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 World War Z RPG

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PostSubject: World War Z RPG   Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:28 am

In 2009 an unknown virus burned through our civilization and killed billions of people. The only problem is....they didn't stay dead. The military locked down cities and sent in special teams to try and kill those that were infected but did not succeed. Within 24hours the military's containment plan had failed and they had lost control of the United States. Within 36hours the virus had spread and destroyed Europe and Asia. Those who managed to survive the virus and the infected hid in large secure buildings or kept on the move, they avoided major cities and kept to themselves.

Our story takes place after the military has lost control and people are confused, angry and frightened. This is a recollection of events that happened to a group of people, civilians and soldiers. Now see their struggle to survive.


The Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight was hovering above the city and was transporting a Special Ops team who had just recovered three scientists from a hotzone. The leader of the team was Captain Price and he commanded five other men. Captain Price and two of his men, Sparky and Chap, had been bitten by some infected and were feeling ill. The other three members of the team, Kyle, X and Jacob had managed to escape unharmed. Sparky was starting to doze off while Chap was examining the three scientists who had also been bitten. The helicopter was heading out of the city and towards a military compound in a secure location.

What the f*ck is happening to this country X?

I don't know Kyle, but it's not good.

Kyle stood up and placed his M4 assault rifle down, it was customised to fit his needs with an ACOG scope and a flashlight and laser on the handguard. Jacob was messing around with his vest and took out one of his Colt .45s from a holster and aimed it at Xs head.

Get your goddamn gun out of my face!

Sorry dude, you just have that affect on me.

Kyle walked over to Captain Price and stood over him, he seemed to be sleeping like one of the scientists behind him. Kyle began to walk back towards Dev and Jacob but a hand grabbed his shoulder and he spun around. One of the scientists had red eyes and was snarling, Kyle grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and threw him down the other end of the chopper by X and Jacob. The two stood up and Kyle stood with them, they took out their pistols and aimed them at the scientist but didn't fire. Captain Price woke up and looked at the other two scientists. He jumped at them and began to attack them while the other two members of the team attacked the pilots. The chopper began to spin around and was descending. Screams and blood filled the front half of the Sea Knight. The scientist in front of Kyle and the others began to move towards them as they were holding on to things, as Jacob raised his gun the end of the Sea Knight tore off and the scientist disappeared. The pilot had made them hit a building and now they were going down into a street.


The SK hit the ground hard and partially crushed the c*ckpit and pinned the two pilots. Kyle had fallen down and had been sucked out of the SK as it hit the ground and luckily survived with only a cut to the side of the head and a grazed arm. X and Jacob were alright and started to crawl out of the SK. Kyle walked over to the crashed bird and aimed his P250 handgun inside just as Jacob was coming out, he aimed to the right and shot Price and his other two team mates in the head. Jacob jumped out and X took out a shotgun and blew one of the scientists head clean off.

You guys alright?

Oh yeah we're just great. Now that our team is dead and our chopper is down, what the f*ck are we gonna do?!

We're gonna grab as much ammo as we can and find a place to wait for an airlift.

X chucked Jacob a large backpack full of medical supplies and food. Kyle jumped back in the SK and took a large black bag and started filling it up with ammo. First he walked over to a large case that had boxes of M16 and M4 magazines in them and put two of them in. Each box had around twenty mags each. Next he grabbed three boxes of pistol mags and another three full of shotgun shells. X was doing exactly the same but they each put one box of TAR-21 mags in for Jacob.

Put four shotguns in your bag and I'll but two M4's and two MP5's in mine.

Kyle picked up a Benelli M3 shotgun with a stock saddle for easy access to shells, he could put five on each side of the stock and then attached a flashlight onto the side of the barrel. He pumped it and put it on his back and then zipped up the bag of guns and ammo and put it on his back as well. As he was about to jump out he forgot his M4 and grabbed it.

We all good to go?

Yeah. I have eight M4 mags in one of my pockets and fifty shotgun shells in another.

Well we definitely aren't going to die easily.

The three set off and began to find shelter like so many others within the city and the world were.



COLT .45
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:23 pm

The three remaining members of the Special Ops team came across an Irish Pub and banged on the doors. The doors were large dark green double doors and they were bolted shut from the inside, but they didn't know that yet. Xavier took out two thing pieces of metal and began to pick the lock. Little did they know that a group of civilians were inside and were about to open the doors. Xavier almost had it when there was a noise on the other side of the door and it opened to reveal a man aiming a shotgun and another pointing a cop issue beretta.

Who the f*ck are you?!

You took the words right out of my mouth. We need a place to stay, are you gonna invite us in?

They lowered their guns and let them in, once they were in they slammed the doors shut and locked them then placed a pool table up against them. Jacob and Xavier walked over to the bar while Kyle walked past all of the people who were staying in the pub. He took the bag off of his back and sat beside a family. There was only three in the family, the father, the mother and the 15 year old son. Kyle smiled at them and looked at the man who was carrying the cop issue beretta, he was obviously a drug addict because he was sweating and was scratching his arm every chance he got. His name was Darius and he had decided to confront X and Jacob.

So.....what the hell are three marines doing out here? You boys get lost or something? (Darius)

We don't want any trouble here, we just need a place to say then we will be out of your hair.

GODDAMN IT! I was talking to the base on the radio and then it went dead! F*ck sake!

What did they say?

They said that containment measures have failed and it has turned into a global pandemic. When I asked about a pickup the radio went dead.


The father of the family moved over and sat beside Kyle. He began to ask him questions and commented on the amount of weapons he had.

Where are you guys heading? (Sam)

Well by the sounds of it, nowhere at the moment.

So what's your story? How did you end up in this mess? (Sam)

Our chopper crashed. What about you?

We were attacked by our sons friends. I fought some of them off and we were on our way to the bridge in our car but we crashed. (Sam)

Who is that guy with the handgun?

That's Darius, his father owns this place and he has a bit of a habit. (Sam)

I'm sure he does. Is he dangerous?

..........Yeah (Sam)

So why are you keeping your family here?

Because there's nowhere else to go. (Sam)

We might be leaving, and you and your family are going to come with us. There are infected people in here and that addict isn't exactly a steady aim.

Kyle took out a Glock 9mm and handed it to Sam along with an extra magazine. Sam hid the gun and nodded to Kyle. Darius began to make a racket and people began to feel uneasy. The man with the shotgun looked like a biker because of the leather jacket and was looking at Darius in concern. Kyle stood up as Xavier gave him a nod and picked up his gear.

Hey! Where are you going?! (Darius)

We're leaving.

No I don't think so. You are going to stay right here. (Darius)

You gonna make us?

[He pulls out his gun and aims it at Kyle.] Yeah! I might as well shoot you and take all those guns you have. (Darius)

Put the gun down dude, don't make this difficult.

Darius realised what he was doing and lowered the gun. Kyle took his finger off the trigger of his rifle and relaxed. But unfortunately something must have triggered Darius because he raised his gun again and was to about pull the trigger but Jacob pulled out one of his Colt .45's, and shot him in the head.

Nice shot.

Doing what I can with what I got.

Suddenly one of the windows smashed and a screaming women jumped onto one of the people in the Pub. Another window smashed and five of the infected jumped into the pub and began attacking people. Jacob jumped over the bar and crouched as Kyle shot down two infected behind him. Xavier and the family ran into the back room and headed out the fire exit while Jacob and Kyle waited for the man in the leather jacket to get to them. They ran into the room and locked the door behind them then headed out the fire exit to be reunited with the others.

Now where the hell are we going to go?!

There's a mall not far from here. We can try and get to there, maybe it hasn't been overrun yet.

Sounds like a plan. Let's move.
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:43 pm

Hey folks! It's day three in the city of ghouls and we here at KLAW are still on the air! So turn your dials to 88.3 for all updates in news, weather, and zombie affairs. I tell ya folks, it's hard. I'm all alone up here with a single shotgun and a couple of shots. You'd think that our high and mighty government would do somethin about it! After that neat little 'infection' of their broke out. They've been hiding in their little safehouses until this is all over. Now is that really the way to do things? Well shoot folks. It looks like the zombies are trying to get in ... again. So God help all of us non-freaks out. Cuz no one else gives a **** about us. Until next time this is the A-Train! Telling the truth, no matter how bad it hurts.

Damn zombie freaks!

I fire a couple of shells out of the window. Down below a crowd of infected people are swarming at my building. Just scratching away at the windows until the can get through. Bastards. Everyday they get closer and closer to breaking through. Hopefully they aren't smart enough to walk up stairs. Or someone comes and saves me. Geez! With all the radio broadcasts I've been giving out, someone should've heard at least one of them by now!


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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:30 am

I turn off the radio. I listen to that man talking on the radio. I wish I could help out, but it's not safe to go on foot. It has been a couple of days since I came to the station and its completely abandoned. I made sure no one was here, zombies included. Lucky for me the station was equipped with blast doors and window covers that are 1 foot thick steel.

I start taking inventory again. I have about 7 weeks of food for one person or about 3 weeks worth for about 5 people. I have a fair amount of weapons and ammo.

Well that's the inventory, now I have to see if I can get this CB set going.

I start working on repairing it..with it I could try to get help or maybe help someone else.

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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:09 am

Lance Corporal Darren had started running for the mall after his military convoy got takin down by infected now he was about a quarter mile away

aaaahhhh ****

at least twenty zombies lay in his path he had to find away around them he looked down the ally at a fire escape

that will work
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:45 am

From the buildings, Lights flashed, The infected watched and stood by, A sound hit the streets, Laughter hitting the air.
A screech was heard, as A ambulance sped past some infected, The top of the vehicle had a metal fence around it, and 2 machine guns were ontop, two men were there shooting the infected laughning, the ambulance had been spray painted with skulls all laughning.
In the driver seat, a female in her mid 20's had a nurse uniform, she had brown hair in a bun and she was covered in weapons.the ambulance had 4 stereos in each corner of the bus, music screamed from them.

in front of the ambulance there was a giant metal fence, with spikes. Near the female was another guy, who was speaking to the female.
The ambulance drove thru the city, Inside the ambulance there was enough gas to last for months. Also inside there was weapons, and radios.

in the female's ear she had a earpeice, hearing the latest news.
Hey folks! It's day three
in the city of ghouls and we here at KLAW are still on the air! So turn
your dials to 88.3 for all updates in news, weather, and zombie
affairs. I tell ya folks, it's hard. I'm all alone up here with a
single shotgun and a couple of shots. You'd think that our high and
mighty government would do somethin about it! After that neat little
'infection' of their broke out. They've been hiding in their little
safehouses until this is all over. Now is that really the way to do
things? Well shoot folks. It looks like the zombies are trying to get
in ... again. So God help all of us non-freaks out. Cuz no one else
gives a **** about us. Until next time this is the A-Train! Telling the
truth, no matter how bad it hurts.

*** zombie freaks!

Alright, So, we giong to get this dude or not!?
I mean srly ppl, This guy needs backup.
how the hell do you know if he needs help Alex?
I dont know. Just saying.

The female drove into some infected and heard the wheels crush the skulls.
She saw some men up ahead and honk her horn..

Kyle looked behind him and saw the ambulance.
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:50 pm

Well folks this may be our last little chat together. Those zombie freaks have gotten in here at KLAW Studios and they know how to use stairs. But if ya'll have been listenin you know that the good ole' A-Train won't pull into zombie station without bustin up some freaks up close and personal. On the off chance I do survive this little problem of mine I've outfitted a neat little backpack that will keep me on the air and let me give all you good folks out there a live field report. So this is The A-Train! Keeping you in the know, now. Now if you excuse me. I think there is someone at the door

The door starts shaking. On the other side I know there are a hell of a lot of zombies that want nothing more then eat my brains out. My backpack is full of broadcasting equipment and my pockets are full of the last bits of shotgun ammo I had. I had barricaded the doors with some of the recording studios desk's. On one side of the door 3 fire extinguishers lay next to eachother. Extra radio equipment lied on the other side. Right now the only chance I had was to get the the roof and head down the fire escape. And pray that someone would come help me.

(Insert Kyle and Hawk interaction here, where you decide to save my ass!)

It's been 2 hours and the zombies still haven't broken into my office. They have managed to get a tiny crack in the door. But the only thing getting through that is their foul odor. I hear a crash downstairs. Something big is coming. I pump my shotgun and get ready for the worst.


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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:21 pm

The ambulance rushes past kratos, as the female heard the radio, the men in the top saw the zombies, near a large studio, they started shooting, the man in the front took out some grenades and threw them at the doors of the studio, the loud explosion shakes the studio, the machine guns hit all zombies in the head or in the chest, the music still beating.

the female contacted the man.

the other male laughed as curses where heard in the other end of the line.
The female pushed a button as the headlights opened as missiles flew out, and hit some groups of zombies, machine guns still hitting.

The other man ran up the stairs shooting infected after infected, The large man grabbed A-TRAIN and shot after zombies.
Once the A-train had entered the ambulance the other dude was about to get in when he got bitten in the leg.
A loud scream was heard.

Alex POV

I turned my head so quickly, I saw Brian yell as a zombie bit into him, he punched the zombie, then he looked at me, with tears in my eyes I grabbed the pistol and shot both him and the infected in the head.
Once that was done, i slammed into the pedal and raced out. The back doors of the ambulance was closed as i closed the side door while racing through.
Tears in my eyes, I raced down the city, I took out my earpeice and spoke in it.

This is Alexandra I have gotten the A-train from the studio, he is Ok, but I lost my brother Brian..If anyone needs A pick up just give us a call!

Once that was done, I kept driving..
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:58 pm

Darren could see the mall from across the street he sprinted for the entrance he could see the doors where barricaded he knocked on the door no answer he ran to the back he heard scratching on a door so he hugged the wall and made sure his shot gun was loaded he **** it and the scratching stoped on of the zombies poked its head around the corner only to get it blasted off then Darren turned the corner
15 zombies charged he unloaded his shot gun on them
about six were left he needed to reload one was about to bite him when it got shot in the head the other five looked towards the shot five more shots and there where dead he looked at the shooter

who the hell are you

im Ty and you

names Darren can i go inside

sure [Ty]
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:59 pm

The group came across the radio station and looked at the bloody mess. There were a lot of empty shells and not many dead infected. Kyle looked down at the man who had been recently bitten and shot in the head, this city had really gone to hell.

Ya think that guy is still inside? (Ben)

Only one way to find out. Xavier you stay out here with them, Jacob, Ben, you guys are coming in with me.

The three entered the radio station while X, the biker and Ben's family stood in an alley. Kyle was in the front with Ben behind him and Jacob bringing up the rear. They stepped over bodies and looked at empty shotgun shells that led up to the roof. Jacob heard a rustling behind a door and moved toward it. Kyle and Ben carried on and moved through to the broadcast room, they examined all of the equipment and had an idea.

We can send out a broadcast to let people know to meet us at the mall? We don't even know if it's safe. (Ben)

Oh it's safe, the local police had the place locked down for their people. Our team was in that mall before we were dispatched and the entire place was secure, I just need to remember how to get in.

Jacob kicked the door open and gripped his rifle, there was nothing in there. He walked in and seemed confused. As he turned around and shut the door an infected came out of nowhere and grabbed onto him. He held him back and headbutted him but the zombie overpowered him and pushed him onto a table. Jacob grabbed him by the neck with one hand and held him back so he couldn't bite him, he reached for his knife and stuck it in its neck. He kicked it back and got up, as the zombie began to walk towards him again he pulled out his .45 and shot it in the head. Ben and Kyle ran into the room and looked at the body.

You alright?

Yeah I'm good. Is that guy still here?

No he's gone, I think that Ambulance came this way and picked him up.

We should send out the broadcast now and then head over to the mall, how far is it from here? (Ben)

Two clicks north.

Alright let's get this message out.

Kyle walked into the broadcast room and flicked some switches and turned some dials, he pulled the microphone towards him and began to record the message.

This is Sergeant Kyle McKenzie of the USMC. I am a survivor just like you and I am traveling with two other members of my Special Ops team and a group of civilians. We are heading to the North Roads Mall, the mall is safe and secure with shatterproof windows, automated and deadbolt doors and living requirements. We will be taking refuge there until help arrives, if you are listening to this I only suggest you head our way if you are able to. Do not risk leaving a safe and secure house or apartment and do not come to us if you have been bitten by an infected. Kyle out....

Alright I'll play it on a repeated loop. (Ben)

Okay. *Talks into radio* X how's it looking out there?

There are no hostiles out here and we have found some wheels.

Okay we're on our way, let's go.
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:08 am

Finally I got the radio going....I pick up the mic and start talking.

Hello anyone out there. My name is John MacIsaac, I am barricaded in a Police station in the north part of the station. Damn it is there anyone out there?

I get dead silence. I turn the dial and I hear a voice...faint but they here me?
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:16 pm

Kyle, Jacob and Ben ran down the alley and found a parking lot with one Ford Explorer in it. Xavier was already trying to hotwire it and Tim, the biker, was watching his back. Sarah, Ben's wife, hugged Ben as he approached the truck while their son Cole stayed in the truck.

How we doing X?

F*ck, I'm getting there.

Kyle took Jacob's bag and put it in the back of the truck with the other two and placed his shotgun back there too. Tim stared down the alley and saw a few figures and shadows. Jacob noticed them too and put a fresh mag in his rifle.

Kyle we got company. X you might want to hurry the f*ck up!

Kyle walked back to Jacob and Tim and swore. He told Tim and the others to get inside the truck. Jacob raised his rifle and stared down his scope, he fired a shot and a large group of them started running down the alley. Kyle shot beside Jacob and the two held them off. X finally got the truck started and sat in the drivers seat. Kyle fired his last three shots and Jacob jumped in the back with the others, Kyle jogged around the truck and opened the passenger side door. As he stepped into the truck X sped off, Kyle sat in his seat and slammed the door shut just in time.


The Ford Explorer was parked outside of the mall and the group inside were looking around making sure it was safe.

Alright so how are we supposed to get in?

We get in through the sewer. That manhole over there will take us down there and then it's just a matter of going up eight steps and then walking underneath the mall until we hit a staircase that will lead us to the first floor of the mall.

Wow, someone has a little too much free time on their hands.

It looks clear, let's hit it.

They all got out of the truck and collected the bags then walked over to the manhole. X and Kyle used a crowbar to pull off the lid and shined a light down there.

I thought being in **** was meant to be a figure of speech.

Get in the goddamn hole Jacob.

Jacob rushed down the ladder and aimed his rifle to the right and then the left. He gave the all clear and waited for the others.

Hey kid, when we're down there you stick with me okay? You be my shadow.

Cole nodded and watched as X and Tim went down. Ben and Sarah went next followed by Cole and Kyle. Jacob led on and Kyle was behind him, X covered the back. After five minutes of crossing through pipes and **** they finally found the eight metal stairs leading up to a steel door, fortunately it wasn't locked and as Jacob opened it the group heard a faint screaming and distant splashing.

Aw sh*t! (Ben)


They all hurried down a corridor until they found a staircase, Jacob was running up it with Sarah, Cole and Tim right behind him. As they were running they heard gunshots and then saw Ben, X and Kyle running behind them. Jacob found the door and tried to open it but there was something pushed up against it on the other side. He slammed on the door and yelled and swore. Ben, X and Kyle reached the others and stood at the top of the stairs blocking the way, they all looked down and saw a large mob of infected right below them. The three aimed their guns down at the mob and waited for them to make a move, the infected were snarling and slowly walking towards them and as they began to run X fired the first shot with his SPAS-12 and hit most of them. Kyle and Ben fired after and kept them at bay, suddenly the door opened and Jacob turned and pointed his rifle at a man wearing an FBI bulletproof vest and another man in full tactical gear carrying an MP5.


Jacob ran in and the others followed, the three stopped shooting and ran through the door. Kyle turned and tried to shut the door but the infected were pushing it open.


Kyle moved and the door swung open but before the infected could rush in X fired his shotgun again and the spread knocked the mob back. The man in the full gear took out a grenade and threw it in the stairwell as Kyle slammed into the door and shut it, he put his foot against it and locked it. The two FBI agents moved the others away while X and Kyle kept their weight against the door and Jacob kept his rifle aimed at it in case they broke through. Suddenly the banging and snarling stopped and Kyle noticed there was gas leaking through the cracks in the door and the two moved away from it. Poisonous gas, it still seemed to work on the infected.

So, who the hell are you? (FBI Agent Tod)
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Sat Jul 25, 2009 8:36 pm

I try again to reach anyone out there.

Hello is anyone out there? Then I get a reply.

This is Sergeant Kyle McKenzie of the USMC. May I ask who I am talking to?

This is Sargent John MacIsaac, I am a P.I. within the local Police Department. I am barricaded in the station. I am safe, I have supplies, weapon/ammo and a SWAT Truck. Do you need help?

No, we are fine, but we have to figure out how to get you in here. There is safety in numbers.

Your right Kyle, I will start loading supplies in the truck. I will wait for your plan until then.

With that I sigh with relief. Finally I think to myself, I am getting out of this tomb. Time to fight these bastards.
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Sat Jul 25, 2009 11:21 pm

The ambulance sped through the streets, Any infected humans would be slaughtered by the vehicle.
Alex pushed a button as a holographic map appeared. She pushed another button as the directions to the mall appeared. The men in the top slammed a button as the machine guns reloaded and they took aim to the infected.

20 mins.....

2 explosion slammed into buildings as smoke covered the sky.
The ambulance sped thru and saw the entrance of the mall. The feds in the top where shooting every infected they saw.

Alright, Here is the plan, The mall has 4 floors. Neither Any floors, from what I've heard is infected. I also heard there is a garage to the Mall. Unfortunatly, That has some freaky bastards. So What we can do, is we call Some one from the inside and get help getting this puppy in.

Alex drove around the mall, while the feds shot, A-train was inside calling the head man, they heard in the radio.

Is this Kyle?

A-train looked at the small window and yelled.
Cant get a connection Alex.
Keep trying.

D.T Ambulance

4 shotguns in the passenger side of the Ambulance

3 Pistols

10 machine guns

2 gatling guns untop of D.T ambulance

Only Sniper Rifle
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:41 am

The three marines walked with the FBI agents, the one in the white shirt with the bullet proof vest was Tod and the other in the full tactical gear was a black man called Sawyer.

How many people do you have here, Agent?

Six civilians, another soldier and a prisoner we were transporting. (Tod)

What was he arrested for?

Arson, burglary, armed robbery, assault and murder. (Tod)

Great. Where is he?

He's locked up in a holding cell. We have fortified this place pretty well and we've blocked off all of the entrances and exits, we have enough food to last us a year. (Tod)

Alright good.

The five walked into the food court and met the other people. Before long the marines got sick of carrying the bags of ammo and supplies around and asked for a place to put them. Tod led them to the security office and unlocked the door, they put the bags down next to three others that had shotguns in them. Jacob looked over to see a few t.v. screens that were hooked up to the security cameras. He watched them for a minute and then it switched to the outside camera that showed an Ambulance hitting into infected and people shooting at them.

Oh ****.....


Kyle, Jacob and Tod opened a door into a stairwell and made sure it was clear.

Okay X, when I radio you I want you to shut the doors to the parking lot.

Got it.

*Speaks into radio* Alex, go into the parking lot we will meet you there.

Okay but these things are all over us!

She drove through a mob of zombies and went down into the parking lot, she told Kyle she was in and he told X to shut the lot down. About fifty of them managed to get inside before the lot was shut down, the two Feds got off their guns and were inside the Ambulance now with A-Train and Alex.

Now what the f*ck do we do?!

Alex pumped a shotgun and looked at the back door to the ambulance and stared at the zombies banging on it.

We wait.


Kyle, Jacob and Tod arrived at the door to the parking lot and looked out of the small glass opening to see the Ambulance covered in infected.

Sh*t. Okay here's how this is going to work, Jacob and I will go out and cover the people inside the Ambulance while you stay here and keep this door closed. Only open it for the people we get out okay?

Okay. (Tod)

You ready?


Kyle opened the door and shot down four infected that saw him, Jacob emerged and began to gun down a few as well. Alex looked out the window and saw the two, as the group were about to move the back door was smashed open and the zombies tried to get in. All of them fired their guns and held them back, Alex moved to the side door but it wouldn't open.


Kyle covered Jacob while he ran over and shot the door open, Alex was the first out followed by one of the feds and then A-Train. Kyle covered the three as they ran to the door and Tod opened it for them. Jacob shot past the last fed and was about to run with him to the door when a zombie jumped on him and pulled him to the ground, he hit it off and got up then pulled out a Colt .45 and shot down a few zombies. He turned around and was surprised as the one who jumped on him ran up to him and bit into his arm. He kicked it off and shot it in the head and began to run to the door. Kyle and Jacob ran through the door and Tod slammed it shut and locked it.

Ya think we'll get a break now?
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:43 am

Darren walked over to one of the other soldiers

so whats your story

our chopper crashed you

me and some other
marines were driving through the city on are way here when we were attacked im the only one that lived hey is your guy ok he looks sick

hes been through worse

alright see you later

Darren walked away as he pulled a pipe from his pocket he wasn't smoker but his friend had made the pipe for him he just chewed on the tip
to help him think
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:31 am

Kyle, X, Alex, Tod, Ben and the other two Feds from the Ambulance were standing around a coffee counter and discussing the virus. One of the Feds was explaining his theory of how it started and had everyone's attention but Kyle's, he seemed to be checking out Alex but turned away when she looked at him.

So that's what I think. (Fed 1)

Okay how does the virus spread?

I think it spreads through bites.


Bites. It would explain why it spread so fast and why no one figured out how to stop it.

Ah sh*t.

So who do we know that's bitten? (Ben)

Jack, one of the civilians. (Tod)


Jacob? When?

When we were getting these guys out of the parking lot, they jumped him.


You guys are in the goddamn military, you should know things. So tell us what you know. (Tod)

All we know is that this virus has crippled the entire world, we had no idea about the bites!

Look, let's not point fingers here. We need to quarantine the infected and deal with them later.

They all walked off and left Kyle and X standing at the coffee counter. Kyle slammed his fist down on the counter and swore. Now he was gonna lose someone else.
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:31 pm

Walking through the halls, I look at the shops filled with clothes.
I look up and then look at myself. All i have is my nurse clothes. Very tight and very uncomfortable.
I look back and see Tod talking with kyle. I walk to him and grab his hand...

Excuse me, but can you stand watch at a store while i change?
I just dont like feeling vulnarable while there is millions of freaks outside and im alone in a store.
Thank you.

Kyle is watching me, I just smile and walk towards the shop, Tod behind me, a loud groan escaping his lips.
The girl entered the shop as Tod stood in the entrance.

Looking around the shop, I saw Girl clothe, Womens clothe, then skirts, jeans, shirts, hats. ect.
I took a shirt, a long sleeve white shirt, then i went to the back and grabbed black jeans, but i stayed with my boots that i had. I went to the changing rooms and dressed.

The female saw herself, and smiled. She then put strap's around her thighs and hips, then she put the weapons she had before on her hips and thighs. she looked at the Gadjets and sighed.
Brian had given her a full bag of grenades, Smoke screens, and other small bullets.

You never know when your gonna need it.

she put it back in her hip pockets, and put her hair up.
she hummed to herself, not noticing the infected behind her. a hissing sound made her look up, and scream.

Kyle and the feds ran towards the women's shop when they heard the scream.
Getting their weapons ready they looked at the entrance and nodded.

But before they could get in, some angry yells where heard.

GET OFF ME!!!!!!

the glass window shattered as the infected broke through it and fell on the ground, hissing, then gun shots slammed into his head and chest, Alex stood up and screamed while shooting. The she stopped when she saw the other men.

Kyle looked at his friend.

I glared at him and put my weapons away. I blew my hair out of my face and huffed.

Freaking Freaks!
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:20 am

X put a white sheet over Ethan's body while the others just stood around and thought to themselves, "I'm glad it wasn't me". A-Train sipped away at a beer and patted Kyle on the back and walked off. Darren, another soldier, saluted Ethan and walked off to pick up his gun. After a while Kyle was the only one left there, he had taken off his vest and untucked his shirt and rolled up his sleeves. He thought back to all of the sh*t they had been through and couldn't believe that a little bite was the thing that ended his life. A small tear ran down his cheek and his sniffed.

Man this is f*cked up.

Alex was watching him from a distance and lowered her head. She knew what it was like to lose someone close to her, the fact that the two of them had both killed the people they were mourning over brought them that little bit closer together. She looked as Kyle finally walked away and entered a clothing store.

So he finally let him go huh? (Ben)

Yeah...I guess so.


We have been in contact with John, the man inside the police station and he says that his place is secure for the time being. (Tod)

Is he alone?

Yeah. (Tod)

He might as well be on the moon.

How much ammo do we have?

Well, you guys brought over a couple hundred shotgun shells, about 40 to 60 M4 mags and a hundred pistol mags. We brought 8 pistol mags and three MP5 mags for Sawyer and Alex and her friends brought a sh*tload of shotgun shells. (Tod)

So we don't need to worry about running out of ammo anytime soon then?

Kyle walked up to Tod, Darren, X and A-Train and startled them. He had changed out of his uniform and was now wearing a black zip up hoodie and dark blue jeans. He still had his leg holster on and a Glock in it and he still had black boots on.

Nice of you to join us.

We're gonna want to fix the timers in this place so the lights go off when we want them to and also have regular checks in the parking lot to make sure that door down there stays shut.

Alright. Sounds like a plan. (Tod)
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Mon Jul 27, 2009 2:40 pm

Walking back to the 2nd floor, I looked around the place. I need medical aid.
walking into another store of eletronics, I look for some bandages. I then watch some televisions, and I grab a small remote.
I push the button and look at my ambulance. infected all over it. but thats where i have my medical crap.
I look around some more.
my chest hurts.

flash back.. Hospital second floor..

This is Alexandra, she will be your nurse Jessica.
A female wearing a white pinkish nurse outfit stands next to the docter. her eyes are brown, and her hair is in a bun. she is holding a clipboard.

Hello, Jessica, Nice to meet you.


I heard she was specialized from the army as a nurse.
no wonder she do you say......uptight.
"laughs" i know, what does she think is gonna happen? the hospital gonna explode?
poor kid that has her. she is one scary ****.
She isnt scary, she beautiful, she just....has a scary way of things.
hard core!

Hearing all that, I lean against the wall.
Sighning gently I look down to my hands..sure, I was a military chick. But I learned everything about medical stuff in the army.
She growled and left. she put her stuff away..

She had bought an ambulance from the military. she always thought something bad was gonna happen, and so she made her ambulance ready for almost anything. sure she has the basics, speed and medical aid in the back but she also had her weapons. She called it the D.T ambulance. Death Trap. None of the other nurses would even step foot in it. They called her masterpeice ****, not needed.
She didnt care though. she loved it.

end flash back...

She kept watching her ambulance get swarmed with the infected.
She needed medical aid.
so she just grabbed a bag of loong sleeve shirts and tape.
she wrapped her chest around with it, and grabbed her shotgun.
she walked outside and saw Noone around.

flash back...
Please sir, dont!
a gunshot to her shoulder had been shot. But instead of falling to her knees, she just kept trying to make the patient calm himself, it was just hours before the hospital came down in flames..
end flash back..

Time to get my stuff back...
she started walking to the garage....
she gulped though...
She wasnt ready.
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:02 am

Hey folks this is the A-Train broadcasting to ya'll live from the mall. I tell ya folks I was close to dead. Until this kinky nurse and her buds came and saved riding on their pimped out ambulance. Since then we've joined up with a couple of, get this, government agents. I know, seems like we're screwed right? But the truth is these guys know even less then we do! But to all ya'll survivors of this ghoulish hell hole. Keep fighting. And if ya can get the the **** mall. Or better yet the police station to go help out a lone cop down there. We all gotta stick together in the zombie nightmare now don't we? Anyways let's get on to some more news. It seems that the zombie freaks can only infect you if they decide to bite a chunk of your skin out. So folks stay away from those chompers! Also it seems that.....what in the hell?

I put today's broadcast in a loop so that anyone could here it anytime until my next one. It looked like Alex was about to go outside....alone well except for the ghoulies of course. I got up and ran toward her.

Yo Alex, whatcha doin there?


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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:37 pm

I put my gun down, and grip my shoulder. Even If I did, get the medical aids, It wouldnt be enough to help me.Cant beleive that the nurse needs medical aid from another docter. I hear A-train voice, But I dont make it far enough to answer him.

Alex falls to her knees, her gun dropping from her hands, as she collapses on the ground. A train yells her name and kneels near her, to only find a bullet in her shoulder covered by alot of bandages and not much diong any good. Her eyes are half closed as she breathes heavily, her skin was turning cold, her lips blue..

A-train called The feds who where with her through the radios, Once that was done, The feds ran past the rest to go meet her.

(Idk what else to write.)
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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:51 am

Alex fell unconscious by the door and had a wet blood stain on her shoulder. A-Train ran over to her and picked up her walkie talkie. He radioed someone to come down and help and got a reply from those two men who were with her from the beginning. A-Train ripped open her shirt and looked at the wound on her shoulder, he ripped a piece off her shirt and put it on the wound along with some pressure. He sat there beside her for about three minutes before the two men showed up.

Where are the others?

I don't know. We need to move her. (Terry the black agent, not being racist Auto)

No, what we need to do is get her some antibiotics and some dressing for this wound. I'm going to the Ambulance.

Not on your own you're not. Terry go with him. (Wilson)

A-Train pumped his shotgun and Terry put a new mag in his pistol. They opened the door and Train looked around, there weren't any zombies around so they walked into the parking lot and made their way over to the Ambulance. Wilson took out his walkie and began calling for anybody.

Hey are any of you guys there? Alex needs help! (Wilson)


Kyle and Darren were shooting some hoops when they heard the call, Kyle ran over and picked his walkie up.

What's the problem?

She got shot before and never told anyone and she collapsed when she was heading to her Ambulance. Now Train and Terry are out there. (Wilson)

Sh*t, we're on our way.


Wilson stood up and looked out the glass to see the two guys get to the Ambulance, Train climbed in the back and searched around while Terry stood guard. Wilson heard Alex cough and turned around and then turned back to the window just as Terry was jumped by three zombies. Train shot one down and moved to the doors as one of them ripped Terry's neck and blood squirted up. Train heard a large mob of them coming so he slammed the back doors shut and locked them, now he was stuck in the Ambulance.



Kyle and Darren ran down the stairs and corridor to Alex and Wilson. Darren was carrying an MP5 and Kyle just had two Glocks. They looked through the glass and saw Terry's body. The zombies were banging on the Ambulance and they all guessed Train was in there.

Any ideas?



Darren pulled the door open and Kyle walked through first. Wilson shut the door behind them and they snuck around the back of the lot. Train saw them out of the window and put a couple extra rounds in his pocket that were lying around. Kyle broke off from Darren and moved to the other side of the lot and knelt beside a car. Darren stood out in the open and whistled, fortunately there wasn't too many of them when they ran his way. He opened fire and dropped most of them but his gun jammed and they kept running, Kyle saw him run up a level and heard gunshots from a pistol and carried on to the Ambulance.

Train open up, let's go!

He pulled the doors open and jumped out with a backpack full of supplies. They headed for the door and saw Darren run back without his MP5. He said they weren't all dead and they opened the door. Kyle turned around and shot a few in the head then ran in. Wilson slammed the door shut and locked it.

Let's get her up to X!

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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:27 am

We started carrying hawk up the stairs, the power was down so the escalators didn't work. I was angry. I hadn't worked out a day in my life.

Holy crap! This chick is heavy!

Haha. I have a feeling that you've never worked out before. Although she does seem to have quite a bit of muscle. She must have been in the military for at least a short amount of time.

We got her up to the man Kyle called X and set her down beside him. He looked at her as if he were angry with her.

What's wrong X?

First off, you're are way to tiny to be calling me X. And second, I worked with this girl before. We were both commissioned to work in the same MASH I was the field medic and she was my nurse.

Well I sense a flashback coming. Turns to audience. What about you folks?


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PostSubject: Re: World War Z RPG   Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:22 am

Slowly walking down the stairs in a desperate shudder to secure his weaponry, P.I. Eli Lance, heard the footing of human steps.

Sent....none...still human.Steps soft...survivors...His thoughts driffted into to ghostly words

"Who's there!"
, he called down the stairs weapons in hand as he waited for a response.

OOC: Eli is holding:
(Holding)2 Beretta 92
(Strapped)1 SIG 552 Commando
(Back Sling)2 Machete
(Strapped) 1 Galil Defender Variants
In Storage:
Grenade Launcher
M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle

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World War Z RPG
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