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 Realm 2

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:35 pm

While in a medical bay in the light kingdom, Dio and Rugal sat by Iori and Orochi. They'd never taken a beating liek this before. This time, they couldn't just shrug off the pain. Dio looked to Rugal, who seemed to have somethng bothering him....he then pulled him off to the side. seem upset. You know they'll be okay, right?

I know...but do you see what we're doing? (Rugal)

What do you mean?

We're joining...the enemies. The same exact enemies, who placed them in this position. In this condition. Dio....if we were in the wrong before...and their right...I don't want to join their so-called "right". (Rugal)

Rugal, you have to understand...what we were doing was wrong. Absolutely wrong! Look at them, Rugal. Yes...they're beaten up, pretty badly, but how many many demons, have we placed in the same position, if not worst!?

but.... (Rugal)

No "buts"! It hasn't been just treachorous lycans, and whatnot! We've been killing demons Rugal! Light demons, Shadow demons! Even our own...we've killed our own fire demons, Rugal.

They both fell silent for quite some time. Suddenly, Orochi began to move. Rugal dashed to his side, and spoke softly to him, making sure he was okay. Orochi soon was able to sit up, as he looked to both of them. They could not hide the looks of concern on their faces. He knew something was up...and he knew he wouldn't like it.

T....tell me what's up... I know something has changed...(Orochi)

Much has changed Orochi, but be sure not flip out. (Rugal)

So what's really good? And how the hell did we get here? Where are we?(Iori)

Iori had just woken up, and overheard the things just spoken.

Relax Iori. You're in safe hands now.....good hands.

Rugal shot Dio a look, as he looked right back to him.

What was that look? What's going on? (Orochi)

Yeah, I hate being left out of the loop. (Iori)

Well!? Why don't you let them know the "good" news?! (Rugal)

*sigh* I've's time for a change.

Dio then sat in between the beds they were lying on, so he could get a good view of them both.

We're gonna change sides....

Excuse me..? (Orochi)

What do you mean, Dio? (Iori)

I mean, look at what we've been doing...following Mcgill all this time. We've, killed countless beings all over the place. We're known, as the largest bullies of all time. Just because, nearly nobody can beat us together, doesn't mean that we're supposed to just throw our weight around.

hell yeah, it does! We do this for the good of Nystoria dude. Without us, things would fall into chaos. Bad publicity, comes with the job. (Orochi)

No, it shouldn't. We're not bad guys. We're the good guys. We wish to help Nystoria, but we constantly kill anyone who defies Tobias. None of us even know what that demon or lycan may have done to piss him off...but we kill him. It's our job. That's not the way it works. Tobias is the real bad guy here. He kills anyone he doesn't like. You say we prevent chaos? We cause chaos, everywhere we go. We've burned down entire fields....towns...cities...we burned down an entire capital! If that's not chaos....then, i dont know what is. No, in order to be in the right...we need to turn against Tobias. We need to take a stand, and defeat him. These rogue demons he speaks of...they're the good guys. Who do you think tended to your wounds?

Who do you think gave them to you? (Rugal)

Will you shut the hell up!? Let them choose for themselves!

They all suddenly fell silent, as a response was waited for, from Orochi and Iori. They looked at each other, and then both looked down for a minute, then back up at each other. The twins seemed like they were deciding within each others head, speaking telepathically almost. A sibling thing. They then both looked up.

What about Kyo? (Iori and Orochi)

He understands my cause. He has sworn to stick by me. seems like the right thing to do. (Orochi)

Tobias had me kill our sister. I figure it's time for payback... (Iori)

It's settled then. Please Rugal, I do wish you'd just think on it. I can swear to you...we're in the right this time.

They all then headed outside to the courtyard, as Orochi and Iori ripped off their medical tape.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:15 am

I stand on the top of the very front wall of the castle and look out towards the eastern sky. I then here footsteps coming towards me I then turn to the direction of the footsteps to see who was coming. I see that it is Hena & Dielli coming up the walkway as I turn to talk to me they look at me with some concern.

John, you look troubled.

Yes you seem....unfocused.

I look back at these two, they seem familiar especially Dielli, I shake my head and I then reply back.

No I am just trying to think. Think of how I am going to defend this castle.

I turn and look down at the court yard, Torch and Stellios are helping General Lumus with the troops, I then see Dio, the fire demon whom I ran into several times, apparently he seen the light. When I first encountered him and his followers I had sensed much confusion in his mind, if he was truly evil he would have attacked me on site, rather he tried to capture me. I then see the troops, not many of them had held a sword before this day let alone fought a battle. This would be a slaughter, but how can I.....then I get an idea, and I look up at the tallest tower of the castle.

Hena, Dielli.

Yes John.(Both)

Do you see that tower?


Well I can use that to spread a barrier over this castle. It wont last long, maybe an hour or so.

So we are just going to hide then?

I look at Hena and Dielli then start to laugh. They look confused how I could laugh during these times.

Oh we are not hiding, I am just protecting these people.

They smile back at me and I then turn to the court yard, I then yell out to Torch, Stellios and Dio.

Come outside the castle walls all you that I have called out, Dio your followers too. Now General Lumus, prepare your troops we will buy you sometime.

Right Master MacKnight! (GL)

We then all assemble out side of the castle and I then make sure we are all there, once that was done I focused my attention to the tower. My hands glow a brilliant white color and then my body, I then close my eyes and a intense blast of light comes from my hand as I stretch it out towards the tower. Then as the light hits the top of the tower and the barrier starts to surround the castle. About 2 minutes later, the barrier is protecting the castle, my body stops glowing as I open my eyes the others look at me with astonishment.

Well thats that.

I then focus my attention to the east and I narrow my eyes at what I see. Three large airships approach and I hear the sound of an army marching. The others turn and see this coming also we all ready ourselves for the battle to come.

He is there.

I point to the middle ship.

McGills POV

He looks a head as he sees a barrier over the castle and us standing on the hills not far from it. He smirks.

So, Mr. MacKnight you seemed to have become a Paladian. But it will not save you. Hahahaha!(McGill)
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Tue Jan 12, 2010 4:57 pm

End of POV

For Nystoria. For your people.

Yes. Yes. The horn of the former Emperor of Light shall sound in the kingdom. One last time. Let this be the hour when we draw swords together.

Everyone jumped upon their horses as they pulled out their swords and readied their shields. The doors in front of them were banged upon by the Shadow Army, with the shouting of their spears and swords screaming for death. Kratos looked to Dielli and Dielli to Kratos. They nodded to one another as they watched everyone else mount on their steeds. Dielli's armor began to transform as he and his horse were changed. There now stood a red armored horse with phoenix armor and a knight with multiple swords surrounding him. The hoofs of the horse burnt with rage as it let out a breath of flame. Kratos soon began to go through a transformation as his armor and horse took on darker features. Dio and Hna looked on and proceeded to do the same. Eventually, all four were displayed as powerful knights, ready to spell doom upon their enemies. Jerrin and his father merely smiled to themselves as they put on their helmets, their grey eyes showing through it. Kratos' horse rose into the air on its hind legs and then set itself back down on the ground. The Shadow demon held his sword forward and breathed in deeply as he let out a loud bellow that rung all about the Light Kingdom. For a moment, the hollers of the Shadow Army stopped.

Fell deeds, await. Now for wrath. Now for ruin, and the red dawn! Forth Eorlingas!

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:57 pm

The Shadow Army banged on the doors ahead of the brave heroes, few tried to hold them back but were no match for the large force. The doors flew open and revealed what could only be described as a sea of black. Kratos and Dielli were the first to charge and frightened the enemy ahead of them with their bravery. Hundreds followed and rammed through the soldiers until they finally made their way to the gate of the city, it was a desperate charge but it needed to be done. Tobias stood at the back of his army and watched the heroes emerge. A curious look appeared on his face and he called for his Generals.

What are those fools doing?

A desperate act, my lord. Don't worry they won't last long. (Crete)

Dielli and Kratos searched for John and soon found him on a horse near Dio and the other Fire Demons.

John! Warp Hena to the river, now!

John rode to Hena and placed his hand on her shoulder. The two disappeared and appeared by the river without being noticed by the enemy.

Do it Hena! We don't have much time!

I'm not sure I have that much power! What if I can't do it?

If you don't try then all this will have been for nothing! Please try....

Dankumen saw some soldiers struggling and so he rode to their aid but was stopped in the process, a group of archers fired upon him and killed his horse. They both fell to the ground but only he recovered, he gripped his sword and blocked an attack from a Demon and pulled out a knife which he stuck in the soldier's helmet. Unaware that the archers were still targeting him, he charged a high ranking soldier and was about to end his life when an arrow slammed into his back and forced him to drop to his knees. The high rank in front of him laughed and raised his sword over his own head, as he began to bring it down he saw something out of the corner of his eye, he turned just in time to see Kratos ride past and slice through the Demon's neck. Dankumen watched as the soldier in front of him fell to the ground and his head rolled away. Kratos jumped off his horse and cut down anyone who approached Dankumen as he got too his feet, he reached behind him and pulled the arrow out just in time to stick it in an approaching soldier's neck. Kratos sent out a blast of mixed Shadow and Light energy that obliterated the archers who shot down Dankumen and stepped back when a Demon carrying two large axes swung at him. The Demon took another swing and allowed Kratos to slip past him and stab his sword through the Demon's side. As he pulled the bloodied sword from his enemy the Shadow Demons around them stopped. Kratos and Dankumen knew why, the ground began to shake and the Shadow Demons all began to slowly step away from the fight. Dielli looked to the river and smiled, a large wall of water began to grow in height and towered over the land.

I think it's time to fall back, General.

Hena roared at the army and sent the wall of water toward them, every soldier began to run from the fight and to any high ground they could find. The water flowed across the land and passed the heroes, unfortunately for everyone else it wasn't very pleasant.


Tobias and his General warped away from the battle and back to Calista. Kratos watched as the filth of the Shadow Empire was washed away, his former stench. He put away his sword and saw Dankumen struggling to stand on his own two feet so Kratos put his allies arm around his neck and helped him over to the others.

Victory! We have victory!
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:39 am

After burying the dead and healing the wounded, I decided to go see Avril again. As I approach her quarters I see her outside her door with a male demon. I then stop by the corner were she couldnt see me and listen to her talk to the male demon.

Grant, you survived the onslaught! (Avril)

Yes it was intense but I survived, and it made me think. (Grant)

OK, what about? (Avril)

About us, I want us to get back together. (Grant)

I think to myself.... Here it comes again, the story of my life.....second place, or never good enough. Then I heard the most impossible thing I ever here in my life and thats saying allot considering what has happened over the past few days.

No Grant. You messed up royal the last time. Beside I am in love with another. (Avril)

Grant clenches his fists and yells back.

Who is it!? I kill the bastard to prove my love! (Grant)

She smiles as she runs her hand through her long white hair, then gives him the answer.

John. (Avril)

T...he....human...the Paladin? Well.....OH forget it.....! (Grant)

He leaves her and walks down the hall, I am shocked to hear this.....this woman she is....damn is all I can say....then I hear her talk.

Oh John you can come out from the corner now. Hehe. (Avril)

I step out from the corner and well my face is red, she smiles at me as she sees me turning red.

Sorry for spying on you, I was coming to see if your were alright. Anyway...did you?

Yes, I meant every word. (Avril)

I smile at her as we take a seat on the bench beside her room and talk for awhile before we returned to our quarters, soon we would have to strike back at Tobias....that bastard has it coming now.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:18 pm

The dark forces of McGill has finally been defeated. Word would soon reach the lands of the success of the rebel, allowing the people to speak for themselves. Thousands of demons from all around Nystoria gathered near the border between the former Xantantian mountains and Brustria. The heroes would soon be met with the enourmous force that awaits the arrival of their king.

Hna and Dielli quickly rushed to both Kratos and Dankumen as they held their master up. He looked at them both as the man with white hair and a red haired woman hovered above Hna and Dielli, respectively. Kratos noticed this too.

By the seal of the old Emperors...(Dankumen)

Do not speak, master. You're wounded and must find rest.

Yes, yes you're right...(Dankumen)

The two led Dankumen through the crowd of cheering demons. Eventually, they made it inside of the infirmary and laid down their master on a bed as he groaned. After exchanging a few words with his pupils, Dankumen noticed Kratos standing by his room door and ushered him in, while at the same time he asked them to leave. Kratos looked down at Dankumen as the door to the room closed.

You saw it too, I presume. (Dankumen)

Indeed. Why is it that their souls are beginning to manifest outside of their bodies? It is almost as if they are trying to communicate with us.

I am not sure. Seeing as though this is the first soul-transfer ever conducted I would have to assume that they are awakening. (Dankumen)

Awakening? As in they are beginning to remember?

I do not know yet. Perhaps...with given time, we shall see what will happen. (Dankumen)

Perhaps. I shall leave you now, Dankumen. Like your pupils said, you need rest, and I shall not deny that from you. Rest easy.

You are too kind, my king. Do not burden yourself with an old man like me. (Dankumen)

It is no burden. A king must watch over his people, for without his people, what shall a king strive to protect?

Dankumen gave a surprised look on his face. Kratos smiled as he exited Dankumen's room. Outside stood Hna and Dielli, keeping post. They turned to Kratos and smiled to him as he patted their shoulders. He then made his way to the courtyard of the kingdom.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:03 pm

In the courtyard Kratos could see John sitting by an empty fountain with some blood stains around it, he seemed to be smiling but Kratos couldn't tell so he walked over and sat next to him.

I'm gonna kill him, Kratos. That asshole has ended to many lives.

I agree. If you want to go, I'm not going to stop you.

Why not?

I don't know. But what I do know, is that you need to go.

John looked at the other people in the courtyard and smiled. He knew he had to leave and secure his new found family's future. Kratos watched as his new ally stood up and was getting ready to leave.

Watch your back out there, John.

Likewise, Kratos.

John walked away from the courtyard and departed from the city...

Ezekiel, Kratos, Dielli, Hena, Dio, Jerrin, Dankumen and Torch stand in the Great Hall with pride in their hearts.

A great victory has been won here, Tobias will surely be destroyed and his armies left crippled!

Destroyed? No. He has suffered a defeat, yes, but inside Calista our enemy is regrouping.

Where is John?

He has gone to Calista.

Is he mad?!

Far from it.

Kratos and Dielli looked at each other for a second and listened to the others talk of John.

John goes to kill Tobias. He goes because he is the only one who can. (Dankumen)

Ten thousand Shadow Demons still stand in Calista, they block every path to Tobias' castle. He's going to his death.

Maybe not. I say we gather what strength we have and march on the dark land.

We cannot achieve victory through the strength of arms. Too few can still stand let alone fight.

You're right, we cannot achieve victory, at least not for ourselves. If we march on Calista then we can empty Tobias' lands and leave him defenceless. We can buy John the time that he needs.

Tobias will suspect a trap, he will not take the bait. (Dankumen)

That's a chance we're going to have to take.

Hmm. Small chance of success. Certainty of death. What are we waiting for?
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   

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Realm 2
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