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 Realm 2

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:46 pm

I wake up to the feeling of water dropping on my face, I can barely open my eyes.....I see that I am outside were I fought that shadow demon, and its raining out. With my last bit of energy I use a heal spell on myself.


A ball of green light hits me in the chest and the effects of the poison start to wear off. If I had known I was struck I would have healed myself instantly, but it was only a graze. I look around and start to wonder why I was left in the rain. I see the body of that demon still lying in the mud, and then I glance at the cave then get to my feet but I am still weak. Slowly I walk to the cave and start calling out names but to my dismay no answers. I look around, there has been a struggle some of their belonging are still here, there are scorch marks in the cave.....the fire demon team.

No, they been taken!

I lean on the cave wall and the look of dismay turns to anger and a new found determination. I then start preparing an potion to help gain my strength back, it is made from herbs and different plant life that is around the cave, I make a small fire in the cave to brew it together. One hour later it is finished and I use some of the old supplies that was left in this cave to use as a cup, I drink it.

Blah...nasty! Yet strangely refreshing.

I start to feel better, I finish it of and as I am drinking I see some strange marking I didnít see before the struggle, it was covered in heavy dust and dirt on the floor. I walk to the center of the cave and the markings start to light up, an alter rises from the cave floor. I cautiously walk and stand on the alter, I look at the top of the alter and there is a place that looks like a book could fit.

I wonder?

I take out the book Lunar gave me and I place it there, the book opens up to the middle of itself and I start to read off the words. A flash of white light and my clothing is changed to brilliant silver and black armor. The armor covers my entire body except the high part of my arms, the fingers and palms of my hands. There is no helmet which is traditional theme of armor the MacKnight clan and it is confirmed with the chest on the right side of the chest plate, the crest is of a dragon.

I then walk down from the alter and start heading out of the cave, the clouds start to clear and the sun shines through, I stop and look skyward.

Be strong everyone I will find you.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 03, 2010 1:01 am

After the expedition in the Amazon and the return of the soldiers to Washington, the men and woman who were out in the field decided they had earned a drink and some fun. So they all got into civilian clothes and made their way to a bar in downtown. Kratos had been escorted to his hotel and washed up befor getting changed and making his way down to the bar. Ghost had bought the first round and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, soldiers were playing pool and dancing to the music coming through the speakers around the bar. Kratos got a beer and sat beside Sasha who had arrived earlier, due to the loud music the two had to talk with raised voices.

I'm surprised you came. (Sasha)

Yeah? And why's that?

I didn't think that your kind would do this sort of thing (Sasha)

You'd be surprised.

Kratos saw the people dancing and smiled to himself. Sasha finished her drink and was about to get another when Kratos leaned over to her.

Do you wanna dance?

Sure! (Sasha)

Kratos got to his feet and took Sasha's hand, she led him to the dance floor and the two danced for a long time. Ghost watched them from the pool table and sculled the last of his drink. Sasha and Kratos together wasn't a good idea, she knew things that Kratos didn't and shouldn't. Henderson had kept things from Kratos, things like the death of Lunar and McGill's rise to power.

The two had danced for half an hour and returned to their table smiling and laughing, being in this realm had changed Kratos. He was enjoying himself and didn't have the desire to go to war or destroy.

I guess I should consider myself that you came through that portal. (Sasha)

And why's that?

Because if you hadn't then I wouldn't have found my dream guy. (Sasha)

*Laughs* I'm no dream, believe me.....

You're mine. But hey! You probably have loads of girls back in your world, right? (Sasha)

Not exactly. I chose to not have a long term companion after my brother's wife was a casualty in war.

Yeah well, speaking of war, I don't know how you can just sit here knowing that some guy was terrorising your world. (Sasha)

.......What guy?


Kratos burst into Henderson's office and was halted by two men carrying guns. Henderson ended the conversation he was having over the phone and stood up behind his desk.

Now isn't a good time, Kratos. (Henderson)

Now's a perfect time, Henderson. It's time you tell me everything you know about what is happening in Nystoria.

The two guards nudged Kratos back and so he blasted them with electricity, the two hit different walls and had large smoking burns on their chests.

When did you find out that Tobias was loose in my world?!

Soon after we found you. He has spent the last five years rallying an army, your army. Now he is on the brink of conquering Nystoria. (Henderson)

And you didn't think that I should know this?

I was worried it would affect your performance. (Henderson)

My performance? What performance?! You've spent the last four years p*ssyfooting around, if you had let me look for the first orb when you found me then I would be back home and McGill would be dead!

I know, which is why we are going to be listening to you from now on. I am assigning a new man to your team. His name is Cyrus and he will be another gunner for you. (Henderson)

I don't need another damn bodyguard, I need to find the other two orbs! You better hurry up and translate the co-ordinates, and call me the second you have them.

Kratos then stormed out of the office and left Henderson alone with an angered look on his face.
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Lunar Retturns 2
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:31 am

A horrid stench wakes up HŽna. The first thing that hits her is the tightness of her wrists, hip, and ankles. Her eyes slowly gain life as she peers around the dungeon that she has been imprisoned in. Venompods (variation of a rat combined with a snake) slink across the foundation of the dungeon. Some lose their balance and fall to their death, which, ironically, brings a sense of disgust to HŽna.

A single window, filled with bars is seen, along with a door. The markings on wall are clearly meant to prevent prisoners from using their powers. What truly caught HŽna's attention was the strange grassy-like ground. It radiated a strange aroma not familiar to her. Perhaps that is where the stench came from and perhaps that is what caused the venompod to fall. She shrugged it off and defiantly stared into the darkness around her.

The young demon notices a dark figure approach her and she bares her fangs. The figure then illuminates the room with a phrase that HŽna could not hear to reveal Tobias McGill. He gives HŽna a smug look before a grin appeared on his face. The human ignored the crunching noise he made as he stepped towards her, the venompod being nothing but a mess on the grassy floor. HŽna hisses as the man strokes her cheeks with his palm.

Such an attractive spawn of Rantu. Who knew that the bodyguard of the Light Emperor could conceive something like you? Oh, where are my manners, my name is-

Save it, I know who you are. Enemy of the McKnights.

Oh do you? Well, I am honored that I am so well known in these lands.

Do not flatter yourself. It should be no surprise that those such as myself can easily recognize such a menacing face. Your handiwork is recognized by every demon. Those who do not know you are either from another world or are entirely emptied headed.

McGill nods his head as he smacks his lips. He draws closer to HŽna, but is held off when a guard comes to the cell door.

Lord McGill! (Dungeon Guard)

What it is, peon?

We are having trouble with the other two prisoners, especially the Lycan! (Dungeon Guard)

Hmph. I guess our little 'date' will have to wait now will it? I'll deal with them!

As McGill left HŽna tilted her head as she stared at the venompod.

Meanwhile, in the cell holding both Jerrin and Dielli

Jerrin fought furiously as he struggled with the guards trying to bind him in chains. They managed to at least get his right ankle but the other five cuffs could not be put on the Lycan. Dielli was constantly bashing his head against the guards as they responded with several jabs, but to no avail. It was as if Dielli were a berserker, shrugging off any blow dealt to him and returning it two-fold. The guards were on their last breath before McGill arruptly entered their cell.

Enough of this bravado that is being displayed by you two ruffians!

The two fighters were slammed against the cell walls and bound by the chains and cuffs. Just as they were ready to struggle further, McGill impaled them both Jerrin and McGill with a paralysis sort of spear made of purple energy. Their struggle soon died down as McGill scoffed in annoyance.

Be sure to watch the demon. That one had a look on his face.

Yes, sir! (Dungeon Guard)

McGill left the cell of the two men and proceeded to return to HŽna's cell. He smiled as he watched a single tear come down her face.

Do not be sad. Their suffering is only beginning.

I am not crying you arrogant tyrant!

In either case, I believe that we have unfinished business.

I highly doubt that.

Yes. Of course you would.

No, I'm very serious right now.

That's enough bravado from you. I have just finished dealing with your friends because of that. Now, where was-

McGill flintched and jumped back as something scrapped his face. He looked around and noticed a shard of ice on the ground. Looking to HŽna McGill watched as she spat at him and another shard of ice flew at him. He quickly threw his hand up in front of him as a shield as the shard bouned off harmlessly.

How did you manage that? This entire cell is filled made up of signum stone.


Have it your way.

The human walked out of HŽna's cell as he called Maximus Dio to watch over her. A few moments later Dio appeared in a dramatic display of inferno.

What have you called me down for? I took them down what more do you want?

Still your tongue, or I shall sever it for you. I want to you watch over this girl. No one gets in or out. Is that understood?

Are you done? I am no child, unlike you, so I clearly can take care of this.

You may proceed. You'd best watch yourelf, Dio. One day that pride of yours will get you in trouble. I shall be back. I will summon Ezekiel to meet with his Lycan friend.

Dio made his annoyance quite clear to the guard next to him as McGill left, for he was nothing but cinders, but did as he was told. The two clearly did not see eye to eye, and even more so to equal grounds. But because of their somewhat steady alliance, they have become a fearsome force to be reckoned with.

In the cell of Jerrin and Dielli

Both Jerrin and Dielli were knocked out briefly from McGill's power. The first to gain his set of mind was Jerrin.

H..hey...Dielli. You awake yet?...

Yeah...barely. I fell like I've been stabbed with a dull blade...

Same here...that McGill fella sure knows how to treat his guests, eh?

What do you mean?

Forget it.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 03, 2010 7:27 pm

As I stand outside the cave I hear something moving in the bushes. I charge up a fire spell and blast it at the bush and a small figure jumps out and rolls on the ground to land at my feet. To my surprise it is Nel, she looks up at me and then tackles me but I still stand.

John your alive! (Nel)

I let out a chuckle and hug her, although I havenít a clue how to take care of child since I never had children of my own, in the short time together I have grown fawned of her.

I am fine Nel, but what happen to the others?

Nel explains how the fire demons took the others when I was passed out, Nel then took cover as Hena, pushed her into the bushes.

Hmm, Nel do you have any family that I can bring you to, I mean I really should have asked you before.

Nel looks down and takes the amulet around her neck off. I look at it carefully. It is the same one Lunar and his family wear or have worn. I look at her and smile, I now know what to do. I warp me and her to Aragraís Palace and we end up landing in the court yard. The light empire soldiers see this and get ready to draw their swords but stop when they hear their commander issue the order.

Hold your arms! That is .....Master MacKnight!(General Lumus)

Umm, John would due.

He looks closely at me as Nel is hiding behind me, and he raises his eye brows.

Nel is that you? This is truly a miracle, we thought you for dead. Come in we will make sure Nel is secure with the council, and then we will celebrate. (General Lumus)

I am gravely sorry but I must depart, I had to make sure Nel was safe before I could go any further. See while I was blacked out, my friends were taken by McGillís forces and if it wasnít for the girl Hena, Nel would have been captured also.

I see, well I assure you Master MacKnight, Nel is safe now. Is there anything I can do for you? (GL)

Yes there is.

That is?(GL)

Keep her safe or you will regret the day.

Y...yes sir. (GL)

Nel leaves with the royal attendant, she looks back at me with a tear in her eye, I nod to her and she smiles, she is safe and now I have to find the others.

I then warp to the outskirts of the Shadow Demonís empire, I can see the Imperial Palace or as I would call it....fortress. The memories of my imprisonment is still fresh in my mind, the horrors of the Imperial dungeons are legendary.

I hide in the forest until night fall, I then start to make my way into the surrounding city. I then grab a cloak from cloths line and use it to protect my identity, then continue onward towards the prison.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:12 pm

This is one heck of a place ain't it kid?

The demon was quiet. Thinking about something deep. Well I had some thinking of my own to do. I knew that the human would come for us, but his strength alone wouldn't be enough. He had shown that in the cave. No what we needed was a distraction, one big enough to lure all the guards away.

Hey you!

Hm? What?

Listen up. I think I just found us a way out of here.

I proceeded to tell him the plan.

We would wait til dusk, they would change the guard then. Also by dusk the moon would be high enough to give me extra strength. I would break him and I out of our chains and hopefully get out of the cell. Then we'd break out your sister. After that we try our escape. One great leap from the wall and they'll think we're dead. But McGill will send at least 75% of his guard out to the city to find us or our remains. We won't be able to leave the city walls because of the patrol around them, but if his guard does find us. We will be able to distract EVERYONE until John could get in and warp us the hell outta there.


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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:20 pm

Kratos stood on the roof of his hotel and looked out at the city. His mind was wandering all over the place, one thing he couldn't quite figure out was how McGill was able to rise to power when Lunar was in control of Nystoria. Lunar may not be as strong as Kratos, but he should have been able to keep McGill trapped in the prison that Kratos banished him too. The sooner he returned to Nystoria, the better. Kratos walked to the stairwell and made his way back inside the hotel and took the elevator down to his floor. He made his way to his room and was greeted by several soldiers, he stepped inside and saw Sasha with the new guy Cyrus.

Howdy, Kratos. Get your stuff, we're going to Headquarters. (Cyrus)


Sawyer and Rojas sat in the back of a dark van parked down a sick alleyway. In the back of the van was a surveillance system set up so they could listen in on certain conversations that their comrade/informant was able to be apart of.

You know we're not going to be able to get to the orb before they do, don't you? (Rojas)

Of course I do. That's why we called in our friend. If we can't stop them from getting the orbs, then we are just going to have to stop Henderson from crossing over. (Sawyer)

And what about Kratos, are you going to stop him as well? (Rojas)

If I have to, yes. (Sawyer)

You know he has to cross back over. (Rojas)

Yeah but the questions is, will he? (Sawyer)


Gentlemen, the next orb is somewhere in Siberia. The exact location is still a mystery to us but our analysts are working around the clock to figure it out. In the meantime, you will travel to Siberia and await further instructions. (Henderson)

Kratos walked out of the meeting and left the others pondering his move.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:53 pm

As I make my way through the city on my way to the prison I see a bar to my left, I would have ignored it but there was a commotion in front of it. I stop in the shadows and observe from a distance as two demons fight with the bouncers of the bar.

Go on get out of her you lousy bum. (Bouncer 1)

Bah! This bar sucks ass anyway, the beer was warm and watered down! (Stellios)

Why I should.....(Bouncer 2)

Come on Stellios this is a waste of your time. (Torch)

Stellios just looks at Torch and calms down, the two leave the front of the bar without further incident. I follow the two of them carefully staying in the shadows, maybe they can lead me to the others. They both stop and rest in the city square and sit down and talk, I listen to there conversation.

Torch this isnít the same with out the boss. (Stellios)

I know man, but what are we to do, McGill fired us. I would love some pay back (Torch)

Me too Torch, me too. (Stellios)

I then walk out of the shadows, still with the cloak over my head. They see me coming but do not recognize me, I then begin to speak.

So you want some pay back on McGill huh?

Whatís it to you stranger, and what are you doing listening in on our conversation? (Torch)

I say we should teach him a lesson. (Stellios)

Haha, same old Torch and Stellios.

I take off my hood and they are shocked to see me standing before them. Stellios points at me but doesnít speak, Torch just shakes his head.

Not you again. (Torch)

Listen, you want payback at McGill, I need to break my friends out of prison plus if you help me well I will make sure Kratos knows what you have done for him.

Boss is alive! (both)

Shh, yes he is alive but in my realm, you need to be quiet though. Also McGill thinks I am dead so some discretion please.

Well....what if the boss hates the idea of use helping you. (Torch)

Well do you think he would like the fact that you two let McGill march in and take over? With our a fight at that?

OK, we will help since you put it that way. (Stellios)

Agreed. (Torch)

I put my hood up and I follow the two down towards the prison, hopefully this will work cause I really donít have many options.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:01 pm

-Before Zero's Post-

The sun was setting the time for action was now.

I looked out the window again to assure that I could see the moon. Once I found it in the sky I transformed.
Breaking out of the chains with slight ease my gut still hurt from McGill's torture. I ripped the chains off of Dielli's and sent him to the door.

Sir, I would greatly appreciate a bit of water for my friend and I.

Shut up, you scumbag.....waitta minute? Where is the other guy? How you get off your chains? (Guard 1)

Dielli's eyes glowed as he spoke, it seemed as if he was using magic against the guard.

Why don't you come in here and find out?

Well I got a better idea! Why don't I go in there and find out! May as well beat your smug little fact too! (Guard 1)

The guard unlocked the gate and walked in to Dielli seemingly attached to his chains, but he couldn't find me.
As I dropped from the ceiling I muffled the guard's screams with my hand.

Nice going kid! Now let's get your sister and get outta here!

He smiled and agreed. First time I'd seen him smile.

-After Zero's Post-

We headed down the corridors until we ran in to a fire demon.

You can stop right there lycan.

It was the basterd that burnt me back at the cave. He would surely be able to capture us. Suddenly time stood still.

It seems you have found yourself in trouble again Jerrin.

The spirit began to chuckle.

Ezekial but how?!

I don't know. My father communicated with me in the same way. I assume that you need my help now more than ever.
Why you're not even fully transformed. I believe it is time for your ascension.

I began to feel a transformation, one that felt similar but completely new. I grew in size and strength a new armor plated my body.

As the power coursed through me Ezekiel said...

Go now. Show this fire demon his place.

Time resumed and a speechless fire demon stood before me.

Payback time.

I stabbed a claw in him and threw him onto the ground. He lie there unconscious BUT STILL ALIVE. I ripped open the door to HŽna's cell.


The two ran toward eachother and hugged.

Well now that the family reunion is over let's get the hell outta here!


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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:32 pm

The cold mountain air crippled most of the soldiers, they all wore four heavy layers and large coats with the Quantum symbol on their shoulders. Kratos wasn't affected by the cold and stood out in the open with only a plain black t-shirt and a leather jacket to keep him warm. Cyrus had earlier put Ghost to shame and led the team in the right direction down a narrow path to a large frozen courtyard. Now they were all waiting for Henderson to arrive, for some reason he wanted to be present to see the orb. Kratos sat on a weapon case and watched as Ghost's men set up flood lights around the courtyard, Cyrus walked over to him and grabbed a weapon sitting behind Kratos and began equipping it with certain attachments.

So how did you get involved in all this?

I volunteered. (Cyrus)

Well, you either have to be extremely brave or extremely stupid to be apart of this.

You're apart of it, aren't you? (Cyrus)

Point taken.

Cyrus looked over his shoulder and saw Ghost approach Henderson and his personal guards as they entered the courtyard. Ghost updated him on the situation and led him to a tent that had been set up earlier. Kratos looked at his hand and clicked his fingers, fire sprouted out of his thumb, he clicked again and the fire went out.

You ready for this? (Cyrus)

Kratos got too his feet and looked at Cyrus.

Are you?


The team approached an opening in the mountain and waited for Kratos to join them, Ghost stood beside and made a motion with his head that basically told Kratos to lead them in. Without any words being spoken between the two, Kratos filled his hand with blue fire and lit the way. Ahead of him, Kratos could hear something moving very fast. The path he lit was gloomy and cold even for him but he simply shook it off and saw the language of the Kings all around him. Cyrus walked with him and the two stopped at a fork in the road, there were two paths ahead of them, one led to the orb and the other to the unknown. The only trouble was, they didn't know which path was which.

I think we should go right. (Cyrus)

And what makes you say that?

I'm good at these sort of things. (Cyrus)

Do you normally explore ancient temples created by Demons from a different Realm, Cyrus? (Ghost)

Well he got us this far, didn't he? It's a lot further than we would have gotten by following you.

Kratos looked down both paths and listened. He moved to the wall and examined the markings on the wall, once he was satisfied he turned to Cyrus and the others.

We go right.

Fortunately Cyrus was correct and the the path led them to a large chamber with large spinning conductors in the middle. The conductors spun around a large ball of orange energy and acted as a sort of power source. There were similar types of energy around the conductors and they were all different colours and sizes, Kratos watched the conductors and pondered.

Everyone spread out! The orb is here and we need to find it, quickly. (Henderson)

Kratos, look at the centre orb and then look at the others. It's a large model of our Solar System. (Cyrus)

Fifty bucks says it's in the Sun.

Kratos looked for a way to get to the Sun and saw a skinny platform extending from a level above them, he began to climb up the the level but stopped when he heard a gunshot.....


Sawyer positioned himself high in the chamber and waited for the Quantum troops to walk in. He was armed with an M40A3 sniper rifle topped with 6x12 scope. Jake and Rojas were on either side of the chamber carrying H&K G36c's. Sawyer took aim as the troops walked in, he rested his sights on Kratos' head and then quickly changed targets. Jake and Rojas weren't visible to Ghost's men and had the advantage. Sawyer had Henderson in his sights and squeezed the trigger. As he did so, Henderson stepped aside and the bullet hit one of his guards in the neck.

Sniper! (Ghost)

Jake and Rojas stepped out of their cover and opened fire on the soldiers nearby, they took down four of them and caused the others to all take cover. Sawyer went to take another shot at Henderson but he had been escorted out of the chamber and taken back outside.


Kratos climbed to the upper level and stared at the conductors, he timed their rotations and then looked down to see Cyrus acquire the sniper in his sights, he took the shot but missed. Cyrus looked up and saw Kratos staring at him with a penetrating look, he knew he had been compromised. Kratos then returned to looking at the conductors. As he was about to jump he looked at the platform and saw the shadow language all over it. The markings translated too, "Too achieve intellectual greatness, you must sometimes make a leap of faith". Kratos stepped back and prepared to run.




He sprinted to the platform and pushed off with his feet when he reached the edge. Ghost and Cyrus looked up to see Kratos narrowly make it into the Sun. For a moment there was no shooting and everyone stared at the makeshift Sun, but after that moment the conflict continued and the bullets flew around the chamber. The Sun began to flash and then burst of fire shot out from it, Kratos hit the ground and rolled till he hit the wall behind Jake. As he got too his feet Jake tried to hit him with his rifle but Kratos grabbed the handguard and smacked it up into Jake's face then blasted him back with electricity. Rojas took out her sidearm and fired three rounds at Kratos who held out his arm and stopped the bullets with his mind. He turned around and looked at the spinning bullets then smirked at Rojas.

You didn't actually think that would work did you?

Two soldiers apprehended Rojas and a few others sneaked up on Sawyer, Jake was brought to his feet and the three were dragged off. Cyrus approached Kratos and congratulated him on retrieving the orb.

One to go..
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:08 pm

Sir! Sir are you okay!? (Iori)

Ugh...what the hell was that all about?

The prisoners sir...they're escaping! I think..(Rugal)

You're not here to think, you're here to follow and fight!

I rose up to my feet....that bastard wolf boy knocked me unconscious..... What the hell did he transform into? They must have some spiritual help...that says a lot about the side im on.... I shook the cobwebs out and looked around. I was still in the hallway. All my crew was around. I thought about it.......

Come on...let's all go before your boss gets here.

He's your boss t......(Rugal)

I just stared at him....and he went silent. I then went to the nearby wall, and scorched it with fire. I wrote a message into it.

Alright....let's go.


Tobias walked through the halls. His face infuriated, flushed with anger! He approached one of the guards.

What the hell happened?! (Tobias)

The guard began to speak, but was cut off when Tobias sliced his throat.

Shut the hell up...I will tolerate no more failure! (Tobias)

He continued to walk down the halls until he saw a scorched message on the wall. It read in huge capital letters


Tobias grew even more angry! He couldn't stand Dio's prideful nature, but he couldn't rule without him. Something would have to be done about it. Tobias waved a purple hand over the wall, and saw the lycan and the demons running.

Minkus! (Tobias)

A young man, glasses, short and quite nerdy, came running along. His books in hand, and papers flying all over the place. With a nervous look upon his face and sloppy appearance, he spoke.

Yes sir....(Minkus)

Name them...who might they be? (Tobias)

The Lycan would be Jerrin, the demons...Dielli and Henna. (Minkus)

Minkus then went on to explain any information he had acquired about them.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:46 pm

As we grow closer to the prison I can hear the guards making a commotion, I hear one guard yell out, "Get the Lycan and the 2 demons."

Well it seems they started with out us.

Seems so.(Stellios)

I then place my hands upon Torch and Stellios and warp myself into the prison. I land in the exercise yard and a few guards were running through, they see us an turn to attack. Stellios and Torch attack without hesitation, while I stand back and cast the spell ice on the other guards in the area. We quickly dispatched the guards as we then see my three friends emerge from the side of the prison, Delli had used some sort of energy attack and blasted through the wall and land not far from were we are standing. I quickly yell out to them.

Hey guys over here!

They run over to me relieved to see me, but are a bit puzzled to see Torch and Stellios.

Are they?(all)

Never-mind that, I have to get you out of here.

Just then I hear a voice above us, and the sound of weapons being drawn.

Your not going anywhere Mr. MacKnight.(Tobias)

I turn and look up to the prison wall, there stands a man who must be McGill with a pissed off look on his face. He glares at us all with pure hate in his eyes, he grips the rail and his hands glow with an ominous purple haze.

Tobias McGill, I would say itís a pleasure to meet you but hey I would be lying.

You insulant dog, I will finish you myself...(then glares at the fire demon) hence my lackeys so incompetent.(Tobias)

The fire demon is beside him clenches his fist

Sorry but we are not staying for your little party so, we will be off.

I focus my powers on my friends and use Warp....but as I am warping out I am knocked out of the vortex by some force. I lay on the ground a bit winded but not harmed and quickly get to my feet. I look around the others had made it I was successful getting them to the light empire's palace.

At the light empire's palace.

The others look around for me when they land but are shocked that I am no longer with them, they quickly check the whole court yard but to no avail, they quickly realize that I am no longer with them. Just then General Lumus enters the court yard.

Back at the prison.

Tobias jumps down from the wall and stands about 10 ft from me, he is about 6ft 3, and about 200lbs plus, I am definitely at a size disadvantage only being 5 ft 7, and 155lbs. He looks at me with a smug look on his face.

So, you slippery little bastard! How will you get out of this one? Hahaha! (Tobias)

This isnít how I planned it, now I am out numbered. I stand ready to fight as McGill sends a blast of lightning at me, I brace myself for the it and just before it hits I feel someone touch my shoulder.

Master you forgot to come with us.

Delli grabbed me and then we warped out of here. Some how he learned the warp spell and as we leave I hear McGill scream out in rage. We dodged death twice now, but for how long.
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Barely making it out alive, John finds himself staring at the marble floor of the Kingdom of Light. Dielli had saved his life not too long ago from McGill's assault. What piqued John's interest was Dielli's warp spell. HŽna soon comes to John's side and helps him up.

Wait...I need to ask your brother a question.

That can wait, John.

No, it cannot. I really must speak to him.

It's okay, HŽna. If master John wishes to speak to be then so be it.

HŽna looks to Dielli. He nods his head as he smiles to his older sister. She sighs and slowly releases John to let him stand on his own feet. John looks at the two and notices just how close they are. It reminded him of the sort of bond that two people he knew should have had.

You'll know where to find me. Do not take long, Dielli! I need you to fix my hair and dress.

After HŽna departs, John turns his attention to Dielli.

Now that I remember, I have another question that is picking at me.

What is it?

Well, first is that warp spell you used.

Oh, that was written here in my book. My master gave it to me while I was under his tutulege.

So it's a spell book?

More or less. It also acts as an encyclopedia for the many questions that I may have regarding the ecosystem and history of these lands. Before, I can only ask it one thing every two nights. Now I can ask it two questions every day. Ironic twist I must say.

Interesting. That sounds about the same as my book. Now the other question. Who is this master of yours? Could he happen to be-

Master is a wiseman who lived near the Xantantian mountains. Five years ago he sent a letter from across the land to HŽna and myself when the war was going on. Father was said to have been killed during the war.

I am sorry to hear that. Truly I am. Once again, a new question arises. Who was your father?


The bodyguard of Lunar? My God...everyone I once knew is dead or just appeared on Earth...

Yes, so it seems. The collumn of darkness and light changed everything. Such a enormous amount of energy of that magnitude would be enough to shatter reality and break seals. It really surprised me and HŽna when we felt that montrous emergy's prescence. It brought chills. News of the light demons not going berserk even after not receiving an ounce of the Emperor's blessing went spread quickly. No one is quite sure why this is so.

John laid against a wall behind him and slid down to the floor. So many things were going on in the troubled human's mind. He could not help it. Dielli watched John. He stood quietly and waited for him to speak.

What is your master's name?

We are not allowed to say it. It was one his lessons. "Never use your tongues to speak your master's name", he told us. It would be best if I did not even give a hint. I am sorry.

It's fine.

John stood up and walked up to Dielli. He patted the young demon's shoulders as he passed him.

Where are you off to?

To see Nel.

Meanwhile, HŽna stares at the moon in one of the open balconies of the Light Kingdom

The young woman's eyes reflects the moon's shine as she stares peacefully at it. Her hair is a bit messy from her time in the dungeon and her dress is torn on some parts. Annoyed by this she decided to stare at the moon to calm herself. The storm in her heart receeded as she was soothed by the moon's rays. She then began to speak to herself as if someone were there.

Oh, master. I only wish that you would find us instead of us looking for you. I even wore this dress just to impress you. Send me one of your crimson butterflies soon. I want to see you again and so does Dielli.

Almost as if in responce, a silthoute coming from the center of the moon darkens the balcony that HŽna was residing in. She looks up intently and giggles in glee as a crimson butterfly flaps its wings and hovers directly in front of her. The crimson creature lands on a delicate finger outstretched by the young demon, a voice that HŽna knew then began to speak.

This is Dankumen. HŽna, Dielli, I am leaving this last message to inform you about your journey to find me. Please end it for I fear the worst. Ever since the return of McGill, darkness has gripped the land. The animals near my home are not what they used to be. They bare their fangs at me and attempt to silence me. (Master of HŽna and Dielli, Dankumen)

Her hair begins to straighten itself out to form a more civilized look compared to the musty and dirty look prior to her arrival. She figured it was best to do it herself rather than her brother. HŽna listened carefully to the next words that were coming.

Recently, I have gathered many demons who speak out against McGill's rule and they wish to form a rebellion. The problem is that there already is a rebellion going on and they are keeping us away from the war. I believe it is because- (Master of HŽna and Dielli, Dankumen)

While out near the plains of Aragra, light demon patrolmen spot a fiery figure approaching the kingdom

Hey, what is that? (Light patrolman #1)

I am not sure. You have the horn, right? (Light patrolman #2)

Of course. If I should find myself without it then curse my descendent two-fold! (LP#1)

Do not be so careless with your words you fool! Such things can serve as the fall of a dynasty. (LP#2)

Suddenly, two new faces appeared near the two rambling patrolmen.

Eh? You really believe in that mumbo jumbo? (LP#3)

And where did you two come from? You realize how late it is? (LP#1)

Hey, do not blame us just because we are married. We have responsibilities for crying out loud. (LP#4)

Stuff it. Did anyone see where the fiery object in the distance, go? I just noticed that it's not in sight anymore. (LP#2)

Sorry. Nothing. (LP#1)

Same here. (LP#4)

So what excatly are we patroling for? (LP#3)

A sudden explosion of inferno incinerated two of the patrolmen instantly while the other two were thrown about elsewhere, far into the forest leading to the ruins of the Xantantian mountains. The inferno spread all around the plains, creating a massive wall of fire all around the Light Kingdom. The smoke from the sudden firestorm concealed the identity of the five fire demons.

Dielli, watching the carnage unfold

Dielli watches from a window as he prepares to jump to the plains. HŽna watched as the glint in Dielliís eyes died away; leaving only a golden glaze that showed no sign of life. She knew what this meant. Dielli had reverted to his true self, not the quiet, calm and collected Dielli she once knew. He was now a warrior who fought for the peace and rights of others. He was now a knight. The ever-ready knight within him had begun to surface.

To avenge those who have fallen, I shall strike my blade into the very hearts of the vermin that serve under McGill. I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand I shall reap the sins of this world and cleanse it the fires of destruction! I am Rantu-Aru! The end has come!

Without warning, Dielli/Rantu-Aru leapt from the window as a trail of fire followed him down near the plains. He was heading towards the ones responsible for the attack and at incredible speed as well. At the same time, the cloak that covered him burned away to reveal an extravagant set-piece of crimson armor. It resembled very much like a falcon and had a reddish aura surrounding both it and Dielli/Rantu-Aru. Jerrin quickly ran to HŽnaís side as he watched Dielli/Rantu-Aru fly away.

What is he doing!? He should be in here and let the Light Knights deal with this!

No, they cannot stand up to them. You know as well as I that the ones responsible for the inferno are the very ones that captured us. I am going to help Dielli and youíre not going to stop me.

I wasnít planniní on it. I will lend you my assistance.

HŽna looked at Jerrin. She was taken aback a bit from his willingness to face the fire demons. She lowered her head and smiled to herself as she summoned her naginata.

IdiotÖyou donít have to be so brave.

Get used to it. Letís go.

The two then followed Dielli into battle.

Meanwhile, the five fire demons have a discussion

For the last time, Iori, we are supposed to capture them inside of this fire wall. If they flee then we go after them. This is simply to frighten them and force them to come after us. I know that the four of them in there are braver than any of the Light warriors in their. Since the fall of the Emperor they've been nothing but corrupt and darn-right foolish.

Maximus, I sense a prescence nearby. (Rugal)

Do you recognize it?

Barely. I can say that it is one of the demon siblings. I am not sure which one, though...(Rugal)

My guess is the girl. She was pretty fiesty, eh? Plus she was pretty hot. (Orochi)

Don't be such a kur. We should focus on recapturing them and nothing more.

Aww come on, you have to admit that she looked fine. If I had the chance I would've- (Iori)

Iori was suddenly driven into the ground as a crimson gauntlet with jet black fingers drove his head into the ground. The figure's helmet looked up quickly and darted towards Orochi. The latter threw his hand at the crimson figure and laid waste to the figure's last known location. Dio looked around as Rugal stood close to him, thinking it better to have his back.

A flaming object then set itself upon the ground as it incinerated everything in its path. Orochi barely dodged it as his left arm was gone. Dio and rugal however were at a safe distance when the impact came.

What the hell was that?! (Orochi)

Do not daddle you fool! (Rugal)

Before they knew it, an armored leg smashed itself into the face of both Maximus Dio and Rugal. The two fire demons landed into a boulder nearby. Orochi gasped at the sudden attack and barely had a chance to transform as a blade was brought down upon his chest, leaving a large wound. Iori gained conciousness after this and noticed briefly that a sword was floating in front of Orochi when it suddenly brought itself upon him.

The figure then roared as a column of fire rose all the way to the sky and illuminated everything, including the sky. The light from the fire revealved the figure to be Dielli/Rantu-Aru as he stood with flames surrounding him. Dio and Rugal emerged with a few scratches on them as they looked to Dielli/Rantu-Aru.

Impressive. Should've known that you were hiding such a secret from everyone. Judging from all of the fire, you're obviously of fire demon descent. Your control over it is also worth praise.

Now, let's just see how you fair against us. (Rugal)

Such a dishonorable path to take! Two opponents against one is such a disgrace. My sword will correct such a shameful act!

Suddenly, a whole was blown into the fire wall that Dielli/Rantu-Aru created and two figures landed behind Dielli/Rantu-Aru. It was Jerrin and HŽna.

What did we miss?

Hmm...from what I'm seeing nothing much. Need any help, Dielli?

My name is not Dielli. It is Rantu-Aru.

Don't give me that Dielli! "Son of Rantu" is not you're name! Now do you need help or not.

I would not call it "help" per se. But I will need you to even the odds. Jerrin, watch our backs as we battle these two.

The hell I am. The moment I see you two in trouble I'm jumping in!

Have it your way!

Dielli/Rantu-Aru and HŽna both charged towards Dio and Rugal as they managed to "get back" at the two. HŽna landed a powerful blow to Dio's face while Dielli/Rantu-Aru to Rugal. The fire demons shrugged the blows off as they covered themselves in flames.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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Henderson's goons had quickly translated the third orb and found the location of the last one. The final orb would give Kratos the power to teleport and open a portal to send him back to Nystoria. Their destination was a small island that was thought to be taken back by the sea in 1867, so it isn't on any map. The island's history remains a mystery to most of the world but it is rumoured that the island was home to a religious cult, the island itself is considered small only because it is no longer on a map, in actual fact the island is the size of JFK airport. Not long after arriving, there was a larger military presence than usual. Kratos noticed some of the troops wore white bands on their arms and the diverted his attention to Ghost's briefing.

This one is pretty straight forward guys, the entrance to the orb's location has already been excavated. Which either mean that we have company or someone wants us to find the orb. (Ghost)

Well it's not those three Guardians anyway. (Cyrus)

Okay. So let's get moving. (Ghost)

Kratos followed the troops and stopped when he saw his language over the entrance.

Stop. You can't go in, Ghost.

Why not? (Ghost)

Because only one can enter the cave. You see those symbols up there? They mean "Trial of the Kings". Only someone of Demonic blood can enter.

Well my guest... (Ghost)

Ghost made a gesture for Kratos to go in, and he did. The path ahead of him was dark so he lit his hands and continued walking until he came across a small light burning bright in front of him. As he picked up his pace he was spoken to by someone.

Kratos............You are a long way from home. (The Unknown)

Who goes there?

The voice was deep and monstrous, but yet Kratos did not sense anger or affliction in his words.

I have gone by many names through my life, none of which are important. Your future on the other hand, is important. (The Unknown)

My future?

Yes. But to understand the importance of your future, you must see the wrongs of your past. (The Unknown)

Kratos sees flashes of his life in Nystoria, he and his brother Lunar are learning to control their powers and being taught the way of the Shadow and Light demons. He then saw a vision of when they were older, Kratos and Lunar had banished McGill and several others to the Shadow Prison. This is when Kratos began to turn into a tyrant.

When you and your brother were born, you were both immortal but you had not yet chosen which path you would take. Your father was the ruler of all Nystoria, his sister had fallen to Tobias McGill's ancestor and so he had taken her power and filled the seat of King. You yourself chose the path of the Shadow Emperor and spared your brother the pain of the power. Why? (The Unknown)

I loved my brother. When we were young I was always there to protect him, I had to choose the path because he was a kind and gentle soul. I, on the other hand, was capable of dark deeds. Sparing him a life of pain and anger only seemed right.

Kratos then saw visions of when he waged war against Nystoria, he saw the fight he had with his brother and then saw the many who were affected by it.

You speak of mercy and sorrow, you know neither. You waged war against your own brother and are responsible for the hundreds and thousands of deaths in Nystoria. And now Tobias McGill wrecks havoc through your lands, only a handful of warriors remain to stand against him. (The Unknown)

Which is why I must return. I see my wrongs, I see what I have caused even if I didn't intend for it to happen. I brought a war to my homelands unlike any other, and I must stop it.

Your heart is in the right place. You now seek redemption from those you have wronged. The orb is yours! Now return to Nystoria and stop the scoundrel known as Tobias. And remember Kratos, when you return, do not lose sight of your goal......even after you learn a menacing truth. (The Unknown)

Kratos reached out his hand and the orb flies into it, he feels the power flow through him and grins.

Don't worry....I won't.....
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The 2 young demons seemed to have grown in power in just a couple of hours. Me and Rugal could hold our own against anyone in this realm, and others, but this was ridiculous. The one known as Dielli, continued to move extremely quick, and he was powerful, no doubt. Hena as well, fast, strong...but not so as much as Dielli. Hena was fighting hard, but she wasn't getting too far against me. Whereas Dielli was proceeding to beat the hell out of Rugal. Rugal wasn't fast enough.....time to switch it up. I warded off the few blows Hena was able to get on me, and grabbed her next punch. Sending a knee to her stomach, I then grabbed her arm, and twisted her body backward, making her fall. Lifting her up then, with the same arm, I tossed her towards Dielli, sending a large wave of fire behind her. Dielli was far to fast, however. He spotted my attack before I even got it off, and was already out of the way. He looked at Hena hit the ground, and he turned to me, as I grinned. Hena promptly got up, only to be met by Rugal now...

Is this the one-on-one battle, you were hoping for my friend?

Do not mock me.

No more words. You're lycan friend wont be able to save you!

I charged at him, as he charged at me. His sword came up to fall upon me, but it met only, a space right before my arm. He looked at it, as it would not go any further. I grinned at him, as the armlet around my arm then became visible. I then pushed him off.

I normally do not like armor of any sorts....takes away from the fun of the attack. You lessen your odds of losing when you wear it...also weighs you down. Me however, I like a challenge....

He charged at me once more, this time with incredible speed. I blocked with the armlet again, but he kept the attack up this time. I had to block each attack with the same arm. This proved to be difficult, for he could swing in every whch direction, but i could not twist in such a manner. He caught me off guard, as he swung for my legs. I quickly jumped, but he caught my foot. As I came back down upon it, I could feel the pain, tremble up through my entire leg, and through my spine. He could see that some damage was done, and he quickly lunged forth, with a kick toward my head. I ducked under his kick and tackled him, with his leg still in the air. We both fell upon the floor, wrestling for position. He dropped his sword...I finally got on top of him, and I could see the lycan, then, moving over to help. I breathed fire toward him, so he'd stay back, but he quickly moved, and continued to run toward me. I looked to the fields around, and smirked as a glint came from the distance. I nodded my head as Kyo came by furiously as a powerful flaming ball. He carried the lycan off with ease. He was by far the most skilled, with his fire control. Rugal and Hena, seemed to be in the same position, me and Dielli were in.....fighting for proper positioning. Rugal was strong however, I'm sure he could overpower the young girl. I looked back to Dielli now.

Did you really think this plan would work? What could've possibly been going through your head, to think you could defeat us??

My thoughts, consisted of justice. A desire to do what is right.

And what, "right" might that be!?

The exact, oppositte...of what you do.

This caught me by surprise, and for a moment....I could only stare at the wise, young demon. I just looked at him...for he might've been right. Was I on the right side? Is Tobias really, just trying to make a better world? It's what he told me...but it hasn't seemed that way. I stared at the young demon some more, and his struggle seemed to have stopped. He now, just stared back.....he knew what I was thinking...he knew he'd gotten to me. I looked to the others....


Rugal looked to me, as he had Hena, overhead. She punched him once, and he dropped her. Kyo stopped in midflight. The rising lycan, also looked to me. I looked at Dielli once more, as he nodded to me.

We're done here...

What?? We have not captured them yet? (Rugal)

I'm aware of that...

So you're just going to stop attacking, and let them walk free? Master Tob- (Rugal)

I no longer take orders from that fool. Rugal, Kyo...don't you see? He promised us, that by helping him...we'd be making Nystoria a better place. All we've done, make this place suck. We're known as bullies...through this entire land. Not law enforcers. It's time we enforce the true Tobias.

Tobias is very this truly what you wish sir? (Kyo)

I looked at Kyo....I'd never heard him speak before in my life. I nodded to him.

Then I am 100% behind you. (Kyo)

I nodded again...then looked to Rugal. He was still staring at Kyo.

Rugal...are you with me? I will need your help. They will need your help.


All of Nystoria...will need your help, Rugal.

What about Orochi, and Iori? (Rugal)

We'll have to tend to their wounds anyway. We bring them with us. They're more like disciples. They only follow, anyway.

They will leave with you as well... You have a strong presence over this team. I would follow you, whatever path you take. (Rugal)

Let's get going then. You'll have to formally meet John MacKnight.

......he's alive?

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I enter the main chamber in the palace were Nel is, she sees me and runs to me and I get down on one knee to see her face to face.

John your not hurt are you?(Nel)

She looks at me, I am sporting a bruise on my right cheek, and my face is a bit dirty. My armor scratched up. She looks over her shoulder and then signals for someone to come to her.

Avril, please come over here, my friend here needs some medical help.(Nel)

A tall female demon with long white hair approaches me, she is wearing royal garments and she pushes down her glasses as she looks at me. I look at her and I am totally speechless, a first for me. I then stand and she gently touches my face while she examines my injury.

Hmm you are certainly rough on yourself Master MacKnight. (Avril)

I...its ok, I am really not that hurt.

We then make eye contact and there is silence for a few moments then Nel speaks up.

Hehe, Avril got a crush on Master! (Nel)

Me and Avril get red in the face as we here this, I turn my head away and clear my throat.

Well I should try to get some rest then.

Nel then giggles and gives and order for one of the guards to guide me to my room. I look back at Nel as she waves to me, Avril is walking the other way and looks over her shoulder, we make eye contact again then we look away. As I walk to my room I think about what happen when I met Avril.

I really canít get attached to anymore people here, I mean...after this is done....I have to be sent back to Earth.....or to my own personal hell.

The guard looks at me from the corner of his eye, we then reach my room and I enter, the guard leaves and I get settled in. I think to myself as I walk to the window and look out, ďI am more at home here in Nystoria than back on Earth.Ē
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Kratos emerged from the cave and handed the last orb to Ghost and left the troops, he walked over to the three Guardians who had been caught and dropped what looked like a flip-knife behind Sawyer. Henderson called to him and he made his way over to the Colonel. All of his troops had set up shop in this valley with rocky hills, a large portion of the valley was filled with shipping containers and trucks. Kratos guessed that there were Tanks and other vehicles inside the containers. Henderson stood with some of his science officers who had set up a computer station and strange looking dishes around the valley.

Are you ready, Kratos? We're about to make history! (Henderson)

Let's just get this over with.

Cyrus and his troops stood and guarded the three prisoners who had their hands bound, they watched as Kratos stood in an open area in front of the computer station. He turned his back on Henderson and looked at his hands. His hands slightly sparked and he unclenched his fists, he kept them at his waist and concentrated.

Do it. (Henderson)

Before Kratos had a chance to open the portal he was struck by four beams, the beams were purple and burned his skin, Kratos could feel the power being drained from him and he yelled out in agony. Henderson smirked and watched Kratos in pain. The pain itself was unbearable and he didn't know how much more he could take, fortunately the beams retracted and he fell to his knees. Kratos panted and groaned, smoke was rising from his body.

Ghost, secure the prisoner. (Henderson)

Yes sir! (Ghost)

Ghost and two other men walked over to Kratos and got him on his feet, he struggled but was soon motionless after Ghost slammed his rifle butt into his chest. They dragged him over to the three Guardians and dropped him beside Sawyer, Ghost ordered them to bind his hands and watch him, and so they did.

We are almost at the home stretch, gentlemen. Once you have funneled Kratos' power into me, I can open the portal and our military strength can take over that realm! (Henderson)

Kratos groaned and felt something drop behind him, he turned his head and looked over his shoulder to see Cyrus. He felt around for whatever it was that he dropped and soon grasped it. Cyrus and two of his men began to walk away as if they were on patrol, the three men had white bands on their arms, the one's who now stood guard near them didn't have white bands.

You still got that ticket out of here? (Sawyer)

Yeah. I just need some help with my luggage.

I see. So I guess you want us to help you out? (Sawyer)

If you don't mind.

The second he gets your power, it's all over. You'll only have one shot. (Sawyer)

That's all I'll need.

Kratos had cut through his plastic cuffs and swung his right leg out and tripped up the man beside him, he then slammed his elbow down on the man's neck. Sawyer and Rojas rose to their feet and tackled the two soldiers behind them, after a second of struggling they had removed them of their weapons.

What the hell?! All units, all units! Take down the prisoners, now! (Ghost)

Kratos took a Desert Eagle from the dead man beside him and then grabbed his hidden sidearm, a Beretta 92FS. Captain Cyrus and his Guardian soldiers shot down the enemy troops around them and quickly secured the area around them. Kratos ran to them and crouched behind a vehicle as they did.

We'll hold off their troops in the back. There aren't many of us so you'll need to move fast, alright? (Cyrus)

No problem. You just hold out until I kill that son of a b*tch!

Kratos sprinted across the new battlefield and took cover behind some of the containers, he came across two soldiers and quickly put a round in each of their heads. His weapon only had five bullets left and fired .50calibre rounds, so he had to conserve ammunition. Kratos continued on through the area and slipped up the side of the battlefield. He saw in front of him, four men in a jeep with a large machine gun being set up on the back. He climbed up on top of the container closest to him and sprinted across the top, he launched himself off the edge and fired one round into each soldier. He hit the ground and dive rolled forward so he wasn't injured.

Cyrus saw Ghost and Henderson preparing the computer to fire the beams, he reloaded his weapon and told his troops to hold their position. He sprinted as far as he could in their direction and had to take cover when a squad opened fire on him from the west, Sawyer and Jake saw this and quickly gunned down the squad. Cyrus sneakily came up behind Ghost and hit him in the face and then slammed his knee into the startled man's head. Ghost spun around and sent his right elbow into Cyrus' face and then kicked him back. Cyrus quickly reacquired his balance and blocked a punch from Ghost with his arm and then wrapped his own arm around Ghost's and could feel his arm slowly breaking, Ghost swore and then swung around with an uppercut and knocked Cyrus down. Ghost quickly drew his P226 handgun and put it against Cyrus' forehead, before he decided to fire, he saw Kratos approaching Henderson from behind. Ghost took a step back and raised his leg then slammed his boot into Cyrus' face, rendering him unconscious.

Henderson stood where Kratos had when he lost his powers, he turned around as Kratos approached him and looked very calm. Kratos stood no more than 15metres from him and gripped the Desert Eagle in his left hand.

It's over Henderson, you've lost.

History is written by the victor, Kratos did you know that? When I'm in Nystoria I will easily take command of your Demon armies and harness their power so that our great country can finally end all war on Earth. We will be the most feared country in both realms! (Henderson)

First you need the victory, Henderson.

Believe me, it's within my grasp.. (Henderson)

Kratos heard a gunshot and then felt an agonising pain in his left collar bone. The bullet went right through and did a fair amount of damage, Kratos dropped down on one knee and tightened the grip on his gun. He raised his arm in a fast pace and peaked over his shoulder, he squeezed the trigger and sent a bullet right through Ghost's head. Kratos looked at the empty gun in his hand and sighed. As he stood up he dropped the weapon and took a step closer to Henderson. He reached behind himself with his right hand and gripped the gun tucked into the back of his pants. Before he could draw it he heard the click of another gun and turned his head to see Sasha standing there aiming her pistol at him.

You see Kratos? Everyone turns on you, and you turn on everyone. Karma, my friend. It's a real b*tch. I suggest you get down on the ground and let me continue my good work. You...have lost. (Henderson)

Ya know...I've never really been a good person. But I have always been a good soldier, always fighting, always killing. But I have never fought for the right reasons. Until now. I'm gonna fight for what's right and you my "friend".....are in the wrong!

Kratos stepped to the side and grabbed Sasha's gun and as he did so, Henderson pulled out a .357 Magnum and fired three rounds into Kratos' chest. The former Demon fell to the ground and lay motionless, Sasha stood with tears in her eyes and did nothing when Henderson walked up to her aiming his gun at her chest.

You did a good job Sasha, but if you hadn't told him certain things then he would still be alive. (Henderson)

He took a step back and placed his finger on the trigger. As he smirked there was one final gunshot in the valley, a bullet penetrated his skull and passed through his brain, finally tearing out through the top of his head. His blood flew through the air and landed on the ground behind him. The Colonel fell to the ground and died with his eyes wide open. Sasha looked down and then dropped down to hold Kratos who lay with his arm outstretched holding a Beretta.

Told him....I only needed one shot.

You saved me! (Sasha)

Well I couldn't let someone with your good looks die. It's just not right.

Kratos! Aw sh*t! (Cyrus)

We have to give him back his powers, otherwise he's going to die. (Sasha)

Alright, help me get him up! (Cyrus)

The two got him on his feet and he put his arms around them so he could move. Cyrus called out to Sawyer to get the beams ready. Kratos groaned as they placed him down in the same place where he lost his powers, he was on his knees because he wasn't able to stand and the others couldn't hold him when he was being blasted.

Alright let's get out of the way! (Cyrus)

Sawyer programmed the computer to blast the powers back into Kratos who wasn't going to last much longer.

Do it...

Sawyer hit the button and the beams fired at Kratos once again, this time he didn't yell or curse, in stead he just sat there and took the pain. Once the process was complete he sat there motionless with his head hanging down, smoke rose from him yet again and the others simply stood in awe.


The others looked in amazement as the bullets from Henderson's gun were pushed out of Kratos' chest and his wounds began to heal. The Demon slowly got too his feet and lifted his head, he gave his saviours a powerful grin and began walking towards them.

You okay? (Cyrus)

Yeah....I'm great. Thank you, for saving my ass back there.

You killed Henderson and stopped him from killing thousands, it's us who should be thanking you. (Cyrus)

Let's just call it even.

So I guess you'll be going back now? (Sasha)

Yeah. A lot of people need my help. But I promise you this....I will see you again.

Kratos then kissed Sasha one last time and then shook hands with the others. He turned his back on the Guardians and began to open the portal once again. With little strain he managed to open a small hole and then enlarged it with ease. Kratos stepped into it and took one last look at his new comrades.

See you in the good times!


The portal had opened not far from the Light Kingdom and Kratos was shot out, he hit the ground and rolled down hill until he was able to stop himself and got too his feet. The Shadow Emperor was back.....

Tobias McGill

McGill stood in his private quarters and looked out of his window at the far away portal. The look on his face was menacing.

John MacKnight

John too stood in quarters and looked out at the portal, he thought to himself, this is either really good or really bad..
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:27 am

As I stand in my quarters I look out and see the portal open up, I then sense him.......Kratos, he is back and only I alone can face him. I turn to get ready to leave and I see Avril standing in my room, she has a look on her face a look of concern. She then walk to me and puts a vile in my hand, our hands touch as she releases the vile, she blushes as she looks at me.

I know your going no matter what you say, just promise me you will come back. (Avril)

I look at the vile then her, I see something in her eyes that I never seen before.....I feel anxious yet excited, itís a mixed bag of emotions...out of all the women in my life I never felt like this. Yet all I can say is....

I promise I will come back, I faced Kratos before I know what he is capable of.

I then think to myself ďvery smooth John, very smoothĒ. She then hugs me and kisses my check, as she is leaving she speaks.

Drink that potion and you will be fully restored. (Avril)

She then winks as she leaves my quarters, I then un-cork the vile and drink the contents. True to what she said, I feel totally restored and my injuries are healed. I then close my eyes then warp to were Kratos landed.

Kratos looks around, he sees evidence of the chaos that has unfolded in his realm...he senses the pain and suffering his people have suffered, the foul stench of death is on the air. Just then he hears a thud and he feels a familiar presence.

Well well, John.....I see youíre here playing hero again I see.

I glare back at him and clench my fists, I feel nothing but rage.....cause of this....demon my life has been nothing but pain and anguish. I dash at him and throw a punch at the big demon, a punch that connects. Kratos goes tumbling to the ground to his surprise, he looks up at me and wipes off the blood from his mouth, then growls at me.

Oh I see you grew a set in five years! About time boy!

Shut up a**hole!

I then make a punching motion towards him again, but this time my hands have a icy glow to them, shards of solid ice go flying from my hands, Kratos rolls narrowly out of the shards way and takes cover behind a large rock.

John as much as I love a good fight, you need to calm down. We need to work together to destroy Tobias.

The more he talks the more I get angry, I then thrust both my hands forward and two large blasts of fire stream towards him, he dashes from behind the rock as it is melted by the fire. Steam raises from my hands.

Come on Kratos! Quit running! Cowardness doesnít suit you!

Out of the corner of my eye I see a bolt of lightning coming in my direction, I then raise a barrier and successfully deflect the attack. As I was blocking that attack he warp dashed and upper cut me in the jaw which knocked me to the ground. I try to shake the cobwebs out but feel a sword point on my throat, I look up to see Kratos holding the sword.

Now are you going to listen?

OK, you...made your point. I am listening.

Kratos puts the sword away and helps me up, this is worst helping me.
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John and Kratos now sat in a large field outside the Light Kingdom, Kratos had started a fire and they both sat on opposite sides of it.

How much do you know about McGill, John?

Not much. I know his ancestor was a part of the MacKnight clan and soon turned rogue. Other than that I barely know anything.

Tobias came here a few hundred years ago with a group of other Humans who knew Dark Magic. We didn't think much of him at the time, it wasn't until he began to attack Demons that we confronted him. In the short time he had been in Nystoria he had rallied a small force but yet one that was big enough to do damage to our Empires. So Lunar and I combined our forces and battled against the enemy. After a full day of bloody battle, they surrendered and were imprisoned. I locked them away beneath the Shadow Dungeons until the High Court were ready to judge them, but their fate was never decided by the Court. One week after we imprisoned them, a group of Assassins killed the members of the Court. So with the Court destroyed and no one willing to stand against McGill, I took it upon myself to banish him and his followers to a realm hidden within our own. Lunar and I sealed them away in this realm with our own blood, that way if one of us were killed or had lost their powers the other would be able to keep the portal closed.

Well that explains why he was released.

Now I need to speak to my brother, will you take me to him?

That might be a bit difficult. Lunar is dead, Kratos.

Kratos simply stared at John and then hung his head in shame, he sighed to himself and clenched his fists. He then saw visions of the fight and the explosion.

When you two fought and there was the explosion of energy, you were thrown into the portal, while he took most of the damage and was obliterated.

...........Take me to the Light Kingdom. I must speak with Dielli and HŽna.

How do you---

Just take me there.
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Dielli stood up straight as he watched HŽna wipe her dress and Rugal tried to assist her, only to have his wrist slapped along with getting tripped to the ground. Kyo attempted to intervene but was stopped when Jerrin stood before him. It took the combined effort of Dio and Dielli to stop the coming brawl.



Both looked at one another and then stared back at their respective parties in annoyance. HŽna stepped away from Rugal as he stood up and looked at HŽna as she began to fix her hair. Not risking time for the lives of Iori and Orochi, he complied with Dio and proceeded to stand by his side. HŽna followed suit as she stood by Dielli. Jerrin took a step back, and with his great strength, lifted both Iori and Orochi on his shoulders as he walked to the Light Kingdom. Kyo following close behind.

The small party eventually arrived inside of the Light Kingdom as city guardsmen stared angrilly at the fire demons, excluding Dielli. They merely ignored their cold stares. They were not the type to falter in the face of agression. A sudden light then enveloped Dielli as his falcon-crimson armor disappeared. He was now in his formal attire which consisted of a navy blue robe that went down to his kness, grey pants and black boots. A hood covered his head as his upper face was unseen.

HŽna grabbed Dielli's arm as she stood close to her brother. He looked down at her and could see that she was troubled by something. He hastened his pace to be ahead of the others and began to speak to her in private.

What's wrong? It is the fire demons we brought with us?'s not that. I feel a familiar energy nearby.

Familiar? How? I do not sense anything.

Dielli looked around the merchant shops that filled the outer portion of the palace for anything out of the ordinary and could not sense anything. Just then, Dio called out to Dielli as he ran up to him.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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We both get to our feet and I place my hand on Kratosís shoulder, I close my eyes and we warp to the palace. With a thud we land in the court yard, me and Kratos look around the yard to see several demons around, then we both hear two familiar voices call out.

Kratos! (Dielli & Hena)

They rush over to see Kratos, they ignore me completely. I then notice in the corner of my eye the others coming to see him. It appears that some how Dielli & Hena befriended the fire demons, I keep walking from the group but I am noticed by Dielli, he calls out to me but I keep walking.

Soon after I am in my quarters and stare at the night sky from the balcony, I feel an urge to leave, not because of being snubbed but something is calling the Lost City in the Xantantia Mountain range. I get ready to warp away and Dielli comes in my quarters, I look at him then just leave.

Master MacKnight?
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I land at the lost city, lucky for my the warp technique allows me to warp to where ever I was previously and since I was here 5 years ago it wasnít a problem. As I walk about I can see the destruction from Kratos and Lunarís battle, I canít help not to think about what he done for me. I let out a sigh as I continue to walk through the city, I then see the capital building, well whatís left of it.

As I approach the building the moon appears from behind the clouds, the moon light illuminates the capital building and the twin doors start to swing open, I then walk through the door and into the building. I walk down the large corridor which is lined with marble columns along the wall, each column has carvings of the language of the kings upon them. I then hear a voice from nowhere, and I stop dead in my tracks and look around.

Hello? Who is there?

The room starts to light up, small orbs of light from all directions come in, then turn into blueish ghostly figures. I ready myself for a fight, but I then one of the figures speaks, I look at the figure who resembles a armored warrior, armor that is similar to mine.

John do not be alarmed. We are the guardians of the lost city and your ancestors. (G1)

Did you summon me here?

Yes, we summoned you here John because McGill has grown too strong. (G1)

Even too strong from me? I mean I absorbed the Founderís stone.

Indeed, he is now stronger than we could have imagined. It is for that reason why we have summoned you here. (G1)

I am not sure what advice you can give me, but I will do whatever it takes to bring peace to this realm.

Excellent John, then I know you will make the right choice. So let me get right to it then. John in order to be strong enough to defeat McGill you need to ascend and become a Paladin. (G1)

I see and this will give me the powers I need to rid this realm of McGill? Well tell me what I must do to become a Paladin.

You must accept the sword of light which is upon that alter at the end of this corridor, but once you accept may never return to Earth. So chose wisely.(G1)

I think about my life back on Earth and then think of my time in Nystoria. If I return to Earth I will surely be placed back into the mental institution, plus I donít have any family there left. I would be alone, while here I have grown close to these demons who treat me with such respect.

I accept.

The ghostly figures disappear and the light guides me the sword of light, I walk up the alter and reach out and take the sword in hand. The room lights up with brilliant light and it then fades, the sun is rising outside now and shines into the room through a large window.

I look down at myself, my armor is a bright white trimmed in gold and silver. The sword of light is on my back and a shield is on my left arm. I then walk out of the capital building and look over the city and towards the direction of the light kingdom and smile.


I vanish into a flash of light and warp back to the light kingdomís palace. I then noticed Dielli walking in the court yard, he stops dead in his tracks when he seen me.

M....Master MacKnight?

He then hides something behind his back, but I pay no attention to it basically because I know he must have found my journal when he was in my room. I just smile at him as he hides the book, I place my hand on his shoulder.

Lets get the others, we need to come up with a plan to defeat McGill.

He smiles back and replies...Yes....Mas...John.
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A meeting of Demons had been called in the Great Church of the Light Kingdom. Hundreds of Demons had gathered to hear what their leaders had to say. John, Dielli, HŽna, Jerrin and Kratos sat in the middle of the Church and listened to the older and wiser Demons speak. Torch and Stellios stood behind the heroes and knew what Kratos was going to do. The person speaking to the people was one of Kratos' former Generals and secretly wanted to join McGill to save his own skin.

We need to put together a Council and meet with McGill to discuss a truce between us. (Darius)

He doesn't want a truce! He wants to exterminate us! (Female Demon)

No one is talking about "extermination". (Darius)

No one ever talks about it! They just do it. *stands up and begins to walk towards the alter with Torch and Stellios behind him* And you all go on with your lives, ignoring the signs all around you. And when the air is still....and the night has fallen....they come for you. Demons use to be strong, courageous and powerful beings, but now I see you have grown weak and filled your minds with fear....fear in the face of certain annihilation. But we will not be suppressed! We will not cower under our beds and wait for the inevitable strike from Tobias, no! He thinks because he controls my army that he can rule this land, well I have news for him. This, this is our land!

The Demons in the Church cheer, John smiles and sees Jerrin with his fist in the air and roaring along with the other Lycans. Kratos smiles alongside his Generals.

Go now, my brothers! Spread word from the Xantantia Mountains to faring seas of Brustria! Let all know that we stand against Tobias and his treacherous ways!

Kratos and his Generals step down from the alter and make their way back to John and the others.

Jerrin, my friend. I will need your assistance in swaying Ezekiel to join us.

But, Ezekiel is dead.

I know. His other half is the one I must speak to.

Even so, I have been branded a traitor. If I go anywhere near his Kingdom then I will be killed.

Not as long as I am around.

......I will go and get my things.

Well, Kratos. It looks like you have your army.

Indeed. But without Ezekiel and my power we won't hold out for long. Which is why I am leaving you in charge, John.

You expect an attack?

Tobias will have learned of my return and will strike this Kingdom in an attempt to silence his oppressors. If we do not return before his attack you have to promise me something. Promise me that the defenses of this city will hold.

They will hold.

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HŽna and Dielli were the only ones sitting as they watched everyone else cheer. They rubbed their temples in confusion for theu could not remember the events of the last two hours. They saw many light demons and some shadow demons leave the church to spread word all across the land to bring back help to make their stand against McGill, much like their ancestors have centuries before.

Kratos stared at the two as the events that took place before began to flash into his mind.

Flashback, two hours earlier


I'll be on my way, Dielli. I need to see the leaders of this Kingdom. With Kratos back in Nystoria, we can hope to fight back against McGill. Take care, for now.

John leaves the courtyard as HŽna accidently bumped into John. For the brief period that they shared, HŽna embraced John and walked away as he left. At first, she had a smile as John left, but as she turned her attention to Dielli, she was far more serious. Dielli crossed his arms and readied himself for what HŽna was prepared to tell him. She stopped a few feet from him and looked up at him as she spoke.'s master.

What about him? Has he sent a new letter to us?

Yes, but in the form of this crimson butterfly.

HŽna raises her hand from behind her back as she presented the butterfly to Dielli. He looks at it with wonder and looks into his sister's eyes as their master's voice began to speak. As the message went on, Dielli was obviously bothered by Dankumen's orders. What caught Dielli's attention was the rest regarding the rebels.

Recently, I have gathered many demons who speak out against McGill's rule and they wish to form a rebellion. The problem is that there already is a rebellion going on and they are keeping us away from the war. I believe it is because they know something we don't. I have been investigating their actions for some time but have not found a suitable reason for their refusal to accept help. But enough about that. The Shadow Emperor will come back from Earth and begin his return to power. I shall be there soon. There is something I must do. (Dankumen, master of HŽna and Dielli)

Dielli nods his head as he looks on to the plains with his sister. Jerrin then walks into the courtyard and walks near the two. He says nothing and they do the same.

Inside of the Palace

So you finally arrived. It has been awhile, Dankumen.

Yes, it has. It is good to see that you have finally returned to Nystoria to finally end McGill's rule. Now, I sense a question from you. (Dankumen)

It is about HŽna and Dielli. There has been a strange aura surrounding them, almost like I once knew them. Seeing as though you're their master, I assumed that you knew the reason behind this.

Dankumen smiled as he began to walk to the door leading to the courtyard. He issued for Kratos to follow him. Once they finally made it to the courtyard, they confronted the three heroes. Both HŽna and Dielli smiled as Dankumen stood before them. HŽna being the first to make it obvious by tackling him to the ground as he smiled. Dielli helped his master up while Jerrin helped to pull HŽna off of Dankumen. Kratos then made himself present.

I am sorry, Jerrin, but I am going to have to ask you give us some time to ourselves.

It's no problem. I'll go inside of the palace.

...Alright. Now will you explain the reason behind the aura and feeling of remembrance?

Master what is the Emperor talking about?

Is it about us? Are we a threat?

My pupils, it is nothing that you did. It is what you are. Kratos has been feeling as if he has known you two. Before I explain it to him, I need you two to sit on the ground. (Dankumen)

The two siblings looked at one another and did as Dankumen instructed.

Now, close your eyes and clear your minds. Repeat the phrase that I am about to say. "Forever dark, forever true. The light guides the soul through the valley of peace, while the darkness welds down the heart. The moon falls as the sun rises, and dawn aproaches in the horizon. Slumber forevermore undying souls." (Dankumen)

Forever dark, forever true. The light guides the soul through the valley of peace, while the darkness welds down the heart. The moon falls as the sun rises, and dawn aproaches in the horizon. Slumber forevermore undying souls.

Forever dark, forever true. The light guides the soul through the valley of peace, while the darkness welds down the heart. The moon falls as the sun rises, and dawn aproaches in the horizon. Slumber forevermore undying souls.

HŽna and Dielli's head suddenly slunked to their chests. Kratos bent down and looked into their faces to notice their eyes with no light in them. He stood back up and looked to Dankumen.

What happend?

A simple incantation I developed. It puts those with immortal souls to rest. (Dankumen)

Immortal? What do you mean?

Immortal souls are souls that cannot be destroyed and will forever roam freely unless put inside of a body of a successful host. In this case, I put the souls of both Lady Arina and Emperor Lunar into the orginal bodies of the humans from the Human-Demon war. This gave birth to the two you see before you. (Dankumen)

Kratos' face showed only disbelief.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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You mean to tell me that the souls of my dead brother and his wife are in the bodies of these two Demons?

Yes, Kratos. They have no memory of their previous life, which is why they don't remember you. When you were thrown from Nystoria and your brother destroyed by your battle, Tobias rose. There was no one left to stop him. Ezekiel fell to darkness, the Shadow Army joined McGill, your Generals disappeared and the Light Kingdom was left in ruins and its armies scattered. (Dankumen)

You needed someone to step up and protect the land...

Exactly. Which is why I guided their souls into these two. Kratos, they can never be reminded of their former lives. It would result in their souls leaving the bodies and you would lose valuable assets. (Dankumen)

Don't worry, Dankumen. I have no intention of reminding them of who they used to be. As far as I am concerned, my brother died years ago. They are not the people I once knew.

Kratos left the courtyard and stood in the market, the same market that you see as you enter the Kingdom through the main gate. He still wore his human clothing and strapped a sword to his back. It wasn't Yamato, it was called Stryder.

He took out some fingerless leather gloves and put them on just as Jerrin and a group of his fellow Lycans approached him.

We are ready, Kratos. If you follow us by horse we can lead you to Ezekiel's fortress.

Okay Jerrin, lead the way.

Kratos quickly acquired a stead from the stables and followed the galloping Lycan's. As they left through the gates of the Light Kingdom they passed hundreds of Demons entering and preparing for war. Kratos estimated around ten thousand Demons would join the defense. They would stand against more than two hundred thousand Shadow Demons. He didn't have the heart to tell John or the others that he didn't expect many to survive the assault. But hopefully with Torch and Stellios fighting alongside them, they would last long enough.


The traveling group had lost all of the day, it was now nightfall and they began to approach the fortress where Ezekiel resided. Kratos dismounted his horse and lead it by the reigns to the gates of the castle.

Who goes there? (Lycan Guard)

We are messengers of the Light Kingdom! We wish to see your King Ezekiel and consult with him about the coming war.

The group waited for several minutes until they finally received word that they could enter. Kratos was the first to go forth and his Lycan companions followed. They were confronted in the courtyard by a heavily armed group of Lycan Guards, they requested that the heroes relinquish their weapons and follow them to the King's hall. Jerrin walked beside Kratos and heard the citizens they passed whisper the words, "traitors" and "backstabbers".

Ignore them.

When they arrived at the King's Hall, Kratos saw Ezekiel sitting on his throne looking weary and empty minded. Royal Guards stood in front of marble columns all the way down to Ezekiel but Lycan's without any uniforms stood against the far walls waiting to strike. The Guards of the Kingdom knew why Kratos had come and would not get in his way.

Lord Ezekiel, son of Mandoroth, lord of Xantantia! I bring you tidings in these dark days. In time, I see, your Hall's courtesy has lessened.

And why......should I......welcome you, Kratos, the dark?!

He spoke slowly as if he was forced to say the words and tried to fight back. His human form was old. His skin was wrinkled and his hair had grown long and gray. Either time had taken its toll on him, or he was being manipulated.

I am here to free you, Ezekiel. Free you of your dark ties to Tobias McGill! Too long have you sat in the shadows....

Blasphemy!!!! (Dark Lycans)

Several Lycans transformed and attempted to attack Kratos but they were intercepted by Jerrin's men, a small fight broke out in the Hall and Kratos, for once, did not partake in it. He began approaching Ezekiel and stood at the foot of his throne. Kratos raised his hand and aimed it at Ezekiel who would not dare look at him.

Ezekiel! I release you....from this spell......

Kratos' orb powers had given him great control over minds, he was sure he could free Ezekiel. Everyone in the Hall felt a great surge of power and fell silent as Ezekiel began to laugh.

You have no power here....Kratos!

Kratos recognised Tobias' laugh and soon tensed his body as a bright light shone off of him, Ezekiel was thrown back against his throne and struggled to look at Kratos.

I will draw you Tobias, like poison is drawn from a wound.

Tobias' voice then came from Ezekiel's mouth.

If I go....Ezekiel dies!

You did not kill me, and you will not kill me!

The Lycan's are mine, Kratos.

Be gone!

Ezekiel struggled to move and twitched as Kratos began to climb the small steps that lead to the throne. He couldn't take the pain and struck out against Kratos, who in toe placed his hand on Ezekiel's head and sent Tobias' mind from Ezekiel's. The Lycan King fell back onto his throne and began to take back his normal appearance. Jerrin stood beside Kratos and watched in amazement as his King was brought back. Ezekiel gazed upon Jerrin and smiled.

I know your face...

Ezekiel looked at his hands and felt his strength return, he then looked up at Kratos in astonishment and noticed a changed man.

Breathe the free air again, my King.
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But Kratos? Why have you done this? You are pure evil? The darkness to the light. Why do you set me free though we are enemies.


The King growled when he heard the name.

Then he will pay for what he has done! Jerrin! Come to me, boy. It has been long since I have seen your face. At your little rebellion camp I never told you. Nor when my spirit came to you. You are my son. Heir to the throne of the lycan's! But alas, when you were born the darkness began to take me over and I sent your mother and you away so that you could not be corrupted. You have saved me again Jerrin, and now we will help Kratos defeat this Tobias threat together! As will all the lycan's! Jerrin?

I could barely keep a straight face. For over 30 years I thought my father slain by the cruel king only to realize he was the king. I began to cry. father?

Ah don't cry my boy! We are at war with the darkness! You will lead the lycan elite into battle.

Now father. You have returned, and have become light again. I know your animosity towards Tobias is great. You lead your elites and I shall go back to the cost and rally the once rebels under your flag.

He chuckled.

Very well my son. Kratos I assure you 75,000 lycans ready for battle. All trained in the art of war and of light. We will meet you in the light kingdom in a day after we have finished arming ourselves.

Thank you, King Ezekiel.

I will leave for the cost now. My men haven't heard word from me in weeks. They must think I am dead or worse. Goodbye Kratos and goodbye father. I will see you in the Light Kingdom. And if not there then at war!

I transformed and ran to the cost. The rebels had fallen under new leadership. When I arrived they looked as if they had seen a ghost.

Lycans, brothers. The King is freed from his dark prison he is now once again Ezekiel the Great! But now I must ask you all to join me against something even darker. Tobias, the one responsible for my father's turning, is massing an army to destroy everything light as we know it. But will we let him?

NO!(Lycan Rebels)

It has been through his hand that we as well as thousands of others have suffered for decades here. It is time to return the favor. You have been loyal to me and my cause thus far. Will you join me again, reunite the lycans, and save Nystoria?!

They transformed and howled up to the moon, I did the same. We headed toward the Light Kingdom. Once we arrived.

Jerrin my boy. Good to see you could make it.

Not just me, but 5000 previous rebels ready to die for you and for Nystoria.

Then how about we give Tobias something to fear.

He shifted and howled into the air. Then an army of 80,000 lycans in all did the same. Many say that windows in the houses of the Light Kingdom broke that night.


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Realm 2
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