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PostSubject: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Sun Sep 27, 2009 2:19 pm


It is the year 2076 and the world is at war, but it is not with it’s neighbors no. In the year 2070 a race of Bio-mechanical alien beings know as the Core have come to Earth. At first they seemed intent on becoming allies, but after 1 year they launched an attack on Washington D.C. and within 3 weeks the mightiest arm on Earth fell. Many other armies around the world resisted but met with a grim end.

In the year 2072 about half of Earth’s population has been enslaved but much more have been slaughtered by the Core. Only a handful of rebels are fighting the Core now in a attempt in liberating the Earth. With the newest weapon in our arsenal the AC-132 assault suit and several other weapons we may have a chance. Oh who am I you ask? My name is John Havoc, I am a volunteer in the World Liberation Army or W.L.A. which is a made up of volunteers from around the world. For about 4 years we have been pooling our resources together have a fighting chance to survive, cause we don’t have much time.

Info in The Core.

The Core operates much like an Ant colony. We figure there are classes of soldiers, command leaders, guards, workers, scouts/spies, and there must be some form of leadership command. No one has ever seen the true leader of The Core. There is speculation that The Core is lead by a massive super computer or Bio-mech due to the fact that The Core act with such precision. Orders can be given to an individual, select groups, the entire Core or multiple orders to mass amounts of Core. The Core communicate by a code we can not crack. The code can only be picked up by intercepting the correct frequency, but it is so complex that our best techs cannot yet break it.

The Core Drones

Soldiers are about 7' tall
Grunts are about 8' tall
Heavies are about 14' tall
Spies are human sized
No free thought. No individualism.

The Core Middle Class

Squad Commander
Lieutenants Generals
Some free thought, no individualism. Height varies.

The Core High Class
Government Officials
Scientific Officials
Total Free thought, Individualism, Height varies per individual.

The W.L.A. Weapons and Armor.

The basic armor, weapons & vehicles are based on that of Halo series. There is light mechs which are about 18' tall, that are used by the W.L.A called Wardogs, fighter craft are basic Jet fighter designs but the rare F-67 Strike Hawks are used in extreme cases due to lack of pilots that can handle this craft.

Strike Hawk


Author's note: More info will be added as the story goes along (Havoc)
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:32 pm

The Rising Sun was floating high in the Stratosphere over Russia. The ship was being commanded by Admiral Smith, one of the most courageous men in the war. Smith had been leading the campaign in Europe and was becoming tired of defeat, fortunately all that was about to change. The Rising Sun had not been noticed so far by the Core ships floating over the city of Moscow, very fortunate for the Navy. So far the Navy had been trying to take on the Core ships orbiting the planet but had been knocked back every time. They needed a breakthrough, and they might just have one.

In one of the hangar bays, a team of ODST Marines were gearing up for a drop. These mean suckers were led by Captain McKenzie. The six man team had done over 259 drops together in the last six years and had a mission success rate of 100%. Kyle and his men had been deployed to Europe in 2074 and were soon put under the command of Admiral Smith for a classified Navy mission. As the fighting lingered on the team stayed with Smith and were considered his right hand men. They dropped into hotzones and recovered his lost troopers and led them into heavy combat. There was never a dull moment in Russia.

Admiral Smith made his way down to the hangar where the Hellfighters were and addressed them. The team stood to attention and saluted the Admiral.

At ease Marines. We just got the order from Colonel Sanders on the ground, his forces are being driven back. He needs immediate assistance. (Admiral Smith)

God, I love those two words. (Scope)

Hell yeah! (Heidi)

What's the objective sir? (J.D)

Your team will drop from the ship and land inside the Core flagship hovering above Moscow. Once inside you will deliver a bomb to the heart of the ship and hightail it out of there. (Admiral Smith)

How do we land inside a Core ship sir? Their shields will tear our pods apart before we even get close.

Some of our tech units have figured out how to switch their shield off, only catch is you have exactly three minutes to get inside after we shut them off. (Admiral Smith)

A virus sir? (Migz)

Yes. Our engineers have also fitted your pods with a small shield that will stop any enemy fire from destroying your pods, also they will help when you drop through the ship. (Admiral Smith)

? (Ethan)

God, I love this job. (Scope)

We best not keep the Colonel waiting Marines. (Admiral Smith)

Alright. You heard him Marines! I want you booted, suited, strapped and ready for a drop in 5!


The ODST team made their way to their pods and loaded their weapons inside. As soon as they were ready a small group of Engineers approached the bay and loaded a bag inside Scope's pod and another in J.D's. The team stood in their pods and belted themselves in.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this morning we are all fortunate enough to get dropped into a large Core ship in order to load a large ST Bomb into the heart of it and blow it up. Our in flight movie will be a cross between the burning city of Moscow and hundreds of enemy ships fighting our Air Force. The in flight meal will be hot lead with a side of frag grenades. Thank you for choosing to fly with ODST Airlines. (Ethan)

And thank you for that lovely announcement Sergeant. Now, we know the objective. Drop in and take out any Core hostiles in our path, then deliver the payload.

Hoorah! (J.D)

You guys ready? (Admiral Smith on COMMS)

Sir yes sir.

Alright Marines, good luck. Once you're inside the ship we won't be able to continue radio communication, so you guys are on your own once you're in. (Admiral Smith)

Thanks Admiral. Alright team, dropping on my mark. 3....2....1...Mark!

Six pods suddenly shot out of the Hangar and down small tubes where they flew out of the bottom of the ship. The pods were picking up speed and continued to do so as they cleared the clouds. Their helmets then switched on and shielded their eyes from the bright sun overlooking the remainder of Moscow.

Marines! Hit your chutes now!

The six marines hit a button inside their pods and the top of their pods shot off and a large parachute poured out, the pods started to slow down and fell into a formation.

Marines! The Core are preparing to fire their primary weapon. You have 11 minutes before it fires.
(Admiral Smith)

Then let's take it out before it takes us out! Marines activate your thrusters, we're hitting these azzholes hard!

Captain, if that weapon fires then it will wipe out this entire city! (Migz)

We must be p*ssing ém off then! (J.D)

The pods thrusters activated and they started to fly toward the Core flagship. Meanwhile aboard The Rising Sun, the Admiral's tech units had activated the virus and the flagship's shields were beginning to fall. The Marines struggled to stay still with all the commotion of the Air Force and enemy ships fighting around them. Kyle and Migz were the first to crash through the ship, they must have traveled down to the bottom of the ship because their were a lot of engineers around. The rest of the team followed in seconds after and landed not far from their comrades.


A few brutes stood in front of Kyle's pod in amazement and made a move to grab their weapons, but before they could the hatch flew off the pod and crushed two of the brutes between a wall. The others were quickly shot down by Kyle's SMG, he then put his Assault rifle on his back and contacted the rest of his team.

I'm 20metres from your position, Captain. (Migz)

Kyle quickly made his way to Migz pod and chuckled because he couldn't get his hatch open. He pried it open and pat him on the back.

J.D, Scope. What's your postion. Over.

*Small arms fire, muffled yelling* We're two levels down from you near the Engine room, there's a lot of enemy contact here Captain. Hang on we might have an exit! (Scope)

Proceed to the heart of the ship! We'll meet you there!

Ethan, Heidi, can you hear me? If you can, proceed to the objective and meet up with us there. (Migz)


Kyle and Migz approached the core of the ship and noticed two empty pods. Suddenly Ethan and Heidi approached them with their weapons raised.

What took you so long? (Ethan)

You know me, I have to admire my surroundings.

Where's J.D and Scope? (Heidi)

Right here sugarplum! (Scope)

Did you run into much resistance?

No, I guess most of their forces are on the ground. (J.D)

Let's get this done guys, I'm eager to get on the ground. (Ethan)

Scope and J.D took the bags off their backs and started setting up the bomb. The team were right beside the core which powered the entire ship, the blast from the bomb would easily destroy the core and send out a chain reaction of explosions to the engine room and then the cannon.

How long do we have once the bomb is activated? (Heidi)

6 minutes. (J.D)

Great. (Heidi)

There's a hangar bay 100metres from here. We can make it if we run. (Migz)

Scope put the last wire in the back of the device and the timer flicked on. The team packed up their gear and then made a dash for the hangar. When they got there only one ship remained, fortunately it was big enough for the whole team. Migz was the their pilot and when he got inside he immediately took charge. Scope and Ethan made their way up a small flight of stairs and entered the control room, they opened the hangar doors and smirked. The two men then suddenly spun around when they heard banging and movement on the other side of the door. Ethan approached it and fell back when a large dent was made in the door and something tried to get in, the two barricaded the door and tried to hold off whatever was trying to get in.

F*ck this! (Ethan)

Ethan moved away from the door and shot through the glass that overlooked the hangar bay. He then yelled at Scope and the two jumped through the shattered glass and landed hard on the ground. Kyle and J.D covered them as Core forces started entering the hangar. Migz yelled at the others and they jumped in just as the ship began taking off. There was 2minutes left of the timer so they had enough time to escape the blast. Or so they thought. The bomb detonated early and sent out a shock wave that rocked the ship and sent it spinning out of control.


The ODST team sat beside the Highway and recovered their gear, they definitely knew how to throw a party. Kyle had just called in a Pelican for an evac when a convoy of troopers drove up to them. The convoy was made of Warthogs and Scorpion tanks.

Need a lift Marines? (Lieutenant)

That depends, where you guys heading?

We're delivering the final punch in the heart of the city. You guys wanna tag along? (Lieutenant)

Lucky for you troopers our schedule just got cleared. Mount up Marines! We're going to kick some Core azz!
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Sun Sep 27, 2009 10:13 pm

Core year, 7645

Core ship, Lance of Progress

Core continent of conquest, Europe

Core commanding officer, Oissir Y'sin Asha'Haard

Core calender, Phobos

Core Galaxy of Counquest, Milky Way

Core Planet of conquest, Earth

Journal Entry of Oissir Y'sin Asha'Haard #123453: Today, Moscow has fallen. Nearly seven hiz (minutes) has passed since I left the glassing of Moscow to Oissir (general) Ve'noris Ghen'cha. I believe in his abilities and will not doubt his success. For qutis (years) we have battled against the humans. Quite formidable for lower-class lifeforms, really. They have lost much of their land and many of their people, yet they still resist. I sympathize with them, truly I do. My reasons behind this campaign is secret. Not even in my journal will I write my reason for participating in this Crusade.

Anyway, I will leave it to Oissir Ve'noris Ghen'cha to glass Moscow. My only regret is not sparing any of the earthlings. My experiments have been a bit dull lately but I have found a few interesting human specimens that have a perculiar gene that I must continue to research. Unfortunately, the subject is dead and so I must continue to find new subjects. Perhaps I should try the concentration camps. May the Principality of Core prevail in our darkest hour. Wylunt (hail).

On the Core Assault Carrier, the Lance of Progress, a figure looks on from the bridge as soot covers the air from the smoky ruins of Moscow. The figure continues to look on as the Assualt Carrier travels to the Middle East sector of Earth. The darkness inside of the carrier is only lit by strange markings, the same that can be found on the figure's body, giving the inside a reddish hue. Drones are monitoring the controls of the carrier and pay no attention to anything else unless spoken to. Perfect workers for the Core Principality.

The figure turns as it begins to walk about on the bridge. The marks on its body began to pulse as red lines and marks began to form on its jet black body. In its strange and foreign language, it begins to speak to a nearby drone.

How long before we arrive?

Arrival time: eleven hiz.

Carry on, drone.

The figure resumes its post on the bridge. For several minutes it said nothing as it watched the clouds and soot. Whatever it was thinking about would only be about its experiments and plans. It then suddenly walked to a drone, knocked it off its seat, then touched a hologram as it spoke.

Locust Legion, this is your Oissir speaking. Prepare for assault on Georgia. Meet me in the hangar bay. I expect every last one of you to be armed and ready.

The figure stepped back on the bridge and pressed a mark on its chest. A collumn of red rings, that appeared from the top of the bridge, lowered itself onto the figure and transported it to another part of the ship; the hangar. Before the figure there stood one thousand drones strong. The figure was then confronted by another Oissir of the ship, Oissir Qo Undet.

Oissir Y'sin Asha'Haard. Are you certain that you wish to join the battle that is soon to transpire? I mean, these drones can take care of it themselves, why endanger yourself? Come with me and enjoy view. (Qo)

I appreciate your concern and offer, Oissir Qo, but my choice has been made. You should join me one of these day.

And get myself dirty with those uvalen (dirty human)? I think not. (Qo)

Suit yourself. I still have much to do on this world. The percentage of success for me today is ninety percent. I shall see you soon, Oissir.

Y'sin then walked away as Oissir Qo began to order the drone command to open fire as they arrived above Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The invasion had begun.

The drones walked onto a hatch below them as a liquid-substance covered them from a tube above. The liquid's purpose is to ensure safety for when the drones land on the ground or on top of other ships. It was almost similar to the human's ODST pods. Once they were covered, the hatch below them then slidded open as they fell. All one-thousand. Y'sin jumped down a hatch, without the liquid, and plummeted down to the Earth. He aimed near the middle of Tbilisi. The drones not too far ahead, immediatly began to move towards the city. Y'sin flipped as his feet were the ones aiming down instead of his head. He came crashing down in the middle of a market street while civilians began to panic. Y'sin rose from the rubble and was confronted by the security force of the Georgian military.

They spoke the human language that he did not understand. He touched the sides of his head and began to understand.

Do not move or we will shoot! We mean it! (Georgian soldier)

Y'sin spread his arms upwards as two swords came into his hands. The two swords that made Y'sin one of the most viscious of the Core. Tyrus and Kofla. The soldiers grunted in frustration and began to fire upon Y'sin. However, as sson as they began to fire he had already decapitated them. He watched as more Georgian soldiers came his way. Y'sin stabbed one of the decapitated Georgian and with it still stuck on his sword he charged towards them. The markings on his body glew red and he began to laugh. The Georgians became nervous but still fired at Y'sin. The Oissin used the Georgian he had stabbed and used it as a meatshield. The shots from the humans did not pierce through the body as the Core Oissin came towards them. Y'sin threw the body and it collided with one of the Georgians. He pulled his left arm in a vertical direction as it split one of the humans in two. He ducked and tripped four more as they suddenly burst into a pool of blood and chunks of human meat. No one knows excatly what happend but rumours say that when he tripped them, they were cut by his words and blew up because of the force from his swing.

Two Georgians came from a corner and fired at Y'sin. He blocked them with his swords and dashed in between the two as they fell on the ground and cuts were formed on their necks. Y'sin laughed harder and charged at squad that was heading in his direction. He slashed one of them at the throat, kicked ones knee in, punched a hole in one, decapitated six, and disemboweled the last one. All while laughing in his deep, mechanical, echoing voice.

Suddenly, a section of a city blew up as the drones rushed in and fired at anything that moved except Y'sin. He looked up as the Lance of Progress passed over his head. He then ran near a group of drones as they charged at a full batallion.

He stopped as pods landed a couple of meters in front of him and soldiers clad in black began to fire upon the drones and himself. He leapt away and dodged anything that was directed to himself. When he landed, one of the soldier clad in black was in front of him and another drone. Y'sin quickly grabbed the drone and used it as a shield while the soldier empyied its clip into the drone. Y'sin swung his blade as the torso of the soldier fell on the ground and the legs remained standing for a moment and then dropped on its knees. Y'sin continued the assault.

The Lance of Progress then fired its pulse laser as Georgian and black-clad soldier were melted along with the vehicles they meant to use against the Core. Y'sin picked up his pace as he jumped as a group of Georgians and laughed to himself.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:31 pm

Three troopers ran down an alleyway and panted heavily, their armour was covered in rubble and blood. They had low ammunition but were determined, determined to fight. They heard scattered chatter on their comms and could barely make it out. There's to many of them, fall back now! That was the most common phrase. The three troopers saw the street they were looking for and ran down the alleyway towards it. As they emerged from the alley a stray missile hit the ground in front of them and blew them away.

Missiles?! Sh*t! Lieutenant get your troopers on the line! All units keep firing on that Wraith.

Two troopers loaded up some rocket launchers and then took aim at the Wraith, when they fired they blew the vehicle away and took out some drones. The soldiers cheered and let down their guard for a few moments. Kyle ran from his cover and headed toward Mig who was on the back of a Warthog firing the .50cal turret.

Mig! Give me your comm link.

Mig tosses it to him and continued to fire the turret. Kyle returned to his position and knelt behind a destroyed car with J.D at his side. Scope was standing on the 12th level on a building in the middle of the street sniping from safety. Kyle radioed Colonel Sanders and cursed when a stray bullet whizzed passed his head.

Captain, what's the situation out there? (Colonel Sanders)

Sir, we have heavy casualties and even more wounded. We need to get these soldiers out of here now!

Captain we can not get any Pelicans to your position, there are too many enemy ships out there just waiting to shoot them down. Hang on a second Captain.................there's a what?! (Colonel Sanders)

Before Kyle could question the Colonel the ground began to shake, the troopers continued to fight but the ODST team looked to the sky and saw another Core cruiser tear through slipspace and appear over the city. The team cursed to the high heavens and continued to fire at their enemy.


Admiral Smith stared at his monitors in frustration as he watched yet another cruiser appear over Moscow. He cursed and contacted Colonel Sanders.

Colonel you need to pull your troopers out of there now. We can see their ship preparing to launch more dropships out, and by the looks of it they are going to send out fighter ships. (Admiral Smith)

Admiral, you worry about your business and I'll worry about mine. (Colonel Sanders)


Kyle saw them first, they came in three waves. Those fighter ships flew down to the streets faster than Lions to the kill. Kyle yelled into the comm for all units to take cover but it was too late. The ships opened fire on the troopers and took out the vehicles first, Mig was determined to stay put and shot down three ships before his fourth came crashing down toward him, he jumped from the jeep but got thrown 20metres away by the explosion. The first wave continued to fly toward Colonel Sanders base of operations while the second headed toward the troopers.

Colonel! You have incoming!

Unfortunately it was too late, there was a large ball of flame and then the fighters circled back to the cruiser. Kyle and J.D saw Mig was down so they ran from their cover as the second wave come toward them and jumped over debris and bodies till they skidded beside him. His armour was torn at the ribs and he had a piece of shrapnel sticking out of his leg. Ethan and Heidi ran over after the second wave delivered their strike, Heidi pulled the shrapnel out of his leg and stitched him up the best she could.

Scope get your ass out of that building now! We're getting the hell out of here Marines!

J.D spotted some Troopers in an alley behind them so he helped Mig up and supported him while Kyle and Heidi led them to the alley and Ethan covered their backs. Scope joined up with them further down the alley and they contacted command.

This is McKenzie, we've been overrun and need immediate Pelican Evac. We have one critically injured man and we are low on ammo.
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:33 am

About one hour ago we got a distress call, it was weak but it was from Georgians. I was the only pilot in the area so I headed out there to see what I could do.

Havoc don’t go get yourself over your head again like you did in the Nevada area last week. -Command-

Yeah yeah, I will be fine. The StrikeHawk will get me home safe. Anyway I have to switch to radio silence and go into stealth mode.

Roger that Capt. Havoc. -Command-

I switch my fighter to stealth mode and start flying in low. I am about 1 mile form the combat zone and I can see the carnage already. As I get closer I see a large Core ripping up the local troops. I smirk to myself.

The hell with just recon, I am going to even the odds.

I then take aim at the large squad of Core Drones behind the big one and open fire as I come out of stealth mode. I watch as 10 small missiles impact the ground and spread the shrapnel around killing a good portion of the Core Drones. I roar over head of the standing Core and I seemed to get the attention of the big one and the Georgian troops. The Georgian troops cheer out as I pass, but this displeases the big Core.

The big one seemed to command the Drones to attack and they attacked the remain Georgian troops. I turn my ship around and get ready for my assault.

Prepare for mech transformation.

I flick a few switches and move a read leaver forward and my fighter starts to transform in mid air. I then land with a massive thud, my craft fully transformed and start opening fire with my main cannon. I start to lay waste to the enemy forces, but we are greatly out numbered and I am taking heavy fire. I decided to send out a retreat order, lucky most of the local forces and civilians comply and start to run.

I better cover them as best I can.

I then position myself in front of the Core’s attack vector and start opening fire. I am making some head way but again.....they out number us 100 to 1. Then the worst possible ammo is low....God damn it I can’t retreat now, people are counting on me.....So I fire all I can at the wave of enemies coming at me. The alarm bells and lights are going off and systems are critical from taking so many hits.

Damn it! No not now.

A shot hits my main servo unit and I am forced to eject form my ship. As I eject form my ship the safety pod spins wildly and crashes to the ground. I have no idea if I am upside down or right side up. I grab my pistol and do a system check on my armor. Everything is fine considering, then I hear foot steps coming towards my pod.

If I am going I am going to fight.
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:23 am

Jack turned the corner and was barely able to dodge a gunshot

holy crap what was that for?

sorry but you can never be to careful in a city filled with badguys

Jacks visor depolerized

no doubt

so whats your name helljumper?

Jack Thompson

John Havoc

well John Havoc do you mind if we get out of this city i rather not be here when they start glassing this area
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:11 am

The Hellfighters took refuge in an abandoned apartment block near the highway with five other troopers. It was 2200Hours and the 11 soldiers were getting restless. They had been fighting all day and needed rest but they knew if they slept then they might risk being attacked in the night. Kyle stood at the balcony and looked at the cruiser hovering over the city, for some reason it wasn't glassing the remainder of the city. Scope and Ethan approached him and looked at he Core forces.

Why haven't they glassed the area? (Scope)

They're looking for something.

There was a great bottle store a couple of blocks from here, maybe they're gearing up for a road trip? (Ethan)

..................When's that Pelican getting here? (Scope)

I don't know, we can't get a hold of The Rising Sun. We can only hope they received our distress signal.

Kyle walked away from the balcony and lay on a bench, he held his gun tight to his chest and slowly drifted off too sleep.


Kyle was woken by the whistling of a missile heading towards them and then was jolted to attention by the missile exploding and hitting a nearby building. The others all picked up their weapons and looked through the windows to see what was happening. The Core cruiser was gone but the fighting continued and it was right outside their building now. A convoy of armoured trucks and warthogs blocked the road while dozens of troopers fought off a few drones and a Wraith. The troopers all wore the standard armour but had red stripes on their helmets and shoulder guards. Their vehicles also had red stripes running down the middle of them.

It's Omega Company! (J.D)

What makes you so sure?

J.D pointed to a group of Warthogs behind the Wraith and Core forces. They watched as the Hogs gunned down the drones and then blew up the Wraith. Kyle walked toward Mig and helped him up and then supported him. The others moved toward the door and they made their way down the stairwell to the fire exit. Scope and Heidi emerged first and were met with a few rifles to the face.

Put your weapons down troopers. They're with us. (Gunnery Sergeant Tapp)

Omega Company?

That's right Captain. I'm Gunnery Sergeant Tapp, we were sent by Admiral Smith to pick you guys up on our cleansing mission. (Tapp)

"Cleansing"? (Ethan)

Hop aboard Marines, the Admiral is waiting at Fort Alpho. (Tap)


It was a long drive back for the Marines but an even longer one back for Miguel, he was wounded pretty badly. When the convoy stopped at Alpho a medical team took Miguel away and checked the others. They insisted they were fine and stood at attention when the Admiral showed up but he quickly told them to rest. He and Kyle then walked off and talked with the Gunny Tapp.

The cruiser started moving around midnight, it left behind most of it's forces that it had dropped off and headed toward Georgia. (Admiral Smith)


Yes. The Core have started invading that country as well. It seems they thought that they had won the battle here and abandoned it. Fortunately for us we had Omega Company. (Admiral Smith)

After the cruiser left we took the risk and went into the city to find you guys, when we couldn't we decided to eradicate the Core forces still lingering around the city, it took us a few hours but we finally cleared the city. (Tapp)

Good job. So when do we leave?

Leave? Where exactly do you think we're going Captain? (Admiral Smith)

To help Georgia. Our forces there can't withstand a full scale invasion. They're going to need reinforcements and we're the closest to them.

He's right sir. They're going to need all the help they can get. (Tapp)

If we take Omega Company in there and surprise the Core from behind then we may have a chance at stopping them in their tracks.

And what's going to stop them from glassing the country after we arrive? (Admiral Smith)

The same reason they didn't glass all of this country, they're looking for something. If we surprise them and take down their cruisers before we win the fight on the ground then maybe we can save that country.

It's a big call Captain. You sure you're up to it? (Admiral Smith)

Always, sir.

Alright. Sergeant, spread the word. We're heading to Georgia! (Admiral Smith)
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:48 am

On top of a building almost close to collapse, the Oissin watches as his forces begin to destroy the city of Tbilisi. He merely chuckled to himself as the fires of destruction roared heavily in the night. Y'sin changed his vision to night vision as he watched the destruction unfold. The Lance of Progress fired at anything that moved and picked up any drones that have fallen so that they could be salvaged for parts. Over seven-hundred drones were destroyed, today. This did not concern the Oissir as he tapped a mark on his right arm and spoke into it.

Oissir Ve'noris Ghen'cha, have you finished glassing Moscow?

No responce.

Oissir Ve'noris Ghen'cha, have you finished glassing Moscow??

Again no responce. Y'sin looked towards the north and saw nothing. He knew something was wrong. I bet he was ambushed by the humans. He thought to himself. Y'sin looked down a building as a patrol of five Georgians were running down an allley near him. Not too far away from them, nearly seventeen drones were pursuing them at breakneck speed. He turned his attention to the patrol and watched as they panicked while hitting a deadend. The drones finally caught up to them and opened fire as they screamed for mercy. The drones then moved on to another alley.

A figure soon appeared behind Y'sin as he turned and laughed.

Shoalote (Government Official) Gr'skang Liutrust! I knew you'd be here. Have you come to help me look for "it?"

Indeed. It seems as if you've taken care of half of the city with the qskont (Locust Legion).

Oh yes. Although I am a bit worried over the condition of Moscow. It seems that Oissir Ve'noris may have been ambushed.

Should I assist him?

Your place is here, Liutrust.

The two turned and watched the city burn. Drones were breaking into buildings and slaughtering anything that posed as a threat while the harmless ones were captured and sent intside of the Lance of Progress.

While the two weren't looking, a Georgian holding an RPG fired off a rocket at the two. Y'sin did not move but instead continued to watch over the city's destruction. Meanwhile, Gr'skang pulled out a blade and cut the rocket in two as it passed them both. Y'sin laughed in delight from the explosion.

Amazing! Truly a magnificent sight! I feel a great sense of adrenaline. It's all thanks to that human!

Y'sin points towards the Georgian that fired the RPG and gives a confused look. He wastes no time and begins to retreat as he pulls out a M6C Magnum Sidearm. Y'sin laughs and begins to chase after the human.

Ossir Y'sin! Where are you going?

The Oissir paid no attention to Gr'skang as he chased after the human. He passed through an alley that seemed to have been a maze. He caught a glimpse of the human and scanned it so that he wouldn't lose its trail. After scanning it, it begins to emit a greenish sort of color around it. This is called bio-sense. Bio-sense allows the Core to imprint a organism's outline into their processor so that they can find it wherever they go. They can even see through walls.

Y'sin jumped from rooftop to rooftop, making sure that the human knew he was near as his laugh echoed across the ruined city. The human suddenly began to scream and stopped in the middle of the street and pried open a manhole and jumped inside.

I found "it"...

The Oissir tapped a mark on his right arm and called in for three Assault Carriers to come to Georgia. Not a moment passed that three ships appeard from slipspace, blowing away anything in their radius. It then began to rain. The Assault Carriers hovered high into the air and waited for orders. Y'sin ordered the other Oissins to drop off their drones because of what he has found. What looked like large droplets of rain began to fall from the carriers and joined with the rain. Drones soon began to patrol the rest of the city as Y'sin jumped down the manhole.

He landed inside and found nothing. He could still see the human running in the sewers and stopped as he frantically pressed on something. Y'sin darted as quickly as he could and stopped a few feet from the human. The human turned, with fear in his eyes. Y'sin watched his eyes carefully and noticed that he was staring at the keypad on the door. He pulled out both swords, Tyrus and Kofla, and slashed at the keypad. Y'sin stared at the frightened Georgian and tapped a mark on his forehead as a jelly-like creature come forth from the Lance of Progress. It entered the manhole and came to Y'sin position. The creature saw the human and immediatly wrapped itself around him and took him away to the Lance of Progress.

Y'sin stared at the door.

Shin Megami Tensei IV


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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:54 pm

I finally met up w/ Oissin. He stood in front of a door, watching it...

Something...appealing about this?

The being was trying to get into it.

Well...what's behind it?

He turned to me...

I dont know...Care to find out?

(smirking) gladly...

I stepped to the door....examining its structure....touching it, and feeling its build. I then stepped back, and landed a strong fist into a certain part of the door. It crumbled, as we began to walk in. Humans...all over the place. They were frightened, shocked....alarmed.

Our position is blown! Defend, and retreat!

My eye began to glow a bright red, through the smoke and debris of the fallen door.

Hurry up! It's Metalloid!!

I'll handle this, it'll be enjoyable...

I proceeded to move quickly into the dark, concealed room to attack plenty of these insignificant fools. I struck quickly and accurately, bouncing from one point of the room to the next. They were beginning to escape however...there were far too many.... I grabbed a book, and tearing out the pages, i perfectly projected them at the perfect angle, for it to fly through the air at a quickened pace, and to cause paper cuts. Due to the randomness of the papers, trajectory...i couldn't kill with these, but they would cause major slits in the skin to necessary points of the body. I then hurled the book cover at one of them. The sheer force of the throw, killed one of the humans. I then looked around to see how my papers of them landed a paper cut on the neck...another around the ankle, another around crack of the gluteus area. Perfect. Nobody would escape, becuase nobody could move, without unbearable pain.

Do we take prisoners..?

I looked at the humans, with 3 more books in hand....


I then proceeded to end their lives as well...

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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:40 pm

I look at the soldier in front of me, well a friendly face at least.

Well Jack I have a change of plans, you better get back to your unit and inform the brass that we need backup. I am going to scout ahead.

But....they are going to glass this area! You can’t stay here!

Yeah I know but I have to see if they are survivors. Now, get your rear in gear man!

Jack just nods and takes off down an alley. I watch him leave and I then grab my gear, and my rifle. Not far from were I crashed I see an open manhole and I wonder if any survivors are there...then I hear the gun shots.

God damn it. I better get down there.

I drop down the manhole slowly and make my way towards the noise. I activate my optics to see better in the dark. I then reach a doorway. I see two Core soldiers, they are not drones...I recognize the big one. Then I see all the dead people, they killed them all....even children. I snap back to the wall and start thinking...I have no explosives...just my blade, pistol and rifle. I look around the corner an I see a fuel can...small but it might cause enough damage to slow them down.

I take aim at the can then I pull the I fire my shot I realize there are 5 cans there not one and I dive back away form the door way.....and just in time...the room goes up with a boom.....the big Core soldiers gets fired through the open door, the other through the wall. When the smoke clears......I see that they are unharmed.....and are glaring right at me.....I look over my shoulder...dead end.....not my best move.
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:22 pm

Jack reached the area where his squad was and he looked in horror as a group of odsts layed dead on the street he went and checked there tags hoping his squad had just moved to a new area each one had the names of someone in his squad he took the tags and put them in his pocket then saluted his fallen comrades he was gunna get out of this city he looked up in the sky at the core ship floating above that give him an idea but he needed a pilot and some help he then activated his distress beacon
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Mon Sep 28, 2009 8:18 pm

Location: Underground Shelter, City of Tbilisi, 2200 hours.

Gunshots from the sewers about a mile down echoed in the tunnel. About five minutes later an explosion sound. I run to get my "suit" on. There must have been another shelter in the sewers. I powered up the suit and blasted through the wall. Visuals showed 2 hostiles and 1 friendly. But they were big hostiles. The little ones I could deal with, but this big guys i could knock them down for a few seconds. Luckily that should be all I needed. I calculated the route to take and went full throttle. Within a few seconds I was upon the Core members. ****...really big ones. Firing a quick bolt at one I hit the other from behind.

Take that you alien son of a ****!

I picked up the human, he was in military uniform. Or at least what appeared to be military. I didn't like military guys. As I refocused myself to my "mission" I could see the aliens getting up. I blasted out of the sewers and headed north.

So who the hell are you? And why is it that I should be saving you?


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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Mon Sep 28, 2009 8:53 pm

The Admiral, Kyle, Sergeant Tapp and two Colonels all stood in a briefing room planning their attack.

Our forces in Afghanistan are gearing up for battle as we speak, as soon as you give the order Admiral, we'll be ready. (Colonel Buck)

The British and Italian forces are mounting up, they will be sending a large contingent of Strike Hawk's and F22's to aid us in attacking the Cruiser's. Not to mention the African Air Regiment is sending over 200 planes. Your Pelican's will also be covered until they get their units on the ground. (Colonel Williams)

Good. Captain, Sergeant. Are you two ready for the battle on the ground? (Admiral Smith)

Yes sir. The ODST troopers are eager to fight, and with Omega fighting with us, I can guarantee we will kick some alien azz. Sir.

Good. Alright men, we begin the assault at 0100hours......The 4th of July. (Admiral Smith)

Kyle and the rest of the team walked into the infirmary and found Miguel's room. When they entered he winked at his nurse and she left the room with a smile on her face.

It's about time you guys got here. (Miguel)

Sorry Migz, we got caught up. (Scope)

Why are you guys wearing your armour? (Miguel)

We're going to help the Georgians.

So when do we leave? (Miguel)

Not this time Migz. You're too badly injured.

You guys get all the fun. (Miguel)

I'll bring ya back a souvenir Migz. (J.D)

Make it something good! (Migz)

The team then left and made their way down to the arms room where they met dozens of soldiers gearing up for battle. The Marines grabbed their weapons and rushed down to their hangar. Kyle led the team to a Pelican that had been painted over and looked like a cobra. The Hellfighters got on board and were ready for take off when another team of ODST Marines got inside and greeted their fellow comrades.

There goes the neighbourhood. (Ethan)

As the Pelican closed up and the hangar doors opened, some inspirational music came over the speakers (Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin). Kyle adjusted his helmet and listened to the music.


Admiral Smith sat in his chair on the command bridge and held small comm link to the Pelicans and fighter pilots preparing to fly. He turned it on and addressed his brave soldiers.

Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind. Mankind huh? That word should have new meaning to all of us these days. We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore, even though in these dark days many continue to fight their own kind. Perhaps its fate that today is the 4th of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution -- but from annihilation. (Admiral Smith)

The Hellfighters and Marines listen closely and give a small "Hoorah".

We're fighting for our right to live, to exist. And should we win the day, the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice:

"We will not go quietly into the night!

We will not vanish without a fight!

We're going to live on!

We're going to survive!"

Today, we're going to beat these alien b*stards into the ground and retake our planet! (Admiral Smith)

With those last few words, the pilots all began to take action and flew out of the ship toward Georgia. They had all seen the cruiser they were targeting before, it was bigger and had more firepower. Kyle moved to the c*ckpit of the Pelican and used the pilots radio to contact all other ships.

Listen up troopers, we have to hit hard and we have to hit fast. These azzholes come to our planet and start acting all big and bad. I've had all I can handle with these ugly pr*cks! If they want war, we'll give ém war!
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:51 am

So who the hell are you? And why is it that I should be saving you?

I look at this armored man that got me by the back my armor and flying!? Damn it what else will happen to me today?

Name is John, and yours is? He hesitates to tell me then he speaks.

Dimitri, just Dimitri.

OK just Dimitri where are you taking me? There is a pause.

I really have no idea. We then set down on a cliff side and I turn to get a better look at the man who saved me.

Well Dimitri, I owe you one.

No it’s nothing. I would do that for anyone who fights the Core.

Well why not join us, the W.L.A.? We could use a man of your skills.

Well...I am kind of....against the ways of the military.
He has his head lowered then I say something that interests him.

Well Dimitri, before I joined the W.L.A. air force I was a cargo pilot in Canada, I was on a flight to Northern Ontario to drop some supplies to the radar base when the attack hit Washington D.C. When I landed at the radar base I over heard some men talking about the attack on Washington D.C. and that we were at war. But this news, that meant something more to family was in Washington D.C. on vacation that day. The reports were as I survivors.

My heart sunk that day, so to fill the emptiness within me...I joined the W.L.A. and I been fighting the Core ever since.

Sorry for your lose John, tell you what. I will take you to the nearest airbase.
I smile.

Thank you, now lets get out of here before we end up with unwanted company.

We both fly off Northeast to the W.L.A. Airbase.
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:20 am

Jack looked up to see pelican drop ships landing on the opposite side of the bridge. Away from Jack and he started running but luckily there was a intact civilian vehicle only a few feet away from him. The car was unlocked and even had the keys in the ignition. Safes him the trouble of having to hot wire the car. He made sure he had a full clip in his battle rifle and rockets in his rocket launcher. Then sped down towards the bridge hoping he wouldn't run into any core on the way.
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:56 pm

We land outside the W.L.A Airbase and we I take a look at the action going on at the base.

God damn it they must be ready to do a air strike, I have to get my ass over there and get air bourne. I look back at Dimitri and he is getting ready to leave. Listen wait. He then stops and turns to look at me.

know you hate the military and that is your business, but you can run
forever. You can either help us, or fall prey to the Core. Your
technology could be the difference in this war, you could be help save

He looks at me and knows that I am right. I can tell he is thinking and weighting his options carefully.

Alright then John, If I have to trust someone it might as well be you.

Great now lets get to the base.

wall down to the base and the guards at the gate yell out “Halt!” I
recognize the guards voice, its Sam my old friend from my home town.

Sam you knot head its me John! I take off my helmet and he narrows his eyes.

Holy Sh*t! John boy your alive! We thought the Core b*stards got you! (Sam)

I walk over to him put my hand on his shoulder.
God Damn it, you know me better than that! I am to mean to die. (Laughing)

Yeah, tell me about it. Umm who is that with you?(Sam)

He is Dimitri, he is with me. He save my a** back there. So I got clearance?

Yeah both of you better meet up with the Commander, he will be glad to see you.(Sam)

and Dimitri both walk into the main hanger and I see the Commander
talking to some of the flight crew members, I yell over to him
“Commander Hightower!” He turns and smirks.

I knew you would be back John, and you brought a friend? (CH) He looks at Dimitri a bit puzzled.

Yeah, he is some sort of inventor or something, that suit is the reason we are safe right now.

but John you better get up there and help out the Air squads they could
really use a veteran up there today. We will make sure Dimitri is safe,
I promise you that.(CH)

Good, cause that man saved my a** today.

Dimitri is concerned but I nod to him to reassure him that everything will be fine.

John we don’t have your regular StrikeHawk but we have a new model for
you. He points to a new type of fighter being rolled into the hanger.
We call it the Hayabusa, now I know its asking a lot of you fly after
all you been through but..(CH).He pauses as he sees me walking towards
the new craft. I look back at him and grin.

I will take off in 5 minutes.
I turn and look at my new ride. Its time I paid that big Core a visit.
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Tue Sep 29, 2009 6:15 pm

Y'sin and Gr'skang stood up as a being encased in metal, flew away and rescued the life of a pilot. The two Cores were a bit irritated but continued on to search the sewer. They came upon a secret entrance meant for hoarding the wounded humans. Y'sin stared at them as they stared back in fear, afraid of what he might do. Y’sin turned to Gr’skang.

There are plenty of humans down here. Many incapable of resisting. I want all of them aboard the Lance of Progress. Be sure that the drones have taken over every block from here to the end of the county.

Understood, Oissir. Once I am done with my inspection I will return aboard the Manevolent Force. Is that alright?


Gr’skang left the room and went outside to take care of the outside. Y’sin stayed and tapped a mark on his forehead as the same creature from before, and many more, come to harvest the wounded humans. Once they were taken to the Lance of Progress, Y’sin returned to the surface of the ruined city streets of Tbilisi. He looked up at the second Assault Carrier that he had called in and tapped a mark on his right arm and spoke into it.

Release the hovalin (Grunts) and wekis (Heavies).

The rain was still falling and many drones were patrolling the city. Bodies of dead humans filled the street along with their gore and blood. Y’sin grunted to himself in shame but snapped out of it as a squad of hovalins landed in front of him. They were a few inches shorter than him but were more durable than the drones. Then came the wekis. They were by far the largest drones in the Core Principality. However, they were almost the least intelligent. The juvaton (Soldier aka drones) have proven to be more intelligent. The hovalins and the wekis are the most powerful and durable of the Core, minus the Oissirs.

For many eons they have served as the backbone of the Core Principality military. No war was ever lost because of them. But lately the Core has drawn their attention to manufacturing advanced versions of the common drone. They have proven to be superior in conquest and combat. Thus rendering the others as inferior and disposable. That changed when it was discovered that because the common drone could not withstand so much damage, and were quickly destroyed, the hovalin and wekis were kept in case they needed anymore firepower or wanted to conquer quickly.

Hovalin, stay here and assist the drones that are stationed here. Wekis, you’re to follow me.

Yes, Oissir Y’sin Asha’Haard. (Hovalin & Wekis)

The two Core types did as they were told. Y’sin walked around the city blocks, looking for any surviving humans. Unfortunately, not many were found. The drones did their work TOO well. This annoyed Y’sin but he let it go. A sudden feeling came upon Y’sin. He looked towards the North and remembered the human that had escaped along with the armored one. Y’sin pulled up his hand towards their direction and began to “predict” the fate of the human. He rarely does this, but when he does, and it would mean that he has garnered an intense interest in someone or something.

Human. For you to have escaped our wrath is nothing short of a phenomenon. But the claws of death reaches far. Even farther does my interest. You have piqued my interest…but I believe it is time you died…prove me wrong…

Y’sin closed his claws and continued to search the city. He tapped a mark on his right arm and ordered the Delirious Berserker to leave. It soon left in slip space as Y’sin continued to stare towards the North. The wekis then asked their Oissir.

Are the humans coming, Oissir? (Weki leader)

No. Not yet.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:33 pm

The landing was a little bumpy but all in all it was good. Thousands of soldiers were pouring out of Pelicans and getting into Warthogs and Scorpions. Kyle's team jumped into a Warthog and led a charge against a Core stronghold in a plaza.

This is Bravo team! We are pinned down in Bakara Plaza! Get us some f*cking reinforcements now! (Soldier)

The convoy soared down the road and came across the plaza, J.D was on gunner duty and opened fire on the Brutes. Ethan was driving their Warthog and drifted to the right and slammed into a few Brutes then circled the soldiers they heard on the radio until the area was clear. Kyle jumped out and approached the group, most of them were injured so Kyle called in a medical team to evac them out of the area. He jumped back in the Warthog and talked to Ethan.

We need to head to the city centre. The Admiral seems to think that a large force of Brutes are capturing wounded soldiers in the underground tunnels, we need to get there ASAP and intercept their snatch and grab teams.

The convoy sped towards the centre of the city and went under one of the cruisers. The team watched as hundreds of Strike Hawks and F22's battled with the Core sky fighters. They needed to do some damage to those cruisers soon, otherwise the attack would count for nothing. Ethan saw a few Core dropships and accelerated. The convoy broke off into two groups and were planning to surprise the Brutes.


Y'sin heard them first, the roaring of the engines, the sounds of rubble beneath the wheels. The Humans had found them. He ordered Brutes to cover the North and West flanks and hold their position. He watched as the last of the civilians and soldiers were being taken out of the tunnels. Then it happened. A large flash came from the cruiser above them. The Air Force had finally broken through the ships shields and were now concentrating all their fire on the cruiser. Y'sin growled and turned around as a group of Warthogs tore through their blockade and their gunners shot down the Brutes.

Kyle's Warthog smashed into several Brutes and drove towards the people. Before they could get to them a missile hit the side of their Warthog and sent it flying to the side. The Marines crawled out and started shooting at the Brutes, Scope took out his Battle Rifle and shot down the Brute with the Missile Launcher then salvaged his Sniper Rifle. The other Warthogs formed an all round defense in the middle of the street and held their position while the Marines secured the prisoners. One of the larger Warthogs plowed through the rubble and dead Brutes and the prisoners hopped on.

Get them back to Alpha Command now!

As the Warthog drove off two others followed it and secured it's route to command zone. The Brutes were starting to retreat and picked up their wounded. Kyle smirked, the attack was going as planned. As the team were about to flip their Warthog and salvage what was left a large Core soldier appeared and stabbed a large blade through Scope's chest. The soldier threw him to the side and lunged over the rest of the team slicing their backs and arms. Kyle dodged the attacks and tackled the creature as it landed, the beast hit him back and swung his sword at him. Luckily Kyle ducked and kicked the creature back then dived for a Shotgun lying at the feet of a dead trooper. Y'sin sprinted at Kyle but he had already stood up and aimed the weapon at Y'sin's chest.

Go ahead Human, take the shot.

Kyle pulled the trigger but there was no kickback or burst from the barrel. It wasn't loaded. Y'sin laughed and was about to strike when the two heard a whistling sound and then saw a burning Core fighter ship spinning out of control towards them. They both dived in different directions and avoided the crash. Kyle took out his pistol and aimed it in Y'sin's last position but the creature was nowhere to be seen. He heard his team calling him so he ran to them and looked down at the Field Medics tending to Scope.

The blade pierced his heart and blood is filling up his lungs. If we don't get him out of here now he's not going to make it. (Medic)

The team helped lift him into a Warthog and rode back to Alpha Command with their injured team mate. Unfortunately, half way to the base, Scope passed away....
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:31 pm

The man that was called John grinned as he was given a new weapon to fight the Core with. War sickens me. It turns boys and men alike into monsters, ravaging against eachother. But this war was different. We all had one enemy this time. We were fighting real monsters. John fired up the craft and left me with his CO.

So you saved John's ass with that thing huh? We could use that sorta tech against the Core. What do you say we make a de...(CH)

No, it is not for sale. There will only be one. And I shall control it. Not you. Not Latvaria. And especially not those **** Core.

I burst out of the hanger into the fire fight. Blasts of plasma flew around me. I fired small precision blasts of pure energy. Planes fly in the air, mechs cover the ground. The smell of roasting Core is almost soothing to my Latvarian soul. The brutes and grunts fall to my blasts. I then see John's plane come out of the hanger.


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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:58 am

As I look at the battlefield ahead of me all I can think of is that ship...the Lance of Progress as the Core call it. It was the ship responsible for glassing Washington D.C. and it is safe to assume that the big Core warrior is the commander. I grit my teeth, that b*stard will pay, the Core will pay. I then send a broadcast to the troops below me and the rest of the air squad.

This is Captain MacIsaac of the 191st Tactical Air Strike team. I will be helping provide air cover. Sorry I was late.

I then get a reply from one Captain McKenzie.

Hell there fly boy, glad to have a friendly eye in the sky up there. Can you help punch through the main line for us?

No problem Captain, I got the targets locked all ready.

With that I take my aim at the Core line of Brutes and Drones....I unleashed hell on them, I watch them be ripped to shreds. I then roar over head and drop some cluster bombs on the Core front line to help weaken their defense. As the bombs explode I gain altitude then my radar goes off, apparently the radar of the Hayabusa has a longer range.

Warning Warning. Six Core cruiser inbound. Long range burst cannon fire is imminent.

Damn it I have to warn them, we have to retreat.

We have to retreat, my long range scanners have picked up six Core cruisers inbound. They are going to glass our position in 5 minutes.

Seriously sh*t, I will issue the retreat. Over and out.

I can only pray that we will survive this.
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:12 am

Jack slammed into a couple of core drones and something then hit the car and flipped the civilian vehicle over Jack crawled out and ran to cover Jack hadn't noticed there was wraiths all over the bridge he keyed his comm then spoke into it

hey anyone out there this Sergeant Jack Thompson respond

he turned of the comm he picked up the launcher he only had two rockets

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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:59 am

Kyle and his team had got out of the Warthog that carried their dead team mate to the base and had traveled back to the battle on foot. Unfortunately they had just been told that there were six Core cruisers approaching their position.

All units I am ordering a full retreat. We have six Core cruisers closing in on our position! Admiral, we need Pelicans to evac our units now!

Negative Captain, those aren't just Core cruisers. (Admiral Smith)


Kyle and the rest of the soldiers all looked up at the sky to see two Core cruisers passing over the city at tremendous speed then saw another crash on the far side of the city. Three WLA ships then appeared and hovered over the city. Kyle grabbed some binoculars from a soldier and looked at the ships, then he saw the flag.

Son of a b*tch....The British are coming.....

All units, this is Commander Stone of the British Marine Core. We heard you boys could use a hand out here! Keep your forces on the ground, we'll handle these cruisers and send you down some reinforcements. (Commander Stone)

Kyle smirked under his helmet and belayed his retreat order. He then turned to see a large group of Brutes heading his way so he reloaded his weapon and led his soldiers into combat once again.


Admiral Smith got in contact with Stone and looked out at the Core cruisers getting beaten back by the Air Force. I guess those Strike Hawk's are handy.

What's the situation Admiral? (Commander Stone)

We've managed to beat back most of the Core forces on the ground and our aerial assault has only really taken affect now. The shields are down on the large cruiser so hopefully if we keep dealing out damage to it then it will retreat. But we may need you to scramble some jets because half of ours have been shot down. (Admiral Smith)

No problem Admiral. Let's beat these alien b*stards! (Commander Stone)


Kyle smacked back a Brute and then shot it in the chest, two more tried to take him out but Heidi gunned them down and reloaded. J.D picked up a rocket launcher from beneath an overturned Warthog and fired it at a group of Brutes. Kyle stood still as two bodies landed on either side of him, he then saw a group of ODST pods hit the ground two blocks from their location.

Let's head to those pods, the more Marines we have the better.

The group made their way to the pods and greeted their fellow "droppers" with a couple remarks on their rough landing. Captain Blaze, one of the hardest and most admirable ODST's to date. His squad was made up of six battle hardened Brits who had been fighting since day one.

Long time no see McKenzie. (Blaze)


Hey anyone out there this is Sergeant Jack Thompson, respond

Sergeant, this is Captain McKenzie. What's your position? Over.

I'm on a bridge 2clicks from the centre of town sir. There's Wraiths everywhere.

Kyle looks at the other ODST's and gazes at a Warthog with a missile launcher on the back of it.

Shall we?


Two Warthogs sped down the road, one had a missile launcher on the back while the other had a simple .50Cal turret. J.D mounted the launcher and saw the bridge. He told Ethan to drive up fast and try not to get hit. Ethan accelerated and drove straight at the bridge, J.D acquired his first target and fired a missile into the back of the Wraith. The explosion proved the tank was destroyed but now two others were turning round and aiming at the Warthogs. Before the tanks had a chance to fire, a small rocket hit the back of another tank and destroyed it.

J.D waste that last Wraith quick!

J.D opened fire and hit the Wraith a few times in the front but it wasn't doing enough damage, he then saw a man jump on the back and plant something. Ethan was getting too close so he hit the brake and spun around just as the Wraith exploded. The Marines dismounted their vehicles and walked up to the smoking Wraiths.

Thanks guys, I couldn't have done it without ya!

No problem Marine. Where you heading?

Wherever you guys are going, sir.
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Wed Sep 30, 2009 6:02 pm

Journal Entry of Oissir Y'sin Asha'Haard #123459: The Cruiser, the Forsaken Entity, nearly crushed me. The human ODST had truly adverted the conquest of Georgia. This was troublesome. I was not about to let the invasion go on about without some form of retreat. A proper retreat would suffice. I looked up at the Lance of Progress. It was taking a beating from the humans and would not last long. Hovalin (Brutes) were being slaughtered just as I had feared. I decided to use them.

Y’sin tapped a mark on his right arm and spoke into it. He ordered the wekis to finally come from hiding and strike. The wekis squadron burst from the ground and joined up with the last of the drones around the city. He ordered them to attack any humans without mercy. But when he did, a human vehicle swooped down and fired upon them and ended their duty. Not many were left. Y’sin growled in a terrible rage, he was tired of this and then decided to use the retreat to his advantage.

All Assault Carriers! Initiate slipspace!

Yes, Oissir. (Pilots of the Assault Carries)

They did as he asked. The Assault Carriers began to enter slipspace. The human fleet began to turn to avoid the EMP blast and continue. However, not many got away. When the Assault Carriers and the Lance of Progress finished entering slipspace, many of the ships fell from the skies and crashed into the city of Tbilisi. Rendering it nothing but rubble as the flames reached towards the skies. Some drones and humans were crushed under the ships weight. Y’sin laughed as his “retreat” worked to his advantage. He ordered the last of the drones, hovalin, and wekis; which were about 1,300 strong, including a few star fighters, to distract the humans so he can proceed to plan D.

Drones. Deal with the humans.

Y’sin then left and was ready to board a nearby banshee. Before he boarded it, he tapped a large mark on his chest and his appearance changed. Y’sin was now in hokv form (stealth). In this form, he was more agile but less durable than his previous form. Although now he was equipped with a silenced Type-25 Spiker which was acquired on an unspecified time period. He then entered the banshee. He flipped a switch and proceeded to fly by the remaining human fleet and ground forces. It was all thanks to the stealth module he had installed earlier.

Many hours passed but he had finally found his objective. The human flagship that held the human, Admiral Smith. The flagship merely hovered in the air, almost serenely. Y’sin used his data scanner. At first he could not get through because of the jammers, but he created a virus and passed the fire wall all in his head. Eventually, he found out the name. The Rising Sun. He flew up high into the air and then tapped a button as the banshee stayed in the air. He then dropped out of it and plummeted towards the ship. Just before he landed, he tapped his left shoulder and bended the light to turn invisible. Y’sin flipped to his feet as a burst of air stopped his sudden descent, where he gently landed on the flagship.

This would either help bring the war to an end or make the humans more determined. Either way, a leader shall die tonight.

Y’sin used his new body and tapped a mark on his right knee. The knee then turned his legs into blades. With them, he cut the hull of the Rising Sun. He slowly removed the hull he had cut and as he entered he placed it back in its place. The inside of the ship was very bright. If not for the stealth upgrade he would have been discovered. He leapt on the ceiling and clung to it. He then scanned the ship and accessed its data map. It lead him to where Admiral Smith was bunked and skittered to his location. Every time he came across a human, he would stop and wait until it was clear. Eventually, he made it to the Admiral.

He stared at the door and frequently looked behind himself. Knowing that going through the door would be unwise, he instead went for the vents. Thanks to his skinny frame he was able to squeeze in and made it inside of the Admiral’s bunk. The Admiral was reading a book when he suddenly heard a thud near the door. Admiral Smith pulled out a M6D Magnum and went over to check. He was stopped short when Y’sin appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the Admiral by the throat. The mask of Y’sin then pulled back and revealed a hideous face of a scarred reptile. He growled as the general began to gasp for air and tried to pry from his grip. Y’sin threw him on the floor and pinned him down. Effectively holding Admiral Smith against his will.

Now…let’s talk about the fate of your world…and yours.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Wed Sep 30, 2009 7:48 pm

What the hell?! Did those cruisers just make the jump through slipspace inside the city?!

Sh*t! Commander Stone's ship hit the ground! (Blaze)

Sir! The Core ground forces are retreating, most are jumping aboard their drop ships and flying off to the west. (Trooper)

The west? Sh*t. The Rising Sun is in that direction!

The Admiral?! (Ethan)

All units fall back to The Rising Sun now! The ship is about to get hit! Blaze! You're coming with us, we're gonna need all the guns we got.

Roger that. (Blaze)


The Admiral and Y'sin were now standing on the command bridge and watching the burning city. Unfortunately for the crew and soldiers aboard The Rising Sun, a large force of Brutes had infiltrated the ship and were taking over. Three very large Brutes then walked into the command bridge and guarded the door.

Looks like you've burned another one. (Admiral Smith)

It's the least we can do to you pathetic meat bags.

I have to say this is very unexpected, Y'sin. I never thought you would invade my ship. (Admiral Smith)

Indeed. I'd rather we had met in combat, like soldiers.

I agree, but instead we find ourselves here. (Admiral Smith)

Indeed. Now, give me the location of your nuclear warheads. One of your Colonels told me you had them.

I would, but my security clearance was revoked the second you stepped on board the ship. I can't locate them now. (Admiral Smith)

Oh you make a very poor liar, Admiral. Now give me the location.

Without authorisation from high command, those warheads are going nowhere. (Admiral Smith)

Do not toy with me Admiral.

Y'sin then took out a small blaster and shot one of the crew members standing behind the Admiral.

NO! (Admiral Smith)

The Admiral swung a punch at Y'sin and kept hitting him until Y'sin grabbed his fist and kicked him back and down some stairs. The Admiral lay motionless on the ground while Y'sin approached him. He stopped and turned to see his Drones walk onto the bridge.

Download the data!


The Hell Cobra Pelican flew at high speed toward The Rising Sun, the Marines inside looked at the ship. Some of it was burning but they could still hear radio chatter inside. Kyle and Blaze readied their team and tried to make communication with the Admiral. There was no response from the bridge but they did manage to raise some troopers holding their ground in the mess hall.

Troopers, hold your position we are inbound. Over.

Captain is that you?! (Migz)


Don't worry Captain, I'll keep these troopers under control until you get here. (Migz)

The Pelican was closing in on a hangar but the pilot cursed to the high heavens when he saw the Brutes scattered around the inside. He activated the thrusters and turned to the side when he entered the hangar, the Pelican came in on a 30degree angle and slammed into the Brutes that weren't quick enough to get out of the way. The Pelican couldn't slow down and eventually hit the back wall and took out one of the engines. Brutes started crowding around the ship and snarled at it, suddenly the rear door opened and the ODST's opened fire on the remaining Brutes.

This is Captain McKenzie, we are on board.


The mess hall was the last stand for the troopers and it wasn't going well. Miguel was standing with two troopers who had shotguns while he had a battle rifle. His leg was still extremely sore but he knew he had no choice about fighting. One of the Brutes chucked a grenade that landed behind Miguel so he dived for it and threw it back, a small explosion shook the room and the Brutes seemed to be defeated for the time being.

Here they come again! (Trooper)

Hold your fire! They're with us. (Miguel)

The ODST's walked over the dead Brutes and reunited with Miguel and the other troopers.

Where's the Admiral?

I don't know, upstairs is crawling with Brutes. My guess is he would be on the bridge. (Migz)

Then the bridge is where we go.

Suddenly a large volley of blaster fire came from behind the soldiers and a few were killed. Heidi tossed a frag grenade and took out two Brutes but there was at least fifty of them down the corridor.

There's an elevator not far from here! Go through that side door and take the corridor to the right! (Trooper)

Thanks Trooper. Blaze, let's go now!

The Marines sprinted for the door and shot at the same time. Ethan and Blaze were at the back when Blaze got hit by a round from one of the Spike rifles, he took it in the shoulder and fell down. Ethan covered him while he got up but when he did he took two more spikes to the chest and fell back down. Two of his Marines called out too him and were about to run back when the Brutes broke through the Troopers lines and slaughtered them without mercy. Blaze took out an ST Grenade and armed it. The others ran through the door and slammed it shut. They ran down the corridor and got in the elevator just as the grenade exploded and sent a large wave of fire through the entire level. Kyle hit his fist against the wall and looked at a monitor behind them, Heidi was operating it and showed the security footage of the bridge. They saw Y'sin standing over the Admiral and then pick him up and throw him back up the stairs.

The big guys mine.


You really should have just told me where the location was Admiral, now I have to get myself covered in your blood.

Y'sin grabbed the Admiral by the throat and held him off the ground while chuckling. As he took out one of his swords a man tackled him and he dropped the Admiral, Y'sin and Kyle flew down the small stairs and hit the ground. Kyle rolled over and took out his pistol then aimed it at Y'sin but he kicked the gun out of his hand and jumped to his feet. Kyle stood up but ducked as Y'sin swung his right arm holding his sword but Kyle ducked and took out his combat knife from his ankle hilt and grabbed Y'sin's arm. He stabbed the knife through his wrist and pulled it out then stabbed it into where his ribcage should be. Y'sin growled and cursed in how own language as the Human sidestepped around him and stabbed the knife into his left shoulder, Y'sin then shot around and smacked Kyle up the steps and knocked off his helmet.

I really do hate you Humans.

Y'sin walked up the stairs and grabbed Kyle by the back of his armour and tossed him into a wall, he then grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up. As he started the tighten his grip the door to the bridge opened and Kyle's Marines poured in and gunned down the Drones and Brutes. Y'sin turned his gaze back to Kyle and took the knife out of his shoulder.

I'll kill you, then I will kill these soldiers, then I will destroy your entire planet!

Y'sin was about to stab Kyle when the Admiral knocked into Y'sin and fell to the ground, Y'sin had to drop Kyle and then took out his spiker and shot the Admiral. Kyle then took out his second knife and stabbed it into Y'sin's back. He then slammed his knee into Y'sin's chest and punched him in the face so hard he fell back and tumbled back down the steps.

Welcome to Earth.

The Marines secured the Bridge and tended to the Admiral.

Captain look out!

Y'sin jumped to his feet and then launched himself out the observation deck and landed on a Core drop ship. The Marines held on as the air was being sucked from the bridge, fortunately the bridge locked down.

Admiral, let's get you out of here.

No Captain. My time is up. But yours isn't. (Admiral Smith)


The Admiral took out a small disk from his pocket and handed it to Kyle.

It's plan B..... (Admiral Smith)

The Admiral got to his feet and leaned against the railing. He ordered the Marines to leave ASAP, the ship was lost. When he saw the Marines get on the last Pelican off the ship he made his way to the controls and disengaged the engines. He then fell to the ground and looked at a picture of his family.


As the Pelican soared away from The Rising Sun, the Marines watched as it began to fall toward the ground.

They didn't die for nothing Kyle! (Ethan)

Sir! Where exactly are we heading? (Pilot)

London! There's a military base there where we can regroup.
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PostSubject: Re: FULL METAL ARMAGEDDON   Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:33 am

I see Y'sin launched himself out the observation deck and landed on a Core drop ship as I fly over head.

Oh no you don’t your not getting away form me that easy.

I turn my fighter around and head right for Y’sin, he hears my fighter coming and glares at me. Some how, some way, he knows it’s me. I grip the controls and flick off the safety and take aim. I lock one, two, three the four missiles.

I have you now you b*stard!

Just as I have him, a large Core cruiser appears from above with the hanger door open to scoop up the Core drop ship, Y’sin grins at me thinking he has won, but then is grin turns to shock.

No way, no how. Your going to pay for what you have done!

I transform my fighter into it’s mech form and slam the feet into the side of the drop ship and force it into the hanger. Y’sin gets knocked off the drop ship and I land as the drop ship slides into some of the Core that are within the hanger.

I start firing the mech’s plasma rifle and the rocket launcher simultaneous at the remaining Core that I see in the hanger. I start looking for Y’sin, he isn’t getting away form me. I start scanning the area, then I see him...just standing in front of smug, I then take aim at him. Then it happened.....a shot form hit with such force it knocked my mech to it’s knees, I try to get it back upright but some force is holding it down.......I am trapped....this...was some sort of trap. I struggle with my controls and I scream out in rage. All I can see is Y’sin looking so smug as he gives some orders to have me taken form the mech.

God damn...I let my...thrust for revenge cloud my judgement.

I then look up at my monitor and Y’sin is looking right at me, he grins a evil grin.

So, Human? How are you going to get out of this now? (Laughing)
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