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 Quantum: The War

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sat Nov 07, 2009 7:04 pm

Blackwood looked through a display of the events that are unfolding. He then recalled a conversation with Kyle.


Blackwood, then known as Xanatos, stood in an alley with a young Kyle Mckenzie. They were discussing their powers to one another. It was Xanatos' turn.

Gravity is like a flow in my eyes. It is like a black mist that surrounds us all. Even you. I can...touch it, almost. With a flick of my wrist or fingers I can manipulate its strength and potency. Things like buildings can be as light as a feather and a feather could weigh more than it should. Recently I have been able to release some sort of burst of energy. It's like I can fire gravity or something. It pushes objects and people alike.

So that's how your powers work? (Kyle)

I guess so. I mean, I am still not used to it. I have lived for all of these years and still haven't been able to grasp it. The voice in my head keeps getting stronger, though.

What do you mean? (Kyle)

I am not sure. I wish that I had more control and power.

You lifted an entire building. That is some serious strength. Xanatos, your power is beyond imagination. You can control gravity. Very interesting. (Kyle) is. I didn't mean to let it drop so suddenly. So many people were hurt...

Look, we got out of there and there's not much we could have done. It is thanks to me that we are alive and we should be relaxed. Now, let's get going. (Kyle)

Yeah. Let's go.

The young Xanatos and Kyle ran down the alley and jumped down a manhole. They proceeded to move about underground, looking back for anything suspicious.

End of Flshback

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sat Nov 07, 2009 8:31 pm

Scott appeared back in Blackwood's office and turned around to see him making a drink.

Welcome back. I trust the meeting was successful.

You could say that, yeah.

Good. Now, to business. A very important resource was taken from one of our facilities. The resource's name is Batholomew and he possess an ability that we need in order for our plan to continue. Havoc has already begun tracking him down but it will be hard to bring him back with the two people who took him lurking around.

Who took him?

Jake Delhome and Nathan Stryker. You're the reason that this happened Winters. If you hadn't interfered when we were trying to bring them in the first time, then we would still have the upper hand.

I hardly see how it's my fault that those two found your "resource".

Either way, you need to go to Havoc and help him bring all three of them in. Alive.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sun Nov 08, 2009 2:14 am

Me and Mr. Winters arrive at the Portugal airport we get off the private jet and our bags are loaded into the Austin Martin V8 Vanquish. I get into the driverís seat and Scott gets into the passenger seat. Scott looks the inside of the car over then looks at me, I smirk.

Yeah, why should we have to travel around in a cab, when you work with Master Blackwood, itís all style.

We drive off to the hotel were we drop off our bags and check into our rooms. About an hour later we meet up at the car and head off to look for the three. I am still weary of this guy but if Master Blackwood wishes me to work with him I guess I have too. I look out of the corner of my eye, I see him just looking out his window.

So Scott, any ideas how we take these punks alive? Personally I think we should kill them.

He turns and looks at me, he lets out a laugh.

Well Blackwood said alive, doesnít mean we cant f**k them up some.

I laugh out and keep driving.

I think me and you will get along quite well Scott.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:28 pm

As Scott and John became acquainted with one another, Blackwood looked out of his office window as his fellow Fallen were working and doing various other activities. He picked up his coat off of the hangar and put on a black fedora. He stepped out of his office and made his way to where the "less than impressive" Fallen were. It was more of a barack than anything else. But to them, it was home. As he entered, their wild behavior became evident. A large group of Fallen were cheering and yelling loudly as they watched some sort of event. Blackwood walked closer to see what was going on. He was not surprised to see two Fallen, in the middle of the large group, throwing punches and kicks at one another. This was classic barbarism and Blackwood frowned upon such actions. The two men had abilities that were basically worthless in Blackwood's eyes but untold potential to Kyle Mckenzie's.

The first man, Raphael, was able to use echolocation. The other man, Alejandro, could use alchemy. These two men were not on good terms and would frequently engage in a brawl whenever their belief of "strength" was questioned. Raphael believed that with echolocation, strength can be achieved by listening through sound waves and using it to predict the unpredictable. Alejandro thought it ridiculous and firmly believed that with alchemy, he can create a being of untold power. Of course, he in unable to prove this.

Blackwood merely made his presence known by clapping his hands sarcastically. The fight ended quickly and the two men stood straight to greet their master. Blackwood looked at everyone in the room, including the ones instigating, as his eyes began to spiral uncontrollably. The Fallen took a few steps away from Raphael and Alejandro as Blackwood approached them. Something shook in Blackwood's coat as his right arm was the only visible one. One can tell that Blackwood was trembling with anger for the Fallen's immaturity and lack of respect for one another. He was literally shaking Kyōka Suigetsu in his hands; ready to take it out and straighten the two out. To the Fallen's surprise, he exhaled and his eyes returned to normal. The silence became a testament of how uncomfortable the situation was.

Gentlemen. Come with me.

Master Blackwood we were ju- (Alejandro)

Come with me.

Raphael and Alejandro looked at each other with fear. They knew that Blackwood was upset, and they especially knew of what he does to those who upset him in any way. News of Nathaniel's demise became a terrible reminder of what would happen. The two men followed Blackwood as he walked them out of the barracks and out into the hangar. They kept their heads low and made sure that no one saw their faces, for fear of being ridiculed. Blackwood stopped, so did Raphael and Alejandro, he turned to face them and was oddly calm, which did not bode well with the two "less than impressive" Fallen. He put both hands behind his back and straightened his posture. Other Fallen nearby ran next to Raphael and Alejandro. Soon a straight line of about thirty Fallen was formed.

My fellow Fallen. How are you all?

The thirty Fallen looked around in confusion. It was not like Blackwood to ask about wellbeing of those close to him. They were not sure if it was a test or something that they were not entirely sure of but they responded with a quiet "fine."

Some of you are on the verge of death.

Three Fallen on each side of the line were suddenly crushed to death by Blackwood. They all stared in shock and turned to him as he was losing patience.

Once again, how are you all?

We are well, master Blackwood! (all of the lined Fallen)

Alright then. I will need four of you to come with me to the Pentagon. Those with echolocation, alchemy, and healing would do well. Those that have those abilities, please step forth.

Raphael, Alejandro, and an unknown female took a step forward and held their position. Blackwood then looked to his left as a man, with his face completely covered, walked right next to Blackwood.

The rest of you may resume your activities. Now, the four of you, along with my subordinate that is standing next to me, will accompany on this mission. You will be asked to carry human weaponry and wear the official uniform of the Chinese army.

Why is that, sir? (Raphael)

Because I am plan on using the human's technology to our advantage. My subordinate has an ability that no one has seen yet. Also, to a normal person, it is not an ability at all. But it is.

And what power would it happen to be, master Blackwood? (Alejandro)

Classified. For the benefit of the plan that I am entrusting you to accomplish. A message will be sent and I want you three to help me deliver it.

But we are not as special as the others...(Unknown female)

My dear, we all have a role to play in life. I am giving you a purpose, a way to fufill what life refused you. Do you wish to simply stand on the sidelines of this war while your brothers and sisters die, Emilly?

No...I want to be of use to you. Like my sister was. (Emilly)

You will be. now, let us not delay the mission. Issac, are you ready?

The man with his face covered, now known as Issac, nods his head.

Good. They will soon know the pain that we have went through.

Blackwood clicked Kyōka Suigetsu's sheathe as a window appeared. He instructed the others, save for Issac, to go into the storage room and gather equipment and put on the official Chinese Special Forces armor. They did not waste any time and came back quickly with the armor and weapons, which included the QBZ-95 and the Type 81. A face mask was found on their heads to hide their identity. They then followed Blackwood as he walked into the window. Blackwood's appearance changed as he had Asian features. He then opened another window and was followed once again. The group found themselves in the middle of a crowd of government officials. The men and women stared in horror as Raphael, Alejandro, Emilly, and Issac pointed their weapons and gunned them down.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:27 pm

John and Winters were in Coimbra searching the city. Scott had changed his clothes and was now wearing a cream trench coat and dark red jacket underneath with a hood. He had black boots on that were partially covered by the dark blue jeans draping over the top of them. John's sources had tracked Delhome and Stryker to this very city. The two walked into a museum and split up. Scott stood in the foyer and read an article in front of a statue. Scott heard some screams a few moments later and ran through the museum where he found a man lying on the ground with freezing blue skin. He looked up and saw Jake Delhome looking at his hands in shock. [1]

Take him down!

John yelled and tackled Nathan through a wall. Scott's hands filled with sparks and he smirked at Jake. Jake stepped back and began to run, Scott sighed and ran after him while firing electricity in his direction. Jake pushed a couple over and looked at his hands in shock again as they turned blue. He looked up just as Scott fired a blast that hit him straight in the chest and sent him flying back. Jake crashed on top of a vase attraction and started to run again. Scott was about to run after him but John came smashing through the wall next to him and landed on the ground at his feet. Scott looked down at him and sighed.

Look out!

Nathan ran through the hole John had made and was about to plunge a blade shooting out of his knuckles into Scott. Scott raised his own hand and stopped Nathan in his tracks. Nathan groaned and cursed.

You're coming back with us tin man.

I don't think so!

Both John and Scott turned around as Delhome let out a massive burst of seismic energy. Both of them were sent flying back and quickly got too their feet as Delhome and Nathan were running away.

Head outside, I'll push them to you.

Scott ran in their direction while John made his way outside. Delhome and Nathan stopped to catch their breath when they saw a fire exit sixty metres away. As they began to make their way toward it the room became very cold and the walls began to froze.

Please tell me you're doing that.

The two turned around when they heard footsteps and got ready to fight. Scott emerged from around the corner behind them and shocked Delhome with enough volts so he couldn't teleport. Nathan made a move toward him but was left in awe as Scott teleported behind him and sent out a ball of telekinetic energy that sent him into a wall. Scott walked over to Delhome and towered over him while he lay on the floor.

Empathic Mimicry? You can absorb the abilities of those around you. Interesting.

Delhome let out another burst and sent Scott back, he then teleported over to Nathan and the two made a run for it out the fire exit. John waited outside the door and grabbed Nathan as they tore out of the museum. Jake was about to attack but Scott sent him flying back into a parked car. John hit Nathan in the back of the neck and he fell limp. Scott blasted Delhome again and turned to John.

Two down, one to go.

1) Cam do a flashback thing leading up to this. I had to post, soz.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Tue Nov 10, 2009 1:25 am

Teleporting from place to place grew to be tiring...I couldn't keep it up all day. I had enough money in my backpack for the time being. I'd just teleport home and rellax...*red smoke*....I'm still here...*red smoke*...I can't teleport... What the hell's going on? I have limitations!? I guess my energy just needs to rebuild. But here? Why now!? I'm can't just go to sleep in this bank vault! I suppose I could always just teleport out of jail if they caught me....but they'd take all my money back...I can't keep going back to get it...

-the vault door begins to open-

****! *red smoke* NO! I'm still here! I can't escape!


Ahh! come the hell on! *red smoke*

That's him! Get him before he dissapears!!

NO! Get off! I can't get outta here with them on me! Get....OFF!

{The gaurds suddenly begin to freeze up...turning blue, instantly. As another guard walks in...he looks on in horror! He then looks at Jake, as Jake looks back at him. The guard then spontaneously burst into flames. He cries out in pain, and Jake is taken back a bit. He shocked himself. He had no idea of this power that he had...}

I've gotta get outta *red smoke* {he finally vanished}

...................END FLASHBACK....................

my eyes opened....


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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:32 pm

Both Nathan and Delhome are put in a special set of shackle that will void their powers as long as they are in them. Scott looks at me and shakes his head and lets out a chuckle.

Let me guess, Blackwood developed them?

I smirk back. No it's of my design, I am more than a brute you know.

A large black armored truck pulls up and some of Blackwoods troops get out and load up Nathan and Delhome. The doors are shut and they drive off into a doorway that Blackwood opens up in thin air, I then turn to Scott.

Now Scott, lets get that last one.

Sounds good.

And....lets make him regret running.

We both get in my car and we drive off.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:09 pm

Kyle and Alex stood in a morgue in Rome. There were several bodies lying on tables, seven of them had the tops of their head taken off and their brains removed. Kyle walked up to the body of a Jamaican woman. He lowered his head and sighed. Ethan then entered the room and stood on the other side of the body. Kyle raised his head and looked at him.

He killed ten Fallen and took seven of their abilities. I don't know why he didn't take all of their abilities, there are some quite dangerous ones here. (Ethan)

What did he take? (Kyle)

On top of what we know, Claircognizance, Telepathy, and you're really gonna love this, Spontaneous Regeneration. We also heard that he was in Portugal earlier today hunting other Fallen with John Havoc. (Ethan)

Our Clairvoyants also tracked him to an area down in South America alongside Blackwood. (Alex)

Let me guess, he's at his fortress? (Kyle)

Yeah. (Alex)

Ethan, we're going to need to head to South America and set up shop quietly. Use some of those contacts you have and find us somewhere to stay. (Kyle)

Alright. (Ethan)

Ethan left the room and Alex then stood in his place. Kyle waited for him to speak and rubbed his forehead.

How far are you going to let this go? (Alex)

As far as it needs to. (Kyle)

You want this apocalypse to happen so we can start fresh right? If you let Blackwood do this then we all die. He has no idea of the consequences that will affect all of us if he succeeds. (Alex)

He won't succeed. I won't let him. Just being here, we have changed the future. The apocalypse will happen another way. (Kyle)

Your plan for Cam's son? (Alex)

Yes. Cam failed to tell me about his son so I figured I might as well bring him into our world when their world ends. (Kyle)

And Winters? (Alex)

When our paths cross, I'll end his life. He is too dangerous to be kept alive. (Kyle)
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Fri Nov 13, 2009 5:42 pm

Blackwood walked around the Pentagon in search of something. As he walked, the halls were painted with the blood of the government officials that the four Fallen had gunned down in cold-blood. His appearance was back to his normal self. He then stopped and walked into an office that read "Office of William Stratner." Blackwood walked to Stratner's desk and noticed that the computer was on. On the screen read "Delete Files?" with the option of "yes" or "no." Meanwhile, the other four that accompanied Blackwood stand guard. They begin to talk, save for Isaac.

So what do you think? Is he crazy? (Raphael)

I don't know. Attacking the human's in the form of terrosism seems crazy...but he seems to know what he's doing. His plans are thought out and all. (Emily)

True but he is known for going to the extreme. Don't you find it strange that Kyle isn't around? At least we weren't killed because of a simple mistakes or used as experiments When Kyle was around. The man is sick in the head. (Alejandro)

The three then looked to Isaac and felt a bit of unease. They knew that he was one of Blackwood's top men and that he could reveal the things that they have said should he had heard them. Isaac does not pay them no mind as he cleans his weapon.

Hey...uh...Isaac? (Alejandro)

Isaac looks up at Alejandro but then turns his attention back to his weapon.

Okay... (Emily)

The three shrug their shoulders and say nothing more. Blackwood then comes into the room as he looks at the three. They say nothing and look elsewhere. He then looks at Isaac, who looks up momentarilly and nods his head. Blackwood them clicks Kyōka Suigetsu's sheathe as he enters the window, leaving the four alone. Suddenly, helicopter propeller's were heard above the building's ceiling. An explosion then took the place of the ceiling as SWAT teams and soldiers wearing SpecOps uniforms aimed their weapons at the four Fallen.

Get on the ground! (SWAT Captain)

They did not respond but they did keep their weapons low. They were instructed by Blackwood to pretend that they were really Chinese and did not understand English. As strange as it may have seemed to them a couple of minutes ago, it made sense now. The SWAT Captain took notice of their inability to understand English and hissed for a translator. An Asian SpecOps commando then stepped forward and barked at them in Chinese to get on the ground, which they did.

Alright. That confirms it. They're Chinese alright. (SpecOps commando)

The commando's radio then began to buzz. He picked it off of his chest and answered it. He turned away from the four "Chinese" terrorists and began to speak louder as the conversation went on.

China's been nuked?! And they're blaming us!? (SpecOps commando)

What?! What proof do they have?? (SWAT Captain)

Apparently a bomber was sighted near the area. Wuhan is totaled. Nothing left. (SpecOps commando)

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Fri Nov 13, 2009 6:14 pm

I track Bart down running down some ally ways, I chase after him at regular speed. I then corner him in a dead end ally. He turns tries to run back the way he came then stops when he sees me.

Oh Bart, way to you have to make this difficult. I mean.....running away form me is ever so impossible. See now I am ever so pissed, and I donít like being pissed.

Pl....ease John donít kill me, I.....aaaaaaaaaack. (Bart)

I grab him by the throat and lift him off the ground. I then walk out of the allies and take him to the truck waiting. He is shackled by Blackwoodís troops and put in the back of the truck. The truck then drives off to deliver him to Master Blackwood. I watch the truck leave then I fix my jacket, as I fix my jacket I look at the katana Master Blackwood gave me.

Sigh....almost a shame that I have to follow the orders I was given.

I then get in my car and drive off to the airport
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:36 pm

The SWAT and SpecOps commandos then looked at the four "terrorists" who were still laying on the ground. The three merely looked down at the floor and said nothing.

I say we beat out the information from them. Maybe figure out what the hell is going on. (SpecOps commando)

There's no need for that. Once we have them in custody the proper authority will take care of that. There may be a war coming and the last thing we need is to lower ourselves to their level. (SWAT Captain)

Oh, but you are already there...

All of the SWAT and SpecOps commandos turned to where the voice came from. To their surprise, there stood Blackwood. He looked around the room and stared at the four Fallen.'s Blackwood. (SWAT member)

What's he doin' here?? (SWAT member)

Doesn't matter. Now we know that he is involved with the Chinese attack. Surround him and don't let him move an inch. (SpecOps commando)

Blackwood was soon surrounded by the SWAT and SpecOps commandos. They aimed their weapons at him and made sure that he did not try anything.

The four Fallen looked up and had glints in their eyes. They were glad to see him and began to stand. The SpecOps commando yelled at them in Chinese to get back down but they did not listen. He pulled out a glock 23 and aimed it at them. Suddenly, the commandoes' hand fell on the ground. He looked down to see a katana pointed to the ground. It then came back up and cut his face in two.

All of the anti-terrorists then fired their weapons as Blackwood fell on the ground, dead. They approeached his body with caution and checked for any pulse. The four Fallen said nothing. Raphael, Alejandro, and Emily looked down in dismay. Isaac said nothing and continued to look on.

He's dead. (SpecOps member)

The SpecOps member's head they flew from his shoulders as his abdomen was split in two. Blackwood's dead body dissolved into black steam as the real one appeard behind four SWAT members, who were soon cut into nothing. Blackwood then extended his arm as the rest of the SpecOps were flung onto a wall and impaled on the flag polls.

The four Fallen walked to Blackwood. He looked at them with a sort of relaxed but happy face that they were unfamiliar with.

Congratulations to you all. We have succeeded in cripling their systems for a short time and involved them in another war. China and the U.S. will wage war with one another as we slowly make our move. The United States will be nothing once we attack. Your actions today will be remembered. You should be proud.

Blackwood shook hands with all four of the Fallen and then shook hands with each other. Isaac then broke from the group after shaking hands.

So, master blackwood. What will we do when we get back? (Emily)

We assemble a small team and search for anymore Fallen out there and finally finish off the human race. We do not need an all-out war with them. Terrorism will instill fear in them. They will then want revenge. Revenge is like a ghost...It takes over every man it touches...Its thirst cannot be quenched...Until the last man standing has fallen. The world has been their battlefield. Everywhere they go, the blood of brothers and sons screams out against them. Perhaps they cannot yet hear it...Because the soil is not their own. But they will...They will.

But did we really have to kill these people? I do not mind over killing the humans or enslaving them...but must we go so low as to slaughter them? They meant us no harm! What sort of message will that bring!? (Raphael)

Raphael...shut up. (Alejandro)

That was no message.

The three Fallen looked at Blackwood in confusion. A gunshot then startled Raphael and Alejandro. Emily's body then fell on the ground as blood poured from her forehead. Raphael turned and stared at Isaac who was holding a gun.

Isaac?! Why did you- (Raphael)

Isaac shot Raphael directly between the eyes. He then aimed at Alejandro. Alejandro put down both hands on the ground as the marble floor shot out marble spike at Isaac, who jumped back and backflipped as he swung his arm to his right and fired it. Alejandro then dropped on the floor, dead.

That was the message...

Blackwood walks over Alejandro's body and walks over to Isaac. He stares at the covered man's face and nods his head in approval.

Impressive. Your abilities with a weapon are unparralled. I still find it difficult that you can actually "curve" bullets in the air so that it can avoid obstacles and hit their intended target. Reminds me of a film that was released in 2008. Wasted was it? No matter. Let us go. You absorbed their abilities, right?

Isaac nodded his head.

Good. Do not worry. The war between the Chinese and the Americans will soon come. Your motherland will be avenged and so shall our people. Even if they find the bodies of these three, they won't be able to prove America's innocence.

Blackwood opened a window into the void and both he and Isaac walked in and disappeared. A man from the SpecOps commando radio then began to speak.

*This is bad. This is really bad. The military has confirmed troop movement from the Chinese. They are getting ready to attack even as negotiations are being held. Get ready everyone. I think war will soon be upon us.*

Shin Megami Tensei IV


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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Mon Nov 23, 2009 2:06 pm

I arrive back at Blackwoodís base, I drop my gear off at the door and two troopers take it away. I return to my room and lay on the bed. I start thinking about that faithful day everything was staged, the day I was made to look like I escaped. I let out a sigh, and then sit up from my bed.

This God damn plan, I......I just wish....

You wish what John.

I look up and see Blackwood, I am caught in my words, I canít think of a cover up.

John my boy, I knew all along you were working as a spy and an assaisin. Thing is, you see the truth, the vision I have for our kind, donít you.


Your sick of the humans using you like a weapon, for their gain. That is why you never struck when I gave you the chance.

I donít know what to think, I mean I really am tired of being a weapon.

Then if that is true John I only ask that you do one thing to prove your loyalty.

That is?

He asks me to come with him to the training area, he turns on the lights and I see Straka in the center of the room. He as a bewilder look on his face and then he sees me. Blackwood puts his hand on my shoulder.

John...I have found out which member of Project Havoc killed you deceased wife.

He then points to Straka. I grow in anger and I ready myself.

All I ask is that you kill this former friend of yours, this spy.

It will be my pleasure.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:02 am

Winters appeared beside Blackwood and observed the fight between Havoc and the other man. He leaned against the wall and saw that Blackwood was holding that Katana pretty tight and hadn't even acknowledged he was there.

Is there a reason why Havoc is fighting someone?

I believe it's a personal matter.

I see...

Blackwood then turned around and began to walk off. Scott followed and placed a hand on his shoulder and turned him around.

You need to let me in on the plan, Blackwood. First you want me to track down those two Fallen and then bring them to you immediately, you haven't even gone to see them yet. I know you staged a terrorist attack about an hour ago. I'm sick of waiting around. Either tell me what's going on or I'm out.

Alright Winters. Follow me...
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:31 pm

Alright Winters. Follow me...

Scott Winters followed Blackwood as they walked about in the Brazilian Fallen Headquarters. Blackwood held his sword tightly and his hand began to shake. Winters noticed this but said nothing.

Mr. Winters. I am about to tell you the name of my organization. Something that only Isaac, myself, and John know. My organization is called Sonne. It is German for 'sun.' With my organization working in the shadows, the world's men of action cannot hope to find me. The blade I hold in my hand is named Kyōka Suigetsu. It holds the power of absolute hypnosis. Anyone that witnesses its unsheathing will subbcumb to its power and be under the wielder's control. You've already experienced its might.

Yeah. I will get you back for that soon though.

Yes. Yes you will. So you wish to know of my plans? What I have in store for you and the world that is standing behind you?

That's why I came here. I want to be part of this damn goose-chase. Enough with the secrets and just tell me. You have nothing to lose anyway.

Oh, but I do. So much actually.

Whatever. Are you going to tell me or-

A window opened underneathe both Scott and Blackwood. They were inside of the void. The silent screams of those who died in it raised the hairs on Scott's back. He still remembered its dreaded atmosphere from his first visit.


Welcome back to the void. Otherwise known to the humans as "Hades" or perhaps even Hell. Yes, what you see before you is the world of the dead itself. I am its current owner and master. Anything can be done here. The laws of physics do not exist here. Death does not exist either. It comes to a point that? I cannot die until my goal is met.

Wait hold on. You mean to tell me that this is actually hell? And that you hold dominion over it?


How did you even get have such a status? Weren't you human? All Fallen were once human.

Indeed I was. Many years ago I was a ruler of a kindgom that stood in the way of an army of knights belonging to what is now the United Kingdom. I was known as La'Had Ji'saad and did not agree with the war that was transpiring in the Middle East. My people and I took refuge in the mountains. That is when they found us. Unfortunately they lied to me when they said they wanted to pass through to Acre. My people were killed and I was the sole survivor. My knights and I tried our best to repel them, but as humans we were pathetic at the attempt. I was stripped of my honor and beared their mark.

How old are you?...

That doesn't matter. After the sacking of my kingdom, I travelled far and wide. Seeking for a way to get back at the knights. I finally found myself in Mongolia, where a man known only as "the old man of the mountains" was said to hold a power that could challenge God himself. The man at first refused me my revenge, but after telling him that I would sacrifice everything in order to meet that end he finally complied. He endowed me with the power of Gyrokinesis and gave me the "key to hell." Despite its name, Kyōka Suigetsu is not as beautiful as it sounds. To think that something with such a name could lead to this place. All of the souls of the dead are here. I've seen every single being that I have killed here along with the rest. It's my duty as the lord of the dead to guide them through dimensions known as quarters. The quarter we currently live in is quarter number two. Only those with Gyrokinesis can do so. When they go to a new dimension they are reborn. Their memories of their past lives are forever erased. However, there has been a few cases from which they do remember. I hunt them down and kill them to redo their reincarnation.

Scott felt a hand place itself on his shoulders as he looked behind himself. The Fallen that he killed were behind him. Their faces were filled with both pain and hate. Scott was a bit nerved but held his ground.

Piss off.

The spirits left as quickly as they came. Blackwood shook his head and continued.

As the lord of the dead, I am given the right to judge the dead in any way I please. I can even momentarilly bring them back to life and discuss anything. As for my plan, my objective is to give birth to the six plagues.


So that I can destroy this quarter. This world sickens me. Only war, destruction, and hate seems to govern nature. When the fruits of man's good intentions blossoms the fires of war consumes it. It's a process that never ends. The world will end, Winters.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Thu Nov 26, 2009 4:00 pm

I glare at Straka as he stands before me. I wont hold back this time, this isnít a training mission. I toss off my jacket and dash to attack him, he dodges my attacks so I start to up the tempo of my attacks, I finally connect with a roundhouse kick. The kick knocks him back into the training room wall, I watch as it cracks from the impact. Straka then uses his magnetic abilities to toss some metal objects at me, I easily deflect them away. Straka then gets to his feet and then launches another barrage of attacks with metal. I avoid these attacks and then quickly use my strength and speed to grab Straka by the throat. I lift him up to my eye level.

Tell me, before I end you reached life. Who gave you the kill my wife?

Ack..I am not telling you squat. Ack. (straka)

I start to squeeze more, I watch is face turn red.

Again, tell me.

He udders one word. ďNexusĒ. (straka)

I growl and then glare at him, the mere mention of this name...enrages me. I then end this little battle by snapping his neck. I drop Straka to the ground and then two troops come in to remove his body. I stare out the skylight with a blank look on my face.....

Nexus.....father why????
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Thu Nov 26, 2009 11:44 pm

Blackwood and Winters had left the void and gone their separate ways, Scott teleported away from the base while Blackwood made his way to Delhome and Nathan who were locked up in a cell somewhere in the base. Scott appeared on top of a building in New York. The streets below him were bustling with anxious commuters desperately trying to make their way home. He was a God among insects and they had no idea who he was. Scott looked at his hands and clenched his fists. Seeing the ones he had killed really forced him to think about what he was doing. Blackwood knew this, that's why he showed them to him in the first place, so he could see whether or not Scott was able to continue killing even after seeing where they end up after wards. But with his new ability, he will be able to take one more power and do what needs to be done.

As rain began to pelt down on the city, Scott found who he was looking for and launched himself off of the building and was engulfed in the crowds of people making their way through the streets. He stopped when he lost sight of the person he was following and cursed. As he was about to walk away, he was grabbed and pulled down an alley by the very man he was following. Ozzie Smith stood before him with his right fist glowing.

Why the hell are you following me, Winters?! (Ozzie)

I need your help.

You're working with Blackwood, what could you possibly need my help with? (Ozzie)

Do you want to have this conversation here? Or shall we go somewhere a little more private?

The two then walked out of the alley and made their way to an apartment block on Fifth Avenue. Little did they know, they were being watched...

I have the targets. They are heading South toward Fifth Avenue. Do you want me to take them out Kyle? (Michael)

No. Keep them in play. (Kyle)

Copy that. (Michael)


Scott and Ozzie both sat in Ozzie's newly refurbished apartment, the two were both having a long overdue drink as they discussed why their meeting had taken place.

Blackwood is planning something big, and I mean really big. If he succeeds then we are all dead, regardless of our abilities.

So what's the plan? Is he going to nuke a city? How about kill innocent Humans on national television? (Ozzie)


You're joking right? (Ozzie)

Do I look like I'm joking? He plans on using that ability to literally destroy the world. Now I don't fully understand his power so tell me, can he really do that?

It's not a question of CAN he, it's a question of WILL he. That power is extremely dangerous, not even Kyle McKenzie will absorb that one. (Ozzie)


You'll have to ask him when you meet him. He knows all about you Scott. What you can do, what you're capable of. He's already tracked down everyone you've made contact with in the last few days and questioned them. You and Blackwood aren't exactly in a good position right now. Humans on one side, Fallen on the other. I suggest you stop Blackwood before it's too late. (Ozzie)

Oh don't worry, I have no intention of letting Blackwood destroying the world....
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:02 am

Blackwood appeared near the door of room that was completely dark. In it, both Jake Delhome and Nathan Stryker were held inside. Blackwood walked in and turned on the light as it flickered rapidly as two figures were barely visible and then died. He waved a hand as a display appeared. A man was sitting in the mess hall talking to a group of other Fallen and laughing. Clicking Kyōka Suigetsu's sheathe the man in the display fell back as a window appeared under the chair and he fell from the ceiling behind Blackwood. The man held his head as he groaned and was surprised to see Blackwood standing before him. Blackwood did not even turn as he ordered the confused Fallen.

Paul, use your power to illuminate this room. I want to see them.

R...right away s..sir! (Paul)

Paul put a hand near his temple, closed his eyes, and began to concentrate. The lights in the room then came to life as the whole room was illuminated. Paul opened his eyes and let out a soft yelp as the lights went out.

Do not fear this sight. This is merely a lesson to those who do not follow me. Restore the lights now and do not lose your focus. Do so again and I promise a proper punishment.

Sorry, master Blackwood... (Paul)

The technopath proceeded to repeat the procedure again. The lights came back to life and the room was once again illuminated. Paul gulped at the sight he was witnessing. He turned around and faced the other direction to avoid it. Blackwood gave a soft smile as he walked forward.

It's time to wake up, gentlemen. I believe that you have had enough rest. Activate the tesla coils, Paul.

Paul did as he was instructed and covered his ears as the screams of Jake and Nathan filled the room. Blackwood simply stared at the two. They were strapped to the wall and had what looked like pipes sticking out from their shoulders with coils around them. There was a playform under them that kept them elevated. Their faces were bruised from the beatings they had received and looked as if they would die in any second. They were in so much pain that they could not use their powers. Blackwood put up his hand as Paul stopped the coils from shocking them. They were dazed and pale.

Wha...where the hell are we?

Aww **** look who it is...damn my ****' ribs are crushed. These guys are asses....

Enough. I believe that we can form an agreement. You renegades thought that you could go on about your lives without notice. Well, you have caught my attention. You two are special. So much so that I am letting you live.



The two screamed in pain as Paul activated the coils. Paul looked as if he were to collapse from torturing the two. It clearly was not his style. He only did it for fear of being killed or worse. Blackwood once again raised up his hand for Paul to stop.

Godammit Nathan...shut the hell up.

Will you two listen to me now?

Nathan and Jake looked at each. They were tired, in pain, and hungry. It was either death or whatever Blackwood had to offer. The lowered their heads and looked back up at Blackwood as he stared at them.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Fri Nov 27, 2009 4:03 pm

Scott appeared outside the base in the thick jungle surrounding it. He watched Blackwood's troops load up weapons and move armoured vehicles around, something was about to happen. The troops were wearing enforcing uniforms with an emblem on their shoulders, they were armed with high calibre assault rifles and "boots to kick". As Scott was about to enter the base he heard a twig snap behind him and turned around. He walked back into the jungle with his hands ready, he then realised that wasn't a good idea and turned around to go back. As he did so, a man stood in his path wearing a black jacket and denim jeans, his hair was a fair white colour and he had a smug look on his face.

Hello Scott. (Kyle)

Before Scott could say anything, three other men emerged from the jungle and quickly shot him with modified shotguns that fired small taser rounds. Scott fell to his knees and was pushed to the ground by one of the men, the others bound his hands and kept him pinned down.

We just dosed you with an ability suppression, Scott. Courtesy of my friend mister Solar. Now Scotty, this is going to go a lot faster if you don't interrupt me. So just shut up and listen. I am offering you a chance to escape all of this madness. I don't see any of this ending well for you, and I DON'T THINK Siobhan would be very happy if you were killed out here. When you leave here, go and tell Blackwood you will not take part in his plans then go and find your place in the world. My people will help set you up with a place to live, a job.....a new life. All you have to walk away. (Kyle)

Scott watched Kyle as he reached out and placed his hand on Scott's shoulder. Scott was about to speak but blinked and found himself back in his room. His hands were no longer bound and he got to his feet. He now had a decision to make...
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sat Nov 28, 2009 11:43 pm

After I defeated Straka I got myself
cleaned up and changed into some new clothing. Then I started to
think about Nexus, well he isn't my real father. I was born from two
normal humans, it was when I was taken from my family when I was 10
that I met Nexus. He was in charge of training me and helping me
adjust to life within the Center. It was when I was 20 that he
started to change....he became more and more resentful of my powers
and the attention I was getting from the higher ups. This resentment
became more so after I was issued a higher rank then him. On his last
mission with us, he went AWAL and wasn't seen again.

There is no way he could have killed
her. He resented me but, not enough to kill someone.

I walk around the room and ponder this
information. I start to think, and it hits me like a wave of water.
Blackwood, this is Blackwood's doing, someway somehow he has
something to do with it.

I walk out of the room and head down to
inspect the troops, I am close to answers....but war is coming.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:41 pm

Gentlemen I need your help. You see there are a few members within my ranks who are not as loyal as they appear.

Ya, so what? You don't exactly come off as a nice guy?

Blackwood raised his hand. The pain escalated. My powers were nearly completely drained. I was nearly helpless. Then I had an idea.


Nathan! What are you doing?! There is no way we're gonna join this guy!

I'm just going to the highest bidder, that's what i've always done.

The restraints on my body were released. Jake began to lunge at me as I started to walk away. Blackwood quickly raised his hand. The man threw the switch, electricity poured through Jake's body. I shifted my hands into metal and grabbed Jake, absorbing the spark, almost everything metal drew near to me as I became a giant electromagnet. I turned around to Blackwood.

Nighty night.

Before he could react every metal in the room was on around him, encasing him. Quickly I unleashed every watt of electricity in my body into the metal coffin. It would be the first time any Fallen saw Blackwood in true pain. I shifted into metal form and released Jake. I quickly flipped the switch to the shocker and absorbed the zap to give him a jumpstart. We ran past the electrified coffin out into the corridor. A group of Blackwood's Fallen surrounded us.

Foolish little boys did you really think that you could...

Before he could finish his sentence Jake latched on to me and we were gone in a flash. We now were in some damp dark alley in some city.


Foolish little boys did you really think that you could

The two Fallen were gone with a red dust cloud.



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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:40 pm

the red smoke finally clears up...

Jeez I hate that.....where'd you drop us?

.........just follow me.

We walked through the dark alley until we came to what looked like a dirt road. A horse passed by with a bearded man sitting on top. There were no cars....not even a bike in sight. Plenty of chickens populated the streets, as well as a few stray dogs. The few people we saw were quite tattered looking. They were mostly short, and seemed to live quite the simple life.

Are we where I think we are..?

Depends....where do you think we are?

iEl Cortina de humo! °El vuelve!

At least it wasn't the authorities who said that....

Madre! Es muy bueno verle otra vez!

*tearing* Ay mi bebe!!

Te he echado de, madre.

Ven adentro, Ven adentro!

Finally...shelter, and a place to get away from Blackwood. We can't stay though...we'll have to stop Blackwood somehow...eventually.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:48 pm

The metal coffin that still confined Blackwood suddenly blew away into every direction, hitting his loyal Fallen. From the dust that finally settled emerged a bloodied Blackwood. The piercings from the metal had done a number to Blackwood's stamina. He was breathing heavily and began to bite down on his gums as they began to bleed. He quickly opened a display and looked for Nathan. After finally spotting him, he opened a window and appeared in front of four Fallen dressed in black. They were his best men and used to be led Isaac under Kyle's leadership. He now had leadership over them and assigns them on assassination missions. He pulled up a display for them to look through.

Find this man! If you should find anyone that is helping him then kill him! I do not want any disruptions to the plan!

They nodded their heads and were slipped into Nathan's location through Blackwood's windows. Blackwood then limped into the hangar where he stood on next to the podium. He tapped the microphone and ordered all Fallen to come to the hangar. They all came and filled the entire hangar. There were thousands of them. All collected from all across the world by both Kyle and Blackwood. They all watched their leader as he put both hands on the podium and spoke into it.

My comrades. I stand before much pain. Two Fallen that I tried to persuade under my banner, that the humans were a race that only wish to spread their curtain on the entire world. However, my words could not breach their already tained minds. They are lost and misguided; poisoned. Their only release being death. I believe that it is time that we finally make our stand against the humans. As of now, they have already aggrivated their neighbors and are currently at war. We shall strike with their backs turned. We will swoop down upon them like an owl to a rat!

Hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of Fallen are hiding from their human oppressors. They fear to use their powers and for their lives. We must help them to not fear the outside world for what it is and instead face it. Only then will they find release from their troubles. I believe that we can help them to fit in. Just like you, we shall give them freedom.

They do not wish to allow us to live in this world as their equals. But then again, why would we even want that? We are superior to them in every way. Is it jealousy that drives them or true hatred? It does not matter now. Too many years have passed. Far too many have died while we watched. We must act now! Ever since we have taken control of this country, the humans of the other South American countries are slowly making their way to this land. If we are to preserve our lives and take the world by its knees, then we must go all out, we must fight back, and we must show them just how superior a race we are!

The Fallen roared and made their way to vehicles or used their powers for transportation. A few hundred of them gathered behind Blackwood as he gave them instructions.

I want you to take the other with you and attack this state. This is their capital and they will be heavily armed. But with your numbers and abilities, you can make it even. I am counting on you. Should this country fall, we will be one step closer to freedom. Now go.

Blackwood opened a large window under the few hundred Fallen and sent them to Washington, D.C., where they will attack the capital of the United States. Blackwood then turned to the remaining Fallen and ordered them to guard the base while he attended his business.

Blackwood walked outside and felt the heat from the rain forest. He looked on as he thought he spotted something lurking in the shadows. Scott Winters then jumped out and was a bit surprised to see Blackwood. Before he could speak, John then appeared and walked right next to Winters.

John. What are you doing here? Same goes to you Winters.

The two men merely stared at Blackwood.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:36 pm

Kyle and several others stood around a television and watched a live news broadcast from Washington D.C. It was horrific, hundreds of Fallen were rioting in the streets, attacking armed civilians, rushing military blockades and causing uncontrollable chaos. Blackwood's men were out of control.

We were too late in attacking Blackwood. His men are out there murdering Humans! (Ethan)

No. The timing is fine. These Humans need to see what we are capable of. (Kyle)

It's not right Kyle and you know it. (Ethan)

Kyle stared at the television but blocked out the audio, he wanted to keep his plan the same. He knew Winters would do everything he could to get his own way. If he were to stop Scott from taking one of the abilities that Blackwood was hiding, then the future would change and all would be lost. On the other hand, if Scott did take Omnikinesis then he would be virtually unstoppable. Blackwood is playing a very dangerous game by keeping Scott close to him with that ability lying around. Which is why he has to step in and remove the problem.

Alright. Get Michael to have his troops ready, load up the Humvees and be ready to move on my say-so (Kyle)

Ethan and three others left to attend to their jobs, Kyle remained in the mess hall with Alex.

If you do this, then everything will change, Kyle. (Alex)


Don't post about these guys attacking, I'll do that when the time is right.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:56 pm

John. What are you doing here? Same goes to you Winters.

We just stared at Blackwood and I then step forward to stand just 10 feet from him. I look at Blackwood then I glance at Winters, then return my eyes to Blackwood. Blackwood narrows his eyes at me, he can sense that I have something to say, he then grips his sword.

Right then John, out with it.

I roll back my sleeve to reveal a control device strapped to my arm. All the time I never took my eyes of Blackwood.

Itís time Blackwood for you to pay for you sins, sins and crimes against both Fallen and Human kind. I canít allow you to continue to go forward with this insane plan of yours.

Well my boy, how do you plan on stopping me? Seriously, I hardly believe you and Mr. Winters are a match for me.

No, we are not a match for you, but I have a trump card. This little device here will render your armies null and void by just a press of a button. See old master of mine, when you put me in charge of your armies health I took this as my chance. I developed a nano bot that once injected into the human body it would head right to the center of their heart. Once I press this button it cause a massive heart attack then death.

Blackwood then grips his sword then taps the sheath, but nothing happens. He looks at me an Winters with some confusion. I chuckle with his feeble attempt to use his most prized ability.

Confused Master? Let me enlighten you. I had developed contact lenses that would reflect your swords mind controlling abilities, besides if you had managed to kill me, the device is linked to my heart beat, once it stops, the device activates on a fail safe and well, bye bye army. Now, I believe you have no choice but to surrender.

The three men are at a stand still, Blackwood is both confused and strangely proud of his once second in command, the final plays of this war are in motion.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Wed Dec 02, 2009 3:42 pm

Blackwood, now at the mercy of John, his former second-in-command, patiently watches the two men. Winters stares at Blackwood with much intensity. Blackwood then began to stare at Scott as his eyes spiraled and the ground under him crumbled. Scott hears a voice in the distance. It was Siobhan's voice screaming for help. He looked around and then turned his attention back to Blackwood. To his horror, Siobhan was in Blackwood's arms.

Don't you dare t-

Siobhan's throat was cut as a pool of blood poured from her wound. Scott's eyes widened and dropped to his knees as Siobhan's body fell on the ground. She reached out to him and had a look in her eyes that said, "why didn't you save me"?


Winters, was silent, along with Blackwood. He then stood up, with tears in his eyes, and began to make his way to Blackwood. Suddenly, he was grabbed by the arm and thrown to the ground. A fist then came down upon Scott's face as John stood over him.

Snap out of it! It's one of Blackwood's freakin' tricks!

Scott, panting, looked confused and up at John. He then turned his attention to Blackwood, who was standing with his sword under his hands. John then stepped in front of Scott and held up the device.

Do not test us Blackwood! I can destroy your precious army in an instant!

John. I knew this day would come. Since you are blackmailing me, what is it you want?

First, I want to be sure that you are the one behind everything!

John's face is red with anger. The pain of his wife's death and the fact that he hunted down the right man for the wrong reason was beginning to get to him. But because his wife's true killer stood before him, he remained as calm as he could. Blackwood looked at John and gave a rare smile. want to know if I was behind your wife's murder. How convenient. You sound like a human.

Do not **** with me, Blackwood!

Dear me, I was simply rephrasing your questions. I believe that their is no harm in that.

Just answer the goddamn question or I'll kill your army!

But can you really do that? Can you really kill all of those men and women who depended on you? You wish to destroy me but from what I see, you're becoming the very thing you wish to destroy. What do you think will happen to little Kevin? Hmm? Will he survive the remaining nights that he has left? His life is in your hands. Go on, do it. Destroy my army! Destroy the people that depended on you! Destroy the bonds from which you have created under the guise of a rescuer! Show them your true form! Show me who you really a-

Stop it! Stop it!!!

Do you know why you kill!? You kill because you enjoy it! That's why! Are all of their lives worth the revenge!? Will you become like me!!

John began to fall on his knees. He was holding his head and trying his best to block out Blackwood's words.

No! I'm not like you!

Oh but you are! Just one push of that button and we'll see who is the real scum of the earth.

Enough! I think he's had it with your bull!

Not yet he hasn't, and neither have you!

I have nothing to fear from you except to lose those I love and the world from which I have grown fond of. You're insane and selfish! You think that you're a tough guy, huh? Using people and gaining their trust. How can you simply abandon the people that trust you!? I'm sure that you have asked them to trust you!

No. I never asked them to trust me at all. I told them to come with me, but I never told them to trust me. And I always told them not to trust anyone, including myself. But sadly, there are not many that can do that. All creatures want to believe in something bigger than themselves. They cannot live without blind obedience. And to escape the pressure of that trust, those in whom faith is placed in turn look for someone higher than themselves. And then people in turn look for someone even stronger. That is how all kings are born. That is how all gods are born.

I still believe that you act like such a tough're no god.

Don't believe in my yet, Scott Winters. I will take my time and show you just what a god you should worship. Then you can believe. In the meantime...Know that I am not strong at all. In fact, I am very, very....weak.

Blackwood unsheathes Kyōka Suigetsu. He holds it near him and gives a vague smile. The air then begins to vibrate violently as he approaches both John and Scott.

Whether they die or doesn't matter.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   

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Quantum: The War
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