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 Origins Premise, Information & Bios

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PostSubject: Origins Premise, Information & Bios   Sat Aug 07, 2010 6:57 pm


On the Canadian Pacific coast in the province of British Columba, a company by the name of BIOCHEM Medical Corp has created 6 human like creatures that have escaped from their custody. These creatures have wreaked havoc on the lab facility killing many of the workers and security staff. They are now on the run in the Canadian wilderness in an attempt to obtain their freedom.

Now if you do chose to be part of this RPS you can either be Human either working for BIOCHEM, or you could be a local resident anything as long as it helps the story. If you chose to be one of the creatures we call Hybrids or Partis Prorius they are limitations and they can only be 6 of them. Please see the Origins info included in this post.

The Hybrids (Partis Prorius)

About five years ago the Biochem Medical Corp developed six of these creatures by combining Human DNA with DNA from an Alien race. This Alien DNA was found 10 years previous when a Alien craft crashed landed in the mountains along the Canadian Pacific coast. There was no Alien survivors but a team from BIOCHEM Medical obtained a mass amount of DNA along with some Alien tech.

Now the Hybrids are only still in the youth stage as they are only 5 human years old but with the DNA accelerator allowed them to be the size of a 15 year old human child. However there are several traits that these Hybrids have. Psychic abilities, speed, agility, strength and reflexes are twice that of an average human. Their appearance is much like that of a human accept for the white hair, larger canine teeth and their finger nails are retractable much like a cat. The Hybrids have exhibited the ability to learn quiet rapidly, both physical skills and general knowledge.

Physical Stats

Tallest is 5' 7"
Heaviest 165 lbs


Founded in 1951 the BIOCHEM Medical corp. has been suppling the world with medical goods, cures and other medical treatments. However there are several conspiracies say that they are developing weapons of the Biological and Chemical nature for the Canadian Military. Most of these conspiracies are just nonsense, but the fact is....they have and are developing weapons. Security is tight and their secrets are carefully guarded. In 1986 several employees have disappeared mysteriously, and after an investigation by the local and federal police they concluded that the disappearances were mysterious yes but BIOCHEM was not responsible. The case has never been solved and security for BIOCHEM is now extremely tight.
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PostSubject: Re: Origins Premise, Information & Bios   Sat Aug 07, 2010 6:59 pm

Original Name: Jonathan Ward
Alias Name: Xavier Price (Name that will be used in the posts)
Age: 34
Height: 6' 2"
Weight:213 lbs

Jonathan Ward was one of the Canadian Governmentís most used Special Ops Assassins. He was sent out on countless missions to take out several of the Talibanís elite leaders and was successful on doing so. However fate would prove to be a cruel mistress, his wife and new born daughter was in the Twin Towers when the terrorists struck back at the US. Grief struck, Jonathan wasnít able to go on with his work as he believed it sparked the attacks. The Government, gave him a new name and had his face changed by plastic surgery. They also granted him a 50 acre property in the British Colombia, Canada along the Pacific coast along with a lucrative retirement plan. To pass the time away Jonathan aka Xavier now grows apples on the orchard on his property, hunts and fishes.

Xavier is a physically fit person, still practices his martial arts and shooting. His hair is dark brown, his eyes are green and his face is outlined by a thin beard.
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PostSubject: Re: Origins Premise, Information & Bios   Sat Aug 07, 2010 8:40 pm

Original Name: Rodrigo
Alias Name: Gin
Age: Five
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Abilities: None have surfaced but was supposedly able to use basic abilities like his brethren when forced to.

Created in the labs of BIOCHEM Medical Corp. code name "Gin" is the middle child of the Partis Prorius and easilly the most troubled. Gin is a mute and seems to daze off into space at any moment. Due to a special interest Dr. Snow has taken into Gin, he has become the one that has had the most experiments conducted upon him. Fatiuging him physically, mentally and especially emotionally. His fellow hybrids always wonder what happens to him upon being snatched in the middle of the night and returned late in the evening, but because he is a mute he cannot or wants to, simply knocking it off as nothing and thus always keeps his face set in a wide mocking smile, which concerns the other hybrids and is regarded as strange by the BIOCHEM staff. His reason for doing so is as mysterious as he.

Eventually the experiments stopped. Dr. Snow having lost interest due to Gin's lack of motivation and will to finish anything, including the issue of him refusing to use his gift. Thus, he has been deemed a failure. Upon being labled as a failure Gin's self-esteem drops drastically. Becoming even more isolated from his brethren, yet somewhat optimistic about the situation.

However, deep within Gin's subsconcious lies the pent up rage, hatred, and sadistic second personality that calls itself Sever, that takes advantage of his capabilities, including the ability to speak. This has yet to surface as of late, only appearing within Gin's dreams, and threatens to take everything he has. But, with all of the stress and constant bottlling of his emotions, it is only a matter of time before he gives up his current personality and harms those he cares about.

Distinguising traits: Long white silver-like hair, permenant smile that seems to give off a mocking tone, scars from experimentation, inability to speak, eyes are constantly narrowed; rarely ever opening his eyes, peaceful demeanor.

Will add Sever's in the near future.

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PostSubject: Re: Origins Premise, Information & Bios   Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:28 am

Original Name: Josh Taylor
Alias: Reaper
Age: 5 years
Height: 6'3
Weight: 90Kg's
Build: Athletic and muscular
Abilities: Telepathy and Empathy

Reaper is the oldest of the group and is looked to as the leader. He was created two months before the others and possesses a strong will and determination to survive that he uses to influence his fellow Hybrids. During the first two months of his life he aged rapidly and took the appearance of a fifteen year old boy. The scientists could not control his rapid aging and it was decided that they would leave him and focus on creating another subject while he quickly aged and died. Fortunately his aging slowed down and halted after the other subjects were created, leaving him as a twenty-five year old man.

It wasn't until his aging stopped that his abilities manifested, along with his strength and speed. From the very beginning he showed great promise. He learned quickly and was transferred away from the other subjects for an entire year. During that year he undertook extreme training. He was trained in several forms of martial arts and sword combat. The corporation were moulding him into a killing machine, he knew this and deliberately let them so he would be ready. After he refused to undergo anymore training he was returned to his original holding area and showed a lack of motivation that angered his creators.

Reaper is physically bigger than his fellow subjects and looks more like a Human but still has the same traits as the others. His hair is silver and long, he pushes it back off his face and it has a 'spikey' look to it. His eyes are bright blue and his teeth sharp. He has tattoos going around his biceps that look like vines and one that goes across the back of his shoulders that says, 'Messor'.
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PostSubject: Re: Origins Premise, Information & Bios   Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:18 am

Original name: Unknown
Alias name: Astral
Height: 6'4
Abilities: 4 times more agility, strength, eyesight, earing, smell, and pain tolerance

Apperance: Dark brown hair, a musculer build, and dark green eyes.

Bio: After many years of experimentation BIOCHEM changed a regular human into a unstable killing machine. After another few years of complete isolation and brain experimentation they made him into their stalker keeping an eye on the companys other experiments, the Hybrids. The company does not fully trust their monster though and keeps him on 24/7 watch as well to keep him in, they have fitted him with a elctro-shock suit that shocks him enough to tell him to stop.
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PostSubject: Re: Origins Premise, Information & Bios   Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:53 pm

Original name: Unknown
Alias name: Luna
Age: 5 years
Height: 5'2
Weight: 125 lbs.
Abilities: Can read minds, telepathy and able to cause illusions.
Appearance: Very long white hair, light brown eyes, and has a strange tatoo on her back, which she keeps hidden.

She is the youngest of all, which makes her a bit unstable emotionally and a bit naive, yet she can be a threat whenever she feels in danger. She loves her brethren brothers making her able to fight for them or even give her life for one of her hybrid brothers.

Luna has been trained to read minds, communicate using telepathy and able to create illusions, hidden documents say that her tatoo on her back might indicate she has a rare and powerful ability still unknow by them, because tests were starting to be taken, before they scaped the BIOCHEM facilities.


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PostSubject: Re: Origins Premise, Information & Bios   

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Origins Premise, Information & Bios
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