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 The Realm: RPG

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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Sun Sep 06, 2009 10:03 pm

Kratos boasted on the deaths of those from the kingdom. I had slain half his forces that attacked by myself. I shift back to my humanoid form and walk towards the city from the battlefield. The bodies of countless shadow demons lay about. But more troubling is the number of light dwellers who lie on the ground. Kratos does not care for his soldiers more than he cares for the dirt on the ground. They are his pawns. They are expected to die for him. But each of these light dwellers' deaths lays a tremendous amount of pain on Lunar. For they are his people and they died for him of their own free will for justice. I pick up their weapons, their armor, their shields. It shall be made for them by them so Kratos knows when he stares into my yellow eyes that they did not die in vain. I head into the city and find the nearest blacksmith. I smelt the objects and forge an armor tough enough to withstand thousands of shadow demons at once.


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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:40 pm

The Emperor of the Kingdom of Light, watched in anger as the Shadow Army left the battlefield to return to their master. He left the army alone for it was against his code to attack his enemies behind their backs. The Emperor then went inside of the walls where his people stood before him. Many were fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncle and so on and so forth. His attention then went to his people. He sympathized with them. The loss of so many lives felt as if many swords were jammed into his soul multiple times. This event will surely haunt him.

My...people. There is no words I can say. No comfort I can give to bring back these brave men. They fought...for the sole purpose of living on in peace. For all of you, including myself. The burden of knowing that someone is fighting for what you believe in and dies for it...pains me so. They fought for your justice, they fought for your freedom and they fought for your protection. As the Emperor, it saddens me to lead these brave individuals into battle. But for the sake of our future, with the possibility of being conquered, enslaved, and not being able to choose our rights and destiny, I will fight until this evil is vanquished. Today, we lost the battle. But this war is far from over. Please, a moment of silence for your friends and families and fellow demons.

Everyone stood silently. Some sobbed for their loved one and others simply watched the ground in silence or comforted another person. This scene began to eat away at Lunar's soul. For a moment, he covered his face and shed a few tears.

Rantu had lost his father in the battle. He took on the Emperor's philosophy to never hate the enemy but to hate what they do. This helped to confort the many people living in the city. They knew that their Emperor cared for them and their loved ones. Their respect for him was undeniable.

Ezekiel stood on the side and knew how everyone felt. He was determined to stop the chaos that wars caused. For this reason, he gained a new respect for the light demons. Staring at the moon, Ezekiel let out a howl that was filled with pain.

All of the citizens looked up to Ezekiel and immidiatly understood the howling. Their eyes focused on the moon their Emperor created for them, their sadness began to wither away. They can forgive, but they can never forget.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:55 pm

I gathered my strength and walked to the door of my cell. I raise my hand and then the lock opens, I then proceed to walk out the door and down the hall. Not long after that I am approached by two guards.

Human halt! (Demon guard)

I just look a them both. I start to chuckle.

Seriously do you think you can stop me? The both swing there clubs at me and I merely just step aside. They stumble around I then use a sleep spell on them....they just fall over asleep.

I am almost out of the base when Darius stops me.

You crafty son of a b*tch, you think you can just walk out of here?

He then draws his sword.

I look at him over my shoulder and just flick my arm, I cast a sleep spell yet again and he falls over asleep, that and the whole base.(except me)

Lucky for you Demon, I need to be somewhere else.

I think of the last place I was before I was captured and I put my two hands together. Then I yell out...Warp!

I warp myself right to Lunars castle, right on the castle wall over looking the battlefield, I then turn and see Lunar and a wolf-man overlooking a mass amount of demons. Lunar senses my presents and turns and looks at me...he senses something different about me.

I see the pain in this peoples eyes....this is my fault. I look at him.

Emperor Lunar, we need to talk.
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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:53 am

On the castle Shadowfall

A figure sitting on a throne watched through the seeing pool as Emperor Lunar, the leader of the Light Kingdom convened with one of his subjects. He waved his hand and the figure disappeared and another figure this time, One of Emperor Kratos sitting on his throne appeared. The figure then waved his hand as one of his followers came in the dark throne room. He smiled at the prospect of seeing the Emperor of light again.....and the vengance that he will bestow upon the Realm....

Stalagbite, your dragon is ready my lord. So is your honor guard of Uru'k Ha'i.

Very good..we leave immediatley.

The figure stood up and walked through the throne room, a chill passed by his subject as the Chaoslord walked by. As he went out of the precipice over looking his land, thousands upon thousands of soldiers born of chaos shouted his name as he raised his fist..


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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:40 pm

The Emperor wiped his face with his hands and turned his attention to John. Apparently he had something important to say. But before he spoke to John, he helped to bury the bodies of all those who died. He then began to bless the citizens in a whole. Once he was done, John began to speak with the Emperor on the city walls. The moon illuminating the entire kingdom.

Emperor Lunar, I'm sorry for what has happend. I know how it feels to lose those close to you.

Do not worry about it...the war is not over yet. As long as hatred exist this war will never cease. I plan to destroy that hatred and bring about the greatest peace in the Realm.

Well, I have something important to say.

What is it?

I have gained my ancestral powers.

...Are you certain?

John nodded his head to the Emperor and displayed one of his powers. He teleported a few feet away from the Emperor on the city walls and then returned to his original standing area, all in the while yelling 'warp!' as a means to cast the spell. Lunar was surprised and a smile grew on his former broken face.

This...this is grand! You might be able to restore the Co-existence era!

The Co-existence era...

The human digs into his pack and pulls out a book, where it shines brightly as the crowd of demons shout in surprise.

It's like the legends said! A human is among us! (Random light demon)

This is wonderful news! Now it is certain that the old tales of the wars and human myths as divine beings is true! (Random light demon)

Human! What is your name?? (Random light demon)

Reading the book and then drawing his attention to the crowd, John looks at all of the hopeful faces of the Light demons. He realized just how important his race was to the Realm of demons. They only wanted peace. John was willing to help them establish peace and help Lunar and his people realize their dream of true peace. It is what they want ad it is what his ancestors wanted.

Citizens of the Light Kingdom, I, a human, shall help bring about peace that was lost so many years ago. My name is John McKnight, and I hold the power of my ancestors in my hand. With their power, peace and balance will be restored! For the sake of your beliefs and dreams, what say you?

The crowd cheered and then bowed before John. He quickly told them that there was no need for them to bow to him, a mere human. While this confused them, he asked for them to believe in the one person he knows that should be bowed to, Emperor Lunar.

Do not bow to me! Bow to the person who brought me here. Bow to the one who fights for your freedom and gives you the will to choose your own destinies. Bow to the one who has lead, fed, loved, and watched over you. Your Emperor!

Lunar looked at John, feeling a great sense of respect for the man. This act has caused Lunar to put more effort into protecting his people, and John. He now knew that all of his efforts of making his people happy has not gone to waste. The demons cheer in happiness for all that he's done for them. Sadly, he must once again depart from his kingdom to seek help from fellow Emperor of the Air Kingdom, Odine.

John, Ezekiel, Rantu...come with me. I'm sorry, but I must depart once again my people. Take care of yourselves!

The Emperor and his two escorts then appeared in the Air Kingdom, right in front of Odine's throne.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:49 pm

All was well in the Air Kingdom. Things were peaceful, serene. Odin figured he was doing my job well. Keeping clear of the world around us, kept them mostly neutral. It was quite the wonderful thing, to live away from conflict, crime and poverty. Instead to live in love, and peace. He looked out the window of his tower, to watch over the kingdom. All was well. Odin went back to his throne with a large smile on his face. He sat down and leaned his head back onto it, closing his eyes....then taking a deep breath he began to drift away into sleep. pfft.... a small sound....He open my eyes to find Emperor Lunar, with 3 of them a human.

Ah! Emperor Lunar! To what do I owe this most sudden visit? ....He looks at the human.....something tells me things are not well....

The human shrugs.

Indeed my friend...thigs are quite grave indeed.

You shall always have my support old friend. Tell me what the problem is.


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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Mon Sep 07, 2009 3:03 pm

The gusts of the Air Kingdom were like gentle caress' from Lady Arina. The Emperor loved the scenery of the Air Kingdom but he did not like being reminded of his late wife. For now, he enjoyed the gentle breezes of the kingdom and felt calm upon seeing his old friend, Air Emperor Odin.

You shall always have my support old friend. Tell me what the problem is.

Lunar clutched his chest and looked down on the clear marble floor, staring at his reflection. Remembering those who died during the Battle of the Lonely Plains, which ended no more than twelve minutes ago. He looked up to his old friend and gave him an Emperor's bow. The bow follows: you bend your upper body forward and use your left arm to cross against your torso. Odin stood up and repaid his respect and proceeded to sit back down in his throne.

Is there anything wrong? You're awfully disturbed.

The Emperor was still quiet. Rantu walked up to Lunar and helped him to regain his focus. Lunar once again looked into his friend's eyes, while the wind died down. kingdom was attacked. My people died and fought for what they believed in. I realize that you and your people do not wish to go to war but this is not an enemy that we should ignore.

Lunar looked down again in shame. The last time that he did nothing from an invading force he lost his wife. Rantu once more helped the Emperor to regain his focus, and he stood by his side.

To whom may I ask is this enemy? It's not often that you come to me for help unless...

Odin sat silently on his throne as a gust of wind blew into the chamber. John stood his ground but was not sure what was going on. He watched as the two Emperors looked at once another. They both knew who the enemy was.


The gust picked up as the clouds grew darker. The atmosphere was one filled with anger and malice. All of this came from Odin, and John knew it.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:45 pm

The Airship hovered over Nestra, the Capital city of Brustria. Most of the city was burning, Shadow soldiers had gone through the city and killed everyone in sight. The small army that was meant to protect the country had been wiped out the night before the attack and so only the city guards and civilians were left to fight. Brave amateurs. The only part of the city that wasn't in flames was the palace in the centre of the city, a small group of guards had barricaded the doors in an attempt to keep the Shadow Army at bay while the reinforcements headed their way.

Kratos and Shadow both leaped from the Airship and landed in front of a group of Shadow Soldiers. They cheered for their Emperor and their fellow Demon. Kratos reached over his shoulders and pulled out two small swords from thin air, he swung them rapidly and walked towards the Palace.

Storm the Palace and find Emperor Falius.

Upon their approach to the Palace a dozen civilians carrying axes and small swords blocked their path, Kratos smirked and charged them. His soldiers simply stood back and cheered him on. One man swung his axe but missed as Kratos ducked and stabbed his sword into the mans side and then slashed his throat, he clashed blades with another and kicked him back onto a burning wagon then spun round and slashed a mans arm off then decapitated him. He held his swords in reverse with the blades going up his arms and ran at the remaining men, he leaned back and skidded between two men who swung at him and slashed their stomachs then spun up and slammed his sword into one mans chest. He left the sword and turned his gaze to the remaining four men, he ran at them and flipped over them, Kratos cut one in half then turned and blocked another one's blade. He kicked him and sidestepped the attacking man behind him and slammed the sword into his back and through his chest. Kratos watched him fall and turned his gaze to the man he had kicked down, he got up and was about to run at him so Kratos aimed his finger at the man and flicked it. A large gash appeared at the mans throat and he fell down gurgling.


Shadow and his forces had taken over Vandal's job and rushed the Palace, they made a wonderful mess of the soldiers who tried to fight them off. Now only a small handful of soldiers were at their knees with their hands on their heads, Emperor Falius was one of them. His old body had served him well throughout his life, he was once considered a fearless warrior and a master swordsman. Now he was lucky if he could stand up on his own.

Your country has put up a valiant fight, but all good things must come to an end. Falius. You know our laws, the only way I can take over another country is if you hand over the title of Emperor to me, or I can kill you and claim it that way. But considering our history I am going to have to insist that you give up.

I am not intimidated by you Kratos! And I will not simply give up, I will fight you for control of this country! (Falius)

Out of respect for what you once were, I am going to have to advice you to not go down this path Falius.

Falius stood up and demanded a sword. Shadow took out one of his own and threw it at him, the old man picked it up and glared at Kratos as he pulled his unsheathed Katana out of thin air.

Your cheap tricks won't help you Kratos. (Falius)

Falius began to pull his sword out its sheath Kratos moved. It was over in the blink of an eye. Kratos had stormed passed Falius and sliced through his neck, some say he passed right through his body. He swung his blade and his sheath appeared, as he slid it in Falius stared at where Kratos had been standing. Kratos pushed the Katana right into the sheath and it made a sort of clicking noise, as it happened Falius' head fell off and he fell back. Kratos turned back and looked at the beheaded Emperor.

Bury him.....and kill the others.

Kratos turned toward Stellios and looked at him. He teleported away and left a cold gust of air in his place. Kratos wanted the Lycan that Lunar had been helping dead. He figured that it would serve as an example to Lunar and his people that they were serious. He then turned back to Torch and called his name.

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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:41 pm

Bury him...and kill the others. Torch!

Yes my Lord?

Go back to the city of Light. And kill the lycan. I have no use for him. Stellios should be there as well in case you should fail.

Right away sir

In a burst of fire Torch was gone.

Ezekiel's POV

The emperor, John, and Rantu had gone to the Kindom of the Air to ask for their assistance against Kratos. I was left to watch over the people within the city walls. My armor had been completed it shone in the moonlight. I stood in the watch tower waiting for anything to move. Suddenly in a great burst of flame. A demon appeared. It was Torch, Kratos' servant fire demon. I shifted into my Lycan form and howled in his face.

Neat trick. But I've seen it before.

He started to transform. Every second shifting into a beast. A lycan. A lycan on fire. A big lycan on fire. Kratos must have sent him. It would be an epic battle. But I had to keep the people safe while Lunar was gone. Quickly I tackled the fire beast and we both fell off the edge of the walls. While we fell, we fought, constantly trying to get the other on the bottom to use as a cushion. I took my fist and clawed his face and threw him under me as we had hit the moat. I jumped out as the water started to boil. Torch shot out of the moat and straight into the sky. Aiming at me when he came down. Firing bolts of fire along the way. As I dodged the bolts he came in to tackle me. I braced myself and planted my feet. When he hit me I flipped him over and sent him flying the other way. When he hit the ground he transformed to his normal self. As I walked to crush the crippled body my arm became cold and encased in ice.

What in the Underworld?!

Well well puppy. It looks like you won round 1. Do you think you can survive round 2?

Stellios, the ice demon. I flexed my arm and the ice broke it. I had to be smart with this one. Torch uses his brute strength but Stellios was a tactician. I charged toward him. Almost as if clockwork he made a sheet of ice appear in front of me. I fell to my back sliding toward him. Perfect. Once I had gained enough momentum I shifted back into my human self, drew my sword and sliced through Stellios' left arm. He fell over in pain as if he had never experienced it before. As I got up the two demons defeated were next to eachother. Torch set his hand ablaze and carterized Stellios' wound.

Go tell your emperor if he wants me dead. He should kill me himself.

You'll pay for this beast!

The two had been waiting for this moment the whole time. They shot up into the air and formed together into a massive grotesque beast. It was heading towards the city. I would not let them get there. Not while I still was alive. Suddenly the moon became bright and I was filled with immense strength. A light from the city grew and fired out towards the beast. The people were defending themselves. I shifted and charged towards the beast. When I got close enough I leapt up on to it's back and clawed my way to it's head. I took it's head in between my jaws and pulled. But the beast didn't bleed. Shots of fire and ice spewwed from it's veins as it fell over. Then the beast vanished all that was left were the bodies of Stellios and Torch mangled from defeat. I walked to them and began to recite an old prayer when Torch sprung up and picked up Stellios and teleported away. I walked back to the castle to find a strange sight. The people cheered me on as I entered the gate.


They celebrated until morning and their children pretended to be lycan's howling to the moon. For the first time. I felt like I was at home.


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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Tue Sep 08, 2009 11:45 am


The gust picked up as the clouds grew darker. The atmosphere was one filled with anger and malice. All of this came from Odin, and John knew it.
I look at Odin and step forward.

Lord Odin my I speak?

Yes, you may.

Lord Odin, Kratos will not stop with taking this realm, we will surely go to the lost city and attack my realm as well.

This is true human but how do you think we can stop him if your sure of this fact?

Right now Kratoss forces are focused on taking over this realm, I plan to go to the lost city myself and close the portal. Thus he will not be able to acquire anymore of my realms technology.

Lunar quickly turned and looked at me with shock.

No John, that place is far to dangerous. You must not go there. Besides, if you close it form this will be stuck in this realm forever.

I am aware of that fact Lord Lunar, but on my side of the realm, the portal is over a ocean, I can not use any technology to fly over the site due to the fact that the portal will cause it to fail. I must be here to close it, it is the only way.

Both Odin and Lunar look a me with a saddened look on their faces, they know I am right.

But...its too much of a sacrifice...John.. I cut him off there.

Your people, both yours and Odins are making a far greater sacrifice, this is my destiny to close the final portal. I will do this with or with out your consent. Besides, back home people see me as strange cause of the gifts I have. At least here I feel, at home.

Lunar steps towards me, grasps my shoulder and looks me in the eye.

Well friend, if your doing this then you must have the armor and the sword left by your ancestors. It is the least I can do for you.

With that, the plan is taking shape. It wont be easy.
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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Tue Sep 08, 2009 1:45 pm

erased becuz havoc being a girl

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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:45 pm

Kratos stormed into the main hall of his palace and found Torch and Stellios being tended too by the Healers. Stellios groaned as a metal liquid formed his new arm and then turned into a normal human arm. Torch twitched as his cuts healed, he stood up and walked toward Kratos.

I'm sure I said kill the Lycan, not get your asses kicked.

The Lycan is stronger than we thought.

You never mentioned his strength Kratos! We went in thinking we were dealing with a pathetic puppy!

Instead we are met by a howling beast.

I had no idea that he was actually a threat, my guess was as good as yours. But, in light of this defeat we have learned one thing. Lunar has powerful allies, he would have gone to Odin seeking help in the coming battles. Fortunately for us, we have something Odin wants.


Kratos stood at balcony overlooking his city, he thought about this war and then thought about his brother. Lunar was stubborn, they both were, but he wasn't about to lose this war. Ever since they were young there was competition between the two of them. If one was faster the other would try to be faster. If one was stronger the other would train harder. Fortunately Lunar could never match Kratos when it came to being a swordsman, no one could. When Lunar's wife was killed by Lord Mongul he was filled with rage, he and Kratos tracked down the Vampire and confronted him. Lunar was not able to kill him because his sword would only slay those of pure darkness, so he took another blade and began to take a swing at Mongul. Kratos at the time was beginning to have second doubts about his rule over the Shadow People, but when he saw the way his brother was acting he knew what he had to do. So he stopped Lunar's blade with his own.

Only one of is can turn to the Darkness. You have your people and I have mine. This scum is not worth it. Would you really want to throw all your hard work away and become me all for revenge? Is that what Arina would want? No, it's not.

What would you have me do?


Kratos swung Yamato out from under Lunar's sword and stabbed it through Mongul's heart. He twisted the blade and pulled it out. He turned to the Darkness in order to save his brother. Shortly after that the brothers became very distant from one another and Kratos ascended.

It was time the brothers talked once again. He left the balcony and told his guards to prepare the airship.
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Lunar Retturns 2
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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:08 pm

Light cannot exist without darkness and vice versa. They cannot hurt or kill each other even if they tried, let alone touch. Without either of the two existing as the two powers, then the equilibrium will shatter and the boundary of reality will be destroyed. They both know this and cannot even try to fight each other. That is the fate and destiny that Lunar and Kratos live by. They cannot change this, they must live as the two different powers.

After Kratos fully ascended as the most powerful shadow demon in his time, he became the living representation of darkness. He is known to Lunar as the "Darkness." And since he is darkness, he is evil. But, because he has the will to choose his destiny, he can become good and so is not entirely evil. However, he is still a pure being of darkness thanks to Lunar killing the 18 demon lords, whose powers were of pure darkness and were absorbed by Kratos. He also had assitance to become a ascended being thanks to the Nexus, making him more powerful than the 18 demon lords, even when putting them together.

Lunar, the Light Kingdom's Emperor and creator of light through mysterious means, is only known as the "Light" by Kratos. Since Lunar is the representation of light, he is good and is the living embodiment of the good of all things. Rumors say that he went to the Xantantia mountians to gain his mysterious power, but this is not certain. With his new power, he was able to vanquish the 18 demon lords, because with his blade the "sword of heaven's light" they were helpless against his crusade. The blade is made out of pure light and so cannot be used against the helpless and weak, this same rule does not apply to those who are beings of darkness and evil, which is why the 18 demon lords were destroyed. However, because Kratos is the "Darkness" and Lunar is the "Light" it proves a useless weapon along with anything they do to each other.

In the Air Kingdom

The Emperor looked at John and put his hand on his shoulder. Looking straight into John's eyes he spoke.

John, I want you to head over to the Xantantia mountians. There, you shall find your ancestor's secrets, weapons and armor. Be warned, the path to that hollow-like place currupts the mind of any individual. If your will is weak, then you experience horrid thoughts and much anguish in your soul. The darkness that befalls that area will instantly crush your soul into nothingness. Do you understand?

Yes. My anscestors wanted peace for this Realm and they have entrusted me in keeping that peace. With this new power, and the faith that my anscestors thrusted upon my shoulders, with the burden of knowing what happend to your people, I shall not fail Nystoria.

Do not hold that burden to you. It's not your fault. I alone can hold such a burden. It is an Emperor's duty to serve his people.

The Emperor smiled as he said this. John nodded his head and held out his hand to shake it with Lunar. The Emperor recognized this human device for comunication and gave John his hand. Both lifted and lowered their hands as they shock. John then yelled 'warp' and was immediatly gone. Lunar turned his attention to Odin and explained his plan with what to do with the Shadow Army.

Alright. I'll assemble my forces. I'll even send some to the Light Kingdom.

No need. Your people serve you.


Odin. I do not want your people to lose their lives while fighting in our campaign. You must focus all of your forces on yourself and to the Shadow Army. Besides, my people can handle themselves.

Not alone, my friend. You may be right but as a friend and fellow Emperor, I will assist you in every way possible. Your burden is mine's as well. We will both do this. If I need your help, the clouds will turn black.

Odin smiled as his body dissolved into air and went to his generals. Emperor Lunar shock his head and smiled as he stayed alone with Rantu in the Emperor's chamber. Rantu walked up to his lord and asked if he should return to the city.

Yes, it is best if you would assist Ezekiel in defending the city. Tell the generals that the Air Kingdom are with us. Make sure that the soldiers are prepared and the citizens are fed.

Lunar put his hand over Rantu's head and sent him forth to the Light Kingdom. He now had to speak to someone in the West. The Emperor sighed to himself and looked around the chamber to see if anyone was watching. Once he determined that all was clear he instantly appeared on the balcony rails of an old castle in the old forest of Calista. There standing before Lunar was his brother, Kratos. He leapt from the rails and landed in front of him. Kratos then led Lunar into the old castle as they began to talk.

You sprung this out of nowhere! Do you know how many of my people have died? Of yours? All of these years of peace and harmony, where no wars and demon lords ruled over the people's will. do this?!

The Light Emperor struck at Kratos, who did nothing but watched as his brother threw a punch. Lunar's fist passed through the Shadow Emperor and both watched each other sternly. They both knew reason behind this phenomenon.

I did what I had to do to keep my people alive! If you were in my position you would do the exact same thing.

You watched my back in the Underworld, you trained me and taught me how to defend myself. What happened to us Kratos?

We found our destinies.

They both grew quiet and did not say a word. The past in the Underworld was not a pleasant one. Everyday they would plot an escape from the dark realm so that they can rule their own land and people. Lunar was without powers and was considered a lower-class demon. Kratos was the polar opposite. When they began to train they slowly began to summon help for their escape. The first attempt ended with Lunar escaping and the Devil returning Kratos back into the Underworld. Lunar was too weak to stop him and was haunted by the thought of his brother dying. He wondered all around Nystoria and found himself in Aragra. He was taken care of by the locals but still viewed as a weak demon.

When Tsar appeared, the humans and anscestors of John needed a demon who had no sort of connection to Nystoria. They found their powerless demon in Lunar and began to teach him their magic. The training however did nothing to bring out their desired results. They then began to pray for a way to empower Lunar. When nothing happend they believed it was because Lunar needed a clear mind and judgement. So, the placed in the underground city of the Xantantia mountains where he waited and cleared his conscious. Their prayers were answered years later after they disappeared and the Human-Demon war ended.

Lunar emerged from the ground and found himself with powers of Light. God sent down an orb that landed beside Lunar. When he picked it up it turned into what is now the sword of heaven's light. He then began his crusade against the 18 demon lords and established the religion of Hermano. Five years later the Kingdom of Light was created, many miles from Aragra. After many years of peace, a group of shadow demons escaped from the Underworld and killed the original Emperor of Calista. To Lunar's joy and surprise, it was Kratos.

You know...when you escaped. Things changed in the Underworld. The Devil himself nearly lost it when he was unable to get you. I took all of his torture and anger. No one ever bothered to come and get us.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:15 pm

Xantantia Mountain range.

I warp near the forest at the foot of the Xantantia mountain range. All I have with me is my knife, my journal and the last of my med kit. So I walk forward on the path which meander through the forest, it has a eerie feeling to all this place has seen is death and despair. I then sense the presence of spirits of the past...they tell me to go further.

About one hour later, the path crosses a river, there is a bridge crossing it and I decide to take this time to take a rest, I then sit on a rock. I then notice someone out of the corner of my eye. It is a white hair female demon, one unlike I ever seen. She is fishing and seems quite content, but she then turns in my directions, she seems to wish me no arm so I get up and walk across the bridge, and start up the path to the mountain. Then I hear her speak.

Hey there, you really shouldnt go any further. That mountain range is dangerous.(Tira)

I stop and turn and to my shock she is right behind me. She looks at me with interest...this makes me nervous.

Umm, is there anything I can help you with. I back up slowly.

Hmm, no demonic aura, no red eyes, or horns, or claws. Her eyes widen. Youre the human everyone is talking about, but what are you doing here alone? Its dangerous. (Tira)

I will be OK, I have to climb this mountain and enter the lost city. She still seem skeptical of what I have said.

You have no powers, how can you be so sure? (Tira)

I then put out my right hand and make the water stir up and out pops a large trout, I then put the trout in her hand still flopping about, she then snaps the fishs neck. She looks at me and laughs.

You took the fun out of fishing, but thank you. (Tira)

Listen, be careful. The Shadow army may follow me, I sense that they would harm you.

She smirks. I am use to them idiots. I will be OK. (Tira)

I then smile and turn away and continue to walk up the path, my destiny is close at hand
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Looking at the male walk away, tira smirks. she simply walks to him and punches him, knocking him out.

"the shadow army might want you, but i know i dont want you near or in my world" she walks to him and kicks him while he is on the ground to make sure he is unconscious.

Pressure points, fantastic things really, send you humans to the ground quicker then most things do.

she walks off and yawns, she gently blows a kiss.

You want to know how I know so much about your weak flesh? I read. While hiding from the Shadow and Light its the only thing to do in my Lost City.
She picks a flower and the mirage of a valley disappears to reveal the Lost City.

And I know you cant hear this human, but the next time you try and get into my city. Expect a fight. One that the Light nor Shadow can save you from.

She leaped down into the ravine as the mirage began to cover it once more.
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The emperor hadn't returned yet. But had sent word that John was going into the mountains to the Lost City. My city. Or at least it was. Underneath the Lost City there had been a underground settlement for lycans or all kinds. The simpler ones would change into rabbits or foxes with little to no special abilities. But those who had ascended, such as myself, could transform into a mighty beast. My father had established the underground colony as a haven for lycans during the first human-demon wars. He had said that lycans had no place in their silly affairs and that any lycan aiding either side would suffer severe punishment followed by exile. That was until 4 weeks, 5 days, 13 hours, and 27 minutes ago. When the Shadow Army attacked. The shadow demons destroyed our settlement and turned it into a base. Enslaving the lycans to make it. My father couldn't bear the fact that his race had been enslaved. He began to plan a rebellion. 2 weeks later, it began. Lycans who had ascended shifted and defeated their masters. Unfortunately Kratos had gotten word of the rebellion and he along with his general's crushed the rebellion. My father himself took on Kratos.


You are a fool Mandoroth. Did you honestly think you could plan this little escapade of your's and not expect me to find out?

I did what I knew was right! We lycans aren't a part of your war with the light! You had no right to come and invade us!

Well it does not matter any longer. If you are not with us. Then you are against us. I give you ONE LAST CHANCE Mandoroth. Surrender to me and I will make you one of my generals and you may command the lycans as you see fit. Or do not surrender and force me to kill you.....or even better....your only heir.

I was pulled toward Kratos as if i couldn't control myself. He unsheathed his sword and prepared to slash.


My father leaped in front of Kratos transforming into a terrifying lion lycan. The sword went through his gut and Kratos threw him to the ground. My father shifted to his original form as he collapsed on the ground.

.....Son....take....this.....and run....get as far away from Find ...... The city of them from our fate....

He handed me his sword. It shone in the dim light. He dropped it in my hands. He had died. Kratos had killed him. And I would kill Kratos for that.


I grabbed a pac and put some food in it. John was in danger. I had to save him. As I was about to set off a young woman in the crowd called.


I am sorry but I must go or all of our lives will end.

Then let me help you.

She handed my a scroll.

I will send you to where you need to go and simply read this scroll to come back here.

Thank you. I will not forget your kindness.

She chanted a spell and suddenly the world around me had changed. There was no city, no girl, just memories, and MacKnight laying on the ground unconscious.



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PostSubject: Re: The Realm: RPG   Fri Sep 11, 2009 1:25 am

The meeting between the two brothers would forever remain a secret, if anyone like Darius were to find out then he would attempt to have Kratos taken off the throne, fortunately no one could knock him off. Kratos' airship landed back at the capital and he stormed into his palace. He was led by his guards to a meeting with his Generals, apparently they wanted to know what he thought of their new plan. Darius was leading the discussion and all went quiet when Kratos approached the table they stood at.

What are the changes in the plan?

Our smaller forces will march on Aragra in two days while our Elites lead another larger garrison to Zathra and invade. Aragra has a small army and we have predicted that the country will fall in one day. Zathra on the other hand will need more attention so that is why we are sending the Elites. The Capital army will stay here while we invade in case the enemy try a counter attack. (Darius)

Is that it?

No my lord, unfortunately the Human managed to escape. We have been searching for him but we are having no luck. (Darius)

When did this happen?

Two days ago. (Darius)

Two days ago? The Human escaped two days ago and I am only hearing about it now?! Why is this Darius?!

We had too keep it quiet so the other soldiers wouldn't find out. (Darius)

And did that include me?!

Yes, yes it did. Who knows what information we can trust to tell you, especially after your little meeting with Lunar. In fact, how do we know you haven't already told him our battle plans? (Darius)

You just changed the plans you idiot.

As the two men stared at one another the Shadow Elites walked in and stood behind Kratos. He ordered them to take Darius into custody under suspicion of treason.
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I come to and awake to seeing Ezekiel standing above me, he helps me up.

John, are you OK? What happened?

I rub the back of my head and look at him.

Yeah, some woman hit, damn she is strong.

Well I am just glad your OK. So shall we get going.

I nod and we both head to the Lost City. Not long after we started walking we entered the city, all I can see is the ruins of a ancient city, a city were my ancestors lived. Then I see it, the Great Hall, I sense that is were I should go. I run up to the doorway and enter, Ezekiel follows.

John, slow down, you dont know what is in there!
He gasps as he see me. I am standing by a large alter, on this alter is a sword and two gauntlets. I put the gauntlets on and take the sword in my hand. I hold the sword up.

Its...the Sword of the Ancients. Ezekiel looks at it.

I never seen such a thing here, you must be destined to have it.
I turn to him, and smile.

I must be, the city must have hid them all these centuries.

I place the strap of the swords sheath over my shoulders and carry the sword on my back. We then move further into the Great Hall, up the large stair way leading up to the roof. From there we can see the entire city. The roof top is surrounded by large pillars, with a dome above it, on the dome was a paintings of the history of The Realm.

Then we both notice some shadows gathering, I draw my sword and get ready, from all the movies I watched...this is never good. The shadows merge into a large dark figure that quickly turns into a Dark Knight, it waves its arm and Ezekiel is tossed down the stairway and the door is shut. I look towards the door, I sense that he is OK then I focus on the monster before me.

Well well well, so one has finally come, the last of the MacKnight clan, one of true blood. (Laughs)(Dark Knight)

Thats right, I am the last of my family bloodline and I am here to right the wrong my ancestors did so long ago.

The Knight then just laughs and draws a large dark sword, he then focuses on me.

You maybe the last one, you may have gained the knowledge of your kind but it wont be enough against me. Zatarus! I am the one that caused the war between humans and demons, I am the one that brought forth human technology here, I am the one that has merged with the fallen souls of the 18 Demon Lords. You will never seal this portal.(Dark Knight)

He starts to rush at me, there is no doubt in my mind that he is far stronger than I, I quickly case an ice spell on the ground before him, he loses balance and slides to the edge of the roof. He then stops and looks around for me, I am now standing in the middle of the roof top. I quickly look around and then I see it, a small slot below me, it seems like my sword would fit in here. It must be the key to sealing the portal. I then notice that the monster has gained is bearings and now charges at me, I stay calm and I wait..if I am right, if I time this right, I can use his power to seal this portal forever.

He then slashes at me wildly, I dodge and dodge again, this is the attacks of a wild man, of anger and rage. I then get behind him for just a second and I slash him behind the knees where the armor seemed weak, he growls out in anger...then my sword glows a white glow and as instinctive to me, I drive the sword through his back..out his chest, this force knocks him down over the slot in the roof, my sword enters the slot and I turn it.

A massive blast of light comes from the monster and the key slot, I keep a firm grasp on the sword as the monster struggles below.....when the light clears...the monster is gone..the portal is closing.....the doorway up to the roof top opens and Ezekiel come out, he looks at me and smiles, but he smiles turn to shock.....and fear...the dark and light energies form the slot cover my body and seal me in a crystal like a large icicle....I feel my body changing.

Ezekiel runs to see if he can break it open, but he skids to a halt. His eyes well up with tears, before him is the ghost of his father.

My son, you must watch over this human until the portal is sealed.(Ezekiel's Father)


Yes son it is me, just make sure when the portal is sealed you are there to protect him. (eF)

Yes father I will....but..
Like that his father vanishes...he looks upon me within this Crystalized chamber.

I wont fail father....I promise.
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The portal chamber started to crack open as John stepped out. once he was out the portal door closed, with a large noise.
Blood started pouring down the walls, as one of the lycons appeared to notice.
Watch your step John....we have company.
John turned around and looked at the walls, to notice blood dripping down.
the portal behind john vanished, appearing in a safer place.
the human panicked and took out his blade as the lycon turned into his beast growling.

Both intruders appeared over the sky as they both fell unto the ground, infront of the shadow army.
Tira appeared on the ground infront of the city, behind her, all different kinds of demons. snapping.
growling. she looking unto kratos.

Hello kratos.
Tira. John. and Ezekiel.

I turn my attention to the human and smile.
You didnt take my warning. You came in, how i have no idea. But this is my city. and i hate humans on it.
as you can see, this is a demon city and a lycon city.

I twirl my hands, as children lycons and children demon appears from huts. some curiosity written on their faces, some with anger and others crying.

This is the lost city of the children.
One were you humans are not welcomed.


Shut up kratos.
Ezekiel, u want peace, u are allowed here. I just want my demon brothers to live peacefully. What i dont want, is humans here. Those portals, are mocks.
After you human appeared, i had to hurry in my work, My guards found the last portal and destroyed it. You wont find it. Humans do not belong here.

Tira clapped her hands as she spoke demon language.
the shadow army got shielded by a powerful force, as they were transported back outside the city, into the valley. I looked at the human as spikes slammed around the human trapping him in a soul container. the lycon went to attack me, but i dodged and punched him into the river bank.
I turned around, and threw a orb in the the orb vibrated..small black orbs appeared infront of kratos. Lunar. Odin, all the leaders of the moutains and villages.

Lunar looked confuzed at the orb, some leaders where shocked as a small hologram appeared.
kratos looked confuzed at the hologram of Tira, a small tira. Torch gently waved into the hologram, but it disapeared and reapeared.
Odin saw Tira, and sighed heavily.
What mischeif does this Demon have done now.

Hello gents. I have found out, that none of you took heed of my last warning, since a human appeared.
No demons set foot on my lost city.
I thought we had a agreement. Now i find to see that Macknight is here, and imprisont to. I put to the image infront as all the leaders see john in a soul cage.
The portals have been destroyed. Enough said.
This human should die now. But i feel i have taken to many lives. the other humans were never found, becuase you never reached them in time.
Have any of you find that were they crash landed, bones would be there.
We blood demons feast on thier flesh. You should know that lunar.
Another thing. This human seems, important, so i shall do a deal.

Tira grinned showing fangs.
John gulped and felt light headed..

Lunar my dear friend, I have gifts. Tira smiled and put her guard down as she spoke.
^.^ My children here at the lost city has made great foods for you and your people. I shall be coming soon towards your home, to deliver it. and the human shall be given to the shadow army outside my door step. By now the soul cage should have taken his powers away. I love both my old bosses so much. that i hope after this meeting, you will postpone this war.
Shadow army, once i leave, u shall not be allowed in here. I shall make sure of it.

I smile and wink, as the orb vanish, all the orbs infront of the leaders melt to the ground.
I look at john, and smile sweetly.
To bad for you human, I dont make alot of enemies with the leaders. One is even my brother.
the cage goes down, John falls to the ground..

What are you gonna do?
Im giving you to someone i love as my old boss.

12 minutes later
After collecting the foods, from the children i walk away dragging the human, as the large lycon is still on the riverbank sorrounded by children.

Wow, a real adult lycon!

the city opens to reveal the shadow army growling, with a blow of a kiss, the mirage vanishes, not letting no one out or in.
I walk to kratos, and then walk past him, as John stumbles trying to run from kratos.

There is my deal.

I hum as i walk to lunar palace. a small basket in my arms, my eyes flash red then normal.
The female demon laughs as she heads to the light side.
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Vandal is outside a cave not far from the lost city. It is home to the wild vampires of xantantia. Many of the massive community of vampires viewed him as a traitor when he served Kratos because it prevented him from becoming a true vampire but now he has left the shadow army and is becoming a true vampire. He is getting stronger,faster and soon the light will become his enemy.

The entrance to the cave isn't disguised, there's fresh blood splattered over the rocks surrounding the cave entrance, rotting body parts hanging above the cave mouth and heads of victims that recently wandered into the vampires lair. Not that it bothers me after all I'll soon be one of them. I enter the cave and follow the dark narrow corridor, it has lots of twists and turns and goes deep down into the earth. After about an hour of walking the tunnel opens out into a giant cavern as big as any topsoil city. There's buildings and demons walking around except these aren't normal demons they're vampires, creatures that have a never ending blood lust...creatures like me. Two guards approach me and ask my name. They grunt and look unhappy.

Am I welcome or not?

Not sure..better check with Vladimir.

They lead me to a small chamber with a crimson thrown at the back of the room, tall vampire sat on it. Vladimir. He was centuries old and since vampires don't age his scars are the only marks of his age.

Why have you come here?

I am becoming a true vampire and wish to join you.

HA! You betrayed us we will never...

I can get you into Kratos' castle, there you can kill him and the human that started this war!

You are one of Kratos' best assassins, why would you betray him?

I know almost everything about his secrets and plans...he wont want an assassin like that around if he wins the war.

Vladimir goes silent and thinks on the situation.

I'm not attacking that without some weapon he doesn't know about.

I hold out the orb i used on my last mission, Kratos never asked for it back.

How did you...Never mind we must attack his palace as fast as possible!

After a short while the vampire army is ready and running back through the tunnel taking only minutes i struggle to keep up but i can sense my powers starting to change.
We will soon be at Emperor Kratos' castle and kill him and the human.
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Tira stood before Kratos and his forces and surprisingly held her ground. She handed over John to Torch and then started to walk off. Kratos nodded to his Elites and they stopped Tira.

What are you doing?!

What I should have done years ago. Take her to the palace and lock her up.

Tira knocked back the Elites and took out her blade, Torch appeared behind her and put her in a headlock. Kratos walked up to her and took the basket off her. Torch tightened his grip and she fell into unconsciousness.

Well John, it looks like you and I are going to go on a little trip.

A small band of soldiers and Elites walked behind Kratos and John as they entered the city. The soldiers were carrying a large box and were charged to guard it with their lives. Kratos turned around to see Torch and Stellios leading the army toward a large field.


John led the Shadow Demons to the roof where he had defeated the Dark Knight and closed the Portal. The soldiers put the box down and guarded the stairway to the roof. John stared at Kratos as he looked at the slot on the centre of the roof.

I take it that's where your sword goes?

You tell me, you live here.

Kratos grabbed John's sword and examined it. He commented on the craftsmanship and the weight of the blade. John looked at the box the Elites were guarding and smirked. Kratos walked up to the slot and plunged the sword into it. An array of light shot out from the slot and the sword was locked into place, the Elites opened the box and the Nexus floated out. Kratos called on it and watched as it floated above the sword. The light from the slot combined with the Nexus and soon the room was filled with a map like shape of Nystoria made out of dark blue cloud. John looked in amazement and saw Kratos grinning. He approached a small light in front of him and touched it. The roof began to shake slightly and then a bright light appeared to the East, Kratos had opened a Portal for his army.

So what exactly are you planning to do?

Your world offers my army technology that we could use to conquer all of the realm. Do you think I am going to turn down a chance to rule this land?

And what about my world? Are you going to kill everyone there too?

No. Your world is full of Humans, Humans are weak compared us. All I want is your technology, then I am going to return and conquer the rest of this realm.

What about me?

That is a very good question. I suppose I could send you back to your own world, or I could kill you. Either way I don't care. The choice is yours.

................Send me home.

Good choice. Elites, stay here and guard the Nexus. Make sure the Portal stays open at all costs.


Kratos arrived at the Portal with John and looked at the large spiraling gate. He commented on its beauty and looked at his army. John stood between two soldiers and sighed. Kratos stopped and felt something. Lunar was preparing to attack...
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Kratos turned as quickly as he could and pulled out his blade yamato to block and attack from his brother, Lunar. The two Emperor's stared at one another and both began to smile. It has been many years since the two brothers have fought one on one in a duel. This may be their last fight.

Been a while brother.

Yes. I believe that our conflict come at an end now. Do not hold back, my swordsmanship has sharpened over the years.

Good. Anything less and I would've been disappointed.

Kratos lowered his guard and let the sword of heaven's light pass through him, of course nothing happend.

Let's play a game.

Not this time Kratos.

Oh, come now. This is after all our last duel before we get serious.

Lunar looked at his brother with serious eyes. The fact that his brother would suggest a game in the middle of a duel that will determine the fate of Nystoria was either foolish or smart. The Elites took a step forward to assist their Emperor but Kratos held out his hand to halt their advance. He ordered them to not get close and find somewhere to hide. Then turned his attention to Light.

A split milasecond had passed and the two already began. They were on their opposite positions and turned to each other. Kratos clicked his katana in its scarab and Lunar hit the guard of his blade. The air in front of them then began to sparkle and crack as the sound and impacts of the swords slammed into each other. Their speed was so great that even the impacts and sounds of their blades did not form until nearly two seconds later.

They disappeared again and were nowhere to be seen. They stopped and did not move. The air then violently exploded as the two 'tweaked' with their blades. They did not even seem to notice and turned to face each other again.

It seems that you have improved your swordsmanship. However, that won't be enough to stop me. Don't forget who taught you how to use a sword in the first place.

That does not matter. With the sword of heaven's light on my side, the hearts of my people supporting me, and my resolve to end this war and duel, I shall not lose!

The two brothers walked their recognizable normal pace of speed when walking. Time seemed to have slowed down as they passed each other and pointed their blades at one another. The air once again exploded and sparkled. The two took their stance, which was to hold their respected blades and held it near their head, and then began to clash blades. Blow for blow the two seemed to be having fun as they banged their swords together. Neither of them gaining an advantage over the other and moving at speeds that no one can follow but them. Their movements were so quick that it almost seemed as if they were moving at normal pace. Air currents seemed to have slammed into each other, as if they were swords or the two Emperor's familiars battling one another. They slashed and cut but neither of them could deal any damage because the swords would go through them. The Emperor's then brought down their blades and the area around them blew away from the sheer force, the cave beginning to give way. Lunar became serious and slammed his sword into yamato and Kratos lost grip of it as it hit the floor behind him.

It is over...

On the contrary, my brother, it's not.

Lunar gave a puzzled look at his brother and looked to John, who was about to be stabbed by one of the Elites. As he watched the Elite it fell on the ground in numerours amounts of pieces, the Emperor standing where it once stood. He stood over John and looked down at him.


Kratos smirked and went to grab his blade, but he was met with a black shape that smaked him into a wall. It was Ezekiel!

Ezekiel! What are you doing here?! I thought you were at the city!

I am here to help!

Kratos then appeared in front of Ezekiel and delivered a powerful punch in his gut, then was suddenly up against the ceiling and then the floor. Kratos has moved so fast that he left an afterimage that gave a disturbing smile to both John and Lunar.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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Kratos was about to pick up Yamato again and finish off Ezekiel once and for all, but the Lycan had recovered from the attack and tackled Kratos. The black beast clamped his snarling mouth onto Kratos' neck and threw him into the trees. Suddenly, hundreds of Light Demons emerged from the forest surrounding the field and began attacking the Shadow Army. Ezekiel roared loudly and looked at the Portal, as he was about to go to John and Lunar an incredible force hit him from behind and slammed him to the ground. Kratos stood over Ezekiel in his Demonic form (refer to The Realm Premise and Character Bios for picture) and laughed. His voice was slightly deeper but his appearance was the thing that really changed. The mighty Shadow Demon was slightly taller than the Lycan and much more powerful than his former state. He smirked at the Lycan as he stood up and begged him to attack. Ezekiel snarled and tried to claw Kratos but he caught his arm and sent his own fist into the Lycan's face, he then sent his knee into the beasts chest and threw him to the ground. Ezekiel tried to get up but Kratos interfered and kicked him over. The Shadow Demon grabbed Eze by the neck and tossed him into the forest.

Shadow Demons! Destroy these pathetic Light Demons so we can proceed through the Portal!

Kratos smirked and leaped into the air as Ezekiel jumped at him, the Lycan hit the ground very hard and was surrounded by Shadow Soldiers. The soldiers were about to make a move as the Lycan started to get up but stepped back as Kratos smashed his feet down on top of him. The Lycan gasped for air and coughed as Kratos hovered over him, the Shadow Demon aimed his hand at Ezekiel and a dark light emitted from it. Kratos fired a small ball of energy into Ezekiel that exploded on impact. Ezekiel was thrown forward and groaned, Kratos slowly hovered down to the ground and appeared behind Eze as he stood up. Lunar and John watched as Kratos gave Ezekiel a beating.

We have to do something!

Ezekiel can handle himself. Let's get you to that Portal!

Kratos viciously pounded Ezekiel with his fists, he then smashed his knee into the Lycan's chest and put his hands together and slammed them down on his back, Ezekiel hit the ground hard and coughed up blood. Kratos appeared standing over him and picked him up by the neck. He smirked at the Lycan.

And to think my Generals couldn't deal with a pathetic little puppy like you. How disappointing.

Kratos clenched his fist as a sharp blade slid out of his forearm. Ezekiel snarled as Kratos slammed the blade through his stomach and out the other side. The attack was not enough to kill Ezekiel but it was enough to weaken him and keep him out of the fight. Kratos pulled his arm back and looked at the bloody blade, he threw the Lycan to the ground.

I'll be back to finish you later.

Lunar turned around to see Kratos walking towards him, he then saw Ezekiel on the ground bleeding. He knew the real fight was about to begin. The brothers may not be able to hurt one another in their normal state but while they were transformed they could deal out as much damage to each other as they wanted.
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Lunar's POV

The real fight was about to begin. Before it did, I sent Ezekiel to the Light Kingdom to heal. He fought bravely, now it was my turn to repay him for his courage and will. The shadow of death would not be upon him as long as my light shines upon him. I looked to Kratos and watched as an evil grin grew on his face, stretching from one corner of his cheek to the other. A dark purple escence emitted from Kratos. All of the darkness behind him began to swallow everything. A crack appeared on his chest as if a seal had been broken. His cloak became one with him as it fell near his legs as if they were wings. Strange marking could be seen on his body. His head was shaped like a helmet, his dark amber eyes showing brilliantly. He finally stopped, five inches from me and slumped yamato over his shoulders, his smile disappearing. The ends of my hair began to stand. His very prescence was terrifying. So this is his true form? Brother, what have you done to yourself?

So, are ya going to do anything besides stand there.

My spine began to curl at the sound of his voice. It was a mixture of his natural voice and a deep gurgling noise. It was as if two people were talking. Kratos took advantage of this and smacked me into a couple of trees. He pulled out yamato and slashed at the air. A kick sent me into the air and was then slashed back down on the dirt floor. As he landed, I watched as he slowly began to click yamato.

What a shame...

A click noise was heard and then silence.

The Battle of the Brothers

A light had lit up all of Nystoria. The normally dark red skies of Nystoria was bright white along with the area around it was serene and almost peaceful. The two battling armies stopped their fighting and stared as a figure covered in light emerged from the skies.

It beat its wings and seemed to float almost effortlessly in the bright sky. The wings resembling something like a jelleyfish but with a wing shape and light blue. Lower and lower the figure's appearance became more apparent as the Army of Light recognized their leader. The wings from the figure then regressed into its back. Emperor Lunar is his angelic "crusade armor." The armor resembled sheets of platings stacked onto one another. A blue cloth was seen under the armor and a golden cloth resembling a mixture of a fleece and cape appeared outward. His boots and shinguards were of the same design as the upper armor except that it had silver and gold on it with a golden cross on each leg. There on the top of the Emperor's head was a golden helmet with a eagle shapped opening which was without a face, just a brilliant light coming from it. On the top was a soft and gentle blue flame, flickering only when the Emperor changed his mood. And in his hand was a large claymore. It was called "True Justice." The Light Emperor landed on the ground as smoothly as a butterfly on a leaf. A calm, powerful, and peaceful voice came forth from his lips.

Kratos. This battle will determine the fate of Nystoria. As an Emperor, I shall give you one last chance to be gone from this place and never be seen in my people's sight again. As a brother, I am asking you to spare me from ending your life.

Spare me the speech and let's finish this!

Kratos began to unsheathe his sword. Lunar was faster and slammed his claymore into Kratos, flipped in the air as Kratos was still at the end of the claymore and slammed him into the ground. He lifted his weapon into the air and smashed it on the ground. The force blew away many soldiers from both sides and yelled for his people to run to safety so that he may not hold back. Kratos had already risen up and cut a portion of Lunar's armor off. The Light Emperor reacted quickly and locked weapons with yamoto, the very fabric of their power split the sky and ground. The entire forest was blown away from existence and pieces of earth cracked and crumbled. They read each other's moves, not allowing either of them to make a single mistake. Suddenly they disappeared.

Lunar appeared on top of a mountain and Kratos hovering in the air. He whipped yamato out and slashed what seemed to be three slashes. Lunar appeared on top of another mountain as the one he was on top of split and then disintegrated. Lunar aimed True Justice as a large beam of light came forth from the tip. Kratos dodged it but was forced to soar all across the air as Lunar effortlessly sent "light waves" at Kratos. The Shadow demon teleported in front of his brother and laughed and he punched him in the face. Lunar slammed a foot behind him and hold his balance but was tripped and spun into the air where Kratos released an purple-like electric blast that sent Lunar miles away. Kratos was upon the Light Emperor as soon as he landed on the last spot and grabbed his brother's foot. He proceeded to lift him from the floor and slam him on the ground behind him. This went on for about three seconds, enough for Kratos to slam his brother over twenty two times.

The Light Emperor twisted around and kicked Kratos in the jaw as he flipped back to his feet. He held his fist in the air and charged it with a strange dark blue light. Kratos knew what it was and tried to back away but Lunar grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him on the ground. Lunar launched himself into the air and smashed his fist into Kratos' abdomen a moment later. Kratos caughed up a bit of blood and began to stagger as he stood up. Lunar was not done and summoed True Justice in his hand where he battered Kratos and finally slammed him into two mountains.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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The sword plunged through me. The pain was terrible. I didn't know what to do. Suddenly I was back in the light city. Bleeding at it's entrance. Immediately some guards picked me up and sent me to the infirmary. Apparently Lunar had sent me here to heal. But I could not let him fight Kratos alone. I looked around only to see my father standing before me.

Son. The emperor is in danger as we speak you must save him!

But father I am too weak to fight him! He is too powerful for me!

No he isn't. He is no stronger than you. You are the true heir to the King of the Lycans. That sword is the key. Any lycan able to wield it has far greater power than all other lycans. And you my son can wield the sword. Search yourself. Find the one thing that will make you show your true form.

I shifted into my lycan form. My wounds healed. I grew in size, speed, and strength. Then a light shone upon me. Forming into something unknow it encased my skin. When the light had faded armor covered my body. This was my true ascension.

I could feel power course through my veins. I looked at a doctor who had witnessed the whole event. He stood in awe gazing at me.

I have to get back to a fight now.

With that I teleported back to the battlefield just outside the lost city. Kratos and Lunar were going at it. John was heading to the portal. The shadow army watched their leaders battle with awe. I howled as I charged toward them.


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The Realm: RPG
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