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 Realm 2

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PostSubject: Realm 2   Thu Dec 17, 2009 5:28 pm

Revenge is like a ghost…… It takes over every man it touches. Its thirst can not be quenched…………… until the last man standing has fallen.

Nystoria has been our battle field. Everywhere you go, the blood of brothers and sons screams out against you. Our land is tainted by the footsteps of those who oppose us. New weapons are required, new soldiers. Soon it will be our footsteps tainting your Realm. Perhaps you can not yet hear it, because the soil is not your own. But you will……You will….

Your Realms men of action will look and wonder, how did it come to this? And then they will hunt me in anger for the crimes that have been committed. Little do they know, you may be able to destroy me, but the beast will eventually come for you….


Quantum Industries HQ was located in Washington D.C. near the White House itself. Jake Henderson was a former Colonel in the United States Military and had recently been left in charge of the company until his former employer returned. The company specialised in building new weapons and vehicles for the army. Recently a large portion of the company’s budget was diverted to a secret project known only as, “Nystoria”. The good Colonel had recently discovered a portal and had set up a base of operations on a small island near the Bermuda Triangle. When the portal opened, a plane was seen entering it and disappeared. Colonel Henderson’s base of operations waited until the portal reopened and intercepted a man called John MacKnight who was immediately interrogated and eventually institutionalised because he tried to go public with what he found in the portal. Henderson was also curious and so when the portal reopened and John emerged, a small British S.A.S. team entered and documented the land. Fortunately they could get a live feed inside the portal and were able to observe everything the team was doing. For the past two years Henderson has been trying to enter the Realm but has had no luck in re-opening the portal, until now…….

Henderson and Captain “Cyrus” Tavers stood in a secure room where they could talk openly. Henderson handed Cyrus a file and then switched on a monitor.

The man you are looking at is called Tobias McGill and he is extremely dangerous. According to our intel, he is sweeping the lands in the Realm and taking over. The Brits inside have been compromised and are caught up in a war and have reported that things are going to hell in there. (Henderson)

How far is this going to set us back, sir? (Cyrus)

Too long Captain. We believe that we may have found the key to opening that portal. It seems that John MacKnight isn’t the only one who crossed back into our world. Another man who goes by the name of Kratos was badly injured and thrown through the portal. According to what MacKnight told us, he is one of the oldest and most powerful beings in that Realm. Kratos kept McGill in check in their Realm and was the only one stopping him from starting his own genocidal war in both Realms. Right now we are working with someone who knows more than anyone about the Realm beyond ours in an attempt to find certain objects that can send him back and stop the war from spilling into our lands. I suggest you prepare yourself Captain, because I’m going to take you in deeper than you’ve ever been before…. (Henderson)


The team was sweating, it didn’t help that the South American sun was beaming down on them and that the temperature was at least 30degrees. But these guys had it easy, they all stood over dozens of workers being forced to dig out an underground tomb. All of the team were from different countries, some were American, British, Kiwi and even Russian. All of them were armed with either M4A1 Carbine assault rifles or H&K G36C’s. When the sun was at its hottest, trouble ensued amongst the workers. Two men became very vicious and started to brutally fight amongst one another. Three members of the team yelled out in the native language and then jumped down to separate the fighters. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough, as soon as they jumped down the entire workforce started to fight.

Breaker, Breaker. I’ve lost sight of our guys down there. Do you have a visual over? (Ozone)

Negative, Ozone. Let’s clean out the civvies. (Breaker)

Roger that. (Ozone)

The team on the surrounding platforms took aim and were about to fire, but stopped. Everyone stopped fighting and turned around when they heard the shot from a gun being fired behind them. A man in a black suit with two soldiers standing beside him lowered the Desert Eagle and tucked it into the holster under his left shoulder. There was a long silence but it was broken by one worker yelling “we’re through!” All of the workers began to cheer didn’t notice the three soldiers push their way out of the mob to get to higher ground. The man in the suit gave the soldiers a signal and they opened fire on the workers. After ten seconds of live ammunition being dispensed into the workers, everything fell silent again.

Let’s move out! (Ghost)


John MacKnight sat in has cell looking down at the ground. The walls around him had been marked with names, dates and symbols. For five years John has been trying to figure out how everything went so wrong, in an attempt to do that he was institutionalised and placed in an Asylum somewhere in Ottawa Canada. But not for much longer….

Gate team in position, standing by for breaching order. (Sawyer)

Roger that. Commence breach on my mark. Three. Two. One. Mark! (Jake)

Two groups of former soldiers wearing full tactical gear were placed in strategic positions around the Asylum. There mission was simple. Break in, find John MacKnight and get out. They were armed with modified Benelli M4 shotguns that fired small darts that shocked the target and left them unconscious. No one was authorised to use deadly force, only if they absolutely had to, so they were also armed with Glock 18 machine pistols incase of an emergency.

The rain was pelting down on the hardened men as someone flicked a switch and a large hole was created by a loud explosion on the West Wing wall. Team Two entered quickly and sprinted down the corridors as the power was cut to the Asylum. They were looking for Cell: 42B and didn’t waste any time finding it. One of the soldiers took a bag off his back and took out a blow torch which he used to cut through the door. Two members of the group broke off and walked through two double doors and followed a sign to the “Personal Affects” area. Along the way they met two orderlies which were quickly put down.

Three minutes. Move your ass. (Sawyer)

We’ve found his gear. (Simon)

Good. Fall back to us. (Sawyer)

We’re in! (Cory)

Cory kicked the door in and the team lit up John’s cell with the flashlights attached to their weapons.

John MacKnight? (Sawyer)

….Yeah……Who are you?

Your Guardian Angels……. (Sawyer)


Gunny, Charlie! Take point. Ozone, Flash! You cover our backs. Let’s keep it tight people. Sir, you stay behind me. (Ghost)

The man in the suit simply smirked and followed Ghost down into the tomb. It was a tight squeeze and it was pitch black ahead of them. According to their satellite imagery, the tomb was two kilometres beneath the surface and was massive. Inside the tomb they hoped to find the first orb and then be led to the second. Gunny and Charlie both disappeared and soon called out. They had found it…..

My God….It’s huge. It’s going to take us forever to find this orb. (Ghost)

The team spread out and set up lights then began to search around for the orb. Our friend in the suit and made his way into the centre of the tomb and knelt down to look at a large symbol on the floor which was in the middle of a circle with smaller symbols surrounding the larger one. The symbol was from the Shadow language and represented “sacrifice”, the man smirked and stood up straight. The language was all over the tomb, his language, his heritage and his culture. These Humans planned to exploit his ancestry and use him to do their bidding. Unfortunately for them, he was a step ahead.

Hey Kratos, what’s this on the ground? (Page)

That’s where the blood of the sacrifice goes.

*Chuckles* What sacrifice? (Page)

The soldier turned around and looked down the barrel of Kratos’ gun as it fired and put a bullet right through his head. Page fell to the side and landed in the large circle where his blood made its way between the smaller symbols and filled in the gaps.

What the hell are you doing?! (Ghost)

Saving time…

Ghost was about to say something but was cut off by a sound beneath them. It sounded like gears. The circle then began to shake. Kratos walked over and dragged Page’s body to the side as the circle rotated and began to split in half. Ghost was surprised as an orb no larger than a basketball simply hovered out of the hole where the circle use to be and glimmered with a white light.

Now what? (Ozone)

Kratos walked up to it and simply stood in awe of it. The orb was similar to that of those that could be obtained with the Nexus but there was something different about this one. It was not made by the Shadow People like the tomb they were all standing in. This orb was created with sorcery. Now it all made sense. He reached out and touched the orb, he pulled it toward himself and then held it with both hands. Ghost then walked toward him to place the orb in a large case but stopped as Kratos began to shine. The soldiers stood in awe as Kratos turned around holding the orb in one hand with smirk on his face. He was now stronger, faster and able to heal from wounds. His reflexes were sharper and he was able to change his physical structure. These enhancements are only a sample of what he is now able to do with this one orb. With all of them, he will be able to return to his Realm and reclaim his original power. Kratos examined the orb and noticed two other languages on it. One of the soldiers walked up to him and took the orb, carefully placing it into a metal case. Ghost moaned about the lack of reception and so he stepped outside of the tomb and emerged into the dig site. Dozens of soldiers were clearing out the bodies of the dead locals, Ghost took out a satellite phone and dialed a number.

Sir, we have the first orb. We will be arriving in a few hours. (Ghost)


John and his rescuers were in a black SUV traveling toward a small airstrip where John and the others will be flown to Los Angeles to meet with “The Guardians”. But John wasn’t very patient and demanded answers now, even if they were limited.

So who exactly are you people?

We are the human protectors of Nystoria, known to a select few as The Guardians. We are secret society devoted to stopping anyone from finding out about the realm and what powers lay within it. Unfortunately we were unaware that you had been intercepted when you returned. (Sawyer)

If you don’t want people to know that Nystoria exists, then why the hell did you just break me out of there?

I’m limited in what I can tell you John, but I can tell you this. For the past five years a small team has been secretly operating within Nystoria and has been trying to find a way to open the portal once again. Fortunately they have had no luck. But now Quantum have stepped in and have figured out how to open it. (Sawyer)


Through the power of ancient artifacts left behind when the Demons and Humans were in alliance. (Sawyer)

How would they know where to find these artifacts?

They have help. Kratos is on Earth and is retrieving the orbs. We know he is absorbing the power from them and giving them to the company when they are drained, Quantum has no idea. But that’s not even the tip of the ice-burg. We plan on sending you back to Nystoria by using that journal you were given by Lunar. (Sawyer)

So where are we going? Just give me the journal and let me be on my way.

Not yet. You need to meet the Grand Master first. He will fill you in on what has been happening in Nystoria. There is a new war there and he can tell you how you may be able to assist. (Sawyer)

Well alrighty then. Let’s hit it.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:52 pm

I am escorted down a long hall by Sawyer, and along the way I am thinking to myself.

I am just glad that I am out of that Nuthouse.

I then see two large doors at the end of the hall, Sawyer opens them up and we both walk in. In the middle of the room is a large alter were a man is meditating atop it. As we both walk forward I look around this room, the walls have marking all over them, much of them I seen before and I can understand there meaning. We both reach the alter and Sawyer starts to kneel now and then looks at me still standing.

John you must kneel down. (Sawyer)

I got to kneel down when the man speaks.

No, one of his rank shall no kneel before a mere Grand Master as myself. (GM)

Rank? Ulm what?

The man laughs at my comment and then starts to descend the alter to speak with me face to face.

John my boy, there are Grand Masters and then there is you. You are the pinnacle of your art, you are the descendant of the leader of your Society, you......(GM)

I have no idea what you are talking about. All I know is my Grandfather was a wizard of some sorts and I read is book when I ended up in Nystoria, and now I can cast some spells. How am I this what you speak?

The Grand Master then places both hands on my head, I look at him as if he is of his nut, but I humor the old man.

I see, you had your memory suppressed. Yes, this but wont take a minute. (GM)

This hands glow a bright green and then a flash. I fall to my knees, Sawyer gets up and looks at the Grand Master.

Sir what...(Sawyer)

Its ok Sawyer, this past, his knowledge will return now. See his Grandfather knew that John was the “One” that would light our darkest day, so to protect his grandson he place a memory spell on John when he was 17. (GM)

But why? I really don’t understand? (Sawyer)

Let me answer that sir.

I get up from my feet and look at them both.

See Sawyer, Quantum industries was getting close to finding the “One” they have been for years trying to find anyone with magical abilities to help them to get into Nystoria. My grand father did this to protect me.

That correct John, so how do you feel now? (GM)

I feel great. I will feel better when I have the Founders Stone.

Hmm, strait to the point with you my boy. Just like your Grandfather, he takes me to a large stone statue of a dragon. Now John place your hand in the dragon’s mouth. (GM)

I place my hand into the dragon’s mouth and I feel a round object in there, I pull it out to see a baseball size green orb. I hold it up to my eyes and then a white flash.

Sawyer and the Grand Master look around the room for me but see nothing.

Where did he go sir? (Sawyer)

The Grand Master smiles. So the “One” returns to light the darkness. (GM)


I appear atop the mountain on which I departed Nystoria five years ago. I am wearing cargo pants, hiking boots, t-shirt and a stadium jacket. I look around to see the ruins I see two armlets on a large white stone, I walk up to them and pick them up.

So Lunar you are still watching over me uh?

I smile and put on the armlets. I then start to walk down the mountain only to see the darkness before me.

It’s time I right the wrong I brought to this world.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Fri Dec 18, 2009 9:29 pm


You do not look familiar to this wolrd...state your name.

I look upon the stranger on the mountain top after crashing down in front of him in a ball of fire. I saw him as he appeared out of a flash of light. It made no sense to me, as I have never seen such before.

Relax Fire Demon, I am a friend. I am only here to right the wrongs of this world.

I see you must be sadly mistaken. There are no wrongs in the kingdom of Nystoria. Tobias rules well. Perhaps you should leave here....

He was either lost...or an enemy. I didn't want to be too quick to judge. I am not like most fire demons...I think before I act. His clothes showed well enough that he is not of this world, but they look if they were just put on. He looks upon me....confident, strong, courageous. It seemed he may be a problem if let roam free around this place. We have worked too hard to keep it under the rule of Tobias to let some fool mess things up.

I am here, for reasons stated. Let me be on my way...or I will need to use deadly force.

That would not be the best of ideas...

(BOOM x4)

As four more of us crashed into the scene, engulfed in flames, he just looked upon change in expression whatsoever.

Now if you'll please...come with us.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:52 am

Now if you’ll please...come with us.

I take a good look around and see the five demons around me, this is not what I really need at this moment. Judging by what he said, he works for McGill but he seems not truly evil, so I raise my arms to my side, my eyes start to glow white as my hands do and I case a spell.


I cast the spell stop and the 5 demons are pinned to the ground, they cannot move but are unharmed. I then walk passed the one that talked to me and I stopped to address him.

Sorry but I have a duty to complete, but if get in my way a next time I will be forced to harm you.

I then cast the spell warp and I disappear off the mountain. I then landed in a large field miles away from were I was, I look around and then start to walk from my landing point. About an hour later I came upon a small village that has been attacked, some of the buildings are still burning, and there are dead demons everywhere. I see even the very young were brutally killed, then I hear a scream for help.

I rush down the street and avoid some of the rubble and I then see a small hut that is on fire still, I locate the screams for help and kick the door down, just inside the door is a small demon child, she is pinned under a beam the fell from the roof. I lift the beam and toss it aside, then pick up the child then leave the house. Just as I leave the door the hut collapses, I then set the child down on the grass a good safe distance, she coughs and then looks up at me.

Are you OK child?

She shies away from me, but answers in a low voice.

Yeees......(Demon child)

I look around and then ask the obvious question, a question the I know the answer to.

Were are your parents?

She starts to cry, as she sits up and as she sits up I notice she as ears upon her head like that of a fox, and a tail, I quickly identify her type as a Kitsune the fire fox demon. Since she has orphaned and would obviously be killed if I leave her here.

Hey, its ok you don’t have to answer that, I think I know. Anyway you can’t stay here alone lil one, would you like to come with me?

She looks at me, then around the village. She then nods her head yes.

Good, well then, my name is John and I am a human, so what is your name lil one?

She gives a weak smile and replies...Nel.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:22 pm

The spell that the human cast soon wears off, and we are able to get up. I look to the four other fire demons...Rugal, Orochi, Kyo, and Iori, aka... the Cannon Fire squad. I look upon them, with their faces of shame. They feel as though they've I walk up to the tallest. Rugal...

Pick your head up. Losses are apart of life. View them as a victory.

How can we view this as a victory sir..we failed even a scouting mission. We never fail...(Rugal)

Oh but we have a victory...

They all look to me.

....Sir? (Orochi)

He showed us his power....he is a human, indeed. With the power to cast amazing spells....he must be John Macknight. He has returned...

How is that a victory sir? (Iori)

We shall report this to Master McGill....we shall be one step ahead now.

Rugal smiled...

Now keep your heads up...let's go. Back to the castle.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:38 pm

Near the coast of Aragra, two hooded figures travel by boat to the capital city of Aragrous

The mist of the sea makes it difficult for the crew of the ship to locate the crimson sphere (a ball that works the same as a lighthouse) near the coast of Aragra. The cold did not make their lives any easier. The captain of the ship is approached from behind by two hooded figures, one taller than the other, but does not turn for he is busy steering the ship.

How may I be of service to you two? (Captain)

The tallest one with a male voice spoke.

We were wondering about the rumors of pirates pillaging ships much like this one. Is it true?

Aye, that be true. Many a men have been lost to those sea dogs. Many of them belonging to me. No attacks have been reported lately, though, so you needn't worry. (Captain)

The shorter hooded figure with a female voice then spoke.

It is not us you should be worried about, you idiot. We are more concerned over your lives than ours.

Quite a mouth this one has. (Captain)

Not only that, cretin. But a blade to boot.

The shorter hodded figure ruffled through its cloak and displayed a long naginata-shaped weapon and aimed it near the Captain's throat. The captain did not stir for he was too busy steering the ship.

Weapons are not allowed in the captain's deck. (Captain)

Why you-

A hand the set itself upon the shorter figure's shoulder. It was the hand of the taller one.

Hëna, what did I say before departing from the port?

To kill whoever-


Alright, alright! "Never draw your weapon against the innocent", excatly as you said it.

And what are you doing now? The exact opposite of what I said. How many times must I stress this to you. You're so irresponsible sometimes.


Blah blah blah that's all you ever do. You need to man up sometimes Dielli.

And you need to take responsibility for your actions. What would you do if I were to pass away?

I'm tired of you telling me that! You're not gonna go anywhere without me. Now stop being such a woman. You're not going to tell master are you?...

Before Dielli could speak a large commotion was heard outside of the captain's deck. The captain turned to face the noise that was outside of his deck and began to sweat. The crew outside were yelling and running around frantically as something big was coming their way. The captain ws knocked to his feet as the two hooded figures were still standing as the ship the ship tilted to the right.

Hëna and Dielli pifted the man up as they made their way outside. A man lunged at them both but was stabbed by Hëna's naginata and thrown at a couple of barrels. Numerous amounts of other men stared at the man that was thrown. They then tured their attenion to Hëna and Dielli who nonchanlantly walked in the middle of the ship. They noticed that the crew of the ship were bound and on the floor. A few were lying dead. They then noticed the huge ship that had rammed the one they were on. Suddenly, Hëna made a declaration.

This ship should do.


We're taking that ship.

Dielli looked at the pirate ship and shook his head.

Hëna, we can't just-

Once, again Hëna does not listen to her younger brother and leaps on the pirate ship. Sounds of battle were heard as men were thrown off of the ship.

...take the ship.

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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:08 pm


Freedom. What I had wanted for so long for my peoples. We had been oppressed by our leader for too long. It was not always that way. He used to be kind and benevolent but when the shadow fell, darkness consumed him. I had lead the rebellion underground for almost 3 human years slowly building up to this day. All of my followers charged the palace gates. The undercover guards let us "defeat" them easily. We now had a true challenge. The King.

You foolish boy! Do you think you could defeat ME! I WILL DESTROY YOUR LITTLE REBELLION WITH A SINGLE STRIKE!

As he utter those words. The doors were shut and locked. We were trapped alone with the king. He lifted his sword and struck it down killing nearly everyone. Everyone but me.

He picked me up.

You do not get the pleasure of dying so quickly. GUARDS! Take this one cells, I'll be back for him later.

Everything went black. When I woke up I was hanging from the wall by my hands, the rooms had no windows in which to see the moon. Below me, those who had commited lesser crimes sat on the ground. Beside me, murderers and rapists lined the wall.

Locked you up as well did he?? Hmmmmm? Not such a good king now is he??? Hmmmm? (Crazy Lycan)

No he isn't. Not at all.

Then it struck me. I had an army here.

Listen all of you!! Do you wish to be in here for any longer? For crimes against an evil king?!

NO! (Prison Folk)

Then help me down! I know a way to get out!

No sooner then I had said it the Lycans had formed a ladder from their bodies. At the top was the largest one he grabbed my chains and pulled them out of the walls. The group lowered me to the ground.

Thank you my brethren. I shall not forget your courage and honor in doing this. But now, to business. You big one.

My name is Ezekiel. (Ezekiel)

Like the king?

Like the true king. After darkness befell the land it devoured me. But the light was strong enough to escape so I was created. My dark half imprisoned me here for treason against myself. And left me nearly powerless to escape. But I sense much strength in you.(E)

I was stunned. The king. The TRUE king of the Lycans. The one that had been at the epic battle of light and shadow. Here. Alive but weak. And he commended me?

It is an honor, my king.

Do not let it distract you, we have business to attend to. What is your plan? (E)

At midnight, when the moon is high Ezekiel shall distract the guards. While I steal one of their keys. Once that happens I'll unlock the door and we'll all escape from here. I have a camp set up on the coast near the harbor. Go to the inn on the docks and ask where you may view the moon clearly and the innkeeper shall show you the way. Once a substantial force has been recruited there we will ask the Light kingdom for their help once again and restore this true Ezekiel to his throne!

All the Lycan's cheered. When midnight came the true king made a ruccus. Once a guard entered to stop it I slipped behind him and stole his key. He didn't notice. While the guards were changing posts I unlocked the doors and the prisoners escaped. Some wouldn't join me, but others would and that is a victory enough. Plus with the true king at my side I should be able to be victorious. Ezekiel and I ran through the corridors together and leaped out a stain glass window transforming as we leapt. When we were in mid air Ezekiel shifted back.

I am too weak to stay lycan, this fall will kill me. Good luck to you. (E)


I wrapped my body around him and we hit the ground hard. I was bleeding and in pain, but I didn't care. All that mattered was the king. He was unconscious. I put him on my back and ran to the docks. I entered the rebellion camp and set the king down.

You will be alright my king. I have people who can heal you here.

It is my time young one. You must do this on your own. And since I have no heir to my throne when it will be restored. I name you my descendant. It was good to have known you. Goodbye. (E)

He placed his hand on me and started to turn into a fine glimmering dust. Then from the dust, thousands of tiny beams of light fired into me. I felt a great power within me grow. I had received his blessing. Lying where his body used to be was a sword. I picked it up and held it.

I will avenge you.


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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:15 am

Isn't this dandy. I am left alone with the pirates.

Dielli looked around himself as the pirates that surrounded him showed just excatly what sort of demon type they were. The wood from the ship darted towards Dielli in the shapes of spikes as a row of swords shot up from nowhere and shielded him. The nature demon pirates were at first taken aback, but held their ground as they continued to shoot out wood from the ship.

Dielli did nothing throughout the entire skirmish as he had his arms crossed, still staring at the pirate ship that Hëna took the liberty of attacking. The pirates growled in anger at Dielli's lack of motivation to face them.

What's the matta? Afraid you'll get hurt with the likes of us? Why dontcha just lay them swords down and come quietly, eh? We'll even take good care of the girl on our ship if she settles down. (Pirate #1)

Ya, we'll take very good care of her. Heheheh. (Pirate #2)

Despite the disrespect that they have displayed, Dielli did not waver in their comments. In fact, it seemed as if his eyes glazed over from boredome, which the pirates did not take very well.

Hey you bastard, we're taking to ya! (Pirate #1)

Don't make us go ova thar an- (Pirate #3)

Shut the hell up!!

Hëna was standing near the edge of the pirate ship with her naginata perched on her legs as she was bent over, looking down at the scene.

Can't ya see that my brother is asleep?!

The pirates looked to Dielli's direction. Indeed he seemed to have been asleep, the fact that he was so quiet was substancial evidence.

Get off of our ship before we make you! (Pirate #2)

Don't you threaten me you rat! I'll tear ya a new one! Go ahead and try and get me down!!

Their faces showing disbelief. The pirates looked up in disbelief at the girl that bravely threatened the pirates. They soon got over this issue and began to climb aboard their vessel. No sooner than they had boarded their vessel they were thrown off the ship and sent into the frozen waters. Hëna made a face as she looked up in the sky and jumped down to greet her brother with a straight slap to his face.

What were ya doin' sleepin' in the middle of a pirate raid?! They could've killed ya!

That slap was uncalled for! How dare lay a hand on your own brother!?

Oh shut up and man up. Now come on. We're going on this ship


We're not paying damages for this one that's why. We have to get to the city.

Dielli thought about it but was cut short by Hëna's forceful attitude. They boarded the pirate's ship and continued to set sail for the coast of Aragra. The captain of the attacked ship peeked from the door and looked around as he saw his crew still bound.

They didn't even try to help them. Geez, those kids are gonna make it hell for the people at the city... (Captain)

I am the master of my fate:
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Sun Dec 20, 2009 5:21 pm

Me and Nel have been traveling for sometime and she is beginning to get tired. I start to think of the safest place for me to warp to. Aragrain coast will due, it is safe with tones of places to hide. I stop and Nel looks at me, she is tired and hungry but he child never complains, but I need to take care of her first. My mission will have to wait, but I need to find one of my old allies, another reason to go to Aragra.

OK Nel you will have to take my hand, I am going to warp us to a far off place.

She looks scared but takes my hand, she and looks up at me as I speak the word “Warp” and in a flash we are in Aragra. She looks around and giggles.

That tickled a bit Mr. John. (Nel)

I laugh at her and then explain to her that John would be fine. We then walk down a small pathway long the coast were some apple trees are growing, I pick a few apples for her to eat. We take a seat under the tree as we eat. I then see the city of Aragrous below us in the valley, I then notice a ship sailing in the harbor. I go to point out the ship to Nel but she is fast asleep under the tree.

Well you had a trying day little one, rest easy.

I look up at the sky and wonder if it was destiny that I found this child, I wonder if I do survive this quest of mine will I be accepted in this world. Hell I know that I am unwanted back at home...truly I feel alone in this world and back on Earth.
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PostSubject: Re: Realm 2   Tue Dec 22, 2009 4:44 am

The black helicopter flew over the streets of Washington at an ungodly hour of the morning, inside sat Ghost and four other soldiers, in the back was Kratos with a look on his face that read "I don't want to be here and I don't see the point of my presense" . As the bird landed on the roof of the Quantum Industries building, three men appeared on the roof and escorted the group down to Colonel Henderson who sat in his office drinking whiskey. Henderson looked up from his desk as Ghost and one of the other troopers opened the two wooden doors and placed a briefcase on his desk, Kratos walked in unnoticed and sat at the back of the room. Kra watched as Henderson opened the briefcase.

This is remarkable, gentlemen. Now, if you wouldn't mind following me so I can show you all something. (Henderson)

The Colonel walked over to a bookshelf that covered his back wall and shifted some old books so he could press a button that made the shelf break a part and open like a door. Kratos got too his feet and joined the others as they walked through the bookshelf and into a labaratory where a dozen or so scientists were examining symbols, Henderson and the soldiers had already walked down a flight of stairs and handed the orb to a bald man in his late forties. Kratos then turned his attention to Ghost.

Ghost was a former S.A.S. Trooper and was recruited into Henderson's company five years ago by the Colonel's request. The man has numerous scars on his face and is well hardened, give the man a gun and you can say goodbye to anyone around you that you don't like. Some may think of him as psychotic, but Kratos simply considers him expendable.

Kratos looked at a large screen on the far wall, there was a three dimensional image of the orb on it. What he heard next simply amused him.

I'm afraid we can not translate the entire orb sir. (Scientist #1)

Why not? (Henderson)

Because we do not know what the third language is. If you look at the screen, you can see that on the left side there is the Shadow Language and on the right there is the Light Language. Now in the middle, there is a language we haven't seen before. (Scientist #1)

Do we need to read that language? (Henderson)

I'm afraid so sir. It is the key to the map. (Scientist #1)

It's the language of the Kings. Find the Grand Master, and he can tell you how to read those markings.....
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Alonso, otherwise known as the Grand Master, stood in his library with Sawyer. Sawyer and two others had been summoned to the library but they were late, so Sawyer stood in silence until Alonso spoke.

My dear boy, you have served under my watch for many years. Unfortunately the time of our order is almost at an end, we have reached the final chapter in our story of life. But before we can close the book we must accomplish everything we have set out to do. Which is why you stand before me. Where are Jake and Rojas? (Grand Master)

Before Sawyer could answer his question, the doors behind him opened and two figures entered the library. Jake was an African American with a knack for causing trouble and backing up his partners, Sawyer was glad he would be accompanying them. Rojas was of Spanish descent and was known for being enforceful and fierce, Rojas has been mistaken for a man on many occassions but not because of her appearance, she was a stunning specimen, she is mainly mistaken because people only read the reports and don't look at her profile. Now both Jake and Rojas stood beside Sawyer and slightly bowed before the Grand Master.

Your mission is simple, find the orbs before the company does, and stop Henderson from entering Nystoria. (Grand Master)

What about Kratos? (Rojas)

Kratos must return to Nystoria in order to help John restore order to the land. With the death of Lunar, the Demons are out of control and don't know whether to join the rebellion or join Tobias. If you can, stop him from absorbing the power from the orbs. (Grand Master)

Before the others had a chance to speak, someone else stepped into the library with a warning.

Sir, they are here.

Thank you. Now, the three of you must depart from here and follow Kratos. (Grand Master)

The Master ushered them out the back of the library and closed the door they walked out of. The old man sighed and listened as helicopters hovered above the building, shots were fired in the distance and there was yelling from behind the closed doors of the library. Alonso stood in the middle of the library and watched the doors, time seemed to slow down as dozens of soldiers wearing full tactical gear barged in and aimed their weapons at the old man. The soldiers positioned themselves all around the library and trapped him inside. Colonel Henderson stepped into the library with Ghost and the new guy Cyrus behind him. Ghost walked behind Alonso and stood near him.

Well Alonso I have to say, you look good for your age. (Henderson)

I take it you didn't come here to simply flatter me did you, Colonel? What do you want? (Alonso)

Straight to the point, that's what I like about you. "The language of the Kings". What is it? (Henderson)

Possibly a fairy tale, I don't really know. (Alonso)

Ghost hit Alonso in the back with the butt of his rifle stock, Alonso grunted and fell to his knees.

It would be in your best interests to co-operate my friend. You're no good to me otherwise. (Henderson)

If you think I am going to co-operate and help you start a war in both worlds, then you are sadly mistaken "my friend". (Alonso)

Okay then. Take all the books, all the scrolls, everything! If you won't help us, then we'll just help ourselves. (Henderson)

After a long time of waiting, the library had been cleared out and only a few soldiers remained inside with the Colonel and Alonso.

I'm sorry it had to come to this, Alonso. (Henderson)

The Colonel and his troops all walked outside, Cyrus looked back and saw Ghost step in front of Alonso and unholster his side arm. Ghost took it out and without hesitation he put a bullet in Alonso's head. The old man fell backwards and lay motionless on the ground. Ghost walked out of the library and closed the doors behind him.
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City guards of Aragra held a line as the ship that held the siblings came closer to the harbor. Many civilians stopped and watched as the ship drew closer. The flag of the ship was visible even under the snowy conditions. Civilians would gasp or simply stare in defiance as the ship drew near.

Hëna looked on as the harbor of Aragra drew closer. She threw her arms in the air and inhaled as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Master!! We're home!!!

Dielli smiled as his sister made her usual debut whenever they would travel to Aragra. It has been two years since they last visited their master. Dielli looked around the area as the cool breeze brushed his pale face. After finally adjusting to Aragra's harsh conditions, they they threw off the hod of their robes and watched as the ship finally docked in Aragra's harbor.

The city guards marched near the ship and stood near the side of the ship as a plank landed in front of them, nearly hitting the captain of the guards. He twitched his mustache as this happend and looked behind himself as the men behind him stood a few inches from him. It was then that the guards saw the two siblings walk on the plank towards them.

Welcome to Aragra. How may we, the city guards of Aragra, assist you two? (City Guard Captain)


Good, because we have some questions for you pirates. (City Guard Captain)

We are not pirates. This ship is indeed a pirate vessel but it most certainly does not belong to us. We are only making our way to the city.

Is that so? And who may you two be? (City Guard Captain)

I am Hëna.

And I am Dielli.

The captain of the guards made a motion with his broad mustache. He was still suspicious of the two and was not willing to let them pass. As he made this clear by putting his hand on his sword, the siblings said nothing and took a step forward. Many of the guards hesitated, but the captain was not threatened. He drew his sword quickly and pointed it in Dielli's face. The onlooking civilians were drew into the spectacle.

I will only say, and request this only once. As the captain of the city guard, I command you two to cooperate and be silent. (City Guard Captain)

You're gonna try an' arrest us, huh?

Try? My dear, we are the city guard. You are in our border and thus must follow our protocol. If you do not agree with the rules then state your complaints to Duke M'Quve. (City Guard Captain)

The sword in Dielli's face suddenly splinttered into two. The captain backed up into his men as he watched in shock at his former blade. The Aragran civilians gasped in amazement.

I am sorry but I must apologize.

The bewildered look of the captain was enough to startle the watching civilians. They have rarely seen the city guards jump in fright. They were their protectors. And they were one of the few who kept order in Aragra's now lawless nation.

F...for what? (City Guard Captain)

For this!!

All eyes were on the female as she pulled off her robe and threw it into the air. There stood a beautiful woman. Hëna's fair face was the first noticable feature. Her dark violet hair flowed in the wind as her eyes were revealed to be amber. Her lips were as red as a rose. Her light pale skin reflected any light off of her skin as if it were made of marble. A long purple dress that flowed to her feet seemed to have rippled many different shades of the color as she moved. The men could not help but stare in awe at her stunning appearance. They also could not help but feel threatened from approaching her. She held a grin that stretched to one cheek to the other and her eyes showed much malice. She then let out a small giggle as she pulled up her hand near her face and her eyes caught the affection of those she laid them on.

The captain of the city guards could not help but stare. Even some of the male civilians were found with their mouth's dropped. Many finding themselves being chased by those from which they already pledged their love to. Taking this chance, the beautiful maiden pulled out her naginata and swung with little effort as the city guards fell into the water. Those that were still on the dock attempted to subdue her but were either quickly put down or were seduced by her charm. Dielli merely put his face into his hand and shook his head.

Why do you always have to beat up the authorities when we come here? Can you not handle things like a normal demon?

They were going to arrest us. I want to see master as soon as possible and that is that. Non can deny me my rights as master's favorite.

Let us just proceed. Once again, I apologize for my sister's rudeness.

Dielli helped to fish out the city guards with some of the nervous civilians. The last to be brought on the dock was the freezing captain of the city guards. He was too busy shivering from the cold to tell the other guards to arrest them. Even his mustache were icy. Dielli quickly ran to follow his sister as she was walking casually around the town. A man with a little girl watches from a hill not too far away.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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I walk through the city streets. A commontion happened at the harbor, something about two little pirates. I turn the corner and two punk brats run into.

Hey!! Why don't ya watch where you're going!

I almost hit the girl.

I'm sorry, my sister was being rude. Excuse us.

Her brother on the other hand was quite secluded, quite a strange pair.

It is quite alright young one. I am Raphael, lycan. And you are?

None of your bee's wax mister!

I actually hit her that time.

OWW!!! You jerk! I'll destroy you!

She looked like she ment it.

You'll have to catch me first, little one!

I transformed and leapt upon then roof of the nearest building. Leaping each building I went to the center of town from there I walked down a small alley. Walking towards a wall I muttered a few words and the wall turned into a door for a second. I was know in my camp, the home of my rebellion. I went to sit down in my chair. The little girl sat in it. I was too shocked to move.

Told ya I'd destroy you. Take a look.

I looked past the chair to see everything ransack, destroyed, or pulverized. 10 years of my life gone. I was furious.

I'll make you pay for this girl!

You'll have to catch me first.

She stuck out her tongue and then was gone. My life's work had been destroyed as well as my dignity. Yet, something about that girl was calming and it was as if i didn't care about my work. I felt that something bigger was in store for me.


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We reported back to Tobias about the news of John Macknight. We were to locate him. Yea....easy for him to say. The bastard dissapeared into thin air. How am I supposed to find him? My crew was strong...but they weren't very I had to do all the thinking. If I were John to take the world back from master Tobias...where would I go? What would I do first? ....I thought on this for a while. Hmmm...I'd know that I would be unable to defeat Tobias on my own. So I'd seek help. But where?

I turned my head towards the door of my quarters as Rugal and Kyo walked in with a phone.

For you sir. (Rugal)

Dio speaking...

I-I-I-I think we may be having a dis-s-s-s-sturbance out here in Aragra! T-t-t-t-two demons just walked off of a pirate ship, and split my sword! N-n-n-n-nobody insults the city guards in s-s-s-such a manner...(CGC)

What the hell is wrong with you? Are you shivering?

The f-f-f-female dumped me in the f-f-f-freezing water! (CGC)

Alright....relax...calm down. We're on our way. We'll see what's up with these two demons.

Get here f-f-f-fast! (CGC)

I hung up the phone and gave it back to Kyo.

We headed out sir? (Rugal)

.....yes. Just us though. We'll let Orochi and Iori sit this one out. Kyo...since you can fly, take flight, and scout out the city. We'll be at the docks. Report back if you find anything.

Kyo nodded and flew off.

Sir, Kyo doesn't speak though...(Rugal)

He'll find a way to communicate. Most likely...something loud...and hot.

An explosion? (Rugal)



As soon as we step onto the docks...I hear it, see it, and feel it.


.....that way. Follow me.


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I hear some commotion in the city as me and Nel walk towards it. Nel is feed, rested and is in better spirits, but I notice when we are walking that the way I am dressed will draw attention to me and her. I stop and Nel looks at me, she then asks me why we had stopped all of a sudden. I just smile and wave my hand over myself and her, my outfit is that of the local inhabitants and she gets a new change of clothing too, both sets of clothing have a hood, which we both put over our heads as we enter the city.

Nel, stay close to me and lets not speak our names right now.

Why is that? (Nel)

Cause I think the Demons that attacked you then me are close. So lets just see what’s going on, but lets be unseen.

She nods her head and we then head towards the dock area were the trouble is. Once we arrive there, I can see the demons I ran into and two younger ones....along with a Lycan. They are fighting, with each other and to top it off the local guards are in the mix. I decide to stay out of it and watch from the crowd that has gathered, they cant sense me or Nel cause of the rest of the demons around, but I can’t risk using my powers here, that would surely give me away. I then ask one of the locals what is going on and he explained how two demons that came off the boat started to fight with the local guards, then a Lycan joined in the fight. I look at the Lycan, he reminds me of a friend....I wonder if it is him?

I watch the battle further, only time will tell if some of them are friends or foes.
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As the battle continues I see the two young demons and the Lycan get surrounded by the local guards and three of the five demons that attacked me. I make a quick asessment of the situation, if these three are fighting my enemies then they are likely allies of mine, or at least can be talked into it. I then look at Nel who is a bit frightened by the action.

OK Nel jump on my back, I have an idea.

OK. (Nel)

She then jumps on my back and holds tight as I make a thick fog roll in over the dock area. The group is confused and I can hear them all chattering, I walk up unseen behind the two young demons and the Lycan an focus on them, I then issue the call...Warp! The five of us are warped to a distant part of the area, the old ruins of the old capital of Aragra.

Hey were the hell are we?

How did???

This is interesting.

Then they hear a voice behind them, they all turn to see who it is. I take off my hood as Nel is getting off my back.

Now I will explain who I am when we take cover, we need to get out of sight.

They agree and follow me into a large structure. I then turn and look at them, they seem nervous but are just glad to be out of that situation at the docks.

My name is John MacKnight and this is Nel, a young demon I saved from a fire. I am here to stop Tobias McGill and bring balance to your world.

Ha, you carry no sword and you believe you can stop McGill!

No sword make a man a warrior, it’s the warrior that makes the difference. But I really have no time for this, Nel here needs a to be some where safe. I need to find someone that can be trusted.

They are silent and then as I look at the Lycan I get the idea.

Hey you, is Ezekiel still alive or did McGill get to him?

The room falls silent, something dreadful has happened while I was gone....the Lycan is about to explain that happen.
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Ezekiel is dead. But it was not this McGill which you speak of. It was the great darkness that befell my land. Maybe caused by this McGill. The darkness found a new "home" in the King, filling him with malice, anger, and cruelty. But his original self found a way to seperate the dark from the light. After the separation his dark self threw his light self into the prisons, where I met him after I was put in there for trying to overthrow the evil King. After some planning I discovered that the true Lycan king was there and he wanted me to help all of those wrongly imprisoned released.

We were successful. But during our escape from the castle Ezekiel ran out of strength and plummeted to the ground. I carried him to my camp and set him down. He said that it was his time and proclaimed me as heir to the throne. Then he was dead....

The man was nearly in tears, he must have known the King. He looked as if he wanted to say something.


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All the bastards dissapearedin the blink of an eye!

****! Not again! What the hell happened?! (Rugal)

MacKnight again...he's starting to piss me off.

Goddamnit! I was just starting to enjoy this too...*looking upon himself* that little girl cut my arm....(Rugal)

She was something else...That lycan looked quite familiar as well. We need to report to McGill. Let's get outta here. I'm sure you can handle things from here Captain.

I nod to the capain, and then to Kyo. He burns up, and grabs us. We all then take flight in his grasp, and in no time, arrive at the castle.

I made my way to the throne room, alone, to see McGill. He was seated in his chair, facing the painting on the wall. It was huge, and had the image of his father.

Tobias, we located John Macknight once more, but he vanished again.

McGill sighed and then turned around in his chair. He looked at me with dark eyes, silent. I showed no fear to him though, and just stared back. He normally struck fear in those under him, but he knew damn well that I didn't fear him. He wouldn't have this kingdom without me and my boys. He just chuckled.

I knew you'd find him again... You're resourceful, indeed. I jus wish you could actually hold onto him.

That's not posible, Tobias.

How the hell not!?

He was yelling now...I kept my cool however.

He keeps vanishing.

What do you mean...?

He has mastered a great many magics. He keeps using his warp technique. This time he took a few locals with him. A couple demons, and a Lycan.

A...Lycan you say? Kinda big...well built, and deep voiced?

Sounds like a proper description.

Tobias now rubbed his temples. He looked up at me, with stressed eyes now.

That lycan is wanted...He broke a great many lycans out of jail, not too long ago.

Figures...the demons were called in for diturbing the peace in Argara. So what do you want me to do about it? I cant exactly just stop and fight them if they keep dissapearing. And he grows stronger with numbers.

Well...let's see.

Tobias waved a glowing purple glove over his desk, showing a small picture of John Macknight and his new "allies".

You mean to tell me, you sent me on a wild goose chase, when you knew exactly where he was!?

He just smiled to himself. He was still the kid that i met, long time ago. He never really grew up. Only down, in morals and shame. It never bothered me, however. He never got in my way with it.

This is a cave, not too far from the outskirts. Take whomever you need with you. Capture at least one. He's spoken enough to them by now...

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John McKnight was on the verge of tears as the siblings and Jerrin watch silently.

First Lunar and now Ezekiel...

Sir, if I may, but how excatly do you know those two?

It was five years ago, when I first came here. I knew both Lunar when he was an Emperor of the Kingdom of Light and Ezekiel as a brave lycan who only wished to free his fellow lycans from oppression. They protected me and gave their lives just so that I could escape from this place. Their sacrifice was in vain...especially Lunar's. a strange revelation. To be here, standing, in front of a human! And what's knew the king!

So many gone...what of the Air Emperor?

Jerrin shook his head. John knew that he too was gone. The siblings looked at each other and then to John.

Dielli, this could be the man that master was talking about in the letter...

Stay silent, we must not speak in the precence of others.

Oh, right!

Hëna said nothing more as she turned her attention to her hair. Dielli then walked up to John as Nel hid behind the human. John wiped fresh tears from his face as he sighed deeply.

Lord McKnight-

Please. Just John.

Dielli's eyes lit up from John's reaction. It was so apparent that even McKnight saw it.

What is it?...

Dielli was speechless. He fell back as Hëna caught him.

Dielli! Dielli what's wrong!?

Oh! Nothing. It's nothing.

The demon walked away as he moved to get some fresh air. Alone, while feeling the gentle breeze of the wind, Dielli began to think deeply about his confrontation with John McKnight. He then summoned a book into his hands and looked at the cover.

John...John the Great. We finally meet.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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I just shake my head as I watched the young male demon leave, I then feel something. I look around at the walls and notice a small marking, I remember the marking from my Grand Father’s journal. It is for a hidden door, I wave my hand over it and the wall slides over. The others look in awe of this, and I signal them to follow me into the tunnel.

Hey Dielli, come on we are on the move again.

Dielli follows us into the tunnel and the wall seals up again, the mark disappears. As we walk down the tunnel the stones on the ceiling start to glow, lighting our way. As we walk we can see a large opening at the end and when we reach it the stones on the ceiling of this large room light up.

Wow. (All)

I look around, the symbols that line the room are that of the language of the Kings, there are places were people must have slept and there are weapons that are stored along the wall.

What is this place?

This, this is the McKnight stronghold. My Grand Father told me about this in his stories, but back then I thought it was a fairy tale. If I remember correctly, no-one can find us here with or without magic.

So what should we now?

Well, Nel looks like she could use some sleep.

Yes well, I think we all should get some sleep.

Everyone got some rest in the barracks of the stronghold but I remained awake reading the book Lunar gave me, I look up to see Dielli, he looks like he has something on his mind.
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Kratos stood in the shower and ran his hands through his hair, the markings on his body were beginning to fade. He looked upon himself and glared at the markings, the Nexus had tainted and corrupted him so much that he went to war with his own brother. So many Demons died for his greed and lust for power but now it was time to right his wrongs. Kratos turned off the water and draped a towel around his waist. He picked up another towel and dried himself before leaving the large en-suite and then entered a bedroom, he sat at the end of the king sized bed then looked over his shoulder to see a brunette woman sleeping beside his hollow. The woman's clothes were scattered across the floor but they weren't civilian attire, they were part of a military uniform. Her name was Sasha Vine, Lieutenant Sasha Vine. Kratos quietly put on his jeans and then his black shirt but I guess he wasn't quiet enough.

Morning. (Sasha)

*chuckles* Good morning.

What's the time? (Sasha)

Seven. You should go back to sleep.

Kratos crawled up the bed and kissed her on the lips before getting on his feet, as he was about to leave to get some breakfast for the two of them, the cellphone he had been given by one of Henderson's men rang.

Well I guess neither of us will be going back to sleep. (Sasha)

Kratos answered the phone and remained quiet for a few seconds then hung up.

A car is coming to take me to the airstrip in five minutes.

Well, I better get dressed then. (Sasha)


A camouflaged Jeep shot through the jungle and came to a stop at the base of a cliff. Three figures got out of the vehicle and examined the cliff.

This is it. According to the Grand Master's map, the next orb is somewhere inside this cliff. (Sawyer)

I'm sorry, did you say INSIDE the cliff? (Jake)

Yeah. There's an entrance around here somewhere. Rojas, go park the Jeep somewhere safe. (Sawyer)

You got it. (Rojas)

Jake grabbed three bags from the Jeep and handed one to Sawyer, both of them took out guns. Sawyer tucked a USP .45 with a silver slide into his holster while Jake holstered his black and gold Desert Eagle.

So what happens if the company shows up? (Jake)

It was as if the company knew that Jake was going to ask that question, before Sawyer could answer, both men looked to the East and saw MH-6J Little Birds and CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters approaching their position. To top it off, there was a large convoy of Humvees and SUV's approaching from the ground.

I guess we're about to find out. (Sawyer)


Ghost and his men were in a Sea Stallion approaching the target area, Kratos was sitting behind the c*ckpit with Ghost opposite him. The pilot gave the "go" and the soldiers all began handing down magazines to each other, Ghost then got too his feet and informed the troops of the situation.

Alright boys listen up! It's the same deal as last time, we go in, find the orb, and get out. I want this op to run smoothly with no f*ck up's. Hooah? (Ghost)

HOOAH! (Troops)

Ghost, I need a weapon.

Not a chance, Kratos. Last time you held a gun, you killed one of my men. (Ghost)

The helicopter touched down and the ramp dropped down, the troops rushed out and waited by the supply cache for their instructions. Ghost and Kratos were the last two out and were quickly approached by a man wearing glasses in camo. He clearly wasn't a soldier, he didn't even have a weapon.

Where's my entrance, Plunksky? (Ghost)

It's partially concealed by the surrounding jungle, but we have set explosive charges and are waiting to blow it open, sir. (Plunksky)

Waiting? For what?! Just get the damn thing open! (Ghost)

Ghost stormed over to his troops and picked up a Bushmaster ACR. As he was loading the rifle there were men yelling out warnings and then there was a large explosion and the sound of rock and stone crumbling. Kratos clenched his fists and walked over to Ghost and his team, he wasn't the only one. Sasha approached Ghost and introduced herself.

What do you want Lieutenant? (Ghost)

I thought I should let you know that we found an abandoned vehicle two kilometres from our position. It was registered to a known Guardian member. (Sasha)

Have you found the owner? (Ghost)

No. We think they are already inside the cliff structure. (Sasha)

How? We just gained access to the only entrance. (Ghost)

They probably found another way. The fact they know where this place is should be troubling enough.

Alright, we need to go in prepared. Alpha team, I want Heartbeat sensors attached to your primary weapons. Flash and Leaf, I want you to be carrying motion sensors. Let's move out! (Ghost)

The troops finished equipping their weapons and followed Ghost into the structure. Kratos followed behind them and was very cautious of his surroundings, he had seen a warning from the top of the entrance. Ghost heard movement ahead and halted his troops, he slowly continued and stood in awe as he emerged into a large temple.

Take up positions around the area, spread out and find the orb! (Ghost)

There were two levels to the structure, one was the ground floor that was shaped like a semi-circle and was in similar design to that of the Tomb where they discovered the first orb. Large columns were situated around the ground floor and held up the stone above them. The second level was only reachable by two flights of stairs on either sides of the ground floor, it seemed to be a living quarters for who ever stayed here. Spread around throughout the entire temple were statues of Elites, Kratos stood in front of one and smirked. Kratos turned around and noticed a frail looking bridge that connected the ground floor to a platform across a large ditch. The platform didn't lead anywhere, it simply sat at the foot of what appeared to be a large wall that shot up nine hundred metres.

Any sign of the orb? (Ghost)

Negative sir. There's nothing here. (Ozone)

Kratos saw a large circle in the centre of the ground, it was the same as the one in the Tomb. Ghost approached him and examined the circle.

Remind you of anything?

You found it. Okay, now do your little magic trick and get this thing open. (Ghost)

I can't.

Why not? (Ghost)

Because things never happen the same way twice, Ghost. The orb isn't here.

What the hell do you mean the orb isn't here? The map on the first orb led us here. (Ghost)

And that is exactly what troubles me.

Three of Ghost's men crossed the small bridge and examined the wall. They then turned around and stopped what they were doing when Kratos yelled at them to get away from it. As they began to come back, one of them stepped on a button disguised as a tile and activated something. There was an echoing sound that filled the temple, it was similar to when Kratos found the first orb. All of the soldiers stood in silence wondering what the hell was going on. Kratos slowly stepped back to the edge of the first level and eyed up the surrounding area.

I've got movement! (Leaf)

What? Does anyone have anything on the Heartbear Sensors? (Ghost)

Negative. (Troops one at a time)

What the hell is going on? (Ozone)

Suddenly, a stone figure launched down from the second level and landed on one of the men, it stabbed a spear into the man and then spun around to the left and sliced another man's throat. The figure then spun around to his right and slammed its spear into another soldier, before it could strike again the surrounding troops opened fire and brought the statue down. The Elite was torn apart by bullets and crumbled as it fell.

What the f*ck is going on?! (Ghost)

More movement! (Leaf)

The troops stood near one another and covered each other, dozens of stone figure Elite's were surrounding the team.

Kratos! Any suggestions?! (Ghost)

Well let's put it this way, I should really be carrying a gun.

Good enough. Light em up! (Ghost)

The soldiers opened fire and began spraying bullets everywhere, the Elites took a lot of damage but eventually broke through the soldiers and managed to separate all of them. Ghost blocked a sword swipe with his rifle and hit the Elite back into the ditch, Ozone pulled out a shotgun and blew one Elite into pieces. A soldier emptied his clip into an Elite and backed away, he pulled out his mag and put in a fresh one and as he did so another Elite came along and struck him down. Ozone was pushed to the ground by an Elite with wrist blades and pulled out his sidearm, he shot as fast as he could at the approaching Elite but ran out of rounds, as the Elite began to retract his arm to attack he was blown away by a spray of bullets from Ghost.

Stick together and keep firing! (Ghost)

Kratos kept away from the battle and looked up at the wall on the other side of the ditch, he noticed three figures climbing to the top and then saw what looked like a light emitting from the top of the wall. This area was an illusion for treasure hunters, the real treasure was up that wall. Kratos heard Ghost call out to him and turned around as an Elite stabbed its spear into his stomach. Kratos growled and gripped the spear, he snapped it in two and kicked the Elite back, as it flew back it cracked and crumbled as it hit the far wall. Kratos pulled the other half of the spear out of him and threw it past Ghost's head, he then launched himself up in the air and landed on the wall, he jumped again and landed beside the three Guardians.


Kratos?! We're here to send you back to Nystoria! (Sawyer)

Yeah, thanks but no thanks. I already have a one way ticket back home. See you at the top!

No! (Sawyer)

Kratos leaped again and got to the top of the wall, he smirked at the temple and made his way inside.


Sawyer, Rojas and Jake had finally climbed all the way to the top and stopped for a quick rest.

We need to stop him before he absorbs the orb's power. (Rojas)

I know. Which is why we need to be a step ahead. Jake, I want you to go down that side tunnel and sneak up on him, we will follow him in and confront him. If you think he is going to try something then you put him down. Remember, a bullet through the head will put him down but not for long. We don't know the extent of his powers so we need to be prepared. (Sawyer)

Jake walked off down the tunnel while Sawyer and Rojas made their way down the main passageway. It took them a while but they finally found the main hall, large pillars held up the roof and torches lit the room.

This entire structure was carved from the inside out by Humans and Demons alike. It took two hundred years but they finally completed it.

Kratos, we have the ability to send you back to Nystoria. All you need to do is come with us. (Sawyer)

Straight to business, huh? I have no interest in returning to Nystoria just yet, there are things here that I need to deal with before I can return.

Sawyer continued to spill out words but Kratos stopped listening, he was getting tired of the Human and decided to take action.

Let me just stop you there. I am a Demon in a foreign world, you should have every right to send me back to where I belong. But yet you Humans don't think twice about sending your kind into my world. You personally see yourself as some sort of humanitarian don't you? You guide my kind back home and consider yourself a hero. But you should know, there is a fine line between being a hero, and being a memory.

Kratos' hand then filled with red light and he aimed his hand at the two Guardians, before he could obliterate them he was shot in the neck by Jake. Kratos lost control and sent out a beam of laser energy into the ceiling. Sawyer and Rojas took aim with their weapons and opened fire on Kratos. They both only had the chance to fire twice before the roof began to collapse, the two ran to Jake and he led them down a passage and the three emerged at a waterfall.

How do we get down?! (Sawyer)

We jump! (Rojas)

Rojas leaped into the water and the others soon followed.


Kratos stood at the edge of the wall and tossed the orb down, it plummeted down and landed near the troops, it wasn't damaged in anyway but the ground on the other hand was cracked. Kratos tensed his body and groaned as the bullets that were shot into him popped out. He stepped off the wall and landed on the platform below, Ghost stared at him as he walked across the bridge and passed the remaining soldiers.

We done here?
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On the Airship Bathamuth.

McGill sits in his royal chamber and awaits for someone to enter, he as a sinister glint in his eyes as he tumbles a dagger between his fingers. The two large metal doors open up, and I rather tall man enters the chamber, McGill stands and addresses the man.

It has been 2 hours General Crete, you know how I hate to be kept waiting. (McGill)

Sorry my lord, but the person you ask me to find for you was harder to locate then anticipated. (GC)

Well, where is he? (McGill)

Right here. (??)

A man slinks out of the shadows, dressed almost like a ninja warrior from the Earth Realm. He has two katana swords on his back, daggers and throwing knives on his upper thigh. He then uncovers his face and kneels before McGill.

Vaine at your service. (Vaine)

I will be brief Vaine, I need you to find and kill this human. (McGill)

McGill waves his hand over the wall and a image of John appears. Vaine gets up and looks at this image and studies every detail.

Consider it done Lord McGill, but may I ask, why you cant just kill him yourself? (Vaine)


Vaine disappears as quick as he appeared, General Crete bows then leaves the chamber. McGill sits and grips his hands together.

I am so close to taking this world, now the spawn of the MacKnight clan has risen to stop me, no, not now. Prophecy or not John, you will die.

Meanwhile a smaller airship leaves the bigger one, this small ship contains Vaine, he is off to the last known position of John and his companions.
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With many questions on his mind, many regarding John himself, Dielli cannot shut his eyes and fall asleep. His sister however is dead to the world. Dielli crouches near her and removes his robe and places it gently on the sleeping woman. She grips it tightly and covers herself while Dielli stands up and walks away.

John remains awake as he pulls out an object covered in red cloth. It was the book that Lunar had given to John before the former sacrificed himself for John's sake. The man attempts to remove the cloth but stops short. He looks up quickly to find Dielli standing over him. Had the darkness not covered much of Dielli's profile he may have gotten a better picture of what the demon looked like. Diellia then spoke.

Master... Excuse me, John, sir.

Yes? What is it Dielli?

A lot has been on my mind. Master told me that humans were here many years ago. What happend to them?

They left. The demons were far too agressive and barbaric for the likes of them. The humans back in the day were like that. They would look down on others if they found them to be of no use or simply because they fell down we on earth call a "ladder." If you were on the botton, then you were considered trash. If you were high, then you'd be an important person. It's mostly because of nobility.

What ladder do you fall under, John?

If I were still back on Earth, perhaps the middle. I dunno.

John said nothing more as Dielli looked near the opening of the cave. Dielli continued to stare, which garnered John's curiosity.

Is something wrong?

Dielli sat down and said nothing. John shrugged his shoulders and removed the red cloth and revealed a brilliant white book. Dielli covered his eyes slightly. But John arruptly closed the book and helped Dielli to his feet. John had fear in his face, as if he knew something was coming.

We have to go now!

What? Why?

No time! Hurry and wake the others!!

Hey, what's with all of the yelling?! Please stop it!

You're yelling, too!

Only because John woke me up!

Enough! John, why must we go?

John made a stance. He held one fist a few inches from himself as he extended his arm. The other arm was held close to his chest and his legs were spread. He was ready.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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I sense it, or whatever approaches, a demon.....yes a shadow demon. I close my eyes and focus on my surroundings. Dielli and the others are quiet now, they have their weapons ready...I can sense how nervous they are and then I smell it....the foul stench of a shadow demon, I tune my senses in on it......I quickly turn and fire a bolt of light just past Hena’s face, the shot blows her hair around and the look of terror on her face was lifted by amazement. the hell!

Where what?

Quiet everyone.

I watch as it runs through the shadows and out of the cave. I quickly chase after it, and the being just stops ahead of me, then turns and points his hand at me, then a quick blast of shadow energy comes right at me, I dodge it easily.

Demon if you wish to take me down you will have to do better than that.

Who said I was trying to hit you. (Vaine)

I take a quick glance over my shoulder to look at the cave entrance, that blast of shadow energy was a barrier spell, this demon wished to separate me from the others.

Lord McGill wishes you gone human, and I will not fail him. (Vaine)

If you’re the best McGill got, then he must be getting nervous, I smelled your stench a mile away assassin, now if you hear to fight me then let’s have at it.

I take my fighting stance and extend my right arm out to my side. I open my hand as it starts to glow a greenish blue and then a white n’ silver spear appears in my hand, I spin it around and then get into my defensive position. The shadow demon then attacks me with his katanas , I block each attack, but I failed to counter his leg sweep, I am knocked to the ground on my back. I look up and see the demon flip into the air and points his katanas in a downward position, I reach for my spear but it is out of my reach.

I have you know human! (Vaine)

I quickly, well more like a total reaction use a spell that I never had used before. I blurt out “Barrier!”, the demon’s attack is stopped cold and he is fired backwards to the ground. I quickly get back to my feet and grab my spear, the demon then grabs his swords then rushes at me, I block his two strikes then quickly counters them with an attack of my own. I land a fatal blow with the spearhead, I then snap off the blade and back away.

Nah....ack...! cough! (Vaine)

The demon falls over dead, the look of shock on his face as he dies. The barrier blocking the cave is lifted and the others run out towards me, the spear regenerates the spearhead as it disappears into my hand. I then inspect this demon....he was from the Kynori tribe, a deadly band of assassins that served Krato’s army. I try to stand up and I feel weak, I notice that I have been grazed by the demon’s sword....knowing the tribe, it is laced with poison. I fall back to my hands an knees as I hear Dielli yelling to me....I black out.
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Tobias waves his hand across the wall, creating a screen showing the small "group of allies". John is down, and the 2 demons are trying to wake him with tears in there eyes.

He must be dead...well done. Looks like he risked his life for the job to be done. (turning to me) Don't let his fine work go in vain... Finish the job for him....Capture the rest. (Tobias)


I make my way out of the throne room with a grin on my face. I head to the headquarters and find the others.

Rugal, Iori, Kyo, Orochi.....let's move out!

Where we headed to? (Iori)

Just follow.


We arrive by the cave to see the Lycan walking out. I look to the others, and they all hide. Kyo is in a tree, Iori is behind a bush, I'm above the cave, Orochi is next to me, and Rugal....Rugal is hiding on the wall of the the fool he is. Fortunately, the lycan doesn't notice him. We watch him go by, and I signal Iori and Kyo to stay with the lycan. The rest of us, make our way into the cave. I crawl in, heating my hands enough melt into the roof of the cave and stick to it. Orochi does the same, but on the wall. Rugal then enters, after we've gained our positions. He stands at the mouth of the cave until they see him.

Who's there!?

Rugal responds with a burst of firefienveloping a good half of the cave. The larger demon jumps onto the smaller female and pushes her out of the way and onto the floor.


The Lycan hears the commotion in the cave. He begins to run back, but is picked off when his feet are burned by a stream of fire, tripping him forward. He falls to the floor. Iori sends another stream of fire at the hands of the lycan. He cries out in pain, turning over onto his back, only to see Kyo coming down above him as a large cannonball of fire.


The two young demons arise to look upon Rugal, but can only see a large, dark figure with long hair. He sends out another huge wave of fire, as Dio and Orochi jump onto the oppositte wall of the flames, cutting off the demons escape path. The two demons jump anyway, figuring it'd be better to get caught than be burned. Dio and Orochi grab the young demons, and knock them out, with powerful, flaming blows...leaving a mark on their faces. They throw the demons to Rugal and have him carry them.

As they all walk outside the cave, they meet up with Kyo and Orochi, who also have the Lycan between them. They throw him upon the foor in front of Rugal, who picks him up as well, and carries him.

Well done guys. This is a victory today. John is dead...and the traders have been captured. Let's get going....


We drop off the captive group in front of Tobias' desk.

Well done....drop them into the dungeon...I'll be around to them later. (Tobias)

Yes sir. (Rugal)

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Realm 2
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