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 Battle for the Allspark: 2013

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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Wed May 13, 2009 5:35 pm

Half the Mandalorian army is already aware of Hawks entry into the planet. We don't need any technology to smell her. She has a distinct smell ....neither human nor mandalorian, and its an unpleasent stench to us. I reported her existance to Mandalore. He already knew as well. He told me I should track her down, but I said why bother? She wouldn't be a match for John at the moment, and if she became robot like again....she'd have hundreds of Mandalorians on her. There's not a Mando on this planet that's not properly armed. I followed John anyway. I smelled Hawk minutes before he did, and could even see through her cloak. I was gonna watch as John fought her first...then help if need be. She doesn't know how I look yet....nor does she know that I'm nearby....which gives me the advantage.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Wed May 13, 2009 9:31 pm

Walking towards the human i wondered, why would a small human wish to fight a 56 ft robot.
i grab my comlink and call in cyclones, i wait a few minutes and a teleportation device opens near me.
there Skywarp and Cyclones step.
they look at me and grin, i shake me head and sigh, why do i bother with myself.

so, where is he?

sigh, must i be the only to tell you this you slagging fool?
The human ran off, but i sense he is with great power,
so now wat?

both look at me and grin.


aw come on.
please hawk?
why not?

why not? ill tell u why not, first because My job was to only find the human, and i did find him. now its ur turn to slagging take him back.

i turn and walk out, they both look at each and fly towards where i told them where john went.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Wed May 13, 2009 10:21 pm

once dack got back to mandalore he threw one his black in white armor and now he was walking around mandalore chasing two targets that keep showin up on his motion tracker about the size of a robot
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Thu May 14, 2009 12:46 am

A week had passed and I finally reached the planet from whence the intruders had retreated. Amazing. These beings were able to develop devices that allowed them to travel speeds exceeding our own. This sparked an interest in me.

I look upon the planet surface and zoom in on a small object. A scout droid! Damn. I've been caught! I aimed at the droidand fired at it, it took me four shots to finally hit it, probably enough time for it to deliver the information it has observed. I quickly fly down and grin as the atmosphere burns my armor. I transformed at least 400 meters from the ground and landed with unneeded force, literally enough to crush a skyscrapper. Looking down, I noticed that my leg was a bit out of place. I was never known as a fighter but I was an excellent medic and strategist, so the others say. But my true skills came from research. Oh, how I relish in the knowledge I obtain!

I look at the leg and hold up my right arm and then transform it into a sledgehammer and bang my leg into place. Again it transforms but this time into a torch heat up the armor to allow it to bend into shape. Then, I use my own hands to mold it into the right position. Perfect! Looking around, I notice many large mountains on the planet. Rather boring and primitive for such an advanced race.

Computer. Give me a reading of this planet.

Request confirmed. Planet Mandalore. Ruled by the war-loving race known in this region of the Universe as the Mandalorians. Their rule and government are based off of warrior traditions found in Earth's archives, but are more advanced. Their technology is merely 10 thousand years away from the cybertronians, however. They do seem to posess a rare ore that enables them to quickly transport across galaxies.

I thought for a moment, staring blankly into the planet's surface. This was very, very interesting to hear. I was going to use this oppurtunity to research not only the human John, but the entire Mandalorian race. I needed to somehow convince lord Megatron that it would help us find a way to teleport our weapons and supplies to the cutoff escort unit on Cybertron. Sure he would listen to my plight.

Lord Megatron, I have wonderful news.

What is it, Pain?

I have encountered a primitive, yet intelligent race that holds the secret to lightspeed teleportation.

Go on...

They are only ten thousand years from our own technology but they hold a rare substance that enables them this phenomenon. I ask permission that you send in a small but effective Search-and-capture unit.

And why not the Search and Destroy? Do you believe that the capture unit will truly succeed in captring enough data for your research and thus give us a grand oppurtunity to crush the Autobots.

Oh, without a doubt, my lord.

Hmm, if you fail then you will tried for treason and be beheaded, along with your brother. Understood?

I looked down up at the sky and see Devestator approaching. We have been through thick and thin. He was always at my side and has brought me many subjects. If not for him I would never have gone through all the progress that I've been able to overcome.


Then your request shall be answered.

Yes! Oh, thank you Megatron for this glorious day!

Do not fail...

His words echoed within my head.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Thu May 14, 2009 1:22 am

The two Decepticons surround me just grinning.....
Hehehe, hey what if we have some fun with the human, eh Skywarp.
Ok, sounds good. He has to be alive when we deliver him.
Heheh, your right...lets get him.

I just look at the two fools coming for me...I pitty them. I power up my armor and my quad ion blades...and start slashing at them. They move quickly but I am faster. Then I connect....CLANK, SSSSSSSSSSSINNCK! Skywarp's head is lobbed off. His body just falls to the ground. The other just looks at me with horror in his eyes. HOW IN THE.....NO...IT'S NOT POSSIBLE...PLEES.......!!
CLANK...SSSSSSNNIIIIICK....the second one is dead.

I radio Cam, I tell him the two attacker I had were dead, and that there was 2 more on the planet. He is aware of this, and I ask him to have my special Starfighter prepared. I cloak and head back to the base. I then head to the hanger. There it was my dad's figher XF-76 STRIKER, what a machine. I climb in and get ready to leave, just then a call comes in.

John, what are you doing? Why are you leaving?
Well, I want to get the two off Mandor, so we can warp the planet to new local.
OK, its a go.

I then get flying, I roar past Hawk then Pain. I made sure they knew it was me. They fly after me in pursuit. I really hope this works.

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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Thu May 14, 2009 1:34 pm

The chase is on. The two cons are right behind me...but I have a trick. I trigger my warp engine and it traps them both to warp with me to Earth. As I am in warp I call Cam.
Cam, I got them to follow me and I have trapped them with my warp. I am heading to Earth.
Jeez, John what are you doing bring them back to Earth?
I will finish this on Earth. I am ending transmission.
Joh...... The radio is dead......

I am back on Earth with the two right behind me, I am getting ready to turn and attack when a transmission comes in.
Human, this is Megatron....Surrender now and we will take it easy on you.
Never Megatron, I will...
Just as I was going to reply....I see Megatron an two other cons with him. They have 60 or more people captured and guns at them...mostly women and children. I stop mid-air and hover just before them..Hawk and Pain roar pass me and transform and land by Megatron.
What is your decision Human?
I will only surrender on 2 conditions
1. The humans are released into Autobot care/removed by Autobot jump ship.
2. Pain is the one that retrieves me.
Agreed Human. Make your call.
Father your getting soft!? She snapped at her father. Megatron slaps her. She grabs her face...I have honor should atleast learn that..fool.

Steel, Steel can you read me.
John? Your alive! Man you are a...what armor are you wearing??
I will explain another time. I need a jump ship here at my local now. I have ppl that need to be removed.
OK, you saved you gotten good.
Steel, I have to surrender myself to the cons to save them...Get over here. they will kill you!
Fine John, I...OK. I know you need to do this.

It was a tense 39 mins, but Steel arrived with the jump ship and escorted by Jetfire and Jetstorm. The humans were loaded up, Steel gives me a sad look, salutes me and leave, and is out of range.

I land my ship. I leave all my weapons in it and walk out. I press a button to make my helmet fold away. I approach Pain and he just looks at me, I look back. I was just expecting to be grabbed, but to my amazement he, put his hand down to let me walk on. This one has honor. I step on his hand, then I am put in a portable cell.

Am I going to save Earth, or help it become a Decepticon homeworld?
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Thu May 14, 2009 5:31 pm

My eyes glowed with pure anger as i grabbed Megatrons arm and slammed him into the ground, my claws gripping his neck as he gripped mine.
The rest went in to help him, but stopped as 40 Decepticons appeared from the ground, all came in different shapes each having a Decepticon mark with the right eye covered by a black patch.

You made the mistake of hitting me Megatron, I will make this plan i have thought over for A decade come true, You will die by my hand even if it kill me.

Fool, Fool!!!You cant even survive without me!

WRONG. i can live perfectly without you.
thats when i grabbed his neck harder my powers consuming his powers, he froze and struggled as his body started loosing his colors and powers.
The Decepticons couldnt do anything for all the Hunters had aimed their cannon, guns, and blades at them, nuclear guns.

Megatrons hands went limp on my neck after a few seconds, as his eyes flashed gray and his hand went limp on the ground.
i stood up and growled as his power consumed me, my blades vanishing appearing a large cannon, my head was shielded by a helmet covering my whole face my eyes become a laser eye, large two horns appeared on my head, my armor became extra bulky as one of my arms turned into a shockwave, my other claws. my legs were slender with extra armor, heels for my feet. 5 Decepticon Hunter marks appeared all over my body.

Pain and the rest were dead shocked to what they have witnessed.

Names DeadlyVenom, and I will destroy this planet.
The hunters all tooks their positions and shot their guns at the rest of the Decepticons. I heard a roar and saw Devastator running towards me, my cannon charged. Before Devastator could get so close i made contact with his eyes.

You did the mistake of meeting.

Just then my powerful cannon let out a roar as A powerful beam shot through Devastator spark, Time had stopped for a sec, waves after waves
Hunters shielded themselfs, the blast was so powerful that it left Devastators body and hit Thundercracker.

i snapped my fingers and Deactivated John trap.
which ever he had.

I smilled and walked to pain, he was in to much shock that i took the cell and nodded to my hunters.

Hawk.......what have you done....

before i vanish i look at him straight in the eye...

I met A Fallen.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Thu May 14, 2009 8:11 pm

Hawk vanishes before I could blink my optics. I looked around at the destruction and grolwed in frustration.

Acursed rogue...

I run towards Megatron and examine him. He was truly dead. I stood up and lifted my right arm to my face and spoke into it.

Nearby Decepticon units. Megatron has been slain by his treacherous daughter, Commander Hawk, who now calls herself "Deadly Venom". Any units that happen to run into her will report to HQ and the High Decepticon Military. Know that Megatron must be retrieved at once to restore him. Long live Megatron!

Long live Megatron! Death to the traitor!

Transmission cut.

First things first. I will heal Devastator's broken body myself. Walking over to his body I hear a muffle. I had almost forgotten. I open a campartment within my chest and stick my hand inside and then out. There stood the human named John.

What the hell happend?!

Well, as you can see. We've been betrayed by our unstable femmebot. I knew that a day like this would happend. I miscaculated the day it would transpire, though. Are you alright?

Alright?! ALRIGHT!? I want to get out of this crap! I never wanted to be part of this, but I am. I have enough strength to take out your little mess and save this planet from you people. But, I will need to contact my superiors first...

I see. I'll be letting you go now.


The fate of the Decepticons is more important than my research. Devastator, half of the Decepticon elite, a few groundtroops, at least 1,500 warships, and myself will lend your people our hand. We have a common foe and I believe that with our combined might, we can take down Hawk and her rogue troopers. What say you? To prove to you my trust, I shall allow you to travel by yout own accord and negotiate with your superiors. However, will you lend me a hand in reparing my brother?

John stared at me, then Devastator, and then in the middle of nowhere. He sat down upon my hand and thought for five minutes before looking up and giving me his answer.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Thu May 14, 2009 9:21 pm

XXXXXX warp the ships, megatron has been slain, new ruler shall be me XXXXX

In space atleast 100 war ships were warped and soon were floating in space, my 40 hunters were behind me all looking and discussing within themselfs.
i stood on the leaders ship and watched the small planet called earth.

I had killed my father.
I had done the impossible.
smirking I looked at the fleet that covered half of the right side of space.
When my father send me to planet X for punishment. i met with one of unicron's Fallen soldiers.
there for 6 months we spoke about what we had in mind.
My eyes glowed as i watch the planet, we had everything, and he helped me train and become the evil femme i am today.
i was happy.
for once.

i signaled the cannon ship as the large cannons in the middle started warming up, 3....2.....1....i put my arm down as a pink blast slammed into earth, the beam giong into europe, the explosion was so strong that you could see the explosion outside of earth, the camera showed, Europe, was gone.

the hunters cheered as the fallen himself appeared near me, he spoke our landauge and then vanished.
that human was no importance anymore, so earth was mine for the taking...
i nod to my second commander who puts a giant forcefield that not even primus himself could brake.

i sigh heavily and smile.
time for the usa.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Thu May 14, 2009 11:42 pm

Mandalore! News!


It seems as though Megatrons daughter has killed her father and is now declaring herself a leader. It seems as though some of the Cons do not like this and will fight against her. This may be to our advantage sir.

hmmm....How long do we have before she starts attacking?

She's already destroyed Europe sir...

Mandalore's eyes opened wide. This was a bigger problem then expected. Megatron was a problem in himself....but Hawk was a maniac. She was worst, and she'd be more trouble than him. I wasn't going to let that stop me though. I wanted to be there when we fought her...

I'm gonna need you to go to Earth.

The coordinates are already set sir... Just awaiting your orders and I'll teleport there in no time.'re letting your feelings get in the way though. Remember what I said about that?

Yessir...I'm sorry sir.

Don't apologize....forget it. Do the opposite of what I said regarding your feelings. You'll need them to defeat her.


Take Dack with you for now...then we'll send other troops when we recieve word from you.

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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Fri May 15, 2009 12:12 am

As I look at Pain, I see that well he is living up to his name. He is in pain, his brother is hurt...he may die. I know what it's like to lose family, apparently, even the Decepticons have family and feelings. I look up at him and I speak.

Yes Pain, I will repair Devastator, and one other thing Pain.
Yes John?
I will need my ship and weapons back.
Sure but how will that help us kill Venom?
You will see, now lets get started on repairing Devastator.
Hehehe, Hawky will be shocked thats a clone, in the cell she got.

I walk to Devastator and start repairing. Hmm I got mere seconds...I take out of my pack...a orb...this invention of mine will save him....a spark rebooter. I place it in Devastator's chest and fix up some wires. The spark starts to heal, Devastator wakes up....looks around...he sees me on his chest.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrah....Human off me. then he tries to swat me but Pain yells out....NO! Devastator, brother....that human, John just saved your spark. We must kill, Hawk Dev..she killed Megatron.
Devastator stands up after placing me on the ground. Then looks at me.
Hum...I mean John. Is there anyway to revieve Megatron?
I look Megatron's body over.....I sigh. Sorry no...not with the tech I have.
OK, let's get things in order here. Dev activate your internal repairs. John, let's get your ship.
OK, lets go.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Fri May 15, 2009 1:08 am

Me and Dack teleport to Earth to see Pain, Devastator and John walking together...

did I miss something? Since when did we start working with them?

We didn't....cover me.

I follow behind them...John should know I'm here...but they won't. He turns around, but me and Dack are already behind a boulder before he can see us.

Is there a problem John?

No...I just feel like someone's following us.

You're right!

Dack jumps out from behind the rock and is moments away from smashing his teched out Galvanized pipe into Pains face when John screams.

WAIT! They're working with us!!

Dack stops in mid-air.....jetpack he's floating in Pains face with the pipe, inches away....That pipe could crush anything....

What're you talking about!? THEY'RE THE ENEMY!!

Not at the moment....Hawk has killed Megatron...and they don't view her as leader. They want to destroy the traitor.

Correct...we have a common enemy right now. Let us work together....for now.

I stick my hand out, so does John. Pain shakes John's hand.....but Devastator watches me for a little while first.

This changes nothing between us. As soon as Hawk is eliminated...I will enslave the human place of Megatron. Then...I shall destroy the Mandalorians...

Your Deathwish...

We then shook hands.

Well that was fun....LET'S GET MOVING!!
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Fri May 15, 2009 10:50 am

One of my tech hunters comes next to me and tells me the human is a clone.

Destroy it. we have no need for it now, I will go back to Planet X , i have another fleet of warships there waiting, and i have Unicron to meet himself.

I turn and there are my hunters waiting for command.
I look back to the blue planet and smile as another beam slams into earth hitting the United states.
there was no clouds so we saw perfect as the beam was cracking the 50 states until they exploded, making the whole planet shake. earthquakes beamed through the whole planet.

I walk inside the ship and set the coordinates for planet X.
my hunters all speak among themselfs.

Venom, I would like to know what do we do if those humans or other decepticons come after us. or the mandalorians.

i only smile at him.

Destroy anything.
Dont be fool by their voices, they will sound like me sometimes, but you will its only me becuz i have a secret comlink on all of u.

all the hunters nod and vanish to the other ships, force field still going strong.
earth is still trembling from the last beam.
next will be China.

my pilots put the coordinates and we warp to Planet X, where there is more than hundread ships waiting for my command.
And unicron is behind planet x, his horns giving it a dead give away.

i walk outside and look at the fallen.
he looks at me and smiles.

venom, we have much to discuss.

in the other warships, one of the hunters crushes the human and gives signal to destroy china, the beam slams again into earth, more destruction, hurricanes and tornadoes are starting to form.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Fri May 15, 2009 3:04 pm

Mandalore! Come in...

Speak soldier...

We've tracked the traitorus one named Hawk aka Deadly Venom to a remote location....many "Hunters" or so she call them are there.

I shall send recruits....give me the coordinates so that i may teleport you there.

I send Mandalore the coordinates.

Just a few minutes...and we're gonna be aboard this hunters ship. Get on your ship John, so that you can fight in it. Me and Dack are gonna go straight inside. Our objective is to find Hawk and destroy her, along with any and all of the other fools on board. Understood?


Just then we began fading....and I found myself along with Dack inside a ship. The "Hunters" saw us come in and began to artack.

Dev and Pain must've been teleported to another location. They should still be fighting the Hunters though. Let's go Dack!

We began to attack the Hunters. They were no match for me and Dack.

This is too easy!

Yeah....This isnt the right ship. -link- Is anybody having difficutly?

None whatsoever...


There's some kind of force field here. This must be where she is...or was.

What do you mean was?

I don't sense her presence....I can't smell her.

Come pick me up....your sense are still mixed with Spartan...your not fully Mando.

John comes along and picks me and Dack up as Dack detonates a bomb on one of the ships while we leave. He flies us over to the force field....I look at Dack.

On it!

He takes out a small little device. It's too small to really see what it is as he holds it on the tip of his finger.

Bring me closer.

John brings him within 5 feet as we get electrocuted. I grin.

Hawk knows nothing about us Mandalorians. These suits absorb nearly 89% of electrical damage. I barely felt that. Did you?

I didn't feel it at all...

Dack swipes his finger across the force field as we fly by.

Alright! We're gonna need about 60ft seperation.

John flies us far away. We were just close...I didn't smell Hawk aboard there....BOOM!! The force field collapses. And we fly straight in.

Mandalore! Please teleport Dev and Pain in here!

They were then teleported into the ship with us, as well as 20 more Mandalorian reinforcements. We wiped out the entire ship....but found no Hawk.....
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Fri May 15, 2009 3:37 pm

grinning i saw the mandalorians and the rest in my ship.
the fallen looked at me and smiled then he pressed a button.
the hunter clones vanished in the ship, as alarms and barriers, that i had stolen a long time ago from a mandalorian ship got activated, that ship would explode in E minus 10 secs.

I turned to my hunters as they vanished to cybertron.
there they would be with sideways.
i look at the fallen and nod as the ship in the other side starts glow, the large cannon shoots 4 beams to the moon which explodes, some rocks landing on earth.

the ship vanishes appearing near planet x.

Mandalorians and Decepticons think im crazy in the head, but i tell you, ive thought about this for decades, now that my father is out of my way not even that idiot Pain nor Devastator can get in my way.

i push the blue button as my image appears in all activated ships.

This is DeadlyVenom. I want all general ships to appear near cybertron. protect it. all other beam ships stay near earth, and shadow ships go to the mandalorian planet, destroy it.
the rest of you stay with me and once we finish this planet unicron will come out and feast.

the fallen looks at me and pionts to the screen.

That human named John, he has to die.
if he gets in the way i dont want u fighting him.
Unicron will send my brother after him.
Now go to Unicron, and tell him of our success.

i smile and vanish appearing in Unicron.

The ship near the mandalorian planet activated as 6 satellites appeared each in side of the planet, they started glowing and got a force field. then they all pionted there lasers into the planet.

the ship were the rest where was counting down.
the ship was in self destruct.


Hunters appeared in Cybertron in the core and sideways took them to were a second shadow hawk was born.

the female looked similar to deadly, except her eyes where purple.

Shadow hawk, come with us. your true self wishes to speak to you.

the female looked at them and grinned.

Time to pay a visit to mother.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Fri May 15, 2009 3:55 pm

The alarms went off...barriers flared up...."E-minus" 10 seconds before self-destruction.

Mandalore....this mission is a fail....teleport us back to planet Mandalore please....

We're teleported 3 seconds before the ship explodes.

The mission was a trap, and a failure...

Not exactly...It was a trap...but it wasn't all a failure.

Excuse me?

I placed one of those little detonation seeds on every ship that was there... Just one push of this button and...

Dack pushed the button and exploded all the beam ships.

Great work Dack. That should slow them down from destroying Earth.

Yeah...but what's stopping them from attacking us?

Absolutely nothing. Nothing but the fact that we already know they'll be coming.

True....So how're we gonna fight them?

She'll have numbers....but we have our entire planet. I don't care how many of them she has....she's still not a match for us. And she sure as hell isn't a match for John. ....So let's get ready.

Me and Dack brought John before Mandalore, as Devastator and Pain followed.

Welcome Decepticons.....Hopefully you will join our cause in destroying this annoying bird.

Sir....may I suggest our "weapon."

Yes I know....I shall put that in full effect. They'll be coming soon. They are advanced....but will not be a match for us. He stood up. I shall be participating in this battle as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Fri May 15, 2009 6:49 pm

I looked at the one they called" Mandalore". Indeed he had qualities of a true leader, and he was built well for a humaniod. Studying this one will get me in serious trouble. Perhaps I can ask permission when this is over.

Gentlemen, do you have any thing that may help to stall the oncoming Decepticons?

Lord, if you would kindly not compare the rogues with us.

Yeah, I feel a bit insulted.

But yes. I do have an idea AND help.

I smile with respect at Mandalore and point up at his glass roof. He looks up and gives a sly grin as he sees Decepticon warships hovering over his palace.


Pain and Devastator! We have arrived for the glory of lord Megatron! What are our orders?

I looked down at John and he looked worried about my next command. I narrowed my eyes at the one named Dack and saw him lift his pipe up and down from his hand. Another young Mandalorian held up his hand, ready to give off a signal. Looking behind me, I saw Devastator reaching for his mace. I look up and yell triumphantly at the warships.

Decepticons! We are allies to the beings of this planet. We shall lend aid to their cause as they would to us! Let all past deeds be ignored and protect our new allies! From now until Hawk is destroyed for her treachery, we are allies until death! For Megatron!

For Megatron!!

The Mandalorians relaxed and so too did Devastator. I looked down and saw John smile at me.

Good to hear.

I always keep my word, young one.

A group of Decepticon Elites waited on top of the roof of the palace. They watched over us until they were ordered otherwise.

Pain. The 24th, 33rd, 57th, 12th, and 59th regiments await you outside.

My friends, I have something to show you.

We all stepped outside of the balcony and were shown a wonderful site. Many rolls of Decepticon soldiers, all led by the greatest strategic minds within the Decepticon military, stood before us and awaited our commands. The Mandalorians were at awe and amazement. John looked at if he was ready to yell in excitement.

Now then, warn all other personel that the Decepticons are our allies and that they may land on our home.

We all looked towards Mandalore and nodded our heads. Devastator then stepped in between us all, pumped up his fist and yelled his warcry.

For Megatron!!

For Megatron!!!

For the Decepticons!!

For the Decepticons!!!



Colonel Dack then left to warn military personel about the great news. They were going to war.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Fri May 15, 2009 7:32 pm

Sir! Are they ready?

Yes. He looks at Pain. I appreciate your help in this matter, and we appreciate your warships....but let us introduce one of our own weapons...

Mandalore called back to a Mandalorian elite soldier in the back. We heard a whir....then an engine...then a BOOM! It went zooming by us.

Finally...I'm definately gonna wreak havoc with this thing.

May I introduce to you all.....the Basilisk War Droid. We were incredible in the prior wars with these things....and we shall be equally incredible today. You all have your is ours. Let us have war!!

Everybody cheered as the Mandalorian pilot flew around, above our heads. Hawk's troops won't know what hit them!
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Fri May 15, 2009 8:28 pm

Dack looked at the mandalorians then one said

you've got to be kidding me

sadly no but we are going to need there help if were going to win

dack said

hawk or what ever shes calling herself now blew up the united states and europe do we want that happning to us?

everone went silent

no thought so now lets get hunting!!
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Sat May 16, 2009 12:05 am

I get in my Star battle cruiser, "The Havoc", I then depart from the war squadron group. Over the intercom. Just watch this.
I transform my ship into a 67 foot talk battle mech.

OK, Hawky......time for a fight.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Sat May 16, 2009 10:18 pm

I walk to the port ship and watch the first ships enter.
My eyes are dead serious, as I watch towards the incoming ships.
I comlink the hunters.

I scream loudly as the as a powerful, wave of power slam into everything.
the planets tremble as the ships tremble. my eyes glow white as my cannons flip open and fire into the first ship i see.
the fire goes through it destroying it.


the fallen vanished as hunters appeared with shadow hawk.
she looked at deadly then at the mandalorian and decepticon ships.
she smiled evilly.
she walked up to DeadlyVenom, and gently touched the ship.

This life is gonna kill me.
Not unless you kill them before....

The femme shadow vanished and appeared inside the mandalorian ship and slaughtered all of the mandalorians soldiers, her claws and punches hitting and cracking all their armor. the femme was to fast for their eyes to follow, her shadows confused there heads, all you could hear was screams and grunts from the mandalorians, the shadow then made the ship tremble harshly as the ship exploded while she appeared on the ship near Deadly, licking her fangs.

One down.

I look at the moon of Planet X and smile, i speak only cybertrinian langauge for the Decepticons to understand..

" Decepticons, Why are you against me? We are killers of free will, without no Megatron to tell us what to do then why do u fight me. You are free.
Get in my way and you shall die like the autobots will."

after that unicron made all our ships glow as we vanished.

shadow hawk stayed though and smiled hovering.

Heres a gift for you boys.

with one swoop she vanished as planet X exploded into millions of peices leaving a black hole starting to suck in everything.



Deadlyvenom appeared with fallen.
she looked around the north pole, and touched the invisinble ship, a Decepticon warlord ship appeared.

i put in some codes and smiled as i saw my dear guardian.

Hello Havoc Nemisis.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Sat May 16, 2009 11:58 pm

Let us have war!!


Mandalore turned around to see a mysterious human sized-Transformer. Ancient Egyptian markings covered his entire body. He was engulfed by the shadows and was apparently watching the entire speech about Decepticons and Mandalorians working together.

Who are you?

I need you to follow me.

Mandalore quietly left the main hall and followed the mysterious Transformer. The "M-Former" opened up an, as of yet, undiscovered door which led underground.

They made their way into some kind of temple.

What is this place? Why did you bring me here?

The Universe is sacred. Your friend Hawk, now under the delusion that she is "Deadly Venom", poses a great threat. I cannot interfere, so I must guide you.

What are you?

I am a guardian.

Of what?

Everything will be explained in time, but first I must ask something of you.

And that is?

I need you to be a proxy.

A proxy for what?

The M-Former placed his hand on Mandalore's shoulder. Mandalore's body fell on the ground. The M-Former sat down in a meditating position and began to speak a weird ritualistic language. He was replaced by a bright light that went as quickly as it came. Mandalore's body awoke with a gasp.

For me.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Sun May 17, 2009 12:15 am

Dack looked at the holographic display

looks like the decoys worked

what was the point of thoughs anyway?

the decepticon Pain asked

to see what there capable of

Dack said while priming a heavy explosive rocket

whats that for you cant expect any rocket to get through thoughs shields can you?

ovbiously you dont know dack very well

ill take your word for it but still i havent seen any humen explosives that can blow threw a shield that big

Dack smiled

this ant any ordinary explosive its very strong and its ricepe for disaster its a seceret ricepe as well
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Sun May 17, 2009 12:32 am

The possessed Mandalore walked back into the main hall.


Everyone in the room stopped talking to listen to him.

I am leaving to make contact with the one who will save us all. Three of my Mandalorian battle cruisers will act as my protection. When I leave you may proceed with your war.

What?! You can't leave right now!! You represent the entire planet of Mandalore!

I can leave and I will leave. Now prepare my shuttle.

The possessed Mandalore left within five minutes of his speech. On his shuttle were two body guards.

You still haven't told us were we are headed.

We are here.

His shuttle, along with the battle cruisers, prepared to land on a seemingly uninhabitable desert planet.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   Sun May 17, 2009 2:24 am

As Mandalore leaves, we stand in confusion curiosity. The one named Cameron scratches his head and turns towards us.

I gues he isn't fighting with us.

No matter. At least we have our armies and ships.

A Mandalorian messanger runs towards us, bows and speaks.

Lord Cameron! Our decoy ships have been destroyed along with Planet X! The destruction left behind by DeadlyVenom has created a massive black hole!

Everyone fell silent. John was in his ship but heard it and slammed his fist onto the cockpits side. Cameron covered his face with his hand, Devastator looked unconcerned, and me...well, I was in disbelief. A few voices were heard from both the Mandalorian and Decepticon armies.

This is ridiculous! How can that monster possess such power?!

Why do we always have to deal with rogues! They ruin our reputation!

Apparently, the men are losing confidence.

And that is excatly what she would want. She wants us to submit to her, but not by a long shot, not as long as we have a purpose. She thinks that she doesn't have a limit to her power but doesn't see the danger of it. We are here and we can take her. I didn't want to do this but if we are to win then we would need help from our galaxy's superpower...

Please don't tell us what we think you are, Cameron.

We all turned towards the voice and were confronted with a Mandalorian with a two sais on its sides. Even with the helmet on I knew from its voice that it was a female. Cameron smiled and ran towards the Mandalorian female and embraced her in his arms.

Foxy, you're here!

Of course. I was on Renvar when I heard about a threat bigger than any from our past encounters.

Oh, not really. Just some insane femmebot wishing to destroy us after killing her father and absorbing his power. We have help from the loyalists.

He pointed towards us.

I can see that. So, you are going to ask the Alliance for help, hmm?

It's either that or we face total destruction. I want this war to end quickly with as many men alive as possible. Foxy, you know that this war will cost many lives but we must do so in order to preserve our existance.

Hmm. Alright, but we have to move quick or else the enemy will be upon us before we can react. Are you all ready?

We all nodded our heads.

Then let's begin...

Devastator and I shook hands with the Mandalorians and paid each other respect. I looked at each and every one of them. Familiar faces were about to be forgotten. We then went to our respected factions and boarded the ships. Devastator followed close as we neared our fallen leader's warship, the Nemesis. It was a great sight to behold. The ship was massive in comparison to the other crafts that created a perimeter around the Nemesis, including the Mandalorian's largest ship. As we neared the command bridge, Devastator and I spoke.

Brother, Pain. Do you think we can win this one? I mean, I believe in our military and everything, but the rogues have the fallen, Unicron, and a overpowered bird on their side.

Brother, Dev. You know that I cannot predict the future, but I do have hope for this army and the Mandalorians. If we can just find a way to avoid having to deal with Unicron himself, then I truly believe that we can defeat this menace and bring upon her our dark redemption. She will feel pain, and for a long, long time she will indeed.

Then we have nothing to fear. If you believe we'll win then we certainly will.

And with you on our side our victory is assure. I am sure that if even one person was missing we would be in trouble. All of us have made a commitmnet to this alliance and it shall not brake, not for awhile at least.

We continued our walk and felt the ship shake as it roared to life. What a wonderful sound, it's hard to believe that my ancestor Elder Colonel Lunar invented this craft. He may have been the Da Vinci of his time, or something.

The ship began to lift up slowly into the air, the other ships followed the same procedure. Dev and I quickly walked towards the bridge and felt like kings as we came in and the Decepticon crew members stared in awe. We looked towards them and Dev gave a hand gesture to resume what they were doing. I sit to the left near a large chair that Megatron sat in. Devastator sat to the right. We were his right and left hand men. I watched as the Mandalorian ships lifted us from the ground and one by one flew into the great darkness. I saw a small craft with an insignia on it. It was John's.

Cadet, open a transmission with the Mandalorian ship the Havoc.

Yes, sir!

A large screen appeard in fron of us and there John stared at us.

What is it?

Good luck to you, John.

Same to you guys. Thanks for all your help. Really.

The screen faded away.

Dev looked at me from his seat and spoke with a smile.

How is Megatron?

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Allspark: 2013   

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Battle for the Allspark: 2013
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