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 The Realm: RPG

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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Sat Sep 12, 2009 1:11 am

Lunar continued to unleash his fury on Kratos who took his hits. The two smashed through the mountain and hovered away from each other. Kratos wiped a speck of blood off his chin and laughed.

You sure you want to continue brother?

Only if you can keep up with me.

The two flew at each other and clashed fists, they continued to block and strike one another until they had finally flew away from the Portal and their armies. Kratos dodged a punch from Lunar and kneed him in the back then grabbed his arm and threw him into the Xantania Mountains. Lunar smashed through the rock and landed in a small building. He realised he was in the Lost City and seemed amazed by the find. Suddenly one of Kratos' energy blasts exploded near Lunar and he flew away to the main castle where he sensed The Nexus was.

Kratos entered the city and saw a light emitting from the castle, he sensed Lunar in the castle so he flew toward it and smashed through the wall. Lunar appeared out of nowhere and gave him an uppercut, the two then continued to fight upward toward The Nexus. Kratos kneed Lunar in the chest and grabbed his head, he scrapped his head up the walls and tossed him through the roof. He made his own hole through and hovered above Lunar. The Elites guarding the Nexus took out their weapons and cheered for Kratos.

Get up Lunar! I'm not finished with you yet!

Lunar stood his ground and looked at his armour, his light was slowly starting to fade. He was losing energy. Kratos rushed him and smashed his fists into him then kicked him back into a wall. Yamato appeared in Kratos' hands and he unsheathed it, Lunar took a deep breath and looked at the Nexus.

I may not be able to beat you physically Kratos, but I can destroy the one thing that gives you your power!

Lunar sent out a large blast of energy at The Nexus and fell to his knees. Kratos sent out his own blast and tried to intercept Lunar's own attack but he unfortunately missed. The Light energy combined with The Nexus and the two powers started to become unstable. Kratos cursed Lunar and grabbed him by the neck.

Do you have any idea what you've done?!

Before Lunar could answer, The Nexus exploded and sent out a large blue force and flame that destroyed the mountain range and much of the surrounding area. Kratos and Lunar were sent flying back toward the field, they were both defeated.
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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Sat Sep 12, 2009 1:22 am

I see the blast and shield myself as best as I could.....I get thrown back into a wall. When the dust clears I look around and I see that the portal is closed, the slot that controlled the portal is destroyed...the sword is gone too....I am trapped here...forever......I then sense that.......Lunar and Kratos are still alive.

Lunar! Where are you? I sigh....and put my head down. I failed.

Then I see both of them rise form the rubble, they both glare at each other and begin to rush at each other swords raised. Now I really don't what I was thinking but I stepped between them both I put my arms out at them and ....yell..STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!

They both stop...and stare at me and lower their swords.

John what are you doing?

Human the name of Lucifer do.....

I look at them both......and I lower my hands...I point to the destruction they have cause.

Am I really the cause of this war?! It seems like a brotherly feud. They are silent.....what are they going to do...this is a tense moment.
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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:01 am

The Vampire Cave

There's alot of unusual commotion above the ground, we retreat back to the main cavern and send a scouting party to the surface. I insist on leading it, but Vladimir wont listen.

You will stay here and make sure the army is ready when I return.

But I'm a better tracker than you so..

I am the leader of this race and you will follow my orders!

The soldier are getting restless and hungry for blood. There's lots of loud nosies above the cavern, echoing all round Xantantia and its been hours since Vladimir left. And as if it wasn't hard enough keeping them in check...BOOOOOM!!

A colossal explosion rocks the cave for a long time, cracks start to appear in the hard walls surrounding us. Stalactites and other rocky debris fall from the roof crushing everyone in their path.

Everyone out now!!

The cave is starting to crumble away soon the tunnel entrance will be blocked off. After almost losing half the army we make it to the trembling surface to see about three figures falling from the sky.

One of those must be the human, we have to destroy him! (Vampire officer)

We're not strong enough to face Kratos and Lunar if they're up there, after losing so many in the cave in.

Do we search for Vladimir,sir?

There's no way he could have survived that blast..

I see..what are your orders,master?

Find a new lair, recruit more mortals than usual into our ranks...we will be ready next time!

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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Sat Sep 12, 2009 10:31 pm

Both Kratos and Lunar stopped their quarrel. They looked down at the human but watched each other carefully to prevent any sneak attacks. John then began to speak.

Please stop this! Why does everything have to be settled through war?! Why can't you two just live peacefully and not on the verge of death? You're brothers for Christ's sake.

We're not brother's anymore.

John, stay out of this. This fight will determine the final change of events for Nystoria. Kratos and I cannot rule through peace because he refuses to do so. Conquest and-

Stop stalling Lunar, let's finish this fight once and for all!

Kratos made one step towards Lunar but was stopped by John, who was holding him back. Ezekiel then came and holwed as he watched the two.

Ezekiel too? Why are you here?

To finish this once and for all! The enslavement of my people will not go unpunished! Neither will the fate you have given my father!

Relentless mutt!

Ezekiel held a sword, the sword that powered him. Where and how he got the sword is a mystery to others besides Ezekiel and the lycan people. Ezekiel charged towards Kratos. John attempted to get in the way but Ezekiel jumped over him and landed in front of the shadow demon. He swung his blade and watched as Kratos evaded it and prepared to attack. Ezekiel noticed that he began to see Kratos' movements better and took advantage of his new sight. Using his enormous power and reflexes, Ezekiel sidestepped Kratos attack and cut the Shadow Emperor on the back. Kratos grunted and pulled out yamato. He let loose a number slashes and aimed them towards Ezekiel. However, the Shadow Emperor was too weak and missed every slash he attempted. Ezekiel appeared to Kratos' right and jabbed him across the face, sending him through a wall.

Ezekiel then jumped into the wall and continued to beat Kratos. He kicked Kratos in the face, then turned and bent down to uppercut him. While Kratos was in the air, Ezekiel leapt up on top of him and slammed him to the ground. Not wasting time, he kicked the Emperor and picked him up with his jaws, threw him and then tossed his sword where it impaled Kratos and stuck him to the wall.

The lycan heir returned to his comrades and told them that he had finished off Kratos.

He is dead. I made sure of it.

I see...thank you Ezekiel. You did what I could not. The age of terror and conquest will forever be overshadowed by peace and harmony. No amount of thanks can be given to you. I am in your debt brave lycan.

Thank you my lord. In the future, lets us meet again.

It would be my pleasure. And please, call me Lunar.

Alright, Lunar. May your people and kingdom reign over this land with peace and harmony as you promised.

The lycan then disappeared and returned to his people. His quest over. Lunar fell on his knees and began to pant. John rushed to his side to make sure that his new friend was alright.

Emperor Lunar!

Heheh...please, call me Lunar. No need to treat me like royalty when we are after all friends.

Ah...yes! Are you all right?

Lunar stood up and looked to John. His robes were torn and messy, never has the Emperor been this untidy before. He looked to the portal and saw a sea. A bright blue sea with birds flying and a bright golden sun reflecting off of the water. Never has he seen such a sight.

Such a beautiful world. You know, you humans may lack power but you certainly do not of beauty. Such creatures as yourself are blessed with such a world. I can honestly say that I envy you humans.

Really? That means quite a lot, Lunar. I used to think the world as a place where nothing can change. Where I'm from, we abuse the beauty of our lands and never seem to care. But then there are those who fight to preserve it. Perhaps I should join in.

You should. Lest you want your home to be one like ours. The tragedies that come are no laughing matter. Fight for your world and do what is right. Do not let it be like the one you see before you. Now, off with you now.

Lunar smiled and gave out his hand to John. The human smiled as well and shock hands with the Emperor.

What will you will for the future of Nystoria?

Hmm? Well, I will try my best to make it as perfect as yours. My people need and ocean and sky to look up to. Not just a giant glowing rock.

They both laughed and then began to say their goodbyes..

I guess...this is goodbye. I will remember you for your kindness and bravery.

And I shall remember you for your sense of justice and strong personality. You are indeed one of a kind. This is our last moment. Take this.

Lunar pulled out a book from his robe and gave it to John.

What's this?

I prefer if you read it when you get back to your world.

John nodded and looked at the Emperor for one last time. John walked past the sword that served as a key and heard swords clang behind him. He turned to see a group of vampires and Vandal attacking Lunar.

It's the human! Get him!

John cast a fire spell and engulfed a group of vampires in his holy flame. They were instantly destroyed. Lunar pushed they back and fired a wave of light that literally blew them into dust. The large group were then backed up by and even larger group. no sooner than when the last group came did the next. Eventually the whole room was filled with hissing vampires. Lunar held the sword of heaven's light high and then threw it at the ceiling where it stuck. The vampires then began to laugh.

Well, well. The great Light from the north is surrendering. Sorry, but we don't take prisoners.

The vampire legion dashed towards Lunar as he turned and yelled to John.

Get out of here!

John did as he was told and jumped into the portal. As the same time, Lunar was stabbed multiple times by the vampires. They began to laugh at Lunar's weakness until he glowed.

May the heavenly father have mercy on your souls...

The Emperor of the Light Kingdom then released an enourmous flash of light, the sword then showed brightly and the vampires burst into dust. Lunar fell face first into the ground and was exhausted. John began to speak to Lunar through a temporal rift through space and asked him if he was alright.

I am alright John. How did you do this?...

I simply burrowed power from the portal and used my own power to create this ability. As long as it's open we can talk.

While I enjoy the thought of speaking to you, my friend, I am sorry to say but we you must close the portal.

I know...I'll get to it. Goodbye Lunar.

Goodbye, my human friend.

Lunar smiled and laid on his back. However, something caught his eye and he turned his head to see it. A single vampire was still alive, with a missing arm and half-burnt face. wretch! You destroyed my people!

He held a dagger in his hand and ran to Lunar to stab him. But a black fireball hit his last arm and sent his back into the entrance of the cave. Lunar looked to where it came from and felt fear creep up his spine. Kratos still lived!

Kra-Kratos! How are you still alive!?


The power of eternal!

Kratos pulled up one arm and something came from the vampire he immobolized and held it in his hand. He tossed it up into the air and slashed it into two halves. He tossed one to me and held the other in his hand.

Take it and crush it in your hands. This fight isn't over.

Lunar grabbed his piece and looked up at Kratos. The Shadow Emperor crushed his piece of the orb in his hand and stood there as a purple line coursed his body, healing it. He then transformed into his demon state.

Hurry and and stand!

The Light Emperor crushed his piece, healed and transformed. They both stared at one another and Lunar began to remember about the portal.

John! Why isn't the portal closed?!

I don't know! It has some sort of strange black and white swirl all around it. I think it's the energy from you and Kratos!

Lunar summoned True Justice in his hand and faced Kratos. The Shadow Emperor pulled out yamato from its scarab and threw it away, holding his blade by both hands. The flames on top of Lunar's head then turned dark. He noticed that the vampire that Kratos knocked out was gone.

John...I know what's going to happen next. The sheer energy from Kratos and I is interfering with the portal's power output and is forcing it to overload. Soon it will self-destruct and destroy anything and anyone within its blast range. I do not think that I will survive this. Get out of there or you will die.

He held True Justice close to him and prepared to lock weapons with Kratos. The flame on his head finally turning black as his armor changed into a more menacing set.

Goodbye John...

Kratos and Lunar screamed with all of their might, using every ounce of their raw strength and locked their swords together. The portal soon then shined brightly and engulfed the two and the entire mountain range. Then, a large explosion, that rose all the way to the skies, destroyed the entire Xantantian mountains. Everyone is Nystoria could see it miles away and felt the shockwave that it unleashed. The Shadow Army waited for their leader to come and the Kingdom of Light mourned for thier sudden loss. Ezekiel and the newly freed lycan looked up into the sky and howled as the moon began to brighten its glow.

John's POV

John teleported on an island not far from the Bermuda. He watched as the entire sea light up and a large collunm of white and black rose all the way to the sky and then immediatly exploded. He tried to sense Lunar's prescence but could not. He fell on his knees and looked at the sand in front of him.

So...I guess you're really gone.

John looked at the sun as it was almost done setting. He looked behind himself and saw the moon. A commotion was heard behind him as he saw a group of men approached him.

Hey buddy, you alright?

John looked away and then turned his attention to the sea. The moon was beginning to come up and he remebered the book Lunar gave him. He checked his pack and took it out. The book was covered in a red cloth. John took it off and opened his eyes as he held a whitebook. He opened it and then smiled to himself.

Yeah...I think I am.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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The Realm: RPG
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