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 Realm 2

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:35 pm

While in a medical bay in the light kingdom, Dio and Rugal sat by Iori and Orochi. They'd never taken a beating liek this before. This time, they couldn't just shrug off the pain. Dio looked to Rugal, who seemed to have somethng bothering him....he then pulled him off to the side. seem upset. You know they'll be okay, right?

I know...but do you see what we're doing? (Rugal)

What do you mean?

We're joining...the enemies. The same exact enemies, who placed them in this position. In this condition. Dio....if we were in the wrong before...and their right...I don't want to join their so-called "right". (Rugal)

Rugal, you have to understand...what we were doing was wrong. Absolutely wrong! Look at them, Rugal. Yes...they're beaten up, pretty badly, but how many many demons, have we placed in the same position, if not worst!?

but.... (Rugal)

No "buts"! It hasn't been just treachorous lycans, and whatnot! We've been killing demons Rugal! Light demons, Shadow demons! Even our own...we've killed our own fire demons, Rugal.

They both fell silent for quite some time. Suddenly, Orochi began to move. Rugal dashed to his side, and spoke softly to him, making sure he was okay. Orochi soon was able to sit up, as he looked to both of them. They could not hide the looks of concern on their faces. He knew something was up...and he knew he wouldn't like it.

T....tell me what's up... I know something has changed...(Orochi)

Much has changed Orochi, but be sure not flip out. (Rugal)

So what's really good? And how the hell did we get here? Where are we?(Iori)

Iori had just woken up, and overheard the things just spoken.

Relax Iori. You're in safe hands now.....good hands.

Rugal shot Dio a look, as he looked right back to him.

What was that look? What's going on? (Orochi)

Yeah, I hate being left out of the loop. (Iori)

Well!? Why don't you let them know the "good" news?! (Rugal)

*sigh* I've's time for a change.

Dio then sat in between the beds they were lying on, so he could get a good view of them both.

We're gonna change sides....

Excuse me..? (Orochi)

What do you mean, Dio? (Iori)

I mean, look at what we've been doing...following Mcgill all this time. We've, killed countless beings all over the place. We're known, as the largest bullies of all time. Just because, nearly nobody can beat us together, doesn't mean that we're supposed to just throw our weight around.

hell yeah, it does! We do this for the good of Nystoria dude. Without us, things would fall into chaos. Bad publicity, comes with the job. (Orochi)

No, it shouldn't. We're not bad guys. We're the good guys. We wish to help Nystoria, but we constantly kill anyone who defies Tobias. None of us even know what that demon or lycan may have done to piss him off...but we kill him. It's our job. That's not the way it works. Tobias is the real bad guy here. He kills anyone he doesn't like. You say we prevent chaos? We cause chaos, everywhere we go. We've burned down entire fields....towns...cities...we burned down an entire capital! If that's not chaos....then, i dont know what is. No, in order to be in the right...we need to turn against Tobias. We need to take a stand, and defeat him. These rogue demons he speaks of...they're the good guys. Who do you think tended to your wounds?

Who do you think gave them to you? (Rugal)

Will you shut the hell up!? Let them choose for themselves!

They all suddenly fell silent, as a response was waited for, from Orochi and Iori. They looked at each other, and then both looked down for a minute, then back up at each other. The twins seemed like they were deciding within each others head, speaking telepathically almost. A sibling thing. They then both looked up.

What about Kyo? (Iori and Orochi)

He understands my cause. He has sworn to stick by me. seems like the right thing to do. (Orochi)

Tobias had me kill our sister. I figure it's time for payback... (Iori)

It's settled then. Please Rugal, I do wish you'd just think on it. I can swear to you...we're in the right this time.

They all then headed outside to the courtyard, as Orochi and Iori ripped off their medical tape.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:15 am

I stand on the top of the very front wall of the castle and look out towards the eastern sky. I then here footsteps coming towards me I then turn to the direction of the footsteps to see who was coming. I see that it is Hena & Dielli coming up the walkway as I turn to talk to me they look at me with some concern.

John, you look troubled.

Yes you seem....unfocused.

I look back at these two, they seem familiar especially Dielli, I shake my head and I then reply back.

No I am just trying to think. Think of how I am going to defend this castle.

I turn and look down at the court yard, Torch and Stellios are helping General Lumus with the troops, I then see Dio, the fire demon whom I ran into several times, apparently he seen the light. When I first encountered him and his followers I had sensed much confusion in his mind, if he was truly evil he would have attacked me on site, rather he tried to capture me. I then see the troops, not many of them had held a sword before this day let alone fought a battle. This would be a slaughter, but how can I.....then I get an idea, and I look up at the tallest tower of the castle.

Hena, Dielli.

Yes John.(Both)

Do you see that tower?


Well I can use that to spread a barrier over this castle. It wont last long, maybe an hour or so.

So we are just going to hide then?

I look at Hena and Dielli then start to laugh. They look confused how I could laugh during these times.

Oh we are not hiding, I am just protecting these people.

They smile back at me and I then turn to the court yard, I then yell out to Torch, Stellios and Dio.

Come outside the castle walls all you that I have called out, Dio your followers too. Now General Lumus, prepare your troops we will buy you sometime.

Right Master MacKnight! (GL)

We then all assemble out side of the castle and I then make sure we are all there, once that was done I focused my attention to the tower. My hands glow a brilliant white color and then my body, I then close my eyes and a intense blast of light comes from my hand as I stretch it out towards the tower. Then as the light hits the top of the tower and the barrier starts to surround the castle. About 2 minutes later, the barrier is protecting the castle, my body stops glowing as I open my eyes the others look at me with astonishment.

Well thats that.

I then focus my attention to the east and I narrow my eyes at what I see. Three large airships approach and I hear the sound of an army marching. The others turn and see this coming also we all ready ourselves for the battle to come.

He is there.

I point to the middle ship.

McGills POV

He looks a head as he sees a barrier over the castle and us standing on the hills not far from it. He smirks.

So, Mr. MacKnight you seemed to have become a Paladian. But it will not save you. Hahahaha!(McGill)
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Tue Jan 12, 2010 4:57 pm

Kratos did not follow either Jerrin or Ezekiel, in stead he made his own way through the Xantantia Mountains guided only by his instincts. Ezekiel had spoken to him before they departed and told him that if he pursued that road he would find what he was looking for, but with a cost. The King knew more than he was letting on but Kratos did not dare ask him what he meant. But what he did do was lead his horse through the dangerous mountain path and eventually decided it would be best to leave him behind. Xantantia wasn't always a Mountain region, in the time of the True King, Xantantia was a large Kingdom bustling with all kinds of Demons. But when the King was slain, his two sons locked away in the Underworld and the land in chaos, the Earth Demons chose to conceal the Kingdom and gave warning to all Demons never to venture there. Kratos knew that the only way to defeat Tobias, reunite the people of Nystoria and return order was to reclaim his power.

So now he stood at the entrance to the Great Hall where his father spent most of his days. He stood in the middle of the hall on the very spot where his father was murdered and soon saw the ruined Hall as it once was, full of laughter and joy. His world lacked these things now, mainly because of his wrong doings. As he stood there wandering through the many rooms of thoughts in his mind, he failed to notice the figures approaching him from behind....or so they thought.

Kratos unsheathed the sword on his back and spun around placing it against a woman's neck. She was beautiful, her hair was blonde and her figure was slim. She wore the armour of a Knight, but covered it with a long cloak, and simply stood there looking into Kratos' eyes.

Vedui' Heruamin. Nae saian luume'. "Greetings my Lord. It has been too long." (Captain of Xantantia Royal Guard) are?

I am Captain of the Xantantia Royal Guard. We are the keepers of this holy Kingdom and we have been awaiting your arrival for some time now. (Captain)

How did you know I would come?

It has been prophesied that a son of Sparda would return to the one true Kingdom of Nystoria. Unfortunately they never prophesied when. (Captain)

I am not here to rebuild the Kingdom. I am here to reclaim my power and rebuild Nystoria itself.

That is an admirable mission, but the mission you wish to complete will only end in death. Please, my Lord, follow me. (Captain)

Kratos put away his sword and followed the Captain as she lead him into the Royal Chamber, he peered over his shoulder to see two Knights in full armour following them. As she opened the doors to the chamber, Kratos was instantly amazed by the spiritual presence that he felt by simply stepping into the room. Ahead of him he could see a shelf built into a stone wall, the wall itself had a sense about it, as if it was older than time. It obviously had some ceremonial value to the Kingdom as it was the only stone thing in the chamber, the walls around him were marble, as were the columns and floor. Knights wearing the same armour as the Captain and the men behind him stood in front of the columns on either side of the chamber. The Captain then insisted they continue and walked him to the shelf where he saw three orbs, one black, one yellow and one white.

What is this?

These are your paths, Kratos. You said you wanted to reclaim your power, well it is sitting on the shelf in front of you. (Captain)

What are the other two orbs?

To understand them you must first understand your own orb. Your orb will lead to victory as you predicted on Earth, but it will also lead to your doom. The darkness will once again consume you and Nystoria will be back where it began, with a tyrant dictating its people. The yellow orb represents your brother's power and his Empire. If you choose that orb then you will rally more Demons to your cause under the banner of Light. This would be a false banner and after your victory you would be forsaken. (Captain)

And what of the white orb?

Ah, that is a path that must be trekked to know its destination. (Captain)


To defeat your enemy, Kratos, you must have the full strength of Nystoria behind you. Demons must unite under one banner! Only then can peace ascend on our land... (Captain)

There are too many Kings in these lands, Lycan Kings, Fire Kings, Air Kings......what makes you think that all of these Demons who think they know what is best for their people....will answer to a Shadow Demon?

They won't. (Captain)

Kratos sighed and took his eyes off the Female Captain, but quickly looked back at her when he realised she wasn't finished speaking.

They will answer to the King of Nystoria! (Captain)

As she said this she pulled out a Long Sword from her cloak and held it out to him. It was the sword of the King, his father's sword.

Long have you searched for this sword, long have you sought retribution. I now ask you to put retribution aside and do what is needed. (Captain)

Kratos took the sword and pulled it out of its sheath. He looked at the engraved symbols going up the middle of the blade and smiled, he then looked at the Captain.

Put aside the aside the Shadows. Become who you were born to be. (Captain)

The immortal Demon took the sword off his back and replaced it with his father's. Kratos walked up to the shelf and carefully picked up the white orb.

You will never be able to leave this Realm, Kratos. You are charged with protecting the people of Nystoria. Never forget that... (Captain)

Kratos absorbed the power and emitted a white light from his body, for a few seconds he was blinded by his own power. As he took control, more and more knights appeared out of thin air. Kratos knew that they were bound to protecting this land and so he saw a a small flicker of hope.

Fight with me....and take back our land....

Kratos' Sword:

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:24 pm

Many Light and Shadow demons messangers return to the Kingdom of Light with as many allies as they could bring. They surrounded the castle as they came from the North, the West, and the East. Eventually, they gathered in front of the castle gate as they awaited orders from Lumus. Hna and Dielli watched as the kingdom's 10,000 Light demons were joined with the Lycan rebels were 80,000 strong. With assistance from 500 Earth demons, 1,200 Water demons, 3,000 Air demons, and 600 Fire demons, the total number of defenders estimated around 95,300 defenders. Jerrin, John, Hna, Dielli, Torch, Stellios, Dio, Rugal, Kyo, Iori, and Orochi were to fight on the frontlines with the rest of the united demons as a means to give the Light Kindgom an edge. However, intel reports McGill's forces to have increased from two hundred thousand Shadow demons to three hundred thousand, and that was just from a quick glance.


General Lumus walked about the Light Kingdom and felt as if he were carrying boulders upon his shoulders. He did not want anyone to die, especially the people of the kindgom he promised to protect. He watched as soldiers gave their farewells to their loved ones, but he could not look any of them in the face.

The people need me. I need them. If we are to successfully defend this city until Kratos' return. As long as we have our heroes with us, we may have hope. No more standing on the sidelines...I shall fight for the people! (Lumus)

Lumus took out his blade from his waist as he hastened his pace to the front gate.

Hna and Dielli

The two siblings were doing what they could in the Light Kingdom. They helped the elderly, they feed some of the homeless, and now they were watching over children in a small school. Children flocked on top of Hna as she giggled and played with them. Dielli watched on and crossed his arms while leaning against the wall. A lone boy was sitting by himself as he watched the other children play with Hna. The boy looked up at Dielli as he held a book.

Why the long face, child?

My father is out there to fight the bad guys. He said he would read this book to me before he left. I wish he didn't have to go...(Lone child)

What is your name? If you would be so kind to answer.

Shin'Mala, son of Anhiin. (Shin'Mala)

Well, Shin'Mala, son of Anhiin, would you like for me to read to you?

Would you really? I don't want to be a bother. (Shin'Mala)

Not at all. Come.

Dielli pulled up a chair and sat the boy on his lap as he opened the book. He then began to read as Hna smiled at her brother. The brief time that they took before the battle would begin.


The Paladin watched the city from his viewpoint on top of the tower. He could not help but repeaditly turn his attention the darkness approaching the city. He was ready for the battle to come and he was ready for anything that woould happen, even McGill's appearance. John raised his hand to his face as he clentched it. His resolve was stronger than ever. will not destroy this realm. Not as long a free demons roam these lands. Not as long as I defend it. Not as long as our bravery stands, and every last demon falls, you will never win. Without the people to help you up, you will fall.

John leapt from the tower as a flash of light illuminated the darkening city. The Paladin was then walking in the crowded streets as he made his way to the front gate.


Hna and Dielli's master sat in a private room given to him by Light council. while floating off of the ground, he read through his documents and tested a few old spells that he believed might prove usefull. He then stopped on one document that held the truth behind the demon siblings. He began to read aloud, a habit of his since he used to always read to the two.

"As I walked along the riverbank, I felt a immense gathering of souls. When I went to investigate, I noticed, to my surprise, that only two souls were floating about near the forest. I could feel from the energy they gave off that they were no ordinary souls. Their aura was all too familiar to me. Lady Arina, Empress of the Kingdom of Light, and Lunar, Emperor of the Kingdom of Light, were the two souls. Such a phenomenon was not even possible. Souls are never visible to the naked eye, no matter how powerful they originally were. But I believe that there was another reason behind their immortal status. Everyone knew that the love between Arina and Lunar was unlike anything that has been displayed to the demons. Their sense of compassion and need to protect others was admired and respected by many, including myself. I still remember the day when Lady Arina was killed by Mongul the Vampire Emperor. Such a tragedy it rained for many years in the Kingdom of Light.

Back to what I was saying, I believe that the love between Arina and Lunar was the very thing that made their souls immortal. The souls sought each other out and eventually found each other near my home. To repay the two for all that they have done for Nystoria, I decided to use the bodies of two prominent humans that died fighting the 18 demon lords during the Human-Demon war. Had it not been for the philosopher's stone that I had in my possession, the process would have failed. Unfortunately, something unexpected happend during the transmutation. If I am not mistaken, I implanted the soul of Arina into a male body and Lunar into a female. A terrible mistake on my part.

But to my surprise, this very action resulted in the birth of Hna and Dielli. Those were the names I chose for them. Hna's name means 'moon' in ancient human tongue and Dielli meant 'sun.'

From there, I have raised them for five years alongside Rantu and prepared them for the day when they would finally become strong enough to be their own selves. It was apparent from their birth that they cared for each other very much. They adopted one another as siblings and have been together ever since. At least they can be together, forever, like they should have been."

Dankumen sighed as he looked out his room's window, seeing the darkness drawing closer. He then stood on his two feet as he made his way to the front gate of the city.

I will fight alongside everyone. That is the least I can do...(Dankumen)


Jerrin watched over his lycan brothers and sisters as they were gearing up and eating what may be their last meal. He felt much pride within himself as he stood next to his father, Ezekiel. The armor of the two were far more sophisticated than any other armor produced by the lycans. Ezekiel's armor was a gift from Lunar, while Jerrin's was from Kratos. Father and son walked together as they looked around the army around them. Never had they seen so many lycans in one place. From the smiles and display of entertainment that were shown to them, it was obvious that the lycans were excited. Ezekiel and Jerrin then made their way to the front gate.

You ready, Jerrin? (Ezekiel)


Dio and the Cannon Fire Squad

The five men stood on the very walls of the Light Kingdom. They watched the darkness as it closed in and Dio knew that McGill would surely watch as the carnage ensued.

Guys, I hope you're ready for what's coming. This battle will shake Nystoria to its core. I am not sure how much hell reigned during the Human-Demon war, but I'm sure this battle will be as close as one of its lesser battles.

Maybe. Maybe not. But don't worry man, we're always ready. (Orochi)

Yeah, we were the elite in McGill's army. It would take more than what McGill is throwing at us to defeat us. Plus, with the united front we sided with, I'm sure luck is on our side. (Iori)

That is the smartest thing I've ever heard you say. Seems as if today everyone has changed a bit.

Hehehe...I have my moments. (Iori)

Yes, just do not ruin them. Cherish them while they last...

...Indeed. (Rugal)

The five Fire demons said nothing more.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:11 pm

Standing there, on top of the light kingdom walls, above the rest of the army, watching over them, gave the Cannon Fire Squad a sense of bravery. A new found courage, and a sense of justice. They now knew that they were on the right side, doing the right thing, fighting the right fight. Now was just the matter of winning that fight. Mcgill's army was now approaching, and there was no time to turn back now. It was either fight, or die. Possibly, fight and die a hero, or run and die a coward. Kyo sat on the wall, with one knee to his chest and the other leg, hanging down off the wall. Rugal sat, kneeled on one knee. Orochi and Iori sat together, facing each other, with there knees within their arms, and legs partly stretched. They could only look to each other, and occasionally at the coming threat. Dio now stood up, on the wall. Head held high, chest out. The same very wall that he ordered an attack on, not too long ago. Now he was fighting to keep it standing. He looked out at the huge black crowd, approaching, and was time to make the first strike. They couldn't allow them to get too close with such numbers. He looked to Kyo and nodded. Kyo now stood as well and looked to a few of the more skilled demons. Many air demons now stood, as well as a few water, and fire demons. Kyo now spread out, what appeared to be flaming wings. He outstretched his arm forward and gave a warcry. They crowd of skilled demons followed in his shout. He then took flight as some of the fire demons followed, and the air demons followed. The water demons then followed on ice. They would be the first to confront the enemy, and possibly first to fall.

On the way to the quickly approaching battle, Kyo looked back and nodded to Dio, and then to his own small army. He turned his head forward, and then divebombed into the frontline of the enemy, as a large cannonball of fire. From Dio's viewpoint, all that was seen, was small explosions, all over the place. Smoke rising, Air demons, flying in low, to pick off McGill's army.

Dio looked out now, to the rest of the fire demons. Then to Jerrin. Then to the light general.

We shall do our best, to keep this kingdom in tact, my lord.

He then looked to the rest of the cannon fire squad.

May our hearts burn with the power of a thousand suns! And let us take down McGill!

Kyo was now headed back, with fewer numbers, and the army was much closer. The time for battle was now. Dio got off the wall, and stepped off the wall, and in front of the gate. He wanted to be first to confront any battle. Then he got to see their faces. They were now running, speeding ahead. McGill's army was in a full out attack! Dio then began to charge forward, as many of the army followed behind him. The cannon fire squad, directly on his heels, the light general, not far behind. Dielli and Hena, now joining the battle, not far behind as well. Dio looked back to Dielli as he ran forward, and nodded. It was because of him, that Dio was now fighting the correct fight. The lycans were now also not far behind, and because of their speed, gaining quickly. Jerrin and Ezekiel now followed directly behind Dio, and the cannon fire squad.

They then clashed with the enemy. The shadow demons attacked with full force, cutting down anyone who would stand in their way. Anyone, without the power to defend themselves, would not survive their wrath, and lack of remorse. Dio and the cannon fire squad formed a square now, attacking from all sides. An impenetrable defense! Dio led the front, With Iori and Orochi on either side, and Rugal in the Back. Kyo flew from above, helping in everyway he could. Rugal's powerful fire blast techniques could take out many shadow demons at a time, while the twins preffered "edged" hand to hand combat. They engulfed their "weapon" limbs with flames, and threw flaming punches and kicks to anyone who dared, foolishly come close enough. Dio fought from a distance, like Rugal. His hand to hand combat training, payed off as well, and he acquired a sword from disarming one of the shadow army knights. He engulfed the sword in flames, and attacked anyone who dared come close enough. Anyone, too much of a coward to attack close, was burned with his fire breathing.

However, even with such a powerful defense, the shadow armies numbers were incredible. They began to read the attacks of the cannon fire squad and attack in numbers. They soon broke the square, leaving Rugal to fend for himself. A shadow knight, shot down Kyo with an arrow, as well. Iori and Orochi were able to stick together, and stay back to back, but Dio, got seperated from them as well, when a soldier tackled him to the ground. The soldier payed dearly for it.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:16 pm

A blade went through the back of the soldier who had tackled Dio to the ground. The soldier was then lifted up into the air, with the blade still impaling him, and was thrown at a group of Shadow demon soldiers. Dio stood up quickly and went back-to-back with General Lumus. They were completely surrounded by Shadow demons.

Thanks for the slip. I owe you one, general.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I am sure that you are familiar with that phrase, no? (Lumus)

Of course I am.

Lumus nodded his head as he gripped his blade with both hands. Dio took a stance as he aimed one hand forward and the other simply handing on his side. The Shadow demons charged forward at the two. Dio's eyes were literally burning red as he pumped a fist forward and took one step. Lumus spun as he swung his blade in a large arc, Dio ducking just as he did so, and slashed a good portion of the advancing force. Lumus then charged into a wall of spears. As the spears lunged toward him, Lumus spun around as the spears stabbed into the cape on his back. It then fell on the ground with Lumus nowhere to be found. Suddenly, the Shadow demons spotted Lumus above then as he brought his sword down on them. Dio flipped forward, with fire following his legs, and unleashed a collumn of fire upon the endless sea of Shadow demons. The two then resumed their positions, turning to face each other to nod before turning their attention back to their enemies. Rugal and a platoon of Light demons were behind him as they bordered the two.

We shall assist you. (Rugal)

Very well. (Lumus)

Let's do this...

The three men yelled out as they charged toward the overwhelming numbers, with bravery in their hearts and malice in their eyes. A large ice obelisk suddenly appeared out of nowhere near the Western defensive lines. The three men and their small army stopped and so did the Shadow demons. Hundreds of objects flew in the air from the obelisk. When the objects lowered themselves and finally plummeted towards the Shadow demon horde, it was revealved to be ice pikes. Many Shadow demons fell before the overwhelming number of pikes. After the dust settled, many more Shadow demons ran over their dead comrades and charged towards the heroes, who noticed this and charged towards the demons themselves.

Not too far away...

Dielli threw jabs and kicks as flames flew from his limbs, burning anything at the end of his strike. The demons beside him were trying their best to push the enemy back but were being pushed back themselves. A row of ethereal swords appeared in front of Dielli as cut a swath of Shadow demons in front of him. The row next to him were then cut down alongside the right flank. But every time he cut one down, another would take his place.

This is ridiculous! They just keep coming!!

At that moment, waves of water splashed into the large hord in front of Dielli as the Shadow demons were overpowered by the waves crushing force. Hna landed ever so lightly next to Dielli as she held her nagitana in her hands. She swung her nagitana as a Shadow demon crept behind her and beheaded it.

Heeeeelooo, Diello.

Now's not the time for hello's, Hna. Focus on the task at hand, please.

Hmmm...I suppose. Stand back will ya, I'm gonna transform.

Wha...what!? Here!?

Silliy brother, of course I am. you think that I'd simply fight these demons in this form?

Of course not bu-

Dielli...we fight for the good of this realm. This world should be about more than fighting...and yet, we are. I may act like I do, but I abhore fighting. I have fought to end battles, that is my way and that is how I shall live. To protect those I love, don't you trust me?

As Hna smiled, Dielli noticed that she suddenly looked different. A shadowy figure appeared behind her. It was a man with white hair with a black-like robe with a red jacket. His pants were black and he wore amored black boots. A large sword was held in his hand as he stared at the Shadow demons and hovered over Hna, who was not aware of his prescence, as were the many demons and lycans around them. Only Dielli could see the man with white hair.

...I trust you, big sis.

The white-haired man looked down at Dielli and smiled as he faded away. Hna held her nagitana with both hands as she let it go, where it simply stood still in mid-air. Out of nowhere, four Shadow demons broke through the line of Earth demons and charged towards Hna. Their assault was quickly put down as two very large lycans smashed into them and cut them down with their claws. The lycans stood up as three more jumped behind them.

Thanks for the assistance, Jerrin. How bad is it on your side?...

It could be worse...we lost many lycans but your master managed to create that enourmous ice obelisk to give us time to straighten out our defenses. If it weren't for him, I am not sure how long we would have lasted.

I'm afraid that it will get far worse. their numbers are far greater than our own. (Ezekiel)

Numbers never win a fight.

True, but it can help...(Ezekiel)


An immense burst of energy that shocked the earth as Hna finally transforms into her true form. Her violet hair was replaced with chesnut brown. Instead of her dress that she wore, she wore light breastarmor and a long skirt. Marking of the ancient demon tongue covered her body as spun around magistically and finally stopped to stare at the amazed Jerrin, Ezekiel, and Dielli.

I am ready...

On top of the obelisk

Dankumen stood on top of his ice obelisk as he summoned many more ice pikes. He levitated them in mid-air and flung them towards the endless sea of darkness. But as he did this for a few minutes or so, he noticed that not all of them seemed to have found their target.

This is strange...I would not be surprised if I found- (Dankumen)

Five Shadow demons appeared behind Dankumen. He noticed that their atire was different from the other Shadow demons. Mostly because of their black robes and hoods, covering their profile for certain. Their voices were almost disembodied and filled with no emotion whatsoever. Such beings were never meant to exist.

We are...(Necromancer # 1)

Necromancers of...(Necromancer # 2)

McGill's dark council...(Necromancer # 3)

Prepare for your...(Necromancer # 4)

Death...(Necromancer # 5)

The five Shadow necromancers summoed their blades into their hands as they slowly stepped forward. Dankumen took a stance as a curved blade appeared in his hand. He put one hand out as if to give his hand out to them, and a visor helmet covered his head.

You must be the ones that have hindered my attacks. I figured as much, corrupted Souls of McGill. (Dankumen)

The five necromancers unleashed a barrage of electricity and fire at Dankumen, who dodged the lightning but effortlessly smacked the fireballs away with the side of his blade. One of the necromancers stepped forward and raised its blade to bring it down on Dankumen. He stabbed the blade into the necromancer's face as it began to break down on itself. Two more necromancers clashed blades with Dankumen. They worked together to overwhlem Dankumen with their barrage of attacks. Dankumen then suddenly sped up his defense as he was able to counter-attack and slice one of the necromancers on the shoulder, where it retreated and was replaced with another one. Dankumen sidestepped a strike made for him and he slammed his palm into the necromancer's back, where it froze in place as the obelisk dragged it down inside of its core. The last three necromancers slammed their crude weapons upon Dankumen's as it flew out of his hand and all three stabbed him in various places. The sorcerer coughed blood as he began to step back near the edge of the obelisk. The necromancers merely stared as Dakumen fell back.

Just as they were ready to leave, one of the necromancers was set on fire and began to scream in pain as it fell off of the obelisk. Dankumen then landed on another necromancer as he began to drain its lifeforce. The last necromancer, the one Dankumen previously cut, the lunged forward towards Dankumen. He smacked the blade aside and pumped both fists into the necromancer's chest. It was then suddenly blown back by a powerful gust of wind and was sliced numerous amounts of time before it finally laid on top of the obelisk, defeated and possibly dead. Dankumen looked down from his obelisk and saw Dio and Lumus in the distance. He turned to the other side and saw Hna as she transformed and Dielli continued to fight. He was amazed by the Light, Earth, Fire, and Water demons resolve to fight for the sake of Nystoria's future. He sat down and scoffed to himself, remembering the necromancers.

Hmph, let that be a lesson to you. Honestly, when will these Shadow demons learn that seasoned socerers are two-times stronger than four necromancers. They should have sent at least twelve if they wanted to kill me. (Dankumen)

Suddenly, seven more necromancers appeared as they hissed at the sitting sorceror.

Hah...spoke too soon. (Dankumen)

John then suddenly appeard as all seven necromancers were destroyed. The brightness from John's armor forced Dankumen to cover his eyes.

Not neccessarilly.

He then smiled at the sitting sorceror as he handed him his blade.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:25 pm

The historic plains outside the city of Aragrous, the Kingdom of Light, were filled with darkness and death. A foul beast descended on the brave heroes of Aragra, this beast was made of Demons and wolves, swords and spears. A brave few stood against many. With the defenders losing more and more soldiers, some started to lose hope while others stood their ground and fought for their freedom.

Along the hills that overlooked the plains of Aragra, sat Kratos on his stead. He saw McGill's army break into two, one half of his army continued to push back the rebellious Demons while the other simply stood back and waited. Kratos looked over his shoulder as his Captain approached on her horse.

The Demons of Nystoria stand alone. (Captain)

They are not alone.....

Five thousand riders of Xantantia readied themselves behind Kratos and his Captain.

Let's send these creatures back into the Abyss!

Kratos lead the charge and pulled out his newly acquired sword from its sheath. The riders behind him let out cheers and their own distinctive battle cries as they approached the Shadow Army. The commanders in the army of Shadows directed their soldier's attention to the coming wave.

To the East! Form ranks you Maggots! (Shadow Commander)

John and Dankumen saw Kratos charging toward the enemy and jumped from the Obelisk, allowing it to crash down on the nearby Shadow Demons. The Shadow Army was quick in forming their ranks, spears in front and archers in back. They unleashed as volley of arrows directed at the Xantantia knights, only a few dozen fell during the charge, most of those were because their horses were hit.

Fire! FIRE AT WILL!!! (Shadow Commander)

This order came too late as Kratos and his Knights smashed through the Shadow Army and cut down anyone in their path. Kratos slashed at anyone he could and smiled as some of his Knights passed him. John and Dielli then lead the Defenders out and attacked the Shadow Demons around them with full force.

Make safe the city!

The Knights had formed a large line behind the fleeing Shadow Army and acted as a wall between the Shadow Demons and the Rebels. Kratos broke from the line and approached John and the others.

Well, well, well. Look who finally decided to show up.

I take it you found more than the Lycans?

Indeed. Now, fall back inside the city, we can not achieve victory out here in the open.

My King! Look! McGill's ship flees the battle! (Captain)



When the remaining Demons entered the Kingdom and the Gatekeepers closed the entrance to the city, Kratos unmanned his horse and allowed a soldier to take it to the stables.

The barrier has fallen. They will soon begin their next attack.

I can put up another one. At least until we figure out what we are going to do.

No. I know what to do. We need archers on the walls, that gate must be reinforced and blades must be sharpened. We have plenty of soldiers left to man the defenses in this city, and so we will defend it. My friends, spread the word around our troops, we will fight.

The leaders of the Rebellion all left, except for John and Dielli.

So, you are King of Nystoria now? That's a big step up.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:53 am

With Kratos return and the defenses now strengthened, we all take the time to get some well deserved rest. I walk through the castle, it is alive with live now, soldiers of all creed are here. In the infirmary Avril is busy with the wounded , she gives me a smile as I enter the infirmary.

So do you need some help?

Well...yeah but you were fighting out there too. You must be tired?(Avril)

I am fine.

I start helping out with the wounded by using my cure and heal magic. Avril just watches me as I cure the wounded. I turn to see her use lower level heal magic and I smile, she then smiles back. We then bandage some other wounded soldiers that had more serious wounds, she watches as I use the medical tape, she can tell I had some training.

So, you know how to dress a wound? Did you learn that back home? (Avril)

Yeah, I had to learn survival skills for my old job. I was an archeologist/paranormal investigator.

She giggles as I say this I begin to laugh also.

Yeah and now I am fighting in a paranormal world.

Ironic isnt it. (Avril)

Once we finished I help her clean up the infirmary and we leave the wounded to be cared for by the nurses. I then walk her to her quarters before I head to mine, we stop at her door.

Well goodnight John, I wouldnt have finished this early if you hadnt helped. (Avril)

Its no problem at all.

I notice she is red in the face, I lean in to check her forehead to see if she has a fever and then it happened, she kissed me right on the lips. At first I am beyond surprised, but this feels so right. We then both close our eyes as we kiss.

Little did we know Dielli and Hena were bringing Nel to see me, they stop around the corner and see me and Avril kissing. Nel giggles and Hena pulls her back around the corner so we dont see them.

Well, looks like master doesnt just need the prophecy to say with us.

I release the kiss and we say goodnight. She closes the door and I turn to walk down the hall. As I leave I speak.

Goodnight, Dielli, Hena and Nel.

They look at each other and say... How did he know we were here?
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:12 am

Kratos, still wearing his Human clothing, stood on the wall looking out at the enemy. The Archers and Guards patrolling the wall passed him at different times wondering why he just stood there. It wasn't until Jerrin, Ezekiel, Torch and Dio stood up there with him did he move.

What's troubling you?

Tomorrow, McGill's forces will attack us, we have the advantage of a city, but they have the advantage of numbers.

That isn't troubling you, Kratos. You have fought hundreds of battles and slain thousands of enemies, you have never been troubled on the eve's of those battles. So what's really wrong? (Torch)

I met a woman on Earth.

Oh boy.

You fell for a Human?

There goes the neighborhood

Shut up. She just so happens to be a soldier.

Of course she is. You only ever want the girls that can fight. (Torch)

Is she good looking? What's her name?

Yes she's good looking and her name is Sasha.

The five Demons sat with smiles on their faces and looked out at the Plains. A silence creeped over them and their smiles slowly faded.

It's so quiet.

It's the deep breath before the plunge.

I can't even remember the last time I didn't have to fight. I must have been very young.

Hopefully, we can change things so none of us will have to fight again....
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 17, 2010 1:31 am

Tobias sits on the bridge of the Bathamuth, he sits and leans in his captains chair as the crew run about with their duties. He then summons General Crete, the armored demon walks on to the bridge, he seems extremely nervous.

Y...yes Lord Tobias? (General Crete)

Tobias stands up out of his chair, and then grabs Crete by the throat lifting him in the air. The crew stops and looks at the site.

You snibbling worm! You allowed them to get the upper hand once again Crete! What are you going to do about it? (Tobias)

Arrack!...I s...ay we attack them while there guard is down, within the city. (GC)

Tobias drops Crete on his back, and grins a sinister grin. He then turns to the crew.

Tell the army we are moving out now, we attack before dawn! (Tobias)

The crew scrabbles when they get their orders, the airships start their way back towards the Light Kingdom. With Kratos new army recovering from the first battle, this will be a challenge for them all. The full moon shines in the night sky as the ships move silently through the night, the army below marches forward and onward towards another bloody battle.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:38 pm

Nel played with Hna as she was led to her room. Dielli followed close to make sure that they were as safe as possible. Dielli felt an omen unlike any he has felt before, and he knew it was because of the coming battle. This has bothered him for some time while in the walls of the Light Kingdom. However, he did not want to make this apparent to the two present with him.

Nel suddenly grabbed onto Dielli's legs as he looked down at her. She had tears in her eyes and her grip was tightening. Dielli knelt down to her level as he stroked her head.

What is wrong, miss Nel?

The night feels strange. Many people will get hurt and I will never see them again. Can't you and Mr. John stop it? All of the hurt and goodbyes? (Nel)

Hna looked to Dielli as he looked at her. She made a motion with her head and gave him a brief smile. Dielli picked up Nel as she hugged his neck.

Listen, miss Nel. Unfortunately, sometimes there are bad men who refuse good men their rights. They bring about pain and suffering in their wake and end the lives of those who they believe are against them. We must fight to stop all of the bad things that are happening. Now, as the heir of the Light Kingdom, it is important that you remain in your room where it is safe. John and I will stop all of the fighting and so will Kratos, Jerrin, his father, and Hna.

The little kitsune sniffs as she looks to Hna, while in her normal form, and recieves a smile with much warmth in it. Nel smiles back at Hna as she looked up to Dielli.

Alright...I believe in you both. Please stop the fighting and the pain. I only want the world to be peaceful...(Nel)

So do I, Nel, and so does everyone who fights for the future of Nystoria. You can count on us! This land will be reformed under peace and harmony.

Tears form in Nel's eyes as she buries her face into Dielli's chest. He smiles down at the kitsune in his arms as he proceeds to her room.

When they finally arrived and placed her in bed, Nel had one last question.

Hna, Dielli. Are you my friends? (Nel)

The two siblings smiled to the small demon and nodded their heads. Nel sunk her face into her pillow as she giggled.

Goodnight, miss Nel.

Goodnight, Neliel!

Niiiight! (Nel)

As the two prepared to leave, Nel noticed two figures behind both Hna and Dielli. The white haired man behind Hna and a red haired woman behind Dielli. Before she could cry out to the two, they left the room.

I...I wonder who those two were? (Nel)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:51 pm

The night air is filled with malice, this wakes me form my sleep. I sense McGills army not far off but there is another presence that I sense one from long ago, one I thought I vanquished. I get up from my bed an power up my powers, my Paladin armor covers my body. I proceed down the hall and I pass Hena and Dielli, they address me but I keep walking then warp outside the castle walls.

Brother, why has master John left?

Hmm, he senses something. So do I.

Dielli touches his sisters shoulder and warps them to the castle wall, there they see John with is sword drawn and ready to fight.

Hena whispers to Dielli.

What is he looking for, there is nothing here.

Grrrrr. Yes, there is something here.

No sooner that Dielli said that when a dark figure manifested itself not far from John, its a Dark Knight Zatarus, the Dark Knight that faced John the first time he was here.

Zatarus so you decided to rear your ugly head once again.

As long as your clan chooses to interfere with the McGill clan I shall always exist. Prophecy or not fool, you shall die here! (Zatarus)

Zatarus then rushes at me with his shadow sword, he strikes at me with an over hand strike, I block it with my Sword of Light and the clash of the two forces cause a explosion of power, driving us both back away from each other. We are both still standing on our feet but the ground beneath us is ruts left by them.

You see Zatarus, your dark ways will never over power light, no matter how strong you become.

Silly, you may have defeated me before but you failed to destroy me. (Laughing) (Zatarus)

I put my sword on my back, bring my two cuffed hands up to my chest, and the ball of pure white energy starts to build between them, Hena and Dielli witness this but Diellis eyes light up with intrigue.

Could this be?

What I dont understand brother, what spell is John using?

If I am correct, its the spell called White.

White? Doesnt sound strong.

Just watch sister.

They continue to watch the two combatants battle, Zatarus growls and charges at me just as my spell is ready.

Now stay in the past were you belong Zatarus!

I then release the spell, a large blast of brilliant white light fires from my hands, Hena and Dielli cover their eyes from the spell. As the spell its Zatarus with full force, you can see him being ripped apart by the blast and then disappears. I then let out a sigh, but then look to the east again....I see the three airships off in the distance, I quickly turn and yell up to Hena and Dielli.

They are coming back, get the army ready, full alert!

How did he?

Ha! Sister you will never learn never underestimate Master. Damn sound the alarm.

I glare eastward as the army approaches.

They will be stopped here and now.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:27 pm

Kratos and Ezekiel stood on the high walls amongst the Archers eying up their targets. McGill had returned with his army and were simply waiting. Dielli, John and Hena joined them on the wall and seemed anxious.

Why haven't they began their attack?

They're wanting a meet. <--- Ezekiel's colour


Tobias thinks we are going to surrender.

He can go to Hell!

Dielli, Hena and Captain Farus, get your Horses, we're going to see Tobias. John, Ezekiel. I am leaving you in charge.

Kratos and the others made their way into the courtyard in front of the market at the gate to the city, Dielli handed him the reigns of his Horse and he jumped on. The gate opened and they rode out toward the Shadow Army, they stopped halfway and waited for McGill and his Generals to join them. Tobias and his followers rode black Horses that were covered in armour, he was obviously ready for battle.

Well, well, well. If it isn't the great Kratos. How do you feel about me controlling your old army?

I'm fine with it, Tobias. But how do YOU feel about me destroying it?


Kratos, we possess a far greater army, you can't possibly think you can defeat us do you? (General Crete)

There are much that our two cultures could share, Kratos. Imagine Humans and Demons living amongst one another.

Didn't you notice? We shared our culture with you yesterday, and we plan to do it again today.

You are arrogant, Kratos. It would be wise for you to surrender and we can make a deal.

You wouldn't like my terms, Tobias.

Leave our lands, Tobias. This is your final warning.

No. I like your lands, and I like your army. I think I'll keep the soldiers we don't kill.

I wish we could say the same. (Captain Farus)

Ah, Captain Farus, former Guardian of King Sparda.

The King who you murdered. (Captain Farus)

They say time heals all wounds, I guess this is one wound that will scar you until the end of your days.

I've heard enough. You have had your meeting, Tobias. Now decided whether or not you wish to live or die.

Kratos and the others rode back to the city and left Tobias with a smirk on his face. Tobias turned to Crete.

Kill every last one of them....
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:21 pm

A cheering roar was heard behind the heroes as they rode to the city at breakneck speed. Kratos grit his teeth as he hissed.

Damn Tobias and his acursed army. They are preparing to attack!

When we are not yet ready!?

Such cowardice. Never have I seen such dispicable acts of dishonor!

We can worry about that some other time, Dielli! Right now we must make haste to the castle walls!

The heroes rode faster on their steeds as they put distance between them and the Army of McGill. Once inside of the walls, Kratos and Captain Farus rode across the city to warn the defenders of the attack. Kratos rode his horse on the front walls of the Light Kindgom and watched as McGill and his army marched forth toward the city. John appeared beside Kratos as he looked to the Eatern part of the plains.

I have some bad news. McGill has summoned reinforcements by sea and they are arriving much sooner than I expected. Dankumen and I will deal with the ships.

No. You shall stay here and defend the city. We need all of the assistance we can get.

But Kratos! Would you rather have more men tearing at our doors than for them to be sunken under the sea??

And what of you! Do you wish to leave Nel's protection with the possibility of McGill somehow breaching our defences!?

That is a chance I have to take! I'm taking Hna and Dankumen with me. Do not try and stop me.

As John was ready to make his way down the walls to find Dankumen and Hna, Kratos' and his steed stode before him as John's path down was blocked.

Kratos! I already said to try and sto-

Good luck.

At first, John was confused by Kratos' sudden change of heart. But he had no time to waste. He ran down the steps and searched for Dankumen and Hna. Kratos returned his attention to the approaching threat as Ezekiel came climbing up the wall and landed right next to a couple of archers.

You ready?

More than I ever will be. his fight will determine Nystoria's future.


And the lives of those that reside in it.

Uh huh.

It is up to us to make history, or forever be erased from it. Because, if I know that monster that is leading those demons, he will make sure that his history is written.

Too right, mate.


A little something I picked up in the human realm.

Ezekiel nodded his head as his sword pierced the concrete wall of the floor and stood tall in his hand. Jerrin soon walked up the steps and watched the scene of McGill's army as the bloodiest battle in Nystorian history was about to begin.


Hna's eyes were bright blue as she twirled her transformed nagitana around and large amounts of water poured out of it and crushed anything at the receiving end. She held her nagitana high above her head as large bodies of water suddenly rose from the ground and rushed into dozens of shadow demons. The destruction left behind was astonishing. she goes. Causing a scene when we're in the middle of a war.

Such power...such control!

So this is the power of a water demon.

Only part of it I'm afraid.

"I'm afraid", what?

She ususally gets out of control. She loves playing with others and sometimes goes overboard. Since I'm here, though, she won't go crazy. Besides, our master is watching us close.

In either case, she is a vaulable asset. I can already see the tide turning!

The large body of water then came rushing back to Hna as it surrounded her. It then broke up into many small balls of water and darted like arrows into the sea of Shadow demons. The balls exploded and created icebergs that incased dozens of Shadow demons at once. They then broke apart like glass, along with the demons.

What was left of the water then rose up straight into the air as they produced pointed ends. Shadow demons were then suddenly stabbed by hundreds of water collumns as their pointed edges punctured holes into them. It was almost a massacre, almost. Hna's face was serious and held no sense of joy for what she was doing. Thoughts soon came to her head.

Why do I have to kill...I wish I didn't have to kill. What would master think of me?


A shocked Hna stared at Dielli as he was yelling at her.

Hna! Now's not the time to be thinking about what you're doing! I know it may be hard for you to kill others but you have a good reason to do so! The Shadow demons serving under McGill are not on our side! We are supposed to be fighting for the future of Nystoria, don't forget that!!

Alright, alright! Man, you're soooo whiny Dielli!

Dielli smiled to his sister as Ezekiel and Jerrin looked toward the hills. Many men on horses were standing upon it as they charged forward downhill.

End of Flashback

Ezekiel noticed that his son was staring blankly at McGill's army. He knew that his son was thinking about something, he just did not know what. A hand placed itself on Jerrin's shoulder as he looked at his father with confusion.

Thinking about the battle?

No. Just about those two.


A fireball that came from the Shadow demons was headed straight toward the men on the walls.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:04 pm

Haha!! Come on boy, we'll show his little fireballs they can't stop us!

My father transformed and leapt toward the fire. He grabbed onto it and yelled!

Well come on! I don't have all day here!

I transformed and leapt the great distance latching on the the fire ball as well. It was heating our armor up to the point where it was glowing red.

Alright, now when we reach the wall. Kick up your legs. Hopefully if we aren't incinerated to death we can send this sucker right back and make a considerable dent in their forces.

I didn't know which was worse. That my lycan hair was starting to burn or the fact that my father basically just sent himself and I on a suicide mission because he had an idea. I had no more time to think. The wall was right behind us now. We each kicked up our legs and landed on the side of the wall. The ball was slowing but not quick enough.

Alright! Now leap into the fireball!


Just do it!

I leapt into the ball and felt the heat overtake me. Suddenly the ball was gone and plummeting toward the shadow army. Around my father and I were veils of light.

Thought you two might need some help!

Ahha! Thank you old friend! Now drop us down into the moat! I need to cool off!

We fell and landed in the water. As we crawled out stream came off our armor. It was quite the father-son bonding.


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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:28 pm

Kyo approached Jerrin and Ezekiel, while they were in the water.

You know, I could've handled that. (Kyo)

He smirked at them and helped them out of the water. Then he spread his flaming wings and took flight toward the coming shadow army. He made a sharp turn and then "u'd" around along the ground, to cover there front line in flames. The fire stood tall, as a wall blocking off the shadow army. He made his way back, still smirking, as he approached Dio.

Well done, brother. That should hold them for a short period of time. At least those on foot. The horses will merely jump through.

We can handle what few may get through for now. Just allow the city to set their defenses.

We cannot do it alone.

We are with you.

Then we shall be alright. General! Will you fight with us?

The light General drew his sword and grinned.

By all means, we shall hold off this army. We shall win this war.

Then let's get moving! Orochi, Iori, I need you on the walls. Kyo, air support. Rugal, Dielli, with me.

They all then headed out to join the few lycans, to fight off the shadow army. Dio and Dielli ran side by side as the few shadow horsemen broke free of the flames and charged at full speed. Dio shot out a stream of flames along the path off the horse, making the rider lose control. He then jumped on the back of the horse, and took all control, then torching the rider that had fallen off. He then rode from horsemen to horsemen, slicing them with the blades on his arms, emitting a blinding light as the heat of his arm melted the metal on their swords. Few horsemen got through, but those who did were embraced by the landmines set by Orochi and Iori. They picked horsemen off, one by one.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:20 pm

Kratos and his Captain observed the flames hold back the Shadow Army and saw that the forces outside the wall began escorting John and Dankumen to the river. Ezekiel and Jerrin changed their course and returned back to the city with Dio and his men not far behind. As the Fire Demons got further away from the fire it began to die down and extinguish.

Now the real battle begins. (Captain Farus)

The Shadow Army began its march toward Aragrous and mobilised their war machines. As their main forces approached the city walls, a large contingent of Archers lighted the ends of their weapons and sent out a volley of flaming arrows.

Arrows! Take cover!

The soldiers in the courtyard all either raised their shields over their heads or ran into the nearby buildings. Torch did his best to extinguish every arrow but wasn't fast enough for some unlucky soldiers. As the city began to recover, the Shadow Army reached the walls and raised ladders to take the wall. Kratos drew his sword and kicked a soldier off the closest ladder, as he did so he saw something out of the corner of his eye. A large battering ram was being pushed toward the main gate. Kratos spun around and quickly blocked a blade that was about to be brought down on his head and pushed it away with his sword then swung at the soldiers head, taking it clean off. He ran to where the largest fight was and slashed a soldiers back then sliced another one's arm off, he dodged a swing and plunged his sword into the hostiles chest.

Kick off the ladders! Archers focus your attention on the troops pushing that ram! Hold it off as long as you can!!

Jerrin and Dio joined the fight on the wall and took over as Kratos jumped down to the courtyard and joined Ezekiel, Dielli and Hena. They had one hundred soldiers behind them and were ready for their turn to fight. If Jerrin and Dio could hold the wall and the others could hold off the Shadow Demons who break through the gate, then maybe they have a chance.

John better know what the hell he is doing!

Keep your mind on the fight at hand, Ezekiel.

The courtyard fell silent and listened to the fight on the wall, there was yelling, screaming, clanging and stomping. Kratos could faintly see Dio and Torch fighting back to back throwing fire at their opponents and slashing at anyone who got to close. The silence in the courtyard soon faded when a banging came from the gate, the soldiers all took steps back and questioned the battle. Kratos tightened the grip on his sword as the ram smashed a large hole in the gate, one more hit and they will have gained access to the city.

You are soldiers of Nystoria! Whatever comes through that gate, you will stand your ground!

The ram smashed the gate open and a cloud of smoke poured into the courtyard. The Demons coughed and spluttered. As the smoke began to clear, they could see dark soldiers approaching the gate. Kratos said something in the language of the Kings and lowered his sword. The Shadow Soldiers ran through the gate and charged at the Rebels.


Before the Shadow Soldiers could get to their enemy they were attacked by a pack of Lycans who jumped from the windows and buildings around them.

Spears, form up!

Two rows of soldiers stepped out in front of Kratos and the others, they held their spears tight and watched as the Lycans tore the soldiers to pieces. They were eager to fight these tyrannical Demons. Unfortunately the Lycan's were too few in numbers and were soon either killed or forced to retreat. The Shadow Demons turned their attention back to the Rebels and charged at them, some smashed into the spears while others dodged them and cut down the wielder. Kratos and Dielli began their attack and protected the soldiers in front of them the best they could. The Demons joined the attack and charged at the Shadow Army in full. Kratos blocked an attack and kicked his enemy to the ground, before he had a chance to finish him off another Demon attacked him who he easily cut down, then two more decided to take him on. He clashed swords with one and pushed his enemies sword aside and slammed his own into his stomach, the second Demon took a swing at his head but he ducked and pulled his sword out of the dead Demon then swung it and slashed the second Demon's neck as he raised his weapon.

There's too many of them!

Stand your ground!

Kratos sidestepped a Demon and slashed his leg then spun around and took his head off, he raised his sword above his head and turned around to bring it down on an approaching Demon. He heard his name being called and turned around just as Hena killed a Demon behind him. He nodded at her and then returned to the fight.
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Swords and spears, along with the sound of men screaming at the top of their lungs; coupled with the whisling of arrows and flames, it was obvious that the true battle had begun.

Dielli summoned many swords around him as they rotated and cut down any Shadow demon foolish enough to wander near him and his defence. Hna made short work of the many Shadow demons that she was confronted with as she shouted out orders to the Light demon soldiers.

Arrows suddenly darkened the sky as Dielli and Kyo leapt into the air. Kyo noticed Dielli next to him and grabbed on to his hand as he threw him up in the air, farther into the rain of arrows. Dielli inhaled deeply as he exhaled an enourmous fireball that engulfed all of the arrows in one fell swoop. The burning arrows were then falling just barely three inches from the Light Kingdom wall as the Shadow demons below dropped like flies.

Kratos clashed blades with multiple Shadow demons at once. Seeing an opening, he kicked the nearest Shadow demon in front of him as he and his fellow demons fell back on the ground. Demons with spears took this opportunity and stabbed all of the Shadow soldiers on the ground. Kratos raised his sword in the air and gave off a warcry as he and a few hundred more demons behind him charged at the retreating Shadow soldiers.

Above on the castle walls, Dio, Jerrin and Captain Farus were doing their best to push back the forces coming over the wall. But they were constantly looking behind themselves as more were coming up the steps.

Lock the doors! Nothing is to leave or enter this part of the wall!

Light soldiers that were not occupied ran towards the open doors and shut them closed and then locked them. No sooner than they had done so did the sounds of footsteps reach their eyes as they peered through the hole only to see shadowy figures approaching.

Dio stood on the edge of the walls, with a shield on his arms for incoming arrows, and unleashed his fiery wrath upon those that came up the ladder.

Meanwhile in the Eastern side of Aragra...

Dankumen and John watched on the shores of Aragra as they waited for the reinforcements. For some time they have been talking about the events surrounding Nystoria and the war that was taking place. Dankumen then asked about John's plan.

So what is the plan, Paladin? (Dankumen)

Simple. We sink the enemy ships that approach. I would much rather be fighting in the city with the others, but if someone does not stop the reinforcements, I'm afraid we may be overwhelmed.

I see. That logic makes sense. The less numbers we have to contend with the better. (Dankumen)

Yes. That is right.

Wait...I think I see them. (Dankumen)

As do I. We should hurry.

In the distance, ships belonging to the Shadow Army reinforcements were approaching fast. Dankumen made a motion with his hand and darted towards the waters. He then skid upon it as he made his way to the ships. John leapt into the air disappeared as he landed inside of one of the ships. The Shadow demons bellowed in surprise from John's entrance. He merely looked around himself as he knelt on his knees and closed his eyes. The Shadow soldiers snickered to themselves as they raised their weapons and walked slowly towards John. The ship suddenly began to shake as the water below them began to bubble. John's eyes opened to reveal blue energy pouring from his eyes as the ship split in two. A great sea serpent then rose its head from the water as it fired pressurised water from its mouth and blew an enourmous hole in the ships hull.

Nearby, Dankumen thrusted his arms forward as a block of ice formed itself and rammed into two ships. More blocks of ice then rose behind him as more ships were rammed and sunked. John, on top of the sea serpent's head, were making short work of the ships nearby and had already destroyed 67% of the fleet. The sea serpent screeched as more of its kind rose from below the sea and began to attack.

Dankumen, seeing a few ships leave, formed a platform of water under him as he rose high above the air. He inhaled as his chest began to increase in proportion and finally exhaled as air bursted forth from his mouth. The ships were blown away from the powerful gust and Dankumen crossed his arms.

That should be the last of them. (Dankumen)

John and his sea serpent came near Dankumen as John kept looking out towards the distance.

We should head back to the city. Our task is done.

Agreed. (Dankumen)

Back to the Light Kingdom

Die kicked a ladder from the walls as Jerrin slammed his blade into the side of a Shadow demon next to him. Two more were kicked off of the walls as they landed on the spears of their allies. The doors holding back the Shadow soldiers in the stairs were being broken down as Light demons desparately barricaded the doors with anything available.

Hna and her nagitana were sweeping Shadow soldiers on their feet as torrents of water crushed their armor and bones alike. Two lycans and the last of her battalion were surrounded by the neverending swarm of Shadow demons. She refused to give up as she yelled at the men around her.

Men, I need you to form a perimeter around me! You must give me time to unleash my true form or else we will be overtaken!

Understood, m'lady! (Lycans and demons)

The lycans and other demons did as they were told as they held off the Shadow soldiers away from Hna. One particular Fire demon with a tatoo on his cheek was determined to do whatever it took to protect Hna. He swung his blade carefully and assisted those next to him only when he had taken care of his side first. Seeing this, the lycans transformed and crushed any who came near. But it was becoming apparent to them that they were being cut down one by one and were shortening the perimeter around Hna. Just as she was close to releasing her power, a lone Shadow demon jumped over the demons protecting her as he swung his blade and knocked Hna's nagitana out of her hand. He then kicked her in the abdomen as she fell on the ground. Just as the Shadow soldier was prepared to bring down his blade, the Fire demon with the tatoo beheaded the demon and quickly helped her on her feet.

Are you alright? (Tatooed Fire demon)

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sat Jan 23, 2010 4:31 am

Kratos and the others in the courtyard had a few seconds to recover as they saw another wave of Shadow Demons approaching the gate. Captain Farus and the others had the wall under control, for now, so Kratos made his way up there and stood Jerrin and Farus.

They still vastly out number us. We won't survive another attack like that.

No, you're right. Captain Farus, Ezekiel, Dio, have our forces pull back to the Great Hall on the third level of the city. I will keep a group of soldiers here and we will hold them off for as long as we can.

What good will that do?

It will buy us time to figure out a plan. Besides, fighting in this open area will only allow them to overrun us, we need to be tactical.

Alright. Let's get moving then!

Stellios, find a group of soldiers who are daring enough to fight with us.

You got it. (Stellios)

As the soldiers started to retreat from the wall John and Dankumen appeared in the courtyard. Dielli filled them in on the situation and lead Dankumen away from the courtyard, John didn't follow and in stead he confronted Kratos.

What are you doing?

Welcome back, nice job with the ships.

Don't change the subject, tell me what you're doing.

What does it look like, John? I'm preparing to fight.

With only a small handful of soldiers? Are you mad?

Far from it. Go with the others, John, we will see you soon.

John, against his better judgment, joined the others and made his way to the Great Hall. Kratos sighed and turned to see Stellios with a group of around fifty soldiers. Less than half of what he expected. Too his surprise he saw Captain Farus putting on her shield and joining the others, she looked at him and nodded, he did the same.

You think we're gonna survive this one? (Stellios)

Nope... *Walks towards the soldiers*

Great! (Stellios)


The lower levels of the city had been cleared and only a small force remained in the courtyard. Many in the Great Hall were wondering where the soldiers were and so Dielli and Jerrin snuck out of the Hall and looked down at Kratos' contingent in a sphere of shields. Kratos stood alone outside the sphere and glared as the Shadow Army marched into the courtyard and a Demon with royal armour rode in on his horse, the Demon got off the horse and stood a few metres from Kratos.

Kratos you have fought valiantly, you are truly a force to be reckoned with. But even a valiant King must know when he is defeated. If you continue to fight then your army will surely be slaughtered and you will be left with nothing. Consider the lives of your men. Consider the survival of Aragra! You fight for this land, keep it. You fight for Nystoria! This country will be wealthier and more powerful than ever before and you can be Warlord of all Amansun! Tobias only asks, that you kneel and show us a token of your loyalty. (Messenger)

Loyalty? This Demon was asking for things he did not understand. Kratos had listened to the messengers words very carefully, especially the part about his men. His next move would decide the fate of every single soldier in this city, which is why he did what needed to be done in order to protect them all. He took out his sword and plunged it into the ground, his next move hurt him mentally more than anything, he knelt before the messenger and soon placed his hands on the ground. He kept himself held up and stared at the ground. Kratos closed his eyes and thought about the people, for too long have these good Demons had been ruled by darkness. It was time to make a stand!


Four of the shields at the front of the sphere moved out of the way and Stellios emerged, he instantly sprinted forward, stood on Kratos' back and leaped at the messenger. Stellios held a devastating spear and plunged it deep into the messengers chest. As he landed he roared at the Demons in front of him and pulled the spear out of the dead Demon. Kratos and the others charged at the Shadow Army and met them head on. They all shouted and cursed, stabbing wildly, killing as many as they could. Kratos broke off from the main attack and cut deep into their first wave, his fellow Demons tried to follow him but were soon cut down in the attempt. Stellios took out two long swords and swung in every direction while Captain Farus battered the enemy with her shield and stabbed with her sword. Kratos made his way back to the others and fought beside Stellios. Farus was fighting alongside three of her fellow comrades and fought harder when they all started to fall to the enemy, she tried to make her way back to Kratos and Stellios but was injured in the process. She had been slashed on her back and spun around to fight her opponent but was met with a blade through the chest.

Farus, no!

Kratos was about to run to her aid but stopped when the soldiers in front of them moved and revealed a large group of archers taking aim. Kratos placed his hand on Stellios' shoulder and concentrated on the other Rebels. As the archers released their arrows Kratos teleported his allies to the Great Hall.


John and the others turned in alarm as Kratos and the remaining twenty soldiers appeared in the Hall. Kratos smirked and then looked at Stellios, his smirk faded as he saw the three arrows in his chest. Stellios began to fall back but Kratos grabbed him and lowered him to the floor. His friend was dead. Long had they fought alongside one another, only now should their bond be broken by a Human and his greed.

Oh no...

Dielli, the Shadow Demons are approaching. What's the plan?

Kratos stood up and looked at Dielli, the two nodded at each other and knew what needed to be done. Hena stood in shock when she heard the plan...
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:52 pm

I watch as Stellios falls over dead, I clench my fists in anger and I walk to one of the windows in the great hall. I can see the shadow army soldiers massing outside the hall, I step away and look at them all, pain, suffering and death.

This is enough!

They all look at me as I speak, Hena walks towards me but I put up my hand.

Hena, all of you stay here. This madness ends here. I will buy you all time for your plan, so act fast.

I then warp outside of the Great Hall were I am surrounded by shadow soldiers, they ready their weapons but they do not attack. I grab my sword, and my shield and helmet then appear upon me. As I raise my sword it begins to glow a brilliant blue, the shadow demons attack, I swing my blade towards them and waves of light energy flies towards them cutting them down. One demon tries to attack me from behind and I block with my shield and promptly run him through with my sword then push him off my blade.

The other demons back off, I take this time to summon some help. I raise my hand and I shoot a beam of light into the clouds above, lighting flashes among the clouds as dozens of wyvern fly out of the sky and attack the shadow army. The shadow army retreats back outside of the city only to be pursued by the wyvern, dozens more wyvern perch themselves on the castle walls.

Now Hena, get your ass in gear. I cant keep them summoned long.
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POV of Dielli

I looked at Kratos, King of Nystoria. I then turned my attention to my beloved sister, as she stares at me with much confusion in her violet eyes. A Fire demon then walked right next to Hna. A tatoo was seen on his face. I smiled at the two and looked to the king. Kratos and I knew what needed to be done. My gaze then set itself upon the Light Kingdom's general.

We must evacuate the citizens away from this place. Lumus, is there not a path for them to take?

There is. A path through the backways of the Kingdom, lies a great ravine with boats; enough to fit about 8,500 citizens. But by the time they make it through the enemy will have already broken through our lines. The people will surely be slaughtered. (General Lumus)

Not with what I have in mind.

And what is it that you have in mind, Dielli?

Lumus, go out and lead the citizens with your men. We shall stand here and fight. And give me a moment, Hna.

Lumus put on his helmet and jumped on his horse. He then exited the cave with a few dozen men.

I sure hope it's something that'll give the Shadow Army a thing or two to think about. Something that generations to come will remember.

Is such an act even possible? We are clearly outnumbered and outclassed! Even if we were to receive help from the citizens I'm afraid that their efforts will only be in vain, as well as ours. Please tell us your plan...

I looked down at the ground below me. Clentching my right hand, I hold it up to my face as flames of blue gently light up and then disappear. I look up to meet the faces of the Light Kingdom's defenders. Hna was waiting for me to speak, as well as Jerrin, Kratos, Dankumen, Ezekiel, Dio and the Fire Cannon Squad, Torch, the tatooed Fire demon, and finally the many demons that stood before him; all waiting to hear of my plan.

I then heard a voice outside of the kingdom. It was John's and he was yelling for Hna. I looked to my sister as she stared out at the window as the sun rose. Do not worry John, we shall save you.

Turning my attention to Kratos, I noticed that the king was laying against the stone wall with his hand upon his face. The death of Stellios was far too much for Kratos, yet he held on and was ready to let my plan unfold. I walked up to Kratos and put my hand on his shoulders, to which he looked up.

So much death. What can defenders do against such reckless hate? What can a king do to end the death and pain of the people...

Ride out with me. Ride out to meet them.

The others looked at me with surprise, obviously against it.

Dielli! Don't tell me that you expect us to ride on horses to make one last charge?

That is excatly what I plan for us to do. Do you not see? The Shadow Army want us to sit here and lose hope. But I refuse to give them the satisfaction of us on the edge of doom! Not us!

You're either the bravest demon I have ever laid my eyes on or you may yet be a buffon among fools. Perhaps both. Yet, I feel compelled to ride with you.

To die by my friends, my brothers in arms, is something a lycan warrior can only dream of. Much has been lost...but we shall take back our lands from McGill!

And our freedom!

Our lives!!

Our destinies!! (Torch)

Our people!! (Tatooed Fire demon)

And our heritage!!

For death and glory.

Everyone looked to Kratos as he stood up straight and had much fire in his eyes. The darkness that once surrounded him was gone and was now replaced with a radiant light unlike any other. Kratos pulled out his sword and held it high in the air. The glint from its steel sent shivers down the spines of those present. The king was ready!

End of POV

For Nystoria. For your people.

Yes. Yes. The horn of the former Emperor of Light shall sound in the kingdom. One last time. Let this be the hour when we draw swords together.

Everyone jumped upon their horses as they pulled out their swords and readied their shields. The doors in front of them were banged upon by the Shadow Army, with the shouting of their spears and swords screaming for death. Kratos looked to Dielli and Dielli to Kratos. They nodded to one another as they watched everyone else mount on their steeds. Dielli's armor began to transform as he and his horse were changed. There now stood a red armored horse with phoenix armor and a knight with multiple swords surrounding him. The hoofs of the horse burnt with rage as it let out a breath of flame. Kratos soon began to go through a transformation as his armor and horse took on darker features. Dio and Hna looked on and proceeded to do the same. Eventually, all four were displayed as powerful knights, ready to spell doom upon their enemies. Jerrin and his father merely smiled to themselves as they put on their helmets, their grey eyes showing through it. Kratos' horse rose into the air on its hind legs and then set itself back down on the ground. The Shadow demon held his sword forward and breathed in deeply as he let out a loud bellow that rung all about the Light Kingdom. For a moment, the hollers of the Shadow Army stopped.

Fell deeds, await. Now for wrath. Now for ruin, and the red dawn! Forth Eorlingas!

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:57 pm

The Shadow Army banged on the doors ahead of the brave heroes, few tried to hold them back but were no match for the large force. The doors flew open and revealed what could only be described as a sea of black. Kratos and Dielli were the first to charge and frightened the enemy ahead of them with their bravery. Hundreds followed and rammed through the soldiers until they finally made their way to the gate of the city, it was a desperate charge but it needed to be done. Tobias stood at the back of his army and watched the heroes emerge. A curious look appeared on his face and he called for his Generals.

What are those fools doing?

A desperate act, my lord. Don't worry they won't last long. (Crete)

Dielli and Kratos searched for John and soon found him on a horse near Dio and the other Fire Demons.

John! Warp Hena to the river, now!

John rode to Hena and placed his hand on her shoulder. The two disappeared and appeared by the river without being noticed by the enemy.

Do it Hena! We don't have much time!

I'm not sure I have that much power! What if I can't do it?

If you don't try then all this will have been for nothing! Please try....

Dankumen saw some soldiers struggling and so he rode to their aid but was stopped in the process, a group of archers fired upon him and killed his horse. They both fell to the ground but only he recovered, he gripped his sword and blocked an attack from a Demon and pulled out a knife which he stuck in the soldier's helmet. Unaware that the archers were still targeting him, he charged a high ranking soldier and was about to end his life when an arrow slammed into his back and forced him to drop to his knees. The high rank in front of him laughed and raised his sword over his own head, as he began to bring it down he saw something out of the corner of his eye, he turned just in time to see Kratos ride past and slice through the Demon's neck. Dankumen watched as the soldier in front of him fell to the ground and his head rolled away. Kratos jumped off his horse and cut down anyone who approached Dankumen as he got too his feet, he reached behind him and pulled the arrow out just in time to stick it in an approaching soldier's neck. Kratos sent out a blast of mixed Shadow and Light energy that obliterated the archers who shot down Dankumen and stepped back when a Demon carrying two large axes swung at him. The Demon took another swing and allowed Kratos to slip past him and stab his sword through the Demon's side. As he pulled the bloodied sword from his enemy the Shadow Demons around them stopped. Kratos and Dankumen knew why, the ground began to shake and the Shadow Demons all began to slowly step away from the fight. Dielli looked to the river and smiled, a large wall of water began to grow in height and towered over the land.

I think it's time to fall back, General.

Hena roared at the army and sent the wall of water toward them, every soldier began to run from the fight and to any high ground they could find. The water flowed across the land and passed the heroes, unfortunately for everyone else it wasn't very pleasant.


Tobias and his General warped away from the battle and back to Calista. Kratos watched as the filth of the Shadow Empire was washed away, his former stench. He put away his sword and saw Dankumen struggling to stand on his own two feet so Kratos put his allies arm around his neck and helped him over to the others.

Victory! We have victory!
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After burying the dead and healing the wounded, I decided to go see Avril again. As I approach her quarters I see her outside her door with a male demon. I then stop by the corner were she couldnt see me and listen to her talk to the male demon.

Grant, you survived the onslaught! (Avril)

Yes it was intense but I survived, and it made me think. (Grant)

OK, what about? (Avril)

About us, I want us to get back together. (Grant)

I think to myself.... Here it comes again, the story of my life.....second place, or never good enough. Then I heard the most impossible thing I ever here in my life and thats saying allot considering what has happened over the past few days.

No Grant. You messed up royal the last time. Beside I am in love with another. (Avril)

Grant clenches his fists and yells back.

Who is it!? I kill the bastard to prove my love! (Grant)

She smiles as she runs her hand through her long white hair, then gives him the answer.

John. (Avril)

T...he....human...the Paladin? Well.....OH forget it.....! (Grant)

He leaves her and walks down the hall, I am shocked to hear this.....this woman she is....damn is all I can say....then I hear her talk.

Oh John you can come out from the corner now. Hehe. (Avril)

I step out from the corner and well my face is red, she smiles at me as she sees me turning red.

Sorry for spying on you, I was coming to see if your were alright. Anyway...did you?

Yes, I meant every word. (Avril)

I smile at her as we take a seat on the bench beside her room and talk for awhile before we returned to our quarters, soon we would have to strike back at Tobias....that bastard has it coming now.
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The dark forces of McGill has finally been defeated. Word would soon reach the lands of the success of the rebel, allowing the people to speak for themselves. Thousands of demons from all around Nystoria gathered near the border between the former Xantantian mountains and Brustria. The heroes would soon be met with the enourmous force that awaits the arrival of their king.

Hna and Dielli quickly rushed to both Kratos and Dankumen as they held their master up. He looked at them both as the man with white hair and a red haired woman hovered above Hna and Dielli, respectively. Kratos noticed this too.

By the seal of the old Emperors...(Dankumen)

Do not speak, master. You're wounded and must find rest.

Yes, yes you're right...(Dankumen)

The two led Dankumen through the crowd of cheering demons. Eventually, they made it inside of the infirmary and laid down their master on a bed as he groaned. After exchanging a few words with his pupils, Dankumen noticed Kratos standing by his room door and ushered him in, while at the same time he asked them to leave. Kratos looked down at Dankumen as the door to the room closed.

You saw it too, I presume. (Dankumen)

Indeed. Why is it that their souls are beginning to manifest outside of their bodies? It is almost as if they are trying to communicate with us.

I am not sure. Seeing as though this is the first soul-transfer ever conducted I would have to assume that they are awakening. (Dankumen)

Awakening? As in they are beginning to remember?

I do not know yet. Perhaps...with given time, we shall see what will happen. (Dankumen)

Perhaps. I shall leave you now, Dankumen. Like your pupils said, you need rest, and I shall not deny that from you. Rest easy.

You are too kind, my king. Do not burden yourself with an old man like me. (Dankumen)

It is no burden. A king must watch over his people, for without his people, what shall a king strive to protect?

Dankumen gave a surprised look on his face. Kratos smiled as he exited Dankumen's room. Outside stood Hna and Dielli, keeping post. They turned to Kratos and smiled to him as he patted their shoulders. He then made his way to the courtyard of the kingdom.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:03 pm

In the courtyard Kratos could see John sitting by an empty fountain with some blood stains around it, he seemed to be smiling but Kratos couldn't tell so he walked over and sat next to him.

I'm gonna kill him, Kratos. That asshole has ended to many lives.

I agree. If you want to go, I'm not going to stop you.

Why not?

I don't know. But what I do know, is that you need to go.

John looked at the other people in the courtyard and smiled. He knew he had to leave and secure his new found family's future. Kratos watched as his new ally stood up and was getting ready to leave.

Watch your back out there, John.

Likewise, Kratos.

John walked away from the courtyard and departed from the city...

Ezekiel, Kratos, Dielli, Hena, Dio, Jerrin, Dankumen and Torch stand in the Great Hall with pride in their hearts.

A great victory has been won here, Tobias will surely be destroyed and his armies left crippled!

Destroyed? No. He has suffered a defeat, yes, but inside Calista our enemy is regrouping.

Where is John?

He has gone to Calista.

Is he mad?!

Far from it.

Kratos and Dielli looked at each other for a second and listened to the others talk of John.

John goes to kill Tobias. He goes because he is the only one who can. (Dankumen)

Ten thousand Shadow Demons still stand in Calista, they block every path to Tobias' castle. He's going to his death.

Maybe not. I say we gather what strength we have and march on the dark land.

We cannot achieve victory through the strength of arms. Too few can still stand let alone fight.

You're right, we cannot achieve victory, at least not for ourselves. If we march on Calista then we can empty Tobias' lands and leave him defenceless. We can buy John the time that he needs.

Tobias will suspect a trap, he will not take the bait. (Dankumen)

That's a chance we're going to have to take.

Hmm. Small chance of success. Certainty of death. What are we waiting for?
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Realm 2
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