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 Quantum: The War

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Tue Oct 20, 2009 11:30 pm

Scotty walked out of the snow and into a clothing store. He took a black coat off of the rack and grabbed a dark blue jacket with a hood, he took off his shirt and put on the jacket and then tried on the coat, he put the hood over the back of the coat and walked out of the store and into the cold. That man he had just fought was the one he saw just before he was taken by the men in the van. He thought back to the fight and wondered why his electric blasts hadn't done any damage. His ability was something he needed to explore, but at now he was hungry and needed to stop for something to eat. Scotty came across a small restaurant and ducked inside out of the cold.

May I help you sir? (Waiter)

Table for one please.

Do you have a reservation? (Waiter)

No I don't.

Okay, right this way sir. (Waiter)

The man led him through the restaurant and to his table. Scotty sat down and looked at his menu, it wasn't long before he realised that he wasn't hungry for food, he was hungry for power. He sighed and looked around. Something had caught his attention, he heard people talking behind him and knew they were Fallen.

So where is our money? How do you expect us to save people like you if you can't pay us? Mister Blackwood is losing patience with you and your family. (Teleporter)

Please sir. We can get the money. (Weak man)

He's lying. (Claircognizance (Lie detection))

Two large men stood up and led the weak man to the kitchen while the Teleporter and Lie Detector followed. Perhaps it was instinct that led Scott to the restaurant or maybe it was pure coincidence. Either way, Scott knew what he had to do. He got out of his seat and walked towards the kitchen. He pushed the door open and saw the two large men holding the smaller Fallen, the Teleporter held a knife and turned around.

Who the hell are you? (Teleporter)

Your worst nightmare.

Scott raised his arm and the Teleporter flew back and hit the wall hard, he fell to the ground and lay unconscious as the two large men took out pistols. They both fired a few shots but the bullets stopped in front of Scott, one man jumped out of the way but the other fell back as the bullets slammed into his chest. The other man stood up and was thrown back by a blast of electricity that fried his organs. Scott turned around and flicked his finger as the Lie Detector picked up a gun, his throat was slit by an invisible force and he stumbled back and fell to the ground. Scott walked over to the Teleporter and smirked as he tried to get up.

You can Teleport? I'd like to see how that works.

The customers in the restaurant ran away in shock from all the commotion and screamed as a man flew through the kitchen doors and knocked down a waiter carrying food. Scott walked out of the kitchen and stood over the beaten man, he raised his arm and began to use Telekinesis to take the top of his head off. The Teleporter screamed and then fell silent, Scott stood over him and then knelt down and examined his brain.

The Lie Detector's body lay motionless in the kitchen, Scott walked back in with blood on his hands and aimed his bloody finger at his head and began to repeat the process.

One more can't hurt.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Wed Oct 21, 2009 5:59 pm

The frozen figure that was Blackwood stood in the middle of Jake Delhome's home. Suddenly, the frozen Blackwood began to dissolve away and crumble to pieces like glass. The rubble on the ground soon dissolved as well as Blackwood suddenly appeared, normal and with a grin.

It seems that the Empathics are doing just fine. You Empathics intrique me to no end.

He tapped Kyōka Suigetsu. What Jake had frozen was a illusion created by Blackwood himself, to see Jake Delhome's progress as an empathic. Blackwood was not disappointed.

I wonder how you are doing, Mr. Winters.

Blackwood waved his hand as a display appeared. He watched as Winters killed the men that were his recruiters. He smiled as he knew what Scott was doing.

Excellent. With two new abilities in his repertoire, he should be going about just fine without me. However, we still need to talk.

A window appeared in front of Blackwood as he stepped in. He later appeared in front of a recruit that he has just recently been brought in to his services. The man was about the same height as Blackwood. He had dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes. He wore a red T-shirt and black jeans with white sneakers. The man stood up and saluted Blackwood. He was a bit embarrased over the mess in his quarters.

Sir, you can so may I be of service to you? (Javier)

Javier. I have an assignment for you. Your power is that of Persuation, correct? Otherwise known as Mind Control.

Yes. Why? (Javier)

I will need your assistance. Come with me.

Blackwood led Javier out of his quarter as the two walked outside and watched hundreds of Fallen move about gear and train others. There were in the government base known as "Aea 51", which was taken over by Kyle Mckenzie a few weeks back. Blackwood walked away as Javier enjoyed the view and quickly ran to his leader's side.

Master Blackwood? (Javier)

What is it.

I have been wondering about my hometown and the people there. Will they be fed along with my family? That is what you promised when you had me come here to work for you. (Javier)

Your people and your family are being taken care of in the seperate facility in Brazil. Do not worry so much about them. We are treating them with the outmost care. I hope that you trust us, Mr. Angeles.

Yes, yes of course. After all, you did topple the government that treated us with such ferocity. Had it not been for you and John, who knows what may have happend to us...(Javier)

Do not dwell too far back into the past. I am merely doing this because it is just and correct. We are the superior race, after all. Do you not think it fullish for the humans to try and oppress your kind?

"Your kind"? What do you mean by that? Aren't you a Fallen like us? (Javier)

We're here.

What? (Javier)

Are you ready to begin your assignment?

I...uh...yes. (Javier)

Good. Now, take the gear that is in this room. You see the human that are tied up and well armed and armored? Those are the mercenaries that I hired. To prevent losing ten thousand dollars worth of supplies for the Fallen we have here, I will need you to take control of those twelve, highly trained assassins, and take them with you to capture Scott Winters. Should you have any trouble, I will interfere. However, I doubt it will come to that. John is perfect for the job.

Then why send me? (Javier)

Because you can never be too careful. What you will soon deal with is not something that should be taken with ease. The subject I want captured is a valuable asset to our future. Now go. Do not delay.

Blackwood opens a window as Javier stares at the mercenaries. They stare at him with curiosity before their faces fall blank. They then form a line behind him and follow him into the window. Blackwood waves his hand as he watches their progress. Javier looks around the city of Rome as the mercenaries form a perimeter around him. He was adept at offensive and defensive combat when it came to using others. To him, it was like a video game.

Take care, Fallen.

He then opened another display. On it was Arana. He watches the display carefully and looks at every action she makes. Blackwood's eyes seemed to have relaxed along with his demeanor. He stroked two fingers on the screen as he watched her.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Thu Oct 22, 2009 12:14 am

Siobhan stood on the roof of the hotel and overlooked the surrounding area. Her bags were packed, Tim and Michael were arranging a taxi to the airport and she held her cellphone in her hands while leaning against the railing. She heard something behind her and turned around to see Scott watching her. He walked over to her and leaned against the railing as well.

Intuitive Aptitude. The older Fallen call it the gateway to unlimited power, others simply call it a curse. I'm honestly torn between which statement to choose.

I've seen what that ability can do. My brother had the same ability, they found out after they saw him in a fight with another Fallen. He set a group of people on fire, caused an earthquake in the middle of town, killed our dog and was supposed to blow up New York. (Siobhan)

I lost it Shiv. I had no control. I woke up and thought about their abilities and then walked to their room and..........I could see it happening but I couldn't stop myself.

Gabriel was the same way. My cousin, he hunted him down and stopped him. Ever since then the Fallen have always considered people with Intuitive Aptitude to be dangerous to both sides. That's why they try to stop people like you from letting the ability emerge. (Siobhan)

Does Ozzie know about me yet?

He's called but I keep ignoring him. (Siobhan)

I'm going to find the man who did this to me. His name is Blackwood. The man who wanted me works for him. But I need you to leave.

I guess I am one step ahead of you there Scotty. (Siobhan)

This is the last time I can see you. I am craving your ability but fortunately I can control myself.

Let me help you. (Siobhan)

......Kill me then. It's the only way to stop this. As long as I'm around, people will keep dying.

Siobhan stepped back and looked at Scott with tears in her eyes. Scott tightened his grip on the railing and turned to Siobhan.

I'll see ya round.

Scott jumped over the railing and fell from the roof, halfway down he teleported and disappeared.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Thu Oct 22, 2009 5:38 pm

As I move about the city’s roof tops I start to think, I think how much use I will not be if master acquires Mr. Winters’s services. I then stop on a large building’s roof and look around. I then take a seat for a moment and reminisce about my past....

About 5 years ago when I was with the National Research and Biological Institute as part of Project Havoc thus all members had the name with a number tattooed to them. Mine was Havoc X (10) Straka’s was IX (9). I was sent out on a mission with John Straka, his ability was well he was a living magnet. What I didn’t know was that the mission was really to have me killed, the NRBI figured that a Empathic that couldn’t absorb anymore after acquiring 7 abilities was no use to them.

Straka failed in his mission but to this day believes I am dead, I managed to hold the roof of the structure he dropped on me just enough so I could slip into the sewer system below it. It pained me to leave my wife Avril behind, I wonder if she is doing ok.....

I look around again to see if I can see Mr. Winters......what should I do?
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:35 pm

Blackwood closes the display of Arana as he lays back and drifts off into a slumber.


I...see a man dressed in black armor. It is the Medieval Ages and knights seem to be blocking the man dressed in black armor. Spears and swords stand ready as the man descends upon the stair case of a castle. Bodies of other knights, perhaps of his own, lay motionless upon the ground, still gripping their instruments of death. The black knight removes his helmet and throws it down the feet of the few thousand knights that stand ready. His hair falls on his face. His hair neither moves or reacts to the gust that has made a visit. The sky is scorched with fire and smoke. Behind the knight, the castle is in ruins and flames tower the many spires that suround it. Ravens fly above and only swoop down to lay on the thousand knight's spears or flags or dead bodies that they have so generously presented to death.

The black knight then throws off the cape on his shoulders, the plate guarding his chest. The steps on which he treads on bring him closer and closer to the thousand knights. They stare without movement or light in their eyes. The air is damp with their killing intent and smells of blood. The black knight says nothing. He throws down his shield. He drops his sword and removes all of his armor. The black knight now stands in front of the thousand knights with nothing but the cloth upon his back. He resmebles nothing of a knight, instead, he resembles a peasant. The thousand knights laugh at his disgrace and open a path for him. Their laugh eachoes across the land as the man embraces himself as they spit and push him onto the muddy floor.

He merely stands up and does not look back. The fires burn intensely as the castle begins to crumble into ruin. The thousand knights then cheer at their victory. The former black knight is then struck upon his back with a whip as he is thrown on the ground and held by the hair. He sees a knight in grey armor with a white cloak and a menacing helmet with only slits for eyes. Through it, dark green dots peer through it. The grey knight grabs the former black knight by the throat and sends his armored fist upon the black knight's face.

After the grey knight was done, he and the thousand knights left the former black knight on the ground, but not before they cut his hair and burned their mark upon his tongue. The black knight was left with nothing. The grey knight hopped onto his horse and watched with pride and glory as the castle burned furiously. The black knight got upon his knees and screamed at the top of his lungs as his lover's head was thrown at his feet.

Here lies victory for the holy land! The heathens have lost and now nothing stands in our way to Acre! The great La'Had Ji'saad and his kingdom have fallen! (Grey knight)

The man looks up and stares at the grey knight. His eyes burn with hatred and he growls under his breath. He picks up his lover's head and holds it to his chest. He utters some words to himself begins to sob. He tries to hold back the tears, but to his horror, he sees many of his most trusted knights, his people, his children, and many others. They were impaled at the end of spears and held into the air. He covered his mouth as he felt as if he were about to vomit. He swallowed it, the taste greatly discomforting him, and screamed at the top of his lungs, ignoring the burn on his tongue.

Thou crusaders...thou has promised that thy would spare my people! That if I followed thy terms of surrender and left thou to thy war that they would be spared! What cruelty that I may live while my people are left to be a meal for those demons! Why has thou spared me to witness thy cruelty?! Why not kill me along with them! Take me away God! Take me away from this...this hell! (former Black Knight)

The man's face is finally shown. It was none other

End of Dream

Blackwood wakes up urruptly. He covers his face with his hands and lays back down. A display opens as he watches John, Winters, and Javier.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:40 am

I leave the roof top and start wandering the city, I walk for hours but
no Mr. Winters. I then make my way to a large field and I then hear a
voice, a voice I thought I wouldn’t here again.

Well Number 10 you survived my attacks. Isn’t this a surprise. (9)

I turn to see him.....Straka. Standing there so friggin smug. I glare at him, I know he isn’t here to trade pleasantries.

Cut the chit chat Nine, I know why you’re here. You came to finish the job you failed.

He smirks and starts to charge up his attacks.....I then know he can’t
use his powers on me if I am running to fast so I decided to zip around

Your tricks wont work Ten....I will stop you dead in your tracks. (9)

He then flicks his arm and starts causing the ground to crack....I have
to jump around to avoid the massive holes. There it is...I got it. I
remember he had some serious accidents during his time in Project
Havoc. I start to focus my anti-healing on him....and it starts to
work. He starts to feel the pain of his accidents and loses focus of
his powers and drops to his knees.

When did I have that power......well I had it when we fought Nine......just I only know perfected it.

I walk up to him and knock him out with a push on his pressure point. I then pick him up and hang him over my shoulder.

I think Master Blackwood could make you see the light.

I then disappear into the woods.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sat Oct 24, 2009 4:39 am

Scott had been following the black van for an hour now. It was the same one that had taken him two days ago. There was a Pyrokinetic in the front passenger seat, a man who could emit laser beams from his hands was driving and a Healer and a Telepathic were in the back with a man who possessed Super Human Strength. It wasn't the same man that attacked him outside the hotel but he was still dangerous. Scott picked his targets and made his move.

The van had just grabbed an Irish woman from outside a night club and was driving down an empty road behind warehouses and abandoned apartment blocks. A man wearing black stood in the middle of the road with a sinister look on his face. The driver accelerated and cheered as he turned on the stereo. Scott flicked two fingers and the van flipped over him and landed upside down behind him. The windows smashed and the speakers on the stereo burst. Scott turned around and looked at the Pyrokinetic and driver get out. The Pyrokinetic shook his head and turned, Scott grabbed him by the neck and the two disappeared. The large man in the back kicked the back doors off their hinges and crawled out, the other two did the same thing but left the woman inside, she had been sedated so she wasn't going anywhere. The Telepathic had a large gash on his side and was bleeding.

Where the hell is Gabe? (Strength)

The man they call Gabe fell from a large height and landed on the van, his back broke when he hit it but he also had bones broken and sticking out. The driver looked in shock at his dead friend and was then thrown back against a wall with tremendous speed and force that it broke his back.

What is happening?! (Strength)

Scott appeared behind the large man and tapped him on the shoulder, he was about to punch Scott but he froze him on the spot. The large ice figure cracked and then shattered into thousands of pieces. Scott smirked and saw the other two running away, the Healer was practically carrying the Telepathic so Scott sent out a small blast of electricity that hit the Telepathic in the back, the man fell to the ground and the Healer almost fell with him but turned around just in time to see Scott appear behind them. The last thing the Healer remembers is flying back into a speeding car.


David, the Healer, woke up tied to a chair in a small dirty room. Scott sat on a table in front of him and rested his arm on his raised knee. David looked around and tried to movie his arms but couldn't get out of the restraints. He looked down at the floor and saw the body of the Telepathic, Stuart. The top of his head had been cut off and his brain was removed.

I destroy the brains after I'm finished with extracting the ability. It's a brutal process, but have no control over who I choose. The ability draws me to certain abilities. It truly is a remarkable power. I can channel power from one source to myself and even simply replicate it naturally after seeing how it fits together in the brain. Channeling it is a faster process though, it's what I had to do with our friend down there.

Who are you? (David)

You don't remember? You grabbed me two days ago and took me to some creepy guy in a cape who carries this remarkable sword. Please stop thinking about your Fiance. I need you to focus on where Blackwood is.

I don't know. I never met him. Gabe was the one who got told who we were to pick up. (David)

I highly doubt that you have never met him. So, I am just going to have to see for myself.

Scott focused on David and began to read his mind, he dug deeper and started to see his memories. David groaned and tried to fight it. His nose began to bleed and he yelled out as Scott used Telekinesis to slash his chest.

Maybe you haven't met him. However, I am going to find out where he is. This process will be more painful than you can imagine. I am going to put strain on your mind, torture you, make you see things that will truly mess you up. But I am going to give you this ONE chance to tell me where Blackwood would be hiding.

Even.....even if I knew....I wouldn't tell you. (David)

Wrong answer.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:58 am

Blackwood looked through many displays. A door then opened behind him as a woman came in. Her stomach was large which indicated possible pregnancy. Blackwood did not turn as he looked at the displays.

How long before you speak to me? It has been weeks already and the baby will need a father. (UW)

Nathia. The baby will not be here today, tomorrow, or next week. My role as a father is not important as of now. I cannot father six children all at once. You realize your importance do you not? What comes when these six beings are born?

Three more doors appeared as three more women came in, also pregnant, and were silent in Blackwood and Nathia's prescence.

So we're just tool to your grand plan? You do not have no sense of love or compassion? (Nathia)

Such human qualities are insignificant. I am well beyond the limits of human longevity and cannot be tied down by such. I have planned this for nearly 542 years. In that time, I have been searching through every quarter to find you women. You, who in every fourteen out of two-hundred quarters, have the potential to concieve Gods and Goddesses. At last, humanity in every time, in every quarter, in every set of the Universe, will recognize the power of the Fallen. Isn't it most beautiful?

I do not want a God or a Goddess for a child! I just want to be with you! (Nathia)

Enough out of you. You dare come to me an ask to play the role of a father? There are many other who can do that, not that it matters. Simply wait and be ready to deliver the child when the time comes. After all, you're a Catalyst.

A window appeared under Nathia as she fell in and back into her quarter. The other three women said nothing and lowered their heads. Blackwood continued to look into the displays, ignoring their prescence.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sun Oct 25, 2009 5:47 pm

David's nose had been bleeding for a while, his shirt was stained with blood and his eyes were rolling into the back of his head. Scott stopped attacking his mind and chuckled, David coughed and cursed.

You know, eventually your mind is going to explode.

I guess that would defeat the purpose of you doing this then, wouldn't it? (David)

True. So maybe I should go and find your Fiance.

NO! (David)

If you want her to live, tell me what I need to know.

John! He's Blackwood's right hand man. If you find him then he can take you to Blackwood. (David)

Good man. Now, one more thing. While I was searching your mind I heard a memory, something important. Unfortunately you stopped me from seeing what the conversation was. So tell me, what is Blackwood planning. I heard him tell you about the "three way war". Enlighten me.

He is planning on sparking a war between the Fallen. (David)


Because he had a premonition about it, when someone has a premonition amongst our kind they are charged with the duty of ensuring that the premonition comes true. Even if it means certain events alter your course. (David)

Interesting. Blackwood must be one side, so who are the other two?

The Humans, and another Fallen. (David)

Thank you David, you have been most helpful.

Scott stood over him and placed his hand on David's shoulder. The man simply sat there and let Scott cut him open. Blood poured down his head and soaked his clothes, Scott pushed the chair back and the lifeless body of David bled out, still strapped into the chair. Scott knelt down and examined David.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sun Oct 25, 2009 7:01 pm

I track the too others that are not part of Mr. Winters’s little circle of friends. I watch as they seem to be searching for someone...maybe me so I decide to grant them my presence. I jump down in front of them both..they stop dead in there tracks.

Oh looky here, the Tin man and the Scarecrow.

They glare at me.

Yes that’s it, get mad and yes Jake I know of you. Dear bother-in-law, how is your sister doing?

How dare you ask such a question! You killed her you bastard!

I glare back at Jake and clench my fists.

The devil I did, I loved her!

You’re the only Havoc I know of.

Then come with me and I will show you the only other Havoc that survived Project Havoc.

I am not going with you.

He teleports and the other one Stryker starts to morph his arms into blades and armors up. Then things get weird....I start seeing strange being around me.....then I close my eyes and think....yes reality bending.....I start dashing top speed to avoid being ambushed. Stryker tries to get a fix on me while Jake stops teleporting around....he tries a seismic burst but misses.

Damn it stand still.

Stryker is still trying to get a fix on me and I stop right in front of Jake and grab him. I then dash and whip toss him right at Stryker. I then dash behind Stryker and toss him at the already in flight Jake. Jake teleports and Stryker just falls to the ground before they hit.

Were the hell is he?!

I don’t know man...he is fast

Then the fog rolls in.....its really quiet, no wind. Jake looks around nervously.

God damn it....he is trained too

Yes I am.

I hit him in the right pressure point and knock him out. He is then restrained by two of Blackwood’s thugs and taken away.

Stryker is still trying to find me in the mist and then I speak as the fog clears. Stryker then makes his hands into claws and runs screaming at me slashing wildly at me. I dodge and avoid every feeble attempt at striking me.

Dear boy, your strong...but your not un-beatable.

With a combination of my speed and my strength I strike him in the mid-section and drop him to his knees. He then slashes as he falls at me and I back flip out of the way. As I land I perform a spin kick and connect with his jaw....knocking him out. I watch as his armor and claws receded into his body as he falls.

Some more thugs come out of the shadows and restrain him then take him away. I then walk away thinking to myself.

Master will be pleased.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sun Oct 25, 2009 10:15 pm

Scott keeps a distance but follows John and his thugs to a museum that is under construction, the thugs are driving plain white vans and keep their two prisoners separated. John gets out of a van and talks to some construction workers, a few minutes later all the workers leave and the thugs carry the two Fallen inside. John took out a cellphone and dialed a number while watching the two young men being moved.

Yeah we have them. No Winters has been eluding us. I am aware of that. With all due respect sir, I can handle these kids.

Scott sneaked into the Museum and stepped up behind a man carrying a rifle, he snapped his neck and turned around to see another man walking his way. He pointed his finger at him and flicked it, the mans neck was slit and he fell down gurgling. Scott carried on through the Museum and stood behind a large crate, John and his thugs had tied up their two prisoners in a large observatory.

They found Gabe's team dead on a road in the slums of the city........ Two are missing........ We're not sure, one of their friends are coming to tell us who is missing and what abilities they have........ Do you really think it will come to that?..................I know you saw his demise but many have said he has a larger role to play in all of this.....I understand, once I get these two boys to you then I will continue the hunt for Winters.

There's no need to hunt what is already right in front of you.

Ah, Mister Winters. How nice of you to drop in. This saves me having to look for you again.

I suppose it does. Where is Blackwood?

Sorry Winters, that information is classified.

Let me put it this way, you can tell me now or after I beat you to the ground.

You can try.

And try I shall.

Scott aimed his hand at the three thugs near the two unconscious prisoners and sent out three blasts of electricity that burned right through their chests and left large holes where their hearts used to be.

Oops, I guess it's just you and me now.

John ran at Scott and raised his fist. Scott smirked and as John brought down his fist Scott teleported behind him.

You're going to have to be faster than that my friend.

John smirked and sprinted at Scott who ducked and sidestepped then teleported beside him and continued to evade his attacks. Scott appeared 10metres away from him and smirked.

You're quite slow when you think about it. All that strength, yet unable to catch your target. What a waste.

John's eyes turned white and the windows and doors all flew open as fog poured into the Museum. Scott laughed and walked around practically blind. He stepped on a metal beam and picked it up. John ran at him from behind, Scott swung around and hit the beam into his chest, the beam channeled a large blast of electricity through it as the beam made contact with John and sent him flying back. The fog then disappeared and John lay unconscious on the floor.

Is there no one worth fighting in this damn country?!

Scott turned around to see Stryker standing up and carrying Jake over his shoulder, he had turned into his metal form and glared at Scott.

Ooooh, shiny.

Who are you?

Name's aren't important, let's worry about that lovely power you have there.

Stryker put his friend down and readied himself. Scott appeared behind him and blasted him with electricity. Stryker flew back and landed on his knees. His arms turned into blades and he swung them at Scott who dived over him and froze his back, he spun around and was thrown back by an invisible force. Stryker flew through a wall and landed outside in the construction yard. Scott noticed the other prisoner get too his feet and smirked, he had nothing he needed but had a feeling he was going to be trouble. Before he could do anything, John was on his feet and punched Scott back into a pile of bricks. He got up and teleported in front of John, he used grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off the ground.

Telekinesis, gotta love it right?

That's not Telekinesis.

Scott was about to question John but a large truck slammed through the Museum and flew at Scott and John. Scott teleported away and let the truck hit John, he then appeared behind the truck and saw Stryker and Jake make an escape. John threw the truck to the side and was then forced to the ground by Scott's Telekinesis.

You rely to much on your strength. I personally like striking my opponents from a distance with projectile abilities like Electrokinesis, and stopping great beasts like you in your tracks with Telekinesis. Now, you're going to take me to Blackwood.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:47 pm

You rely to much on your strength. I personally like striking my opponents from a distance with projectile abilities like Electrokinesis, and stopping great beasts like you in your tracks with Telekinesis. Now, you're going to take me to Blackwood.

Scott smirked to himself as he held down John with his telekinesis. He had beaten two people he was not ready to just let go. One was Stryker and the other was John. A bullet wizzed by Scott as he quickly sidestepped. He looked to where the direction had come from and saw thirteen men stood a few feet away from him. It was Javier and the twelve mercenaries. The mercenaries had their laser sights all over Scott as he watched them. He noticed that they were motionless except Javier. Scott knew what Javier's power was.

That is quite an impressive display of control that you have. Maybe I should add you to the rest of my collection.

Like I will let that happen. Master Blackwood is counting on me. With my mastery over this power, my defense is absolute! (Javier)

The formation of the mercenaries lined up in a straight line in front of Javier. He stood motionless as he mentally directed the mercenaries to fire at Scott. Scott stood his ground and stopped the bullets in flight. The bullets then flew into the sky and rained down upon Javier and the mercs. Four of them jumped in front of Javier, who still did not stir, and took the shots. Scott appeared in different positions as he tried to break the mercenary's line of sight. It was not working.

The eight mercenaries, along with Javier, looked in every direction to pinpoint Scott's location. He kept teleporting until they lost him. Javier rearranged the formation into a circular fashion. John began to gain his ground as he settled in the fog. Scott looked around and waited. A bullet suddenly pierced his chest. Soon more shots were pumped into his body as he teleported to a new location. He removed the bullets and healed each wound.

What the hell. They should not be able to see me.

Javier and the mercenaries were using infrared goggles to find Scott's heat signature. The repeatadly marked his location each time he hid. Scott was not having any luck. He hid on top of a crane and watched the construction yard as best as he could. A bullet then hit him in the chest. He fell back on the crane as removed the bullet. He then peered on the side of the crane and saw a flash and quickly removed his face. As he looked up, he watched as John came down on top of him and slam him on the crane, which bent and broke, and was slammed on the construction floor. John stepped off of him as Javier kept his distance.

I think he's done. (Javier)

I am not sure. He was tough though. It is best to make sure before-

A bolt of electricity flew from Scott's hand as he sent John and Javier's mercenaries flying. Now Javier was defenseless. Scott appeared behind Javier and grabbed his neck as he began to choke him. Javier tried his best to pry Scott's arms off of his neck but Scott already had a good grip on him.

That's enough out of you guys. If your precious "master" truly cared about you, he would have assisted you. Now die.

Javier suddenly disappeared. Scott looked into his arms in confusion as he wondered what had happend. He looked behind himself as he smirked.

Well if it isn't Blackwood himself.

As he said this, Blackwood opened a window behind him. Scott appeared directly behind Blackwood to block his path and combined his punch with telekinetic energy and sent him flying into the side of a truck. He then froze it and Blackwood. Scott walked slowly as he watched Blackwood's eyes stare at him.

Hah! You're not as strong as I thought you were. A pity. I was hoping to have joined you. But if you're at this level, perhaps you should be serving me.

Blackwood smiled and suddenly dissolved into black steam inside of the ice block. Scott's eyes widened. He felt something prick him in the back. The force became stronger as a katana bursted from his chest. He tried to turn his head but was forced to the ground. The air vibrated with such ferocity that Scott could feel his bones begin to crack. He looked up and watched as Blackwood jammed his katana into his shoulder.

Hello there, Scott. It seems that you have caused quite a ruckus here in the construction yard. Did you really think that you could run the show? That I would not notice your progress and poorly planned plot? I am going to make you regret absorbing David's power.

The pressure upon Scott intensified as the air's vibration gave off a sound that resembled something that a skyjumper would hear. Blackwood lopped off Scott's left arm. It slowly began to heal. Once it was done, his knee was cut in the middle. Scott screamed with every slash Blackwood made, but he did not stop. He slashed Scott's chest multiple times, he mutilated his face, and repeatadly chopped his limbs off. Scott made a last ditch effort to disappear and heal. Blackwood followed him near a truck and repelled him into it and back to where his torture had began. Scott stood up and tried to focus his vision, which was blurry, and fire a few shots of electricty, all of which passed through Blackwood as he walked towards Scott's position. The Blackwood that he had fired at then dissolved into black steam. A large gash soon appeared on Scott's chest and shoulder as blood spurted out. Scott soon fell on the ground and blacked out.

John slowly walked up to Blackwood. Blackwood then put away his katana, Kyōka Suigetsu, back into its sheathe. The glow of violet gem then went away. He stood looking down at Scott, confident in his survival.

Master Blackwood? What are we to do with...him?

Do not do anything. I shall take him to the void. There, he can heal and listen to what I have to say. Take Javier and yourself to my home and watch yourselves. Be sure to find Barthalomew as well. Only he can speed up the birth of the six children.

Yes, sir. It shall be done. When can I begin?

Whenever you're ready. You did well today. Consider this a gift.

Blackwood tossed something to John. John looked at it and immediatly had a smile on his face. Scott's body fell into a window under him. Blackwood opened an entrance for John as he looked around for Javier. He then opened a window for himself and walked in. Scott was wrapped in a black cacoon.

Sleep well, young prince.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:40 am

Me and Nathan looked on in was ridiculous! The power of such beings...neither of us were that strong! I mean...we were pretty strong, but that was an amazing display of power! We could only blink, and look on from where we were the trees of the woods not too far away. I teleported us up there to keep away from the action. Only question was...what now?

This is getting to be too much! I regret coming here at all...

We have to keep moving...

What? Why? Do you see what he did to that guy? He practically murdered him over and over! Besides! What exactly would we "keep moving" on to??



Blackwood mentioned a guy named Bartholomew. He said that he'd speed up the production of his kids.

Yeah so?? What's that have to do with us?

Well...if that guy...has kids...and you see his power...imagine what they'll be like in the future. imagine what they'll be like in the near future.

........I see your point.

Then we have to follow Havoc again.

He kicked our asses last time though...

I never said we'd fight him...we'll just get him to move a bit quicker, and we'll have to move a bit quicker as well.

My body began to get darker and darker....flatter and flatter, as I pulled Nathan into the tree with me. With my head still sticking out...I winked, dropping John Havoc's body temperature. He started to shiver...and hold himself. He looked around a bit...and cursed to himself.

Dammit, it's getting cold out here. ...better go contact Bartholomew quick. Sooner I do that, sooner I get inside to some heat!

I then sunk completely into the tree, becoming a shadow. I can move quicker in this form than on foot. Teleporting would be too noisy. John began to run at his incredible speed, as I followed not too far behind. I almost became, "his shadow".

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Tue Oct 27, 2009 3:31 am

Scott awoke in the void and tried to move but was trapped in darkness, he tried to move his arms out but realised he was in a capsule like trap. His hands turned to ice and the cacoon froze, a spark shot out of the centre and it shattered around him. Scott stepped out into the void. Scott spun around and saw Blackwood appear behind him.

I should kill you for that little stunt you pulled.

You're right, you should, and there is no doubting your capability.

Blackwood then slowly began to circle Scott.

But why kill me when I can offer you something more valuable than another ability to your collection?[i]

I'm listening.

[i]People with your ability are hunted down by our own kind and killed because you are better. You have a greater understanding about how these abilities work, power like that scares the more famous Fallen. They are scared of losing their power and being overthrown by your ability. The fact you butcher your targets frightens them even more.

I fail to hear your offer.

You searched for me, hunted down my men, slaughtered them. By rights I should leave you to rot in here. But you have a much larger role to play in this war, we both do. You wanted to work for me, I will take you in, on one condition. You let me help you control that hunger.

.....Alright Blackwood, I'm in.

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:46 pm

We were a shadow. Following Havoc. I hated this Havoc. Punk tried to beat me up. A lot of people had been pushing me around lately. These powers had almost been more of a curse then a blessing. Sure petty crimes and fighting humans was easy. But we were in the big leagues now. There were Fallen all over the globe fighting eachother and their governments or whoever the hell they want to. I just hope that when this is all done. I pick the winning side. But whatever happened I knew one thing. Both Jake and I would need to be stronger. But how we could do that was beyond me. Maybe this Bart guy could like boost our powers but I doubt he would do so. There must be something out there that can help. Maybe it was our own fear that held us back. Maybe it was time to try something new. We had stopped and slowly we morphed to our original selves.

Be quiet, Havoc has stopped. It looks like he is opening some sort of doorway.

As soon as he had finished the sentence a hidden doorway appeared out of a cave, Havoc looked around the area and then walked into the cave.

Holy **** this is some serious stuff!

Quiet! Just remember where that door is. I need to rest, following Havoc really drained me out. Give me like a half hour to recuperate then we'll go in there.

No way dude! Who knows if we are even gonna be able to get in by that time! Havoc could like be done with whatever he is doing and just be gone already. Or worse they could find us. I say we go in there now. You can rest. Just leave the dirty work to me.

Fine. Let's go.

As we walked up to the door it dissappeared back into the cave. We were locked out.

Told ya so!

Damn it. Well now what are we gonna do?

I morphed my hand into a blade and thrusted at the rock. Pain jolted up and down my body as my blade broke off. That's when it hit me.


It was 7th grade, general science. The teacher was just starting to talk about the periodic table, using examples from our everyday lives to make it easier to understand.

You see kids, most elements here are metals. A lot of things that you wouldn't expect are made of these metals too. Rocks, computer chips, and tons of other things all can contain trace amounts of various metallic substances. There is even a small amount of iron in our blood that allows us to live.


I shake my head and place my hands on the rock. It melted into a liquid. suddenly the door was revealed, but still locked. I placed my hand by the door and moved the pins of the lock. A light click had confirmed that i had picked the lock.

A guard paced around the front entrance. Out of no where spikes flew out from him. He fell to the floor dead.

Woah dude! How'd you do that?

It's just simple biology Jake.

I smirked at him and we continued into the facility.


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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:30 pm

I walk out of the shadow as I see Jake and Stryker sneaking around.

So you have found me. Actually this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Yeah well whatever your doing stops now.

No.....this is were you two see the light

I snap my fingers and the flood lights come on blinding them, I then have troopers surround them. Their eyes adjust to the light and they see that they are surrounded.

Now you have a choice you two. You can continue to fight us and the world, or you could join Master Blackwood and fight the ones that oppressed you all your life.

The two ponder their choices.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Wed Oct 28, 2009 10:03 pm

....we looked around us. With all the troops around us...there was no way we could fight them all off. I looked to Nathan....he was turning metallic. Not a good idea, i thought to myself. He's just looking out for me though. He knows I'm low on energy, and that I'm exhausted. We couldn't take them all though...

We're in!

What!? (whisper)

I got this...just follow my lead.

I knew you'd see things our way.

He signaled his hands for his troops to lay at ease. He then began to walk again, and the troops formed two seperate lines, allowing us passage. We walked in with John through this area. He then opened another secret door, and walked in.

Ah! Bartholomew...It's been too long.

(shaky and scared voice) Th-th-things can't be ready can't be. How long will you keep me here?????

Just until things ARE ready. Then you will fulfill your purpose, and you may continue on with your..."precious" life.

I-I-I just want to go home...sir.

Where are you from?

The room grew silent. They looked at me...guess I was supposed to stay quiet through all of this.

....from Vermont...w-w-why?

I thought for a while...

um....because you'll do what is expected cooperatively...if you want to go back. You'll never even see the U.S again! Understood?

Havoc smiled. Then turned back to Bartholomew.

Now...We just need to check a few things, and we'll be out of here.

He turned over to a desk and looked over some papers. I then eased over to Bartholomew and gestured for Nathan to come closer. Nathan walked over by John first.

What exactly are we looking at?

Just his vital signs...make sure he's eating what we give him. We don't want him dead or anything. We want it so that he's rested and healthy for when we need him.

By this time, Nathan had eased on over to me. He grabbed my arm, then I grabbed Bartholomew's arm, and used the little bit of strength I had left to teleport us out of there! I tried to head for Vermont, but in mid-teleportation...realized I'd only stop over the sea. So we landed in Portugal...

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:03 pm

People were lining up outside the nightclub called "The Dark Woods". The club was two floors down and was quite large. More than four hundred people were partying beneath the surface and celebrating a victory. The Dark Woods was a private club run by Fallen for Fallen and was located in the heart of Los Angeles. Cameron Might and his crew entered the club and made their way through the mob of Fallen. They were escorted to a V.I.P Lounge where they met with Kyle McKenzie. Kyle and Cam sat at the back of the lounge while their two crews relaxed watching over the club.

You're sure Blackwood has been doing it? (Kyle)

No doubt. His men hit the cargo ship and took the gear. What ever he's planning, it's gonna be big. (Cam)

I gave him the opportunity to back off but he obviously didn't get the message. We better keep this quiet, the last time we Fallen turned on each other, London was left in ruins by Solar. (Kyle)

What should we do then? (Cam)

I don't know. We can't simply kill him. He has too many friends that have a lot of sway amongst our community, especially the Italians and Russians. It might be best to just scare him, cut off his supplies and restrict his movements. (Kyle)

That might be hard when he has an Empathic and now an Intuit by his side. (Cam)

Who's the Intuit? (Kyle)

Some kid called Scott Winters. (Cam)

Well ,well, well. This would explain why she came back. (Kyle)

Who came back? (Cam)

Siobhan, my cousin. She was recently in Rome with her boyfriend, Scott Winters. (Kyle)

Should we take him out? (Cam)

No, not yet. I want you to get the team together and take him to the warehouse on the pier. You have three days to find all of them, then we head to Rome. (Kyle)
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:12 pm

I look around unconcerned about them being gone, after all the nerd did his job. So many times people tried to resist Master Blackwood. Even I at one time tried to resist him, but I only fell by his hand. He spared my life and recruited me as a soldier in his army. Later to become a leader.

I then finish the work that needed to be completed and get ready for Master Blackwood’s arrival. I order the troops to get themselves prepared as I inspect the base. After an hour passes I return to my office and sit at my desk to relax.

All is going as planned.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:38 am

Blackwood and Scott Winters step out of a window from the void and arrive to be greeted by thousands of Fallen while standing on a podium. Javier can be seen standing on the left side on the podium. The humid weather, palm trees, and large number of dark skinned men and women in the crowd, along with their clothing, made it obvious to Scott that he and Blackwood were somewhere in South America. He stared at Blackwood and could feel the heat beating down on him as he watched Blackwood. The man was wearing all black and did not seem at all in discomfort.

And here is Master Blackwood now. (Javier)

The crowd cheered as Blackwood stood in front of the Fallen and began to speak.

Fellow Fallen. We are at a terrible time in our lives. A time of war. Where hate and destruction reign supreme. Are we to simply stand idly by as the humans trample over us and do as they please, as if we were their play-things? We, the superior race? No fool would accept their terms except for cowards and traitors. Even as I speak, dozens; maybe hundreds of fellow Fallen assist the humans in their crusade against us. But what excatly have we done? Nothing. And that is what we should not be doing. We should be taking action! We should be rising up against our enemy before they have the chance to destroy us. They cannot deny us our rights, our freedom, and our sense of justice. We shall have justice for the genocide that was Cambodia. We shall have our revenge for the mistreatment and hate-crimes that they commit. Will you rise up, lend each other aid, and allow me to create a world where there is no flaw?

The crowd of Fallen shouted in an uproar. Blackwood stared at the crowd as one of his commanders walked up to him to tell him of the other South American countries making their move. Blackwood raised his hand as the crowd died down. He looked back to Scott, who merely watched and waited.

My people. I have some news that may interest you. The enemy has decided to set their sights upon us as we are gathering strength. I have also been informed that they are holding some of our people captive.

The atmosphere grew cold with hate and intense rage. The crowd was emmiting immense amounts of raw energy. They mumbled to themselves, speaking about the wickedness of the humans and the wickedness they themselves would unleash for their ignorance and pompous behavior. They were at the breaking point of their patience. It would take very powerful individual to die down the chaos they would bring.

I would like to introduce a new member of the family. Welcome to the "As Pessoas Idosas Esquecidas." Otherwise known as "The Forgotten Elders." Say hello to your new family, Scott Winters.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sat Oct 31, 2009 5:55 am

Blackwood and Scott walked into a large concrete building and consulted with several other Fallen. Scott was quiet the whole time and didn't really know what to make of all of this. As he stood near Blackwood he noticed that the building was practically a fortress and had at least five levels that burrowed underground. The computers and televisions were all new and were perfect for whatever Blackwood's people needed. Blackwood called out to Scott and the two walked to a private office where Blackwood was finally able to rest. He sat down on a leather couch and put his feet up, he placed his weapon down but kept it close. Scott kept on his feet and examined the room.

You seem troubled Mister Winters.

That's probably because I'm still trying to figure certain things out.

Maybe I can help. What questions do you need answering?

Alright let's start at the beginning then. I'm in Rome for one day and then the next thing I know you kidnap me and attack me. After wards, I wake up in my hotel room as if nothing has happened, at least that's what I first thought. You did something to me, you gave me this ability. Why?

For the last few years I have been preparing, preparing for a coming war. But it's not the war we are fighting in right now, no, it's a far worse war. This war will divide the Fallen and leave a lot of good people with nothing. It's taken some time for me to set things into motion so they happen the way they are supposed to happen. I needed you because I saw you fighting for our cause. The two of us have a larger role to play in the times to come.

So if you are preparing for a war in the future, why are you fighting now?

To keep up appearances. We have been secretly recruiting Fallen that are loyal to our allies, unfortunately some of these allies will become the very evil we must fight in the future.

And who might these enemies be?

All in good time my friend. Right now, we should focus on controlling that Hunger of yours.

And how do you suggest we do that?

I know a woman who can help suppress it. You will still be able to understand how things work, but now you will only need to understand things that you want to. With practice you will also be able to replicate people's abilities without having to harm them.

Well then, hopefully it works.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:47 pm

Portugal. Romantically beautiful place. If I weren't falling thousands of feet in the middle of the air of course.

You really couldn't have picked a better place? Maybe the ground, how about?

Hey! It was this or the same thing over a seemingly neverending sea! Why don't you use your powers to get us outta here huh?!

Well let's think a little! I turn metal and can hit things really hard! How is that gonna help us?

I don't know, can't you like make wings or something!

No you idiot!! That'd be impossible i could never....well....maybe....

I turned metallic, I felt a sharp pain as i Morphed my shoulder blades into wings. We were now gliding down. I gave myself about 10 minutes before the loss of blood from the cuts knocked me out. We fell down "gently" onto a small farmhouse in the middle of nowhere.


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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:14 am

Blackwood had taken Scott through one of his portals and both of them stood outside a small shack in the middle of the jungle. Blackwood turned to him smirked.

If you want control over that hunger, then step inside.

Scott began to walk in but stopped and turned around to see Blackwood still standing where he emerged from the portal.

Are you not coming in?

My road takes me elsewhere. You are able to return to our new base of operations, make your way back when you are ready.

Blackwood turned around and disappeared. Scott sighed and entered the shack, slowly. There was a foul smell coming from somewhere, candles were burning all around him and the furniture was old and tattered. He heard movement down a hallway and moved toward it. He slowly pushed open a door and saw a woman wearing a hood sitting in a chair behind a small table. She pointed to the chair opposite her.

Sit down....

Scott did so and waited for her to speak. Her accent sounded Jamaican.

You stink of "the Hunger". Why have you come here?

Blackwood told me that you can---

Ahh, you want me to suppress your hunger? I should have known. Many have come here and sought relief from the heavy burden that is Intuitive Aptitude.

So can you do it or not?

I can suppress the Hunger but I can not remove the ability.

Then do it.

She placed her hands on the table and waited for Scott to extend his own. Scott watched her as she latched onto him and closed her eyes. A white light emitted from their hands as the woman began to shake, Scott groaned and pulled his hands away as his hands began to burn. He stood up and looked the woman as she started to chuckle.

Consider yourself cured, boy.

Thank you.

Scott was about to walk away but then he realised what the woman's ability was.

Ability Bestowal and Suppression, theoretically you can give me any ability, correct?


I need you to give me an ability, one that won't need me to kill others in order to take their power...
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Thu Nov 05, 2009 5:34 pm

As I overlook the troops in the training facility. I am now dressed in my full battle gear of my personal design, I hold my katana at my side. I think to myself.....should I continue with my plan? I will have to see how it plays out, until then, I will wait.
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PostSubject: Re: Quantum: The War   Sat Nov 07, 2009 2:34 am

A black Mercedes pulled up outside a warehouse situated on the wharf. The sun began to set in Los Angeles and all the Fallen were getting ready to play. Siobhan and her brother Ozzie sat in the car and talked. Ozzie was the agent who was in charge of Chicago for the S.A.I.S., unfortunately ever since the London incident, the S.A.I.S. had been shut down and the CIA, FBI and NSA had taken over the Fallen problem. So Ozzie and his former colleagues had been secretly helping Kyle and Cam protect their kind.

What does he want? (Siobhan)

He needs to know about Winters, what he's capable of, what abilities he has. Everything. (Ozzie)

The two got out of the car and were approached by Ethan, he stared at the two and then put his hands together.

Follow me. (Ethan)

He led them into the warehouse where they walked passed dozens of Fallen loading automatic rifles and packing gear. Siobhan looked up to a platform overlooking the ground floor of the warehouse and saw Kyle and Alex talking. Alex walked down the stairs as Ozzie and Siobhan were approaching and helped the men prep.

I was beginning to wonder if you were going to bother coming. (Kyle)

How could we turn down an offer to spend time with our favourite cousin? (Ozzie)

Don't sound so enthusiastic. Siobhan, how are you doing? (Kyle)

Not bad, considering. (Siobhan)

Good. Now I need to know some things, Scott has Intuitive Aptitude, correct? (Kyle)

Yeah... (Siobhan)

Alright. What abilities did you see him use? (Kyle)

He had Telekinesis. He took Electro and Cryokinesis from my friends. And, he can teleport. (Siobhan)

Thank you, that's all I needed to know. (Kyle)

You know, even with all your followers you won't be able to catch him. He already took down another Empathic. What makes you think that you can stop him. (Siobhan)

We're taking measures and precautions to bring him down. (Kyle)

You mean kill him, don't you? (Ozzie)

Like I said, we're taking measures. Those men and women down there all possess different abilities that we can use to draw him out. (Kyle)

You're using them as bait? (Siobhan)

They know what they're getting themselves into. (Kyle)

Do you? (Ozzie)

......Thank you for coming. Now if you don't mind, I have some issues to sort out. (Kyle)

Ozzie and Siobhan walked down the stairs and made their way out of the warehouse. Ethan approached Kyle and watched the two leave.

You do know that she will try and find him, right? (Ethan)

I'm counting on it. If she's there then he might be distracted, then we might be able to kill him a lot easier. Have Tim and Ben follow her. (Kyle)

I'd prefer to have them out in the field with us. (Ethan)

Winters has already taken the same abilities they possess, we stand more of a chance with Ezekiel, Raze and Xavier. (Kyle)

Do you think he has other abilities? (Ethan)

Of course he does. Once we get to Rome, we can find out what he has taken. (Kyle)
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Quantum: The War
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