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 Elfen Lied RPG

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:25 pm

A day later....

Kiykona Trishia awoke with sweat dropping down her face...her body trembling. Another nightmare.
Except this one had predictions. She got up and went to see herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess and her eyes where dark. Pain was all she remembered. she quickly dressed, and put on her weapons, as she got a message in her computer.

"Hellfighter unit has just landed on the Rebel base, I want you and a squad to head there, and Find that Diclonious.Take a helicopter if you have to, make sure the rebels dont see you, or hear you. I'll tell kyle that You are getting there and should meet you there."

With that the female put her brush down and grabbed her scarf.
Rebels base=Cold

10 minutes later...

A black helicopter was heading to the rebels base, inside was Kiykona In her scarf, her face mostly covered, she looked like a ninja, mixed with a swat soldier. The squad behind her where in their uniforms with large guns and ready for battle.

Once we touch the ground, These men will follow me, and once I find this John, its full attention.
I close my eyes and remember what her boss told her before she left japan.

Flash Back..

a tall woman was sitting on a chair, a clipboard in her arm and a tight bun on her hair, silver glasses on.
With her was the best of the best, SPM's. And I was standing in front of her, my eyes filled with nothing of bitter emotion.

" Now remember, Kiykona, That you major priority is to protect those Diclonious. If any one, I dont care who, but anyone who tries to bait them or take them or even kill them, you Kill them. INGEN told us carefully and specifically that they want them alive. Kiykona, dont give the SPM a bad rep. Make sure you use what we taught you. and use that rare ability carefully. But of are Kiykona Trishia. China's feared ninja."

With that the female nodded, and turned and left, to be escorted out of the building into a airplane, no good bye's or anything. her job was simple. protect or kill.
The female really though did love what she was gonna do, she always found Dicloniouses intreseting.
But even though these creatures were wonderful she had to be careful. with them and others.
If anyone found that she had one as a Mother, she would not only be taken away, she be put to death.
she shook her head and got ready to board, when she felt her eyes pulse...

End flash back..

We felt the helicopter land, once the doors, opened, the harsh cold winds slapped us in the face. I sprinted from where I was and ran towards the base, the squad behind me, guns ready, eyes ready.

The Female stopped and hid behind a tree, her clothe was changing with the area, a tech from the SPM.
she nodded to one of her squad members, as he radioed in Kyle.

" Hellfighter Kyle, this is Kiykona Trishia's Squad, we just landed and we have visual of the front of the base, we are moving now. "

The female tilted her head and put her scarf up higher, as she put her blade near her face.

Time to find who i am soppose to protect.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:47 pm

Goddamn it, that SPM mercenary has just arrived. Alright listen up Phase one and two are complete, let's move on to Phase three. Tony, Ramon I'll take you and your teams with us, the rest of you keep this area locked down. No one gets in or out unless I say so, understood?

Kyle took his Unit and Tony's in the first elevator, the other team took the second and arrived at the same time.

Ramon clear this floor and report in once you've done so. Jack set up a comms link to INGEN base and then hack into the Rebel's system.

On it Captain. (Jack)

Everyone turned to Ramon's team as there was a flash of gunfire and his team started to drop. The Hellfighters and Tony's men took cover and opened fire on the Rebels. Jack tossed Kyle a radio and gave him the thumbs up.

This is Captain Kyle McKenzie of the Hellfighter Unit, we have encountered heavy resistance in the Rebel base and need immediate assistance. We have a team down, unknown whether or not they are KIA. I repeat, we need immediate assistance.

He tossed the comm back to Jack and threw an ST Grenade down the hall towards the Rebels and leaned hard against the wall. There was a loud bang of blue flame and the shooting ceased. Kyle helped John up and looked around at his team and Tony's.

Why did you call in back up if you could have taken them out like that?

You'll see soon enough...
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Lunar Retturns 2
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:02 am

Kyle was gone. Along with almost all of INGEN's military. The rest were for Xavier, Ceberus Unit and I to watch over. If anything were to go wrong in the facility then ass-munch Chon will blame it on me. That is until I beat his skull into the marble floor.

So, feeling better, sir? (Joseph)

I guess. It's been a long time since I've been in action and had a withdrawal. Never at the same time though.

I just can't believe that you two are still alive. And is it true that you shot at a enemies c4 just so you can demostrate to Xavier?? (Maria)

You ask a lot of questions but yeah I did shoot at it.

That's just plan crazy. (Arnold)

Crazy enough for me to do it. None of you would even consider doing it. I'm crazy enough after all. Now hush up your bums and follow me.

The facility was quiet for now. The damage was also apparent. I've been through a lot of **** in my life but this was nowhere close to the campaign Captain Kyle and I went through. My team was aware of it but they only heard rumors. Some were myths and some were true. It was one of of INGEN's near downfalls. Kyle and I were charged with scouting an abandoned city in Africa. The populants were disappearing all over and it was not until we lost contact with the African branch of INGEN that Kyle and I were sent in to see what the was going on. Definately a terrible reminder.

Jessie, watch over Aaron.

Yes, sir. (Jessie)

Jessie was a Dico lover. She was a god girl but pities the damn things. She should pity herself for being an airhead. I would like to say that she is our best hand-to-hand combatant but she holds no power in her punches. At least not until I'm done training her. I was the original instructor of the Russian branch of INGEN. Hand-to-hand came naturally to me, since I was a fighter from 1st grade to 7th.

As my unit followed me I decided that we should check out the labs underground. No one has investigated it yet because it was off-limits to employees. However, I'm not from this facility. If anyone has anything to say about it then I'll shoot them in the freakin' gut. The elevator would have been an easier route underground but John smashed it as he came up. I swear there's no good from him. No matter how many times he saves my life it's only to let my guard down. He knows that I'm the only one to stop him.

Captain, what are the odds of you punching Chon if you see him?


I'm just asking. I would love to see you do that. Making us wait here while Hellfighter unit gets all of the action...

True that man. (Arnold)

Lo and behold, there goes Chon right now.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:35 am

Kyle's Unit and Tony's had served in North Korea, Russia, Panama and Africa for INGEN and were both known for their loyalty to one another, even more so than Kyle and Frost. The two Units walked down a corridor on the third floor and stopped at a large door. Heidi took out a key card and swiped it then put in a four digit code that opened the door. The teams walked in and saw five men standing in the large cargo area, the place was full of crates with guns in them and computers. There were two catwalks above them on either side of the cargo area. The five men were Rebels, one was Professor Guten, another was Major Becket and the other three were his best soldiers.


Ahh, Captain? What a surprise. (Guten)

A door opened above them and soldiers poured out onto the catwalks carrying TAR-21's. Kyle smirked and looked at his own men.

Ya know Guten if you're going to send your men into retrieve something you should make sure they get it.

Well I will keep that in mind Captain. I take it you have it? (Guten)

Kyle stepped to the side and showed him John. Little did the two groups know that Kiykona and her team were in the rafters recording the encounter and ready to engage.

What is he talking about?

I'm sorry John but these Russians came to me about a year ago offering my team here a lot of money to make sure that you were caught, unfortunately they aren't very good at their job so we had to step in. And we seem to do a few other jobs for them on the side.

Kyle nodded and Michael took out a small pistol and shot John in the back of the neck with it. This little handgun was the new design for the bowgun and would make it a lot easier for use. Two of Major Becket's men came along and picked John up then put him on a stretcher.

Now, about the money. (Jess)

Both of your teams will be wired the money in 24hours. Now if you'll excuse me I have to transport this Diclonius to a safe location. (Guten)

Not on my watch.

Kiykona and her team rappled down and opened fire on the men who were standing on the catwalks and took everyone of them out with ease. The Hellfighters and Alpha Unit opened fire and fell back to the door. Kyle saw Guten walk through a door at the back of the cargo bay just as Tony's men shut the door.

Captain Kyle this is topside team, we have three INGEN Hummers inbound. (Soldier)

Well arm the .50cals on your humvees and stop them. We are on the way.

Who is it? (Tony)

Who do you think?

Frost? (Tony)

Yeah....let's move. Hellhawk this is Hellboy 1, we need an immediate extraction from the roof ASAP.

Roger that, Hellhawk inbound.


We are responding to Kyle's distress call, we don't know what the situation is now but it probably isn't good.

Captain, INGEN soldiers have locked down the building and have three humvees blocking the entrance. (Driver)

If they have it locked down then what's th-

Before X could finish his sentence bullets hit the truck and the driver swerved to the right. Kyle's soldiers shot at the other two trucks and kept them pinned down.

Why the hell are Kyle's men shooting at us?! (Jessie)

Get out of the truck! Get out of the truck!

Arnold gripped a sniper rifle and aimed at one of the men on the guns, he pulled the trigger but missed and swore.

We need to get in there to find out what the f*ck is going on!

What do you have in mind?


Kyle and his team emerged from the elevator to be meet by Sergeant Franklin, he informed them about the situation but then stopped and looked out of the building to see a humvee speeding towards the building.

Take cover!

Xavier was driving the humvee with the rest of Cerberus Unit inside, he hit the gas and smashed through two humvees and drove up the steps and flew into the building. The humvee landed in the lobby and hit three men. Kyle and his team watched the humvee and saw Frost and Arnold get out. Suddenly everyone started shooting at the humvee trying to kill Cerberus Unit. Xavier fired his shotgun and killed a man while Frost threw a grenade. The Hellfighters ran across the lobby and got to the main elevator, Kyle took out his Desert Eagle as the doors opened and stepped inside. Xavier saw him and took aim but Kyle was faster and shot him in the shoulder as the doors closed. Xavier fell back and then leaned against the humvee.

YOU ALRIGHT?! (Jessie)

Yeah I'm fine.

The Hellfighters were sweating and reloading their weapons in the elevator.

They weren't supposed to get here so fast. Now they know we are working for the Rebels! (Michael)

I KNOW! Now calm down.

The elevator arrived on the top floor and the team got out, they jogged to a stairwell and walked up it to the roof. As they emerged their helicopter arrived. Jess was the first in followed by Jack then Michael and Heidi, Jess held out a hand and helped Kyle up.

Get us out of here now!
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:07 pm

I wake up with KiyKona rubbing my head. I rub the back of my neck, damn they shot me. Kyle betrayed me. I went to get up but KiyKona kept me seated. She is trying to make sure I am protected. The soldier under her command tells me it would be foolish to go after Kyle for the sake of revenge. He also told me that the Cerberus Unit were fighting the Hellfighter Unit.

I am shocked but, there is no point of getting killed over the Humans war. KiyKonaís team gets me out of the base and far from harm. KiyKona and her team were highly trained and masters of stealth, we slipped out un-noticed. On a tree line on a hill we stop, I look back at the fighting which I can barely see now. I just look and put my head down.

Good bye, Capt. Frost. Be safe.

KiyKona touches my shoulder and we were off again. One hour later we arrive at an Airport and we take off. In the air I am examined by a medic of the SPM team. I am bandaged up from the shot on the back of my neck. I look at the uniform an take it off....Hellfighters I think....bastards. I am then given some clothing, more Marshall arts like.

I ask a question and KiyKona only spoke this..and this was odd for her.

We are taking you home John, Japan to SPM.
13 Hours Later we arrive in Japan. We enter the SPM base, we are greeted by a woman.

Welcome home John Xiuchoatl (Name means Fire serpent or weapon of destruction). (Woman)

Noone spoke my true name ever.....flashes of my past come back. What is all of this I think.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:03 pm

Xavier and I sprinted as fast as we could up the stairway.

Are you sure you saw Kyle?!

Yes, it was him! He shot my damn shoulder!! When I get my hand on him I'm gonna freakin' rip his balls off!!

I could not believe it. Kyle betraying INGEN? Betraying me? I felt like everything I knew was a lie. Human nature can be cruel.

We have to move faster or else we won't catch him!

We ran much faster up the steps. As we pushed the door open to the roof, Kyle closed the door to the helicopter and flew away. Xavier wasn't lying.

All my faith was lost. My only friend betrayed me and the company we worked for. All those years laughter, joy, and brotherhood...was a lie? For how long I wondered? I fell on my knees and watched as the copter than Kyle was escaping began to grow smaller and smaller. The sun setting as it concluded the day. Cerberus unit arrived as my mind began to realize that Kyle betrayed me.


Captain Frost? (Joseph)

Xavier what happend? (Maria)

Kyle got away...

Xavier left. He may have had respect for Kyle. No longer. My mind began to open up more and more painful memories of my friendship with Kyle. We always had each other's back. Whenever one of us were injured in combat we would always stay by each other's side, never backing down from any enemy. Now my enemy was Kyle. I began to chuckle to myself as Cerberus unit took notice.

Captain Frost...what's so funny? (Jessie)

I ignored her question and began to burst out laughing.

He's lost it...(Arnold)

In a way Arnold was right. For me to know that I have no friends is a terrible thing. It can mess ya up pretty bad. I kept laughing but took out a cigarette out of my pocket and lit it. I stood up, walking past my unit downstairs where I continued to laugh non-stop. It echoed in the stairway. My unit followed close but not too close.

One month later...

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:41 pm

It has been a month since We found out about Kyle's betrayal. Captain Frost had lost it that night. His hate for me grew exponentially each day. He had taken up drinking and was usually drunk before 6 o'clock. Every night someone had to carry him to his quarters. The others tried to keep me away from him by doubling their "shifts" of carrying him. But today they didn't. So I had to do it.

Haha! You know what you **** diclon? This is all your fault! If you or your little buddies hadn't "evolved" we wouldn't be in this **** war! You know why I joined INGEN? So I could kill people like you! Hahaha. (frost)

He started to slur his words until I could only make out a few words "my stupid brother". By the time we had reached his quarters he had passed out. I threw him on his bed, stared, and wondered What in the hell happened to you? Why do you hate me so much?


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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:43 pm

Kiykona Trishia had been sent back to INGEN to keep protecting the dicloneses.
with John in the custody of the SPM. he was in good hands. The female walked through the halls, of INGEN. her eyes where focused on the floor ahead of her, when she heard some words. she looked behind her and saw some men bring the man called Capt. Frost who looked like he had drunk to many beers.

Move Move.

The girl moved to the side, and then saw the painful face the Captain had on.
her scarf was above her lips, and her eyes pulsed. Since Kyle had betrayed them, she had heard how this one man has become solitude and gone insane.
she looked around and followed the men. her body staying to the shadows.

It wasnt my bussiness. But the eyes he had, was enough for me to look for him. I followed through more halls, I heard the men throw him on his bed, and close the door.
Another male said a few words, then left. I hear through the door, but no sound. probably sleeping.
I knew how he felt. Betrayed.

The female stayed in front of his door, her eyes closed, her head bowed,
She to was betrayed by the friend she thought would be her mate. But instead he used her. and for what? to get information about SPM. he didnt make it far though, Once he was captured, She had to watch as they killed him. she had remembered how she had cried those years, she fought alone, still does at times. thats when she had decide to not speak no more. her voice was of no matters, and how she saw people was a different story.

She put her hand on the door, as it opened. there was the man sleeping, his face with pain, he had black under his eyes, tired and stressed. she stepped in and touched his forhead gently. she didnt pity the captain. no, instead she wanted to help him. she wanted to take his pain away. tears started to pour down her face as her hand was on his face...She didnt know what was giong on, but she wanted to help captain frost. one way or another.

A loud bang from the hallways snapped her out of her daydream. she looked back and saw xavier standing there. his eyes glaring at her. she looked back coldly. She was a ninja of china, no way will this large male scare her.
she turned and took her hand of the captain.

What are you diong here Kiykona.


Answer me Girl.


The female looked back at the captain and took out a herb from her home, she gave it to the large man standing in the door way.

she looked up at him and closed his hand around the herb. she then wrote something on a peice of paper and gave it to him, she nudged the large male aside and walks down the hall, her scarf blowing.

Xavier looked down at the herb and then the paper.

Stir this herb with milk, and make him drink it, it will taste bad, but will heal his stress.

Xavier looked at captain frost and sighed.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:59 pm

For about a month the Hellfighter Unit had eluded INGEN and stayed hidden in certain countries with plenty of sun. The team had all disbanded apart from Jess and Kyle. They were spending time in Phuket when they got a call from the Rebels saying they need their help with one last thing. When Kyle turned them down they offered him more money, he decided to take them up on their offer and the two were on a plane to Japan. The two were met by Russian agents and were driven to an abandoned building in town. Jack, Michael and Heidi were all there waiting for them and were wondering what they wanted. Guten walked into the building and confronted the group about what he wanted them to do.

You want us to what?! (Jack)

I thought you had the Seeker. (Heidi)

We did, until Kiykona stopped us and took him back. (Guten)

If we get you this Seeker, can you assure us you will find the cure to their condition?

Yes. (Guten)

Captain you can't seriously be considering this. (Michael)

I'm considering what ever shuts down INGEN and gets rid of these things.

You're either with us or you're against us Michael. (Jess)

Fine.....I'm in. (Michael)

Good. Now what about the rest of you?

I'm in. (Jack)

Yeah, fine. (Heidi)

What about Frost? (Jess)

I'll deal with him, Michael you can deal with that Xavier guy. You are more than capable of bringing that brute down.

We need the Seeker in five days. (Guten)

And you'll have him in three. It will take two days for my contacts to ship me our weapons and gear. The other day will be for figuring out our strategy and that night we will get you the Seeker.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:05 am

Its been a month passed, Capt. Frost drunk himself to oblivion... Chon has put me in charge of the Cerberus unit as Interim Capt. The Unit didn't make any objections. It was logical that I was put there since I was the most experienced after Frost.

I stirred the herb into the milk. I thought about the past....before I went into INGEN...the Philippines....I thought of my brothers who I had lost since...I look at Capt. Frost and it is as if I see him as one of them.. Poor guy, betrayed by a friend....I went inside his room, I found him staring into space swaying as if the wind blew him...I grab hold of him.

HEre Capt. Drink this....

I don't want any....

Drink it Capt. its good for you...

The Capt. looked at me and took the mixture. I thought he was gonna drink it but he trhough it away..

I don't need this!!! GRAHHHH!!!

He started to punch me in the face. I grab hold of him. I have had enough..Psychiatrists say that there's no hope, even the Unit members had given up with the cures...I guess I'm going to do this the old fashion way...

*sighs* I'm sorry Captain..

I punch him in the gut. He doubled over..He looked at me and I saw that he got mad...good..Just let it out Capt..

He tried to punch me but I blocked every combo he hit. The thing is..Capt. Frost hasn't let out his anger, and it consumed that its let out...he'll be back...

He gave me a round house and hit me on the face. I kneed him in the face.. A good old fashion beating would wake him up.

After a few hours of fighting...I stood over him, I look at his face, beaten and bruised...

Now Captain...are you done?

Yeah... I'm back Xavier....I'm back...
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:17 pm

Yeah a month as has pasted. I am now a full operative within SPM. Just like my parents before me. My parents were killed while out on a mission in protecting a group of Diclonious, killed by the Humans they also protected. My family the Xiuchoatl clan always were the pure blood Diclonious, our history goes back well over 500 yrs. We were feared and revered.

So with the month that went by, I trained myself in their fighting styles, I was given both swords my mother and father carried, an other standard ninja weapons. To blend in a bit better, I modified the head piece of my uniform to include my horns. (Refer to the Hayabusa Helmet in Halo) I seems to work, people just think they part of the gear.

The real shocker is how long my life span is compared to other Diclonians, 150 yrs or so. I never heard of that before but, I do have to take their word for it. With the training behind me and coming to terms with my past, I look forward to the future...but I have a feeling that...Kyle, the betrayer, is still alive. They will come for me.

I suit up for a patrol mission around the small town in the Kamakura area. I think, that is were she escaped to.
1 hour later I am patrolling the roof tops. Nothing odd here. Then I see a closed down restaurant, I go down slowly and look around. I was not there a minute and my senses go crazy...a Diclonious is near...then I hear a voice of a girl.

Hey, what are you doing here? (Nana)
I quickly turn around to see...Nana, I know here from my time in INGEN, Japan. I uncover my face, and look right at her. She remembers me.

John? I thought you were dead! *Hugs me* (Nana)
Nah you know I am too stubborn to die.

I asked her how she was doing and she explained after the breakout 1 yr ago she has settled in fine here with the others. I asked about Lucy, but....she didnít see her in a few months. My heart sunk, she is rare like me. I then hug Nana again and leave silently. I head to the hills were the old monuments are and look Lucy. I know what you are thinking...I am only tracking her for pairing up. Wrong. Lucy is like a sister to me, we both helped each other out during the dark days of our lives. There is however one that is suitable, she is a Diclonious, capable of reproduction....and she is..not hard on the eyes too...June. Damn I doubt I will ever see her again.

My attention is interrupted by the noise of helicopter engine coming in. I hide, and look, well well, itís the Hellfighter unit. I go to my safe spot in the hills, I will not take the risk of leading them back to SPM.

I disappear into the shadows.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:40 pm

Alright so Chon says we stay here huh? Well I think it's about time we don't follow orders. If our intel is correct Kyle and the rest of the hellfighters unit have recently regrouped and we have confirmation that they are already heading to SPM to collect John. We also know without a single doubt we are the only ones who can stop him. Those ninja folk will hold them off for a while but they have codes and rules to follow. We don't. I have already got a chopper from a friend. It isn't military so we will have to outfit it with some machine guns from the armory. Also Xavier and ...Aaron will be at the doors, seeing as they can hold the most weapons they will provide the cover fire we need when we drop. Xavier, Aaron, and myself will be on the ground while the rest of you will stay in the chopper and provide us with air support. I won't lie to you guys this last month has been hard on us. But I won't let that bastard take our freak. So let's move out, the chopper is outside. And cerebus unit. Kick some ass! (Frost)

We all hopped onto the chopper and it began to head toward SPM. Everyone carried a pack of cigarettes. Frost was gonna go through a lot of them this time around.


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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:12 pm

The helicopter had alerted John and gave him a chance to run. Kyle checked his sights and looked at Jack who was holding a thermal scanner. He told him that the Diclons gave off a certain thermal signature that made it easier for them to be found. The Black Hawk was following him until he ran into a forest area and the helicopter was forced to pull back.

Mongoose team roll in, cut the Seeker off and force it to the clearing where the extraction team is.

Copy that. Let's head out! (Mongoose 1)

Three dirt bikes drove into the forest and were following a thermal ripple that led them to the Seeker. The bikes flew over a small hill and circled the Seeker but kept their distance. John made a break for the denser part of the forest and jumped over one of the men on the bikes. He was now running at an exceptional speed and he was going the way Kyle wanted him to go. The bikes followed for a while but then two broke off and were driving parallel to John, they pulled out Sub Machine Guns and began to fire at John but were deliberately missing. John reached out and one of the men fell off his bike and hit a tree while his bike went flying back and crashed into the one behind John.

Keep your distance!

John came out into a clearing and slowed down just before four trucks came out of nowhere and men poured out of them, he turned around and was about to run back but Kyle's helicopter was flying just off the ground and his team were aiming their weapons at him.

Secure the Seeker.

Two men carrying futuristic looking assault rifles aimed at John and fired two shockers each. John felt the electricity course through him as he was forced to the ground and couldn't believe this had happened again. The Hellfighters jumped out of their helicopter and approached John with their new shock rifles. Kyle pulled out a handgun like the one that had been used to put him down last time and fired it. John felt something hit his neck then he was consumed by darkness. A team hurried over and put him on a stretcher and then rushed him to one of the trucks.

You do know that INGEN will come for him? (Michael)

Yeah, but now we have the upper hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Sat Jul 18, 2009 12:56 am

Cerberus team landed at the SPM base. Xavier and Frost got out first. Immediately the two picked up positions adjacent from each other. Xavier looked at frost and smiled...Good he thought, the Capt is back.

Capt. Frost signaled all the rest of the Unit to move in. To Xavier, he signaled to come to him.

What do you reckon Xavier?

3 guards at front.. 4 at the side. We can snipe those bastards down once most of us are in..

Okay *signals to Arnold to take up snipe position*

The rest including Xavier and Frost moved in. From there, Arnold sniped the three guards down. Joseph dragged the bodies away to hide them. Frost signaled to Xavier to go and look ahead.

Xavier POV

I run down the hallway towards the holding cells. This seems to easy. No hellfighters anywhere...The from out of nowhere shots were fired. I take cover from behind. From the sound of the shooting...only one guy stands in my way.

Oi Oi! Come out ya big lug! (Michael)

I fire a round of shells at the direction..response fire was returned..stupid Michael...he just gave out his position... I threw a flashbang grenade and I heard him curse. I go round back and try to manuver to his left flank. As the effects of the flash bang wore off I rushed him and put a grapevine choke on his neck. I squeezed tighter and from the sound of the gurgle and the snap, I knew that he was dead... Shots now were fired from everywhere. So, Frost recognized the trap. This is my opportunity to get Seeker 13 outta here...

I go to the holding cell where he was. He seemed surprised to see me.

C'mon Seeker, you're coming with me.

I'm not going with anyone...please leave me alone...

Can't do that diclon...

I walk over towards him and grabbed his arm. I flew back by some invisible source..I recognized immediatley he used his vectors.

You wanna play it like that Diclon, fine..*I take of my shirt* Let's play..

As he ran away from me, he punched a button that released all of the Diclons in the block...I guess its time to let out my secret.....


Diclons where everywhere, Hellfighters and Cerberus units were fighting in the main hall... Everyone took cover as Diclons started to coe through the room where Xavier was in. Then a roar eminated in that direction.

Xavier's in trouble! (Aaron)

*smiles* No he's not....Have'nt you guys read his file?!

I did..(Joseph) Bioexperiment #919 right?


An explotion came from the wall and out came a hulking figure chasing what looks like to be Seeker 13
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Sat Jul 18, 2009 1:35 am

"Kiykona Seeker 13 is on run, And the dicloneses are everywhere. Remember I told you about your hidden ability?"


"Well its time to use it. SPM ninja's move down there and make sure no dicloneses are hurt."

The SPM helicopters were above the city, hovering blades whirling, The female Trishia, opened the door and saw the gun fire and the blood slaughter. she put her scarf up as her eyes became red. she nodded to the men behind her, and she dived from the helicopters position. about 30 ft up. behind her where the rest of the SPM forces.
The female flipped and use the buildings as her advantage. Some hellfighters saw her form and started shooting at her direction. with her arm blades, she blocked the bullets. she rolled on the building top and ran towards the edge of the building, she opened her fist and signaled her unit, as they jumped from other buildings. she looked at the hellfighters right below her. she jumped from the edge and landed on the ground behind them with a thud. the soldiers turned around about to fire, and she cut their throats with her arm blades.

she saw some diclons, and ran towards them, they saw her, and blocked the bullets from the incoming hellfighters. she went near them and looked at the two female diclons. she gave a beeper. one of her unit members ran beside them.

Hellfighters from the east and west are killed. the other unit members are on their way.
The female used her hands to speak.
Alright, we stay here. Becareful Kiykona.

With that, the female ran towards the incoming bullets.

Kill her!
Shoot that ****!!

Kiykona dodged some bullets, some went through her arms, but she didnt stop. she grabbed 2 flash grenades and threw them at the small group. as soon as the flash grenades hit the floor, kiykona closed her eyes and opened them only to see the men staggering. she grabbed her dagger and cut through most of their necks.
one of the hellfighter soldiers shot her shoulder, she cried out and spinned and grabbed her pistol in her thigh and shot the male in the chest. she gripped her shoulder and looked ahead.
she took of her scarf and put it around her arm, to stop the bleeding. she ran forward and saw John run through the halls, with Xavier behind him charging.

she ran towards John only to be contact with her boss.

" Find Capt. Frost."

she looked at John only to be cut by a knife in her cheek.
she looked behind her to see the male she shot in the chest to be flipping a knife. she glared and spin kicked him in the jaw. when he fell to the ground, she ran towads the main section.

Kill her!
Kyle with have That SPM ninja, coming up here fast!
The shoot the **** in the head!
Like we havent tried!

The female ran through a blockade and grabbed her M64's from her sides and spinned around shooting at the men. men fell from the bullets, she looked around and tossed her guns to the floor.

My body is aching. Frost is up ahead, John im sorry, but i know xavier wont hurt you.

With that small thought she slammed into the room where kyle was.
she pionted her gun at him.
Only to be shot in the back by a soldier. a cry was heard as she fell to the ground...Frost growled as he saw her.
she went to grab the gun but the soldier stomped on her hand and kept his gun pionting at her head.

Dont move.
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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Sat Jul 18, 2009 2:07 am

I see all this pain, this suffering over kind....greed....hate....I just want to live a normal my ancestors. I see Kiykona hurt....Diclonious running for their lives.....soldiers more more...enough......

EEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNOUGH!!!!! I scream in anger....rage...My vectors are out in horns grow to the 12" length. Eyes blood red. This ends now.

I focus my attacks on the rebel soldiers and hellfighters....I enter the room were Frost and Kiykona are, I snap the bastards neck that has Kiykona pinned down. She gets up....looks at me. I just keep walking around slaughtering any enemy in my path as I leave the room. I want....
Guten.....I will kill him......KILL. Yes it's so natural. Wave after wave of soldiers come at me...firing all sorts of rounds at me.....nothing is working on me.

I reach the main hall....there he is ....with 10 soldiers.....he orders them to fire.....their efforts are pointless...I am unstoppable now. I kill them all...just Guten now....he looks at me in horror...I use a vector to break his leg...he screams...............

You monster...
(Guten) I then break his arm, more screams.

I stand over him....he tries to reach for his gun i just swat it away with a vector. I look at him with ice in my veins, death in my eyes, then smirk.

You wanted a cure? I have a cure....your death? I rip him to pieces. There it's done. I stand there in a daze....bloody with the blood of my enemies. Xavier, comes in, now in this human form and smacks me in the face.

John boy, you there?
I shake my head clear and look up at him?
You came for me?
Yeah well, you are our freak John boy. He picks me up and starts walking out, with the shot gun in one hand...blasting any stragglers. I just look at Xavier.....You turn into a monster and I am the He chuckles.

Aaron, provides cover fire also while we make our way to a safer location.

Is John OK?
Yeah think so. Just drained from is....killing spree.
Well it looks like we are winning...only a hand full of resistance left....were is Captain Frost?


Kiykona is taking care of any Diclonious, making sure they are safe. Down the hall.....its a stand off.....Frost and Kyle.....former bitter enemies.

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PostSubject: Re: Elfen Lied RPG   Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:45 am

Kyle and Frost look at each other across the hall way. They size each other up.....their hand guns drawn and pointing at each other. The sweat dripping down their faces from the fierce battle they both had up until their encounter.

They both pull their triggers...**click**the clips are empty. They both smirk at each other.

So Frost, it seems that we are going to have to settle this hand to hand.

Yeah, seems so, except this time.....I am not just going to kick your ass...I am going to kill you.

Then they both start throwing punches....blow for blow they block each other....they know each other so well that they anticipate each others moves. The both throw a punch and they both connect...they both fall to the ground an get up. The fight rages on, down further the hall, into the main hall were John unleashed hell...There are weapons every were yet they still go hand to hand with each other, then Kyle landed a lucky punch right to Frostís jaw...knocking him on the ground.....dazing him. Kyle took this opportunity to get a weapon....a hand gun from a fallen soldier, he points it at Frost. Frost looks up.

So, it ends like this for me smug backstabbing S.O.B.

Yeah well, for someone that hated the sure protected them well, I on the other hand decided to make money off the freaks. Well I cant say that it hasnít been fun but...I got a plane to catch and money to count.....Good bye old friend.

Kyle points the gun at Frost and is ready to pull the trigger then all is heard is *bang!* Frost feels his chest for a bullet....none to his amazement. Frost looks at Kyle who as a shocked look on his face....looking past...Frost, then his shoulder that has been shot. Kyle falls over then 8 INGEN soldiers coming past.......June. Frost is quiet shocked to see her.

Took your sweet time freak.

Yeah well....traffic is a ****.(June)

Frost then lit a smoke....took a drag..look up at the ceiling. **** I got to quit smoking.


2 weeks later. ,

We found out the Kyle and his surviving members was arrested and sentenced to 15 yrs in prison on charges unknown. We were all pissed that he got so little time.

As for the rest of us, Xavier is now second command in the Cerberus Unit, Aaron has been reassigned to INGEN Japan to help get his memories back. Kiykona is staying with Cerberus Unit too along with Frost, June and the others in the team.

As for me, well I returned to Japan. I have a duty to fulfill, to protect and guide the Diclonious so we can live in peace with our Human counter parts and provide balance in this ever evolving world of ours.

I put the letter in my satchel, and jump form the roof top into the forest.

This concludes Volume 1.
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Elfen Lied RPG
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