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 Tranformers Resonance RPS

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PostSubject: Re: Tranformers Resonance RPS   Sat Dec 18, 2010 1:23 am

"Note to self do not combine stable black energy with unstable black energy, it's slightly painful." Ragnorak grumbles as he stands in the middle of a crater looking around. "Now I'll have to set up another one so that when this burns out I have another...oh I'm always so busy."
As he looks around he notices a passage that was never in his map of the ruins. He thinks it is quite odd and stumbles through the dark passage. He eventually comes to a large interior room with a large moniter in the middle. Around it exists several smaller computers.
"Well this is slightly odd...I did not build this" he remarks in a puzzeled tone. He starts walking toward one of the side computer and begins opening files and running programs. "This is pre-war technology...if that's the case then maybe I can retrive the data I want..." He hooks up storage device to the ancient computer and begins downloading it's entire programming. As he takes in his surrondings more, the room has a large Autobot insignia above the entrance to door. does not have the information I want, then maybe it has data on the decepticon location of this. Well always worth a try." He stomps over to the main computer and enters a few codes and keyword and it comes up the location of the decepticon intelligence archive.
"It resides in the...well that's karma isn't it, it's in the valley of eden whcih I shelled...maybe the bunkers still intact. Oh well might as well, I must after all figure out who to kill...memories are still meh." He rambles to himself as he downloads the location and goes to grab the data storage. He picks it up but then hears movement down the tunnel in which he enter. As he aims his guns down the tunnel he suddenly started glowing.
"What th-"
With that he disappears from the room leaving nothing but the computers buzzing away.

Ragnorak the finds himself in the shadow lands. "How did I get here...well I'm thoroughly confused and intriged..." He looks around and notices three figures standing not that far away from him.
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PostSubject: Re: Tranformers Resonance RPS   Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:27 pm

Several feet away from the Mandalorians Ragnarok looked around his surroundings with a sort of lack of interest. He then spotted the three Madalorians. As he began to walk to them he began mumbling words to himself. Meanwhile, the Mandalorians fail to notice the appearance of their "ally."

Things are becoming stranger and stranger. Delacroix, until I can make sense of this I need you to see if you can track down Black Sun. Darkclaw will remain with me as we go and find our lost giant. We need as much of our old forces as possible if we are to unravel this mess.

It shall be done.

Delacroix then noticed the approaching Ragnarok.

Ah, what a pleasant surprise.

Both Darkclaw and Horridwig turned.

"'Pleasant' is not the word I would use freely, Lunar."

What are you doing here, Ragnarok?

"Hmm, if only I knew. I was on my own, minding my own bussiness when I found myself here, in this barren landcape with no signs of intelligent life."

Darkclaw took a step forward before Horridwing stopped him. Ragnarok tilted his head as he stared at Darkclaw. Curious of what the latter was planning. Delacroix merely watched the scene quietly, as always.

"And what excatly did this mutt plan on doing to me?"

A lot more than you would bargain for! (Darkclaw)

Enough! Delacroix we'll meet you near the Forsaken Valley, just be sure to find Black Sun.

As you wish.

Delacroix transformed as he flew off towards the East. There, he would find a comrade in arms and an ambush that will nearly cost him his life.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Tranformers Resonance RPS   Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:35 am

As I head towards Nemeos and his company I stop in flight. I sense.....the one that jammed that device in my chest to take my power. Delacroix is his name as I recall. He seems to be the brains of the group, the other the leader and the rest are just brainless fools. I would like revenge on Delacroix and my revenge would serve as a blow to their plans. Besides, going with Nemeos would draw too much attention.

I head towards Delacroix’s position and I notice a panel on my gauntlet, I flip it open and there is a button. I press it and my armor activates some abilities, the headgear to my armor flips over my head, my armor seems more durable.

Well well, Havoc you always leave me with surprises.

I then pick up Delacroix heading the Forsaken Valley. I then flash warp towards his location and I am about 300 yards behind him in flight I then quickly charge up my hands and let loose a Giga-shock blast and it hits Delacroix. He starts to loose altitude and starts to fall from the sky, transforming on the way down. As he hits the ground I land and get ready to face him, he slowly stands up and glares at me and realizing who I am.

So human your alive. This is quite interesting...yet annoying.

As he yammers on I start tapping into his mind. I see what he is planning I also he his past. I can use this against him. Now its time for the psychological warfare to begin.

So tell me Delacroix, why is it you take orders from they dim witted leader of yours? Your obviously the brains of the operation. And another thing before you answer that, do you really think you can measure up to your father’s standards?

How do you???

Puzzled are we? How I know all about your past and present? How I know your father was the mighty Decepticon named Pain? Come now Delacroix or should I say should know as well as anyone I am no mere human.

I can tell this got him frazzled and off balance, now to wait to see what he does.
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PostSubject: Re: Tranformers Resonance RPS   Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:20 pm

Delacroix stared at the human named John. He was playing mind games with the annoyed Decepticon and was beginning to go into the dark recesses of the latter. Delacroix's visor prevented John from telling whether he was affecting the Decepticon's psyche. Only through his words could he get his answer.

I see mother was a Autobot.


She saved your father from the Autobot's during the fall of the Ultan Base campaign. Pain repaid her by protecting her from her own troubles.

That's...that's enough. You know nothing...

They both created you in the union between pieces of their spark. Pain was found out by his comrades and taken directly to Megatron where he was sentenced to death by beheading. I guess that explains your allegiance to that idiot Horridwing.

You know nothing of him. A human who bears the collective ignorance of an entire species would know nothing of such a powerful Decepticon's ambition. Both the Autobot's and your pathetic race only parade in the madness that your new leader has helped to spurn.

I can read your mind, Lunar! I've seen the atrocities you and your band of monsters have done. Countless cities and lives were taken because of his ambition. Now, to see what it is...

John places his hands on his temples as Delacroix looks him down. As he tries to enter the Decepticon's mind he frowns.

Blocking me from seeing any further? Clever. I expected much from someone like you.

Your powers can only get you so far. You'd best be careful, human, you may not like what you see.

Really? Then let's see what I can find.

Again John begins to tap into Delacroix's mind.

Your mother...she barely survived the genocide at her city. Barely escaped with you in hand.

Delacroix's tentacles began to protrude from his back as John continued on. Delacroix's hand formed a fist and a low growl escaped his vocal processor.

She ran, far from them. From Megatron's regime and hid you. She defended you while she was torn apart by the very people you fight along with. Why do you want to bring Megatron back?...

You know too much!!

Delacroix dashed towards John as he was hit with a large wave of EMP. He fell to his knees and growled loudly as he stared directly into John's eyes. John watched as the immobile Decepticon growled louder and louder, sounding more insane and animalistic.

You're like a beast when angered. Troubled, spiteful and vindictive. What a sad being you are.

The tentacles from Delacroix's back shot out from his back and immediatly grazed John. The bruised human stood up quickly as he was knocked several more feet away.

I'll kill you human! You'll regret this, I swear it on my life, I WILL get you!!

John regained conciousness as he barely dodged being impaled as a tentacle burst from the ground. He fired another blast of EMP as it slammed into the immobile Decepticon and shut him down. John breathed in and out as he concentrated on his broken arm and open wounds. The arm slowly moved back into place and the open wounds closed as the blood rushed back into them. John looked at the now offline Decepticon. He then looked up into the sky as he spoke to himself, wishing for a good omen:

Not today you won't. Not today. I hope that in the near future, you will find it in your spark to see the wrongs of your past and do what your father was trying to. But, maybe it won't happen. Only time will-

A seen much like from a horror movie took place. John's eyes widened as he looked above him and saw Delacroix standing before him. Before given a chance to access the situation Delacroix stomped his foot that nearly crushed the human. John unleashed yet another EMP blast that hit the Decepticon but did not seem to have any visible affect. Delacroix roared in anger as he unleashed a storm of destruction on the forest surrounding them with his human weaponry. Half of the shots made it to John but fortunately they were repelled with his mental barrier.

But, somehow feeling his shots connect, Delacroix concentrated all of his firepower on John's postition. John began to sweat from the stress of repelling the shots, and just as he was about to give in he was suddenly grabbed from harm's way. He looked up and to his surprise it was Nemeos.

Nemeos! Why are you here??

I smelled the unsettling scent of Delacroix. I'm surprised as well to see you here.

Nemeos slid near a boulder as he hid behind it. He peered from the side and observed Delacroix as he continued shooting at Havoc's previous location.

What's going on here? I forced him offline and he now he's back on??

Hmm...this isn't good. He's berserk. Last time I saw him like this was during the final battle wasn't pretty. We lost a lot of men because of his insanity. Nearly took three of us to snap him back to reality.

Well, you're upgraded and everything so you can handle him. I'll lend you a hand-

No! You'll only get in my way. Stay here and run if things aren't looking so hot for me. There's no way that you can handle him, even you wouldn't last for long.

Nemeos climbed over the boulder he hid behind and slammed into Delacroix. The two fumbled to the ground but Nemeos stood up before the other could. He grabbed Delacroix by the arm and pinned him to the ground. Delacroix tentacles shot out from his back and stabbed Nemeos all over his torso. Nemeos jumped back as energon fluids began to leak out of the wounds but they healed instantly thanks to the Spark Amplifier. Nemeos lunged at Delacroix as the latter opened fire. Many rounds hit Nemeos by he still managed to land a blow on Delacroix's face, sending him flying and smashing the visor covering his face.

Delacroix stood up as he revealed a hollow space where his face should have been. Both Nemeos and Havoc were caught off-guard just as Delacroix leapt to the air towards Nemeos, who pulled out his katars and sliced Delacroix on the shoulder, removing his arm. Delacroix quickly turned and slammed his leg into Nemeos's leg as Nemeos remained in the air before Delacroix punched him into the ground. The tentacles then stabbed into each limb of Nemeos. Delacroix pulled out his lance and was prepared to impale Nemeos when John stopped it just inches before the lance would penetrate through Nemeos's spark chamber. Nemeos's tail slammed into Delacroix, dizzying him as the tentacles released him. Nemeos then grabed Delacroix's lance and beat the latter several times before smacking it into Delacroix's neck and smashing him to the ground. A single tentacle pierced through Nemeos's shoulder. John used his power to telekinectically grab Nemeos away as Delacroix began to slowly get back up.

This is not good...he's much stronger than before. I have a disgusting feeling that he somehow researched on himself to enhance his abilities through his rage. We need to go!



John reluctantly nodded as he flash warped from the area with Nemeos to an unknown location. Delacroix roared in intense rage as he watched the two leave. He then fell on his knees as he went offline. A cloaked being emerged from the shadows. Presumably a cybertronian, the being approached the fallen Decepticon.

Well, well. What do we have here?... (???)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Tranformers Resonance RPS   Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:29 pm

After meeting Dark Father and Tripicon, we all take a rest to figure out our next move. I had fallen asleep to regain my strength and I start to dream.

-John’s Dream-

In a snow covered battlefield human soldiers and Autobots fight side by side, orders and screams echo through the air, shells from gun fire are spilled from weapons and explosions are all around. A familiar voice barks out an order.

Autobots, Roll out!!! (Optimus Prime)

I then hear a man speak, a familiar voice.

Optimus we need air support, all in Jetfire and Air Raid! (Man)

Prime nods to the man and then the man turns......I see his face...and it’s me. A voice yells out...MacKnight we got Decepticons on our right flank, we need orders. Then an explosion near and it all goes black.

-End of Dream-

Suddenly I am shook awake. I wake to see Nemeos over me. I jump back but quickly remember him to be a friend. I let out a breath of relief and I smile.

You OK John?

Yeah Nemeos, just got my head strait. (To himself...So I wasn’t created but modified yet again, wait...Prime....I know where he is.)
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PostSubject: Re: Tranformers Resonance RPS   Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:41 pm

In a location known to none laid a lair that was permanently dark. Nothing could be seen in the darkness except for a striped figure. The striped figure made its way to a large chamber with several menacing devices installed on the walls and ceilings. There, in the center; far below in what looked like a pit where it was fully illuminated by the lights above, laid a stretcher where Delacroix laid unconscious but also fully repaired. The figure stared down the pit as it watched Delacroix. When the Decepticon made no movements the figure descended down the steps as it slowly approached the unconscious Decepticon.

It took several careful steps towards Delacroix as the figure revealed a large grin on its face. As it stood over Delacroix the figure tapped several glyphs on its arm as it spoke.

Log # 284,312: Day three of subject’s inhabitance. Wounds of subject have fully healed despite the tests conducted upon him. Even on day one of subject’s inhabitance his wounds healed almost immediately after being extracted from the scene of a battle as I have stated earlier. This alone saves me the trouble of having to repair this one. The facial scaring that was present after the healing of his face is now gone? Several holes are now no longer existent despite the severity of their entry point and the energon that supposedly leaked from subject now appears to have returned. His left arm was completely severed, most likely by a sharp object such as a sword made of pure dytinium which explains the clean cut, but subject has managed to somehow regenerate a new limb. After several tests I have confirmed the possibility behind this phenomenon to be the works of self-research by subject. If that is the case then there are some questions I will have prepared for him. This one intrigues me like no other which is why I will begin the awakening process. (Striped Figure)

The striped figure’s tapped several sequences on his arm as a device resembling a dish descended from the ceiling and stopped several inches away from Delacroix’s head as noises began to emit from it. Delacroix immediately rose as smacked the device away from his face. He turned his attention the striped figure as his tentacles wrapped themselves on every limb on its body. They began to pull slowly but the striped figure made no sound as it continued to smile in the darkness. Not amused by the sly grin displayed to him, Delacroix’s tentacles began to grip tighter on the striped figure’s limbs as it’s smile grew larger.

Tell me…who are you? Why did you salvage and then repair me?

Oho, do not misunderstand dear boy, I had no intention of healing your husk. When I found you all I saw was potential research and parts for myself. I had planned on using you to become…stronger, but that idea has been literally thrown out of the window. As for who I am? Well, that shouldn’t be too hard to guess. (Striped Figure)

The striped figure then let out a strange cackle as Delacroix’s optics lit up.

Black Sun?... Is it really you?

Delacroix’s tentacle’s let go of Black Sun as he gracefully on his feet. He held onto his smile as he entered into the light with Delacroix. Both grasped each other’s arms and planted their free hands on their shoulders.

Good to see you again, Elder Solar.

The same to you, Elder Lunar. (Black Sun)

The two released each other as they both looked at one another. Black Sun laid a hand under his chin as his made some humming noises and chuckled.

Still the same, I see. Have you been here this whole time? It’s been years since we last had contact with you.

I’ve been researching. You know of the murders that occurred years ago? (Black Sun)

Everyone knows of it.

Many know of it but few believe. But the point is that I have been investigating in the shadows about these murders. Damn near lost my life in one encounter with those responsible. (Black Sun)

The Cult of the Watchers.

Black Sun became quite but retained his smile. Delacroix merely watched his comrade as he began to pace back in forth.

Yes…them. What do you know of them that I do not? (Black Sun)

They go after anyone that even comes close to finding out the truth of the events of the Last Battle. What do you know of what happened?

That’s the thing, I know very little. It all comes from memory. I…can barely recall the battle itself. I see flashes. Images of Prime and Megatron staring up at something and when I go to look I lose all traces of the memory. That’s all I have. (Black Sun)

Here’s something you may not know. We’re dealing with an Entity that takes over offline Cybertronians. It refers to Horridwing and I as irregulars. Apparently it’s the Cult’s God of some sort.

This is interesting. A God you say? You were offline as well, why hasn’t it taken over you? (Black Sun)

Because he’s an irregular. (Eon)

Both Decepticons drew their weapons as Eon walked towards them. When he entered the light with the other two only Delacroix lowered his weapon. Black Sun remained cautious as his smile disappeared. His optics were glowing bright red in anger.

You dare come to my sacred sanctuary, Eon? Have you nothing better to do than bother me!? (Black Sun)

You know Eon?

Of course! He’s the one that saved my life when the Cult of the Watchers attacked me. I thanked him for his help but now he constantly checks up on me whenever I get memory flashes. So, what’s your state of business today, Eon?? (Black Sun)

I come here not for you, but for Lunar. (Eon)

Delacroix’s fist gripped tightly. He glared at the mysterious Cybertronian as Eon looked directly at Delacroix. Eon then began to switch back and forth from Black Sun to Delacroix.

As you both already know, the truth cannot be held back any further. I tried to persuade you from going down further into the hole but you refused to listen to me. Now, you know one small bit of the Final battle thanks to Black Sun’s tampering with his mind. The human is also in danger. (Eon)

This is relevant to us because?

The human gained an awareness of the possible location of Prime. If that is the case then you must protect him if you are to ever reach Megatron. (Eon)

The human isn’t stupid. I tried to kill him and no one forgets something like that. He will know that all I want is to use him to get closer to finalizing my goal for the Mandalorians.

And for yourself. (Black Sun)

Perhaps that is true but when his life is at stake and no one is there to protect him, when he hears the gunfire slowly dying and when he looks up to see you, he will see you in a new light. (Eon)

What makes you so sure?

Your comrades, where are they? (Eon)

Huh…hold on.

Delacroix taps an insignia on his arm as his opens a transmission to his fellow Mandalorians.

Delacroix? Where are you? (Darkclaw)

Nevermind that, I have some news for Horridwing…

Regarding? (Darkclaw)

The human. He's not going to like this either. However, he is going to enjoy the news of who I've found...

Eon began to leave as he spoke crypictally to the two Decepticons.

When the sky bears the color of Red, and the armies of old reunite for one last Alliance, G21171849114 will return.. (Eon)

Delacroix and Black Sun turned as quickly as they could, but Eon was already gone.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Tranformers Resonance RPS   Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:18 pm

As Ragnorak sulks through the tombs wondering how he got into this with Horridwing and Darkclaw on his flank. He keeps looking behind him at these two whose objective is actually here and yet mine is not. But it is better to be close to such powerful beings as to know what they are up to as apposed to being in the dark.
"Hey don't drag your feet our objective is in front of use not in one of these side caverns!" Horridwing growls with obvious distain about Ragnorak being here.
"One this is not my objective it is yours so why should I care if it is acomplioshed or not. Two why am I in front?" Ragnorak grumbles at the Mandalorian.
"Your not very subtle are you?" Darkclaw drones out.
"No" Ragnorak sternly says
"You weren't suppose- oh whatever we're here."

They stand before a tomb door that Darkclaw and Horridwing start opening. But Ragnorak starts walking away from the door.
"Hey where are you going!" Horridwing growls.
"To fight them of course" Ragnorak gingerly says as he gestures to the massive grouping of beings down the hall.
Suddenly a voice booms down the hall and shouts "Destroy the stain first then the others!"
Then all of the beings turn to Ragnorak and start charging toward him. "Me?" Ragnorak meakly says. "You two revive your freind in there I haven't had fun in a while." Then Ragnorak swings his four claws into the mass of beings crushing many of the beings. The claws begin to electrify and each shoots out a beam cutting right through the mass. "Fanatics.."
Darkclaw and Horridwing sleep into the tomb and start to reveive their old comrade as Ragnorak cuts through all of beings.

After a few more minutes of slaughter the tomb door opens and a massive being comes out but Ragnorak doesn't have time to turn his gaze to see the being. For he begins glowing again. "Oh not agai-" Ragnorak grumbles as he is teleported elsewhere.

He appears in a room and gently lands on a glass floor with a triangle underneath it. A hologram flickers to life showing a ver regal looking figure, who nods to Ragnorak.
"Hello my old freind do you remember me?" The being says with no amount of life in his words.
"Of course Number III, how could I forget my old mentor..." Ragnorak remarks.
"Do you know how you hvae come this current state of affairs? No...well I was the one who put you into your stasis lock so long ago to preserve what remained of your memory cores. Now there are somethings I do not undertand. One how did you create dark energy that was my creation, two how did you awalen I had not planed for you to awaken for sometime, and three how did you know so much about dark matter."
"Well to the first it was put in my body by those incompetent scientist that followed Megatron, you could say I was his pet project for a super soildier but they were so useless they botched it up in everyway possible. To the third I am no fool I analyzed what they had put in me and tried to iron out their mistakes it was not easy. To the second I figured out how long it would take for the dark energy to become critical so I installed an "alarm clock" in my chasis to alert me when I needed to change to the new one."
"Impressive but that is to be expected of Number VII, or should I say Number VIIII ever since your memory core was ifected with dark energy."
"Damned, but anyway why have you called me it was not to say hi was it?"
"No I suppose not, fine then I need you to destroy these fanatics whether they know it or not they are interfering with my research and this must not stop. The other Knights of Grey are slow to respond because, well they do not want this resolved for they want both sides to be destroyed."
"Of course Number I never had good foresight did he? This will cause many repercussions around the galaxy..."
"Indeed so I just need to destroy I suppose I have some time to spare while I figure out how to restore my memory core to it's previous state."
"I know you will not fail me Number VII"
With that Ragnorak is begins to glow again and is spirted away to Valley of Eden.
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PostSubject: Re: Tranformers Resonance RPS   Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:44 pm

It had been three days since my battle with Delacroix, some how my knowledge of his father triggered a violent outburst. The fact is Pain was a strange Decepticon indeed and what troubles me is what happened to Delacroix, he was always so like his father and not like this monster that he is now. Anyway I start thinking about the task that I had taken on some time ago, I am trying to gather information on the Mandos, much of the info on them is classified and obscure at best.

I ended up back at the crash site of the craft I came to this island, I look down at the control panel and try to hack into the archives via the Autobot network. It took some doing but I managed to find the information I needed.

Well this is surprising.

I reveal my right arm which is robotic and activate a spike looking device that plugs into the computer, then quickly download the information. I then walk to the cargo area of the craft and I notice a large transport container, I break it open to find a R.A.V. a Recon Armor Vehicle. This motorcycle looking vehicle was specially developed for me as it responds to my metallic arm, the arm that is housed with a shard of the All-Spark. To top it off, the genetic alterations I volunteered for amplify my skills and strength.

I remove the R.A.V. from the container and jump on it then drive out of the cargo hold. I then start driving towards the Land of the Primes. Yes I could have warped there but I rather conserve my energy as I would have to return to the Eden to get food. After 3 hours I arrive at the Land of the Primes. It is extremely quiet but I sense something or someone, no wait...more than one presence. I stop my R.A.V in the middle of the square. I quickly notice some transformers surrounding me, slowly creeping towards me....they give off an odd energy. They are must me eliminated.

I transform the R.A.V to my armor which will help protect me some, I point my Ion rifle which is part of the R.A.V and ready myself for combat and as I see that the odds are not in my favor.

I came too far and expended too much energy to turn back now. I must fight my way out of this to get the answers I want.

I open fire on the mob, and I only pray for help.
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PostSubject: Re: Tranformers Resonance RPS   Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:02 am

Delacroix and Black Sun are suddenly teleported several miles away from where the border of the Land of Prime begins. They looked around themselves in confusion. Black Sun began to share his dismay of the situation as Delacroix merely looked away to the distance.

Curse Eon for constantly shifting our surroundings and transporting us to a foreign location! These...missions he keeps assigning to us is bothersome. If he wants a human saved then why not have the Autobots do it!? (Black Sun)

Black Sun became silent as Delacroix coldly stared at him.

...Good question.

Both Decepticons said nothing more as they transformed and headed further to the west. Over time they managed to reach the Land of Primes and touched down when they heard noises of a skirmish. They walked towards the noise and stopped behind a blown temple as the human named John stood panting and almost out of breath as the same beings from before began to draw closer to him.

Anomaly, your awareness of events beyond your understanding has garnered this one's attention. The anomaly's vivacity will no longer be accepted. This one will render the anomoly non-existent henceforth. (???)

Stay away, stay the hell away from me!!

Meanwhile, Delacroix and Black Sun continue to watch as they drew closer.

What in the inferno are those things? (Black Sun)

It's the entity.

Black Sun made a puzzled look as he continued to watch the beings repeatedly say "anomaly."

But it called Horridwing, Claw, and I "irregulars" instead of "anomaly." Maybe its the fact that he knows of Prime's location instead of the events of the Last Battle.

Good analysis. For now we'll call them "Watchers." I'm still not sure about the whole entity thing so that name should be fine. (Black Sun)

Whatever makes you feel better.

Just as Black Sun was prepared to give Delacroix a taste of his less-than-friendly side, the two noticed the Watchers closing in on John.

Now, we have to retrieve the human before those things tear him apart. Make sure not to kill when while doing so... (Black Sun)

Delacroix remained silent as he darted towards John. Black Sun followed suit as they both smashed through the crowd of the Watchers. Delacroix used his tentacles as many were impaled and smashed to pieces. Black Sun transformed his arm into an ion cannon as he blasted many out of his sight and made sure none came near Delacroix and himself. Delacroix continued to tear the Watchers into pieces until it was apparent that their advance towards them would not end.

Elder Solar, we've overstayed our welcome.

I'll grab the human then. Cover me! (Black Sun)

Black Sun turned his attention to the human below him, who looked around in an almost zoned out gaze. When John peered up at Black Sun he woke up.

A Decepticon! So, you're the one's behind this infestion!

Wha--Stupid meat puppet we're here to save you. (Black Sun)

John looked to Delacroix as a chill went down his spine.

I'm not coming with you monsters, I'll take my chances with these things.

A Watcher's body landed next to both Black Sun and John as Delacroix stomped his way towards them. John attempted to teleport but his energy had run low during his engagement with the Watchers. Instead, he stood up and attempted to flee as Black Sun's attention was towards the still-living Watcher that began to writhe. However, Delacroix's tentacle burst from right under John as it coiled itself around his body and began to squeeze him. The tentacle then dragged John through the hole and then suddenly into Delacroix's visor as he coldly stared at the human.

I'm afraid you have no choice in the matter.

John was rendered unconscious. Delacroix placed John gently into his cockpit as he transformed and flew away. Black Sun took several more shots at the Watchers before he too fled from the battlefield. The Watchers looked up at the Decepticons.

Irregulars, your actions in assisting the Anomaly will only hearten this one's resolve of forever silencing your movement. This one allows you to live because it allows it and in the event of your awareness will we end you because this one demands it. In the end, all the efforts of the Irregulars and the Anomaly will be all for naught. (???)

Once the Watchers were done with their threat they all simultaneously dropped to the ground and the green energy running through them disappeared.

As Black Sun and Delacroix flew in the air above, still flying towards the East, they were again suddenly tranported but this time back to the lair of Black Sun. that we're here let's sedate the human so that he doesn't pull off anything. (Black Sun)

Delacroix nodded in agreement as they made their way to the bio labs.

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I start to move around but I feel restrained. I slowly open my eyes but my sight is still blurred, the bright lights above me is all I can see. I start to hear the metallic foot steps around me and I try to get up but it becomes more apparent that my arms, legs and torso are strapped to where I am laying. I start to hear voices around me but I am still to groggy to see who is there.

Hey who is there? Can someone tell me where I am?

I close my eyes and open them several times, this helped me regain my sight. Two images come into focus, Delacroix and the other one who I don’t recognize. Delacroix turns around and glares at me.

Well you decided to wake up, it’s been 2 days. Sorry for the...accommodations but you have a tendency to be difficult.

Pffffffft- No wonder.

I stare at him, then look at my armor on the next table then back at him. I remember back to when his father had captured me but it was cause of my arm that Pain really took interest in me. Suddenly the other one spoke up.

Delacroix look at this. (Black Sun)

Delacroix walk to the monitor screen and look at it, then looked back at me as he approached me. He then leaned down into my face and took his claw and moved my face side to side.

I can believe I haven’t noticed it before. Its you! That’s how you know so much about my past you treacherous human! I should take you apart with my tentacles!

I sink back in the table, for the first time I really fear for my life, even more so than when I was fighting those things some 2 days ago.

Elder Lunar! Please control your anger. What differences you and this human have are irrelevant to our current situation. (Black Sun)

Delacroix backs away from me then turns to Black Sun and starts to walk out of the lab and I then blurt out something that surprises him.

Thank you.

He turns to me and approaches again.

What did you just say?

I said thank you for saving my life.

He turns away from me and starts to walk away.

Trust me human, it wasn’t my choice.

He leaves the lab and the other one looks at me then goes about his work. I start to think as I lay on the table. These two might be my only hope in getting to the bottom of these events, as for Nemeos, his quests is unclear.
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Cancelled until further notice.


Lack of posters.

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Tranformers Resonance RPS
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