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 World War Z RPG

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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:40 pm

As the group came running towards the fighting, a deafening roar rang in their ears, it was a huge tank rushing its way towards the remainig soldiers. X looked at Kyle and the others and shouted.

Everyone! get to high ground!! we fight them there!!!

What the hell you talking about! There's no high ground X!!!

The damn landing pad is elevated!! go there!!!!

Everyone started running back towards the heli pad where John was filling up the gas tank. As the rest of the group stopped to turn around a car came flying past them. The tank was getting closer. Kyle fired a couple of rounds towards the tank but it barley slowed it down. But it was enough time for X to have an idea, he looked at the heli pad. There were gas tanks there.

He ran as fast as he could and grabbed the nearest gas container in reach.
He looked back.

Guys! quit foolin around and get your asses here now!

The group neared where X was one soldier lagging behind got caught by a long tounge and was dragged back towards the zombie horde, and the tank...Kyle ran up towards X.

What the hell X!! Its a dead end!! the choppers not filled up yet!

I know Kyle! we need to buy John sometime!! Tim! Wilson! get the trucks and block the gang way!!

Tim and Wilson did as was told and ran towards the heli pad, X ran towards the trucks and threw the gas tanks just underneath the trucks. Then went back a bit and crouched, shot gun in hand and waited.....he felt the ground shake... the tank was coming nearer, he heard the shouts of the zombie horde and the screech of the hunter's and smokers....a little bit more.

The Boom.

X shot the gas tanks which lit under the trucks, a few moment later the truck exploded. creating a wall of flame. X ran back up the gang plank with the group, their guns pointed at the wall of flame. zombies passed through but died instantly in the flame, the tank however ran full speed at them. X frustrated took his shotgun and met the tank at full force.

X dont be stupid!!!

Too late!!

X fired his shot gun again and again, each round slowing the tank..but barely. with in a few feet, X was out of bullets, the tank sensing this rampaged towards X. X in turn charged like a mad man his holding his shotgun like a bat and swung like hell at the tanks head. The tank skidded to a stop. X walked back to the group took the gun and watch the inferno hold back the zombies......
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:51 pm

Where the hell is Ben?!

The group shot any zombies that were stupid enough to rush through the fire and protected John. X was reloading his shotgun and Kyle checked the chopper was operational. He gave them the all clear and heard radio chatter from LT.Mitch.

We're pinned down in a building one block from the helipad! Get us the hell out of here! (LT.Mitch)

Any suggestions?

I got one.


X, Kyle and Eli sneaked around to their vehicles and fired up the engines. Kyle was in the tank with Eli while X drove the ambulance with CJ inside. Kyle looked back to see the rear hatch was open and pressed the button to close it but it was jammed. He hit the button harder and cursed. Eli had no idea what Kyle's plan was and held onto his rifle as the tank hit into a mob of zombies.

You wanna walk me through this plan of yours?!

It's pretty self explanatory!

The tank headed straight for the building where the soldiers and Ben were trapped in and picked up speed, Kyle held on tight to the controls and the two jolted around and hit their heads as the tank crashed through the building and blocked off the only way to the other survivors. Mitch and the others rushed the others outside and ran for it, Ben looked back and saw Kyle and Eli leaning against the dashboard with blood trickling down their heads. He wanted to go back but knew he couldn't help.

KYLE, ELI! You guys okay?!

Kyle coughed and sat himself up, he checked Eli's pulse and gave him a nudge. He groaned and felt his head. Kyle stood up and put the bag of guns he had on his back and picked up his shotgun. Eli tried to stand up and attempted to open the side door but it was jammed.

Oh hell!

A group of zombies ran to the building and tried to get in the back of the tank, Kyle fired a shot and killed one that held a few back. He had seven shots left and used them wisely, he aimed for their heads every time and only missed once. When his shotgun was out of ammo he pulled out on of his Glocks and fired until his mag was empty. Eli took out his Beretta and shot one that was about to jump Kyle. Kyle put in a fresh mag and fired as one ran at him, its body landed on him and he fell back. Eli covered him and heard a shotgun fire and aimed to the left as the side door was pulled open and X stood sweating.

Let's go!

Kyle kicked a zombie back and shot it in the head and jumped out of the tank after Eli was pulled out by X. He turned around and tried to shut the door but they overpowered him and he had to hold it while X put Eli in the ambulance. X ran back for Kyle and saw him pull a grenade out of the bag. X raised his shotgun as Kyle moved back and shot a zombie back so it would slow the rest of them down, Kyle tossed the grenade in and slammed the door shut. The two ran out of the building and got in the tank just in time. The explosion destroyed the tank and most of the building.


The ambulance arrived at the helipad and was parked in the middle of the street in between some burning trucks. They all got out of the ambulance and carried what ammo and supplies they could. Kyle took out his M4 and opened the door for X to carry Eli. CJ stuck with Kyle and the four made their way to the helipad.
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World War Z RPG
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