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 Quantum: The War

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:40 pm

I watch as Blackwood approaches me and Scott, the air shook violently I see Scott bending over in pain beside me. This whole vengeance plan of mine is selfish and he is right, I would be like him if I killed his army, there has to be another way to stop him. I then quickly grab Scott and fling him over my shoulder and run at top speed and blast out of the building.

Blackwood’s point of view

He watches as the two former allies retreat, he smirks a crocked smile as he placed his sword back into the sheath.

You can’t run forever John.


I stop at the hills above the city, Scott looks at me with anger in his eyes. He goes to speak but I cut him off.

Scott, that was for your best interest and the world.

Like **** it was, we could have taken him. We had thump car.

I let out a chuckle and I signal him to follow me down an ally. I stop at a wall and looked around, I press a stone and a door opens, we enter and it shuts. About 20 minutes walking we end up in a large room with weapons and other equipment. Scott looks around in awe as he see that I was no mere disgruntled second in command.

Scott, I will level with you my boy. My Nano bot threat, well it was a bluff.

What the ****!? A bluff??! Are you insane?!

Well I only have 5% of is army infected, and yeah if I die well his army would survive. It’s this device that allows me or the holder to take them down.

So why tell him what your planning? I mean why didn’t you just do it?

Well it’s simple, I need to distract him long I could buy someone else time.

That person is???

Time will tell Scott. Time will tell.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Thu Dec 03, 2009 9:19 pm

As Scott sat in a chair watching John roam around his secret base, he couldn't help but wonder what Blackwood was thinking about when he was preparing to attack. He had heard "Omnikinesis", Brazilian base, children and Bart. Omnikinesis was obviously an ability but Scott had no idea what exactly it was, Blackwood on the other hand seemed to be hiding it which meant Scott needed to find out what it was. The only way to find out though would be to talk with Blackwood, slipping away from John wouldn't exactly be easy though.

Omnikinesis. What is it?

That one is real b*tch of an ability. It gives the crazy a**hole who has it the ability to control every thing, whether it be living, dead, in the future, hell if it doesn't even exist you can still control it. Why do you ask?

Blackwood was thinking about it as we left.

John laughed a little and then stopped to think, the smile on his face was wiped away by a feeling of dread.

You're sure he was thinking about it? I mean, absolutely sure?


That must be his true plan, with that ability he could control the world and destroy it. But no one alive today has that power. He must have found someone who has kept it hidden.

Where would he hide this person?

The base in Brazil. Right under our goddamn noses. We need to head back there right away and stop him.

I agree...

As John began to walk away, Scott stood up and struck a powerful blow to the back of John's neck that rendered him unconscious.

Sorry John. It's nothing personal, I just need that ability...

Scott then teleports away.


Kyle sat in a leather chair and waited until Ethan, Alex, Raze and Ezekiel stood around him. He got too his feet and led them outside where they greeted their forces. Alex pulled Kyle away and whispered in his ear.

Siobhan is in the area. Ozzie and a few others are with her. (Alex)

Good. I want Ozzie to see what needs to be done in order to save our kind. Let's end this....
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:02 pm

Deep underground in the Brazilian hangar base, Blackwood and twelve other men surrounded the six pregnant women known as "the Catalysts." Arana, Nathia, Isabella, Cassandra, Laura, and Sasha; the six women, are preparing to deliver the six plaques. Blackwood walks up to a hyperventalating Arana and strokes her face.

It will be over soon. Just keep at it and don't stop. Our child will be born soon enough, and the pain that you are experiencing will end. Be strong.

Arana nodded her head. Blackwood then turned his attention to a nervous Bartholamew.

Bartholamew. Why flee from this glorious moment? Don't you want to witness the greatest coming since the first Fallen?

O..of..of course not, sir. I..I simply fled out of fear. I was not thinking straight. I hope that you p..pardon my incompetence. (B)

Considering that this is the very same day that my children will be born, I suppose. But should you fail to alter their age, or try anything that should hinder the final phases of my plan, then I will personally castrate you. Now forward time of their births.

But, sir! The sudden phase from the children's birth will kill the catalysts! (B)

Just do it!

Bartholamew's face became pale from dread. The other eleven men kept their eyes on him just as Blackwood had asked of them earlier.

Blackwood opened a display as he watched Scott Winters appear inside of the hangar. Scott walked inside confidently and looked around for any possible secret entrances of Blackwood's. He had regretted not asking John for the location. Winters jumped back suddenly as Blackwood stood in front of him. His katana not present.

Welcome home, Mr. Winters.

Blackwood immediatly dashed in front of Scott as he lunged forward with his right leg. Scott jumped back again but Blackwood shot an invisible wave from his thrusted leg and sent Scott flying backwards into a wall. Scott struggled to move but was held against the wall under Blackwood's influence. The old Fallen walked slowly towards Scott.

This is rather a surprise. My, oh my, what brings you to my home in such an hour of the day? Have you come to witness my plan? Or have you come to do Kyle's bidding?

Scott's eyes lit up in surprise.

Ahh. You thought I didn't know? The secret meetings between you and that fool. I have this entire base full of some of the most talented Fallen in this entire planet! You think that my telepaths would not detect any sort of abnormalities?? You're naive!

That's not what I have come here for!

Then what?

I ain't telling you a thing. If you didn't tell me of your real plans then I guess I have nothing to say to you.

Sounds as if you're seeking a trade. I will tell you of my plan, not that it matters. By now, the plan may have been completed. Somewhere around this insignificant planet, six women are giving birth to my children, the six plaques. Once they are born, Bartholamew will use his Time Manipulation abilities to accelerate time and quickly give birth to my children. Once they are born, one of my other men down there will give them the knowledge that they will need. Because they are of my own blood, I will act as their father-figure for awhile and order them to destroy this world. Once they are done, this entire quarter and then the rest until none is left. All that will be left is the void. Beautiful is it not?

And what power will they have in order to do this? Let me guess, omnikinesis?

Blackwood's face showed alarm. He stared at Scott who began to smile. Only John and Blackwood knew of the ability because of what one can do with it. Since John could not copy other abilities, Blackwood had nothing to be concerned about.

How do you know of it?! Did John tell you!?

Scott smiled and said nothing as Blackwood continued to yell. He gripped his hand and forced the air to vibrate so much that it gave off an ear-piercing scream.

Answer me!

Blackwood stopped as he felt something. He opened a display and smiled as he watched the eleven men were holding the six children.

It begins...

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sat Dec 05, 2009 11:00 pm

No, It end now Blackwood!

I slam through the wall, and stand beside Winters. Winters looks at me kind of nervously, but I just chuckle, Blackwood snarls at me.

You got some nerve returning here John.

I smirk back at him and start walking towards him.

So, old master of mine. You still believe that I can’t absorb any more powers? Ha! You old fool, I wanted you to believe that and you fell for it.

So you absorbed the omnikinesis? You call me foolish.

No, see your wrong again. I didn’t absorb that power, I know its far to dangerous. However I will show you what power I have absorbed.

I continue to walk towards him and my right arm starts to be covered by a Metallic Exoskeleton. My finger tips become sharp and the same is happening all over my body, I stop 10 feet from Blackwood and ready myself for a fight.

Yes I traded my anti healing for this ability. So now this madness end hear.

I dash at him with my claws ready he readies himself as I approach. The final battles now begin.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sun Dec 06, 2009 1:03 am

The base shook as Kyle's forces breached inside, those who didn't have projectile abilities were armed with automatic weapons and semi automatic shotguns. Even though Blackwood had marched most of his forces to Washington, a large portion of them remained to protect the base. But they were still no match for the troops. Kyle himself stood outside the base watching the attack, the smirk on his face would be remembered by his fellow Fallen as it was a smirk that shouldn't have been made so soon. Two soldiers approached Kyle and told him they had located Blackwood. Kyle thanked the two and then made his way inside.


Scott watched as John lashed out at Blackwood and grinned. These two fools and their quarrel would give him plenty of time to find the children. Blackwood grunted and looked at Scott as he read his mind for the location, they were being kept three floors below the surface. Perfect.

You keep him busy John, I have an errand I need to run.

The two continued to fight as he walked away and toward Blackwood's office. Behind a shelf there was a secret elevator that he opened and used to get down. John punched Blackwood back into a wall and stood in anger as his former master slowly got too his feet.

Don't you see what is happening here, John? Winters is manipulating us!

I don't care, he's going to destroy your children and I am going to destroy you.

He's not going to kill them you moron! He's going to take their power.


You didn't really think that someone like him was just going to let one of the most powerful abilities be used for what appear to be the "wrong reasons", did you? What he will do is worse than my plan.

Scott readied himself as the elevator doors opened and two men stood in front of him. He electrocuted them and then moved on to kill the other nine men. The bodies of six women lay on tables around the large lab. Scott noticed the observation deck on the other side of the lab where Blackwood obviously observed his experiments below. Winters then began to ponder, six bodies, supposedly six babies. Yet there were no infants in sight, until Bartholamew walked in pushing a table with a man on it. The man was bald and had black marking on his body. Bart stopped and began to sweat as Scott looked at him with an evil grin on his face.

This isn't what it- (Bart)

Bart's neck was then slashed by an invisible blade and his body was sent flying back. Winters walked up to the unconscious man and sensed the power in him.

Well, well, well. I guess Blackwood and John weren't talking sh*t after all...
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:13 am

I do not have time for this, you're only delaying the inevitable.

Kyōka Suigetsu jumped in front of Blackwood from the ground as he opened a window. Blackwood then made a slash movement with Kyōka Suigetsu as a window opened above John. Blackwood used the gravity around John to make him light and float in the air.

Hey! What the hell is this!?

I cannot have you interfering any longer. You know, I must say, I am quite disappointed in you, John. Enjoy the void while I'm gone. I'll be sure to release you once everything is in motion.

Blackwood, you son of a bi-

John had entered the void as Blackwood opened a window and entered it. As he exited, Blackwood looked around the room of the underground lab and scoffed. A sudden thud hit his foot as he looked down. Bartholamew's body laid before his feet. Blackwood had a worried look on his face until he saw Scott walking over to a man who was laying on a table. He then watched as Scott reached over to one of his children and sent Scott flying a few meters away.

Stay away from one of my children you wretch!

Blackwood dragged Scott across the floor and threw him all around the room. Once he was done, Blackwood walked over to his son and looked at him.

Excellent. He hasn't been contaminated...

A window opened underneath Blackwood's son as he disappeared. Scott then appeared in front of a surprised Blackwood and kicked him directly in the face, his first hit. Blackwood bounced off of the ground two times and finally skid across the floor.

Not bad, old-timer, but your fire is about to be extinguished.

Scott appeared above Blackwood and picked him up by his collar. He then slammed him against a wall behind him and grabbed Blackwood by the throat.

Let's make this easy, old man. Where is your kid?

Blackwood struggled but could not break from Scott's grip. Scott smirked from Blackwood's hopeless situation and began to chuckle to himself. Suddenly, an ear-splitting scream filled the entire lab. Scott dropped Blackwood as they both covered their ears from the scream. They both groveled on the ground as they looked around. A women then came into view. It was Arana.

Xanatos' POV

I looked on as both Scott and I had our ears covered with our hands. The only other person I cared about, Arana, had saved me for a brief few seconds from Scott's rampage. Her eyes had little light in them and her legs were shaking. She was close to death but used her last bit of strength to save me. With the time given to me, I hit Scott with my gravity propelling shockwave as he flew past Arana and into a one of the lab room windows as the glass pierced his skin.

Arana?...You're still alive?

She nodded her head as she began to speak with her hands. Because she was mute, the only possible way for her to speak to me was through sign-language.

I saw the boy hurting you and could not bear it. (Arana)

So you used the last bit of your strength to save me? Why didn't you just lay down and rested?

Because I was afraid. Afraid of what could have happend to you. (Arana)

It would not have mattered. This world will end soon whether I live or die. Did you see where the other children went??

Yes, the other children are- (Arana)

My eyes widened as an arc of electricity pierced Arana. Smoke came from the wound as she fell on the ground. With the last bit of her strength, Arana stretched out her hands for me. I crawled towards her as quickly as I could before her hands barely touched mine and fell on the ground. I stared down at Arana as her green eyes faded away.

End of POV

The air shook at its most violent as the tables and equipment in the lab were suddenly crushed. Glass broke and the walls began to crack as the intensity of the vibrations began to become worse and worse. Blackwood's eyes then spiraled uncontrollably as he stared at Arana's killer.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:57 am

Blackwood turned around as Scott blasted him with a high voltage of electricity through his right hand, he then raised his left hand and Kyōka Suigetsu flung into his grasp. Blackwood then lay on the ground in a stiff state.

I am surprised that you are powerless without your sword here. Mind you, after the tragedy that fell upon you in your past would weaken anyone's self control. You use this sword as a symbol of fear for your enemies and in some cases your allies. Subconsciously you know that you are able to control your power without this blade, but you lack the will to even test your limits. Pathetic. And now, I'm going to track down those kids of yours and ruin your plans!


Kyle was almost at Blackwood's office when he stopped in the middle of the hall, something was very wrong.

What is it? (Raze)

Blackwood's children are awake. Search the base, search the jungle and find them before they do anything we will all regret.

Kyle then continued to the office and entered the elevator. He nodded to Raze and Ethan as they watched the doors close.


And what exactly do you plan to do?

Scott rotated his hand and Blackwood was lifted up onto his feet, he stood barely a metre away from Winters who looked at him with a sinister look.

Be the best.

Winters and Blackwood both turned their gaze to Kyle who's hand's were glowing, he clenched his fists and then his entire body began to glow.

Son of a bit-

Kyle let off a very small explosion that sent Winters flying back in one direction and Blackwood in another. The desks and tables were all thrown in different directions and paper hovered around the air then slowly drifted down to the floor like snowflakes. Kyle stepped through the lab and stood over Blackwood as struggled to get to his feet.

I suggest you leave, or at least stay out of my way, Xanatos. Now I have to clean up your mess yet again.

Kyle turned around as Winters began to clap and then chuckle.

Impressive. You really do have a lot of control over your abilities.

Well I wish I could say the same, but you seem quite sloppy.

We'll see.

I gave you an opportunity to leave and forget all about this Winters, but you decided to stay. So I am going to give you one last chance to back down. If you choose to fight, then you will regret it.

Do you always talk this much in an attempt to stall a fight?

Only when I see potential in my opponent.

Winters' hand's glowed blue and he took a step forward, Kyle raised his right arm and sent out a very powerful volt of electricity that almost burned right through Scott's chest and sent him back onto the observation deck. Two titans, now beginning an epic battle. If anyone were to interfere then they would surely be met with unwelcome arms.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:51 pm

The police were knocking at the door screaming in Spanish or some other language that wasn't English. Suddenly time stood still. I was alone. Through the back door a group of Fallen came, ready to fight. It was then I realized. Blackwood couldn't use me as his little tool, but neither could Jake. The group yelled.

"This is your one chance to go with our glorious leader! Will you accept his offer? Or die?"

We'd rather die you ****! Right Nathan?

He stared at me. I was thinking of what to say.



I shoved a blade through his gut and followed Blackwood's troops back to his base.


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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:33 am

I see a rip in the void and I take it as my chance to escape, were it leads I really don’t care. I then jump out of the void and into the rip, I then land in front of Blackwood who is struggling to get up.

Oh you son of a b*tch, your going to pay for that little parlor trick.

I then grab Blackwood by the throat and slam him through the wall. I then follow him through and stand over him. He struggles to get to his feet yet again, I watch frail and weak.

So your not much without your sword? It is really quite sad actually.

He gets to his feet and wipes the blood from his mouth and looks me in the eye.

John why can’t you see that I am just trying to rebuild this in-just world. The Humankind....

Not all Humans are at fault, you are condemning them all to death and not all that deserve it. So yes old friend, I see what your trying to build....a world where you rule as a god. So this ends here and now.

The two stand across from each other poised and ready to fight. The end is near, yet the war has just begun.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:04 pm

Not all Humans are at fault, you are condemning them all to death and not all that deserve it. So yes old friend, I see what you're trying to build....a world where you rule as a god. So this ends here and now.

Blackwood covered his left eye as blood drips from it. John gives a puzzled look but stays alert.

This is no limit is about to reach its course.

What limit? Since when did you have a limit?

I strove off my intended destiny. The life of a gyrokinesis user is to guide the dead through reincarnation, which I do not do. As punishment for not following the destiney that nature has given me, I am slowly dying. The blood from my eye is a testament to how long I have. I only have four years before I am reduced to nothing unless I take my destiny. It's far too late now. I suppose that's why Mr. McKenzie never tried to take my power. Either that or he couldn't. It doesn't matter now, that fool and the other fool just like the first will only live for so long to watch this world disentigrate. I lied about being a god of this world once my children have awakened. They will destroy this world.

No they won't. Your plan will fail. Scott and I will make sure of that.

Don't be a fool like the rest. I set up my plan long before any of you had an ancestor that was even born in my time. While not perfect, everything has gone according to plan. My children will recieve their instruction from one last person I can rely on and they will erase everything. Only they will be alive, and I highly doubt that they will cooperate with one another.

You're insane. Your plan is so **** up that I do not even have a word for it. So why now? Why this time period instead of a time where you could finish your plan before we could be born.

Because I fell in love with a Fallen of another quarter. She's dead now. All I have left is my legacy. While mine's entirely will be erased, they will live on as Gods in their own right. It took so long to get very long before you humans even evolved. So long before the other quarters began to even show signs of evolution. I was lucky enough to find someone that could even fly. The rarity of you Fallen was astounding at first, but, once I went back intro track then everything began to come into place.

One last question before I utterly obliterate you.

Blackwood smiled as he slowly closed his ruined left eye. He smiled a bit and put his back on the wall as he began to laugh.

You want to know if I was really behind your wife's murder, right? I suppose I may tell you. Indeed I was.


So that I could find you. You were by far one of the more difficult Fallen to track down due to that project of the humans. I must say, they did a rather perfect job. The perfect soldier. were indeed the most capaple in my command. Anyway, once you came out of hiding, everything came into place. Your wife begged with such emotion and terror. Had I been younger, I may have relied on morals. However...

John slammed into Blackwood as he began to pummel the old Fallen, who merely smiled even as he was battered. Blackwood finally began to feel the pain and quickly sent John flying back.

I am going to kill you!!

Yes, yes, you already stated that threat before. So many have promised that and ev-

Blackwood fell on his kness as he began to cough uncontrollably. Massive quantities of blood poured from his lips as his coughs became more and more out of control. John took this oppurtunity to lunge at the defenseless Blackwood. Noticing this, Blackwood used his gravital manipulation to increase John weight as he fell on the ground. Blackwood slowly stood up, his face revealing many new scars and bruises, almost swollen, he walked with a limp as he stood over John and put his foot on his head.

I believe that I am the victor. Stay down there and watch as the world ends.

John roared with pure anger and hatred as he used his superhuman strength to counter Blackwood's evil. Before he had the time to turn, John nailed Blackwood in the gut and grabbed his face as he head-butted his thrice, which was followed by a knee in the face that sent a shockwave all around the room. Blackwood flew into the air like a rag-doll as he landed with a sudden thud.

The hell you are! I say who's the victor in this house, ****! Now stand the **** up so I can beat your ass some more!

Almost as if in responce, Blackwood did indeed stand back up, somewhat dazed but gravely injured as his arms were limp and his jaw was out of its socket. John stood there, amazed but at the same time infuriated by Blackwood's refusal to stand down. Blackwood did not even speak, not that he could, as a sudden wave of invisible force trailed on the ground in front of him and hit John like a train. The man flew threw a couple of barracks before he landed near the shore of a lake. As he stood up, Blackwood's hideous face surprised John as he was once again hit and pushed down the watery depths of the lake.

John struggled to swim up, but Blackwood's gravital manipulation seemed to have been at full capacity as every time he struggled he was violently pushed down against the sharp rocks. Lossing contiousness, John began to have flashes through his life. He remembered his wife, his friend Straka, and the good times that had. At the surface, Blackwood's eyes were blood red as blood poured from them. The old Fallen had much intensity in his eyes and much anger from his frustrating fight with John. Back into the bottom of the lake, John losses contiousness...

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:57 pm

As I slip away one last thing crosses my mind....revenge. This thought gives me the will to fight, fight some more. My eyes then flash white, on the surface of the lake the sky darkens and three tornadoes blow in over the lake. I am sucked up by one of the passing tornadoes and tossed into the hillside. I pull myself out of the rubble and cough to clear my throat.

Oh not one of my better landings. Now were is my former master?

I turn and look to the shore, I see Blackwood. I then walk down towards him and he tries to use is gravity ability on me again, it slows me down but I continue to walk towards him. He then falls over in exhaustion from the fight, I look down on him.

How the mighty have fallen.

I reach down and pick him up by the collar of his shirt.

I should kill you, but......that would be your way. No, your going to be held accountable for you actions.

I hold him up by one hand and back hand him, he then falls unconscious. Just then his troops surround me, they look confused and nervously point their weapons at me.

You can either kill me and be under his oppression or follow me and fight for something right. It's your choice.

They lower their weapons and one man speaks out.

What are you orders sir? (Unknown soldier)
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:26 pm

The group of Fallen had just lead me to Blackwood, he was unconscious.

You can either kill me and be under his oppression or follow me and fight for something right. It's your choice.

All the men lower their weapons, I walk up to Blackwood's enemy.

What are your orders sir?

First we need to dispose of Blackwo-

He had stopped talking, a blade was through his gut. I retracted it and he fell to the ground. His battle with Blackwood had weakened him. I took the man's body and cut his wrists ensuring that he would not be able to regain consciousness anytime soon.

Take him to null chamber. His powers will be useless in there.

I look down at Blackwood. He is dying. I lift him up and head to the medical chamber.


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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:53 pm

Jake just regained consciousness. He wasn't where he figured he'd a diech or something. He was....elsewhere.... It looked all too familiar. This was the void that Blackwood left him in before. Countless bodies around him, all dead. They must have figured he was dead and left his body here. Last thing he remembered was a blade through his gut.....the memories of such brought back all the pain. He got up, and wandered around the area. A security-like room is what he stumbled upon. It was empty. He soon found out why. The place had been breached and under attack. Al kinds of havoc was going on. Then he saw an image that really caught his eye. Nathan..... He was with a group of fallen, but there was no sound. He then saw John. It seemed as though John had defeated Blackwood. Nathan WAS on the right side....or so it seemed. He watched on as Nathan sunk a blade, deep into John stomach. He then cut his wrist, and said something to the other fallen. After that he walked off screen.

Dammit Nate, what are you doing?

He shook his head. Looking at the other screens, he spotted a medical bay. He figured Nathan would try to lead Blackwood here, and tend to him. He knew what he had to do.


As Nathan walked into the Medical Bay, he could see a large cloud of red smoke. He looked around, wondering where Jake would come from. The smoke then, finally cleared.

Jake stood atop a medical Stretcher.

What the hell are you up to Nate?

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sat Dec 12, 2009 5:06 pm

I wake up and I see that I have been put in the null chamber, and I also notice my wounds have healed nicely. I then stand up and I start talking.

Computer security override Delta Sigma Gamma.

“Password verified, confirm with security code 2.”

Security code 2, Three Gamma, 7 Delta, 9 Alpha, 9 Omega.

The doors open up and I simply walk out, there are no guards around and with those two codes I disabled the security systems. I then make my way down to my room and reactivate the security systems.

Computer, lock my door and locate all the troops in this base.

The monitors on my computer then lit up and I can see all the troops, most of them are near the medical bay. They seem to be trying to save Blackwood, I think to myself this will not happen.

Computer activate Silent Dagger. Password “Dragon slayer”

The computer then activates this command, I them monitor the screens and watch as the troops fall over from a massive fatal heart attacks. I then access the satellite in my command to see nearly 85% of his troops are dying.

I think to myself, yes, I lied about the percentage of how many I had infected. This was not what I wanted but sometimes to stop a monster you have to become one yourself. I then give my final order to the computer system.

Computer Self-destruct command Thor’s Hammer. Password End Game.

The monitors then turn black with a count down showing 4:59:43. I then activate a passageway leading to the roof, I get into my private Helicopter and leave the area. I can’t even see the base anymore so I am out of harms way, yet I feel ashamed of much death.
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Kyle walked onto the observation deck and towered over Scott, Winters then teleported behind him and tackled Kyle through the glass. The two fell down to the chamber below and quickly got too their feet. Winters sent out a wave of Cryokinesis that was met by a wave of fire from Kyle's hands. Winters struggled to keep his ground and was forced to take a few steps back, Kyle took advantage of this and stepped forward while he emitted a larger wave of fire that forced Winters down on one knee. The young killer grunted as Kyle overpowered him.


Ozzie and Siobhan had been found by Kyle's troops and safely transported to the base where they waited for Ezekiel and Tim to lead them to the fight between Scott and Kyle. Siobhan knew something was up and was right.


Winters sent out a large telekinetic wave that sent Kyle spinning back. Kyle laughed as he got too his feet and saw Scott clenching his fists. He had obviously picked up a few other abilities from John.

I know all about your Ability Absorbtion, Scott. You can touch people and either take their power completely or simply replicate it.

As the two were about to continue their fight, a voice came over the speaker system repeating the same thing, four minutes and thirty seconds until self destruct sequence commences. Kyle teleported in front of Scott and punched him with a metal fist and then slammed his knee into his stomach, Scott groaned as Kyle then grabbed his left arm with his right one and grabbed him by the throat with his other. Kyle lifted him off the ground and slammed him down, he kept hold of him and had him pinned.

Go ahead, end it!

Kyle looked up and saw a door open ahead of them, some of Blackwood's troops fell over as they entered and clutched at their chests. Winters moved his head and Kyle was sent flying up and hit the roof of the chamber and then fell down, as he was beginning to get up, Winters sent him flying back into the far wall.

Maybe I should take your abilities.

Scott! (Siobhan)


Scott had turned around and looked up to the observation deck to see Siobhan standing over him. Kyle got too his feet without Scott noticing and unclenched his fists causing the broken glass around him to hover in front of him.

Time's up kid.

Kyle stretched out his fingers and the glass shot out in all directions, several shards pierced Scott's back while only one sunk into the back of his head. The lights in his eyes went out and he fell to his knees. Siobhan sobbed and watched with teary eyes as he fell to the side and lay motionless. Ethan, Michael and Raze entered the chamber through the door where Blackwood's men died and approached Kyle who now stood over the body of Scott.

Our technicians have stopped the countdown, the place is wired with small nuclear devices. (Michael)

Have the countdown continue once we have left.

What about Winters? (Ethan)

Kyle knelt down and placed a hand on Winter's body, the body disappeared and Kyle stood up.

Where'd ya send him, sir? (Raze)

Some place where no one will find him. Now, let's get our guys out of here.

Roger that. (Michael)

And what about Blackwood and his remaining followers? (Ethan)

They'll be fine. Unfortunately....

Kyle watched as two of his troops escorted Siobhan and Ozzie out of the building. He followed Ethan and Raze down some tunnels and exited them to appear outside the base where trucks and helicopters were being used to transport his troops out of the area. All of the vehicles had the name Quantum on them and the symbol of the company. He got aboard a CH-46 Sea Knight and watched the base get smaller as they flew away. Kyle turned his gaze and saw Siobhan at the front of the helicopter.

Kyle, we've received confirmation about the virus. It's happening just like you said it would. (Alex)

Now where do we go? (Ethan)

Chicago.....and then we wait.....
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After the departure of John Thompson and Kyle McKenzie the Brazilian base grew quiet, giving it an eerie and ghostly atmosphere.

Meanwhile, in the medical chamber, Jake Delhome and Nathan Stryker confronted one another while the remaining workers under Blackwood's influence stayed behind to guard the unconscious Fallen. The head of the remaining workers was Eric Vento, a Fallen who possesses Ingenious Design.

Those who still serve Blackwood, leave this place immediately. Be free from his will and never look back!

You do not know Blackwood like we do. He will return and find us, then kill us. His evil plaques this planet and all of existence. There is nowhere we can go that he can't find us! (Eric)

It is true! Every time we ran, he would find us. He knows everything! Any who betray him find themselves impaled or tortured in unimaginable ways. We can't risk it! (Fallen worker)

Alright, you're lost causes. What about you Nathan? Why are you doing this?

Blackwood is the way. He saw what the world was and was willing to guide us under his banner. He is a visionary!

Are you mad!? You must be under some form of mind control to think that ****!

It's nothing of the sort. He simply opened my eyes.

Oh yeah? He didn't open them quite far enough. I guess I'll just have to wake your dumbass up.

Jake threw his hand forward and released a seismic burst that hit Nathan just as he finished configuring his Metallic Exoskeleton, and thanks to it he was unharmed as he was thrown back. Jake teleported behind Nathan as he was ready to use his thermokinesis. Nathan anticipated this and swung his leg into Jake's but missed as Jake appeared a few feet away. Nathan stood up and charged at Jake as he fired a large stream of ice and froze Nathan in place.

The workers and Eric were hocked from witnessing the short battle and wasted no time and lifting Blackwood off the stretcher and placing him in a wheelchair. They made their way into a hallway that lead to the regeneration pod, a creation of Eric's, but stopped as the light in the hallway began to disappear and fill with darkness.

Now, I do believe that you should leave before things get ugly. Leave the old man behind, he's not worth dying for anyway...

Jake made himself barely visible as he confronted the small group of workers. One broke from line and attempted to hit Jake, but the latter dodged the attack and delivered an uppercut that knocked out the worker. The other watched in fear as Jake approached them. Just then, Nathan slammed right into Jake as he busted through a wall and slammed him into the next one. Nathan stood up as and stared down at Jake, who was not moving, and directed the workers to continue to move Blackwood to safety.

As the workers and Eric passed Nathan, a large sound was heard behind them. Nathan was once again hit with a seismic burst and sent back into the medical chamber. Jake stood up, now pissed at his best friend, and walked into the chamber to continue the battle; losing his original objective.

Come on, we have to get Blackwood into the pod! (Eric)

Eric and the other finally placed Blackwood into the regeneration pod. The pod was shaped like an egg. It had multiple lines coursing through it as red flares of light ran through the lines, almost as if it had a pulse. A straight line formed in the middle of the egg-shaped machine as Blackwood was placed in it. The egg finally closed as Eric made his way into the hall.

Eric! What are you doing?! (Fallen Worker)

I am going to give you guys some time. We must have Blackwood awakened or else the man out there will kill us. (Eric)

It's suicide! We can only hope that this machine works as quickly as possible. We need you here in case something happens. (Fallen Worker # 2)

Eric ignored their cries and proceeded to exit the room. Another man followed Eric as he turned around.

Felix? What are you doing? (Eric)

I will assist you. One man isn't enough to buy time. (Felix)

The two men said nothing more and made their way near the medical chamber. They stood behind the wall as the sounds of battle intensified. Eric peeked of what was going on as his eyes lit up. Jake was dodging every blow that Nathan was throwing and transmitted seismic pressure into his hands as he threw his fists into Nathan's torso. The vibration of the metal and the seismic energy gave off an unpleasant sound as the metal began to grind and bend around Nathan's body. Nathan growled in pain but managed to smash his fist into Nathan gut and two more into his face. Before Jake hit the floor he let out a large seismic burst from his mouth and destroyed the last pieces of metal in Nathan's chest. The damage was so severe that Nathan was on the verge of collapse and the Metallic Exoskeleton receded back into his skin, while Jake was panting heavily and groaned from the blows he had taken. Being hit by a man encased in metal is very damaging.

Eric and Felix then looked as the two men were hit by darts on each side of their necks. Footsteps were then heard all around them. The two looked around nervously as the footsteps were growing closer and heavier.

What is that? Did somebody get in the base? (Eric)

I do not know but... (Felix)

Shh! (Eric)

Felix said nothing as he looked at Eric. He had noticed it too. The footsteps had stopped. The two looked at each other as they wondered what was going on. The base had no other living members of the Fallen. They were not sure if it was other survivors or humans that somehow found their location. That was their worst fear. Felix walked out from behind the wall and walked into the medical chamber. Eric tried to warn him but to no avail. Felix looked to the corner of the chamber and saw nothing. Suddenly, the footsteps came back but were much closer. Eric watched carefully behind himself to make sure no one was coming and then turned his attention back to Felix.

What if humans found our base? (Felix)

That's impossible. This place is completely cut off from the rest of this country. The security of this place is top-notch. Not even- (Eric)

A loud bang rung and echoed throughout the entire base. Eric jumped from the sudden sound and hid behind the wall. His heart was jumping and he began to sweat. His throat felt dry and felt the intense heat hit him. He then noticed that the footsteps stopped again. Eric then remembered Felix and peeked behind the wall. To his horror, a large stain of red covered the medical chamber's wall as he saw two sneakers poking out from the desk. He knew right then and there that it was Felix.

Meanwhile outside of the Brazilian base

Large waves of CH-53G's were coming in fast. The men inside of the CH-53G were Spec-Ops commandoes under an unknown government's jurisdiction. The very first CH-53G that was leading the rest held a group of Spec-Ops commandoes who were being re-briefed about their mission. All of the CH-53G’s were connected by radio to the very first and could hear the lead man of the operation speak in German.

Men, we are headed to a remote part of Brazil. In this part, which serves as a base of operations for a highly sought after criminal, a group of terrorists are hiding and performing illegal activities that we are to put down. Now, I did not receive a full details regarding how dangerous these men are, but apparently a large force was necessary in order for this to be a success. Now many of us will make it back if that's the case. (Captain Ghurer)

The other commandoes said nothing. These were hardened men. They've been through more hell than an average Marine trooper. They were ready for anything. At least, that’s what they believed.

I want you all to know that this may be the toughest assignment yet. I want Alpha team to infiltrate this base from the rear. Bravo team will proceed to enter through the roof alongside Delta and Zulu. Foxtrot, Whiskey, Kilo, and Mike will take the courtyard. Meanwhile, the rest will follow me inside while the remaining teams stand guard outside. (Captain Ghurer)

We’ll be arriving in two minutes max. Get ready boys. (Pilot)

Back to the Brazilian Base

Eric was frightened as he stared at Felix’s killer. The man wore a balaclava with skull paint bearing a grim smile. He wore light infantry armor and orange-tinted sunglasses. Black boots that were covered in khaki colored pants and a large black coat. A large ushanka with a red sun on it lay on his head. It was none other than Isaac Gurlokovich Puskov, Blackwood’s top Assassin in Soone. Isaac stared down at Eric who was on his backside, trying to back away from the assassin.

Y…you’re here to kill us aren’t you? Or are you here to kill Blackwood? (Eric)

Isaac responded with a lightning-quick draw of a GSh-18. He tilted his arm and seemed to have swung it as he fired the weapon. The bullet entered through Eric’s left cheek, exited through the right, and severely damaged the right side of his face. As Eric laid on his back with blood pouring from his face, a hooded figure appeared behind Isaac. The figure whispered something in Isaac’s ear as the assassin nodded his head and looked down at Eric. The assassin made a gesture with his head and walked past Eric with the hooded figure following close. Eric was left alone as he picked himself up and walked past the medical chamber to leave the Brazilian base, failing to notice that Jake and Nathan’s bodies were gone.

Minutes after the arrival of Isaac and the hooded figure, the regeneration pod began to beep as the Fallen workers frantically pressed buttons on consoles. The pod beeped rapidly and then stopped as the pod’s doors began to open. The workers noticed that Isaac and the hooded figure had been watching them and moved to the corner of the room, afraid of what they may do. Isaac and the hooded figure said nothing as Blackwood came into view. He opened his eyes and looked down at the two who were looking up at him.

I see that you brought me one of my children…

Isaac nodded his head as the hooded figure approached Blackwood. Blackwood threw the hood over the figure’s head and revealed a young woman with long black hair. She stared at Blackwood with violet eyes and gave her father a vague smile. The old Fallen did the same as he pulled his daughters face with her chin and looked at her closely.

You have Isabella’s eyes. Where are you siblings?

They are in the other quarters. (Blackwood's daughter)

Doing what?

Living their lives. (BD)

Well, I am afraid that all six of you must begin the re-formation of the universe and create it in your own image.

But we like the way it is. (BD)

Vanessa, you will do as your father says. I know what must be done.

But Isaac said- (Vanessa)


Yes father…(Vanessa)

Be sure to tell the others. I want them to know that I only want what I feel is best for the new world and yourselves.

What about the ones that can’t use omnikinesis? (Vanessa)

What do you mean?

We have two brothers that can’t wake up. They are in some sort of trance. (Vanessa)

Show them to me.

Two bodies, bodies of two teenagers appeared in front of Blackwood. One was a bit short and the other was a bit bigger than Isaac, who was rather tall. Blackwood looked at the two as he noticed that they held a resemblance to Arana and Nathia.

Something is indeed wrong here. Arana and Nathia had the perfect DNA to create children with omnikinesis. So why…

Father. What are you going to do with them? (Vanessa)

I do not know. I refuse to kill them. I suppose that I’ll leave them here. Be sure that when you recreate them that they are you equals.

I refuse. (Vanessa)


They reserve to live just as they are. I think that the other will agree.

Blackwood sighed and looked at his daughter. She had the same controlling eyes that Isabella held. He was not willing to anger his daughter, so he agreed not to let them be changed.

I guess I will name them. The small one, Miguel. And the big one, Xavier.

Meanwhile, outside of the Brazilian base

Everything was going according to plan, for the most part. The commandoes infiltrated the Brazilian base with no resistance but were surprised to find the “terrorists” either dead or too afraid to resist. They noticed that there was fire and wreckage all over the place from Kyle McKenzie’s previous attack. They were at first cautious but then realized that all forces were rendered unable to resist the Spec-Op’s assault. Many Fallen were captured and loaded inside of the CH-53G's. Other were shot and killed upon sight if they were not injured or held a weapon. They were bypassing every defense with no wounds or casualties and were already a few minutes from arriving on Blackwood’s position.

This doesn’t make any sense. What went on here? (Captain Ghurer)

I am not sure, sir. I guess a rebellion occurred. (SpecOps trooper)

That is too convenient, son. But I’ll take that. Be sure to keep an eye on any of these terrorists. Be sure to tell me just how many prisoners we have as soon as I get back. X-Ray! You’re with me. (Captain Ghurer)

X-Ray team followed Ghurer closely as they entered the hall of the medical chamber.

Back to Blackwood

I will stay here. Isaac. Take care of my children and guide them well. I still have much to do in this base.

Isaac nodded his head as he and Vanessa disappeared with Miguel and Xavier. Blackwood turned his attention to the Fallen workers that were hiding in the corner of the room and then summoned Kyōka Suigetsu into his hand as he walked out of the room. As soon as he stepped out he was met with the German SpecOps. They aimed their weapons at Blackwood s he stared at them with regret. While knowing it was futile, he drew his sword as one of the Spec-Ops troopers fired a round to his heart. Blackwood fell on the ground and began to pant as black veins coursed through him and his skin grew pale. Then Blackwood fell back and did not draw another breath.

Target neutralized. Gather the body and check the room. (Captain Ghurer)

Meanwhile, Isaac and Vanessa speak

Vanessa stares at Isaac as he talks to her with his hands, much like Arana did with Blackwood, and told her about what life has to offer and that her father’s plan is wrong.

I know that. That’s why me and the other will live our separate lives in the other quarters. We will not follow his plan because it is unjust. Miguel and Xavier will stay here and live their lives like they should. What will you do with them, Uncle Isaac? (Vanessa)

Isaac made hand movements as Vanessa nodded her head and looked at the sun as it began to set.

Father…I’m sorry. (Vanessa)

Back at the Brazilian base

Something was not right and Captain Ghurer knew it. He stared down at Blackwood’s body. He was alarmed to find more black markings on the old Fallen’s body. Suddenly, a large black orb formed inside of Blackwood as his body was sucked in it. The hole grew bigger as it began to absorb everything around it. Seven Spec-Ops commandoes were sucked inside of the hole as it became apparent that it was a miniature black hole.

This is Captain Ghurer, all teams make your way to the choppers now! Don’t ask questions and don’t stay behind, we are leaving now! (Captain Ghurer)

The black hole increased in size as it began to slowly destroy the base. Beams and ceilings were caving in themselves as the base was fallings apart. Ghurer and two men of X-Ray team ran at break-neck speed as they were hurrying their way to the surface. One of the Spec-Ops commandoes suddenly felt as if he were being grabbed and held onto the side of the door just as soon as they made it outside.

Hold on! Don’t let go! (Captain Ghurer)

Please don’t let go! Oh God, don’t let me go! (Spec-Ops commando)

I ain’t letting you go, son! Just hold on! (Captain Ghurer)

The black hole’s intensity became apparent as the uniform of the commando began to tear apart and were increasing it suction. Nothing could be done for the commando. Ghurer knew this yet held on to the man. In the end, the only left was a dismembered hand.

Ghurer and the last X-Ray commando desperately climbed onto a nearby helicopter as it began to ascend. They watched as they Brazilian base was being torn and the surrounding jungle began to be sucked in. Ghurer watched as a few CH-53G's were sucked into the black hole and never came out.

Pilot get moving!! (Captain Ghurer)

The CH-53G flew away from the base as the black hole was beginning to destroy the entire jungle. Blackwood’s black hole was his last way of eradicating mankind once and for all. What he may have not counted on was the combined effort of his four omnikinesis children. Moments after Ghurer left the area, Blackwood’s children appeared at the scene and forced the black hole into another part of the universe, making it an official black hole in space. They named it after their father.

Vanessa’s POV

I only regret that my father only wanted to destroy this beautiful world. There is so much that this world has to offer. It’s not fair that because a group from many years ago ruined his life, that he should destroy all of existence. Perhaps he only did it for us. I still do not know. Isaac is watching over Miguel and Xavier for now. I do not know what sort of future they will have, but I hope for the best. The other and I will live our own lives in the vast quarters out there. Who knows, maybe we’ll come back and see them again.

End of POV

Days after the Brazil incident, Germany finds out that from various files obtained from the Brazilian base that the united States and China are innocent of the crimes perpetrated upon one another.

In the apartment of Eric Vento

I watch as the United State’s president shakes hand with the president of China. The two country’s, thanks to Germany’s assistance, have come to an agreement. They were ending the war between American and China. I cannot really say that I am happy about this development. Blackwood sacrificed his entire life just to have all of these countries under his banner. He then soon went on to instead destroy the universe and have his children rule in his place. I think that, in the end, he was willing to do it himself. I still remember what he told me before he made himself a black hole.

The world will find itself in the fires of war. I can see that this world will burn and that the Fallen will wage war between each other. Humanity will be on the verge of extinction. I cannot confirm this little prophecy I have made, but, I will say that at least one of my children will make a difference in this world, whether he knows it or not.

I can only wait and see how long before Blackwood’s son rises to such a status. Anyway, scientists have discovered a new black hole in space. They named it “black heart.” Not a name I would pick, but Blackwood did indeed have a heart that was tainted in so much hatred and anger. I guess it’s fitting.

As I finish watching the news, a knock comes to my door.

Eric’s Door

A hooded man stands outside of the apartment of Eric Vento. He knocks on it as Eric opens it a bit.

Who is it? (Eric)

An enormous stream of electricity blows open the door and fries Eric. The hooded man steps in and looks around. He then walks to a closet door and finds files regarding everything Blackwood knows, including what he had in store for Kyle McKenzie. The hooded man remove his hood to reveal a smiling Scott Winters. The shard that was embedded into his head by Kyl McKenzie was removed from his head.

This will help…

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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Quantum: The War
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