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 Transformers: Time Shatter

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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Time Shatter   Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:44 pm

Inside the base known as Trypticon:

Holy crap Red this place is huge!!

Shut up Claw! We have to find the gun controls and shut them down.

???: Foolish Autobots, you can't not possibly defeat me!

Is that Megatron, is he like on an intercom or something?

I think it is much worse then that my friend.


Red, didn't you say the name of the base was Trypticon?

Yes, but does that mean? that the whole base is...Cybertronian?

As if to answer the confused Autobots the base around them began to shift and change.



Red grabs Claw and the teleport outside to see the entire base beginning to stand up. Before them stand a gigantic Decepticon thousands of stories tall.

Yeah...I just leaked myself.

Trypticon charged his laser and blasted at the two Autobots, Red promptly teleported before the blast.

Steelclaw run a scan on that thing, find out if it has any weak points! All AoF members this is a Red Alert, rendezvous on my position at once.

As soon as the command was issued the small squadron of soldiers appeared next to Red and Claw.

How's that scan going Claw?

Scan is done, and we have a single option and that only has a 29% success rate. But it's the only thing we got. Just before he fires that laser we need to call in all our heavy artillery and air strikes straight to his mouth (where the laser comes out). If we can get that done then his shielding will go down for about 2.7 cycles and that'll be our only chance to take him out. heard the man, let's do this! TIL ALL ARE ONE!



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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Time Shatter   Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:38 am

Rain poured down heavily on the Decepticon base of Naught, and slowly, as the entrance of the base opened, Cipher, now fully encased in cybertronian armor, stepped out into the open. Cipher's sensors on his helmet scanned the area. Nothing piqued his interest. Nothing really did, or rather, nothing does anymore. With his mission fully embraced, Cipher made his trek over many sections of Cybertron. Never tiring, never distracted. He was always moving forward. If by any chance anything were to pose as an obstacle in his destiny, he would simply remove it.

After two hours of walking, Cipher stopped near a deserted city. From the distance he could see nothing but crumbling debris and fallen shells of its former inhabitants. His body language made no motion. Memories of the event in the Ukraine battered him every night since its occurence. Initially, he believed it was due to John Striker helping him nearly cross the valley of the shadow of death, but now he was uncertain. Cipher lowered his head a bit. He raised his right arm and looked into his now metallic hand. His reflection showed nothing but the shell of his former self. He was no longer the same person he once was. Perhaps there was something that made him feel relieved of this, or maybe he wished to forget about his revenge and finally rest. It didn't matter, though, as he began to walk again.

His sensors picked up a familiar signal. Cipher knew all too well what it was for. A screen hovered in his face as he looked at its contents. A live screening gave him the location of his nemesis, including a possible route that he may take. It was towards the Decepticon base from which he left from only two hours ago. Cipher looked back towards the never-ending metal. He sensed the change of events that would unfold. But it did not concern him. Not anymore.

Turning his attention back to where he was headed, he knew his nemesis was heading towards him. He smiled to himself under his metallic armor as he marched forward to whatever fate has in store for him. Whatever punishment he would have to endure for his crimes. Whatever outcome the meeting would have. Whatever chance of him ever going forward with what he always wanted. Whatever happens today, he will ready.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Time Shatter   Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:32 pm

As I walk through the dead city that is in my path to get to the Decepticon base I see the hollow husks of fallen warriors, the crumbling mighty buildings that once scraped the skies of Cybertron. I would have loved to see this place before this war, with that thought I feel so selfish for only worrying about my future. My worry is erased by the sensors in my head gear, a message screen pops up before my eye warning me of a signature approaching slowly.

Too small to be a Cybertronian.

I know who it is, Cipher, the man whom I left for dead. A man I killed for his treacherous acts, but what would make a man betray his own? Money, power or was it that he had no choice? Should I make him pay once in for all for his sins? As I walk towards the signature I think of what my father told me. Not everything is clear why some people do what they do. What may appear evil is actually good and what is good is actually evil. He never explained this to me, he just left it buzzing in my mind when I was young and I still don’t get what he meant by it. Is Cipher good? Who was he protecting? Or does it even matter now, he crossed the line, he murdered countless innocence?

I stop and put my metallic hand upon the side of my head, I never had a problem pulling the trigger on a Decepticon and I never once felt emotion. But days after I killed him, it bothered the fuck out of me, and here I am once again. Do I have what it take to kill one of my own?

I then enter the town square and I scan the area side to side, there he is standing there in this armor. I know it is him, well a ghost of him. Then again we both lost our humanity that day and it is a good possibility one of us will lose our lives tonight.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Time Shatter   Thu Jul 08, 2010 1:53 pm


The Army of Fire has been constantly avoiding missiles and destroying Decepticon drones waiting for Trypticon to fire his primary weapon. After 14 cycles of battle Trypticon finally began charging his weapons.



The orders we carried out, Trypticon was hit.


No, but it sure helped.

The giant Decepticon's sheilds began to fall, giving the Autobots about 3 minutes to barrage him with everything they had. Steelclaw began to grow as he had in the jungle. Killer Red teleported up to his head.

Let's finish this.

You know it.



All the Autobots there began hitting Trypticon, with every blow his armor broke. Once he has been weakened nearly to shut down, Steelclaw leapt up on his back. Grabbing the foul Decepticon's head he slowly began to rip it off. Hydrolics were spewing everywhere as well as energon. Once his head was off, Red flew full throttle into Trypticon's neck hole and went through his body until he reached the decepticon's spark. He grabbed it and ripped it out of it's chamber. Suddenly the whole place went red.


Red flew out of the dead beast.

Everybody needs to huddle together, we have to get out of here quickl!

All the AoF soldiers huddled around Steelclaw, who had now reduced his size back to normal.

So what's the plan Red?

Well, I just hope this'll work.

What will work???

Killer Red screamed out a terrible scream, it sounded as if he was in complete anguish. Within a second, the AoF soldiers and Claw were back at Autobot base. Claw looked around, Red was no where to be found. Claw shot to the sky, he placed himself into one of the anti-air cannons on the base and fired himself towards the now dead Trypticon. When he landed he found Red on the ground, offline.


Oh man!

Claw picked up Red and shot to the sky with him, he flew to the Autobot base as quickly as he could. He only got about half way there when the explosion of Trypticon filled the sky. All of Cybertron could see the explosion. The resulting shockwave knocked Red and Claw out of the air. Claw powered down. When he rebooted, he scanned the area. Only two faint blips covered the radar, he assumed they were some space slugs and grabbed Red and headed back to base. Once they had arrived at base, Prime came to greet them.

Prime: You have both shown great valor and courage in your struggles, and it is because of this that I will allow for the Army of Fire to remain active until this war is over.

Thank you sir. Now I need to take Red and myself to the Medical Bay because i don't know how long we'll be functioning considering our damages.

Prime: That won't be necessary Steelclaw. Here.

Optimus opened up his chest revealing the Matrix of Leadership, he tore two fragments from the spark of Primus himself and handed them to Claw. Claw took one and shoved it into Red's spark and then he did the same to himself. Instantly all their damages were repaired. Red got up.

Is everyone safe?

Yeah everyone got out with the teleport, except you haha.

Then how am I here?

He looked at Claw confused. Killer Red hadn't felt any better before, all the rage that was in him now was gone. He looked at Claw again.

Did you? Come back for me? You can teleport too?

No one gets left behind. That's my rule. As for the teleporting thing...let's just say our anti-air gunman got a lot more than they bargained for today. Come on, we need to rest up.

The two friends walked into base recounting what had just happened.


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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Time Shatter   Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:48 pm

Megatron roared his anger as he found out that Trypticon his special weapons base was destroyed by Killer Red and Steelclaw. They're starting to be an annoyance. Plans have been put so far back with the destruction of Trypticon that they have to move everything to the back-up base. Sensing someone watching him Megatron turned around to meet Darkfather.

Megatron: What is it?! Unless you have some plan to ressurect Trypticon from destruction, I have no interest in what other plans you have! Certainly your apprentice Nemeos was destroyed as well.

Darkfather: This is where your wrong Lord Megatron. Nemeos is alive and better than ever..and with him we can revive Trypticon..

Megatron: Really, well then, WHERE IS HE!

Nemeos: Right here Lord Megatron...

Megatron looked behind and saw the beast...

Darkfather: Now will you listen to our plan?

Megatron looked to darkfather with interest.


On the barren dessert where the remains of the titan Trypticon lay in waste, stand Darkfather and Nemeos, looking at disappointment to one of his creations Darkfather shook his head.

Darkfather: Trypticon showed promise...only to be destroyed by two measly autobots..Nemeos..*walks away* you know what to do...

Nemeos nodded and dug all fours to the ground....his tattoos started to spread around creeping towards the bits and pieces of Trypticon..Nemeos growled as the symbiotes with in his tattoo slowly but surely repaired Trypticon...whe he was finally repaired the black tattoos slowly placed themselves back on Nemeos' body...Trypticon's eyes glowed on line. As Nemeos breathed heavily, repairing someone other than himself and this size for that matter took out most of his strength...Darkfather smiled proudly at his newest experiment. He touched both Trypticon and Nemeos and closed his eyes and teleported into a secluded location where Trypticon could settle..
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Time Shatter   Fri Jul 09, 2010 8:48 pm

The female had her cloak on and was leaning on the wall behind nemeos and darkfather. she listened quietly to both of them. she might be young but she had plans to. she took off her cloak and jumped on a very surprised lion, she patted nemeos on the head and spoke to darkfather, her two shoulders on nemeos head, her hands holding her face.

hey darkdaddy, can i come with nemeos?
hawk, you will just interfere with his mission.

she didnt back off.

please!? megatron wont let me do any fighting because he thinks im just a screw up, and im starting to get pissed that all my hard work of the human failed.
im graceful in the sky, and im starting to want some action to. plus! im great for backup. soundwave gave me new weapons, twin blades and two nullrays.

Nemeos growled not liking that she used him for a chair, but his foul mood just delighted her, she patted his lion head, and looked up at darkfather. come on daddy?

fine...but you will not interfere with his fights, got that?
yes sir!

even though darkfather had given permission to the young seeker, she didnt move for her place on the lion. she had gotten more comfortable and waitted till nemeos was going to be deported out. darkfather's eye twitched, nemoes just growled.

in her mind...
time to prove these cons, i can handle my own wieght around here to.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Time Shatter   Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:20 pm

Nemeos stood atop the hill as he surveyed the new location where trypticon could settle. Troops were coming in from the back up base for added security. Megatron appointed Darkfather and his apprentice to handle the move. He looked down and saw the young decepticon seeker playing around. Nemeos shakes his head, thinking, this little kid will get herself killed if she fought the likes of Killer Red, Kratos and Steelclaw. Just then a voice came from behind.

Darkfather: I know apprentice that she is a slight snag in our plans..but only slight..

Nemeos: A snag is still a snag even how slight...what do you plan with her?

Darkfather: I'll keep her busy, worse comes to worse, she comes with you at least you have back up..

Nemeos: I dont trust her...she might get herself killed, or bad enough that I can barley hold my own with Kratos and Red, now I found out that Steelclaw is a decendant of a pure breed...however muddled his blood is, A part of him is as same part as mine...I can feel it in my tattoos...and I fear if we face, I'll be too distracted because of Megatrons daughter...A slightest distraction, and one of the three could rip me apart..

Darkfather: Impossible, the symbiotes in your tattoo will regenerate you in no time..As for Steelclaw, he may have new powers from Grimlock and the Dinobots, but was it not your ancestor Nemiclos who killed Grimlock and his ilk?

Nemeos: True, but it will take a while to recharge them...and no matter of tinkering will speed them up...and yes, its is my ancestor who killed Grimlock and the Dinobots...but at the cost of his own life....and sanity...Nemiclos died insane because he was too attached to his own primal cravings..A path that I am precariously in right now, a price that I am not willing to pay.

Darkfather: True young one, but you forget, you are different from your grandfather, he didn't have two giant sparks added to his own. Your symbiotes with the effect of the Heracles project amplified your strength a hundred fold...and even if you could not take the autobot trio at the same time, You could slay them in one on one combat....Horridwing is on our side as well so your worries are for naught young one...

Nemeos turns around and looks at darkfather, aside from Horridwing, Darkfather is one of the people Nemeos would only trust, contrary to belief that Nemeos was Megatron's pet, Nemeos could not care less if he died...he nodded his agreement and started to walk away, he suddenly paused and sniffed the air. Nemeos looked up and as he was about to announce the arrival of the Mandalorians, Darkfather laughed...

Darkfather: Horrid's here, I shall go greet them. Remember what I told you Nemeos, show no sign of weakness, not even to the Mandalorians...It is what I had trained you to be...and so you will.

Nemeos nodded and as Darkfather left his apprentice to his own thoughts, Nemeos looked at Trypticon, he remembered that the gigantic base is one of Darkfathers creations....Trypticon was a success, despite him being destroyed, The titanic decepticon served the cause for many years...and he would do the same..
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Time Shatter   Sat Jul 10, 2010 12:23 am

HorridWing flies in with a squad of Mandalorians. They were a vast army within the Decepticon army, and all elite. He only traveled in small groups with them. This time he had only 8 with him. He lands in front of DarkFather and hails him.

All is coming along, Darkfather?

Things are coming along fine. Quite the speedy delivery you had there. (DF)

All thanks to your inventions.

No thanks required. (DF)

What are we to do here, now?

We're setting up a new Trypticon base (DF)

What happened to the old one?

.....nobody filled you in, huh? (DF)

Guess not...I have an idea though. And of Nemeos? Where is he?

He's atop the hill over there? He's been waiting for you... (DF)

HorridWing walked over to Nemeos, who was just looking over the horizon. He seemed to be deep in Horrid just watched for a while. After a few minutes, Nemeos turned around and smirked a bit of an arrogant smirk.

Heh, welcome back...

Good to be back in action.

Did you get my gift?

The upgrade?

HorridWing unsheathed his new sword. It was black, with a blue electric current running around it.

Oh yeah...

Horrid then pulled out both swords, and showed off a bit, twirling them, and flipping them...clashing them together.

I'm unstoppable now.... Kratos won't get away this time...I feel as though I can take them all on alone...

He then put the swords away and looked back at Nemeos...

Now...let's get this going shall we?

Nemeos nodded.

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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Time Shatter   Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:40 am

(Note to Lunar. You put your post in the wrong topic I copied it here to avoid confusion. You can fix it when you returns. Further note this was Lunar's report)

Silence. Silence is all that was heard in the deserted city. The skyscrapers that rose into the air, which once served as the city’s pride, was reduced to nothing more than towers of a lost society. Nothing else remained. The life that flourished here was gone, along with the serenity and peace that reigned. Now, it only served as a battle-ground for the two men, Cipher and John Striker, to finish their long, painful, and scarring silent war. With no one to serve as a witness.

Both men stood facing one another in the middle of the city. Their armor symbolizing the loss of their souls. Ghosts within an abandoned city. About to conclude their silent war. Neither were surprised from the lack of action between one another, and neither seemed eager enough to begin. After awhile John Striker looked up into the air as he watched a cloud hover over from the horizon; paying no attention to the man that has been hunting him down. Cipher, somewhat curious, looked up into the sky as well and imitated his nemesis.

Moment’s later rain began to pour all over them and the city. The two men let out long sighs as they turned their attention back to one another. Both programmed their helmets to slide back into the back of their skulls as their faces were exposed. Cipher’s face was pale and without emotion. His cybernetics covered nearly his entire jaw-line as a metal brace was there in its place. John Striker’s was not cleanly shaven. A prominent scar could be seen on his right cheek, a lasting memory of his mortal enemy. His green eyes, from which glowed with life in the past, were now dim with darkness.

With the loss of his vocal cords, Cipher was without any way of communicating with anyone directly, including Cybertronians. But, the M.I.N.D. project helped to overcome this trivial obstacle with the use of telepathy.
Do you hate me? (Cipher)

Striker said nothing.

I see. So ‘that’ is your answer. (Cipher)

Just as Cipher took a step forward, John put up a hand. Cipher stopped and continued to stare at him. The city was silent for a few moments before Striker spoke.

Why did you betray us; the human race and the Autobots?

Cipher made no reply. Striker sighed and pulled a rifle from his back as he clicked its safety off.

We all have our reason for the things we do. However, my reason is far too personal. (Cipher)

You know, on my way here, I figured that there was a reason for your actions. Was it for someone? Was it for money? Or did you have no other choice, which is a load of bull to be honest. I mean, why else would a human just simply betray his people?

…I have no excuse, nor do I seek forgiveness for what I’ve done. I regret many things but not the way I have lived. I will die with my reason or kill you and continue on. Either way, I would have a fulfilling existence. (Cipher)

The two said nothing more. Both understanding the end of talk and the beginning of the end. Cipher continued to stand still as he stared at his nemesis, with Striker doing the same.

Meanwhile in the Decepticon Base of Naught…

In one of the many restricted areas of the base, there laid a room with many monitors that were connected to Cybertron. Black Sun sat in a chair and looked, amusingly, at a certain monitor. On it, it showed the beginning of the battle between Cipher and Striker.

My dear boy, how long will you last before you finally slumber eternally? (Black Sun)

Another monitor flashed into Black Sun’s face as he stared at its contents. His face showed surprise as he watched the AoF mobilizing. He quickly decided to contact his only superior.

Lord Megatron, I have something I believe you’ll be interested in hearing… (Black Sun)

What is it? I hope for your sake that this is important. (Megatron)

Oh, but it is. The Autobots are mobilizing for war, they even have a new faction that has millions in its membership. I just wanted to relay this to you. (Black Sun)

Interesting. So the Autobots want to end the war do they? Well then, it will be them that shall find their end! (Megatron)

Black Sun smiled to himself as the monitor turned off and switched back to the one he was viewing before. He watched as a building crumbled in ruin.


Smoke covers the rain-filled air as a newly collapsed building lies on the streets of the forgotten city. Using telekinesis to his advantage, Cipher levitates into the air near another building as he stares down at a dot. Without looking and with his mind, a building besides him slowly begins to detach from the ground. Striker, wasting no time, fired off a round with his rifle as it stopped directly in front of Cipher. The bullet turned and began to spin as it flew towards Striker’s direction, who dodged it easily.

I know he isn’t being serious right now. He’s off. Almost as if he has lost himself. Then again, he’s a ghost of his former self…
Cipher threw the building in John’s direction. Striker’s visor quickly evaluated a route that John could take. Striker leapt forward towards the building and slid the helmet over his face. He slammed through a cracked wall and ran inside of it as it flew towards another building. The suit increased his speed by four times its normal along with his strength. He saw an opening of the building and jumped out. As he landed he unleashed his blades from his arms and dashed towards a building. As his speed picked up he began to run upside of a building. Cipher unleashed a mental blast that blew a large portion of the building’s bulk away.

The building began to waver as it leaned into other buildings, causing a domino effect, while Striker continued to jump from building to building, slowly closing the distance between him and Cipher. The latter simply remained in the air unleashing a volley of concussive blasts, destroying remnants of the buildings that Striker is using for leverage. At the very last building, John focused the suit’s strength enhancing ability all into his legs as he jumped into the air and neared Cipher.

Striker then focused the suit’s strength to his arms as he swung. Cipher, anticipating this, repelled Striker away from him as he flew back into a building. Striker flipped as his legs were aimed to the building and bounced off of it ricochet style. Cipher, anticipating this as well, let loose a mental blast. His options slim, Striker transformed his arm into an ion cannon. Cipher’s eyes finally showed emotion as surprised took over him. He became paralyzed with fear as Striker fired a round that engulfed his very being.

Cipher became nothing more than a flaming fireball as he descended towards the ground. After a few moments, Striker walked towards Cipher's smoking body as his body was pelted with rain. He looked down at the mess he had made as his helmet slid back. He bent down and observed the body for any signs of life. Cipher gasped as he grabbed Striker's throat and began to crush it slowly.

As a last resort, Striker used his right arm's blade and slashed Cipher from the waist. The cyborg stared into his nemesis' eyes as he gave a solemn expression. The pain in his eye was gone. He slowly lossened his grip on Striker's neck as he sighed and fell back on the floor, coughing and gasping for air. Striker did the same as he laid on the ground as rain came down.


John's face showed surprise at the voice of his enemy. He stood up and aimed his rifle at Cipher's head, who could do nothing other than stare at him with his remaining human right eye.

Still alive...I see. underestimate my...resolve once again, Mr. Striker. Have you learned...nothing from our last...encounter? O...or are just...just...(Cipher)

As Cipher began to wheeze, his cybernetic eye's glow slowly began to go offline. He clutched his chest and began to pant as he heard his heartbeat race and then go slower and slower until finally he was silent. Cipher never uttered another word.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Time Shatter   Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:17 am

alive...I see. underestimate my...resolve once again, Mr. Striker. Have you learned...nothing from our last...encounter? O...or are just...just...(Cipher)

As Cipher began to wheeze, his cybernetic eye's glow slowly began to go
offline. He clutched his chest and began to pant as he heard his heartbeat race and then go slower and slower until finally he was silent. Cipher never uttered another word.


I look down at his lifeless body as I start to kneel down beside him, I lay my rifle down on the ground. I look at him and think of the pain he must have endure at the hands of the Decepticons. I then take my hand and close his human eye and then stand up all the time I don’t take my eyes off him. I then take some of the rubble that surrounds the area that was our battlefield and give him a burial. Once coved I pick up my rifle and before I leave I stand over his grave.

No Cipher I don’t hate you.

I then start to walk away heading towards the Decepticon base but before I reach there is one more stop to make.
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The Nemean Lion
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Time Shatter   Sat Jul 10, 2010 3:35 pm

Horridwing flew and looked down at Nemeos as both of them sped their way to settle their scores with Kratos, Killer Red and Steelclaw...As they reached autobot territory, Horrid transofrmed into his bipedal form and landed. Nemeos still at beast mode raked his claws on the ground itching to end this..

Horridwing: You ready Nemeos?

Nemeos: I's time to end this...

Horridwing: *nods* lets do this then..

Nemeos roared his loudest. A roar of uninhibited savagery, a roar of challenge to their nemises. A few moments passed as and sure enough, Three figures appeared, Kratos, swinging his sword at the ready. Behind him, eyes glowing red. Killer Red clenched his fist in anticipation, beside him, Giving Nemeos a toothy grin Steelclaw in beast mode thumped his tail at the challenge..

Kratos: Have you come to surrender or die...

Horridwing: *slams his swords in the ground* This is a challenge to all of you...It is time we end this...

Killer Red: Very well Horrid...3 against two sounds fine to me..

Nemeos: No...your fight is with me! So is Steelclaw's fight.. *growls*

Steelclaw: It settled then...what are we waiting for...

As the two decepticon nodded as if to wish each other good luck, Horridwing boosted his jets and charged at Kratos leaving Steelclaw, Killer Red and Nemeos at the ground...Nemeos roared as he ran to attack. So did Killer Red and Steelclaw. The trio charged each other ciruits charging and sparks racing the trio gave in to the inevitable bloodshed to come..
(Nemeos POV)

Nemeos ran towards his enemies dead center as fast as he could. Killer Red at the front drew his sword and swung at the beast. Nemeos swerved and jumped over Killer Red and straight to Steel Claw. Steelclaw mouth wide open almost ripped out a large chunk of Nemeos flank but Nemeos slipped to the right as he landed, jumped and raked Steelclaws side. Hearing his comrade roar in pain, Killer Red came to Steelclaw's aid. Killer Red slashed at Nemeos side. The decepticon beast growled in pain as Killer Red landed on top of him sword raised, Only Nemeos' quick reflexes saved his hide as he slashed Killer Red's back with his barbed tail. Killer Red jumped off Nemeos and returned to his partners' side. Autobots and Decepticon looked at each other, their breaths quick and short.

Nemeos: That the best you halfbreeds can do?!

Steelclaw: As sure as I stand here, I will kill you in the name of my ancestors!

Killer Red: So will I! For the Autobot cause!!

Nemeos: You can sure try!

Killer Red jumped up in the air sword in hand ready to plunge the deadly blade into the lion's heart. Nemeos jumps to the side and swipes at Killer Red, knocking him over. As Nemeos was about to bite off Killer Reds head, a huge tail swiped the decepticon to the side sending him rolling off the downed Autobot. Nemeos got up as he tried to locate Steelclaw. To late, Steelclaw landed on top of him and closed his massive, toothed mouth on Nemeos' shoulder. The decpeticon roared in pain as he blocked out the pain, he planted his claws in his adversary's face raking deeper. Sparks flew as Nemeos' claws raked across Steelclaws face. In a last ditch effort Steelclaw opened his mouth and tried to shake of the Lion. But Nemeos held on, now his fangs managing to sink into Steelclaws sinewy neck. Steelclaw, still trying to shake off Nemeos went off balance and fell down. Nemeos about to crush the dinosaurs neck, felt a fire in his spine. out of the corner of his eye, he saw Killer Red, sword plunged in the decepticons spine. In a last ditch effort, Nemeos shot his tail spiked tail at Killer Red, hitting the valiant autobot in the torso. The pain was too much for Nemeos but he still had to hold on...The three were in a stalemate.

Killer Red: DIE BEAST!!!

Nemeos growled as Killer Red plunged his sword deeper. Fluid seeping out of his body Nemeos crunched deeper into Steelclaws neck.


Steelclaw found strength to roll over thus throwing Nemeos off him and Killer Red in the process. The three combatants, stood up...barley sizing each other...gauging each others condition..the three barely noticed that their tattoos were glowing red, blue and black. In each their respective owners colors. Steel claw finally having enough off this transformed to his bi pedal form and shot a beam of blue energy at Nemeos, following his lead, Killer Red roared his rage and shot his own beam at Nemeos. Nemeos quickly transformed in to his bi-pedal form and blocked with his own energy blast.

Nemeos: I am a purebreed!!! You are not strong enough to stop me!!!

Nemeos' black blast started to overwhelm the now combined blue and read beams of Steelclaw and Killer Red. The two autobots straining to stave off the beam started to skid back.

Killer Red: Claw, we cant loose..

Steelclaw: We wont! I WONT ALLOW IT!

Killer Red: NOR WILL I!

The bodies of both autobots glowed pure their a final shot sent Nemeos energy back. The blue and black light enveloping the decepticon savage..

Nemeos: No....this cannot be!!!

As the dust faded away, and the air cleared, Nemeos' body lay on the ground with a big hole in his chest. Steel claw and Red knew they succeeded. As both knelt and gained their strength both noticed that their tattoos were gone..

Killer Red: What happened to us?

Steelclaw: We must have used all our energy....

Killer Red: Must be...

As they heard reinforcements coming, both looked at each other and smiled, content that the autobots had won the day...
As the two heroes we're carried off to the autobot base, a figure came out of the shadows. looking at the lifeless body of his apprentice. Devoid of tattoos Nemeos' body lay lifeless. The figure moved and touched the body..

Darkfather: You were not ready young matter...we will try again...soon...

With that both Master and apprentice were whispered away....

note: This is my POV..Horrid, Kratos, Steelclaw and Killer Red could create theirs as well.. Smile hope you enjoyed my end version. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Time Shatter   Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:50 pm

I finally after walking for hours I reach where it all started, I stand before the Ark. It has been battered from the assault but I have a trick up my sleeve, well my back. I enter the Ark and head to the bridge, I take off my armor and remove the HyperMatrix, the power source of my armor. I look at it and smile softly, I remember how Prime gave me this and how it saved my ass time and time again. Now I can help them and hopefully things will be different in the future, well I guess I will find out.

I then sit at the command console and press a few buttons that open up the Matrix hub. I take the HyperMatrix and place it in the hub. It glows a brilliant blue and then flashes green then white, the ship comes alive, the ship repairs itself instantly and it starts to lift off. I then look around then I start to speak, I am not alone after all.

Omega Supreme to you hear me?

Hmm, yes Human Striker? What do you wish of me? (Omega)

Well friend its time we take a leap of fate. We need to sacrifice ourselves to stop the Decepticons.

Agreed Human Striker. Our being in this time any longer will cause damage to the fabric of time…so I agree with your plan. (Omega)

We then set course for the Decepticon base and not long we see the first challenge, the massive monster called Tripicon stands in our way. I strap myself into the command chair and hold on for dear life. The Ark transforms into Omega Supreme and we land with a thud.

Die Decepticon Slag! (Omega)

Omega opens fire on the massive beast, he is still not fully repaired so it makes things easier, Tripicon’s defenses are weak and cannot hold against the firepower of Omega. Tripicon groans under the assault, and is to my surprise dispatched rather quickly.

If he had been at full power I wouldn’t have stood a chance but on my first scan I noticed he was at 29% power. Thus I took advantage Human Striker. (Omega)

Good call.

He transforms again and we head on to the Decepticon base. My vitals are weak and I am having a hard time staying awake. Then I see it, the base and as we get closer the guns open fire on us. Omega puts the shield full forward and we open fire back, the guns hit there mark on our shields. I shake in my seat and I close my eyes, so it has come to this. After losing my faith when the war was at it’s darkest I am now putting all my fate in that I will still exist in my own time. Only God knows what awaits me.

The defensive guns pound us and vice versa, I watch as Decepticons evacuate the base and Omega puts the thrusters on full, I close my eyes and pray. With a earth shattering explosion we slam into the Decepticon base…the explosion can be seen 100 miles away, the shockwave is felt the same distance. All that is left is scrap metal and remains of the base.

Meanwhile the combatants stop to witness this massive display of power. The all know something epic happened, but Steelclaw who was always tracking Striker’s movements lost connection with him, he looks at Kratos and Red, then lowers his head.

He is gone.

The battlefield is silent for a moment, then they continue on with the fighting and hopefully some peace will be had.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Time Shatter   

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Transformers: Time Shatter
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