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Commander Hawk
Commander Hawk

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PostSubject: Transformers:Legends   Fri Feb 26, 2010 10:53 am

A loud crack was heard, as starscream was slammed unto the wall, growling, Megatrons gun smoking.
Megatron: you pathectic peice of slag. Do not make me tear you apart.
A female saw this from a corner, her eyes red.
Starscream: this was not my fault lord megatron! it was your daughters!
Her eyes glowed darker, as she stepped out of the shadows, and stood behind Megatron.
Megatron: what could she possibly do? she is a waste like your self.
Starscream growled, and slammed The female down, gripping her neck.
Starscream: Its because of you, this happens to me!
The female stared at the second commander, her eyes emotionless.
Megatron: Soundwave take this pathectic trash to the med bay.
Soundwave: Yes lord Megatron.
Megatron turned around, as glared at the female.
Megatron: Pathectic. Decepticon Trash.

The female stood there, her anger growing inside her, her face emotionless. inside she wanted destroy him, and everyone who knew her.
the female glared as a large decepticon, in black and gold walked past her, and stood tall and proud.
Megatron: I want you to take my daughter here for a train up, make sure you pound into her cpu, that i do not like failure.
Havoc Nemisis: Yes lord Megatron.
The large mech turned around, and pushed the female back, and barked orders into her face..
the female walked off towards the exit.

The female stood in the ground, her eyes directed down to her feet, outside to the left and right, other decepticons sat watching, usually she got beaten down, but something seemed wrong. Havoc nemisis gripped his guns, and shot at her, she looked up as the first of the bullets were being shot at, she moved side to side, escaping the bullets. she looked up, and took out her gattling gun arm, and shot several times at the larger mech, he took hits, as she vanished, and appeared infront of him,slamming Devastator's Mace into his chest, knocking him back a good 2 miles.
She stood there, and threw the other cons weapon off, and turned to the decepticon base.
her eyes still emotionless.

Hawk: Hawk, reporting for duty.
Kratos: good. the Devils Own are back.
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