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 Transformers: Survival

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Commander Hawk
Commander Hawk

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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:08 pm

hawk the female stood over a body. She watched as thundercracker kneelt and put
the chip into the males head. Skywarp knelt and laid the ancient armor unto the
mechs body. He was a large Decepticon. Nemisis, the old and ancient Decepticon
was laying infront of her torn, only his head, his legs, and some armor were
still attached. She had worked hard on his head, and knew that the rest of his
armor needed to be found. So she sent the insecticons to get them. Unfortunately
they ate the armor. So she grabbed the last small bits of pieces of primes dead
body, and put it with nemisis. The goal of primes body was easy to get. It was
the mechanics of his system that where hard to put together. After much hard
work, she smiled behind her mask, as thundercracker inserted the chip. Once the blue decepticon had put the chip,
the large Decepticon’s eyes flashed online. The first thing it did, was punch
Thundercracker off, and kicked skywarp away, it got up, and went to punch the
female, but the female Decepticon, took off her helmet and the male decepticon
froze. She spoke to it, a soothing voice, she walked toward the large con, and
put her hand on his arm. She spoke softly, her eyes flashing.

*At ease
Nemisis. I have brought you back to life, for a simple cause. Help me destroy
someone. *

Decepticon looked at his hands, and then his armor, Thundercracker growled and
put a hologram of himself infront of him. Nemisis had Optimus Primes head,
chest, and hands. He had his blade, and his weapons. He also had Vector Sigma
legs and shoulders plus a few weapons. He had large wheels behind him, and some
near his legs. Ancient words where written all over him. She smiled, and spoke
to Thundercracker…

He nodded
and spoke into his comlink.

She gripped
nemisis hand, and told him about what had happened. That his cpu chip was
erased but only the Decepticon history stood, and how he died by The autobots.

looked at Commander hawk and spoked.

*Starscream has
finished with Africa. Now are headed towards Washington.*

shall be heading to earth soon.*
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:12 pm

My vision was impaired for a bit from my teleportation's rusty and not working exactly how it should...but when I came to realization where I was, I dare say I yelped a bit. I was in the sky....freefalling, no parachute. I hit the power on my jetpack to soften my landing....but I forgot to fuel the tank before I left. All I could rely on now, was aerodynamics, my armor and...prayer. I slowed down my descent to earth by flattening out my body in the air. I then shifted my body, hoping to find a softer area on the ground to land, but I was too high up. I couldn't see, and by the time I could'd be too late. I shifted my arkanian shield on, to protect from the heat of entering the atmosphere. Then I shifted on a more physical shield, my mandalorian melee shield. It's made to protect against bashing, slicing, bludgeoning and different types of melee contact...hopefully it works a bit against massive impact. I then turned myself over in the air, so that I wouldn't land on my face and arched my back a bit...landing on the butt is a bit less painful then landing on the back. I just hope i dont break a bone. Then....WAM. I finally made impact, with a smash. I layed there, in pain....fortunately I hit sand...but it still hurt like hell. It hurt so much, that I began to black out....I looked to my left, and I could see the grand canyon...and a massive looked familiar, but I couldn't make it out because my eyes were closing....I then passed out.

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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:32 pm

While me and Dev are on our way to Arizona, my EMP blast had worn off Foxy. She frowns at what happen to her, she is upset that she failed her mission. She then presses a button on her arm and activates her COM link.

Lord Megatron, this is Foxy reporting in. (Foxy)

Huh? Foxy I thought you were destroyed? (Megatron)

No sir, Killer Red failed to destroy me, rather I just lost my memory. (Foxy)

Hmm well then, have you continued on with your mission? (Megatron)

Yes sir but I ran into a snag, but I will be tracking the subject down in a nano sec. (Foxy)
Excellent Foxy, keep me posted. Megatron out. ( Megatron)

With that the conversation was over and Foxy starts to track my position via satellites that circle Earth. After several minutes she picked up my presence and she grins.

So, Arizona huh? (Foxy)

She then starts off in the direction of Arizona at extreme speed. Meanwhile me and Dev are closing in on Arizona and the site were Pain’s body is located, just hen my warning alarm goes off, I check my radar and I detect one Decepticon closing in and 8 drones.

Dev, we have company coming.

Hmm yep Thrust’s drone squad. (Dev)

Looks like it Dev, I think you should land then transform, they might out maneuver you in the sky.

With that Dev descends to the ground and transforms, he starts locking on to drone targets an opens fire, I start to deal with two drones and Thrust. To confuse them I dip down into the Grand Canyon, they follow me and I then start with full speed.

Twisting and turning I push my fighter to the limit, they match me turn for turn, just as I planned. I activate my rear laser cannon and open fire on the two drones, I hit my mark one drone careens off the wall then into the other drone that was trying to keep flight after being hit, Thrust narrowly avoids this and starts to chase me. He locks on to me and opens fire but I manage to avoid his fire, then I see my opening a rock ledge that was big enough for me to fly under, I dart under the ledge and Thrust goes over he looses sight of me but I am directly behind him and open fire….I watch him explode as the missile hits him. I let out a sigh of relief and then radio Dev.

Dev, are you OK?

Yep no problem here John, no drone is a match for the mighty Devastator. (Dev)

I let out a chuckle and meet up with Dev in the air as her transformers back to his flight mode. Next stop, Pain’s base and to revive him.
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Lunar Retturns 2
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Lunar Retturns 2

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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:28 pm

Hours had passed since Captain McKenzie and his team extracted both Delacroix and the Elder Colonel. The latter being carried by four CH-46 Sea Knight's. Delacroix had finally woken up from his nap. He looked out the window of the Black Hawk he was in. A solemn expression fell on his face as he recognized the lanscapes of Greenland.

Meanwhile, in a seperate Black Hawk...

...with all due respect, sir, that monster on board that Black Hawk should be executed. We can just tell command that during the extraction we were ambushed by Decepticon scouts. (Tim)

First of all, that was the one of the least planned-out ideas my ears have had to hear. Secondly, now's not the time for wishful thinking. Although I would have to agree with you to an extent. (Jeffries)

Still...wouldn't hurt to rough up the bastard a bit. (Alex)

Holding thoughts like that is poison to the mind, Alex. Let's just get back to base and then we'll let the Council deal with him. There is no way that they'll let him get away with what he has done.

But what do you think he was up to? In the caverns I mean. (Mikki)

You wanna know what I think? (Alex)

Everyone yelled "no!" at Alex. He merely smiled to himself and began to speak his thoughts anyway.

I think, that the bastard is in cahoots with the Cons. I mean, why else activate this Decepticon? He probably wants it to think he saved it from the cavern it was in so that he could have an audience with Megatron. (Alex)

That...makes some sense. But why all the trouble of finding this one? Aren't there others like the one he found? (Mikki)

Very few, if not none. I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that the Decepticon is the Elder Colonel. As far as our records go, he is not supposed to exist. Merely myth in the eyes of humans and Cybertronians alike. (Jeffries)

You're missing a crucial piece regarding this Decepticon. Remember, Delacroix invented that cult of his known as the "Vessel's Chosen"? They have been looking for the Elder Colonel for one simple reason. He is the Vessel of History, the living container of data regarding almost anything that is to be known in the Universe.

Oh that's right! I forgot that that was what the file said of him. That makes sense, captain. (Tim)

Definately, he wants the knowledge to himself? (Alex)

We'll just have to wait and see what he'll say during the hearing. I can only imagine what hell it will be if the cultists saw his face.

Satisfying their thoughts, the team nodded their heads and were clear of just how dangerous the man that have is thanks to Captain McKenzie's. In some way, though, Kyle did agree with them. Ever since he joined task-forces with Delacroix during a mission to Norway he has never seen him as human. The brief moments of silence within the Black Hawk was broken by Alex, again bringing up a discussion of Delacroix. This time it was about his name.

Hey, instead of just saying the bastard's name, why don't we just call him the "Con man?" I mean, he does have Decepticon characteristics. (Alex)

I'm assuming you're talking about Dela- (Jeffries)

Didn't ya hear me?? I said call him "Con man." (Alex)

Alright enough. We've arrived at the base.

Sections of the earth below the flock of Black Hawks hovering in mid-air opened up to reveal multiple helipads, with each fitting at least two Black Hawks. After minutes of careful landing, the team and Captain McKenzie went on to retrieve the "Con man" from his ride. When that was done, Delacroix was lead to his scheduled meeting with the court. Elsewhere, the Elder Colonel was slowly being lifted down the base.

During the hearing...

One of the N.E.S.T.'s base most talked-about events was about to unfold. The Court vs. Delacroix trial. Delacroix required no lawyer as he felt he could defend himself without one. A sign of his god complex. Feeling that he alone could take on the supreme court. The court members largely consisted of military personnel. The judge was General Sawyer while Captain McKenzie was a jury. Delacroix stood in the middle of the court room, with his hands bound to his back and a collar around his neck. Two N.E.S.T. commandoes stood near as security. Because this hearing was televised on live TV, Delacroix's face was pixelated to prevent his identity from going out in public, for fear of his life, nonetheless. Thousands of soldiers and civilians alike tuned in to the trial. It was already thirty minutes in.

Evidence shown regarding your personal expedition to the island off the coast of Australia, including your actions, has been most...disturbing to say the least. Tell me, colonel, what was it that you were looking for? And what is this "John Macknight" you are searching for? (General Sawyer)

With all due respect, your honor- (Delacroix)

You can drop the formalities, Delacroix. Just continue with what you were saying and be quick with it. (General Sawyer)

As you wish, your honor. (Delacroix)

The crowd murmured to themselves as Delacroix's "high-and-mighty" persona. Kyle leaned against the bench and put both hands under his chin as he continued to watch and listen. One of the commandoes took out a nightstick and whacked Delacroix on the back of his knee, putting the man on one knee as he grunted in pain. General Sawyer banged his gabble just as things were about to become more distressing.

Order! Order! Mr. Williams, perhaps you'd like an early leave? Another act of heroism like that and it's your reputation that'll take a nice whack. Are we clear? (General Sawyer)

I apologize your honor. (Mr. Willains, the guard that hit Delacroix)

Right then. Proceed, colonel. (General Sawyer)

Gentlemen. I am sure that you are familiar with that I have found, yes? Then you should know why I did what I did. Power can only be acheived through the use of tools. For what are tools used for? My church understands the importance of my ascencion with this human body I wear. The limitations I will soon overcome shall be a testament to human evolution. I alone can go beyond the bounds of perfection. I am perfection! You think of me as a madman, a murder, a megalomaniac, a cult leader, a butcher and so on and so forth. These are yourselves perhaps. Yet, here I stand before you. Human perfection, ready to shed from this meager shell. As for Mr. Macknight...well, that's a secret. (Delacroix)

What nonsense are you going on about, Delacroix? Are you saying that you are some sort of God? That you alone, a colonel with a stained reputation, a cult that has been known been rumored to be behind the chemical attacks in Europe, with an obvious lack of morals is the peak of human progression? Plus, you are searching for a man you refuse to speak about? Son, are you some sort of dummy? (GS)

The crowd laughed. Delacroix merely stood where he was, still holding a grin on his face. General Sawyer banged his gabble as the crowd's laughter died down quickly.

It is no surprise that you do not understand the gravity of my words, or of the actions my disciples have undertaken to have you all see my greatness. (Delacroix)

So you're saying that you and your group were indeed behind the chemical attacks? (General Sawyer)

Trying to twist my words are we? (Delacroix)

Look, don't smartass me, colonel. I can easilly have you hauled to a cold cell without a thing to sleep on but the concrete floor, so you'd best wise up. (General Sawyer)

Delacroix's grin died away as the colonel dropped his head to his chest.

Colonel, unless you want an early sentence without the consent of the juries I expect you to lift up your head and look me in the eye. Now, what'll be? (General Sawyer)

The colonel made no motion or reply as he continued to lay his head against his chest.


In the hangar bay where Elder Colonel was held...

Engineers frolicked all about the hangar. The body of the Elder Colonel was strapped to a platform belt as it was lowered deeper underground in the N.E.S.T. base. Two engineers were talking to one another about their personal lives. A small force of commandoes were stationed on the belt for security purposes.

...and she tell's me, "you're always butting in my life. I hate you! He was only talking to me". (1st Engineer)

Daughters. They are sure are difficult to raise. What with the allowance, the boys, the clothing, and privacy. My oldest was the same way. Now I'm dealing with the youngest. (2nd Engineer)

I just don't know what to do. I'm trying to be a good father but she only slips away from me. Glad I only have one, unlike you. (1st) ain't a walk in the park with kids. Would have preferred a son if you ask me. But, I'm happy with my family. Just want to come home and see the wife. (2nd)

How is she anyway? (1st)

Dunno. She's with N.E.S.T. so any info about them is classified. Kinda terrifying, you know? I always fear for her life. She takes too many risks. (2nd) could be worse. (1st)

The eyes of the Elder Colonel slowly light up as its pincer-like hands begin to move.


Back to the court room...

A combat knife barely missed the Sawyer's head as Delacroix threw it with his mouth. Somehow, a knife was concealed within his uniform despite being stripped of weapons and anything that could have been used as a weapon.

Haul him to his cell! Make sure that you put a mouth piece on him! I want no more surprises from him. (General Sawyer)

Hahahaha!! My disciples! Would you kindly free me from these heretics?! (Delacroix)

A row of people in the crowd stood up as a hypnotic gaze appeared on their faces. In the confusion, Mr. Willaims struck the other guard in the face as he led Delacroix into the crowd of panicking civilians. Apparently he was the one that planted the knife when he "hit" Delacroix. Military personnel and Kyle stood up and raised their hand guns as the hypnotized crowd blocked a clear shot at Delacroix as he left the room.

Damnit! We need to get that bastard back!

Just as the Kyle and his team were ready to make pursuit. Their path was blocked by the hypnotized crowd. At that same moment, a soldier's radio began to report a riot. Obviously Delacroix's disciples. In the confusion that would follow, Delacroix may escape.

Oh great... (Tim)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:40 pm

Well shoot...I've gone and forget were washington is! Aw well....let's try this way!

I activated a small space bridge that would send me someplace where I could hopefully pick up some chatter on where this "Washington" place was. When I got through the bridge the faint sounds of gunfire all around. Smoke was rising from a city.

Somebody's in trouble! Better help!

I began my decent towards the city. Thousands of people were rioting in the streets. Mass chaos overtook the whole place. I began to see people tipping a car. I transformed and stopped the tippers with my pinky. A bunch of them started climbing up my legs chanting these weird saying or just plain mumbling. I think one said something about maple syrup. I like maple syrup. I brushed the crazies off "gently" and began heading deeper into the chaotic place.


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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:13 am

I grip my chest with my left arm, the pain was like chest was on fire. The pain almost made me lose control of my fighter, this caught the attention of Dev.

John what is with you over there? (Dev)

I….I am fine.

Dev takes my word for it and we continue to fly towards Pain’s location. This pain was increasing for several days, getting more intense day by day….the arm seems to be even absorbing fallen sparks from any area I am in….I have absorbed 80 sparks or more….the arm never done this before….it must be the Allspark fragment which is part of my arm, but why is it doing this? Maybe Pain will have the answers, that I can only hope.

Finally after sometime we landed at Pain’s location, as I fly over I see an outline of a large figure in the sand and something else…..that armor could it be him??? I dive my fighter down and land as Devastator lands beside the figure. I then get out and rush to the armored figure, I kneel down and check the beings vitals….he is alive but just. I then turn to see Devastator life his brothers body out of the sand…the somber look on his face says it all.

Brother, I am sorry I couldn’t save you before…but soon you will rejoin us. (Dev)

I remove the helmet of the being laying in the sand, I recognize him but his name escapes me at the moment. He starts to wake up and as he sees me he blurts out my name, I can only hope this one is friendly.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:46 am


I awoke to see the one friendly face that I could've hoped for. I'm suddenly hit with a burst of energy as I jump to my feet and look him in the eyes. It's him alright. I almost can't believe it.

It's really you! I've returned to fight by your side, oh John Macknight.


I hang my head in shame as I come to realize that he doesn't remember me.... I take a moment to look upon him, as his body figure has changed a bit. More rugged, possibly from constant travel and hard survival. His face still seems the same, save some cuts and bruises. I then raise my hands, only to hear the charge of a cannon behind me...I turn around slowly...

Reveal yourself, human.

Human!?...can't your sensors pick anything up?? I'm not human, I'm Mandalorian! What have you bots come to??

Wait...Mandalorian? I remember a Mandalorian warrior, but he only went by the name Mandalore during the war.

Which is probably why you don't remember me. He was my brother...I used to be the one to do his bidding. His name was Ta'kentu'la, and he was frozen alive during the war....

Me and John hung our heads simultaneously and had a brief moment of silence....I then looked up.

He stands on your moon, upon the highest crag. We cannot return to our planet, for it was destroyed by the decepticons, and the moon isn't exactly the warmest place to defrost him.

Do you know who it was that froze him alive?

I nodded to Devastator.


A decepticon by the name of Foxy Lady.

I sensed a level of uneasiness in John, but I let it pass....we would come to that road in due time. For now, I could see that Devastator was focused on something different.

Who or what might that be? It really F***** up my landing....speaking of which...I have a splitting headache...

Is it time John? Can we revive him?



My eyes gleamed with realization...

Wait! THE Pain...the one who died in the battle of...wait, so that means if he can come back then...wait! You're........Dev???

He nodded....

Dev and John Macknight! What luck I have struck! Excusse my rudeness...I go by the name of Tutu'kashi, the replacement...Mandalore.

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Commander Hawk
Commander Hawk

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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Mon Apr 12, 2010 5:15 pm

A massive crack in the air startled Both Devastator, and John and mandalore. A blue lighting smashed unto the ground taking off peices of it. A white light appeared as the three sheilded their eyes, a large thundering sound was heard.

there stood Commander hawk, Nemisis. Thundercracker. Skywarp. Before John could speak, they all dashed toward them. A black blur was all you could see, from John's sight. Commander hawk ran towards the human, her wings flat on her back, and used a very surprised Devastator back, as a ladder, she jumped over his large body, and landed infront of him, before he could grab the female, a large mech slammed him to the ground. Skywarp was teleporting and landed behind mandalore. Skywarp slammed both fists unto the ground creating a snake worm. the sand below mandalore started to suck him. Thundercracker attacked Devastator as well. Commander hawk, gripped the human and spoke one word.

he growled and looked at her, his eyes showing hatred. Her eyes though soften and she threw him into a electrical cage, she locked it, and yelled at skywarp. he nodded and jumped over mandalore sinking body, and ran towards the devastator, and used his mace as a hitch up, and jumped unto the air and transformed unto his jet. Thundercracker jumped unto the air and transformed into his jet as well, letting his thruster deaf those with no capable ears. Commander hawk threw a Electrical Emp at Devastator's legs, as nemisis backed away. She saw the large con fall to his knees, she held unto the cage, and grabbed Nemisis hand, as they both teleported off earth.

with a very confuzed human.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Mon Apr 12, 2010 5:39 pm

We come out of warp and land on Cybertron, I am dizzy from teleporting and being ambushed out like that. Damn it I was so close to bringing Pain back….five years of dodging attacks and being captured all going in mere seconds. The female that I know as Hawk looks at me, I growl back at her, the female just smiles at me.

Well human I finally have you, oh how I have such grand plans for you and your magnificent abilities. (Hawk)

I reply with my forearm blade and slam it off the side of my cage, the shock of the energy knocks me on my back. The one known as Thundercracker laughs at me while the one that looks like a jigsaw puzzle ignores me.

Shut up Blundercracker! I do recall me defeating your squad back in the day.

Why you little! (TC)

Hawk puts up her hand and give him a look, Thundercracker backs off, then Hawk looks at me once more, they then enter their base of sorts and my cage is placed on a counter then the bottom of my cage opens and I am dropped into a cell. In the cell is a bed, another room that is a rest room, and damn there is military rations there….she was planning on capturing me it appears. I look around some more and I see she is watching my every move, I feel like a caged pet.

Eat human you need your strength, and please don’t fight me on this human. I mean you no harm, but if you don’t comply with me, I may resort to other means. (Hawk)

She leaves the room with the others and I then sit on the bed, I grip the shoulder of my mech arm which now starts to show Cybertronian writing, I start to wonder what is happening to me…why does this Decepticon want me? I am more confused that I ever was, damn I wish Pain left me dead.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:03 pm

After following John's track, I come to the exact moment when John is kidnapped by Hawk. I try to detain them but it is useless they had already escaped...

Only all I can do is help Mandalore, before the sand swallows him completely, using my tail as a rope, I throw it so that Mandalore reaches it and this way to extract it of his movable grave.
Once extracting it, I try to help Devastator, but since hes has been paralyzed I cannot do very much since he's much bigger in size that I.

After helping them, both were a bit jumpy with me, that is when the interrogatory begins, yet I kept my mission in secrecy.

Mandalore says to me with a challenging look - Who the hell are you and why are you helping us?!

Foxy- I am Foxy Lady and I am John's friend. I knew he was in distress but I came too late...

Mandalore looked at me and noticed something strange about me, but he didn't say anything.
I knew he noticed something about me, yet I kept pretending innocence.

After chatting for a while, we started our way to look out for John, meanwhile I had John's words left resounding in my head, this way making me somewhat confused about who should I serve and what should I do....


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Commander Hawk
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:01 pm

Commander hawk walks towards the large computer and speaks to shockwave, he nods, and gets hit in the head by his mate. a grey female named darkhorse appears, she smiles and says her hellos, shockwave little eye twitches, hawk tells them she needs them here, to their unknown base, both nod. she turns to skywarp and tells him to teleport them here. he sighs and goes to whine, but hawk gives him a death glare. he cringes and nods teleporting out. Thundercracker walks back to the room their holding the human and looks at him. he tilts his head, and speaks.

I doubt you can revive him.

he shakes his head, and sits on the floor a few feet away and goes offline. for a needed recharge. Nemisis walks in and shakes his head, he growls at the human and walks back out. everyone is calm and collective. hawk walks back to the cell holder, she kneels infront of him, and watches his arm. she grins showing her fangs, she goes back to the throne room hearing teleporting sounds. she finds shockwave with a small sparkling on his antenna, looks like its chewing on it, and his mate.

darkhorse why did you bring your child?
ya think Im letting astrodork take care of her?
You got a piont..
so were iz this great spark boy?
over here.

hawk leads both mates to the cell and shows john. john looks up, and sighs. more decepticons he thinks.
he tilts his head to the sparkling though.
why would they have a kid?
darkhorse smiles and rubs her hands.
shockwave is still being slimed on.

can you do it?
we can make his arm ours.
thank primus.

the sparkling looks at john and tilts her head.
skywarp laughs..
human going to die.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:18 pm

When I heard them say I was going to die I just laughed. The Decepticons stood there confused, they never seen a human face with death laugh.

Human, what are you laughing at. Your going to die fool! (Hawk)

I am laughing at the fact you don’t know what your have here.

I start to walk around the middle of the group of Decepts, and I smirk at them all. Thundercracker has enough and throws a punch down at me, rather than dodge I stop his fist cold with my mech arm….the other cons including Thundercracker are silent. With a flick of my wrist I send him on his back, the other cons chuckle but Hawk stands intrigued and thinks to herself “a human with that kind of power, now this is something to keep alive…if I can convince him to serve under the Decepticons I could find out were the Autobot base is and eliminate them forever.” She scans me and notices that my bone structure is now covered in the same metal as my arm, she notices how it is changing me from the inside out.

Change of plans human, you live…for now, besides I think if you die the arm wont work? Correct? (Hawk)

Very perceptive of you Hawk, and you are right. Pain determined that before he died plus he also determined that I remain human with slight modifications to my genetic structure.

I notice the sparkling walking about me and is drooling, obviously teething, I look in its mouth and see a tooth coming in and I place my finger of my mech arm on it…the lil one calms down.

The mother asks me how I knew what to do, I simply replied….children are children no matter what race. Hawk then places me back into a mobile holding cell, were we are heading is unclear.
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Commander Hawk
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:47 pm

A black female walked towards the throne room, her frame sitting on it, as she thought about her brother.
She knew she had to get him back, but why was she using a human for it. What if she and her friends got caught. She growled, and got up.
No. she wouldnt get caught. never. she was the master of deception. she would not go down. She comlinked skywarp.

Skywarp was infront of the human when he got the comlink. he nodded, then looked at the human.
Nemisis got up, and opened the cage, and gripped the human. Commander hawk walked towards them, and spoke to them in a language the human couldnt understand. Skywarp nodded, and He and thundercracker ran out of the cell. Nemisis gripped hawks arm, as they teleported out.

A loud crack was heard, as the female and the large male with the human landed, she looked around, then saw some humans shaking. she despised them, and shot some missiles towards them, the human john tried to fight back, but the male gripped him harder. she walked around a patch of ground as if trying to locate something.
Nemisis put the human down, and watched tilting his head...
Commander hawk spotted what she was looking for...and told them to back off.....Nemisis sheilded John, and skywarp put a shield around them all..

John saw a bright static lighting, as his eyes widen to realize that Hawk was opening her cannon to full power, she put her wings up, and opened them getting ready for the impact. Once the cannon had recharge, a purple blast slammed unto the ground, a blinding light appeared and the human had to cover his eyes....
a few minutes pass..and nemisis lifted his hands from john, to discover a red and black mechanical body appeared from the ground. with offline eyes.
the female transformer kneeled down near the offline transformer, and rubbed his face to show Her brothers face...
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Thu Apr 15, 2010 5:18 pm

I watch as the female, touches the face of a offline Decepticon, she then looks at me and clenched her fist.

Human, all I ask of you is this. Use your arm to bring my brother back to life. (Hawk)

I raise my eyebrow and just look at her, then I look around at the other cons around me plus I scan for any vehicles I could use to help me, nothing. I guess to stay alive I should do what she ask, all the time I will look for an opening to escape.

Fine I will do it Hawk.

I then walk to the body of the fallen Decepticon, Hawk moves away and watches, I place my mech arm on the chest of the Decepticon and it starts to glow blue….the Decepticon starts to move and his eyes light up, I jump off him. The Decepticons and Hawk are focused on this one coming back to life, so much that they forget about me…I then dash off into the forest.

Hawk the human is escaping! (Thundercracker)

Hawk watches as her bother comes to life and then turns to Thundercracker.

Forget the human, we don’t need him….I have other plans now. (Hawk)

Meanwhile I am running for my life through the forest, and after one hour I make it to a small town. I scan for life but nothing, only abandoned buildings and cars. I check my Global GPS and find out where I am…..Asia.

Great how the hell am I going to get out of here?

I find shelter and get some rest, I believe I will needed.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:16 am

I wake up several hours later to the sound of a helicopter flying over head, I pear out the window ever so slowly so I wont be seen, I watch as the helicopter turns into a robot a robot I know as E-Vac. I rush out of the building and shout to him, E-Vac turns to see me the look of surprise on his face.

John!? That you!? (E-Vac)

Yeah it’s me E-Vac, I mean what luck your hear.

Well I got some weird readings here so I was sent to check it out. (E)

Well I am afraid that was me, Hawk forced my hand so to speak and made me bring X back.

Hmm not good, I will take you back to N.E.S.T. there has been some goings on there and they need you, something about the Elder Cornel. (E)

Well lets get going then, they will fill me in with the details.

He transforms and I get in, we warp to the N.E.S.T. Headquarters. Meanwhile Devastator bursts from the trap set for him, he still had Pain in his arm and looks at Foxy and the Mando.

Where is the human? (Dev)

He got taken by Hawk. (Foxy)

The Mando opens up his hand to reveal a vile with a spark in it, John left it when he was taken. Dev takes the vile from him and places it on Pain’s chest, not to long after Pain wakes, body repaired.

Where am I? (Pain)

Brother there is much to do, I will explain. (Dev)

Devastator explains what has taken place and Pain understands what is going on, then they all head to Pain’s lab, what he has planned is unknown.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Tue Apr 20, 2010 6:45 pm

Rows of N.E.S.T. commandoes positioned themselves in strategic viewpoints in a room that was obviously meant for engineering purposes. A large door, barricaded with an assourtment of items and such, was the primary goal of the N.E.S.T. commandoes for whatever lay behind it. And whatever it was, their intent was to keep it out.

Behind the barricade...

The Elder Colonel stood fourteen meters (fourty-six feet) high. His posture straightened out after awakening and removed the commandoes of their weapons, feeling no need to exterminate them. He then closed his white optics as he acessed a nearby computer and downloaded its data. The Elder Colonel then looked at the barricade that blocked his path. He lifted up an arm and watched as the metal creaked and bent, moaning and hollering as they were forcibly removed.

N.E.S.T. commandoes stood at the ready for the Decepticon. A timid, young officer overseeing the even decided to take it upon himself to use diplomacy with the Elder Colonel.

Violence may not be the answer. Perhaps a more peaceful form of communication is better suited to this…I think. I mean, I hope. This is a species from another planet after all. Aww man…I hope he’s friendly. (Warrant Officer Taylor)

With all due respect, sir, this is also a being who is allied with the enemy. We can’t be too careful! (N.E.S.T. commando)

I already said that violence won’t do! Everyone! Hold your fire until I give you the mark…was it mark or signal? Oh God… (Warrant Officer Taylor)

The barricade door then flung open as the Elder Colonel quickly stepped into the room and continued on before Warrant Officer Taylor ran in front of it, causing the Decepticon to halt its march.

W…wait a second there! You are under N.E.S.T. protocol and therefore you are to be detained in the lower levels of this facility! (Warrant Officer Taylor)

There is no time for protocol. I have something that needs to be done. Remove yourself from my path or I will take matters into my own hands, human…

The commandoes switched off their safeties as they aimed their weapons at the massive figure. Some of them were shaking unknowingly. Never has a Decepticon attempted an escape, so they were unfamiliar with this type of foe.

Now, now…there is no need for threats. Please, let us jus- (Warrant Officer Taylor)

What I have stated earlier was no threat. I will not continue to stand here while you ramble over nonsense. Your species has always been so stubborn when it comes to leading a scene. Move aside for once. It will do you some good for once.

The Elder Colonel lifted his foot at he stepped over the Warrant Officer and continued to make his way out of the base. The N.E.S.T. commandoes followed him and attempted to subdue him with non-lethal weapons, but they proved ineffective against the Elder’s strange power.

Eventually, the Elder Colonel stopped in a certain area as he stared up. The group following him stopped and looked up as well, but only say a ceiling. The Elder bent down and a humming noise was heard as small blue flames began to glow on what looked like engines on the Elder’s back.

Everyone back away! He’s going to fly through the ceiling! (Warrant Officer Taylor)

N.E.S.T. commandoes scrambled and took position, ready to fire. Just as they were about to fire their weapons, the Elder Colonel disappeared in an electric storm. The use of a spacebridge nearly blinded all who were present. After recovering his sight, Warrant Officer Taylor looked scratched his head in confusion.

With the Elder gone…what are we left with? Nothing?... (Warrant Officer Taylor)

Meanwhile at Pain’s lab

Pain could only look in amazement as the person he had been searching for was standing right in front of him. The others were just as amazed, seeing an ancient Decepticon using such a regal entrance. He was indeed the very same Elder that Devestator remembered. The Elder, taller than Pain but not Devestator, gazed down on his descendent and his party as he slowly spoke.

This is good...just as I foresaw.

You're the Elder Colonel, my ancestor….Long have I sought after your databanks for the knowledge I craved. For infinite knowledge, I mean… (Pain)

Just as impatient as I was, I see. While there is a benefit to having what I possess, it also has its faults.

The Elder Colonel briefly stops as he spots Tutu'kashi. He bends down and examines the Mandalorian.

I remember these species. Primitive yet filled with resolve...but also with much violence. Not only to others...but to themselves.

Tutu’kashi looked at the Elder with a confused look on his face and continue to watch as the Elder Colonel approached Foxy.

A Foxy that served on Megatron, or still does I wonder? You need not answer. It is not your place…at least not yet. You are proving to be a danger to a very important ally. Do not let your dark temptation corrupt your mind. I do not want to have to cleave you in half, should you falter progress.

Foxy Lady gave a frustrated look on her face and she turned away from the Elder. He continued on and finally stopped in front of Devestator.

You have been watching over him, haven’t you?

As I have always promised… (Devestator)

Hmm. This is good. At least now I know what generation has awoken over the centuries.

The Elder Colonel then places his hand on Pain's shoulder.

Tell me, my descendent, what is it that an old Decepticon such as myself can do to satisfy your thirst for knowledge? Perhaps a taste will sustain you?

I will need more than a taste. I want eternal knowledge. Knowledge of everything this universe has to offer. (Pain)

And where will that lead?

Perfection. To be a being of perfection. Without flaws, without a single ounce of imperfection.

Hmmph. Perfection. Such a term should not even exist. There is no such thing as a perfect being in this world. That may sound cliche, but it is the truth. The average person admires perfection and seeks to obtain it, but what is the point of achieving perfection? There is none. Nothing. Not even a single thing. I loathe perfection! If something is perfect, then there is nothing left. There is no room for imagination, no creativity. No place left for a person to gain additional knowledge or abilities. Do you know what that means? For scientists such as ourselves, perfection only brings despair. It is our job to create things more wonderful than anything before them, but never obtain perfection. A scientist must be a person who finds ecstasy while suffering from that antimony. Who finds disease while he has it. In short, from the moment that foolishness left your mouth and reached my ears, you had already lost. Of course, that's assuming you are a scientist.

And yet you stand before me as the Vessel of History. The greatest design of harboring universal knowledge. (Pain)

I never said I wanted to be perfect, nor did I ever say in my entire career that being a vessel meant having infinite knowledge. In fact, I am not even using a single ounce of the knowledge I have stored inside of me.

What?... (Pain)

You are so naive. Just like your ancestor. But yet, you are my proudest creation. While not perfect, I consider you a success, whereas my so-called Vessel is an utter failure. My time was better spent with you than anything else. Even now, as you stand before me, you are closer to perfection than the vessel I hold.

Pain looks down as he feels anger whell up inside of him. And yet, he feels happiness. He looks up at his ancestor as his white eyes looks down at him. It was almost an overwhelming feeling. An authorative energy was always being sent out whenever the Elder spoke. And Pain admired that.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:29 pm

I get the weirdest feeling when we were approaching N.E.S.T. the place was in a uproar something was up. E-Vac was all in a panic and then that feeling became almost like a voice in my head telling me to go. E-Vac then noticed me in a trance like state and tries to get my attention when I just closed my eyes and placed my hand on my robotic arm and ….. I teleported. I open my eyes to hear my name being called, I look around to see Devastator, Pain, Foxy and Tutu’kashi. Now I am happy to see them but I then get a cold blooded feeling down my spine, I turn slowly to see a massive Decepticon looking right at me. Now I rarely get frightened around Decpts but this one looked at me with a weird conviction in his white eyes, studying me and turns to Pain.

This human Pain, what do you know of it?

I know him well, he is nothing like anything else on this planet. (Pain)

Hmm. As I can see, such power, such a combination of Human and Cybertonian technology has never been tried before.

He kneels down before me and studies me some more, I am annoyed but then again, anytime one of these clankers doesn’t wish to kill me is a relief to me.

What is you name Human?

Before I could speak he places a massive finger on my head ever so gently. I am frozen with fear, and then he carefully lifts it away. He slowly stands again and looks at me.

John MacKnight, yes you have had an extraordinary existence haven’t you? Such creature I been searching for many cycles and here you are?

I turn to Pain and the others, for the first time I am speechless, and what does he mean by…searching for something like me? If my life wasn’t crazy already….here we go again.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:11 pm

I turn to Pain who seems to be quite happy that this Decepticon who I never seen before is here. There must be some connection between them both as they both act quite similar. Is this the reason he went against my wishes and brought me back? Anger starts to fill my mind and I clench my fist.

PAIN! You blithering idiot!

Pain raises his eyes and glares at me, this is rare of me to ever so this much emotion to anyone.

You brought me back for this?! To be a God damn science experiment for your colleague here?!

No no, it’s not like that at all John, the war was taking a sour turn and we needed your help. (Pain)

Right and look how that has worked out! Prime is dead, many others too so I really don’t see how bring me back was of any use! So spill your guts Pain, or I will spill them for you!

I point my mech arm at him and twin ion cannons activate, I growl at him but Pain merely laughs at me. My blood runs cold, when Pain laughs and I know this from experience, that he knows something that is to his advantage. He gets right in my face and smirks a sinister smirk.

I feared this day would come so, oh well might as well tell you. (Pain)

I growl at him while I am pointing my cannons.

Tell me what!?

Dear boy you think I brought you back to life? Ha! No John when I shot you with was with a sonic disrupter ray. I merely put you to sleep for a long time so I could….make the necessary modifications to you. You killed the only chance I had a creating a Trans-organic and I vowed my revenge. However after careful planning by me and Megatron, we agreed that I would switch sides to keep you close so I could continue to make the changes. It’s amazing what energon does when it reacts to the Allspark shard in your arm. (Pain)


I charge at Pain but he is still smirking, he puts his hand up and presses a button on his arm and I stop dead and keel over in pain. This pain around my heart is like 1000 burning knives stabbing me in the chest. I look up at them all with tears of pain in my eyes.

So now you get it John? You’re a puppet, my ever so helpful puppet. You spied on the Autobots unknowingly for me, you been gathering energon and sparks. Ha! You believed you were the savior of mankind? You helped put mankind in the state it is in now, Foxy take Mr. MacKnight to a holding cell, I have more plans for him later.

I am locked in a cell and Foxy merely walks away. My life is one big lie, my body is ever so changing. Even if I could escape, I can’t trust myself let alone anyone. I slump over on my cote and for once in five years I cry, even worst for once I don’t have a plan B.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:42 pm

The Elder Colonel watched as Foxy walked away with John in the cage. He turns his attention to Pain who is humming to himself as his plan sets in motion.

So is this what you have always wanted, my descendant?

Yes. Is that a problem? Do you wish to stop me, my ancestor? Are you willing to cut me down and leave yourself without anyone to carry out your will? (Pain)

I am merely an observer. Collecting evidence of major events and figures from all of time. Such an existence calls for a lack of morals, opinions, especially biased ones, and ignorance. Purposely affecting events will only alter history for my gain, and Primus knows what happens to those that tamper with history's flow.

How interesting... While I do admire you for your being the Vessel of History, I ask that you do not berate me for my actions. Our people will prosper. No matter the cost. I will even sacrifice my life, along with this entire planet to realize my dream. Soon, with John's arm, he will finally help us to piece together the Allspark and only then will we have all of the energon we will need. One day, I will take hold of your knowledge. Perfection or not. And with it, your life. (Pain)

As you wish, my descendant. When that time comes, then you will understand all that I have been telling you. Until then, keep my legacy alive for as long as you can.

The Elder Colonel disappeared with the use of a space bridge, leaving Pain alone as he stared at the monitors of his lab. He then glares at the Mandalorian who activates his cloaking device and suddenly disappears. Pain scoffs as he enters his stasis pod.

Meanwhile, at an abandoned warehouse

Delacroix, along with a few dozen followers left after the short skirmish hours ago, sat on the ground as the followers sat around him. Seven of them stationed themselves near the entrance of the warehouse while eight more at the rear. Delacroix put a knee up next to his chest as he laid one arm on it, letting it hang limp.

My people... Today is a momentus day. The great one known as the Vessel of History has been awakened, and with his awakening, the possibility of me ascending as a mere mortal. (Delacroix)

The followers bowed before Delacroix as the rogue colonel smiled to himself and looked into his right palm as he held a shard of the Allspark.

Soon... I will be the Lord-sovereign of this world. (Delacroix)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Tue Apr 27, 2010 1:26 pm

All the events that just unfolded in front of me are mindboggling to say the least. I can't tell who's good...who's bad...who to fight for and what to fight for. I know I recieved a transmission from the autobots but was it even real? I knew one thing for sure....I had to help John. I found a nice secluded spot where I could come out of cloaking. This thing was just a bit too worn out, to be held on for extremely long periods of time, or else, I would've freed John with the cloak on. I checked my gear, and pulled out my vibrosword. It's been a long time since I've used this thing... I heard the soft hum from the sword as I unsheathed it from my belt and gazed upon it. A powerful weapon indeed, but only when used properly. Unable to be cut through, unbreakable. A conductor, but only upon the blade, therefore I could be hit with electricty, and this thing would just abosorb it. I hung my head in shame thinking of who first crafted it and owned it. My dear brother.... My dear brother would want me to free John right now, so I have to do as he would do! I turn the cloak back on. No need for all kinds of heroic actions. I ran through the halls to see Foxy coming out of a small room. These must be where the holding cells are. I crept passed her, but she stopped.... I froze in place. She grabbed an arrow out of her quiver and tossed it right at me, without the bow. I just dodged in the knick of time. Could she see me? She then sniffed the air...and her eyes landed directly on me. She lunged at me, but i swung the sword and flipped her over me, using the tip. I then came out of cloaking.

I knew it was you...


I raised my sword once more, as I then heard breeching alarms go off. I'm caught...but my brother wouldn't go down without a fight, so neither will I. The cameras must've picked me up, so that gives me a little time to deal with Foxy and get to John. I knew Foxy was a long range fighter, so I figured she'd be easier in close combat. .......I was wrong. She grabbed another arrow in one hand and held her crossbow in the other. She swung wrecklessly. She was hella fast, and it was difficult to defend with only one sword. I caught an opneing as she lost her balance, swinging too hard with the arrow, so I kicked her upward as I flipped back. I then gripped my sword tightly as I proceeded to jump, but as I came to...she had the arrow in her crossbow. She released and caught me in the shoulder. No time to pull it out though. She was already on the rebound. She came once again at full speed, but this time, I lunged. Flipping over her head, I pulled the arrow out and threw it into her tail, which pinned her to the gorund. I then through down a flash grenade, and left once the guards were coming.

I ran into the holding rooms, turning my cloaking device on once again, as I drew my sword and swiped it through the odd alloy of the bars. The vibrosword prevailed once again. It cut straight through and freed John. The guards then came in, as I grabbed John and teleported him outside with me. I then came out of cloaking.

We're not safe yet...

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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:46 pm

A black Jet goes over the heads of John and Mando, the thrusters and engines defying them and around. Another Two jets flew above them, both on their sides, The wings slicing them ground. A loud rumble was heard, as Nemisis and X landed, John thought...oh crap..
Mando got into a fighting position..
The black jet landed near them, and pionted her guns at them.
Accept she didnt fire at them, she growled and fire 6 missiles at the base they were just located. Nemisis walked over towards the base, and grabbed some large boulders and threw them.

The two jets in the air, opened their cockpits, as two very surprised warriors where thrown into the air, by X, and they landed into the cockpits of thundercracker and skywarp. Once their seatbelts where fasten, Thundercracker turned and fired a few missiles at the base, the bullets and missiles hitting the guards, Thundercracker led open a screech, and went towards the sky, John being swallowed by the seat.
Skywarp once he grabbed mando, he teleported above the base, and did some drills around them laughning, Mando only held on to the seat. He when was done, also followed TC.

Commander hawk, looked at X, who looked at nemisis...
Nemisis opened his a small new technology was in his hand.
he let it down gently, as it dug unto the earth...and then like a snake went under the base...
Nemisis grabbed X, and both teleported towards there location, While hawk went to transform, but a female put her into a emp hold...She growled, and shot the female in the chest.....she broke from the emp, turned into her jet, and flew as fast her thrusters could take her..

The small new technology the location that mando and john came out of waas caught into a massive plasma/nuclear explosion, engulfing everything, and then swallowing it.

Up 60,000 feet..

I say that was a heck of rescue.
I feel like a autobot.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:33 pm

A hand landed on Thundercracker's shoulder as he shot a glance behind him. Skywarp, staring down at the now destroyed base, looked at Thundercracker, who was staring at him.

What? (Skywarp)

You put your hand on my shoulder? (Thundercracker)

No. The hell would I want to touch you? (Skywarp)

Look, someone put their hand on my shoulder and I just want you to stop it. (Thundercracker)

Would you freakin' drop it!? Skywarp didn't touch you! Never has, never will. For Primus sakes just the hell up or so help me I'll slice your abdomen and strangle you with your own circuts! (Commander Hawk)

The two Seekers mumbled to themselves as they were forced to keep their mouth's shut, lest they want to be strangled with their own innards.

Commander Hawk looked down at crater that her new weapon had created. She smirked to herself and giggled as she looked at both Nemesis and X. The two then looked back at her as she smiled happily.

Now you've done it... (???)

Everyone looked around in surprise from the voice with no source. They pulled out their weapons and aimed them in separate directions as they grouped together. Hawk was in the middle of the group as her optics darted all over, searching for the voice.

You never did respect my workplace, or my work in general... (???)

A roar of pure anger shock the earth below the Seekers as a large hand smashed through the soil of the earth and sunk its claws into the earth floor. The seekers recognized the figure instantly. It was Devastator in his most agitated form. His size blotted out the sun as his red eyes stared down at the Seekers. Despite taking the blunt of the damage from Hawk's device, he was still at sixty percent of his strength, enough to overwhelm them all. Hawk's optics zoomed in on Devastator's head as she noticed an all too familiar Decepticon with his arms crossed.

Pain! You just couldn't stay dead, could you?! (Commander Hawk)

I was never dead. You really thought that I would not expect an attack from you? You are not the only one after this human. Aslo... I watched your little "battle" with the Autobot in D.C., and you failed not once but twice. My, my. Oh how the mighty have fallen. (Pain)

Commander Hawk scoffed in annoyance, but from her previous encounters with Pain, she knew that letting him anger her would only lead to her defeat. Her scars being a constant reminder. Nemesis stood near her left, while X to her right. She looked up at Devastator and the Decepticon she loathed that stood on the giant's head. Pain looked back at her, sore over the loss of his base, but also interested in the new weapon she developed, which he considered impossible.

Tell me, m'lady... (Pain)

Hawk's face flushed red with anger. "M'lady" was a term of endearment that Pain used to show his more gentle side to her. Now he uses it as a form of an insult.

...What purpose do you have with the human? (Pain)

None of your business, Pain. Why don't you just find another worthless rat to dissect. (Commander Hawk)

This one is special. A lot of my plans...involve his cooperation...and arm. (Pain)

Foxy appeared in between both Thundercracker and Skywarp and she delivered swift blows to the two Decepticons. Skywarp plummeted to the ground as Devastator lifted up his hand and opened it grab him. Thundercracker, however, was still standing and was not amused.

Why you filthy femme! I'll blast you out of the sky! (Thundercracker)

Thundercracker transformed as he flew into Foxy as they began to fight. Nemesis and X stared at Devastator as the giant pulled out his legendary mace and lifted it in the air. The two Decepticons took the chance they saw and darted towards Devastator. Their advance was halted as landmines shot up into the air and blew up in their faces. Nemesis seemed unfazed, but X was not doing so well. He was bent down and his right leg was nearly detached. Nemesis ran towards X, picked him up and moved him to safety. Devastator then turned his attention to Hawk, who was watching the whole spectacle. hurt X. This time, you've really done it, Pain! (Commander Hawk)

Normally I would capture you and then slowly remove your spark as you squirm in agony, but I have other business to attend to. You've destroyed one of my favorite bases. I should actually kill you right now. (Pain)

All bark and no bite, as usual. You're so weak, Pain. And you call yourself a Decepticon. (Commander Hawk)

Hmm. Usual remark from the little princess of daddy. You always were a gnat. (Pain)

Hawk smiled to herself as Pain stared at her, who was also smiling.

Glad to be hated. (Commander Hawk)

Continue to tell yourself that, m'lady. Despite your claim and loving to be hated, your own pain of losing others that love you means otherwise. You want to be loved. Especially by daddy. (Pain)

Shut up. Now you're pushing it. (Commander Hawk)

It's not surprise really. He never really did find you to be Decepticon material. I always agreed. If only he saw you now. (Pain)

I said shut up! (Commander Hawk)

Hawk pulled out dual gantling guns as she aimed them at Pain. Pain pulled out his left arm as it transformed into a shield and a mask pulled over his face. The femme fired off an insurmountable amount of rounds at Pain as the bullets bounced off of his shield. However, some of the bullets made it through the shield and pierced through Pain's body. Hawk smiled to herself as one of her eyes glowed with a red hue. Pain transformed his arm back to its original state as his body slowly healed.

Oh...that's right. You have auto-repair constantly activated. (Commander Hawk)

Power over regeneration seems like a plausible move when it comes to combat, don't you think? (Pain)

Ugh...this is boring. (Commander Hawk)

Agreed. We shall settle this on another day. Foxy! (Pain)

Across the battlefield

Thundercracker lay under Foxy heels as she looked over the horizon. He murmured some words as he was pinned to the ground.

What was that? I can't hear you when you're groveling under my heel. (Foxy)

I said, when I get back up, I will beat the hell out of you! You have no idea what you're up against. (Thundercracker)

You're the ones that have no knowledge as to what you are doing. Attacking us just for battle high? And now look at you. If Pain gives me the order then I will personally stomp off your head. Be grateful that he hasn't. (Foxy)

Thundercracker yelled in anger as he transformed and flew away from Foxy to Skywarp. He teleported them both to Hawk's postion. Foxy smiled to herself and heard Pain call for her and she transformed into her kitsune form and sped across the landscape. A few moments later she climbed up Devastator's body, jumped up into mid-air as she transformed, and landed right next to Pain. The three Decepticons looked at Hawk as she smirked at them and disappeared, along with the rest of her allies.

Hmmph. Good riddance. (Pain)

Meanwhile, in Greenland, Captain McKenzie's team

Jesus Christ! We lost Delacroix and the Elder Colonel! How much more can go wrong?! (Alex)

If you keep bitchin' like that then a whole lot of things can go wrong. You might jinx the hell out of us before you know it. (Tim)

Enough. Stay focused and look for Delacroix.

Captain McKenzie and his team were searching an abandoned town that a patrol reported Delacroix and a large group of armed men being in. They were there to check things out when suddenly an Autobot that come from a spacebridge approached them. McKenzie and the team took an offensive stance as the Autobot put his hands up.

Whoa, whoa there. I am not your enemy. Whatever you things may be...

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:44 pm

Keep your hands where I can see them! We aren't taking any chances with you!

All right, alright! Keeps your hingdiddles about ya. They're up. Are you guys the nist people? Cuz I'm looking for them.

What do you want to do with NEST?

Well...I gots me a signal on this here radio sayin' that ya'll needed help from as many Autobots as possible. So I came here to Washington to help ya'll out!

The Autobot stood proud for a moment then began to "flex" his "muscles".

As you can see I can be quite the help with these babies.

Some of the NEST soldiers began to crack up, Kyle approached the bot.

Ok, you can stop that now. The name is Captain McKenzie and I lead this squadron of NEST soldiers behind me. What is your identification Autobot?

The name is Steelclaw, but you can call me Steelclaw for short. I am the head of the Army of Fire, and now I'm the legs, arm, and torso of it too...cuz i'm the only one! But aw well...ya gotta put your behind in your past, that's what you folks say around here, right?

The Autobot stood there staring at McKenz, hoping for some sort of response. The battle weary commander said nothing.

So uh...What do you want me to do?

The captain thought to himself. Holy crap, you've got to be kidding me. First two escapees and now I have to deal with bolts-for-brains! If I took him with me it'd be a liability. Wait a minute! Then he got an idea, an awful idea, the captain got a wonderfully awful idea.

Alright Steelclaw, he said to Claw with a grin.
There's a guy that is out there we have to bring in. His names John MacKnight, he may put up a fight, but if things go just right, we can get out of this trouble we're in.

So with a snap back to reality Steelclaw left his altered reality where everything rhymed and transformed and headed to find his old Decepticon friend John.


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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:19 pm

With Pain and Commander Hawk fighting me and the Mandor escaped from the area via the underground water treatment canals. Normally they would reek of sewage but after over 5 years of in activity they are much cleaner, but I be damned if I am taking a swim. Not far we found a room used to store equipment, I shear off the lock with my arm and we enter.

The Mandor whom I never could get his name right starts to speak, my head is filled with much confusion and doubt now. Will I just turn on the Autobots if I return? I then start to listen to him.

John, I know your mind is filled with much doubt right now and to tell you the truth I am very much as confused as you. But I believe that if you can move the arm with you mind, then you can override what control Pain has over you.

Umm, right with a mere press of a button he put me down.

He grabs my arm and places a odd device on it, it then puts up a holographic display of the inner workings of my arm….I look at in awe. Then I see it, hidden but not too hidden I see a engeron limiter. It is a device used to control energon flow, also it had a pulse refractor with it, it acts like a shock taser. I then pop off the arm panel and the Mando then carefully removes the items, he also found that a control module was disconnected and reattached it. I then close the panel and I start to cycle through the abilities list. He looks at me as I grin.

What is it?

Oh I believe the prey has just become the predator.

Good! You have that fighting spirit my brother spoke of. So do you have a plan?

I do, we find Wheeljack and Ratchet. They will make sure the arm has no more surprises, also we need to get your gear fixed. I would use my GPS but the Decepts will home in on it. So no tech until absolutely needed.

Are you sure that’s a good idea?

My friend I lived like an animal for 5 years, running, hiding and scavenging to survive. I know how to go undetected, furthermore after 5 years I learned to quit being such a punk and accept what has happened.


No buts, I never asked for this arm and all I did was feel sorry for myself. I felt totally responsible for the way things are in the world, but arm or no arm the Decepticons would still be hear trying to take over the world. This arm is a blessing and I intend to use it for the right reason.


I start to chuckle a bit and then I start to walk out the door, he follows and we start heading northeast.

Yeah I know, I was rambling on there, I am not the hero type but I guess I will have to do.

We walk on with our plan in action, lets just home Ratchet and Wheeljack are still alive.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:45 pm

We come to the end of the tunnel, there was no way to go further
underground undetected. The only way forward was to go topside via a
manhole that leads to the streets above. We climb the rusty ladder and
we finally push the steel lid over. The clank of the lid on the concrete
echoed through the empty city. We stand in the street and look around,
no sign of anybody.

Well this city use to be full of life, now I only
sense death.

I know my friend, many of Earth’s cities have
fallen to this state.

I then catch something out of the corner of my eye, I signal to the
Mando to take cover. We hide beside a large overturned bus and I peer to
see what spooked me. There it is, or more appropriately her. It’s Foxy
she had caught my scent and she must have been tracking me for sometime.
With her on our tail we will never make it to our destination, so I got
an idea.

Turtu’kashi, we need to split up. Foxy is after me
and will not rest until she catches me.

Well that’s correct, she is a persistent one. Hey you got my name right.

I chuckle and then take out a key card, then hand it to him.

What’s this?

Give that to Wheeljack and say this…. Spark Hammer.

Umm why that?

It will confirm that you know me and get you in to
his workshop. Judging by were I am, it is 15 blocks northeast. Keep
going, I will buy you sometime.

But what happens if she catches you?

Well, lets be more positive and hope that she

We both agree to the plan and he cloaks himself and moves on, I continue
down the street and come to a motorcycle shop. Meanwhile Foxy is
sniffing the air for my scent and finally zeros in on me. Suddenly I
burst out of the motorcycle shop riding a black Hayabusa motorcycle, one
of the fastest in the world. I rev the motor and scream away from her,
she follows me in her kitsune form at top speed. I quickly match her
speed and the chase is on.

I speed through the city streets at top speed, dipping and diving around
the rubble and wreckage. She matches me for every move and is careful
not to try to knock me off the cycle without harming me. She definitely
been told to return me unharmed, but as I look back through the visor of
my flight helmet I can see she is enjoying the thrill of the chase
almost as if she is in a race. I return my focus to the road ahead to
see the bridge ahead of me is out, there is no avenue around it so I
slide the cycle sideways which puts me into a slide, I stop mere inches
from the drop. As it stops I breath a sigh of relief, then I see Foxy
stopping and transforming into her robot mode, she draws her weapons.

Alright John fun is fun but your coming with me. (Foxy)

I sit on the cycle looking ever so defiant, I then activate my arm to
integration mode and the cycle converts to battle armor, it forms up
with my existing armor and I resemble that of a small transformer. Foxy
just stares in awe as she looks at this marvel she has just witnessed. I
active the twin ion rifles on the arms and get ready to fight. I just
hope that I bought Tutu’kashi some time.

I glare back at Foxy and then hold in a fighting stance, she equals me in that and I then get the idea, start to use my best mind.

So Foxy, tell me. When are you going to start thinking for yourself and be your own girl? Or are you just a puppet like I was?

She stand silent, the female is confused and as I thought she is still looking for her purpose in life.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformers: Survival   

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Transformers: Survival
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