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 Welcome home guests!

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PostSubject: Welcome home guests!   Tue Nov 24, 2009 6:15 pm

This forum is a place where we discuss ALL transformers needs. Most people here came from the original transformers game. We can talk about other things also.

Some things we talk about
1.Transformers in general
2.Video games
3.Daily life

Keep in mind we have rules here, it is a sticky on this forum!

Some general frequently asked questions.

1. Can I be a mod! Can I be an admin?!

Sorry, we don't hand out jobs to random people. We are also full of staff at the moment. Maybe if our membership grows and we see you as a respectful person. Who knows? You might get a position!

2. What is this "sig" limit you mentioned several times on this forum?

We have a sig limit. Meaning, if your signature is filing up way too much space. We'll ask nicely to shorten it down. Please be curious as some people have smaller computers. It also may lag their computer for them to load your picture. It also wastes more time to scroll down. If you don't listen to us, we'll give you a final warning. We can take away your privileges if we want to.

3. What if I have an issue with someone or I don't like something about this forum?

We all know some people just can't stand certain people. Please drop by and private message a staff member to get the issue solved. You may also use the report button and/or AIM to contact us. If you don't like something about this forum, please use the complaint forum. Do not troll into other threads complaining or you will be warned.

4. How does this "warning" system work?

First, we give you a warning. We also delete your post if it is a big problem. Please respect others like you wanted to be treated. If you continue to break rules, we will issue you another warning. Three warnings equal a ban. If you get ever more warning after you come back, the ban will be longer. Please do not make up another account, or we'll give you a big ban. We also have the right to extend your ban even longer, or give more warning if your offense is serious.

Remember! Just have fun and be safe!
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Welcome home guests!
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