealed. You have to return to Base Camp Zeta. (Cpt. Tundra)

I hate his decision but orders are orders. I nod yes and shut down communications and leave the scene. I uncloak my car and head towards a large storm drain tunnel, I press a button in the car the gate opens and I drive in, the gate closes and I press another button and the car goes silent. The car now runs on electric power which has no noise. I turn a corner and there is a dead end and I keep driving and the wall lifts and I drive through, the wall closes behind me.

I stop the car and start to exit the car, the lights come on in the hanger bay and some of the soldiers from my team start to check the car over and then drive it off. I start to walk towards one of the exits form the hanger bay which is littered with heavy equipment and battle machinery. Tech crew works on the facility and the other machines around, soldiers run about doing their duties. I however head right to Tundra’s office and I don’t even knock.

Sir why did you have to withdraw me from the combat zone?

You’re here for retooling. (Tundra)

I slam my fist on his desk in rage.

You told me that wasn’t a fucking option anymore!

Just then two M.P. officers walking and one knocks me out with a needle to the neck. Everything goes blurry and then black. Tundra stands up and looks down at me then at the two officers.

Take him to the chamber for Accelerant Treatment. (Tundra)

The two M.P. officers take me away, then a man in a lab coat walks in then clears his throat.

Captain Tundra, you summoned me? (Man)

Yes Dr. Yates. Is the new Accelerant Formula ready for him? (Tundra)

Yes Captain and the findings are great, he should have 5 times the results than the previous treatment. (Yates)

Then make it so. (Tundra)

Yates leaves as Tundra turns to over look the workers below and he thinks to himself. “Now the H.A.V.O.C. X Project will begin and the fall of the Diclonious Race will begin.

--posting as Fenrir--
Meanwhile back at Fenrir’s place, he and Mel talk about the Pure one.

But John he is harmless, he is not like the other humans he doesn’t hate us! (Mel)

That’s cause he is one of us.

Wha.....what do you mean? He had no horns or his eyes were not red. I don’t understand! (Mel)

He is a hybrid, a mutt to say. The scarey thing is...he acts like him.

Who, who does he act like, tell me brother. (Mel)

No nevermind. Its nothing for you to concern yourself about.


But nothing! Do as your told and don’t go snooping around again! Your going to put this colony in jeopardy again with your obsessions!

Yes brother. (Mel)

Mel returns to her room while Fenrir looks out towards the sky, the air is filled with the treat of a ugly war, a war he had seen before.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:47 am

Two nights after the incident with Hyperion Jung remains in a comatose state in a base provided by INGEN. Lieutenant Colonel Frost, in his usual heavy clothing, looks over his comrade and sighs while watching his vitals. A man enters the room and hands a document to Frost as the men proceeds to leave. Frost opens the document before closing it in annoyance. The seal of the U.S. military gives Frost a rotten feeling in his guts.

Looks like they’re getting serious, Jung. (Frost)

Jung remained silent. Frost then saluted briefly before preparing to make his way out the door. He stopped before placing his hand on the handle and looked back to Jung. The man’s eyes were wide open and he looked towards Frost.

What I miss…?

The beginning of hell. (Frost)


[Separate room, seven floors down underground]

Deep underground in the INGEN facility where many of the company’s research takes place, Samael (otherwise known as Blaine) is imprisoned inside of a heavily welded and guarded cell. Samael himself is strapped to a stretcher and tied head and toe in an iron suit, preventing him from moving an inch. A tube that leads to his mouth served as his only means of food. He had been in this state for two days and two nights. Not a sound came from him. The door to his cell opened as his mother, June came in and walked cautiously towards her son.

Blaine…? Blaine speak to me. (June)

A long sigh came from Samael’s suit. Samael grunted in great effort as he tried to turn to face his mother but could not.

Don’t strain yourself…those bonds are impossible to escape or move from. I should know. (June)

What… the hell is going on here…?

Blaine, you weren’t supposed to be here…you were supposed to be home where your father and I left you. (June)

Ma, I don’t understand this, any of this! I know that I wasn’t under control you must believe me! I’ve been in complete control I remember my actions and everything I’ve done! If I was under control then the Tendou-kai would have long killed me when they wanted to.

June shook her head and held tears in her eyes as she looked at her son.

That’s only part of their plan. (June)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sat Feb 19, 2011 7:56 pm

–Posting as JT MacIsaac–

Two days had passed and I been in total lock down after they....modified me. My fist and feet are covered my metallic shackles, my head down to my eyes are covered with a head shackle to block my abilities. I can hear the soldiers and workers that walk by my lock up. I try to stand but I feel the tension cables pull me down.

Fucking military!

I growl as I am forced down, then I hear the cell door open up and foot steps of 5 people. Military boots may a distinctive noise and I recognized it well. I smell the air and I smell the sent of Old Spice, yes Tundra is here.

So Tundra, you came to gloat?

Well well, your ever so aware of what’s around you. (Tundra)

Yeah, I can smell your cheap cologne for miles. So, do you tend to keep me locked up like this or are you going to let me do my job?

Yes my dear boy, I am sorry for the cloak and dagger but you get so worked up every time we put you through your upgrade. Anyway how do you feel? (Tundra)

I am fine, but you ever drug me like that again I will kick your ass.

Tundra laughs and then orders my shackles to be released.

I stand up, then look around I am then taken to suit up and get my next marching orders. However unknown to them, I have my own plan, my own agenda.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sun Feb 20, 2011 2:48 am

Only part of their plan…? I don’t understand.

You’re under their control, even as we speak… (June)

How are you so sure?!

Because I used to be part of them! It was one of my missions many years ago, long before you were born. It’s because you’re…special. (June)

Define special.

As in…as in you’re one of the few Diclonii that is male. There are only 3,000 known male Diclonii in existence and probably less now that the humans are aware of their power. They’ve been mercilessly hunted down and executed because of their ‘charm’ around females. (June)

…Then why am I still alive!? Frost of all people would probably want me dead! He puts humanity before himself and anyone else he knows. He’s-

He’s your father that’s why! He loves you and would not want you to suffer…that’s why we kept you isolated for so many years. You weren’t supposed to be here. (June)

You keep saying that!

Because it’s the truth! None of this was supposed to happen. You were to remain at the Area 14 where you were protected by your father’s colleagues…but that didn’t happen. When we went to retrieve you so that you might actually live a normal life you were gone and the base destroyed. The presence left behind allowed me to see the damage that had been done which only a male Diclonii is capable of. Your dormant abilities went rampant somehow and you were lost. For thirteen years we have searched every nook and cranny but to no avail. You were gone…. (June)

Samael remained silent in his suit as he took in what he was hearing. All of his life he had thought that he was a normal man with an odd job that none would take. He believed to have left behind his family to seek out better opportunities and to live out life at the height of his youth, enjoying freedom and mayhem whenever possible and he was good at it. Too good in fact. What he lived was a lie. His memories are nothing but a lie. Everything before his servitude to the Tendou-kai was a lie. He was a puppet to a powerful and influential organization. Nothing more.

June took several steps towards her son and stroked the metal prison that confined him.

You’ll understand why you’re being kept here. Just please…don’t let the hatred you have surface. It will only bring pain to you and those that love and cherish your existence. (June)

And with that, June left in silence, leaving her son alone as he said nothing.

[Jung’s medical room, several floors up]

Son? You had a son? And he’s here in this facility locked up?

What, you thought I was living a one-man’s journey through this hell-hole called life? Not a chance. You need someone to accompany you unless you want to go insane. As for my son, he’s dangerous. (Frost)

Frost lights a cigarette and smiles at his friend.

You know what they say…misery loves company.

Damn right. (Frost)

So…June and you really did have loving relationship despite your protests. I have to say, I’m a bit shocked Frost. Your black heart has thawed.

The old captain scoffs in disagreement and exhales a cloud of smoke. His attention then went towards the blinds of the transparent window in the room and closed it. Frost sat down on a chair next to Jung as he drew close to the Korean.

What is it…?

You’re the only man I’ve known for years besides ‘him’ and I think it’s fair if I let you in on something. (Frost)

‘Him’, as in Ky-

Shh! I refuse to have that name uttered! That man has nothing to do with what I’m about to explain so listen carefully because your handler will not explain this to you. (Frost)

Alright…I’m listening. Explain.

My son’s a Dicon. (Frost)

A large grin began to spread on Jung’s face. Frost looked visibly irritated as Jung’s smile receded.

Oh you weren’t joking…

When do I ever? (Frost)

Point taken. Now what? You think I’m going to be ordered to kill him or something?

Yes. (Frost)

Huh, straightforward as always. But relax Frost, I won’t lay a hand on him. Diclonii or not he's still a human and you’re my friend…

Alright then, glad I can count on ya. (Frost)

So, what will you do with him?

The only thing I can do. (Frost)

As he said this Frost placed his almost gone stick into a container and walked out of the room. Jung sighed to himself and noticed a book near him as he took it. He then began to read.

[Moments later]

Frost enters into his son’s cell as the former hitman grunts in annoyance.

How long are you going to keep me detained?

Until we sort this mess out. We’re here to help you, not keep you locked up forever. We just need you to cooperate with us and then we can proceed with having you back on your feet. You’re in no condition to be doing anything without my saying so. (Frost)

The hell with that…

This isn’t a matter that can be discussed! The decision’s been made and you are in no position to deny that! (Frost)

When Samael fell silent Frost took a few steps forward. Suddenly, he was grabbed by his son’s vector’s as he slammed onto the ground and then thrown towards the iron suit. Just as Frost was prepared for the coming blow he stopped in midair. Frost stared defiantly at his son’s eyes as his red eyes shown through the small gap that allowed him to see.

So…you’re length has grown. (Frost)

I could snap you easily right now…give me one reason why I should let you live.

That’s simple. I’m you’re only way out of here. If INGEN finds my corpse, the father of an unstable hybrid, what do you think will result from that? (Frost)

Samael stared into his father’s eyes, searching for any hint of a lie; anything that'll give him a reason no to spare his life. Frost in turn gave the cold and emotionless glare that he is well known for. Satisfied with his finding Samael released his father as he gave in. Frost sighed as he dusted himself and looked up to his son.

No matter what anyone says, you’re not a monster. You’re my son. (Frost)

Just go...

Frost stared at his son for a few moments before turning away and walked to the cell door. Just as he was about to open it June and a couple of soldiers with stun rods came in. The group were in surprise at the sight of Frost being well. The former captain ushered the soldiers to leave the room as he left it to his wife. Frost nodded to June as he left the room. She held her hands to her chest and turned to Samael.

Meanwhile, Frost lays his back against the cell door and covers his face before sighing while staring at the ceiling. He took out another cigarette and lit it.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:59 pm

–Posting as Fenrir–

It had been two days since Mel returned form being with the two humans and I noticed changes in her. She is hiding something from me and I need to get her to tell me. I go to her room and I see what she is up too. When I open the door she is sitting on her floor just meditating, she opens her eyes and smiles at me.

Hello brother what do I owe this visit? (Mel)

I sit down beside her and I let out a sigh. I then look at her sternly.

It’s about the other human you were with.

What about him? (Mel)

Well you said that human, not the hitman but the other one. He didn’t hate our kind.

That’s right brother, he...well. (Mel)

Mel started to get shy about he subject and started to clam up.

Mel its okay, just tell me I wont get mad. (Sighs) I am sorry for going off like I did before, just...

No just! You got to stop wanting to get back at the humans, not all them hate us. Some are even family to us! I mean he came all this way to find you!(Mel)

The..who? Who came, the other guy?

Well, I...sorry I, he never forced me to tell him anything. (Mel)

What was his name? Please tell me his name.

Well it was...JT sort of a silly name even for a human. (Mel)

I got silent and I smiled at Mel, she smiled back as I got up I touched her head and left there room. As I go to my room I start to think...JT could it be you? Maybe there is hope...either way I am foolish to have though I could put the girls in the line of fire. I will scrap my plan, I need to make sure they are okay and if this JT is family. Lets hope he is pro-diclonious.

Meanwhile back at the Tundra’s HQ.–Posting as JT–

I am dressed in black light weight combat armor but mine has the arms upgraded the bicep of my arm is exposed and my gear has no electronic components at all. I walk out of the changing area and then get ready for my orders. Shortly a soldier walks to me the tells me I am needed in the training yard. When I get there I see soldiers with guns pointed at the heads of the lab staff. I turn to go back but the door shuts and locks. I am trapped, Tundra is on to me, he knows I somehow convinced Dr. Yates to not put control measures in my treatments. I clenched my fists as I hear the soldiers on the catwalks run up and aim their weapons at me. I look around and see the odds...not good but then again this is me.

Well, this is all is it?

The Massive monitor on the wall fires up and Tundra’s mug comes on.

Well well, MacIssac you disappoint me. This back stabbing is so 97 isn’t? (Tundra)

Well to you long enough to figure it out Old Man. Your getting slow.

Yeah well enough of the crap. Men, kill the research team and dispose of MacIssac. Oh and if your looking for me on site, you will be disappointed. I am not even in Japan. (Tundra)

The monitor goes black and the guards kill the Research team, Yates included. The guards take aim at me and the party starts, I watch as the bullets fly at me and I simply put up my hand as they stop...then drop. The soldiers stop and look at me then each other.

I will tell you this guys. You all have families to go to, I know you are in the military and orders are orders but you seen what I can do here, so I would suggest you guys bail out.

They just all start to leave, the remaining commanding officer pulled self-destruct on the base and they take the subs to get out of the base. I think to myself as I take the last one man sub out of the base. “Glad I have mind control, even more glad I never let them know it.” I leave the base and I watch as the flood gates open to flood the base.

Meanwhile on the Tundra’s jet transport, he gets the message form the commanding officer that they abandoned the base and flooded it. Tundra grits his teeth and then slams his fist on the arm of his seat.

Sargent Mead, get every soldier back home. I am cancelling the Diclonious Mission for now.(Tundra)

The Sargent salutes then give the orders.

–Posting as JT--

Back on the shores of Japan, I surface in the sub, finally free, but for now. I push the mini sub into the water and watch it sink, I then take to the forest to search for Fenrir.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:30 pm

Rain poured on the empty streets of a barely clean neighborhood. Many building littered the area along with small time shops and bakeries. A man whose profile was hidden by a raincoat walks in the middle of the street and continues to make his stride towards a building down the street serving as a dead end. Many men stood on the front guarding it and seemed to be either drunk or dazed from the contents they were influenced by. Eventually the men were so intoxicated that they were seemingly knocked out. As the man continues his walk towards the building and finally reaches the entrance he knocks on the door as it is opened by a large man.

What do ya want? (Doorman)

I’m here to speak to Tsubaki. (Man)

Tsubaki? What business could you possibly have with him? (Doorman)

I’m an acquaintance of his. (Man)

Is that so? Well, tell you what, I’ll go close this door and you can go f%ck yourself how’s that sound? (Doorman)

The man in the raincoat merely stood there as the door was slammed in his face. The man kicked the door down as the doorman lay under it and was killed from the force. The man in the raincoat walked casually in the building as several men stood up in surprise and pulled out their firearms and shot at the man. The man pulled behind cover at inside of a room and took out a silenced MP5 as he fired at the approaching men. Three lied dead as the other four split into groups of two and moved on either side of the wall that lead into the room. One man peeked into the room but was shot in the head forcing the other three to back off and stick to the wall.

Anyone got an idea on how to take this guy? (Yakuza #1)

I guess we can all rush in… (Yakuza #2)

Bad idea. He’ll just kill us. (Yakuza #3)

How about you guys just leave and then I won’t have to kill you? Bunch of dumbasses like you should know better. (Man)

The three men were startled by the man’s voice and began to sweat.

Bu-bullshit! We have you cornered so the only ones that should give ultimatums are us! (Yakuza #2)

And what kind of Japanese is that?? You’re not from here are you? (Yakuza #1)

Are you stupid? You have more things to worry about than my accent! I just killed the doorman and four others. You idiots actually think that you can make a difference? For crying out loud don’t you watch movies? Christ this is the next generation…? (Man)

The Yakuza members looked at one another and realized to the truth of those words. Not wasting time they dropped their weapons and bolted towards the exit but failed to see another man approaching the building.

The man in the raincoat made his way down several hallways until he approached a room that was more sophisticated than any other. He kicked the door open and aimed his weapon as a woman barely clad in clothing ran out of the room while a man lay in the bed and looked up in surprise.

Who the hell are you?! (Tsubaki)

The man removed the raincoat and smiled at the now horrified Tsubaki. He then went from Japanese to English.

Frost?! How the f&ck did you find me?! (Tsubaki)

Wasn’t easy. Took some research and a bit of inside work but I found ya. (Frost)

Frost took out a cigarette and lit it. Tsubaki continued to watch and inched towards a nearby firearm but stopped as a bullet whizzed by his hand. Frost made a ‘no’ motion with his finger as he waved it left and right.

Alright you piece of shit, I’m gonna let ya in on something I know. (Frost)

A-and what is th-that?? (Tsubaki)

The old captain turned towards the hall and yelled for someone to come in. Tsubaki stood up and put some clothing on.

You’ve got to worry about asshole. (Frost)

Tsubaki stopped and raised an eyebrow as he heard footsteps echoing closer and closer. Slowly he began to realize who it was and soon began to panic.

Please! Don’t let him come any closer!! (Tsubaki)

Frost inhaled a large portion of the cigarette and exhaled a large amount of smoke. He ignored Tsubaki’s pleads until the footsteps stopped and there stood Samael. The redness of his eyes turned Tsubaki pale and he nervously looked to Frost who was preparing to walk out of the room.

Wait! Please don’t leave me with him! I’ll pay you, I can get you anything you want just don’t let him near me. (Tsubaki)

Unfortunately for you, you pissed me and my son off. Have fun you two. (Frost)

Frost waved his hand as he left the room and continued to smoke as he heard the screams of Tsubaki being torn apart ever so slowly.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS   Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:24 am

–Posting as JT–

It was several hours after I had escaped from Tundra’s HQ and I knew that Tundra wouldn’t leave me just walk away. No he would have an ace up his sleeve and he would use Mel and the other Diclonious to flush me out, luckily I put the actual tracker on a stray dog not Mel. It would only be a matter of time before Tundra would figure this out and then use other means to capture a Diclonious so I had to find Mel quickly.

It was now almost dawn and I heard so noise from a building form the slum area. I roost on a roof and look down towards the building that is the source of the noise. Shortly after I had arrived I noticed two men leave the building, I narrow my eyes to focus on them and to my shock it’s Samael but I am not sure of the other one. As I watch them I notice movement around the perimeter of the area, it’s troopers, I know those uniforms anywhere...Division X.

I start to think to myself that they must haven’t see me yet, but why are they there? There are no Diclonious around and then I see one of the snipers take aim at Samael. I had mere seconds to react to I jump down before the sniper fires, this breaks the concentration of the sniper and startles Samael and the other man.

Get down! Sniper!

The sniper fires at me and I deflect it away form me with my abilities. Samael pushes the other man out of harms way and they take cover, I then quickly join them behind a concrete wall.

JT? what are you doing here?

More importantly. To taking a damn shot at us?! (Frost)

I look slightly out from behind the wall and then tuck back in.

I will tell you when and if we get out of this.

Questions and more questions, but the big one is how the hell we are going to get out of this?
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Elfen Lied: Falling Sun RPS
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