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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Thu Oct 01, 2009 3:45 pm

Y’sin’s eyes showed malice and great disturbance. Spirals of red began to form as he began to laugh insanely. This disturbed the pilot inside of the strike hawk. Y’sin laughed more and more, enjoying another victory. He was glad to have made use of the crane system. Primitive, but effective.

He flipped up his hand and ordered the drones to cut open the **** of the strike hawk. They did as they were ordered to and cut open a section of the strike hawk. They pulled it off and were shot by a pistol the pilot was holding and as he took aim at Y’sin, the Core disappeared while laughing, effectively using his stealth body.

Oh human! I knew destiny would bring you back. I will be sure to tear your innards straight out from your mouth! Oh…what a glorious sight it would be.

Come out you sick ****!

As the pilot still aimed his pistol, Y’sin brought down his hand on the pilot’s wrist and broke it. As he dropped the pistol the pilot screamed in pain and tried to pick it back up. But Y’sin stomped his foot on the weapon and punched the pilot in the gut, who began to gasp and vomit.

Y’sin stared down at the weakened human as his eyes returned to normal.

Pilot. What is your name?

The pilot was still breathing hard but looked up at Y’sin with confusion. Why would a Core ask for a human’s name?


Your name, pilot.

What the **** do you care, huh? You’re just going to kill me anyway.

Yes, but it would be proper for the killer to ask the victim’s name. Now, what is your name?

John MacIsaac. I do not believe that I know yours…you Core bastard…

Y'sin pulled out his hand and waved one of his fingers in a "no" motion.

Ah, ah, ah. We made no such deal. I warned you about your fate. I suppose you could not prove me wrong. Enjoy your last breath.

Y’sin kicked John into the open hatch and watched as he fell. He said nothing and was a bit disappointed. However, when he turned around, the Cruiser’s pilot asked a question.

Permission to fire, Oissir? (Cruiser drone)

Permission to fire at what?

The human cargo ship, Oissir. (Cruiser drone)

The Oissir walked to the hatch opening and laughed at what he saw. John was standing on top of a military vessel and was staring up at Y’sin. Y’sin felt a bit of excitement and watched as John hurried inside of the Cruiser.

Permission to fire, Oissir? (Cruiser drone)

Request denied.

Understood. (Cruiser drone)

Y’sin watched the vessel leave and chuckled. The human would live another day. In the Delirious Berserker, he went on to the console rooms and uploaded the nuclear codes. He searched for the location of the weapons and found their location. The Delirious Berserker then went into slipspace.

Two days later

Days after the battle of Georgia, the Core decided to retreat and give the humans their first true victory. Though this troubled many of the Core High Class, it was not yet the end of the war. Core Oissirs claim that if the war were to continue the way it was then it would not end for at least five years. Y’sin predicted another two years and it would end.

Y’sin stood at the bridge of the Lance of Progress. And looked down at the ocean. He then looked towards the left and watched as the facility he had come from went down into the sea. The Bermuda Base served as a minor stronghold for the Core, but held many ships and drones. In the base, there were at least 40,000 drones of every kind and 2,000 cruisers. Also, there were 300 wraiths, a few ghosts, and less than 200 banshees. It was a rather powerful fortress for a minor stronghold.

Y’sin watched the dark sea and had twenty Assault Cruisers assisting him in an invasion of another country. Italy was his target. A few months ago, the Core were repelled in their invasion attempt of Italy. The scattered forces regrouped and instead focused on the United Kingdom, which is still standing. He has a feeling that this time, they will not fail.

The Oissir entrenched his arm towards the sea and recalled the ODST that he had been beaten by on the human flagship the Rising Sun.

I must congratulate you, ODST. Not many have been able to defeat me in combat. For a human to do so…well, you must be a demon amongst humans. I shall predict your future…you will not die…but those close to you will. Then I shall find those warheads and destroy your world. Prove me wrong…like John did.

He then laughed to himself and watched at Italy came into view.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:30 pm

The Battle of Georgia had been won. The first true human victory in this war. A momentous occasion. The W.L.A. forces morale was the highest it has ever been, thousands of troops celebrate. The new strike hawk has been destroyed. But it's pilot still lives. The Core that I had saved John from. He was on the battlefield. In a human ship. He wanted something...but what? What could humans have that an species so advanced as the core would want? None of the latest advances in technology had been too monumental. They want to destroy us. That is certain. But there are those who can survive the glassing by living underground. They need something that has destroyed Earth before. Something that we've used for an entire century.


My sudden realization horrified me. The tactical nuclear warheads were stored in one place. If fired at all the correct places simultaneously the world would be destroyed completely. The undergrounders wouldn't be able to survive the blast and anyone on the sea would die from the nuclear winter that would follow it. It was horrifying. The Core had planned to destroy us with our own weapons.

I flip open a small metal plate on my arm.

Commander Hightower?

Um....yes...Dimitri? (CH)

I've come upon some grave news I'm afraid. The Core are planning to...

get their arses kicked by the human race, that what they're planning! (CH)

He was obviously intoxicated, numerous soldiers were. But if they wanted our nukes. They were damn close to them. And the battle for earth will not be as easy as this one.

Commander, they are taking our nukes and want to destroy us with them.

Tell me something that's new greenie. The commander is a little under the influence right now and has seemed to have just passed out. The name is Kyle McKenzie, ODST. I was on the ship the Core inflitrated heard all about their little plan. The big generals don't believe me. Say that the Core would have destroyed us already if they wanted to. But I think cuz of the...

Underground cities, their glassing tech simply flattens and heats the ground. There are hundreds of cities underground that are far enought down that they aren't affected by the glassing...

Exactamundo Cap-i-tan Obvious. The question is, if our "superiors" won't act on it, who will?

Your superiors Captain, I am not attached to them in any way. We need a group. A small one, but we'll need some damn good soldiers. Willing to do anything for the human race.

Well bucky, lucky for you. I got me that brand of soldiers. When should we leave?

We should leave tomorrow at the latest. For all we know the Core could be ready to attack.

And well what'll happen if we don't make it?

Full metal Armageddon. Annihilation of the entire Earth. Every human dying instantaneously. Otherwise not good.

Well then why don't you get you shiny green ass to base and we'll get going!

I think this one is drunk too.


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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Thu Oct 01, 2009 7:20 pm

Kyle and the Marines sat in a small room with Dimitri and figured out there next move. The loss of the Admiral and Captain Blaze had proved to the soldiers that even the more experienced soldiers were losing their lives. Dimitri and Ethan consolidated with the others while Kyle sat back and was day dreaming. He then remembered the disk in his pocket and took it out.

J.D get me a computer ASAP.

When J.D came back with a laptop the team put the disk in it and it projected an image out the back and onto the wall. The image was of the "Mothership" that the Core were using to move their cruisers from their planet to ours. Suddenly it started to make sense.

Ethan, how would the Core manage to launch an effective nuclear strike and ensure millions of casualties?

To wipe out the entire planet and make it uninhabitable they would need to launch them from space in specific strategic positions. (Ethan)

Those azzholes are going to launch them from the Mothership.

I thought that ship was just used to move their cruisers and relay transmissions from their home world? (Heidi)

It is, but the ship is also big enough to launch a major attack. We need to take out that ship. Otherwise we're all dead.


Commander Hightower and Commander Stone stood in a briefing room with Captain McKenzie, Sergeant Ethan and Dimitri. The three informed them of what they had just discovered.

If we take out that ship, then we take out the Core's main plan. That means no nuclear holocaust and no living underground.

The Mothership is also the primary source of power for those cruisers. If we destroy it then they won't be able to fly back to that ship and get repaired.

We know that they're already heading for the Nukes, and it's only a matter of time before they find them. You need to make a decision.

Say we did agree to launch an attack on the Mothership, how would we do so, Captain? (Commander Stone)

The Admiral already had that covered. He managed to capture a Core drop ship a few months ago, we can use that to fly to the ship and deliver an ST Bomb into the heart of the ship, just like Moscow and Beirut.

How many men would you need, Captain? (Commander Hightower)

I would take my Marines and Captain Blaze's team sir. Plus Dimitri, and I would also need a pilot.

I have just the man in mind for that job. (Commander Hightower)

It won't take long for the Core to breach the facility where the Nukes are being held. How much time will you need to plant the bomb? (Commander Stone)

The Admiral's notes stated that it would take 45mins to fly to the ship, once we're inside though we don't know.

We need to also realise that those cruisers have shields. The Air Force would need time to punch through their shields. (Commander Hightower)

Once the Mothership is gone, that won't be a problem. Those cruisers have a time limit for their shields, if we deal out enough damage to them then they will fall and that ship will either retreat or be destroyed. (Ethan)

Okay. We need to act now. I will get in contact with the remaining American forces then our Australian and New Zealand allies in the south. (Commander Stone)

Good. Captain, prepare your team and find that ship. I'll get you your pilot. (Commander Hightower)
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:23 am

I sit in my recovery room in the Medical wing of the airbase. Its been about 2 days since I had yet another encounter with Y’sin. I raise my right hand up and gaze at the bionic implant that replaced my hand and much of my forearm.

This will be a reminder of how foolish I was. I almost endangered everyone over my selfish need for revenge.

I lower my head in shame and slam my bionic fist off the chair.

If I ever get the chance at another mission, I am sticking to it.

Well good to hear John. (Hightower) Commander Hightower walks into my room and has a serious look on his face.

Commander Hightower. -salutes him-

At ease Captain. Well I am glad you gave up on your quest for revenge John. I know how you feel, we all have lost a lot in this war. But right now I need my best pilot for a do or die mission.(ch)

I perk right up, it might be my last chance to redeem myself.

Whatever it is sir I am in.

Well it’s simple, you are to pilot a Core Drop ship into the heart of the Mothership and plant a Bomb. Do you think your up to it? (ch)

Sir I was born for moments like this.

The Commander smirks at me. Good now rest up. We are leaving in a few hours. He salutes me and leaves. (ch)

With that, my destiny is clear. If I succeed, the war ends and I will go down in history. Fail....well that’s not an option.
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:07 am

Before the briefing Kyle was talking to Dimitri and then the two were interrupted by Commander Hightower. He then took Kyle away from Dimitri and the others to introduce him to the new pilot.

Kyle, I would like you to meet Captain John MacIssac. Air Force. (Commander Hightower)

Pleased to meet you John. I gather you're he pilot who was covering our troops on the ground earlier?

Yeah that was me, sir.

Nice work.

Commander Hightower then walked away and joined Commander Stone with the Marines. John and Kyle then started slowly walking towards them while talking.

How much have you been told about the mission John?

Only a base line, Hightower didn't go into details.

Alright. Listen up Marines! This is John, our new pilot.

John looked at the mean Marines in their scratched and bloodied armour. He swore under his breath and joined the group in the briefing.

So here's the info ladies and gentlemen. The Core have a Mothership not too far from here relaying orders to the cruisers attacking our planet. The ship is also used as a giant charger, it repairs any damages to the cruisers and charged up their shields. Our job is to fly up there using a Core dropship and plant an ST Bomb in the heart of the ship. We also have to move fast, the Core are at this moment attacking Italy and searching for our Nuclear Warheads. If they find them, then they will transport them back to the Mothership and launch them from space and into the Earth.

So what's the bad news, Captain? (Migz)

There's a 20% chance of success.

........What?! (Heidi)

You gotta be sh*ttin' me! (J.D)

I sh*t you not J.

Who's our pilot? (Ethan)

Captain John MacIssac. One of the Air Force's best. Commander Hightower has vouched for him personally.

The WLA has limited resources on this continent. We won't be able to hold the Core back for long, so you guys will need to take out that ship as fast you can. (Commander Stone)

After Stone's statement an alarm sounded and the two Commanders received transmissions from soldiers preparing their squads. Kyle smirked and looked at his Marines.

You know the music Marines, now it's time to dance.

Hoorah! (Marines)

The team made their way to the arms room and grabbed all the ammo they could carry. Kyle had already grabbed his gear, he had an MA5C assault rifle on his back and carried a silenced M7 with two M6C pistols in his leg holsters. He approached John who seemed kind of nervous.

Don't worry John, my Marines have got your back.

And who's got yours, Captain?

.........Once we're inside the Mothership, I want you to stay in the dropship. I'll leave one of my Marines with you just in case.

Gee thanks.

When the Marines were ready they jumped aboard the dropship with Dimitri. John and Heidi made their way to the c*ckpit and got the ship up and running.

No offense sir, but why do we need tin man over here? (Ethan)

He's our technician. Dimitri is going to make sure the bomb gives a little more kick than usual.

I love this job! (J.D)
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Fri Oct 02, 2009 8:07 pm

The Core had completely obliterated all of Italy. After nine hours of fighting, the Italian military and the ODST that were sent to assist them were all either killed or captured. Italy was nothing more than a glass wasteland. No life had escaped except those who fled earlier. Those who stayed out off defiance or to protect their land were gone. Nothing was left. Standing in the Lance of Progress’ bridge, Y’sin watches, in his original ghuska (Beta) upgrade.

Glassing has been complete, Oissir. (Lance of Progress drone)

Excellent. Take me to Vatican city.

The Lance of Progress went into slipspace and was in Vatican city. The entire area was in ruins. Even the Apostolic Place was in complete shambles. The Core had finally found the warheads. Many Core cargo ships appeared and immediately entered the palace. When they came back, they carried the warheads and loaded them in the cargo ships. Their mission was done.

The Lance of Progress, along with many cargo ships carrying the warheads, set off into space and made their way to the mother ship. It was an enormous craft, the 2nd largest mother ship in existence. Its firepower was comparable to that of forty Assault Carries. The shield technology was nearly impossible to penetrate. Only by gaining access or hitting them with five nuclear warheads could it be infiltrated. At least that is what the Core believed.

This is Shaovunissir (Grand General) T’ope Anda'golin of the ferrvt dski (Great Harmony). Identify yourself. (T'ope Anda'golin)

It is I, Oissir Y’sin Asha’Haard. I have brought the warheads and hold the key to their codes. I ask that I be allowed to board the Great Harmony.

Request granted. Welcome back Y’sin. (T'ope Anda'golin)

It’s good to be back.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Sat Oct 03, 2009 9:39 am

I sit in the pilot’s seat in the c*ckpit and I familiarize myself with the controls. Heidi looked at me.

So, can you fly this thing or what? (Heidi)

Yeah, there isn’t too many things I can fly.

I focus back on the controls and then fire up the engines. I then look at the gauges, they seem normal. I check behind me to see if everyone is strapped in that is a check too. I then close the cargo door and all the hatches and then start to lift off. We start to gain altitude and head off towards the location of the mother ship.

So John think you can handle this?

Yeah just wish it was a StrikeHawk, but it will do.

With that we continue to fly stop..the mother ship.
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Sat Oct 03, 2009 11:22 pm

Kyle sat in silence for most of the trip, there was nothing left for him to say to his Marines. The team all knew what they needed to and what was required of them. Kyle almost fell asleep under his helmet and would have if Heidi hadn't called them all up to the c*ckpit. They all raced up there and saw the huge cruiser entering the Mothership.

That's Y'sin's ship. (Ethan)

They must have the Nukes. (J.D)

Which means we don't have a lot of time, Marines! Grab your gear and get set for combat.

You guys might wanna buckle up too, this landing could get a little interesting.

Define interesting.

"Oh God, Oh God we're all gonna die!" How's that?

Wouldn't have it any other way.

The Marines grabbed their guns and sat in their seats. John navigated his way past a few other drop ships and entered a large hole. The ship passed through the ship, the team noticed the glow on the walls and the strange alien markings. Heidi pulled up the Admiral's schematics and found a place to land.

There's a hangar bay 200 yards to the right, the Admiral placed a marker there so I guess that's where he wanted us to land. (Heidi)

Okay, hang on this is going to be tricky but I think I've got it.

My God. Look over there. (Heidi)

John turned his gaze to the left and saw hundreds of cruisers docking in a central area, Heidi took in a deep breath and wiped the sweat off her forehead.

Look at all those ships. They could wipe us out on their own with no problem. Why are they using our weapons against us?

I don't know. (Heidi)

John saw the hangar and flew towards it, he flicked two switches and turned a dial. Heidi sat back and watched him navigate into the hangar. The Marines in the back held on tight as the ship began to slow down but hit the ground and then the wall, not hard but hard enough to scratch the ship and shake the passengers around. John finally got it too stop and let go of the controls.

Good job. Oh no. Brutes! (Heidi)

John and Heidi slipped out of the c*ckpit and entered the main section of the ship. Miguel walked over to the door controls and opened the main door. The Brutes were shocked to see the Humans and one roared at them. Ethan sighed at the Brute and fired his shotgun at it, it hit the ground and didn't roar again.

I really hate these things. (Ethan)

The rest of the team opened fire and jumped from the ship, Miguel fired at one Brute trying to run away and got him in the back. Ethan went to check it was dead and saw a blood trail leading out of the hangar.

We have a problem! (Ethan)

Miguel stay with John and secure the ship. We'll be back soon. Ethan forget about that brute, they would already know we're here.


Y'sin and the Shaovunissir stood in a large room with large statues of former Oissers around the walls. Y'sin and the Shaovunissir were walking and talking about victory. The Shaovunissir was very fond of Y'sin and recommended him for most attacks.

I trust you didn't have any problems retrieving the Nuclear devices, Oisser? (Shaovunissir)

None Shaovunissir. The Humans are persistent but they are not great in combat.

I heard a rumour that you were defeated by a mere soldier on board a Human ship. (Shaovunissir)

That may be so, but I killed their Admiral and wiped out an entire country.

And now the Heirarchs have requested that we fire their weapons against them. (Shaovunissir)

As Y'sin was about to request he fire them two Brutes entered the large room carrying an injured Brute.

Humans have entered the ship! (Brute)

Oisser, find these Humans and deal with them. (Shaovunissir)

It will be done.


J.D and two of the Brits led the group down the corridors and passed a large cargo bay that was storing crates of blue canisters. Kyle and Ethan covered the back of the group and stopped when they both felt a breeze. Kyle turned around and was grabbed then tossed back down the corridor. Ethan was about to rush to him but he felt a sharp blade touch his neck and then saw Y'sin uncloak himself.

Go! I'll deal with biggens.

The team sprinted away and headed to plant the bomb. Ethan turned around cursed then continued running.

I've been thinking about how to kill you Human, now I know just how to do it.

You can try. Now are you gonna keep talking or is Round three gonna start?

Y'sin rushed Kyle and swung his sword at him, Kyle ducked and kicked him in the chest then hit him in the ribs. Y'sin grabbed his arm and tossed him back against a wall and then picked him up and threw him through a door. Kyle looked up and saw a large window that overlooked the cargo bay. He got to his feet and took the rifle off his back and raised it above his head as Y'sin brought his sword down. The blade cut into the gun and got stuck, Kyle threw both weapons to the side and tackled him to the ground. He threw a few punches but was eventually kicked back into the window, he heard it crack and smirked under his helmet. Y'sin towered over Kyle and picked him up by the neck, he was about to say something but Kyle slammed his knife into Y'sin's chest and got tossed back to the door.

I hate you Humans!

Kyle saw his chance and took it. As he was about to sprint at Y'sin, Ethan walked in and saw Kyle run at the alien and tackle him through the window. The two landed on a large crate and eventually got to their feet. Kyle was the first up but the first to fall, Y'sin threw a punch at him and cracked his helmet, the hit threw him back at least 15metres to the end of the crate. Y'sin was about to walk over and finish the job but Ethan leaped down and called to Y'sin.

Come on big boy, let's go! (Ethan)

Y'sin took out a spear and threw it at Ethan who sidestepped but unfortunately it still slashed through his arm and cut through the armour. He took Y'sin head on and was kicked back into the wall, his shotgun came off his back and he rolled to the side to dodge Y'sin's feet. He jumped up and punched him in the face, Y'sin spun around and grabbed Ethan and picked him up, he raised him up over his head and attempted to break his spine. Kyle then ran at Y'sin and knocked him over, Ethan hit the ground and was kicked back by Y'sin and slid off the edge and down onto another crate. Y'sin elbowed Kyle in the gut and pulled his forearm up to hit him in the bare face. Y'sin then ran to the end of the crate and lunged down to Ethan. Ethan took out his knife and threw it at Y'sin's shoulder. The alien chuckled and then jumped onto Ethan and picked him up by the throat.

Now you die.

Kyle shook his head and saw the shotgun, he grabbed it and got too his feet, he put the shotgun on his back and looked at the end of the crate. He sprinted to the end and leaped off and pushed his right foot out toward Y'sin, he turned around just in time to see Kyle's foot slam into his face. As Y'sin the ground Kyle rolled away and lay on his chest, Ethan grasped his neck and then took out his pistol. Kyle stood up as Ethan did and took out the shotgun.

On your feet General!

Do you think that you are the one to bring me down Human?

I know I am.

Captain, Ethan. We've planted the bomb. We will wait for you here! (Heidi)

The two Marines looked distracted so Y'sin threw to Shuriken at them, they whizzed passed them and cut their cheeks. Y'sin then leaped off of the crate and disappeared.

Think he's dead? (Ethan)

No, we should get to the others quick.

Ship is gone.........under attack..........Miguel!......Assistance.......this sh*t.

John if you can hear this then head to the others, we'll meet you there.


Dimitri finished setting up the bomb and handed the detonator to J.D, the team then heard a banging noise from a small tunnel behind them. Two of the Brits slowly made their way down there while the others waited in silence. J.D was about to say something when the two Brits came flying out of the tunnel with blood all over there armour and broken helmets. Y'sin flew out of the tunnel and slashed the necks of two of the Brits, he smacked the last one and J.D back into a wall and attacked Dimitri who put up a good fight. He smacked Y'sin back and was then thrown against a wall. Y'sin turned around as Heidi fired a shot from her pistol and then cursed as it jammed. Y'sin began walking towards her but then J.D jumped on his back and stabbed his knife into his neck, Y'sin lunged back against the wall and tried to crush J.D. He slammed harder and eventually heard a crack and felt him let go.

Pathetic Humans.

Y'sin saw Heidi and then walked over to her. She couldn't fix the pistol so she closed her eyes and waited for him to kill her. Fortunately she heard a loud bang and then a pumping sound, she then heard an empty shell hit the ground and opened her eyes. She stepped away from Y'sin and saw the large wound on his back, he fell to the ground and groaned. Heidi then turned to see Kyle holding the shotgun, he handed it to Ethan who put it on his back and then hugged Heidi. Kyle walked over to Y'sin and took out his pistol.

Any last words?
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Sun Oct 04, 2009 12:43 am

Any last words?

So…this is the end of my tale? To be killed by a human. I could not ask for a better death. This human, the one who turns to the final page in this book, myself being the very same book. He reads it from beginning to end, never skipping a page, never ignoring any sort of small detail deprive him of his attention. This is my final hour. As I look up at the human, I can finally see his face as he pulls off his mask.

His short brown hair lays on his head as a drop of sweat hangs on the last thread of hair. His blue eyes shown in the dark room. Brilliant color. It suited him. A beard that was vaguely visible stuck on his face. He had a scar on his right cheek and another under the left side of his lip. The chaos and horror he must have went through. We were the cause. His eyes showed anger and much infliction in his soul. He was ready to close the book. No hesitation. Good…

I began to recall the amount of humans that begged for mercy, yet received none. And here I am, at the mercy of a human. From all that I have done, I do not deserve any of his mercy. This book was about to close to its final chapter. Its title? “The Unsung Soldier.”


The human said nothing. He took a step back, still holding his weapon aimed towards me, as the other humans had their weapons locked on me. My research…my life and my work will be soon taken from me. I wonder if this is how the other humans felt. My eyes met with the human’s as his eyes narrowed and a heavy shadow come forth on his face. I must give it to the human. I have garnered an immense amount of respect for him. He defeated me in combat, survived many near-death experiences from my assaults, and lived to read the entire adventure. A good book; one would say. The human lowered his weapon a bit as I began to speak again.

You humans…I do not hate you as much anymore. You have piqued my interest as well as defeating me. No words can express my respect towards your race for none have even come close to your resolve and will. What is your name?…

The human said nothing. I noticed his eyes saying, “no more words, only death awaits you.” He lifted up his weapon and aimed it to my face. I looked inside of the barrel and heard the click of the hammer. A chuckle escaped me. So this is the feeling of fear! The need…no…desire to live. The horrible feeling of being alone and knowing that resistance means nothing. The feeling of much dread. Yet, here I am. Humans that have learned to turn their fear into determination. I lack such an organic trait. Slowly, my chuckle turned into a small laugh that grew into hysteria. All I can do is laugh as my end came near. I feel so helpless. It was comparable to a laughter mixed with that of a human wail. So scared and alone. Time slowed down as the human pulled the trigger.

This was…a good book. For the Core Principality...

Core death, Oissir Y’sin Asha’Haard

Core area of death, the Great Harmony

Core murderer, unknown

Core holiday, none

No funeral was held in honor of Y'sin. His acts and life were largely forgotten.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Sun Oct 04, 2009 1:08 am

God damn it! The Drones caught us by surprise!

Miguel got shot in the shoulder and I had to leave his weapon behind. I then barricaded us in the storage room. I take out my med kit and put pressure on his wound and bandaged it up.

Th..anks John. I owe you one. (Miguel)

Thank me after we get out of here.

I start looking around for something to defend ourselves with. Then I notice strange markings on panel on the wall. I then pry it open with my blade. Inside is a Drone Ion rifle, its an odd looking weapon...I place my hand inside the rifle where I feel around for the trigger. The end of the rifle forms around my armor.

Well it looks like it got a full charge.

Then I hear the Drones smashing through the door. I peak up from a counter to see 3 Drones. I take a deep breath and jump up and I start firing. To my surprise the rifle had some kick to it and knocked me on my rear. I shake my head and look up slowly....the 3 Drones were splattered all over the place. I pick up Miguel and put him on my back.

Hold on were are getting out of this sh*t house.

I make my way out of the room and down towards the hanger again...I see ...could it be...a captured WLA Hornet, it’s a small gun ship but it will do. I make sure the coast is clear and it is so I quickly get to the Hornet and get inside and lock the doors.

I set Miguel in the back of the Hornet.

Yeah, now you rest up, we are getting the others out of here and getting are butts home.

Sound.s good. (Miguel)

I run to the c*ckpit and radio the other.

Kyle you still kickin!!!

Yeah.....still here. Sounds like you are ok. How is Miguel?

He is with me, now get your butts to the hanger...I got a Hornet with a full tank here. We are getting off this turkey.

Will do see you in ETA 3 minutes, over and out.

As I get off the radio with Kyle I see Dimitri running by. I use the P.A.

Dimitri, get your ass in the Hornet now!

He stops and turns to see me in the window of the Hornet. Then runs to the rear door, I open it and he gets in.

Damn it man, if there is one thing your good at is finding things to fly.

What can I say it’s a gift. What about that bomb, did you arm it.

Yeah we got about 3 minutes and 32 seconds, we really should get moving!

Sh*t Kyle and the others wont be here until 3 minutes....we are cutting it close.

This will be dicey.
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:46 am

I watch as the time grows closer and closer to the count down.

God Damn it 1 minute left and just as I say that...Kyle the remainder of his squad is running into the hanger being perused by several Core troopers. Dimitri gets to the top gun turret and opens fire on the trooper chasing them. They scatter about as the shots come in, Kyle and his squad run into the back of the Hornet and I close the doors.

About time Kyle!

Never mind that John get us out of here!

I start up the engines and take off....I start to make my way towards the mothership’s hanger doors and they start to close, meanwhile Dimitri is using the top turret to cover our asses. I punch it into overdrive.

This is going to be very close! Hold on to your drawers and don’t piss in them!

We just squeeze through as the door closes, and we speed away from the mothership as the clock runs down to zero....then the mothership is ripped a sunder by the bomb inside......the shockwave hits us and I struggle to maintain flight. The shockwave passes some of our craft were knocked out of the sky by the blast but I notice that the other Core ships are leaving. Then we get an incoming broadcast message.

All Core ships are leaving Earth! We won people! Keep on mopping up the remaining Core forces.

Kyle punches me in the shoulder.

You done it fly boy!

No, we done it. We all done it.

1 year later.......

I stand over the site were my family was killed, grass and flowers now cover the ground. It has been 1 year since we driven the Core from Earth and peace has returned. Much of the world’s cities are being rebuilt and peoples lives are starting to return to normal.

Mine however, will never be the same, then again for the people around the world that lost someone or everyone they feel the same as I do. No matter how much we rebuild, we can never replace the friends and family we have lost....the price of war and victory is a far greater price than anyone can afford.

I walk away after placing flowers on the site, I get in my StrikeHawk and take off. As I fly over the city being rebuilt I can only wonder, will this peace last? One can only pray and hope.
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