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 Realm 2

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:59 pm

I warp 2 miles outside of Calista knowing that Tobias has a warp barrier blocking me from just warping into his throne room. In a clearing I meditate, I have been feeling a change within me, I have been hearing the voices from the past Grand Masters and Paladins from the MacKnight clan talking. I have been feeling a grand understanding of all the knowledge from the Founder’s stone and the Sword of Light, suddenly my armor starts to change more streamlined and mobile. Black armor with red/gold trim, the Sword of Light is changed to another sword, the Avenger Sword.

I stand up and look upon myself, I then hold the sword in my hand and look toward the full moon in the night sky.

Tobias, John the Avenger is coming for your soul.

I start running through the forest at top speed, never have I felt so strong, fast and driven to destroy someone…..this war ends tonight.
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Lunar Retturns 2
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:25 pm

The heroes, minus John, were mounted on their steeds as they faced the remaining forces of defenders. Only 12,000 men strong remained. Ahead, towards Calista, McGill's forces numbered in the hundred thousands. There were far more there than what was sent to destroy them, and it nearly did. Hope for this fight was zero. Yet, the heroes and the remaining defenders stood strong, facing towards the far west of Nystoria.

Kratos looked up at the Light Kingdom. It's beauty glimmering in the red sun's rays. He felt a bit of sadness in his soul, but he knew what needed to be done. He looked to the others, they were all ready. Their eyes were filled with bravery, as were their voices when they yelled to the defenders under their command to march forth to the west.

Dielli said nothing while riding on horseback. The Kingdom of Light's scenery began to fade as he and the others continued marching. He felt the same sadness as Kratos, perhaps even more so. Hëna's eyes were still filled with tears from the amount of men lost during the battle. A horse rode up next to her as the rider placed his hand on her shoulder.

You alright? (Tattoed Fire Demon)

Yeah...I'll be fine.

You sure? You don't have to stomach this alone. We all feel the same as you. Do not be saddened and avenge their death's. That is all we can do for now. (TFD)


The Fire Cannon Squad and Dio rode side by side, never breaking line. Their march was spot-on and their timing was perfect. No other could compare in their majestic march towards the final battle. Dio's soul felt fragile upon leaving the Light Kingdom, but was rekindled while riding with his fellow Fire Demons. He knew that destiny was calling his name.

Ezekiel and Jerrin, with many lycans behind them, talked to one another as if they have known one another for centuries. Their bonding was perhaps the only thing they could do, for the coming battle may be their last.

Hours later, the heroes and defenders set camp in a nearby mountain as messangers returned with news.

I am the master of my fate:
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:51 am

The messenger runs up to Kratos with his report, he is out of breath as he approaches the king. He stops in front of Kratos and kneels over and starts to speak, panting heavily.

Tobia..s’s army…is coming our way….full mobilization. (Messenger)

Is Tobias with the army?

The Messenger shakes his head, then salutes Kratos. Kratos then nods his head and thanks him. He then turns to his army and starts to speak, his voice cracks as he speaks but then clears.

My friends, Tobias’s army is on our way, we must do our part now to buy John sometime. We cannot fail here now, we fought too hard to fail now. Plus John is counting on us. So tell me sons, daughters of Nystoria, are you with me?!

A roar lifts from the combined army of Nystoria, Dielli, Hena and the others look around at their combined might as a feeling of optimism is within them all now.

Meanwhile I sneak into the castle by using my invisibly spell and as I walk through the castle I notice that the guards at the gates were I came in were the only ones still in the castle. Not long I came to a large room, a room that I once known……I had been thrown at Krato’s feet 5 years ago here….this is the throne room. I then notice the spell had been cancelled and I hear a voice speak from behind me.

Well well well, John. You finally decided to join me here and face me like a man. (Tobias)

I turn to see him standing there ever so smug, he is dressed in his battle armor, indeed he is ready for combat. I smirk back at him and chuckle.

You smug lil pr*ck. You dare say I am not a man, yet you hide behind an army , you had my parents murdered by your flunkies…believe me Tobias….you will not be imprisoned again…..Your going to f*cking pay! Pay with your life!

We both draw our sword and ready ourselves, the stage is set for the final battle.
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Lunar Retturns 2
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:34 pm

As the army of the next legacy rides towards the capital of Calista, which was renamed McGill after the dark wizard, Dankumen and a few other group of demons within the army point out shapes in the distance behind them, and approaching quickly. Kratos and Dielli look to each other as they break from the line and ride towards the advancing shapes. Dio and Ezekiel eventually breaks from the line too as the others watch.

What do you think it is?

The possibilities are endless, friend. Perhaps help?

Help...more like a miracle. That's what we need anyway.

Whatever it is, we're about to find out. Best put on your game faces.

The other three nodded their heads as they road to meet with the ones coming. Minutes passed as the ones they were approaching began to be visible. A large mass of warriors clad many colors stood before the four heroes. They stopped in their slow march as they stared at the four riders before them. A single man stepped forward and called them out.

Heroes of Nystoria, where are you headed? (Man of mystery army)

To McGill. And yourself?

We are also on our way to Thresta. We are the collective parties of the entire land that is Nystoria. We are the rebellion that has been snatching back freedom for the people. After hearing of your success in the Battle of the plains we urgently sought you out. (Man of the Rebellion)

And who are you, young sir?

I am Athis the Liberator. (Athis)

That's quite a name. Bold if I do say so, if not conceited.

Says the vain oppressor of McGill. (Athis)

Formerly. Nontheless well played.

Gentlemen. This is a pressing issue. Athis, if you wish to join us, no, accompany us on the march to a new future then come with us. We will be needing any help you can provide.

We only number in the few thousands. I doubt we can do much. (Athis)

There's no need to worry. I have thought of a ruse that may just give us even more time...

Athis, Ezekiel, Dio and Dielli looked to Kratos as a smirk appeared on his face.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:00 pm

McGill gives me a smirk then puts his sword away and starts to walk in a circle. I however walk in the opposite direction keeping an eye on him and I place my sword away.

You know John, we are both wizards, swords are more a knights thing. How about we just stick to what we know oh so well. (McGill)

Sword or Spell, I am sending you back to Hell.

Well wouldn’t that be nice, you sending me back home. (Chuckles) But my boy I am bringing hell here. (McGill)

Uh? You lie! Your not powerful enough to do that, not even with the combined power of the Inner Circle could you drag the Hell Realm to Nystoria.

Oh and you call yourself a wizard? Surely your Grandfather had spoke of the Twin Moon Eclipse? (McGill)

I stop walking as he does, I can’t help but be confused on what he is talking about. Then he starts to chuckle.

You haven’t have you? Let me explain. When the Moon of Nystoria eclipses the Sun of Nystoria at the same time as the moon does on the Earth Realm, there will be a portal opening. One so powerful that it will open the gates of hell and my dark master Hystoisa Grast will bring hell quite literally to Nystoria then Earth. Not you or the others can stop me! (McGill)

McGill then flicks his wrist and fires a bolts of lightning at me, I quickly raise both of my hands in front of me and raise a barrier and deflect it away. I then counter with an air attack catching him off guard which slams him into a large dark pillar of the throne room. He slowly gets back to his feet and I prepare for another attack.

I wouldn’t bet the farm McGill.

Meanwhile the eclipse is nearing and time is running short, both me and McGill trade attacks and defensive spells, neither one of us gaining an inch. One by one the spells rip and tear at the once glorious throne room, stone, wood and other items are tossed about. I stand at the far side of the room and both my hands are glowing white with power. I got to finish this soon, if I need to stop him before he can cast this spell at least keep him busy until the eclipse passes.

So you think it will be that easy to take me down with your weak attacks my boy? I can do this all day. (McGill)

He starts casting random elemental spells and I dodge them, but just barely. He is confusing me, why is he talking so much time? Unless....suddenly I am grabbed by a binding spell and pinned to the wall. The wall cracks as I hit the wall I gasp for air as the spell squeezes me, I start to black out from the pressure.

Boy oh boy, you don’t have much to say now do you? I really don’t know why Kratos had any trouble with you John. Oh right, Lunar saved Nystoria not you. You were just a weak no talent wizard. If you’re the savior of this world? This place is as good as mine. (McGill)

He amps up the pressure and it forces the energy right out of me, I revert to my normal form and I am pushed right through the wall and into the room behind it. I slam off a large office desk and lay on the floor lifeless. McGill seeing this walks over and gives me a kick, I don’t move. He leave the room and goes to the balcony and stares out at the approaching eclipse.

Soon my master we will own this world, then the Earth will follow. (McGill)
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Lunar Retturns 2
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:19 pm

Rain pounded the ground as the soil soon became mud. The sky's dark clouds hovered above as two armed forces stood on each side of a ravine, staring each other down as the rain poured on them. Kratos and the rest stood in the front lines. The horde that stood before them numbered in the hundred thousands, close to half a million, while Kratos's army only numbered around twelve thousand. The advantage was to the enemy again.

Look at them. Mindless grunts.

To think that the Shadow Army even numbered this much. McGill could have swept his army across the land like a plaque, instantly gaining control over all of the land. (Dankumen)

Don't be so pessimistic. The lands would have fought back until the bitter end. Never giving in. Never faltering.

Who's the pessimistic one now?

Well, look at it this way guys. McGill didn't take over the land, maybe he's planning something. (Torch)

Which is why I sent Hëna to Thresta. She will find out what is going on in the capital and assist John.

You did what!? (Dankumen)

Master I-

Dielli was interrupted by Kratos getting off of his horse and landing on the ground. He stared deeply into the horde as they taunted and shouted at him and the army. Clanging noises of metal hitting metal echoed behind him as he turned to see his army shaking in fear. The Shadow Army noticed this and roared loudly as if they had won the day. Dio's eyes showed annoyance as he turned.

Listen here! Do not fall into despair. Do not give in! This is the fight that will free your loved ones and honor your fallen comrades. Don't you dare insult them by not avenging their deaths! Their souls and fighting vigor have neslted deeply into the armor you wear on your back and the weapons you have laid on the ground. Pick them up!! Do not sully their pride any further!!

The army quickly picked up their weapons and listened on as Dielli began to speak.

My friends. My comrades. My brothers and sisters. Freedom is so close. Our victory at the plains showed McGill the true spirit of our people. This is our history, and we will write down a new page for our descendants to read and know that their ancestors never gave up hope and never suffered oppression without a fight. McGill planned to overwhelm and destroy us, but here we stand, defying even further! That in front of us, that army of grunting beasts and moaning traitors are his last resort to keep us from finally ending his rule! This is the day we have been waiting for! Long live Nystoria!! Long live the King!!!

Long live Nystoria, long live the King! Long live Nystoria, long live the King!! Long live Nystoria, long live the King!!! (Entire Alliance Army)

Kratos smiled as he turned to face the now silent Shadow Army as the voices of his people began to ring in the ears of the enemy. They looked to one another in confusion and seemed reluctant to fight. General Crete in the far back was gritting his teeth in anticipation and excitement for the final battle.

Leave none alive! (General Crete)

The Shadow Army charged forward, bellowing and swinging their blades and began to cross the ravine. The Alliance did the same but were much louder and confident than ever before. The heroes made the first strike.

Meanwhile in Thresta

Hëna made careful leaps as she slipped past a patrol and jumped on a nearby ledge, not helping herself up as the stench of a drunken Shadow demon guard filled her nostrils. She remained patient until he finally moved from position and went in for the kill. After taking the guard down she looks up at a lone tower and notices the damage on it.


Hëna quickly scampered up to the tower as she peered through the window. She watched as McGill cackled to himself while also noticing John on the floor, obviously out of the fight. When McGill was out of sight she slipped in and kneeled next to John as she held him up. She rubbed his head and held him close as she looked around and used what little knowledge she had to heal him.

Please wake up John...please...

Battle of the Threstan Border

The battlefield was littered with bodies of both sides. The rain continued to wash away the blood of the fallen as it endlessly falls. Despite the massive numbers of the Shadow Army, the smaller Alliance seemed to be gaining ground. More death were on the Shadow Army than the Alliance, thanks to the efforts of the near God-like prowess of the demons that lead them on. Dozens are cut down before the might of the heroes.

(Kratos): The Emperor of Shadow demons swung his sword through the weapons and defenses of the Shadow Army. They were helpless to his power and more so to the Alliance. Kratos's barrage of attacks allowed the Alliance to pierce through half of the frontline soldiers, barely even breaking a sweat. The Shadow demons showed panic through their desperate swings and stabs as none even made it near Kratos's air space. Three Shadow soldiers attempted to hit him at the same time, but Kratos merely took one step forward and swung his blade horizontally as he bifurcated all three. He then twirled his sword around as he threw a hand forward and incinerated a large cast of Shadow demons in his path.

(Jerrin & Ezekiel): What was left of the Lycan Legion lent their aid to the two proud Lycan legends. They howled for every score they made upon an unlucky shadow demon, and they howled very often. Jerrin and Ezekiel constantly had each other's backs. Hitting any enemy in their blind spots, cutting down any foe that was found faltering in their line, fixing any mistake made by their comrades. They were invincible together.

(Dielli & and the Fire Cannon Squad): Despite the rain hindering their more powerful attacks, the Fire Cannon Squad and Dielli worked together to strengthen their flame to blow their enemies to ash. Dielli transformed into his phoenix armor as Dio's body suddenly gained armor and his hair slowly began to burn away to be replaced by purple fire that reached all the way to his feet. The two covered themselves in flames as they slowly walked towards the Shadow demons slowly backing up.

I've been wanting to ask you a question lately but haven't had the time.

This isn't excatly the right time either.

I'm aware of that but I was wondering if you'd like to join the Fire Cannon Squad. Be a part of us you know? That's if we live through this.

Interesting proposition.

Aah...I heard that expression once too many.

Tell you what, if my sis can join then maybe I'll do it.

Consider it done...

The two unleashed a massive fireball that engulfed a large percentage of the Shadow Army. The other Fire Cannon Squad members were busily helping other members of the Alliance push through the formations being made, none which worked thanks to the group's array of tactics taught to them by Dio and Rugal.

All seemed well when the Shadow Army suddenly changed their formation into a pincer position, attempting to box in their enemy, giving them a chance to attack from all sides. Now with every port left open, the Alliance was forced to change tactics that better suited the situation. Kratos did not seem stirred by this unlike the others, which worried them a bit.

However, all doubts were cast aside when Athis attacked from two seperate directions, confusing the Shadow Army and disrupting the pincer. It was the ruse that Kratos had come up with.

Athis's small army tore a swath through the lines of Shadow soldiers that were left defenseless from the merciless attack. Having this chance given to them, the Alliance resolve to end the battle was strengthened and so they fought harder and harder as the mortality rate of the Shadow Army began to make General Crete nervous.

Off in the distance, Kratos and the others felt strange activity coming from Thresta.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:49 am

McGill stood outside on the balcony watching the eclipse slowly make its approach. Smiling so smug that he is unaware of Hena assisting John. Meanwhile on Earth the eclipse is happening as well at the same pace. Most of the people are unaware of the significance of this eclipse as hell will be coming to Earth. Back at Threstan Hena is trying to wake John up but he doesn’t respond. His pulse is weak, his breathing shallow she looks at McGill with rage but knows she must stay with John.

Under her breath- McGill I wish I could take a piece of your hide now but I have other matters to deal with.

(John’s Dream)

I am standing in a large grassy field, the sun beaming down on me. I can smell the flowers and the fresh air. No McGill or Shadow army....I start to wonder where I am. I then hear a voice...a familiar voice from behind me.

John you need to get up.

I turn to see to my amazement ..... Lunar! He is alive? Wait that means.......oh god I am dead! I stand there shocked...then he speaks again.

You need to get up my friend. You need to stop McGill. I am dead?!

Your not dead just merely dreaming friend. You need to get up.

But...I have none of my powered can I defeat him with what I have?

It was never the artifacts John, it was you. They were merely confidence boosters to help you believe in yourself. You can do this John, I seen it in you the very first day I met you. Now wake my friend and stop McGill.

He vanishes into nothing and I suddenly wake up, I look up to see Hena looking down at me. She smile and wipes the dirt off my face. I slowly get up and hide behind some rubble, me an Hena then size up the situation.

So John I mean...mas....

I smile at her. John is fine my friend. But I need you to take a message back to the others.

Yes but you need help and you have no equipment.

I will be fine. But you must tell the others that McGill is going to drag both Nystoria and Earth to hell. When the eclipse sets in there will be no way to reverse it. You must tell them this at once. I will try to buy sometime buy keeping McGill busy.

Hena shocked looks at me and was going to speak but knows she must do what I ask. She slips out of the tower the same way she came. I stand up and walk towards the balcony, McGill turns and gives me the look of death.

What do I have to do to be rid of you?! (McGill)

Oh wouldn’t you like to know?

I ready myself for round two and I can only hope Lunar’s words are correct.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Sep 26, 2010 1:59 pm

Hena returned to the other in a frantic rush, she was well out of breath and struggled to talk. Her brother grabs her buy the shoulders and looked her in the eye.

Calm down sister, and what of Master John? fine, he is fighting McGill right now but....(panting) McGill is going to drag Nystoria and Earth to Hell!! Something about the Twin Moon Eclipse.

So that is his plan?(Dankumen)

He looks up to see that the moon is almost ready to eclipse the sun and he clenches his fists in anger. His two disciples are shocked to see him with any emotion at all as he is so collective and calm all the time.

John you must, must defeat McGill now....or it will be too late. (Dankumen)


The battle between the two wizards rages on, magical bolts of energy fly through the air. I dodge and take cover behind some fallen stone. I then take the time to see that the moon is now eclipsing the sun and the dark portal is now starting to open. The Army of Hell starts to appear on the other side of the portal waiting for it to completely open, I then notice that McGill is distracted by these events...this is my opening and I ready my one shot spell. A spell that I can only use once per day....Heaven’s Light.

Well it looks like you fail surprise...your father and your family have failed time and time again. I mean what

As he tries to turn to face me he is hit with intense light of my Heaven’s Light spell, the light is so brilliant and bright that it lights up the Nystorian sky...the rain stops and as McGill is obliterated into noting...the portal starts to close. Finally McGill is gone, nothing but a scorched marks where he stood, however I am weak from the spell and defenseless. I fall over and lean on some stone.

The others seen this and make there way to the tower. Kratos, Hena, Dankumen and Dielli enter the room to see me leaning on some stone, they smile at me and Hena runs towards me. Suddenly I feel a massive dark power and I see a large dark hand reach from the closing is trying to grab Hena. I leap in front of Hena and push her away the hand grabs me instead. Dielli restrains his sister as she cries out... “Master No!” I toss my books to the ground in front of my friends.

Take care of Nystoria Kratos.....

Then I am dragged to Hell as the portal closes shut, leaving them in a state of shock. Dielli looks to Dankumen almost to ask how could this happen. Almost as a gift from MacKnight the sun shines over all of Nystoria bring a sense of promise and peace...a peace with a grand cost.

The End..........?
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Realm 2
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