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 Quantum: The Final Conflict RPS

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PostSubject: Quantum: The Final Conflict RPS   Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:11 pm

A child is born to innocence. A child is drawn towards good. Why then do so many among us go so horribly wrong? What makes some walk the path of darkness while others choose the light? Is it will? Is it destiny? Can we ever hope to understand the force that shapes the soul? The answers to these questions can never be answered, many blame the paths taken by people's upbringing while others simply dismiss any logical reason and draw it up as fate. So the real question we should ask is...If these people could see their future paths, the consequences of their decisions and the rewards of their accomplishments, would they still take that path, or simply look the other way and make their own destiny? The answer to THIS truly more horrifying than the others.....


It was early in the morning. The sun had just begun to rise on the city of Denver. All was quiet. The streets were deserted minus the exception of a few people who were stumbling around in the cold. The people looked up to see the night sky change, it looked like it was being chased away by the rising Sun. Many knew this illusion as the sign of the Alliance. The people took shelter where they could in an attempt to hide. They all peered out from their hiding spots as five black helicopters roared overhead. They were followed by an armoured convoy of black Humvees. Inside the lead Humvee sat a rather peculiar looking man. He didn't carry a weapon but was dressed in combat clothing. In the Humvee with him were several Human soldiers carrying XM8 assault rifles. They all listened to the radio chatter and heard their location mentioned several times. The helicopters hovered over the Colorado State Capitol Building and awaited the convoy down below to pull up. The soldiers all jumped out of the vehicles and made their way up the steps to the building. The soldiers saw their comrades rapelling down to the roof where they entered through the emergency stairwells. The man from the lead Humvee looked at his watch as he led the soldiers inside. He was the only one not wearing a helmet and that exposed his long blonde hair. The soldiers split up and took off in different directions, the blonde man simply stood in the lobby and smiled as he heard gunshots and screaming from around the building. He turned his back to the stairs behind him and looked out the main entrance at the city, his mind wandered but he soon came back when he heard cursing and panting coming from the stairs behind him. Four men carrying AK-47's fled from the stairs and took aim at the blonde man. He lifted his hand and pointed a finger at the men, they then pulled their triggers. Their weapons backfired and exploded in their hands causing two of them to go flying back while the others simply stumbled around. The blonde man smiled as some of his soldiers entered the lobby and surrounded the men.

Sir, we've found the captured Fallen. (Soldier)

How are they? (Blonde man)

Some of them are pretty beat up, sir. (Soldier)

And, the Cavalry? (Blonde man)

These two are the last remaining members, sir. (Soldier)

Good. Finish it. (Blonde man)

The blonde man then left the lobby and found himself in the Senate Chamber where soldiers were tending to dozens of injured Fallen who had been captured and tortured.

How could people be so cruel...? (Blonde man)


Location: San Francisco, Alliance HQ, Situation room
Time: 0848 Hours

An urgent meeting had been called by the heads of the Alliance and the new Government, for some reason things weren't going as planned. The head of the Alliance, General Stone, and the head of the SAIS, Ozzie Smith, were the two men to look to in time of crisis these days. They had all the answers....Or so they thought. The Alliance was a formation of government agencies and political parties that sought out to return peace to the world and form some sort of agreement with the Fallen. But the organisation wasn't just made up of Humans, it contained a very high number of Fallen who wanted peace and could live in harmony with the Humans. They were the Fallen who were scared. But there are also those within the Alliance who went out and fought for the restability of the world. Many Empathics and other powerful Fallen joined the Alliance to fight the likes of The Elders and other shaddy Fallen clans. Now the Alliance were figuring out their next move.

Our team in Denver rescued over three dozen Fallen and Humans who were captured by the Cavalry. They are en-route back here as we speak. (Secretary of Defence)

Good. Now I believe that is the last of the Cavalry? They are the reason for our painful conflict all these years. They refused to accept the Fallen. (General Stone)

And now we are making up for it. (Ozzie Smith)

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now in complete control of the West Coast! We have managed to create a new form of government and strike deals with the Fallen and Humans that allow them to live in peace. Now all we have to do is worry about the East Coast. (General Stone)

That's easier said than done though, General. The East Coast is full of very dangerous Fallen. It is home to the Elders and several other clans that believe in Fallen superiority. We can't simply go over there and expect them to be civil. (Ozzie Smith)

So, what do you suggest? (General Stone)

If we want Operation Purging Sword to be successful, then we need to put together a team and send them over there discretly to figure out who it is that we need to be striking deals with exactly. We can't go in with our guns blazing, we would be destroyed by their power. Not to mention we would be destroying everything we stand for. We're here to save lives, not take them. (Ozzie Smith)

Alright. Let's do it. Put together a team, formulate a plan and execute it. (General Stone)

The meeting then ended and everyone except for Stone left the room. He found himself staring at satellite footage of Washington and Chicago......
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The Final Conflict RPS   Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:10 am

Location: Columbus, Ohio


Several miles away from the city of Columbus, two vehicles, with two men covered in protective gear against the harsh winds of the dune dart their way across the dunes of Ohio in earnest. Their mission: reach the Eastern Coast of the United States, specifically Washington, and "negotiate" with the ruling power of the state; the Elders. It wouldn't be long before they begin the actual mission and one of them is becoming more and more excited upon the thought of doing so.

In what little remained of Columbus, now but a mere shadow of its former self, it was surrounded by walls of thick wood; standing nearly fifty feet in the air with pointed edges at the top to prevent tresspasses, along with several armed men perched on watch towers that were no further than forty meters from one another, served as the only outside influence to any passerbys. Occassionaly the men would find themsevles bored of watching sandstorms and shoot at whatever moves, be it human or animals, to pass the time.

One of the guards notices the two vehicles approaching, however he could only barely see them as blurry images from afar. He signaled his comrades to what he had saw and immediatly all of the guards go into high alert, preparing for anything.

As the vehicles began to slow down and the guards gained a good enough view, they removed their protective googles and looked in amazement at the stunning machines, completely ignoring the riders themselves.

Futuristic vehicle:

One of the riders wearing the protective gear, a man measuring around 6'2" climbed off of his vehicle and caught the attention of the still-mezmorized guards, snapping them into reality as he made his presence known.

Is this the city of Columbus? (Mystery rider)

The guards kept their voices low as they conversed amongst themselves, plotting to take the "shiny" new toy they have set their eyes upon. One of them, the apparent leader of the guards stepped forth and answered the stranger.

Yup. You've come to the right place, mister. What can we help you with? Would you like to come on in and still in one of our inns? (Apparent leader of Guards)

If possible, yes. And what of the cost of our vehicles being allowed in? (Mystery rider)

Yeah, about them. We have special holding areas for those. Yup. All ya have to do is drive it in and we'll take care of the rest. No need to pay. It's on me. (Apparent leader of Guards)

The mystery rider looked to his traveling partner, who simply shrugged and began to lay back against the vehicle he was operating. The former turned his attention back to the head guard.

How much for two men to enter? (Mystery rider)

There was no pay required.

Hmm...I'm feeling rather generous today so...twenty bucks! (Apparent leader of Guards)

Ten for each? (Mystery rider)

Uh, yeah. (Apparent leader of Guards)

Alright. Seems fair. Thank you for your generosity. (Mystery rider)

Eh, don't sweat it. Come on in, it must have been a long, long journey for you guys. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay. So, on behalf of all of the citizens of Columbus, I welcome you inside. (Apparent leader of Guards)

As the two riders turned on their vehicles the gates of the walls began to open inward. The walls seperated and allowed enough space for the two to enter through, from which they did. A single guard guided the two to the holding areas for vehicles. The guards above began to chuckle to themselves as the head guard went to collect their ill-gotten money from the two riders.

POV of Riders

As both men were escorted to the waiting area where all travelers are kept until they are called upon. Hundreds of others like themselves were waiting ahead of them. Many looked starved and dirty. Obviously they have traveled far to reach the "new haven" that has been broadcasted on the radio, urging any to come for food, shelter, and a new home.

The riders were just about to give in their information when the head guard welcomed them personally.

Ah, my friends! Glad to see you made it in. Come with me, you needn't give in your information just to get inside. I can take you to the best inn around. (Apparent leader of Guards)

You're awfully generous. (Mystery rider)

The second rider seemed to agree. As opposed to the 6'2" behemoth this one only measured a mere 5'9". While the other was calm and to himself, this one was excited and more willing to introduce himself. He quickly grabbed the hand of the head guard, catching him off guard as this strange man began to babble.

Oh yeah he definately is. Once again thank you for letting us in, you're a good man I can see it! It's not every day that people just let us in their place and have us pay half of what the price was!!

The loud exclamations of the second rider caught the attention of several other travelers.

Wait a second, did you say half?! Hey, what's the big idea here buddy?? How come these two losers had to pay half and I had to pay the full-price?! (Angry traveler)

The head guard had been caught. As he began to sweat and the second rider was pulled away by the first, many other travelers began to raise their voice as they crowded around the poor man while the two riders were nowhere in sight. The head guard cursed to himself and pulled out a whistle to force the crowd away. Several other guards jumped in and formed a perimeter around the head guard.

Find those two! (Apparent leader of Guards)

What two? (Guard #1)

The two riders with the new things! (Apparent leader of Guards)

Uh... (Guard #2)

Oh for the love of- (Apparent leader of Guards)

A traveler nailed the head guard square in the jaw as the rest began to pile in, all having been ripped off. More guards poured into the room as it fell into chaos.

Far from the riot, the two riders began to walk through a marketplace as they removed their protective gear. The tall one placed his hand over his ear and began to speak to himself.

This is Agent Light. Agent M and I are inside Columbus and await futher orders. Repeat, Agent M and I are inside Columbus and await further orders. (Agent Light)

Several moments later Agent Light received a responce.

Good. Remain there until the contact meets with you in the slums. He'll be near a red house with grey or silver streakings marking it as territory. As M's instructor you will help him succeed in this first assignment of his. Understood? Over. (Unknown Operator)

Roger that. Commencing the second phase of our objective. Over. (Agent Light)

Agent Light looked over to Agent M as the younger individual had run off has begun annoying a poor soul. Agent Light sighed to himself as he went over to end the conversation, much to M's chagrin.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The Final Conflict RPS   Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:54 pm

They sky is colored orange with a few clouds littering the sky as the sun drops down below the treeline. A lone man dressed in all black is walking down the road toward a small town, one of the last in the area. He slowly reaches the entrance to the city and stops as a guard comes over.
The guard looks up and down the cloaked man with an obvious look of suspician for towns in these woods have been blinking out of existence for the past week.
I'm sorry sir you can'tt enter now," the guard says with a smirk on his face "but if you pay me thirty dollars I'll let you."

The man just stands there looking at the sun start to dip below the trees.
Hey I'm talking to you!" the guard yells.

Then the sun dips below the trees and the day becomes dark. The cloaked man puts a evil grin on his face and then the guard randomly spurts blood out of the front and back of his chest. He falls to the ground dead and the cloaked man walks into the town heading for the nearest building.

The next morning

As the dawn breaks the streets of the town are to be littered with piles of dead people. Some of the buildings are on fire and others are entirlly collapsed. The cloaked man sits on one of the destroyed building, without a scratch on him, looking up into the sky.

"Not a single good opponent here either......." the man scoffs "What a waste"

And with that he jumps off of the rubble and walks off in the oppsoite direction he came.

"On to the next one then" He says with a disturbing grin on his face.

And as he leaves the gate the last of the buildings crumple into the ground.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The Final Conflict RPS   Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:20 pm

Training, training, and more training... that's all Cameron Might had been doing lately. Constant fights and brutal battles, to test his own skill. Cameron Might resided on the east coast...with all the powerful fallen. No exact location, because he forever moved about, searching for more challenges. Eversince his last defeat to Kyle McKenzie, he had the dark urge to defeat him, and end him. However, he didn't allow that to control him. He knew his time to face Kyle once more, would come, so he waited....patiently.

Word about the conquer of the west coast had spread fast. That could only mean the SAIS would be moving toward the East now. Cameron could care less, however many fallen on the other hand, viewed the east as "Their territory", and without a doubt, not hand it over easily. Thus, in view of the hostile attitude of the fallen around these parts... Cameron would no doubt be faced with two situations. 1. To be asked for help against the SAIS. And 2. He'd be confronted by the SAIS anyway. So he figured he'd join whatever fight he had to.

Cameron was either, well respected, feared, or envied. Many fights came his way as a result, which was to his liking. He now walked about the land with a pair of fitted jeans, some Hi Conquest boots, and an A shirt. His tattoos showed along his arms, as a result, which many people were either intruiged by, or afraind of. He wore white combat wrapping around his hands and a third of the way up his forearms. The same wrapping was seen along his legs, and feet, when his shoes were off. Traveling along the east coast, was tiring at times, but it built stamina, so it was all apart of his training. Soon he'd reach his next destination.... West Chicago, Illinois.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The Final Conflict RPS   Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:05 am

New was completely abandoned by the Fallen. Many considered it unsafe due to the virus and so they stayed clear of it. Others simply didn't travel there because they considered it to be "haunted" by the spirits of those who had died during the war. Clearly this was crazy talk. The land itself was safe to an extent. It was merely littered with damaged buildings and rusty cars. Some feared New Mexico due to the rumours that the body of Kyle McKenzie still remained there, with the knife in the back of his head that had been plunged in deep by the "mighty" CJ. Unfortunately, these rumours were true.

Two black Land Rovers pulled up outside the Gold Building in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. The doors opened and four men exited, and a woman. The first man was the notorious Ethan Roberts, the most powerful Pyrokinetic in the Fallen community. The second was the mysterious Alex Cortez, the man rumoured to be an Empathic, these rumours were false though. Alex had simply been given abilities by his former "boss". The third was the effectual Ezekiel, the most gifted and skillful assassin in the world. Ezekiel had super-enhanced reflexes and was able to manipulate people's abilities in the form of controlling them or making them more powerful. The fourth man was Nathan Stryker. He was recruited into Quantum at a young age and has proved his worth time and time again with his metallic abilities. The woman had only been around this group for a few months and not much was known about her.

Does somebody want to remind me why we have come all this way, again? (Stryker)

Because he told us too. (Ethan)

This exact time? (Stryker)

Yes. (Ethan)

Well if he knew it was going to happen why didn't he stop it in the first place?! (Stryker)

Because that's not the way it works, Stryker.... (Ezekiel)

The group stood a few feet away from a body and looked at it. Ethan smirked a little at the sight of a knife stuck in the back of the person's head. The body was that of a man and the man's eyes were wide open, they were white and dead. The group instantly recognised the body, it was Kyle. Ethan lost focus as Ezekiel approached the body and knelt next to it. Alex watched Ethan and noticed something was off about him.

Something wrong Ethan? (Alex)

You reading my mind again Alex? (Ethan)

Not yet.... (Alex)

Lock it down, both of you! We have a problem. (Ezekiel)

What? (Ethan)

His body has been ravaged by the virus, which is why he couldn't control his abilities...or the hunger. If we revive him now then he'll be the same as before. (Ezekiel)

Alex, you need to heal his body. Then Eze can work his magic and suppress the hunger, then return the control of his abilities and give him his full power. (Ethan)

How do you know so much about this Ethan? (Stryker)

Because he told me.......six months before he died, he came to me and told me to rejoin the rest of you at Quantum Industries. He also told me, that he saw his own death and that we needed to revive him five months afterward at this very spot. (Ethan)

Precognition? (Ezekiel)

Yes. According to him, he's seen a future where Fallen are free. But in order to see this future come true, he had to die. (Ethan)

I knew about his vision of freedom, but why didn't he tell us about his death? (Ezekiel)

I don't know, maybe you should ask him when you revive him. (Ethan)

Alex walked up to Kyle's body and knelt beside it, he placed his hands on his friend's back and began to heal him by removing the virus. Now he knew why Kyle had given him certain abilities. Once the process was complete he stood up and stepped back to the others who now watched Ezekiel. The assassin placed his hands on Kyle as well and a form of red electricty surged through the body. Ezekiel grunted and removed his hands from Kyle. The process was complete, now they had to remove the knife. Ezekiel grabbed the weapon and carefully pulled it out. He tucked the knife away in his jacket and watched the body just like the others. They all stood in silence for a few minutes but nothing happened. Ezekiel sighed and stepped over the body toward the others.

Now what do we-----(Ezekiel)

Ezekiel stopped in his tracks as a hand reached out and grabbed his leg. He turned around to see Kyle regenerating and getting on his feet. The others all looked in amazement as their leader rose once again. Kyle cracked his neck and looked at his hands.

Kyle..........How do you feel? (Alex)


Kyle, one of the most powerful Fallen, was alive once again. The best part was, no one knew it...............
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The Final Conflict RPS   Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:09 pm

Darkness fell on the fortress city of Columbus. Guards began to patrol the streets as the curfew began as citizens hurried to their homes to avoid castigation. Few would dare to defy the guards and their oppressive ways, partly because they offer protection, food, and shelter. It was better than the harsh winds of the dunes that much they knew. However, they still could not shake the feeling that they were being exploited.

Meanwhile Agent Light and Agent M, with their protective gear still equipped to hide their identities, hid in the shadows while they made their way to the rendezvous point where they are to meet their contact. They looked at the red house with black, not silver or white, stripes. Agent Light scratched his head in confusion.

I’m pretty sure that this is the only red house around here. I guess I’ll contact agent –what are you doing?... (Agent Light)

Agent M rubbed his hands on the building as if caressing it. He then proceeded to punch it once and wince in pain as he howled in pain.

Ow! Ow! Ow!! Ouch that hurt like heck!

What was the purpose of doing that?... (Agent Light)

Oh, I wanted to see if it was an illusion!

And what made you think of that? (Agent Light)

Because the stripes are black…don’t you know anything?

Didn’t it occur to you that maybe our intel was wrong? God you're stupid... (Agent Light)

To this M didn’t immediately respond. Just as Agent Light was prepared to move on he was startled by Agent M’s sudden appearance in front of him and his babbling.

No! But you can never be too sure. Agent Light you’re so grouchy and indifferent to everything. You don’t know how to have fun. All it takes is a few seconds to study something and make sure that something – like that suspicious black-striped building - isn’t an illusion or we may fall into a trap! A trap Agent Light, a trap!!

Enough! You’re starting to become annoying. You keep it up and I’ll strangle the hell out of you. (Agent Light)

Typical “cool-guy” attitude. You need a woman, Agent Light. Maybe Agent Tempest. She’s cute! Well, maybe not her cause I saw her first. Deal? Alright!

Agent Light rubbed his temples in frustration, trying hard not to become agitated by Agent M’s antics but it was becoming more difficult as the latter continued to talk nonstop. Before Agent Light would succumb to his need to kill his partner, a familiar face appeared before them. The man was of average height, taller than Agent M but shorter than Agent Light. His face was rough and has obviously seen many brawls. He carried a bag with him and held a large knife on his left thigh, which Agent M had taken an obvious interest in.

Well now, ain’t this a bloody surprise? Wouldn’t have thought that I’d find ya here. So what brings ye here anyway, eh? (Contact)

Agent M suddenly appeared behind the contact as M startled the contact in the same way he did Agent Light. The contact was less than pleased to be caught off-guard by this strange individual and would have no doubt tried killed him had he not known he was an ally.

And who the feck are you? You teleportin’ type need to stop sneaking up on me or I’d have to cut your goodies out of your belly. (Contact)

Haha Scottish accents are cool and I don’t teleport I’m just fast. REAL fast! Waaa….that’s a big knife.

You’re damn right is it; want to see how it’s used? Ya feckin’- (Contact)

Erin, are you the contact? (Agent Light)

That I am, and I brought the things the boss asked me to. (Erin)

Agent Scotland-

I’m Irish ya prick! And I don’t have a code name you eejit. May God bless ya, lest he want to cut your throat. (Erin)

Haha…I can’t get enough of it. Irish accents always crack me up. Tell me a joke!

Why you sonnava- (Erin)

Erin, the gear. (Agent Light)

What the feck are you talkin’ about? (Erin)

He’s been drinking too much.

That’s it! (Erin)

The angered Erin, having lost control of his temper because of Agent M’s antics, lunged at the young M and attempted to punch him in the face. M disappeared out of sight, leaving Erin even more enraged.

Where are ya you yellow bellied punk?! (Erin)

Hey Irish, what’s this stuff in this bag? Can I keep it?

What the-don’t touch that unless I give it to you! What the feck is wrong with him!? And he’s your partner?? What are his abilities anyway? (Erin)

I haven’t a clue. He refuses to tell me. (Agent Light)

That’s a s.e.c.r.e.t. that will only be told to my best friend!

Well I can sympathize and quit touching that ya gremlin! (Erin)

Erin pushed Agent M away from the bag he had brought along with him and pulled out weapons, a map, and suits. Agents M and Light stared on in interest and disinterest, respectively. Erin handed them the gear and left them alone while he departed.

If there’s anything the organization needs me to do let me know. It ain’t easy smuggling this stuff in without catching suspicion. And if I don’t get the chance to do so, kill the little one for me. (Erin)

Believe me. I want to. (Agent Light)

After several minutes, Agent M came out of hiding after putting on his custom organization uniform (refer to bio). His fedora hid his eyes while his grin was the only visible feature of his face. Agent Light always wondered what Agent M’s face looked like but the latter always had it hidden. At least he knew he had one.

Hey, quit talking behind my back! Oh, he’s gone. Did you tell him that he dropped his knife?

You stole his knife didn’t you?... (Agent Light)


Not convinced, Agent Light’s hand began to glow an eerie blue as energy began to build up and take the form of a sword. Agent M’s mouth showed that he wasn’t smiling.

Yeah, but I’m not giving it back. So what are gonna do now?

We came here to investigate an Elder and then take him down. He’s causing trouble here and we can’t allow him to obstruct the boss’ plans. (Agent Light)

Which are? Who is our leader? Why are we here?? Tell me!

Let’s go. If we don't complete this assignment by tonight we'll have a lot to explain to our leader and I prefer not to. (Agent Light)

This is gonna be so awesome!

Just shut up. (Agent Light)
Several hours later…

An old man who lived by himself in a home isolated from all of the rest peered through his window, expecting something. For seventeen years he has been like this. Waiting for something to happen. Maybe even for someone. The years haven’t been kind to him as he is left bald and disabled, requiring a walking stick to remain mobile. However, he continues to live his life in solitude. A whistling noise was heard and he hurried to the kitchen. A tea pot was the cause of the noise and he quickly turned off the stove. After getting everything set he pours himself a cup and retires to his chair. He remains still for a few moments as he stares into his fireplace. Just as he was prepared to take a sip from the cup he stopped and stared at his window, feeling as if he is being watched. He quickly went over to a bookshelf and removed a rifle that he had hidden there.
A sudden knocking then came to his door, his suspicions correct. He slowly moved to the door, all the while aiming his rifle and called out to his unwelcomed visitor.

Who’s there? What do you want? (Old man)

The knocking came harder and louder, obviously in an aggressive manner. The old man continued to aim his rifle as he called out to the person knocking on his door again.

I said who is it?! What do you want!? (Old man)

This is Agent Light. I’d like to ask you a few questions, old timer. (Agent Light)

Get off my property or I’ll shoot you in between the eye! (Old man)

Is your name Julius Baker? (Agent Light)

I know no such man. (Old man)

Silence was all that remained. Cautious, the old man slowly made his way to the door and looked through the peep hole. To his annoyance Agent Light was still there, staring blankly at the peep hole, almost as if staring at the old man.

I thought I said- (Old man)

A blade pierced the center of the door and split in half as one went towards the top and the other down. Agent Light pushed through the side that had the hinges and stared down at the old man that had lost his balance and fell.

I won’t ask again, are you Julius Baker? (Agent Light)

Ye, yes…I am. Wh-what do you want from me? (Julius)

Agent Light grinned to himself and attempted to reach out and grab Julius, but the old man would not go down without a fight. He pulled out his rifle and aimed it at Agent Light as he fired a round. The bullet suddenly bounced off of Agent Light and the old man stared in surprise.

I see…so you’re a Fallen. Well, this should be interesting. (Julius)

Julius stood up quickly and pulled both hands up as he made motions with his fingers and Agent Light’s body tensed.
Puppetry, huh? You really are the Elder. Julius the Puppeteer. It’s been a long and annoying adventure. You won’t escape. (Agent Light)

Who’s trying to escape? I have you in my grasp and here you still have the nerve to be cocky!? Wait a minute… (Julius)

A pendant on Agent Light’s suit bore a strange emblem. Upon seeing it Julius smiled.

I see…so you’re one of “them.” Should have known that you’d find me here. Your kind never learns to give up. I should twist your head like an owl right here, right now. (Julius)

Agent Light remained indifferent as he continued to stare down the old man, who was losing his patience.

Now…tell me where you’re friend is. I know that your kind always works in groups of two. (Julius)

Oh! He’s a smart one.

Startled at the sudden voice behind him, Julius was prepared to act when suddenly he felt intense pain in his chest. He was struggling to breathe and his vision began to blur. Julius looked behind him and watched as Agent M held two familiar pieces of himself in his hand but also noticed the lack of blood.

Oh yeah I keep forgetting that you need lungs to breathe. Sorry Light…I meant to remove his heart to give him a peaceful goodbye. Sorry Julius, but you moved and I got the wrong organ. You brought this on yourself.

Agent Light, now free, looked down at Julius as he spoke. Agent M on the otherhand had a wide grin on his face.

Don’t worry about it, M. Our mission here is done. (Agent Light)

Hey Julius, maybe you should use your lungs. Hahaha! Get it Light?

Not funny. (Agent Light)

Whaaaa?? Aww come on!

Julius watched at Agent Light and Agent M left the house, feeling the world go dark and lying on the ground as his heart began to stop.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The Final Conflict RPS   Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:49 am

Cameron walked into this bustling city of nothingness. Buildings everywhere...nobody in them. Either that or they were very quiet... Walking through the empty streets of Chicago was weird for him, especially since he remembered it being so full of life! Now it was just quiet as hell, and windy as f***. Cameron only wished to find one girl...and he knew she'd be there. Her name was Rouge. He knew her from way back when.... and had to see if she was still alive.

Through his long travel in this city, he found someone rocking back and forth in a fetal position. He approached the older man, and touched him on his shoulder. The man shuttered a bit. Cameron could see he was diseased and wounded. The man looked up at him, shivering...

You seem to need help...

I'm fine....(stubborn diseased man)

I know a girl who can cure you...

The man stared with a longing look...

Do you know of a woman named Rouge...I'm searching for her... She's from West Chicago, I figured she'd still be here...

She' longer alive... She was killed by the rebellion. She...She worked for the SAIS you see...(old man)

Is that some sort of crime!?

No... But the people here do not take kindly to it. (old man)

I can tell you now...she's not dead. I will find her... As for you... I can only warm you... Healing other people is not my job...

Cameron then flicked his fnger at the man, who immediately stopped shivering. are a fallen. (old man)

And? What of it...

The man stood up straight, and seemed perfectly fine. He then spoke with a deep voice... as his body changed into a much younger man.

Come with me then... I will take you to Rouge. (shapeshifter)

The guy took Cameron through many alleys, and down many streets, until they approached a parking lot. He pulled up a fire alarm and the ground opened, leading them to a secret basement. The two of them went down together, without words. There was nothing to be said. This was business. Once they reached the bottom. The man whistled, alarming the people below that he was coming... coming with a guest. They reached the bottom and walked down an isle of men and women on each side of them, all in uniform. It all lead to a woman, about 31. Rouge.

Ahh...Might. It's good to see you again. (Rouge)

As it is to see you my dear. You've grow tremendously.

Well that's what time does to you, doesn't it...? (Rouge)

The two of them caught up on time. Rouge was about 5'7, 130lbs, with dark black hair that reached down just above her butt. She wore a uniform as well, but with gold shoulder pads, claiming her officer status. She had fair white skin, with green eyes. A noteable feature she had was her bo on her back. Her main weapon of choice. Her powers came second... She and her unit were one of the top groups in the Chicago area of the SAIS. They were pretty much done here, however.

Cam... I have a proposition for you. I know you've been traveling for quite some time. How about you come with us, so you can get some rest. Then when we need you, we'll call upon you, to help us. (Rouge)

I'm neutral in this war Rouge...

They'll be plenty of worthy opponents for you to face...(Rouge)

...... You always know just what to say...

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Far from war, far from the influence of Government agencies, a former operative of the SAIS organization lives a life of peace and tranquility with the love of his life and their child. For many years he had served in the SAIS. The horrors of war and the atrocities he and his group had to commit for the better of the future always haunts him. The voices of the departed wrack him with guilt and sorrow. Only when looking into his offspring’s eyes could he find true peace.

The life of solitude has let his thoughts run free and given him a reason why not to use his powers. Only concentrating on his beloved and their child. Now, living a life as a human, something that was robbed from him at an early age, has finally given him a new start. He has, however, forgiven the men that have once threatened his well-being and left them on good terms.

Occasionally he lets his mind wonder freely, remembering the good days within the SAIS. Because he had read comics he found it exhilarating that he was in an actual group of Fallen. They were the best at what they did. But everything changed when war broke out. As the thought of war comes to his mind, he takes suppressants, which he has recently been addicted to, in order to help him forget.

His peace and tranquility ended upon hearing broadcasts from his radio at 1:24 AM. The women spoke of recent movement of the Fallen in the East coast led by unknown benefactors. The man knew who it was. The Elders have always been working in secrecy, but recently they have begun to let themselves be known. Perhaps to instill fear because of the many myths and legends of them, most of which were told by those under their service and Kyle McKenzie himself.

The man knew what he had to do. He packed his things, ready to leave and protect his two most precious treasures in his life; to ensure a future where conflict is but a memory and where those with loved ones can finally find the meaning to their lives. However, just as he was prepared to leave, his daughter walked behind him and tugged at his jacket. He looked down, surprised, and bent down to meet her.

Isabella, why are you up so late? (The Man)

The young child rubbed her eyes and looked into her father’s eyes as she noticed the amount of gear on him. She knew all too well that he was prepared to depart.

Daddy…how long will you be gone? (Isabella)

There was no point in hiding it. He sighed and found the strength to look into his daughter’s eyes as he noticed his wife standing far down the hall with her arms crossed, obviously against his departure.

Daddy has to go and deal with some bad things… (The Man)

What kind of bad things? Like bad guys? (Isabella)

Something like that. Isabella, know that I love you and that I will come back. No matter what. (The Man)

Promise? (Isabella)

I promise. Keep praying for me and I’ll be back in no time. (The Man)

The man smiled at his daughter and placed his hand on her head whereupon she began to giggle as she threw her arms around her father’s neck. He rubbed his daughters head as his wife came and escorted her to her room. She came back to the hall and found her husband waiting for her.

Where are you going? Are they on the move? (Wife)

I’m afraid so. The Fallen are finally beginning to come out of the shadows and knowing them negotiations will fall on deaf ears. I should go. (The Man)

Just as he was prepared to walk away the man’s wife ran to him as she turned him and gave a good luck kiss to her husband. He held her close and whispered in her ear as he slowly let her go. She watched as he opened the door and closed it. She looked out the window and noticed him staring into the unknown as he sighed and looked back. When he was done the man began to walk, then jog, and suddenly burst into a sprint for several seconds until he suddenly disappeared.

The man's wife sat on the living room couch and noticed a note sitting next to her. As she read it, she put her hands on her face and began to weep...

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


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On the road for a couple days, and Cameron had fully regained his strength. He was no longer tired. All he did was rest anyway. Rouge and her soldiers seemed to not really need him in the battles with the countless hostile fallen. They'd already been ambushed 4 times, but they were able to fight off each one. Within the RV that Cameron rested in, Rouge came into the bedroom to speak to him.

We're almost to Mississippi now... We've been traveling for quite some time.

yea.... And yet not one worthy opponent eh? You just tryna keep me as a prisoner or something?

They smiled.

You'll get your chance. The further east we go, the more powerful the fallen become. (Rouge)

As if on cue, the RV then shook, and an unhuman roar was heard.

....what the hell was that??

I'm sure it's another fallen... Sounds mutated though. [grabbing her Bo] care to find out? (Rouge)

Cameron jumped up, ready for anything. They both stormed out of the RV to see a beast... 18ft. in height, probably weighing in at a couple tons. It was a purplish blue color, with massive horns and stood on two legs.

Behemoth... Her name is Maria, a strong opposer of the SAIS. Young southern girl about 17.

... That's a teenage girl?!

Behemoth then swung a massive tail at both of them as they had to dodge out of the way.

Girl or not, I can't promise she'll be alive when I'm done...

Not my problem! (Rouge)

Cameron barrel rolled behind the beast and teleported on top of her. She grabbed to throw him off but he teleported once more leaving only smoke. Cameron continued to dodge the behemoth as Rouge called her troops off. As the time passed, all that was left was a cloud of smoke covering the massive behemoth and Cameron. All of a sudden Cameron jumped out, and raised his hands toward the behemoth. The smoke seemed to spread apart, and then stop.... It then went straight into the behemoths mouth and nose, clogging her air passages. The behemoth began to suffocate and flail about.

everybody move!!

The beast kicked and wailed until it could no longer hold on for dear life.... It then slowly fell back, crashing into the buildings behind it.

Well done... You can be a great addition to us. You up for it? Full time...

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As the cloaked man sits on another smoldering reckage that was once a town he looks up into the moon. He wonders if he keeps going east if he will find more powerful enemies, at least that's what he said. But there hasn't been a single good fight yet....
And just as he thinks that thought a convoy of black vehicles comes down from the north. In it included one IFV, 3 troop transports, and one black Hummer. As the convoy entered the destroyed ruins of the town the transports stopped to let off their payload, each one carrying eight soilders in black kevlar armor.
The Hummer stops right next to the building where the man is sitting, and a white haired man steps out of the vehicle. He is wearing a fancy looking suit and tie, as are the other men, expect for one who is wearing a smaller kevlar armor vest, who step out of the car.

"Viktor!" The man yells up "What are you doing here my freind, I thought I told you to head east and join the battle."

"Well, Ewrin..." Viktor spats as he jumps down " You told me to head east and I am doing that"

"Yes but I thought you would be there by now" Erwin causlly says to the man dripping in blood "I tell you It's these towns that you keep attack, and I know it's not because you are having fun doing it because you don't have that smile on your face."

"You be right there" Viktor grudgling says for he hates this man so, he is about the resources not about the glory of a battle. It digusts Viktor so.

"Now then if you don't stop at a single town from now on you'll be there forthright and have those gloriuos battles that you wish for" Ewrin berates.

"So be it" Viktor spats.

And with that Viktor starts trudging along the road to continue on his path to more and more glorious battles that will give him honor. And as soon as the fanatic is no longer within sight Ewrin moves back to the vehicle.

"Do you really think you can allow him to go rampent like that" one of Ewrins agents questions.

"Probably not but as long as he keeps the armies off of me for a while it will be fine" Ewin gingerly answers as the convoy moves back up north again. "But if you want to keep an eye on him you may it will actually work out for me"

And with that the agent, who is a female 5'6" black long hair and green eyes heads after Viktor to make sure he does not do anything stupid, namely kill the wrong people.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The Final Conflict RPS   Tue Oct 19, 2010 5:00 am

Kyle found himself on the top floor of the old Quantum Industries building in Chicago. He stood in a large office with a gas fire, comfy couches and a small bar. He was freshly showered and wore a new set of clothes, a new black shirt beneath a black blazer. His lower attire consisted of a pair of dark jeans and black boots. Kyle stood in front of the windows over looking the city and observed the night. It was cold and it was just starting to snow. But the temperature was the last thing on his mind. He was trying to figure out how to explain himself to the group of Fallen who just entered the room and made themselves at home. He turned around and examined the followers who had saved his life, they were the Fallen he trusted the most. Kyle approached the group.

It seems we have some catching up to. I believe I owe some of you some answers. So ask me anything, and I'll answer.

Okay maybe we should start with how you knew you were going to die? (Stryker)

I saw it happen. At first I was determined to stop it from happening but then I realised it was the only way to heal me from the affects of the virus. During the apocalypse, Ezekiel would travel to New York and use his ability to keep my abilities in check. Unfortunately it wasn't a long-term cure, so I made the decision to let it happen.

And now your abilities have returned to full strength? (Alex)

Yes. All of my abilities have returned, including the ones I thought the virus had stripped me of.

Well alrighty then..........I guess it's time for us to share. (Ethan)

Ethan and Alex escorted Kyle to an elevator which took them down to the facilities beneath the the building. The Quantum Industries premises was the size of five Football fields and was made up of warehouses and a factory which manufactured weapons. Beneath the surface was a series of underground levels containing laboratories, training facilities and monitoring rooms used to keep an eye on satellite movement from the Alliance/SAIS. Kyle found himself being led to a training room where fourteen hardened looking men stood in a straight line formation, they looked like former military. Kyle was then greeted by the illustrious Michael Butler. Butler possessed the ability of Quantum Intelligence and Superhuman Reflexes. The two shook hands on sight.

Welcome back to the land of the living! (Butler)

It's good to be back. What do we have here exactly?

Super Soldiers! Well not entirely. We've spent the last five months tracking down and recruiting large numbers of former military personnel and giving them abilities. Each man before you has enhanced strength, speed, reflexes and stamina. We managed to merge those four abilities to create ONE powerful ability. (Butler)

How many soldiers have been injected?

Two hundred. (Butler)

Good. It's a nice start.

Start? (Ethan)

Yes, "start". A new world order would need some form of security, what better way then to create it yourself? Alex, put a team together and have them ready to move.

And where are they going? (Alex)

With me, to see a man in the Caribbeans...........
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After their “investigation” was done Agents Light and M made their way to the holding pens of their vehicles. Unfortunately, upon arrival they found the guards that had let them through the fortress ransacking one as they took apart a vehicle. Agent M looked to Agent Light who was already making a move.

What goes on here? (Agent Light)

The guards, having thought that their crime would go unnoticed, at least for a bit longer, were surprised to see their guests. An unfamiliar man, the fiercest looking one, stood up and stared at the two agents. It was clear that he was the boss of these men.

Oh no. Leaving so soon? (Head Guard)

You’re trying to sabotage us to prevent us from leaving? Why? (Agent Light)

Isn’t it obvious? You two are the cause of that small riot that I personally had to quell. It’s because of your small friend over there that we had to deal with the rioters and had to give them a refund. (Head Guard)

Agent Light turned around to see Agent M not paying attention. He snapped his fingers as Agent M realized they were talking about him.

Right! Sorry about that guys. Heheh.

Sorry ain’t good enough. We’re taking these vehicle parts. As soon as we’re done with this one, we’ll just move on to the other one. Think of it as paying your debt to us.

We owe you nothing. Our purpose here was to rest for a bit and then be on our way. Put that vehicle back the way it was. (Agent Light)

Yeah tough guy? And what exactly do you plan to do if we don’t? (Head Guard)

Nothin’ I bet. I had to save his life earlier after we went to kill this old man named Julius and-

You’re not helping!… (Agent Light)

What? You killed someone within our walls? Menaces! We can’t allow you to leave alive. (Random Guard)

Agent Light stared angrily at his partner, who merely held a large grin on his face as he pulled out a handgun from his suit and aimed it at the guards. They hesitated for a moment and looked at the pieces in their hands and then the agents.

But we don’t know how to put it back together. (Random Guard)

You better find a way or my friend will pump you guys with lead. (Agent Light)

With little choice given to them the guards went about trying their best to re-piece together the vehicle. It took nearly two hours for them to actually finish. When they were done Agent Light came to inspect the vehicles as Agent M walked closely while still aiming his handgun at the guards. When Agent Light was done inspecting he shook his head as he noticed that the guards accidently removed the plug that self-powers the vehicle, rendering it useless. He gave a sarcastic smirk to Agent M as the latter became a bit worried.

Don’t tell me they removed her plug!

They did. Looks like you’re walking to D.C. (Agent Light)

No! Now way am I going to walk all the way there. That is so not cool with me right now!

Taking the chance to attack the tetchy Agent M, a single guard dashes towards him as Agent M turns suddenly and aims his handgun at his attacker, leaving the guards, including the one attacking, surprised. Agent M then let a grin grow on his face.

Sayonara buddy!

Agent M pulled the trigger but missed his target. Everyone present was silent as well as shocked. How could anyone miss a shot at a person who was only seven inches away? No one was certain. Agent M’s mouth showed disbelief as his jaw dropped in shock.

How in the hell did you miss?! (Agent Light)

I, I, I don’t know! It…it just didn’t hit him! This gun’s busted. This happens every time!

I’ve never seen you use a gun and now you tell me that you missed every shot you ever fired?? You are the worst shot in history… (Agent Light)

Hey, that was uncalled for!

Shut up…! (Agent Light)

The guards made their move. Several grabbed Agent Light as they pinned him to the ground. The others went after Agent M as he panicked and ran away dropping his gun. Agent Light growled in great annoyance as he struggled to get the guards off of him. The leader of the group then stepped in front of him as he bent down to look at his quarry.

Ha! Your friend's a bigger coward than I imagined. Unfortunately for him once my men get him it’ll be their chance to get some payback and I can guarantee that it won’t be pretty! (Head Guard)

Agent Light looked up at the man talking to him and smirked defiantly at the guard. This annoyed the head guard to some degree as he attempted to kick down his boots on Agent Light’s head. However, Agent Light used his leg to kick the guard on top of him as the guard’s head was shoved into the concrete floor, possibly killing him. Agent Light quickly stood up as his hands glowed and two objects came into existence in his hands. He now held two katanas made of pure energy. He took a stance and had a look in his eye that made the guards uneasy.

You asked for this… (Agent Light)

Agent Light spun in a 360 degree angle. The guards around him fell in a pool of blood as he then sliced the last two to death. He deactivated his power and looked down at the ground as he grunted to himself. Suddenly, Agent Light received heard a ringing in his ear as he put his hand on his ear.

Agent Light speaking. (Agent Light)

We have a new assignment for you. (Unknown operator)

Who is it? (Agent Light)

A man by the name of Carlos Albahio. High ranking Elder and one of the many to actually make contact in the outside world besides Julius. You are to capture this one alive, over. (Uknown operator)

Understood. Agent Light out, over. (Agent Light) can drop the military jargon. The kid's not anywhere near you, that much we can see. (Unknown operator)

He's been chased by a couple of thugs. (Agent Light)

You're not worried about him? It will put you at a disadvantage if you don't keep him alive and well. (Unknown operator)

He'll be fine. (Agent Light)

Very well. I'll contact you when the superior has any new assignments to give you. Good luck, agent. (Unknown operator)

After speaking to the operator Agent Light heard screams in the distance as he made his way to Agent M’s position. Agent M met Agent Light half-way and grinned as he saw how dirty Agent Light was, whereas he didn’t have a single tear on his outfit, greatly annoying Agent Light.

I heard screams and assumed you had died. How fortunate that I was wrong. (Agent Light)

Aww thanks man. Wait…you’re not being sarcastic are you?

Come. We leave this place now. I just received word that the next target is on the move. However, because of your little accident with a gun, the spoiling of our mission, and the result of my suit being dirtied, I have taken it upon myself to go about this one on my own. You can goof off if you want but you’re not coming with me this time. (Agent Light)

What!? But I’ve been such a good student! You can’t leave me here man. That’s cold, bro. I seriously can’t believe that you’re actually considering on leaving me alone. Oh my God this sucks! This sucks because this isn’t cool. This sucks because I thought we were the buddies!! This sucks in general!!! I refuse to stay here. No, no, no, no, noooooooo!!!!

Okay! Fine…I was just messing with you. But you’re not going to be the one driving this time. Last thing I need is to fall off because of your lack of hand-eye-coordination. (Agent Light)

Hmm. Fine with me.

Agent M gave a gingerly smile at Agent Light, who rolled his eyes as he walked away. The two made their way to the only operational vehicle which belonged to Agent Light. Agent M made a solemn look at the vehicle that was dismantled, signifying that it was his. Agent Light whistled for Agent M’s attention as he sat on the vehicle and activated it. With Agent M sitting behind Agent Light, but staring in the opposite direction (meaning that he’s looking back instead of facing the driver), the two drove into the street of the sleeping city and made their way to the other side where they will exit to Washington.

So who’s our target this time?

A high profile Elder Fallen by the name of Carlos Albahio. Says that he’s a special one. Apparently he is wanted alive by the boss. (Agent Light)


What did you do to those guards anyway…? (Agent Light)

Nothing much. Just gave them a good view of the world.

Agent Light raised an eyebrow but continued driving the vehicle. He noticed a makeshift ramp near the exit gate and got an idea. Agent Light speed up as he hit ninety miles, catching Agent M's attention for a bit before he continued to stare into nothing. The vehicle jumped into the air as they barely made it over the gate walls. Just as it seemed that they would have a rough landing, two pairs of repulsors appeared from the bottom of the vehicle and absorbed the shock of the landing. Agent M merely laid one arm on his lap and another holding his head up as if thinking.

In the middle of Columbus...

A crowd had gathered after hearing the commotion that the two agents had caused. They stared in horror at the scene they had witnessed as several men were hung upside down from lamp posts, crucified and with their tongues and eyes removed. Their bodies were covered in sheet to hide their disgraced corpses and the blasphemous nature of the killings for many of the citizens, including the guards who were christian. Their faith has become shakened as the legend of the "demon" was born.

Far away from the fortress city...

Agent M smiled to himself as he and his partner road off into the distance. Beginning their real mission.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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It was a dark cloudy day...everything in my surroundings reeked of destruction, death and pain...Why is this happening? - I asked to myself as I wonder around, looking at the dead bodies everywhere, buildings turned into debris, a few survivors crying for their fallen families and friends.

As I kept on walking there was only one building still standing. In the balcony, a man was admiring this horrible scenery, with his hands up in the air, he had a malevolent smile...this strange looking man looked at me, his eyes were blood red, so deep and scary, then suddenly this singular personage rushes towards me with incredible speed, which forced me to go on the defensesive. Therefore, my movements were truly slow in comparison to his.

In the blink of an eye this man comes from behind and seizes my arms backwards. While pinning me to a wall he speaks:

So you are the meddlesome tongue that they sent to murder me, no?...

Without giving me a chance to utter a word, this man strikes my back and extracts my heart, meanwhile my inert body falls down to the ground.

Then out of nowhere an alarm starts ringing, I wake up all sweaty, screaming my voice out...

After I calm down a few minutes later, I cover my face with my hands, and think to myself:

Why am I dreaming this??...I have been having this nightmare for some time now...

As I stand up and goes to the mirror, staring into my reflection, and I place my hand where my heart lies:

Is this how I'm supposed to die?...

Suddenly the phone rings as I rush to answer it:

Me - This is Luna speaking.

Man: You have to come to headquarters inmediately!...

Me - Alright, I'll be there soon.

After hanging up I rushe to go to headquarters, having a really strange feeling.

As soon as I enter to my office one of the secretaries gives me an urgent message asking me to go to the conference room.
Once there a few professional assassins were there.

Colonel Jones: Ah, welcome my dear, come at the front please.

With a smile on his face the Colonel beckons me as he begins talking.

Colonel Jones: This young lady gentlemen has done such an incredible job. I cannot be more pleased with all her hard work. She knows by heart the word efficiency. So going back to bussiness gentlemen, Luna will lead you out during this journey, don't let me down gents, failure is not an option!

As he pats my back he points to my seat, next to his with a package containing all the info for this new mission.

Colonel Jones: Luna, get to work as soon as possible. Memorize everything you need and I want results my dear, don't dissapoint me.

Me - Yes sir!

I salute to my superior and walk out of the room and head towards the armory to get my gear. Meanwhile, the assassins under my command follow closely. This is where the real "Mission" begins.


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In the middle of nowhere, where signs of life was scarce, if not seemingly impossible, a diner was all that was left in a ruined town. Suddenly, The Man appeared out of nowhere as he looked at the diner curiously.

I suppose I could rest here a bit... (The Man)

The Man entered the diner and was greeted with an elderly man who pulled out a handgun and aimed it shakingly. Something spooked the elderly man for his eyes were wide and was sweating heavilly. The Man looked around and closed his eyes as he entered his thoughts.

Listen here, I don't want any trouble ya hear? I'm just resting here until I go on in my journey to the West. The East is no place for me anymore. Damn Fallen nearly took my life and Missy's. (Elderly man)

Missy? (The Man)

Ye, my dog. Come here girl! (Elderly man)

A German Shepard walked out of the back kitchen and made it's way near the Elderly man. It didn't pant or wag its tail.

She's the only thing I have left...she's been with me for nearly twelve years. So what's your story stranger? (Elderly man)

I'm just...passing through. To the East. (The Man)

The Elderly man raised his eyebrow at the thought of heading back to the East.

Why in God's name would you want to go there? Bandits have control over the wasteland, Fallen control the cities, and the "Government" soldiers are blocking the border from a couple of miles from here to prevent any Fallen from coming through. It's perfect here! Listen, you looking for something to eat? I got canned corn and peaches if you'd like. (Elderly man)

Thank you but I have all the food I need. I have to get to the East. (The Man)

Dammit son! Fine. I'll accompany you so that the soldiers won't give you any trouble. (Elderly man)

That's okay I'll- (The Man)

Now don't get smart with me! Just because you're younger than me doesn't mean you don't need an old fart's help. I can still handle things that you can, boyo. Now come on. We're using my truck. Let's go Missy! (Elderly man)

The Elderly man and Missy walked out of the diner as The Man reluctantly followed. They drove across the wasteland for several minutes before the soldiers and the border became visible. The Man had an uneasy look on his face as the Elderly man stepped out to greet the soldiers who immediatly pointed their weapons at him.

Whoa, whoa! It's me! The old man that you let pass here two weeks ago. For God's sakes put your peashooters down! (Elderly man)

The soldiers continued to aim their weapons as a man in a white suit stood above a balconey with a megaphone.

I'm sorry for the confusion but these aren't the same men that let you pass through. Every week we change shifts with other units to give them a break. I'm the overseer of this unit and my job is to let no one through. Understand? (White Suit)

Bu...but I'm not the one that wants to pass. It's the young man in my truck over there! (Elderly man)

The man in the white suit squinted his eyes to get a good look at The Man. He then pulled out binoculars after it was apparent that he couldn't see. The Man stared at him intently.

Ahh. I see now. Give me a few moments to look over this man and maybe I'll reconsider. The policies given to me are rather strict and the last thing I want is to lose my job. You in the truck, get out! (White Suit)

The Man did as he was told and walked next to the Elderly man as they waited. Suddenly, a scanner of sorts burst from the ground and scanned both The Man and the Elderly man. Both felt a rotten feeling in their guts. Missy in the back began to bark as the man in a white suit stepped out and had a grin on his face.

Old man, you realize who or what this man is? (White Suit)

The Elderly man scratched his head as he looked at The Man. He stared at him for several seconds but didn't have a clue.

Julios Iglesias? (Elderly man)

The man in a white suit gave an annoyed look on his face.

Not even close. That's a damn Fallen! And a rogue one at that! (White suit)

Is this true, son? (Elderly man)

The Man didn't answer as he continued to stare at the man in a white suit.

Dear are one of them! I should've shot you back in the diner!! (Elderly man)

Ahem! I hate to interrupt but he's coming with us. Government has some questions to ask him. (White suit)

I just want to head East. (The Man)

Now it makes sense. Why else would anyone go to the East. They'd have to be could I be so blind! You ain't taking him anywhere! (Elderly man)

Old man, if you insist on stopping us then we will use deadly force. You're going against the government if you plan on stealing our property. (White suit)

The Elderly man pointed his handgun at The Man. The soldiers aimed their weapons and were prepared to fire. The Man stared at the Elderly man as he saw the hate in his eyes. He knew these eyes.

I won't repeat myself old man. Just stand down and you'll be on your way. Understand?? (White suit)

Just leave. You'll die if you do anything. If you hate me then I will leave and never be in your sights. (The Man)

Shut up. Shut up! All of my years I have fought against your kind. You killed my family, took my life away, and left me with nothing! You Fallen are all the same! I'll kill you! (Elderly man)

FIRE! (White Suit)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The Final Conflict RPS   Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:49 pm

Rouge gave Cam a shirt (finally). A uniform shirt that said SAIS on the shoulder and carried a few stars underneath the letters. It felt weird to be apart of a team...especially since he was so accustom to being alone, but what felt even stranger was having a superior...eventhough she was inferior. Rouge was his "commanding officer" now, and while he didn't really mind, he felt it kind of....strange.

Rouge now came to him with a very serious look upon her face, as the night fell.

We're approaching a town.... and it's getting dark. We're gonna stop in the middle of town for a very specific reason... (Rouge)

What might that be??

Well... I've been assigned to follow a specific man named Viktor. He's very powerful. He seems to only work at night, and he seems to be an umbrakinetic but....different. (Rouge)

I see... This is why you recruited me?

She looked away...seemingly guilty. Cam sighed.

You want me to fight him...

No. He works with us.

So what exactly is the problem...

They told me to keep an eye on him....make sure he doesn't kill anyone important...

I'm guessing there's someone important within this town?

Someoness. Their's two of them. Two agents I know. Agent Light and agent M. I'm known as agent Rouge. (pronounced reuzh)

Basically....these agents are approaching the town we're approaching now...and they're about to be in trouble when this Viktor guy attacks... correct?

Unfortunately...yes. So, it seems we're going to have to stop him somehow. (Rouge)

......Leave it to me.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The Final Conflict RPS   

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Quantum: The Final Conflict RPS
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